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Bubble Jam Match
Explode a lot of bubbles in this fun and freematch-3 game.Bubble Jam is a fun and free bubble pop game in which you have toexplode plenty of bubbles.How to play ?This game has similar rules than bubble pop games.Touch groups of at least three bubbles with the same color to makethem explode. The more elements you match, the more points you willearn. If touched elements are near from a bomb, this one willexplode too. If touched elements are near from a wire cage, thisone will disappear. If you match a diamond with three otherobjects, you will be credited of one diamond that can be used tobuy bonuses or lives.Review"Bubble Jam brings different game modes and multiplayer play to thematch 3 puzzle genre" Appszoom - 7.6/10Features- Classic bubble pop rules- Match 3+ bubbles with the same color and watch them explode- Take your time and relax in story mode- Explode a huge amount of objects in challenge mode and climb tothe top of the ranks- Match a bomb and let it explode everything on its way- Choose your favorite gameplay : Classic, Push Column orInfinite- Explode annoying bricks- Challenge your friends !- Discover hundreds of levels in story mode- Buy cool bonuses with earned coins- Skip level if it is too difficult- Change the background of the game- Watch nice explosion effects- Match and blast bubbles- Collect jewels and lollipops. Jewel and Lolly you win will giveyou access to bonuses and extra levels.- Free game suitable for kidsGame Modes- StoryIn the story mode, you have to finish 200+ levels. Depending onlevels, you will have to collect a certain amount of points or tofree the jailed elements. In the second kind, when you touch agroup of at least three matching elements, the wire cagedisappears. When every wire cages have disappear, the level isover. Can be played by kids but they may need help for somelevels.- ChallengeIn the challenge mode, you can play against your friends or peoplefrom all over the world. The higher your score is the higher youwill be ranked. This mode is recommended for kids.BonusesIn the shop, you can buy useful bonuses. (don't worry, it doesn'tcost you real money, only virtual diamonds)Currently, there is 3 kinds of bonuses:- Bomb explode : Instantly explode of every bomb on thescreen- +10 moves : Get 10 more moves for the current level- Skip level : If you're stuck, use this bonus to skip the currentlevelChallenge ModesThree challenge modes in which you can compete against your friends:- Classic : In the classic bubble pop mode, the number of bubblesto explode is limited.- Infinite : In the infinite mode, new bubbles appear each time youdestroy some.- Push Column : In the Push Column mode, you have to free a wholecolumn to get a new one. (Certainly the best challenge mode)TipsWe know that ads can be really annoying. We have created Bubble Jamin order for you to have fun playing. If ads bother you, just go toSettings and set Ads to Low.Moreover, when your kids are playing, it is highly recommended toturn the ads to low and supervise them.Touch "install" to download and play Bubble Jam.
Chess Clock Lite
Yusuf Tözmal
A free minimalistic designed digital chess clock. No settings andpreferences, just set the game time and start to play!Please mail me if you find any bugs or have comments on featuresyou like to have.
Famous works have been stolen from LINE Town's museum! MysteriousThief X is the prime suspect! Join world-renowned Detective Brownand his assistant Romeo as they embark on the journey to retrievethese priceless works of art!Game Features- Move LINE character blocks around to lineupthree-of-a-kind!- Enjoy the appearance of your favorite cute LINE characters!- Venture through 140+ unique stages!- The more you line up, the more powerful the effect of thethrilling special blocks!- View beautiful works of art by clearing the stages!Take back the priceless masterpieces along with Detective Brown.The adventure starts now!Please Note:- The game may not run properly based on your Wi-Fi and networkconnectivity.- We recommend a Wi-Fi connection for the smoothest gameplayexperience.
