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Vertigo VR
Your objective is to drive a cube byrotatingthe world to the right or the left and avoidobstacles.Not suitable for sensitiExtreme virtual realityimpossible speed runnerHeadset support vrArse , homido , Lakento , VRelia , Durovis Dive5, H one , altergaze, Vr-park-II, Pico , bobovr , view master,vrizzmo , noon vr , vr shinecon , Letv LeVR cool1 , Cmoar vr,Zeiss vr one , freefly vr , fibrum , vr box , refugio3d,Gamingvisor , Viewbox , dscvr , virtualvizor , VR lens Lab , fove,opto , XG , Homebox, Evolo , headset Decals, share, flatvr ,hifly, evomade, iBlue , Virtual Reality Headset , Lettv , ibaddy ,Magic, riem , riem2 , deepoon m2 , vico , onebutton , Blitzwolf ,afunta, andoer , baofeng mojing, Loop VR
Shake King - For Playing Only
Sonyk Labs
Do try this at home, it's for playing only.Now get togethers, outings and waitings become moreinteresting.Whether you are at a bus stand or railway station orsimply waitingfor someone special. Now it's your turn to come outin the open andbecome the Shake King .Simple, Easy, Fun and the most Exciting Shaking Game of 2016ishere! Make your Christmas and New Years Eve Party's fun withalittle bit of imagination and the Shake King Game.Gain some kinetic energy, exercise your muscles, achievefatloss, charge your phone! With your imagination theres no limittowhat you can do with Shake King.Share your scores on all Social Media Networks,Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, Line, Whatsapp, Pinterest etc.Invite friends to Shake with you via SMS, Whatsapp, Line, Kikandmore.
Judy's Cook Tycoon-Salon Game
The free game provided by m.kiniwini.comJudy's restaurant operations story~A variety of dishes from around the world!Over 100 new recipes!! Please try to cook all!if you service more delicious and nice cooks throught new recipe,your restaurant will be famous."The special recipes of special chefs!The chefs will create a variety of dishes.Try make special cooks to suit your chef."if you upgrade the drink machine, the cook machine, the table andso.., you can make a nice restaurant.You can the battle of score with your friends.If you collect a lot of friends, you can get special reward.I am the special chef! Let's go right now!
Paper Toss
Have you ever been bored at work, crumpled upa piece of paper and counted how many times you can make it in asmall trash can? Has your boss ever gone out for a quick bite whileyou and your co-workers see how far you can move the trash can awayand still make the paper shot? Have you ever brought in electricfans to make the shot even harder? Backflip Studios is happy toannounce that we have brought this amazing and hilarious experienceto Android.This game is oddly satisfying . . . much like tossing a real ballof crumpled paper into a metal trash basket. So realistic, you willthink you are stuck in an office killing time.Amaze, share and compare your scores with friends and others on theonline global scoreboard.Game includes:-Gorgeous graphics-8 levels of varied difficulty-Innovative flick control-Hi-Res graphics for newer devices-Animated paper-Real office sounds-Varying wind speed from fan impacts paper flight-Verbal abuse from angry co-workersLet us know what you think."Paper Toss" has been installed more than 35,000,000 times - giveit a shot if you haven't yet.
Criminal Case Investigation
All the police department is investigating thecase, the serial killer has struck again!Criminal Case investigation is a puzzle game where the player mustfindin the shortest time possible clues of the likely murder casescattered on the floor of the murder scene.You're the detective who has to find the serial killer, do not missit!The characteristics of Criminal case investigation:.Detective themed Casual Game where the player has to find inthe shortest possible time the right objects randomly placed on themurder scene floor..CSI style graphics that will make you feel in the murderscene..Many objects of the crime to find.Take the role of an agent in search of a serial killer, downloadnow houses Criminal Case investigation!
