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2 Rocket
Rocket is Popular for everybody its doesnotmatter whether for child, younger, older, elders, Almostpeopleswant to travel by flying planeor fast speed flying rockets, We came with new concept called2rockets playing game at the same time.Two players can play at the same time, you just need tohandleappropriate rocket, 3D graphics with sky flying rocket gameforkids and fan ofRacing 3D games.You can feal like real flying rocket driver with speedyrocketanimated graphics.Download free 2 rockets multi player game for everyone.Amazing rapid speed rockets at huge sky backgrounds.New Concept always like for peoples we came with enjoyableconcept3D 2 rockets game for fan of 3D games.Helps & Functionality:Helps:==> Drag & drop your finger for handle rockets.==> If you drag your finger from right to left thenrocketsbecome left side and if your drag your finger left torightthenrocket become right side.==> Two symbols will apear during play game.1 Symbol you must need to take every time & second symbolyoumust need to avoid otherwise your game become over.==> Fully Helps are given with graphics.==> Amazing sound effects during play game. Rocketsoundenable/disable if you not need.==> Free android 2 rockets multi user game.
Driftkhana Free Drift Lite
Rumbl Media
Built with freedom in mind, there are no pointsystems, time limits, or rules simply because when it comes to carsand drifting, you should be free to do whatever you want!We've put in loads of smoke, skidmarks and dynamic obstacles toensure your drifkhana experience is as close to the real thing aspossible.Driftkhana lets you drift till your hearts content, interactingwith numerous objects found within the set. Movable ramps, giantroad cones and beach balls are but a few of the fun props you'llfind yourself skidding around.Key Features:- World class physics- Multiple camera views- Dynamic props and obstacles- Movable ramps- Large Vehicles- Loads of smoke :)
Hill Racing: mountain climb
Play the most addictive physics-based car & bike racing game.Features:- Control your car or bike to climb hills with most realisticcontrol- Various cars and bikes to choose from- Upgrade ENGINE, TIRE, SUSPENSION, ROTATION, GAS POWER, 4WD, etc.for your cars and bikes.- 40+ challenging levels- 6 infinite maps to play repeatedly with your cars and bikes- different scenes in countryside, forest, volcano, desert,mountain and caveStart the hill climb racing game now!Game Genres: climbing games, car games, extreme road trip, drivinggames, offroad games
Robotox Games
"Grzej Tym Autem" (GTA) is the best racergame. Open World and Real physics!---In game uses asset:!/content/16296
Traffic City Driving
Traffic city driving is a real cardriving casual racing game.Beautiful city, sunshine beach are all here, come to play the freedriving game.- Easy to play- Endless running game mode- Full real simulator- Accurate physics- Awesome 3D graphic design- Machine gun and missile attacks- Four lanes, 2 random mapsNow Traffic city driving is completely free in Google Play!Download it and racing with friends!
3D Monster Truck Parking Game
Take your driving skills to the next level. Inthis fast paced trials game, you will need plenty of precisiondriving and forward thinking abilities. You can pick one of threecars. An intimidating Monster Truck, super charged Pick Up Truckthat generates great speeds or an invincible Hummer that can climbeven the highest hills. Your objective is to complete the course asfast as you can, while making sure that you don’t touch any of theside boards.EXPERIENCE THE MOST REALISTIC PHYSICS***This one of a kind sim game includes tons of courses with hugejumps, hill-climbs, raised platforms, loop-the-loops andunbelievable angled roads designed to challenge the best drivers!There is no room for mistakes, as even a tiny movement in the wrongdirection can cost you your life. 100% skill-based driving missionsto take on, with the encouraging roar of the excited spectators tokeep you focused! In order to finish the race you will have to parkyour chosen vehicle in the right spot.***MULTIPLE POINTS OF VIEW***Sometimes to win you need to have the right point of view. In thishugely popular simulator, we have added a 360 angle camera. So nowyou can see the road from the bonnet, up from the top, as well asfrom both sides and from behind. We’ve equipped all of the carswith 3 different styles of steering. Either tilt the screen, use avirtual wheel or steer with buttons for maximum precision.This isn’t another racing game! In fact you won’t be able to findany similar game on the entire Google Play Store! Take the controlsof some Awesome Off-Road Trucks, Monster Trucks and 4x4 Vehiclesand take on the challenge of the amazing Arena Stunt DrivingCourses!You never thought a car could drive at these crazy angles! Time toprove you can!GAME FEATURES▶ Exciting Extreme Stunt Driving courses to master!▶ Huge Variety of level types including Hill Climb, Jumps,Precision Platforms, Loop-the-loops and MUCH MORE!▶ 100% Free-to-play Career Mode▶ Customisable control methods (tilt, buttons, wheel)▶ Multiple views (including Drivers Eye view)▶ Easy modes available (with separate leader boards) as optionalin-app purchases, designed for an easier ride!▶ Google Play Optimisation: runs perfectly on any Androiddevice.