Impossible Rush
Impossible Rush is a game that tests yourbrain's reflexes!Simply Tap to rotate the square and catch coloured balls withthe matching side!◉ No.1 Top Overall in Australia ◉◉ No.2 Top Overall in Portugal and Hungary ◉◉ No.3 Top Overall in Denmark ◉◉ No.4 All Games in USA and Sweden ◉This version is the official version of the game created byAustin Valleskey and Ben Pasternak andredesigned by Deleau Jean-François (Akinator co-founder)
PathPix Lite
Kris Pixton
Discover PathPix, the picture-forming logic game, now available forAndroid.Relaxing and addictive! Draw colored lines to connect colorednumbers.The length of each path you draw must equal the numbers you areconnecting.Connect all the numbers and see the miniature picture that you havecreated.Enjoy the 9 puzzles in this free Lite version. Then give yourself atreat and buy PathPix, with 189 puzzles for hours and hours offun.PATHPIX LITE FEATURES:Unique solutions.Play in portrait or landscape mode.Pinch zoom to make squares larger or smaller.One finger scrolling.Optional sound effects.SIMPLE RULES - COMPLEX PUZZLES - HIDDEN PICTURES!Draw paths with your finger, connecting pairs of colored numbers.The length of each path must match the numbers on the twoendpoints. Draw backwards or double tap to correct mistakes.There's only one way to do it, and all squares will contain a pieceof a path when the puzzle is solved.Two ways to navigate while solving:---Tap the VIEW button for an overview, then touch the screen whereyou want to play next.---Pan to show another area of the board. Put your finger down anyplace WITHOUT A NUMBER and move it around. Simple, intuitive,fast.REVIEWERS SAY:"Best Numbers Game - PathPix. In PathPix, the goal is to create apicture using numbers that connect to one another by bright, boldlines of color. Ranging from very simple images to sprawling andcomplex masterpieces, Pathpix is a logic game that rewards yourdedication with an interesting bit of math-made art. You'll alsoget a nice historical or literary quote as a reward as well ...this game is so addicting you might just feel the need to solvethem all." - www.slidetoplay.com"PathPix ... is a harmonious blend of drawing, connect the dots,and find the hidden picture. ... Touch controls are very intuitiveand work well. PathPix offers a wonderfully addictive gamingexperience." - by the AppSmileTeamPathPix Lite is based on the PC game "PathPix" byKpixGames.Game play is similar to Conceptis "Link-a-Pix" and Nintendo DS PicPic "Drawing".If you like nonograms, picross, or other picture logic puzzles, youwill love PathPix.
Βρες τη Λέξη
infoCUBE Tech
Μπορείς να βρείς τη λέξη;Κάθε παζλ περιέχει τέσσερις εικόνες που έχουν κάτι κοινό μεταξύτους – τι είναι όμως αυτό;Εύκολα και δύσκολα παζλ σε περιμένουν!Ποιά λέξη ψάχνουμε; Πρόσεξε καλά τις εικόνες, βρες τι κοινόέχουν μεταξύ τους και κέρδισε!Can you find the word?Each puzzle contains four images that have something in commonwith each other - what is it?Easy and difficult puzzles await!What word looking for? Look carefully the images, find what theyhave in common and won!
Puff Girls Special Puzzles
This puzzle game free withoutconditions.Enjoy the games new forms of Puff Girls Special Puzzles.You get beyond imagination and fun game puzzle. DownloadNow!!The games are fun and challenging for its ingenuity.This is a game that can be played by everyone to developtheirskills.Thanks for the game. Come together.This puzzle gamefreewithout conditions.Enjoy the games new forms of Puff Girls Special Puzzles.You get beyond imagination and fun game puzzle. DownloadNow!!The games are fun and challenging for its ingenuity.This is a game that can be played by everyone to developtheirskills.Thanks for the game. Come together.
اختبار الغباء: الجزء الأول
Tamatem Inc.
لعبة اختبار الغباءوأخيرا لعبة اختبار الغباء أصبحت متوفره على أجهزة الأندرويد أيضالا تنخدع باسم اللعبة، حيث تحتوي على الكثير من التحديات الصعبةوالمضحكة في نفس الوقت والتي ستجعلك تتشوق للمزيد من المراحلوالاختبارات.تعرف على مستوى ذكائك مع لعبة "اختبار الغباء" وشارك أصدقاءك بمستوىذكائك، وحسن سرعة البديهة لديك، واحذر! اللعبة ستحاول خداعك.مزايا اللعبة:- تحديات وأسئلة تحتاج لدقة الملاحظة- أسئلة ذكاء لسرعة بديهة- لعبة ضخمة تحتوي على ٤٣ مرحلة- رسوم جرافيكس جميلة ومضحكة- لعبة ممتعة و مناسبة لجميع الأعمار- موسيقى كوميديةلعبة من إنتاج شركة طماطم للألعاب، الشركة الرائدة في نشر الألعابالعربية على اجهزة الجوال.ولا تنس تقييم اللعبة...