Baby Hazel Halloween Castle
Kids can play Baby Hazel Halloween Castle gamefor free. 6 mystery levels to explore.Let’s celebrate All Hallows' Eve !! Baby Hazel’s teacher hasarranged a trip for children to a Halloween Castle. Explore theHalloween castle with Baby Hazel and her friends. The 6 mysteryrooms in the castle are full of gifts n’ surprises. To make sureHazel is safe and enjoys every moment in the castle, be with herand look after her needs. Keep Hazel and her friends happy byfulfilling their needs on time. Enjoy!!Level Details:* Photo ShootDifferent cutout stands are made available to have a photo shoot.Let’s join Hazel and friends in this Halloween photo studio toclick a few fun pictures.* Balloon DelightsPop the balloons to win surprise gifts. And let’s see if Hazel winsany surprise gift or not. Enjoy making balloon toys with BabyHazel.* Tattoo TimeThough it looks like a tattoo stall, no one else seems to benearby.* Halloween Dress UpLet Hazel have fun by dressing up in different Halloween costumes.Also apply stylish Halloween makeup on her.* Scary HutThis room is a bit scary. Baby Hazel and her friends meet somespooky creatures in this room. Find out.* Dance PartyBaby Hazel and friends have entered a room with a decorated dancefloor. Join Baby Hazel and her friends to enjoy tapping their feeton fast beats.
Where is my jelly!
Mountain Lion
■most interesting PUZZLE GAME■over 700+ challenging puzzles ,you can play day and night■so cute cartoon elf to play with■cheerful music for game players■so many free hints given ,make sure you play it for free■send you one free hints everyday■more you can find in game……★ Where is my jelly ★ is a puzzle game in which you canburst the jelly to trigger a chain reaction in order to eliminatethem.Solve the puzzle of this game ! Be ready to go all the way!Awesome stuff you can do in jelly:✔ Blast the red one!✔ Pop the green jelly! ✔ Pop the yellow jelly!✔ Pop the blue jelly!More wonderful pictures,difficult levels and other greatfunctions are coming soon in the next version.
AR Wikia: Final Fantasy VIII
Download the Image Target from Augmented Wikia is an Augmented Reality application thatlet's you view and cycle through characters from Final FantasyVIII, listen to audio information, and interact with theirmodels.- The instructions in-app will show how to use and interact withthe augmentation.- Best performance is on Quadcore devices that use Snapdragonchipset- Markerless Metaio may not work properly on some devices.- it's important to note that screenshots may not appear in thephone's stock album app immediately, sometimes after a reboot, butif you use other apps like QuickPic they'll show up right away.Enjoy :]
ReactionLab - Free
H.F. Games
ReactionLab 2 is now available! Get it here: is the FREE version of ReactionLab, it is exactly the same butcontains only 21 elements.Purchase the full version at: is a pixelated particle simulation game similar tofalling sand. It features over 40 elements, and 70+ differentparticle types.Draw elements onto the canvas and watch them interact in realtime; try to discover all the different reactions. There are 45+different achievements to attain, and endless undiscoveredcombinations.Elements included in this version:- Eraser- Water- Metal- Rock- Fire- Steam- Oil- Electricity- Dirt- Acid- Lava- Fuse- Plant- Black Hole- Glass- Ice- Neon- Propane- Nitroglycerin- Potassium- UraniumPurchase the full version to unlock:- Generator- Gasoline- C-4- Plastic- Electric Pump- Snow- Wood- Life (based on Conway's Game of Life)- Anti-Matter- Plague- Crystal- Torch- Hydrogen- Aerolucent (only gasses pass through this)- Aqualucent (only liquids pass through this)- Radon- Vinegar- Baking Soda- Heating Coil *New*- Steam Turbine *New*- Concrete *New*As well as several more 'hidden' elements which can bediscovered through reactions.System Requirements:- 1GHz CPU.- Android 2.3.3 or higher.Got a suggestion for a new element? Found a bug? Hate mail?Leave a review below, I'll read every one.