Fast Legacy Racing
Voltare Games
The All New Fast Legacy Racing Game is herejust in time►►►Best Racing Game For "F&F Lover◄◄◄►►►head-to-head challenges!◄◄◄Fast Legacy Racing is a fun and exciting sports car racingsimulator game. Become the driver of some of the fastest cars onthe City streets in a collection of game modes like classic race,countdown, knockdown, and drift. This amazingly realistic racingcar driving simulation game is packed full of super cool fast racecars and exciting, dynamic racing levels.Beat the cars earn the credit, grab the bonus, and upgrade yourcars to beat the other challengers that have more heavy steel thanyours. Its upto you thathow you are trained to control this piece of metal. You should beatthe current challenger to unlock the other. There are total 25different cars, you can change theircolors and upgrade them using three level upgrading kits. But themost important thing is to earn the credit to buy theseup-gradation kits. Color changing of your caris free for every car.Realistic Cars:Drive 25 extremely Fast, beautiful cars on asphalt tracks. Startyour career, win enough races and buy new cars to compete in moredemanding races.Start driving in unique cars - never seen before on the asphaltroads in reality and computer games.Tune & UpgradeBuy car parts (top speed, acceleration and durability) and upgradeyour car. Customize your auto and adjust to your driving style.Doesn’t matter if you like high top speed or pure acceleration -you can modify your car and win races in your own style. Choosewhich car do do you prefer and buy the one from your dreams -respray the body, mount new engine, improve acceleration and nitro.Become the fastest driver in the city and earn respect from otherteams. Show them who is the real car racer.Realistic CityUniverse of illegal races awaits for you. Race in different modeson dangerous asphalt tracks in City. Show your rivals that you arethe best in real competition with amazing speed. Pass beautifulmodern buildings in real Tokyo street, take unbelievable turns,achieve highest possible velocity among neon.Fast Legacy Racing offers you a great, fun gaming experience thatwill help you to become the king of the streets and the best driveron them. So are you excited to get behind the wheel of somerealistic super cars and race against other racers, then you'll bevery excited to play Fast Legacy Racing!NEW CARS• Race and drive over 25 cars including favorites fromF&F• Experience the speed of the blazing hot Shredder• Add to your slick lineup of high-fidelity 3D rides with licensedimports, classics, and exotic vehiclesCUSTOMIZE YOUR RIDE• Style out your cars with the hottest paint, vinyls, rims, andmore• Unlock new rides and upgrades to leave the competition in thedust• Take your racing to the next level by upgrading your ride fromengine to suspension and everything in betweenAre you ready for the challenge? Show your friends what a speeddemon looks like!Fast Legacy Racing will be updated constantly. Please rate and giveyour feedback for further improvement of the game.
Exion Hill Racing
George Varga
Exion Hill Racing is physics basedcarracinggame.Upgradeable parts are engine, suspension and tires.