Bubble Poke
Bubble poke is classic puzzle bubble popping game. At bubble pokegame you select 2 or more bubbles with the same color and popthem.More bubbles you pop in a single tap, more points you achieve. Ifyou remove just a pair of two same bubbles the adding score iszero.When you pop 2 or more bubbles of the same color, remaining bubblescollapse to fill in the gaps and new group of bubbles is formed.The goal of bubble poke game is to clear as many bubbles aspossible.Bubble poke game features:✓ game levels (multiple game levels)✓ multiple bubble colors✓ high score board✓ score history of last 5 gamesThe scoring in the Bubble poke game:● 3 bubbles = +1 score,● 4 bubbles = +4 score,● 5 bubbles = +9 score,● 6 bubbles = +16 score,● 7 bubbles = +25 score,● 8 bubbles = +36 score,● 9 bubbles = +49 score, ...
Puzzle for Kids: Learn & Play
Our puzzle for kids game features activitiesthat foster kids creativity and motor skills. 123 Kids Fun Puzzle-was extensively tested with kids to ensure its design is as simpleas possible and kids can explore the game independently. We hopeyour kids will love it! Its many puzzles are full of interactivity,animations, and sounds for repeat learning and play.Each slider puzzle has 3 different levels of difficulty - 6, 9, or12 pieces.+++ Puzzle for kids - 7 CATEGORIES +++* Zoo,* Farm Animals,* Vehicles,* Characters,* House,* Musical instruments,* Forest.This free jigsaw like puzzle game helps your kids develop matching,tactile and fine motor skills while playing almost 90 differentpuzzles. It is a fun and educational learning game for preschoolchildren and toddlers including those with autism.+++ Puzzle for kids - FEATURES +++* Interactive, carefully planned, captivating puzzle games.* Designed for Kids: No confusing menus or navigation.* Bright, colorful, child-friendly design.* Hundreds of rich graphics, vibrant sounds and beautifullycaptivating special effects.123 KIDS FUN PUZZLE BLUE is a challenging and fun way for kids todevelop fine motor skills, visual perception and hand-eyecoordination.123 KIDS FUN PUZZLE BLUE is a collection of digital slider puzzlesfor kids which help children identify a dizzying amount of animalsand objects.+++ 123 KIDS FUN APPS +++Our games are entertaining, but more importantly, they teach at thesame time. We pride ourselves in creating fun, beautiful, welldesigned and easy to use apps and games.We share a passion for children, music, education, games, designand play. Our goal is to create the highest quality games fortoddlers and preschoolers for smartphones and tablets. We are proudto say that we make fun and smart educational games that are notonly effective, but entertaining. We make games that let kidsexplore and discover, games where there are no wrong moves, butwhere the right move will reveal, reward, and teach.We love getting feedback from our users. If you have questions orcomments, please send them to: contact@123kidsfun.com
Zoo town - FREE
Inlogic Games
Resolve the puzzle, dicover new animals and manage the most coolpark on your android!Zoo town is a very addictive puzzle game, in which you try to buildthe largest Zoo in the world. The larger Zoo you build, the morepoints you score. You build it by matching three identical animalsto get a new one, which replaces the last placed one and youcontinue, until you don’t find the highest animal from each house.Hundreds of thoughtful moves await! After you found it, you canmove to a new house. Along the way, you’ll have to outwit thieves,which are trying to steal your animals. You should take care alsoon obstacles and limited space.Proceed in the rankings and try to find the mystical animal of eachZoo house. Use your brain, present your logical thinking, be somesteps forward and resolve the exciting puzzle adventure of the ZooTown! The game is absolutely free to play!Easy to learn, hard to masterColorful and vivid graphicsNo annoying time limits - play at your own paceLike us on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/inlogicsoftwaresroFollow us on Twitter:https://twitter.com/inlogicsoftwareCheck out our youtube channel:http://www.youtube.com/user/inlogicsoftwareVisit our Web:http://inlogic.sk/
In the beginning you have four basic elements: air, water, earthand fire. Combine elements together and open up new!You will find a fascinating way to create 1800 elements through2520 different combinations. Play on phones and tablets!Successful experiments!