Showbox Group
Here in Showbox, you play fun games andreceive gift cards at the same time.You get CASH-POINTS for playing FUN games. You can use theCASH-POINTS to redeem various gift cards or top up your phone billor even cash out via PayPal. You receive rewards from Showbox everyweek. It is that simple!Showbox now has 3M+ members. Active members earn 25USD+ per week byplaying fun games. Join now to have the FUN together.For any clarification or support related issues, please contactShowbox team via email: contact@goshowbox.coIf you want to unsubscribe from Showbox, please go link: virtual private network(VPN) or PROXY server is allowed fordownloading the apps or completing other offers in Showbox. Onceany dishonest, fraudulent, or inappropriate use of the app isdiscovered, the Member's account will be suspended or terminatedwithout notice, and the points and redeemed rewards within in willbe forfeited.We appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation.Showbox Web page: http://www.goshowbox.coShowbox FAQ page: Facebook fan page: patent registration number in Singapore: SG2013058490
Baby Pet Care & Wash
Let’s play the cutest baby pet care game tofeed and wash the fluffiest and adorable baby pets. Kids boys andgirls time to play with your cat & dog in top spa resort forlittle pets where you need to wash them with care. Feed them withproper food and give them a dream dress up and makeover so none ofthem find themselves below any celebrity pet.Girls, do you really want to hold these pets and be there friend?They have gone messy and dirty playing around. Don’t let the creepymonster make baby pets ill. Give them the relaxing bath with propercare. Bring their smile back and have fun with them.Feel the real experience of pet bathing and dress up. Baby pet careand wash is all about cute little pets waiting for you to play andhave fun. It’s amazing and addictive like my pet vet doctor, mylittle dentist, pancake maker and fashion salon games.Like us on facebook and stay updated***Brought to you by TenLogix Games***================================================================***PRIVACY POLICY***Being a developer we truly understand that privacy plays animportant role. You can read our privacy policy***MESSAGE***Your suggestions & Feedback are valuable to help us keepworking on new concepts.***DISCLAIMER***This app is ad supported and may contain adds.
Pizza Maker Now-Chef Cooking
Make your own pizza now. Kids, boys and girlslet’s master the cooking and maker skills with this free game andbe the top chef to make delicious and spicy pizza. It’s a treat forthe lovers of burgers, sandwich and other fast foods. Fun & Artof pizza making, baking, cooking & decorating all in one withpizza maker now!FEATURES:=========• Colorful backgrounds, toppings and dress up items• Creativity skills for little boys and girls• Share your creation with friends through FacebookHIGHLIGHTS:============• Easy tap and drag game play• Unique with deliciously filled items• Real Kitchen Chef Cooking Experience.• Master the Cooking skills• Kids friendly content• Free and simple girls, kids game• Suitable for the whole family• Cool BG music and HD graphics• Best recipe to make pizzaThis is your own family entertainment. Everyone loves to makepizza, so tie your apron to make, bake and dress them up.Compliment your sweet tooth with sizzling hot yummy pizza withfriends & family on various occasions. The best way to keepyour kids busy is let them virtually cook, bake & dress uptheir own yummy, finger licking delicious emotionally filled pizza.Have fun with this amazing maker experience on Holidays &Christmas season for free.Be a star on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Friday, Saturday, SundayBrunch, New Year or on any occasions by showing the best cookingskills you have & share your creation with everyone in thefamily.*** LIKE US ON FACEBOOK ***To share your experiences and stay updated with what TenLogixGames is working on. Play and enjoy our other maker games like pancake and burger maker etc.***PRIVACY POLICY***Being a developer we truly understand that privacy plays animportant role. You can read our privacy policy here:***YOU ARE SWEET***Your suggestions & feedback are valuable to help us keepworking on new concepts. Please rate us 5 stars if you like ourgames so we can always provide you with quality free games, thanksa lot.***DISCLAIMER***This app is ad supported and may contain adds.OK then enjoy & Good Bye!!!