Raging Thunder 2 - FREE
Raging Thunder 2 will takeyouthroughabandonedtemples, tropical beaches,snow-coveredmountains,the Great Wall and a range of other breathtakingvistastheworldover!Key features:- Console quality 3D graphics- Cross-platform multiplayer racing- Fast paced, intense gameplay***As seen in App Trailers***
Real Racing 2
Real Racing 2 sets the pace as the most critically-acclaimed racingsimulation on Android. Speed away with hours of high-performancegameplay, cutting-edge graphics, and intuitive controls. Experiencethe excitement, competition, and glory of authentic championshipracing with Real Racing 2!** Real Racing 2 is an immersive racing experience that requiresa 350+ MB download. We strongly recommend connecting to WiFi beforedownloading. We promise – it’s worth it! **THE CRITICS ARE BLOWN AWAY“Real Racing 2 ups the ante from the previous version withabsolutely insane visuals for Android devices, delivering ultrarealistic environments and shiny car models.” (Phandroid)“Real Racing set the standard for just how good racing gamescould look on smartphones and its sequel managed to push thequality of its graphics even further.” (Trusted Reviews)BURN RUBBER ON ANDROID!• Test your racing prowess on a 16 car grid against highly skilledAI drivers.• Select from 30 officially licensed cars including the 2010Ford Shelby Mustang GT500, 2010 Nissan GT-R (R35), 2012 McLarenMP4-12C, and more!• Work your way from rookie to pro in a robust Career Mode,offering 10 hours of exhilarating gameplay. Jump into a Quick Racefor instant fun – or try to beat the clock in Time Trial Mode.• Race in 15 beautiful locations, with 40 miles of highlydetailed race tracks, speedways, and city circuits – includingtwilight and night races.• Touch or tilt to steer, as you experience state-of-the-arthandling with customizable options that tailor to your personaldriving style.• Experience the intensity of head-to-head racing with 5 uniquecamera angles and breath-taking graphics powered by Firemint’sexclusive high performance Mint3D™ engine.Ready to race? Buckle in, start your engine, and speed away withREAL RACING 2!Be the first to know! Get inside EA info on great deals, plus thelatest game updates, tips & more…VISIT US: US: US: US: of Service : and Cookie Policy: EULA: for assistance orinquiries.EA may retire online features and services after 30 days’ noticeposted on Consumer Information. This app: Contains direct linksto the Internet
Engineer : Cars
Puzzle game based on perspective and optical illusion.73 Car Puzzle:· Ferrari 360 Spider (2003)· Honda Civic Type-R (2007)· Toyota RAV4 (2007)· Cadillac Escalade (2004)· Aston Martin DB9 (2005)· Audi A4 Cabriolet (2006)· Audi R8 Spider (2009)· Audi Q7· BMW M6 (2006)· BMW 7 series F01 F02 (2009)· BMW X6 M (2009)· Bugatti 16-4 Veyron· Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport (2009)· Cadillac SRX (2010)· Chrysler 300C Touring (2007)· Chrysler Sebring Convertible (2009)· Chrysler Town&Country (2009)· Daewoo Nexia· Daewoo Matiz (2003)· DMC Delorean· Dodge Viper SRT10 Coupe· Ferrari 360 Modena (2001)· Ferrari 575 M (2003)· Ferrari FXX (2005)· Ford Focus C-MAX· Ford GT40 MK.IV· GMC Acadia (2007)· GMC Envoy (2007)· GMC Sierra (2007)· Honda Legend (2006)· Hummer H2 SUT (2004)· Infiniti FX (2009)· Jaguar S-Type (2005)· Jaguar S-Type (2008)· Lamborghini Gallardo (2006)· Lamborghini Reventon (2008)· Landrover Freelander· Maserati GranCabrio (2011)· Mazda MX-5 (2007)· McLaren F1 (1997)· McLaren LM· Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe (2010)· Mercedes Benz SL Class (2009)· Mercedes-Benz E-Class Estate (S212) (2009)· Mercedes-Benz-S-Class (2010)· Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG (2011)· Mini Cooper· Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback (2008)· Mitsubishi Pajero Sport (2009)· Nissan X-Trail (2007)· Nissan Skyline V35 (2003)· Opel Zafira (2009)· Opel Insignia Sports Tourer (2009)· Opel GT (2007)· Porsche 911 Turbo Cabriolet (997) (2007)· Porsche Cayman S (987C) (2006)· Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe (2009)· Chevrolet Silverado (2006)· Smart Crossblade· Smart Roadster· Subaru Outback (2010)· Subaru Exiga (2008)· Suzuki Alto (2009)· Chevrolet Tahoe (2008)· Audi TT· Toyota Land Cruiser 200 (2008)· Toyota Yaris (2008)· UAZ-31512· Volkswagen Golf Plus (2009)· Volkswagen Tiguan Offroad (2008)· Volvo XC70 (2009)· Volvo XC90 (2009)· Volkswagen Tiguan Trend (2008)