Bubble Shift - Match 3 Puzzle
Tidda Games
Bubble Shift is a fun Match 3 type of multilevel puzzle game, each level has a new experience, filledchallenges, excitement, strategy. Each level has target to achieveto move to next level. As you move to higher levels multipletargets are unlocked to thrill the game. Spark the bubble breakingeffect with lighting effects and stars. More lighting effect inbubble break more score points. Accumulate global score and showcase in leader board.Game has inApp purchase to buy coins, life and special drop todissolve game bubbles to make a new strategy.Free coins can also be get by watching small videos, tap flashingcoins to view.== Features ==- Multiple levels- Multiple targets- exciting sound effects, graphics and animations.- Global score- Fun, relaxing puzzle game.- Special bubble formation- Special drop to dissolve bubbles and create a new strategy tomaximize the score- Pearls formation and collection- Frozen bubbles, clear frozen bubble using shovel- Score LeaderboardFor any query write us at support@tiddagames.com
Chinese Checkers - HD/Tablet
Specially designed for tablets using highdefinition graphics.Every player has 10 pieces : the winner is the one that first raceshis pieces across the board. Up to six players can play.A piece hops over another piece, no matters the color. You canchain several hops in a single move.You can choose the rules : standard with short jumps or fast-pacedwith long hops as illustrated above.All pieces always remain on the board, unlike Chess orCheckers.
Angry Birds Fight! RPG Puzzle
Get ready for a showdown in Angry Birds Fight!– a match-3 frenzy where you take on other players in real-timebattles of strategic, bird swapping agility! Join your favoriteflock on a journey to match tons of addictive featherypuzzles!GET READY TO RUMBLEPlay against friends (and foes) in real-time matches. Race againstthe clock to match as many panels as possible to power up your birdfor the fight! GRRRR!ARM YOURSELFEquip your birds with wacky weapons and questionable armor to givethem more health, attack power and also some special skills to giveyou the edge. It’s fight or flight!SET SAIL AND FIGHTExplore uncharted islands packed with challengers – then knock ‘emout in a match-three frenzy! Win to unlock more birds, weapons andother items. Just look out for the Monster Pigs…CHALLENGE other players globally in real-time match-threepuzzlesPOWER UP birds for the fight by matching faster and better thanyour opponentMATCH 4 to activate special powers, MATCH 5 to start FEVERTIME!WIN fights to gain XP, win items and customize your flock and yourshipACCESSORIZE with different items to increase health, attack and addskillsEARN bird coins in fights to buy more weapons and accessories inthe shopPLAY the lucky slots to unlock more items - go on, give it aspin!-----------------------------Discover:http://fight.angrybirds.com/Follow:https://www.facebook.com/angrybirdsfightofficialhttps://twitter.com/AngryBirdsFight-----------------------------Angry Birds Fight is completely FREE to play, but there areoptional in-app purchases available. But either way it’s a fun,feather-filled fighting frenzy!Terms of Use: http://www.rovio.com/eulaPrivacy Policy: http://www.rovio.com/privacy
KAMI is deceptively simple: fold out colouredpaper to fill the screen in as few moves as possible.Get your hands on the first nine levels for free and see whatall the hype is about. If you enjoy them, unlock the restin-app!***Nominated SXSW Gaming Awards 2014***"KAMI feels fresh and unique. This is a game that gives youspace to breathe, never harrying with time limits or catastrophes"- PocketGamer"Beautiful aesthetics, soothing sounds and deceptivelychallenging puzzles" - Macworld"Highly polished... a unique art style that isn’t just for show,but actually enhances the gameplay" - Apple'N'Apps"Gloriously well-made...Stylishly challenging" - 148 Apps"Elevated by its top-notch production values and visualsplendour" - AppSpyRelaxing and easy to pick up, you'll soon find yourself deep incontemplation to perfect each puzzle.Created by State of Play, famous for their handcraftedaesthetic, KAMI has been created with real paper in an elegantJapanese theme.KAMI is tactile, engaging and stunning to look at.► The first 9 of 63 unique puzzles included!► Premium Puzzle packs to buy, for KAMI masters!► Beautiful handcrafted Japanese look, created using realpaper► Calming and elegant soundtrack► Created by State of Play, creators of the award-winningpapercraft game 'Lume'Minimum Spec:512MB RAM1GHz CPU