Pet Shop Story™
Create a Pet Shop like no other! Build a funplace for all your favorite lovable pets to share with yourfriends!Mix and match your pets to make your own designer breeds.Pug + Chihuahua = Chug!Labrador + Poodle = Labradoodle!Bengal + Short Hair = Toyger!Running your pet shop is amazing fun with these features:★ OWN your favorite Dogs, Cats, Birds, and other pets!★ DESIGN new pets by CROSS-BREEDING your collection!★ GET the cutest puppies, kitties, and chicks! Breed babies and seetheir unique looks.★ Build and upgrade BEAUTIFUL HABITATS! Design a Pet Shop that’sfun for the animals and for you!★ Complete goals to please your customers and win REWARDS★ Meet NEIGHBORS and make FRIENDS. Visit sister Pet Shops and meettheir pets!★ Sharp stunning graphics and animations★ Invite your Storm8 friends to play with you★ FREE WEEKLY updates with new pets, decorations, and breedingcombinations!★ Absolutely no clean up or doggy bags required! What goodpets!Pet Shop Story is the BEST looking FREE pet game for yourAndroid device!★★★★★Rate Pet Shop Story 5-Stars NOW to help us bring more superadorable pets for you in forthcoming updates.★★★★★Please note: Pet Shop Story is an online only game. Your devicemust have an active internet connection to play.Please note that Pet Shop Story is free to play, but you canpurchase in-app items with real money. To delete this feature, onyour device go to the Google Play Store, tap the Menu button,select Settings > Use PIN for purchase. Then, set up thefour-digit PIN on the option below. In addition, Pet Shop Story maylink to social media services, such as Facebook, and Storm8 willhave access to your information through such services.TeamLava, a Storm8 studio, is the #1 Mobile Social GameDeveloper on Android, iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.Use of this application is governed by the TeamLava Terms ofService. Collection and use of data are subject to TeamLava'sPrivacy Policy. Both policies are availableat and
Battle Trainer for Pokemon
Train yourself and become amasterofbattling.This app teaches you which attacks aresupereffective,which arenot very effective and which are useless.Learnthis, andyou willbe unbeatable!
Princess Game: Salon Angela 3D
Meet Angela the super star princess. As allthe celebrities she needs to look beautiful in every occasion asshe can never know who she is going to meet.Unfortunately to look always beautiful can be tiring, for thisreason she will need your precious help and council.In this game you can land a hand to our gorgeous princess to getready for her public appearing’s.You can make her start with some relaxing spa treatments to makesure that her skin is clean and as smooth as the one of a baby.Wash her hair and make it shine with some cool glitter effects.As second step help her choose the best matching mascara, haircolor and style. Moreover if you should think that she would looknicer with a different eye color, you will be able to apply hersome colored contact lenses.Next assist her in choosing the perfect make up and apply her a bitof eye shadow, lipstick, blusher etc.To complete your work it remains only to choose the right clothingand accessories for her big day.Now thanks to your help the princess is ready to face every photoshooting and all the paparazzi’s that she might encounters on herway.At the end of the makeover you can speak with Angela and shewill repeat everything you say.After the makeover, you can save and share the pictures permail, with Whatsapp, Twitter, Skype, or simply upload them toFacebook, Flickr, Dropbox etc.How to play:To get read of the pimple you need to rub on them until theydisappear.To apply a mask simply select the type of mask you want to use andthen spread the product on her face with the finger. To clean iteither use the water shower or switch to the next beautyproduct.Some of the make-up products will automatically be applied on themodel by simply selecting the desired icon (color), other will needto be applied with your finger.** Features **- Spa Section- Makeup Section- Fashion dress up Section- Choose the skin color- 360° View to have a better look at the model- Many different backgrounds: Sea side, her room, forest, castleetc.- Different hair styles to choose- Try different hair dye, lipstick colors, eye color,eye-shadow.- Accessories, including earrings, necklaces, crowns and ahat.- Small face tattoos- Blow soap bubbles- Talking part with Angela answering to everything you say.- Share your awesome girl pictures easily on facebook, mail etc.with few clicks.The princess is a big fan of the Babsy baby!This is a great princess game / kids game and one of the bestchildren games!
