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Lumosity - Brain Training
Lumos Labs, Inc.
Used by over 85 million people worldwide,Lumosity offers a comprehensive brain training program with 30+brain games. Start challenging your Memory, Attention and moretoday!Here's what you'll get:Daily workouts that draw from 30+ brain games to challenge 5 corecognitive abilities.Workout Modes: carefully curated sets of games that use yourtraining habits and preferences to target different ways to trainyour brainDetailed Insights: analysis of your game play that sheds light onyour game strengths, weaknesses and cognitive patterns — giving youa deeper understanding of your training.THE STORY BEHIND LUMOSITYWe’re a team of scientists and designers exploring new ways tochallenge the brain and push cognitive research forward.Our scientists take common cognitive and neuropsychological tasks,or design entirely new, experimental challenges. Working withexperienced designers, they transform these tasks into fun gamesthat challenge core cognitive skills.We also work with 40+ university researchers worldwide. We givequalified researchers free access to Lumosity training and tools —helping them investigate new areas in cognition.As we learn more about the possibilities of brain training, weinvite you to train with us, and join us in our mission to advancethe understanding of human cognition.The app is available in English, German, Japanese, French, Spanish,and Portuguese. To access the app in one of our languages, changeyour device setting to the desired language. English is the defaultlanguage for devices not set to one of our supportedlanguages.GET HELP: http://help.lumosity.comVISIT US: http://www.lumosity.comFOLLOW US: https://plus.google.com/+lumosity/FOLLOW US: http://twitter.com/lumosityLIKE US: http://facebook.com/lumosity
সেরা ১০০০+ ওয়াজ মাহফিল
এই অ্যাপটি হতে পারে আপনার জন্য ইসলাম দিনশিক্ষাএবং সুস্থ্য বিনোদনের বার্তাবাহক। অ্যাপটির মাধ্যমে আপনি দেখতেও শুনতেপারবেন বাংলাদেশের সেরা সকল জনপ্রিয় ওলামায়ে কেরামেরবাছাইকৃত সকলওয়াজ মাহফিল এর ভিডিও এবং অডিও। এছাড়াও আমরা নিয়মিত নতুননতুন বক্তাতেরওয়াজ মাহফিল ও বয়ান গুলো সংগ্রহ করে আপলোড করেথাকি।বিঃদ্রঃ সকল ভিডিও ইউটিউব এপিআই রুলস/নিওম মেনে ইউটিউব থেকেবাছাইকরেসংগ্রহ করা হয়েছে এবং ভিডিও মালিকগণের ভিডিওতে কোন প্রকারএ্যাড ব্লককরা হয়নি। এরপরও যদি ভিডিও মালিকগনের কোন প্রকার আপত্তিথাকে তাহলেদয়াকরে আমাদেরকে মেইল এ জানান আমরা আপনার ভিডিও ২৪ ঘন্টারমধ্যে সরিয়েফেলব।আমরা আমাদের পছন্দতম জনপ্রিয় ওলামাদের ওয়াজ মাহফিল এ্যাড করেছি।যদিআপনার পছন্দের কোন ওলামাদের ওয়াজ এই অ্যাপে অ্যাড করাতে চান তাহলেদয়াকরে আমাদেরকে রিভিও রেটিং অথবা মেইল এর মাধ্যমে জানান। আমরাআপনারচাহিদা অনুযায়ী ওয়াজ মাহফিল এ্যাড করে দিব।ধন্যবাদDisclaimer:* Bangla Waz Mahfil is not an official application.* To see all the videos in the app will requireinternetconnection.* We are not blocking owner video ads displaying.* All the streamed YouTube videos are copyrighted totheirpublishers. We just accumulate all Famous Bangla Waz MahfilBoyanthat you can know Islam by seeing videos.*This app does not have any affiliation or linkage to BanglaWazMahfil.Important Notes:*** The Application does not support YouTube videos downloads anddonot support background playing. We are respect YouTube APIandYouTube Terms of Services.*** If you have any issues/remove videos from ourapplicationsplease mail us on our developer mail. We will removeyour video(s)within 24 hours.Thank youPeople can find using those keys in Google Play: waz bangla,banglawaz 2017, new bangla waz mahfil, bangla islamic waz, banglawazvideos, bangla audio waz, bangla waz saidi, delwar hossainsaidiwaz, Quran tafseer, Hadith bangla, Islamic app, banglaIslamicboyan 2017This app may be foryouMessenger of Islam in education and healthy entertainment. Theappallows you to see and hear all of the popular scholars inthereligious congregation of disciples of all the selected videoandaudio. We also regularly collect new baktaterareligiouscongregation and the statements are uploaded.Note: All videos on YouTube API Rules / nioma bachaikarecollectedfrom YouTube and the video owner to accept any type ofvideo adsare not blocked. If you have any objection if the ownersstillvideo mail Please tell us, we will remove your video within4hours.We also add our pachandatama popular ulemas religiouscongregation.If you would like to add this app religious ulemaschoice Pleasereview the rating or by mail. According to your needs,we'll addWaz mahfil.ThanksDisclaimer:* Bangla Waz Mahfil is not an official application.