Who is the Killer? Episode II
D. Glaznev
★★★★★ "We would personally recommend everyoneto try this game, especially those who love brain teasers. You’lllove it!" — Gameographics ★★★★★What the people say about 'Who Is The Killer?' game series:'Best investigation game I've played so far! Feels so real!'(Tia00)'It's not like those one way stories, it really gives you thefreedom to investigate by yourself!' (abighoul)'Just when you think you know who the killer is, your suspect isfound dead!' (Moonwave2315)'A really unique game which gives you a real sense ofdeduction!' (nicholas derecourt)Welcome to the much anticipated Second Episode, it won't bepossible not to release it after success of the first part.Description of Episode II in comparison with the first part:-The plot is more complicated. Everything is not so obviousnow.-Some parallel stories, but only one will lead to the killer.-Pictures from the scene, can be studied with a magnifying glass.This is not a standard game "find the hidden object", each piece ofevidence is important for further investigation.-The main game with words is changed, because many players found itboring.- Two beautiful melodies and the rain outside, reinforce oppressiveatmosphere.This original game is based on classical english detective rulesin the tradition of Sherlock Holmes. Everyday someone dies and youneed to figure out who is the killer using the logic. Everybody hasa common mystery story of the past. Everybody could have a motiveto do this. And you have only seven days to stop the murderer.It is not a generic adventure game — there is no happy end inthis scenario, you can either win or lose the game (if everybodydies).Speak with characters, investigate crime scenes, guess who lies,look at your dreams to find clues and try to arrest the killer andsend him to jail before it’s too late.— A new murder every day— Several original mini-games and puzzles— Old mystery background story— Original gameplay for those who like to think.Game page on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/WhoIsTheKillerVisit it to find how to gain additional Energy in game everyday.IMPORTANT NOTES!1. Some reviews may contain spoiler. Think twice before readthem!2. PLEASE do not tell who is the killer in reviews! You canbreake other people fun with it! Thanks in advance!3. All Episodes support English, Russian and Germanlanguages.
Sokoban is a FREE version of well knownlogical puzzle game.Push all the boxes onto the targets and pass the level!Remember, you can only push the boxes.You can’t push the boxes intoother boxes or walls and you can’t pull them. The puzzle is solvedwhen all boxes are at target locations. You will get one, two orthree stars for each solved puzzle.This puzzle game is a wonderfultrainer for your brain.So download this Sokoban game and try yourself!Features:- Several level categories (with up to 200 different levels).- Different difficulties from very easy easy to very hard.- Intuitive swipe control.- Colorful and nice interface.- 2 different game-play themes.- Nice sound effects.- Undo and restart features.- HD screens support.- All levels are solvable.
Mastermind: Mathematical
Ab Inc.
Mastermind is a classic code breakinggame.Guess the secret 4-digit code in as few tries as you can.First game of its kind: Classic old game with numbers!How it works:Guess a 4-digit code using digits from 0 to 9.After your each guess, you will get some black pegs and whitepegs.Each Black peg means you got a right digit in right place. And eachWhite peg means you got a right digit in wrong place.You win if you get all 4 black pegs.For example: If the code is 4259 and your guess is 1234, then youwill get 1 black peg for "2" and 1 white peg for "4".Compete against your friends and see who cracks the code infewer tries!Google Play Services Coming Soon!This game is completely free and has no Ads.Please report any bugs or feature requests.Thank you for downloading this app and ENJOY!!!