Bubble Popper XXL Deep Sea
Imagine yourself at the beach on a warm Summer’s day. The hot raysof the sun are massaging your back, while a light breeze keeps youfrom overheating. There are beautiful things hidden in the sand.All sorts of magnificent seashells, one even more gorgeous than thenext. They are just lying there, ready for the taking!Relax and sit back while you collect the shells by simplypopping the bubbles with your finger in this cool arcade game.Special starfish power-ups will show up if you manage to clear 5-7shells of the same kind in one go. These will help you in yourquest of achieving a high score as they will pop entire bubble rowswith one single tap!Enjoy the different sunny levels and dream away while you makesizzling combos and compete with your friends on theleaderboard!Key Features:- Relaxing, yet challenging gameplay- 8 colorful seashells to collect- Leaderboard support- Facebook integration- Many levels to beat- Great soothing soundtrackIf you would like to learn more about Bubble Popper XXL andLunagames’ other exciting titles please visit: www.lunagames.comand follow us on Facebook:
Circle Pong
Do you love playing Ping Pong or Table Tennisgame? If yes, you will surely like the game play of the app “CirclePong”. Besides awesome dynamics of the circle pong play, the gamewill offer you plenty of sporty fun and addictive lure ofchallenge!How to play the game?It is extremely funny to learn the game plan but it is equallychallenging to master the control on the virtual ping pong ball andits striker’s movement coordination. As a player your ultimate aimis to keep the ball bouncing only within the circle perimeter. Ifyou miss your strike, the ball will move out of the circle and thegame will get over.Game features:Are you ready to download the challenging ball game? It’s allfree and the app will take few minutes time to get sync on yourandroid device! Before you start playing this addictive 360 pong,take a quick look at its lively features:• Uber-cool user interface: it is extremely easy to navigate thegame.• Once a game session gets over, you will get the display of yourscore, best score, and the stat of number of games played onscreen• You can play the game offline but for accessing leaderboard andachievement you need internet support on your device• Access leaderboard to know how other players are scoring and alsoget the privilege to compare your score with other players• You can access achievement to know how other online friends haveplayed the game,• You can share the game’s link to your favorite social networkingsites: let your friends know you are enjoying the game CirclePong!• Agar PhysicsThe interface will keep on changing its color in course of theplay; however, you will always feel vibrant and energetic whileplaying the game Circle Pong. It is a cool way to spend qualitytime on your android mobile/tablet
Mobamas Navigator モバマス用ブラウザ
モバマス(デレマス)用のブラウザです。自分が遊んでいて、欲しいと思った機能を入れました。ご要望等がありましたら出来る限り対応したいと考えております。(今のところアクティブに遊んでおりますので、ご連絡頂けましたら迅速に対応できるかと思います。)【機能】・画面下部に各機能へのショートカット(編集可能)があり、素早い移動が可能です。長押しまたはフリック(オプション)によるサブメニュー表示を併用することで、より快適なモバマスライフを。・任意の応援メッセージを設定可能です。キャラ作りや入社時の挨拶にどうぞ。・ローカルにユーザーのリストを保存するローカルブックマーク機能。単凸や応援が楽になります。csvファイルをインポート/エクスポートできるので、エディタやPCでのリスト編集も容易。・あらかじめ登録しておいたフロントを半自動的に復元するフロント編成支援機能。・フロント以外の所属アイドルをまとめて女子寮に入寮させたり、女子寮からまとめてアイドルを呼び戻したりすることができる一括入退寮機能。・MAXレベルまでに必要なパートナーの数を計算できる簡易レッスン計算機。・贈り物の山に埋もれたアイドルの発掘に便利な贈り物リスト作成機能(※贈り物機能の改良によりあまり意味がなくなりました。特定の名前のアイドル発掘には使えるかもしれません)。・悲しい事故を防止する移籍禁止機能。・端末に保存されている音楽ファイル(mp3/ogg)を任意の画面で再生させることができるBGM機能。【権限について】・ストレージ……スクリーンショットやブックマークを保存するために利用しております。・ネットワーク……通信と広告に利用しております。・バイブレーション……アラーム機能に利用しております。【ご注意】本アプリは非公式のアプリです。