Cargo Ship Car Transporter 3D
cargo ship car transporter 3D is the best parking game of its have the chance to drive many different kind of cars lika apickup truck , police car , taxi , coupe . you need to drive thecars to the correct location on the ship with out hitting any ordrive from the boat to land or in a building every vehicle isunique can you handle every car. ?taxi vehicle : every been in a taxi if not then here is your chanceto drive one of the most beautiful taxi's there is.your job as a taxi driver can be very excited you never know, whatyou will see the moment you start working as a taxi driver.but before you are allowed to work you first need to get yourlicence and here is the chance for you start driving a taxiand learn how to park your taxi and drive through the citywithout hitting any vehicle's that drive around and make sure youkeep your fuel as full as possiblepolice car : do you like driving around fast and to ignore rulessometimes then becoming a police man is perfect for this game you can drive around in a police car and learn how topark your vehicle without hitting any cars or containers that arearound you.a police car drives nice and smooth has awesome lights on the roofand has enough speed to win a street race with.pick up truck : are you ready to drive a big truck. thendownload this game now because it has a very big truck special forpeople that love pick up truck vehicle'sbut remember with big vehicle's comes big responsibility it hasalote of weight and power it could destroy many thing without anyproblemsbut after driving it a couple of times parking your pick up truckwont be that tricky anymoreCargo Ship Car Transporter 3D features:- amazingly realistic driving game- you are able to drive many cars ( pickup truck , police car ,taxi , coupe )- 15 amazingly realistic parking situations- Show off your skills- Choose out of many roads to drivewe hope you will enjoy this amazing real simulator driving gameaand give us some love by liking our MobilePlus facebook page so wecan keep you up to date on our latest games!👉
Pocket Rally LITE
Major Update! The complete 65 levels of thefull version are now all open!Pocket Rally is an attempt to combine the best of both old schoolrally racing games and smart device experiences. Stunning visualgraphics, realistic yet fun to drive car physics, all in the palmof your hand. Take the rally racing anytime, anywhere withyou!Features:* Highly detailed and precisely made car models, beautiful andvisually convincing racing tracks located in various spectacularsceneries including mountains, coastline and ancient cityruins.* Carefully tuned car physics to be both realistic and fun.Multiple ground surface properties including tarmac, gravel, grassand ice. Each car has unique driving characteristics, and willevolve through the winning of races.* 6 control modes (including MOGA(TM) controllers and genericBluetooth/OTG/USB gamepads) and 3 camera angles (in-gametoggleable) to choose from.* Strength adjustable AI opponents. Up to 4 cars can racesimultaneously in a game.* Introducing the Replay Mode. Performed a perfect power driftdoing a hairpin turn and want to show your friends? Too occupied inthe competition not able to admire your own driving technique andwant to see it later? Replay Mode is the answer for you! The replaycameras are tailored for each track, recording the whole event frombest angles and play it back for you.* 2 main game modes to play: Challenge mode and Single Race mode.Additional cars and tracks can be unlocked by winning challengesand to be chosen in Single Race mode.Currently there are 8 legendary rally cars, 8 tracks (includingforward/reverse direction) and 65 Challenge mode events in thegame, with more to come!The ads-free version of Pocket Rally can be purchased at: our Facebook fan page at:
لعبة ملك التوصيل - عوض أبو شفة
Tamatem Inc.