* To see all the videos in the app will requireinternetconnection.* We are not blocking owner video ads displaying.* All the streamed YouTube videos are copyrighted totheirpublishers. We just accumulate all Famous Bangla Waz MahfilBoyanthat you can know Islam by seeing videos.* This app does not have any affiliation or linkage to BanglaWazMahfil.Important Notes:*** The Application does not support YouTube videos downloads anddonot support background playing. We are respect YouTube APIandYouTube Terms of Services.*** If you have any issues / remove videos from ourapplicationsplease mail us on our developer mail. We will removeyour video (s)within 24 hours.Thank youPeople can find using those keys in Google Play: waz bangla,banglawaz 2017, new bangla waz mahfil, bangla islamic waz, banglawazvideos, bangla audio waz, bangla waz saidi, delwar hossainsaidiwaz, Quran tafseer, Hadith bangla, Islamic app, banglaIslamicboyan 2017
cool math for kids
Apps Connect Pro
This app is for all fans of the game, and anyone who likes coolmath games for kids, cool math for kids is cool & fun ,fun coolmath and found that this app is for all fans of the game andeveryone who loves math, math games, math games and found. Plusgames, think fast arithmetic Great app for kids to start learningaddition. By starting with adding one letter. Started to train anumber of things. The positive number between two numbers. And thecorrect answer results. The audio system has a number. For learningEnglish Numeric English Practice as mathematics or math and Englishthemselves together if we try to teach children to learn English.Teaching English And math with fun games I play, it's beautiful. Hemakes fun with photos Is used to listen to him and began torecognize their own mental arithmetic and faster development oflearning. To start learning English since the children will lead tothe development of speaking English better. The cool math for kidscan learn free English classes plus Free Fun with mobile andtablet. Rich people are rich or moderate, they are required to knowboth English and mathematics education to absorb the kids madetireless child to learn. The system itself has a timer switch tothe new one. I had little or no time to think a little while agoand must be answered. This will help him develop in response to thefast growing and the practice of touching the screen. Learning tosee and read the numbers Suitable for children of primary schoolchildren to practice development for preschool.Educational gamesfor kids.
Saksham PCRA
Petroleum Conservation Research Association(PCRA) and Oil & Gas Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) underthe aegis of Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas (MoPNG) areorganising a Campaign to sensitize the masses about theconservation and efficient use of petroleum products towardsachieving twin objectives of better health & environment andsecuring availability of Oil & Gas for future generations. Thecampaign is named as SAKSHAM 2017 (Sanrakshan Kshamta Mahotsav) inwhich a number of activities are being carried out based on thetheme of the event.
GSAT Daily
Daily quiz for Jamaica GSAT exams
Merit Aggregate..
Usama Daood
This application is developed to find themerit aggregates of different universities in Pakistan.By using this application, user can also calculate Medical MeritCalculate.1. Engineering Universities are following which are included.i. UET, ii. NUST iii. PIEAS, iv. NTU , v. UAF, vi. FAST2. Include medical Merit Aggregate.