Cactus Jigsaw Puzzle
Cactus Jigsaw Puzzles is a jigsaw gamewithover 100 beautiful pictures in a wide variety of categories.Youcan also play puzzles from your favorite photos. Thispremiumquality app is the perfect choice for lovers of jig sawpuzzles.In Cactus Jigsaw Puzzle you can travel all around the globe,seemajestic landscapes, experience the seasons of the year andthewonders of the world, all from the peace and quiet of yourownhome.Solve your favourite Cactus jigsaw puzzles on the go!CactusJigsaw Puzzles Game provides an unbeatable puzzlesolvingexperience for puzzle lovers of all ages, for the mostchallengingpuzzle experience yet.The Cactus Puzzle is a simple and funny jigsaw puzzle, idealforyour children because they will train their brain, imaginationandcreativity while having fun.It is an educational game for kids, because it hasbeendemonstrated that resolving puzzles helps in the developmentofskills and abilities of children, such as motricity,creativity,spatial skills, language and self- esteem.Features:• Over 100 beautiful, HD photographs, in more than 30differentpacks!• Get a new free puzzle daily!• 3 Mode (Easy, Medium, Hard)• Easy mode for kids• Kids Slide Puzzle for Toddlers• Easy to use and control• fun for children• Random jigsaw photo level• New puzzle packs added regularly!• 7 difficulty settings: Up to 100 pieces!• Every puzzle is unique: Different piece shapes every time!• Endless time mode• Saves all puzzles in progress, so you can work on several atthesame time.• Complete challenging goals!• 1080p HD Graphics.
Puzzles fruit
It is fascinating and interesting to playaninteresting puzzle about fruit! We create games with loveofchildren therefore each game takes place high-quality selectionandthe test, these games are played by our children, these gamesarerecommended also to you.In puzzles "Fruit" you need to collect 45 pictures on whichfruitare represented. It is fascinating, especially, when the modeofgame can be complicated, having chosen a session not on 6pieces,and puzzles on 20 and 30 small pieces of one big image.Game process accompanies a pleasant female voice which promptstothe player when that does the correct or wrong actions. Whenthepuzzle is built against balloons which it is possible to burstwithpleasure and dexterity take off, pressing them.In this puzzle on gathering fruit there is an opportunitytoinclude the game mode with the hint. It when joins abackgroundcontour with the image that allows to find more easilythe rightplace for the following piece of the picture.During game music which if necessary can be disconnectedsounds.Music - the pleasant and cheerful song with which to playpuzzles,gathering fruit, even more cheerfully.In game it is possible not only to gather fruit, but alsotolearn them, to learn what there are fruit. Game is developing,itpromotes improvement of coordination of movements, developmentofattentiveness and trains motility of hands.We have not only puzzles fruit, but also puzzles for adultswhichyou can find in similar games from our company. Thank you forthechoice!
추억의 숫자 야구 게임
아주 예전의 피쳐폰 시절, WAP에서 하던 숫자야구게임이 돌아왔습니다!숫자야구 게임방법은 어플 내에 소개 되어 있습니다.----개발자 연락처 :(한국에서 연락하는 경우) +82 70 4287 4137 (문자메시지 전용)(해외에서 연락하는 경우) +1 202 427 7513 (문자메시지 전용)이메일 주소
Hangman Pro
Hangman pro is a classic word puzzle game.It'ssimple just guess the hidden word.*******************************************Is your vocabulary big enough to save the poor stick man?PlayHangman Free and find out!Hangman pro Free brings the classic game Hangman to yourAndroiddevice with graphics and gameplay that will keep you playingforhours.Game variants:- One player game- Two player game on one device- Time trial - guess 10 random words as fast as you can.Have fun!
Subway Bullet Trains
Subway Bullet Trains is one of the best subwaygames apps in Google PlayStore, a new addictive and full ofexcitement games app! A game app for android smartphones which canbe played by users of all ages. The funbrain games included areeducational and can be mind challenging but yet fun to play withand not mentally stressful.There are 3 Games available in this app:Game 1- Memory Game. Unfold the blocks to match similar picturesof subway super trains.Game 2- Puzzle Game. Move or swipe each block picture of thesubway trains to its correct place! Great pictures of bullet trainsfrom Subway China, Subway India, Subway Indonesia, Subway Tokyo,Subway New York, Subway London, Subway Paris, Subway Moscow etc.are available.Game 3- Blocks or Tetriminoes Game. Arrange or turn the blocksor tetrominoes to fit orthogonally to each other.Once you have completed each level, you will love the game verymuch.Also available in the app are interesting funny videos, secretsvideos and cheats videos which you can surf in any subways andenjoy watching anytime and anywhere!