標準ブラウザと同様の挙動をするように作成しておりますが、本アプリを利用したことにより何らかのトラブルが生じた場合であっても、一切の責任は負いかねます。あらかじめご了承下さい。It is a browser forMobamasu (Deremasu). His is not playing, I put the functionswanted. I would like to correspond as much as possible when thereis demand and the like.(Since I am playing for now active, I think it quickly if you cancontact us can respond.)【function】· Screen shortcuts to each function at the bottom (editable) thereis, you can quickly move. By a combination of sub-menu display bylong press or flick (optional), a more comfortableMobamasuraifu.- It is possible to set any of the messages of support. Pleasinggreeting of character building and joined at the time.Local bookmark function to save a user list of the local. Singleconvex and support will be easier. Because the csv file can beimported / exported, easy list editing in the editor and PC.- In advance of the front, which had been registeredsemi-automatically restore Front organized support functionsto.• Do not be dormitory in women's dormitory collectively belongsidle other than the front, collectively entering and leavingdormitory function that can be or recall the idle together fromwomen's dormitory.· MAX level Simple lessons computer that can calculate the numberof partners required before.· Convenient gift list creation function to excavation of idleburied in gift of the mountain (※ no longer make much sense byimproving the gift function. You may be able to use the idleexcavation of a specific name).· Transfers ban function to prevent the sad accident.- Terminal to the music files that are stored (mp3 / ogg) BGMfunction that can is allowed to play in any of the screen.About authority]Storage ...... we use in order to save a screen shot andbookmarks.Network ...... communication and we use in advertising.Vibration ...... we use the alarm function.【please note】This application is an unofficial app. We have created to the samebehavior as the standard browser, but even in the case of anytrouble by utilizing the present application has occurred, it cannot bear any of the responsibility. Please be forewarned.
Baby Hazel Bathroom Hygiene
Play Baby Hazel Bathroom Hygiene game for freeon your android device.Hygiene is very important for a healthy living. But today,darling Hazel’s bathroom is messed up. It looks untidy and stinksat the corners. Can you help Baby Hazel to keep her bathroom areaclean and neat? First of all she needs your help in clearing themess at her washroom. Then remove clogs at the wash basin and makeit sparking clean. Finally trim her nails and give Hazel arefreshing bath. Have fun teaching bathroom hygiene to little BabyHazel!
Magic Paint Kaleidoscope
Enjoy magic with this kaleidoscope drawinggame!A fun, simple, and addicting art game for all ages to drawkaleidoscope pictures. There are several kaleidoscope modes, manybeautiful brushes, and various bright color to use, and thepossibilities for designs are endless. You can make cool designsthat looks like kaleidoscopes with just a few swipe of yourfingers. Each picture you make is unique. You can enjoy thebeautiful drawings and get a sense of accomplishment when youreplay them like a movie.Not matter your age, either kids, or whole family, will find thegame is a great fun way to be relaxed. Of course, a great time passas well :-)* More than ten beautiful brushes* Eight kaleidoscope modes* Gallery to store kaleidoscope picture and animation* Replay kaleidoscope animation as a small film* Undo* Share kaleidoscope via facebook, twitter, picasa, etc.************** Magic Brush Box ************"Magic Brush Box" - advanced version of this game, where you willhave full control of brush style, brush color and kaleidoscopemode.