Theory Test for UK Car Drivers
With over 10 MILLION users and all theOFFICIAL DVSA revision questions, Driving Test Success isthe best app on the market to help you prepare and pass themultiple choice part of the Theory Test FIRST TIME.Awarded the “Telegraph Best Buy Award 5/5" and “Auto ExpressMagazine, best Theory Test App Winner”Includes ALL the OFFICIAL Theory Test preparation materialsfrom the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA - the peoplewho set the test).----------------------------------------SUITABLE FOR:> Car Drivers in GB & NI> Motorcyclists in GB & NI----------------------------------------FEATURES:• OFFICIAL DVSA CONTENT - Contains the most up-to-dateofficial Theory Test revision questions, answers and explanationsfrom the DVSA – the people who set the tests.• PRACTISE - Test yourself on specific categories or fromquestions that you have not yet seen or have previously answeredincorrectly.• MOCK TESTS – Sit unlimited mock tests with interactivecase study questions, structured just like the official test.• REVIEW - See where you went wrong and how to improve fornext time.• EXPLANATIONS - Contains ALL the OFFICIAL DVSA explanationsto help you learn and understand the correct answer.• PROGRESS MONITOR - Keep a track of your progress so youknow which categories need a bit more revision.• NEW BRAKING DISTANCE SIMULATOR – Perfect for helping youlearn and visualise the overall braking distances at varying speedsand road conditions.• WORKS OFFLINE – Once downloaded, there's no need toconnect to the internet to practice the Theory Testquestions!• FREE UK SUPPORT - Free UK based customer service &technical support**************************************************************WHY CHOOSE THE OFFICIAL DRIVING TEST SUCCESS APPS?• Over 6,000 5* reviews• We’ve helped over 10 MILLION learners prepare for theirTheory Tests• Awarded the “Telegraph Best Buy Award 5/5” and “Auto ExpressMagazine, best Theory Test App Winner”• Completely up to date for the 2016/17 test• Contains official content licensed directly from the DVSA– the people who set the test• Recommended by UK Driving Instructors• Brand new interactive braking distance simulator in thepaid Theory Test app - something that you won't find in any otherapp**************************************************************Crown Copyright material reproduced under licence from the Driverand Vehicle Standards Agency which does not accept anyresponsibility for the accuracy of the reproduction.
PhD Bosmans
Interactive PhD App aboutcolorectalanastomotic leakage by Anne-Claire Bosmans with:- Background information on colorectal anastomoses andleakage- PubMed medical literature database integration- GPS Location and navigation ceremony- Opportunity to ask questions- Instagram feed- The full PhD Thesis- Easily accessible Dutch and English summaries- Location and navigation to the PhD ceremony- Acknowledgements- Linkedin integration- ResearchGate integrationInteractive App PhDaboutcolorectal anastomotic leakage by Anne-Claire Bosmanswith:- Background information on colorectal anastomoses andleakage- PubMed medical literature database integration- GPS Location and navigation ceremony- Opportunity to ask questions- Instagram Feed- The full PhD Thesis- Easily accessible Dutch and English summaries- Location and navigation to the PhD ceremony- Acknowledgements- Linkedin integration- ResearchGate integration
Armenian - English dictionary
Simple, fast, convenient Armenian - Englishand English - Armenian dictionary which contains 49278 words. TheDictionary is OFFLINE and does not require an Internet connection.The dictionary contains the vocabulary trainer. This is an easy wayto learn new wordsThis dictionary offers a lot of additional possibilities, amongthem are:- Instant start- Instant search- Translator (online)- Word trainer- Listen to the pronunciation of the words- Adding words to your personal dictionary- Search history- Offline (no internet connection required)- Find a word copied from the clipboard- Change the font size and color- User-friendly interface- Հայերեն անգլերեն թարգմանիչ
CodeMobiles Co., Ltd.