ملك التوصيل - عوض أبو شفةالمعلم عوض أبو شفة زعيم المنطقة يتولى القيام بخدمة توصيل الطلباتليخدم صديقه جبر قوانص في لعبة سيارات ثلاثية الأبعاد فريدة من نوعها،عوض أبو شفة سائق متمرس قديم في توصيل الطلبات على الوقت و يعشق شوارععمان يسعى لنيل لقب " ملك التوصيل "!إختر سيارتك و قم بتعديلها و تطويرها و إنطلق في أنحاء مدينة عمان وضواحيهااجمع الطلبات من المطاعم و قم بتوصيلها الى المكان المناسب قبل أنينتهي الوقتطور سيارتك و اكتشف مطاعم جديدة متعددةميزات اللعبة :- رسوم ثلاثية الأبعاد فريدة من نوعها- شخصيات مضحكة- سيارات متعددة قابلة للتطوير- خريطة كبيرة و عالم مفتوحلا تنسى تقييم اللعبة والاعجاب بصفحتنا على فيسبوك، هذه اللعبة تأتيكممن طماطم، ناشر الألعاب العربي الاول على اجهزة المحمول في الوطنالعربيKing of delivery - Awad abo shefehAwad abu sheffeh is a skilled driver who Helps his friend JaberGawanes to deliver food in a new 3D one of a kind car game.Take a ride in Awad's car around the city of Amman and collectorders from restaurants and deliver it to the right place beforethe time run outUpgrade your car and unlock multiple restaurants to make more &more deliveries!The game features:1 - Unique 3D Graphics2 - Funny characters3 - Multiple up-gradable cars4 - Large map and open worldDownload and rate the game TODAY Free for ever!This game comes to you by Tamatem, the Arabic mobile gamespublisher!
Underground Racer:Night Racing
Underground Racer is a Real 3D Racing Game.Get ready to experience the thrill of your life as UndergroundRacer takes you on the ride of your life. Buckle your seat beltsand get ready to be blown away by the amazing graphics and gameplay of Underground Racer and satisfy your need ofspeed.Underground Racer brings you the thrill of driving on realstreets right on your mobile device.The breakaway hit Underground Racer returns with more dynamicarcade racing action. Hop in the sports elite car of your dreamsand race down the legendary high speed highways in UndergroundRacer!Underground Racer is a milestone in the genre of endless arcaderacing. Drive your car through City Tracks, earn cash, upgrade yourcar and buy new ones. Try to be one of the fastest drivers in theglobal leaderboards.Beat the cars earn the credit, grab the bonus, and upgrade yourcars to beat the other challengers that have more heavy steel thanyours. Its upto you thathow you are trained to control this piece of metal. You should beatthe current challenger to unlock the other. There are total 6different cars, you can change theircolors and upgrade them using three level upgrading kits. But themost important thing is to earn the credit to buy theseup-gradation kits. Color changing of your caris free for every car.Futuristic Cars:Drive 6 extremely fast and beautiful cars on asphalt tracks. Startyour career, win enough races and buy new cars to compete in moredemanding races.Start driving in unique cars - never seen before on the asphaltroads in reality and computer games.Tune & UpgradeBuy car parts (top speed, acceleration and durability) and upgradeyour car. Customize your auto and adjust to your driving style.Doesn’t matter if you like high top speed or pure acceleration -you can modify your car and win races in your own style. Choosewhich car do do you prefer and buy the one from your dreams -respray the body, mount new engine, improve acceleration and nitro.Become the fastest driver in the city and earn respect from otherteams. Show them who is the real car racer.Futuristic CityUniverse of illegal races awaits for you. Race in different modeson dangerous asphalt tracks. Show your rivals that you are the bestin real competition with amazing speed. Pass beautiful modernbuildings in high-tech cities, take unbelievable turns, achievehighest possible velocity amongst sci-fi neons.-THREE PLAYING MODES-Missions6 Different missions to become lord of roads.-ChallengesChallenge any one to test your skills and win cash prizes to unlockbest car.-Time TrialRace in time trial and post your score globally challenge yourfriends.-DIFFERENT CARS-BEST RACING EXPERIENCE-REAL STREET ENVIRONMENTNote: This is a Game only ,Please Don't over speed in real life andDRIVE SAFE.