Candy Mania
Welcome to the world of candy mania, thesecolorful candy mania. Candy, candy everywhereCandy Mania is a very addictive match-three game! Candy Mania is abrand new and amazing casual game!Match three or more same candy to make them boom, crush them! Reachthe target score or collect candy to move to the next level.There are many special candy when you get comboWith adventure mode, gravity will be random to change directionwhen candy dropSolve all the puzzles and try to get three stars in eachlevel!Level will be update more, so don't worry :)Let's play candy sweet, come to world of candy sweet with yourfriends
Let's Create! Pottery Lite
With Let's Create: Pottery making ceramics has never been moresimple and fun! Become a true artist and create "one of a kind"pottery items and share them with your friends! Throw the clay onthe wheel, release all your artistic talents and take benefit ofdozens of materials available in order to create your own design!Even when you glaze and fire your very first pot you will feelaccomplished and relaxed as pottery is the best way to relieve youreveryday stress and find your inner peace. An amazing, therapeuticand uplifting experience you can enjoy with your family andfriends!Gameplay tutorial video: video:★★★★★ "Let's create! Pottery" is totally worth a look. Theentire game is a very unique experience that works extremely wellon the iPad. - Touch Arcade★★★★★ The best part about "Let's create! Pottery" is that onceyou've unlocked everything you can let your imagination roam freeand as time-wasters go, this is a truly unique experience. - AppSpy
Der Wahl-O-Mat zur Landtagswahl inNordrhein-Westfalen wird voraussichtlich am 24.4.2017 um 12:30 Uhrveröffentlicht.Finden Sie heraus, welche Parteien Ihren Positionen am nächstenstehen:Mit welchen Parteien und Wählervereinigungen haben Sie die meistenÜbereinstimmungen bei 38 wichtigen Themen?Um die App zu nutzen und den Wahl-O-Mat spielen zu können, ist eineInternetverbindung notwendig.Wahl-O-MatDer Wahl-O-Mat ist ein interaktives Angebot, das insbesondere Erst-und Jungwähler spielerisch für Wahlen und Politik interessierensoll. Der Wahl-O-Mat konfrontiert die Nutzer mit 38 Thesen ausunterschiedlichen Politikfeldern, die im jeweiligen Wahlkampf eineRolle spielen – etwa:"In allen Gaststätten soll ein ausnahmsloses Rauchverbot gelten."Die Nutzer können sich zu diesen Aussagen zustimmend, neutral oderablehnend positionieren oder die These überspringen. Im Anschlussberechnet der Wahl-O-Mat, welche Parteien und Wählervereinigungendem Nutzer mit Blick auf die Thesen am nächsten stehen und wie weitandere Parteien von den eigenen Positionen entfernt liegen.Push-BenachrichtigungenMit einer Push-Benachrichtigung informiert die App über wichtigeEreignisse zur Wahl. So werden die Nutzer z.B. an den Termin derWahl erinnert und erhalten letzte Infos zur Wahl. DiePush-Benachrichtigungen können deaktiviert werden.The Wahl-O-Mat for thestate election in North Rhine-Westphalia is expected to bepublished on 04/24/2017 at 12:30.Find out which parties are your positions on the next:Which parties and voters' associations you have the most matches at38 major issues?In order to use the app and play the Wahl-O-Mat, an Internetconnection is necessary.Wahl-O-MatThe Wahl-O-Mat is an interactive offering that will be interestedin particular first-time and young voters playful for elections andpolitics. The Wahl-O-Mat confronts the user with 38 theses fromdifferent policy areas that play a role in each campaign - forexample:"In all the restaurants a smoking ban no exemptions should apply."The user can position themselves in agreement, neutral or hostileto these statements or skip the thesis. Following the Wahl-O-Mat,which parties and voters' associations, the user has to look at thetheses next and how far other parties are away from their ownpositions calculated.Push notificationsWith a push notification app provides information about importantevents to choose from. Thus, the users are e.g. recalls the date ofthe election and get final information for election. The pushnotifications can be disabled.