CM Thai Dict is the fast and easy Thai -English dictionary & English - Thai dictionary provides theeasy, fun and fast way for learning english language. Our Thai fastand easy dict. app helps you translate and learn English languagequickly and efficiently. Our app encourages you and your kids tolearn English quickly. The following are the highlights.*** New Features of CM Thai Dict **** Fast Dictionary with Copy-to-Translate - can translate fromeverywhere in your mobiles such as website, email very fast.* Integrate CM TOEIC App - providing TOEIC examination andvocabulary* User can use CM TOEIC as CU-Tep and TU-Get examination too.- CM Thai Dict has more than 500,000 dictionary vocabularies- Support translation over 20 languages- Artificial translation- Human translation service having more accuracy.- Auto filter Irregular verbs, Inflection, -v3, -ed, -ies andetc- High quality Text-to-Speech- Online english quote images- iBookmark - bookmark favourite vocabulary from your own and otherusers- English sentence example- Online learning english articles for practicing readingskill- Online learning english youtube channels for practicing listeningskill- Online built-in chat for practicing writing and readingskills.- Translation by voices (Thai and English)- Idioms and phases- Synonyms, antonyms- Etc.Our dictionary has all the advantages of other dicts so it willhelp you improve skills in speaking, writing, reading, listening,conversation and well prepare for the tests such as TOEFL, IELTS,TOEIC, CU-TEP, TU-GET and etc.Our app collects vocabularies from many sources to covers mostaspects of the daily life, from the restaurant to the hotel, thehome to the workplace, outer space to the animal, even emotionaland slash words. 语音翻译CM Thai Dict (dictionary thai english) is created by adaptation ofLEXiTRON developed by NECTEC Thailand www.nectec.or.th
Learn Italian Fast and Easy
Just by saying “pizza” or “pasta” youcanalready imagine Italy itself.Even if the country is small compared to US, Russia, Cina,andothers, it has so much history, art, and music that are wellknowneverywhere in the world. The beautiful architecture of theoldromans still stand strong by these days.The influence of the Italian language in music can already beseenby words like “forte”, “orchestra”, “solo”. But, even if youdon’tknow anything about these things, you can learn Italianlanguage.I’m sure you’ve heard about “ciao” or “buongiorno”. AndI’m prettysure you’ve heard about “mamma mia” somewhere inmovies.A lot of scientific words you find in English are really closetothe Italian equivalents because they all derive from theLatinlanguage.The Italian pronunciation is really simple: every letterispronounced exactly as you see it. Not like in English, weretheletters have different pronunciation depending on where thelettersare placed.It’s true that Italian language has a lot of conjugations,alreadystarting by gender and plural. But with this app you willlearnItalian the easy way so you can communicate and already makesimplesentences, plus some vocabulary at the end of each lessonthat youcan already use!
Tiếng Anh 123
BeOnline Co., Ltd.
Ứng dụng học tiếng Anh trực tuyến TiếngAnh123trên thiết bị di động. Giúp các bạn truy cập được toàn bộ phiên bảntrên thiết bị di động của website học tiếng Anh trực tuyến hàng đầuViệt Nam: TiếngAnh123.com. Với ứng dụng này các bạn có thể ghi âmcác bài học, làm bài tập, và thi đấu trực tuyến ngay trên thiết bịcủa mình. Ứng dụng yêu cầu có kết nối Internet. Đầy đủ các mục nhưhọc tiếng Anh qua video, tiếng Anh cơ bản cấp độ 1, cấp độ 2, ngữpháp cơ bản, phát âm cơ bản, từ vựng, luyện thi TOEIC, các mục chấmđiểm online và các mục khác.Applications TiengAnh123learn English online on mobile devices. Help you access the fullversion on mobile devices to learn English online site in Vietnam:TiengAnh123.com. With this application you can record the lessons,homework, and play online right on your device. Applicationrequires an Internet connection. Full range of items such aslearning English through video, basic English level 1, level 2,basic grammar, basic pronunciation, vocabulary, TOEIC, gradingitems and other items online.
World Map Offline - Physical
Mobile World Maps
If you want a physical world map for quickreference, try this app!You can study and learn the most important geographic regionsand cities.Features:• Physical world map with most important cities.• It is not required an internet connection to explore the worldmap.You can see it anytime offline.• Zoom control with gestures.• World map reference with a lot of geographic points: rivers,mountains, lakes, seas, islands, peninsulas, capes, gulfs, straits,canals, plains, depressions, deserts, highest and lowest points onearth surface and the most important cities.Try this free app for android, you will have a complete worldmap reference in your device.
