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A Solitaire / Klondike / Patience cardgamewith an Auto-Solve function, to help you find winnable games.Youdo not have to struggle on a game, only to find in the end, itmayor may not be solvable. Also, the solving engine does notrequirean internet connection to work. Therefore, the onlypermission theApplication requires is Vibrate, to provide somefeedback on yourgame play and enhance the game play itself.

It is FREE of advertising, FREE of any "scary" andunnecessarypermissions and FREE of requiring an internet connectionor anymobile data.

Includes Sounds AND animations which enhance gameplayconsiderably making it more involving and interactive; nottoforget FUN!

The card suit images are 3D simulation, just to make itlookbeautiful. All moves within the game have an animation. Soundsareattached to on-screen moves you perform. Vibration is also usedtoprovide game enhancing feedback as well.

The “Magic Wand” in the toolbar provides an immediateauto-solveof the current screen. It can be used to show you whatmoves youmay of missed out on seeing.

The toolbar also has a back/undo button that puts you backtoyour previous step. Using the magic wand and the undo buttonsincombination allow for a very powerful teaching /learningfunctionality within the game. We know, we all havegreatlyimproved our skills.

Additionally, the ability to start the game from the beginningORfrom the best solution the computer could achieve creates a newgamemode, whereby it is your challenge to finish what the computercouldnot solve. Most games which resolve to less than 10unresolved cardsare actually commonly solvable, as the computeronly looks at anycurrent move possibilities, while a human canthink a number ofmoves ahead. Thereby making a move that mayappear to be a stepbackward at first glance, but will allow forfuture moves beyond theoriginal starting point. Should you chooseto accept, this game modecould be your challenge and a mode notoffered anywhere else.

A lot of time has been spent on "Fuzzy-Logic" to understandwhatyour fat finger meant when touching the screen, thusminimizingyour frustration when playing the game. The game has beenheavilyoptimized to be "finger friendly" and thereby making thegame evenmore fun on the tiny screen of a phone.

When you select a card or Stack, that card or stack willbezoomed, making it much easier to see what the card actuallyis.

To make it even easier to play, "long-press" actions havebeenadded to the Menu button to start a new deal. A long-pressactionon the Undo button will restore the current deal to thestart. Along press on the wand will start the auto-solver.

There is also Landscape/Tablet mode, you can switch betweenthesemodes in the middle of a game.

You can use the Free version to check/test all the featuresoutfor yourself. In the free version, the sounds and theanimationswill fade as the game progresses, but other than that, itiscompletely functional.