Farting Poo Story - Stinky Pou
Phillip Kung
★★★★★ “Forget flappy bird and avoiding white tiles, farting poo isthe next big kids hit!”★★★★★ “I love endless run racing games! Farting poop is the perfectcombination of skill and cute addicting fun. Not to mention it’ssuper funny!”Farting Poo Swim Story is a hard fast paced race and comedy gamewhere you must avoid smelly obstacles and doodle monsters whilecollecting fart stars to maximize your points and top theleaderboard!Farting Poo Pete is back in the smelliest friendly sequel of thesummer following up the smash hit original Farting Poo Jump Story.Pete has escaped the house but now finds himself flushed down adumb toilet (OH NO!) and in to the sewer. Help guide Pete out ofthe sewer while collecting stars and plunger power-ups along theways. Stay alive and you’ll speed up so fast you’d think you havewings and a jetpack! But whatever you do don’t die!Features:* Endless runner jetpack style gameplay* Super funny sound and musical score (best farting noises)* High score leader board* Distance leader board* Avoid classic green pipes, obstacles, monsters, etc.* Collect fart poope stars* Bubble power-up for added protection* Super cute friendly talking virtual pet character farting pooPete!* One touch racing gameplay that is easy to learn* Keep track of your top 5 high scores* Race your friends to see who can get the highest score or longestdistance* Excellent one touch physics game with gravity pulling the boodown* Free - (it's always fun when it is free)If you love endless runner style games like Jetpack Joyride andTemple Run then you will love Farting Poo Swim Story! This is a topof the line FREE endless cave flying arcade game with gravityphysics that will rival some of the best out there.
Dinosaur Bubble Shooter
Are you a Bubble Popper master?Dinosaur bubble shooter Pro game by “SunShineApps” includes 2400colorful fun, and challenging levels + additional100+ levels inARACDE mode for the extra competitive bubble shooter players amongyou!State of the art algorithm, clean design and original concept makesit stand out more than all the other bubble shooter games.Think fast, play smart!Download dinosaur bubble shooter game now, play it, have fun andenjoy yourself.Once you start playing you wouldn't be able to turn it off.The game play sounds easy - accurately aim a cannon and tap youfinger to fire a bubble to hit other bubbles with the same color,the more colorful bubbles you pop, the more levels you'll win. Butyou can't imagine the challenge that waits to test your bubbleshooter skills!You're progress is saved forever until reset, so you can alwayscontinue from the same point you stopped the last dinosaur bubbleshooter game.Bubble Pro is undoubtedly a game you'll never stop playing.If you like other Bubbles games, you really must check this oneout!
Candy Caramel Fever
B Team
Download the best match 3 game FOR free!Candy Caramel Fever (free match 3 game) is the latest and newestinACCUMULATIVE “match 3” puzzles! Swap and match many cute andcuddlycandies to gain points. Collect as many candies Fever aspossiblebefore you run out of moves! You also need to find those3-Matcheswith the most AWESOME chain reactions. Be lost in hours ofFUN asyou try to travel through the 60 of levels that awaityou.Candy Caramel Fever (free match 3 game) is totally freetoplay.Exciting Features● match 3 cute and adorable creatures to completeleveltargets!● match as much as you can before you run out of move!● Easy to learn but challenging to master!● 60+ well designed levels the simplicity and challenges forendlessFUN!● The best match-3 game for all ages and genders!
Sweet Picker
Sweet Picker is a little game that willhelpyou while waiting in line, on the bus, subway or any otherboringsituation.Be aware of the special bonuses and be careful with the rottenfishand the stinky poop.Each Sweet Picker sweet you catch will give you one point andextratime to continue playing.Enjoy!** If you like Sweet Picker please give it a five starsratingand recommend it to your friends.** Remember Sweet Picker is FREE to play and you will enjoyyourtime catching jellybeans, bubblegums and other sweets andcandies.Play Sweet Picker daily and improve your skills, you'll beamazedeach time you beat your record.** If you think Sweet Picker can be improved in any way,pleaseleave your comments and we’ll do our best to make ithappen.** Sweet Picker was developed by Faildroid Apps, feel freetosend us and email with any suggestions.
Math Workout FootBall Juggling
Flappy Wings
Think yourself are super smart? Then MathWorkout - Super Foot Ball juggling is the right game for you.You will be juggling the ball in the air while doing Mathexercise at the same time.This is the perfect Math Training / Brain Exercise game forchildren and adults.How to play- Tap left side of screen to kick- Don't let the ball fall- Pick the right answer for the Math problem by tapping the rightsideWarningThis game is super difficult