AutoMath Photo Calculator
AutoMath will give you the answer of any mathquestion by simply taking a photo of it. Automath is a great way tocheck your homework, study and learn math. Automath even providesmobile tutoring from a live tutor to help you understand any mathsubject.****Handwritten questions are currently not supported but theywill be soon****AutoMath Photo Calculator Features:- Quick and Accurate Answers + Steps- Step by step solutions for easy learning- No internet required- Smart Calculator with Graphing and Tables- Can solve simple to advanced math questions- 250+ Mathematical FunctionsAutoMath Photo Calculator Currently supports:Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Fractions, Division,Inequalities, Powers, Polynomials, Linear Equations,Square Roots, Trigonometry, Algebra, Simplification, and BasicAlgorithmsAutoMath Smart Text Calculator supports: (photo math calculatornot yet available for most of the below)Any other math problems such as calculus, equation systems, complexmath, graphing, table of values, and moreAutoMath now includes a Pocket Math Tutor - 24/7 Answers &Steps to all your math problems (including math word problems).Your first question is free.Please Note:Your very first photo will copy data files which will take longerthen normal. After the initial photo it will be a lot quicker.Example Video :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYladg1nCYMGraphing Example :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpIA7JhDZ_QQuick Mode Example :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtGmWHB3FZQDecide the future of AutoMath by Beta Testing:https://plus.google.com/communities/112210106892044446358
Основы криптографии
На сайте intuit.ru есть отличный курс дляжелающих познакомиться с основами криптографии. В этом приложениисобраны практические задания из этого курса. Задания пока не все.Буду добавлять по мере прохождения.The site intuit.ru have agreat course for those wishing to learn the basics of cryptography.This appendix contains practical exercises of this course. Quest isnot all. I would add as it passes.
YGS Soru Bankası Tüm Dersler
YGS Soru Bankası (Tüm Dersler) olaraksunduğumuz bu ücretsiz uygulama içinde YÜZLERCE soruyu sizlerinhizmetinize sunuyoruz.Bu uygulama YGS adaylarına ve ortaöğretimde okumakta olanöğrencilerin derslerine yardımcı olmak amacıyla hazırlanmıştır.Soru bankası uygulamamız:TürkçeMatematikTarihGeometriFelsefeCoğrafyaFizikKimya veBiyoloji Derslerini, kısaca YGS için sorumlu olduğunuz tüm dersleriiçermektedir.YGS de sorumlu olduğunuz tüm derslerden ve karma ünitelerdenoluşan bu sorular konusunda uzman öğretmenler tarafından özenlehazırlanmış ve sizlere ücretsiz olarak sunulmuştur.Uygulama içerisinde soru ekranı oldukça sade tutularak dikkatdağılması engellenmiştir. Yeni sorular çözüldükçe, doğru çözmüşolduğunuz soruların bir kez daha karşınıza çıkması engellenmiş,doğru ve yanlış sorularınız istatistiksel olarak daha sonrakiincelemeleriniz için uygulama içerisine kaydedilmesisağlanmıştır.Soruların sayıları YGS de çıkan soru sayılarına göreoranlanmıştır. Soruların yaklaşık olarak %25'ini Türkçe ve %20'sini Matematik oluşturmaktadır.SDK Question Bank (AllCourses) we offer HUNDREDS of questions to your service we offeryou in this free application.This application YGS candidates and students who are studying insecondary education course prepared to help them. Our question bankapplications:TurkishmathHistoryGeometryPhilosophyGeographyPhysicsChemical andBiology Course to incorporate all the lessons that you areresponsible for short SDK.SDK also composed of all classes and mixed unit that wasresponsible for this, carefully prepared by experts and teachers inquestion are offered to you free of charge.Applications screen in question is prevented by keepingdistractions quite simple. New questions are resolved, you onceagain come out against the questions you have solved correctlyblocked, true and false questions have been provided for storingthe application into your subsequent statistical analysis.The SDK is also proportionately according to the number ofquestions the number of questions. approximately 25% of thequestions constitute 20% of Turkish and Mathematics.