Extreme Turbo Car Simulator 3D
Ria Games
Extreme Turbo Car Simulator 3D is a real physics engine game.If you like Simulator Games and drifting, try it.Explore the mini world and drift a lot.You can turn off ABS, TC, ESP.Damage the other vehicles on the streets.***FEATURES**** Easy controller* Realistic acceleration* Beautiful Graphics* Realistic sound environment* Realistic physics* You can crush the car
Pizza Bike Delivery Boy
You are a pizza bike delivery boy.Your goal is to deliver pizzas to the client as fast and as hot asyou can without letting them fall from the bike.If the delivery (pizza) will be cold, you will receive a small tip,if you'll deliver it fast while it's still hot, you will get a hugetip!As a pizza boy, you want to get a promotion in your job.To deliver pizzas and ride on bigger bikes & cars in coolercities and worlds.The sky is the limit here, you can ride on a Jeep or make stunts ona Dirt Bike while delivering these pizza's in dirt roads !Features:* Ride on 7 different vehicles (A Drone!!!, Dirt Bike, Scooter,Bicycle, Jeep, Lamborgini, Managers Scooter and there are more tocome, even helicopters! so stay tuned).* Ride in 5 different worlds (You can deliver pizzas in California,Paris, Tel Aviv, Sahara Desert, Forest and many more tocome).* Many interesting tracks for each world to make stunts and to rideand fly in.* Cool stunt achievements to achieve while riding and flying.* Cool vibrations effects by Immersion.* Beautiful graphics by the best designers.* Realistic sound effects.* The game is based on a Physics engine - LiquidFun with real waterphysics (an extension of Box2D).How to play:* Choose a bike or a drone* Choose a city* Right pedal to accelerate and Left pedal for brake (to fly adrone you use only the joystick)* Front/Back Flips, AirTime/Wheelies/Stoppies tricks will give youa nice bonus!* Tilt right and left accordingly to avoid flipping the bike andspoiling the pizza, or to make tricks* Sell all your pizzas in the shortest amount of time.* Achievements are shown on the loading screen, if you accomplishthem, you will earn extra money.* This game supports external controllers, dpads & keyboards tocontrol the bike or the drone.Screenshots are captured when funny things happen to you withthe bike or drone, you can share these funny images easily onFacebook (you will be rewarded for that!).Those who want to unlock and ride on new bikes, drones &cities faster, can click the "Get More Cash" button and earn moregame money easily.
