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The Coin Stack Game is a twoPlayersBoard Game. The Board consists of 52 Cells where 18 redcolor and18 green color Coins are placed and moved to form Stacks.All 36Coins are placed on the Board at the beginning of the Game.In thestarting position 16 Cells are left vacant. There are two setofspecial Cells at the top left and right corner of the Board toholdthe 'Reserved' and 'Captured' Coins by each Player.

There are two objectives of this Game which areasfollows.
1. To Dominate the entire Game Board so that the opponentcannotmake a move
2. To Capture 9 of the opponent’s Coins
The first Player to achieve either one of the above objectiveswinsthe Game

The basic move in this Game is to pile up the Coins onto otherCoinsto form Stacks. A Player, whose color Coin is on top of aStack,controls the Stack that is the Player dominates the Stack.Only thePlayer who dominates the Stack can move Coins from thatStack. If aPlayer’s color Coin is on top of all the Stacks on theBoard and theopponent Player cannot move then the Player wins theGame.

Each Player takes turns alternately to move Coins. In each turnaPlayer get chance to make his move once. Coins on the Boardaremoved only in diagonal direction. The moves are of two basictypeswhich are as follows.

Single Move: A Player in its turn can move a single Coinofhis color to one adjacent diagonal Cell. The Coin he picks canbefrom a Stack that has only a single Coin or is the topmost Coinona Stack that has multiple Coins.

Multiple Move: A Player can also move a Stack of Coinsorparts of a Stack of Coins. To make a multiple move a Playercanonly move a Stack that has one of the Player’s color Coinstoppingit (The Player must dominate the Stack). The Player can onlymake amultiple move diagonally on the Game Board. The Player canalsojump over other Stacks of Coins while moving and not affectthem.The most important rule to remember when making a multiplemove isthe number of Coins the Player picks up in a pile tomovedetermines the number of Cells the Player has to move on theGameBoard. The order of the Coins in the Stack or part of theStackthat is picked by the Player to move remains unchanged afterthemove is completed.

When making either a single move or a multiple move a Playermaycreate a Stack that has more than 5 Coins. If a Player doesso,then any Coins in excess of 5 is removed from the bottom oftheStack as no Stack on the Board can have more than 5 Coins.Theexcess Coins are removed immediately after the move is played byaPlayer and before the next move is played by the otherPlayer.These excess Coins are either captured, that is removed fromtheBoard permanently, or kept in Reserve to be played at a latertimedepending upon who the Coins belong to and what color theyare.

If a Player forms a Stack of more than 5 Coins on a move, anyexcessCoins of the Player’s color become Reserve Coins for thePlayer andany excess Coins of the opponent’s color are capturedpieces and arepermanently out of the Board.

The Reserve Coins can be used by the Player in his turn toplacethem anywhere (empty cell, single Coin Stack or multipleCoinStack) on the Board instead of playing a multiple or singlemove.If placed on a Stack, they are always placed on the top. Indoingso if the number of Coins in the Stack exceeds 5 theadditionalCoin is removed from the bottom of the Stack. In eachturn thePlayer can only place a single Coin and his turn is over.He cannotplay any other move in this turn.

Install the Android app, Play and develop Strategy to win.
Note: The game is under development. Your feedback isimportantto improve the game.