Judge Prefs PFD
Judge Prefs PFD is a revolutionary appforpublic forum debate that will tell debaters what argumentstopresent based on what the judge has previously voted on.Simply enter in your judge’s name, and the app will tell youwhatarguments the judge is statistically most likely to vote on aswellas their Judge Philosophy.If the judge isn’t in our database, you can add the judge in!Theapp is based on round reports that you can also submit intheapp.* * *Do you find Judge Prefs PFD useful? Leave a rating below!* * *Developed by Bhavish Dinakar and Vedran Hadziosmanovic
Arabic Hebrew Dictionary AH
Maichael Apps
Arabic Hebrew Dictionary (with pronunciations)– travel translator to translate Arabic to Hebrew, also translatesfrom Hebrew to Arabic. You are able to translate words and evensentences, in just a split second.Main features :- Instant search- Instant start- Translate from clipboard- It helps to learn the language- It helps during travelling- Translate words and sentences- Simple and user-friendly interfaceThe learning mode helps to build vocabulary. Ideal for travelers,business people or students.---------------------------قاموس عربي عبريעברית-ערבית מילוןTraducteur hébreu arabe
IB Physics
This app was built to help IB'ers like youaceyour Physics exams and consists of comprehensive IBPhysicsrevision notes I've made for the 2016 first assessmentsyllabus.Happy revising!All materials are free of non-commercial usage licensed undertheCreative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives4.0Internationalhttp://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/.Disclaimer:This app is not affiliated with the InternationalBaccalaureateOrganization.If you like this app, don't forget to give it 5 stars!
English Irregular Verbs
Corentin Desfarges
Learn easily the English Irregular Verbs withthis app ! Pass tests to know your English level, to see yourdifficulties and to progress in English!* Add your own verbs* Update verb lists* Listen the verbs* Train yourselfFind the correspondences in German, French and Spanish.It's very important to know the Irregular Verbs to well speakEnglish.
LokSewa Nepal
Lok Sewa
Lok Sewa Nepal (लोक सेवा नेपाल) is a web andmobile based single solution for notices, notes, practicequestions, online test and other materials for the preparation ofLok Sewa exam conducted by Public Service Commission (लोक सेवाआयोग), Nepal.Features:-1) New and updated home interface with notices, news, gorakhapatrafeed2) Up to date notices from Lok Sewa Aayog3) Question bank of various subjects4) General Knowledge related articles and news5) Syllabus of various government related subjects6) Yearly Calendar and forms for entering into Lok Sewa7) Practice Questions for different government posts such asSection Officer, Computer Engineer, Civil Engineer, NA. SU,Kharidar, Computer Officer, Computer Operator, Staff Nurse8) Model Sets to improve time based learning9) Subjective Questions10) Login Feature to save analytics of model tests performed11) 15,000 + Questions on various topics12) Play Hangman (Learn by playing)13) Current Affairs section to stay updated14) Get Questions from Gorkhapatra published on Wednesday everyweek15) Discussion forum to get answers from experts, friends16) Weekly Current Affair Quiz to stay updated17) OFFLINE mode18) Sell your used books at loksewa nepal appLok Sewa Nepal is a product of Mantra Ideas Pvt. Ltd., a teamfocused on providing various kinds of web/mobile services topeople.For any queries, Contact us at info@loksewanepal.comDisclaimer:The information contained in this app is for general informationpurposes only. The information is provided by Lok Sewa Nepal andwhile we endeavor to keep the information up to date and correct,we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express orimplied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitabilityor availability with respect to the app or the information,products, services, or related graphics contained on the app forany purpose. Any reliance you place on such information istherefore strictly at your own risk. In no event will we be liablefor any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect orconsequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoeverarising from loss of data or profits arising out of, or inconnection with, the use of this app.Every effort is made to keepthe app up and running smoothly. However, we take no responsibilityfor, and will not be liable for, the app being temporarilyunavailable due to technical issues beyond our control.