Crossword Puzzle
Get thousands of crossword puzzles of everylevel to play on the go on your mobile phone or tablet, FREE!No other crossword puzzle app has this many features!Free daily and weekly crossword puzzles from your favoritesources. Two weeks of archives are available to download pastpuzzles.Features include:• Ask a Friend for help• Search Google for help• Hide/Show errors• Reveal a letter, word or the whole puzzle• Daily, world-wide competition with virtual trophies• View elapsed timeSetting options include:• See your ranking compared to others for each puzzlecompleted• Auto download today's puzzles when starting the app• Show the number of letters in the answer on a clue line• Show timer• Double tap to zoom• Lock screen orientation• Select a key board layout• Enter & space changes direction rather than moving to nextclue• Full screen: Hides the notification bar• Snap to current word: Toggles the auto-scrolling of the playboard to the current play position• Scroll to clue: Toggles the auto-scrolling to the selected cluein the clue list mode• Movement style: Select what happens when you type past the end ofa word• Skip filled boxes: Toggles the skipping of filled boxes when youenter a new letterTop Crossword Puzzles PREMIUM features an additional 200+puzzles each month for $1.99 per month (less than 1 cent perpuzzle!). Premium users have access to all archives (some puzzlesavailable back to 2009).This app includes the option to accesses additional content andfeatures after purchasing a subscription.Non-premium users: This app contains paid ads that link to thirdparties.Please rate our app in the Google Play store.We are operated by SplashPad Mobile, a top Android appdeveloper. Your app experience is important to us. If you encounterany problems or issues, email support@splashpadmobile.comfor a direct response.
Two Dots
From the makers of Dots <3“Dots, a Highly Addictive Game, Now Has a Successor” - The New YorkTimes"Two Dots, The Sequel To Betaworks’ Dots, Is A Beautiful Monster" -TechCrunch-------------------------------Join two brave dots as they traverse the arctic tundra, navigatefiery jungles, and plunge the ocean depths in the #1 hit game inover 100 countries.-------------------------------• FREE to play for life• CONNECT one dot to another, sink anchors, make a line, createbombs, fight fire, and much more in this fun free puzzle game• ADVENTURE through 1135 fun and addicting levels• ADORABLE fun, and thoughtful game design in this beautiful gameabout connecting• ENJOY beautiful minimalistic flat design with relaxing game musicand fun sound fx• PLAY at your own pace to figure out the perfect move withouthaving to worry about the old time clock• CHALLENGE your friends to a Two Dots match on Facebook, beattheir scores, and earn medals• MAKE a line or a square, not a circle, to connect every dot of asingle color-------------------------------LET'S BE FACEBOOK FRIENDSfacebook.com/playdotsFOLLOW US ON TWITTERtwitter.com/TwoDotsADD US ON INSTAGRAMinstagram.com/dots-------------------------------We love all of our friends and everyone who has played Dots and TwoDots. Why not connect? Add us on Facebook or your favorite socialnetwork and send us your suggestions and feedback, as we are alwayslooking to add new levels and features!Use of Two Dots is governed by the Dots terms of service:http://weplaydots.com/sections.php?section=terms
Pixel Rooms -room escape game-
A new evolution of escape-the-roomgames!Clear each room and escort Mr. Pixel to victory!Plus! A speedrun mode with global rankings!Art, sound, and game design: SKIPMOREProgramming: URARA-WORKS Co., Ltd.Translation: NEP
Candy Mania 2
candy legendThe power of magic Candy is in your handsNew innovative candy game comes! Make matches of 3 or more candies,creating a blast! Starts simple, but things get interesting andchallenging and more. Start your journey sweet in this puzzleadventure!This is a frenzy candy game that is exciting and easy to play.Just tap and you will get addicted to it. Exercise your mania funand show off the power of clash, bring saga fun.★ Different 300 levels with many beautiful sceneries★ Nice graphics, fun sounds, eye-catching effects★ Many special candies: time candy, thunder candy, witch candy,etc.How to play Candy Journey:★ Sort 3 or more same colored candies in lines or rows★ More candies you eat, faster you pass gates★ For locked frozen and petrified candies, you should eat the nextone to destroy them★ After breaking all the obstacles, stars will appear, put themdown the last row, you win.