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This is a free arcade/hunting/shooting gamewith bow and arrows where you role play as a hunter and hunt asmany ducks as possible by shooting them with arrows. The game hasan easy to use one-tap/one-touch interface. Very easy to startplaying. The game comes with multiple levels with severalpicturesque jungle background images as the hunting ground.

Your avatar is a hunter (or actually huntress) in tribalcostume, in the middle of the wilderness, equipped with a bow andunlimited number arrows. In this jungle/forest area, there areducks flying and roaming around that which are the target that youwill hunt. Hunt by shooting down the ducks with your bow andarrows. Just tap to shot an arrow, it's a simple as that. The onetouch mechanism is designed for mobile devices (suitable for phoneand tablets).

Aim carefully though so that you don't waste arrows - and moreimportantly if you miss, the duck may escape and you might lose thegame. Tap father from the hunter avatar and your arrow will movefaster, tap closer and the arrow may curve due to gravity. Eachduck that you hunt down will increase the game score. You haveunlimited number of arrows in this hunting mission but don't shootaimlessly as it takes time to reload the bow and again, becausesome ducks may escape.

As the level progresses, there will be other animals appearing,so don't be distracted and keep focus, like an experienced hunter.Don't hunt or shoot the endangered/protected animals species (suchas cranes and giraffes and zebras), only hunt the ducks. So if yousee an endangered animal approaching, try to steer the arrows awayto not accidentally shooting them down Either wait until they walkaway, or aim your arrow carefully at the ducks only, to avoidshooting and hitting the protected/endangered species.

The game difficulty increases as you progresses, with newscenery, more ducks and/or more animals appearing on the screen. Tolevel up to level 2, hunt down 50 ducks (score 50 points).Subsequent levels require between 50 to 100 score points tobeat.

Summary of features:
- Classic arcade action duck hunt (duck shooting / shootinggallery) game with bow and arrows. The game is free to play, no InApp Purchase to play all the app content.
- Discover new levels/environments/scenery and new animals as youprogresses.
- Just tap tap and tap to start shooting and fire the arrow to huntdown the ducks. Very easy to play, addictive game-play. Notrajectory, wind, or power bar to worry about.
- Avoid shooting/killing endangered and protected animals, so aimcarefully.
- Avoid arrow misses as duck may escape and when too many escapes,you will lose the game.
- Quality graphics with animations and sound effects. Containsspecial effects that enhances the forest ambiance.
- The hunter (who is actually a female/huntress, making this anunique game) is an nicely animated 3D avatar model.
- Keep playing to increase your high scores. How far of the levelscan you beat?

Don't wait. If you're looking for free duck hunt games or freeshooting game with arrows, then try this game.