Giải bài tập Hóa
Toan Phan
Ứng dụng thông minh có thể giải tự động cácbài toán hóa học phổ thông. Người dùng sẽ nhập dữ liệu của bài toáncần giải vào sau đó chọn giá trị cần tính ứng dụng sẽ giải ra kếtquả và nó cũng cho người dùng biết cần dùng những kiến thức, côngthức nào để giải bài tập đó nhằm mục đích giúp các em học sinh cóthêm một công cụ để có thể tự học ở nhà, giúp cho các em học sinhmất căn bản biết phải bắt đầu học lại những gì để có thể giải đượcbài tập, dần dần qua quá trình sử dụng ứng dụng để giải bài tập sẽlấy lại căn bản đã mất.Lưu ý:- Ứng dụng hơi khó sử dụng đề nghị các em xem kỹ video demo cách sửdụng để biết cách dùng (tuy video ko có thuyết minh quá trình làmnhưng các e xem kỹ vẫn có thể hiểu được),nếu bấm lung tung sẽ khôngra kết qủa gì cả or bị lỗi.- Ứng dụng không phải giải bài nào cũng được nhé,nó chỉ giải bttheo dạng, đó là các dạng bt thường gặp mà các thầy cô hay các sáchbt thường đề cập,vd như CO2 td bazo,kim loại tác dụng muối,kl tácdụng axit loại 1,loại 2, điện phân...- Ứng dụng này không dành cho hs giỏi nên các e đừng đem các btdành cho hs giỏi vào để thử nhé.(Trang facebook của ứng dụng có rất nhiều bài tập đã được test trênứng dụng,các em vào lấy các bt này kết hợp với ứng dụng để rènluyện kỹ năng giải bài tập.https://www.facebook.com/toanphan3799/https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrASgc5YqcPicRK7J1ZV6WgSmart applications cansolve problems automatically ordinary chemistry. Users will enterthe data of the problem need to enter then select the value to beapplicable to the match and it also shows users need to use theknowledge, the formula for the exercise which aims help studentshave one more tool to be able to study at home, help students takebasic know how to start learning what to solve exercises, graduallyduring use application to the exercises will regain lostbasic.Note:- Apply a little unwieldy suggest you carefully review the videodemo using to know how to use (though video no captions process butthe e look carefully can still understand), if press haphazardlywill not the results at all or faulty.- Applications not solve any well then, it's just the bt form,which is the format bt common that teachers or books bt oftenmentioned, such as CO2 td base, metal to salt, kl acid effects oftype 1, type 2, electrolysis ...- This app is not for hs e do good so for hs bt bring good to tryoffline.(Page facebook app has a lot of homework has been tested on theapp, you get the bt in conjunction with application to practiceskills homework.https://www.facebook.com/toanphan3799/https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrASgc5YqcPicRK7J1ZV6Wg
J.Piaget Light
Mosyle Tecnologia
A plataforma J.Piaget Light é uma plataformaeducacional desenvolvida para ser utilizada de forma eficiente,online ou offline, nos tablets.Nessa plataforma, aluno e professor terão à sua disposição osseguintes recursos:APLICATIVOS J. PIAGETSão os conteúdos disponibilizados pelo Sistema J. PIAGET aosusuários mediante login, senha e código de ativação. Dentre osconteúdos, estão os Manuais do Aluno (a partir do Nível II daEducação Infantil), a revista PIAGET + APPs, que traz roteiros deaulas com uso de outros aplicativos, e o pacote de jogos(disponível somente para Educação Infantil).E-READERÉ um sistema preparado para leitura de livros digitais, no caso, domaterial J. PIAGET. Nessa plataforma, será possível baixar essesmateriais para leitura e acesso a aulas multimídia relacionadas aosconteúdos estudados. Depois de baixados, esses materiaiscontinuarão arquivados no mesmo local, o que permite ao usuárioacessá-los facilmente e sempre que desejar.ANOTAÇÕES E MARCAÇÕES DE TEXTOA plataforma permite, ainda, que os usuários façam anotações emarcações de texto, utilizando as ferramentas disponíveis, comolápis, borracha e marcadores. Todas essas anotações são armazenadasnos tablets e podem ser acessadas e editadas a qualquer momento.Este aplicativo não poderá ser utilizado em tablets com acessoroot, ou seja, sistema operacional modificado.The J.Piaget Lightplatform is an educational platform designed to be usedefficiently, online or offline, on tablets. In this platform, students and teachers have at their disposal thefollowing features: APPS J. PIAGETAre the contents provided by J. PIAGET system users upon login,password and activation code. Among the contents are the StudentManuals (from the Early Childhood Education Level II), the PIAGET +PPAs magazine that brings lessons scripts to use for otherapplications and games package (available only for Early ChildhoodEducation). E-READERIt is a preparation system for reading digital books, in the caseof J. PIAGET material. In this platform, you can download thesematerials for reading and access to multimedia lessons related tothe contents studied. Once downloaded, these materials will remainarchived on the same site, which allows the user to access themeasily and whenever you want. NOTES AND TEXT LABELSThe platform also allows for users to make notes and text markupusing the tools available, such as pencil, eraser and markers. Allthese notes are stored on tablets and can be accessed and edited atany time.This application can not be used in tablets with root access, oroperating system modified.
Panjeree Publications Limited
Coloring - Animals ( Mammals )
This app is the extension version ofcoloringexercise app.To use this app, you need to install following link appinadvance.If below app is not installed in advance, the app automaticallylinkto the download page.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cklee.coloringWith this app, you can do coloring exercise ofmammalanimals.Bear, Cow, Dog, Elephant,Fox, Giraffe, Lambs, Monkey,Pandas, Racoon, Tiger, ZebraI will provider many other extension versions ofcoloringexercise.Please keep an attention to my app~ :)
Minimo Común Múltiplo Free
App de Apoyo para el cálculo del MínimoComúnMúltiplo y Máximo Común Divisor.Si Queremos Agregar un Elemento Basta con poner el número ydarleen AgregarSi Queremos Eliminar un Elemento Basta con pulsar el elementodela lista y arrastrarlo hacia la derechaSupport App tocalculatethe Least Common Multiple and Greatest Common Factor.If We Add an Item Simply put the number and give to AddIf you want an Item Delete Simply press the list item and dragitto the right
3D Bird Anatomy
Biosphera's 3D Bird Anatomy App is aninteractive 3D model of a pigeon. This learning tool allows theuser to view the anatomy of the systems of a pigeon either one byone or in any combination of systems. It allows view from allangles and multiple zoom levels.This app is an ideal start in the study or teaching of Zoology,Ornithology and Avian Biology.Available in English, Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish.You can see the desktop version of this app here:http://biosphera.org/international/product/3d-bird-anatomy-software/
When can I see the ISS? What's that lightinthe sky? The official Heavens-Above app provides you withprecisepass predictions for the ISS, visible satellites, Iridiumflaresand radio satellites. Main features include:Financed by advertsThis version integrates advertisements to make it availableforfree. Get Heavens-Above Pro to remove the adverts.Live sky chartSee what's in the sky above you right now or at agivenmoment.Pass predictionsGet precise predictions for passes of the ISS and mostvisiblesatellites.Iridium flaresSee when Iridium satellites mirror the sunlight directlytowardsyou, resulting in bright flares.Radio satellitesGet passes for amateur radio satellites, complete with uplinkanddownlink information.All calculations performed locallyPredictions are generated right on your phone so you only needadata connection every few days.Orbit and ground trackSee details about the orbit of any selected satellite renderedandwith all relevant data.Satellite detailsGet detailed information about any satellite, as provided byourHeavens-Above website.TimelineGet a visual overview over passes and animate the positionofsatellites on the sky chart and on the ground track.Night modeAn optional red on black color scheme to preserve yournightvision.TrackerEasily find or identify any object in the sky by orientingyourdevice towards it.Calendar IntegrationQuickly add interesting passes to your calendar so you won'tmissthem.