Frantic Race Free
Frantic Race is a racing game like you've never seen before.Make tricks at full speed to increase your score.Customize your car with different colors and stickers.Complete all challenges to unlock all the Gold Cups.Your total point of gaming experience will be recorded and you canshare it on the internet to show your level to the world.★★★ Game Features ★★★• Adrenaline rush guaranteed• Rap background music• Unique gaming experience• Great Graphics and Animations• Extremly addictive
Rickshaw Racer
Back with Better graphics,all new Design.Sit on your Rickshaw hit pedals go as fast as you can collect Coinsto unlock next level6 Level at starting of 4000 Meters Green,Winter,SandGame is completely based on Physics Engine when player hit thesurface or Rickshaw turns the player got ejected by his Seat ofrickshaw.Please post bugs in ReviewsIn future will make changes to Bugs
Precision Driving 3D
Precision Driving 3D is a car driversimulator. Driving exercises and crazy epic action is of theessence here.Prove that you can can complete 20 challenging driving exercisesand become the master of the steering wheel!Control your car with an on-screen steering wheel, acceleration andbrake pedals. Shift the gear to forward or backward as youneed.Watch each level's limits of time and cones to move.A level is completed when you drive by all of the checkpoints inany order.Are you a fan of parking games? If you want to try somethingdifferent than parking cars, this driving simulator is for you!Drive through a track of obstacles like a master driver, be a realcar stunt! Of course parking games are cool but let's do somedriving for a change.Show your driving skills be fast and agile!* realistic driving simulator* complete 48 challenging driving exercises* enjoy the realistic on-screen controls* change the angle of your camera if you prefer other views toplay
Time to Rock Racing Demo
Tiny Little Racing Time to Rock is a battle racing game. Shot andmine your opponents while racing against time.On this demo only the 6 tracks from 30 are available.Time to Rock Racing is now MOGA Enhanced! Available at majorretailers, carrier stores and online at http://www.MOGAanywhere.comAlso compatible with the GameStop Wireless Game Controller and thePS3 controller (requires that you have the controllers alreadypaired to your device).Please visit the Options menu. There you can customize controlsand even improve graphic quality.Please report any bugs.I had only a friend as a beta tester. Therefore there might besome balance problems(difficulty, car speed and prices). Pleasemail me your thoughts about that as well and I may eventuallyrelease balance updates.Career modeSingle RaceSingle CupTime Trial with best lap ghosts
Tiny Little Racing 2
Tiny Little Racing 2 is a free action racinggame. Race against computer opponents or against friends in splitscreen (requires 2 connected controllers and a big screen device)or LAN multiplayer. Now with leaderboards.Here is the new generation. More beautiful than ever. It is abit heavier too... if it gets too slow remember to set less detailsin the options menu. Also, since I create the game alone be patientand report any bugs. They will be fixed as soon as possible.Please visit the OPTIONS MENU. There you will find many settingthat might improve your experience with the game.Play it on NVIDIA SHIELD!Compatible with the MOGA controller.Tiny Little Racing 2 is now MOGA Enhanced! Available at majorretailers, carrier stores and online athttp://www.MOGAanywhere.comTLR2 is also compatible with PS3 controllers and other genericcontrollers that use the default button mappings. Visit the optionsmenu to change controls and play with the device'saccelerometer.TLR 2 is now free! The game includes career mode, quick races,time trial, cups and LAN multiplayerThis version has 24 tracks and 24 cars. 12 cars can be unlocked byplaying career mode and 12 more from purchasing 2 car packs.If you really like the game, remember to help me by spendingsome money in the store. Thanks and have fun!Bira Neto
Ace Viral
BMX STUNTS !The Ultimate BMX BIKE GAME, Ride your BMX Bike and become theultimate BMX Rider.StickMan Stunts THE GREAT stunts racing bike game is here!Race as fast as you doing tricks and stunts to earn as manypoints as you can across 3 worlds and 40 levels. Hours of fun!GAME FEATURES- Addicting gameplay- Simple and effective controls- 3 unique worlds- 40 challenging Levels- Collectables, stars and tokens- 8 tricks- Multiple ways to get to the of a levelYou are a BMX RIDER and you can do tricks on your Moto motorbike, race your way around all the tracks in this fun game sammythe stick man loves motorsport so hes biking over dirt and tar onhis motor cycle, so start racing with lots of action and cycle yourway to Bike Heaven.
Crazy Truck On Road
Here a Truck is running on the dirty road,takecare of it.Road is not in good Condition and a lots of trafficisgoing on. Fuel and all other requirement will be filled onruntime.Show your passions of driving and controlling, if don'thavethat, lets learn that. deliver product on time and makesureproduct are being safe in entire journey.
Race Horses Champions 2
In this second version, Race Horses Championscomes with completely new and awesome features. The 3D graphics hasbeen improved bringing great experiences and emotions of a horserace in a immersive environment. Managing your money and yourstable, the player buys his horses, which has its own attributes,and participates in events to test their skills.Character customizable (Girl included)Google Play Leaderboard90 unique horses to race.3 groups of horses (divided by level)5 tracks.15 events.System of buying and selling horses.Reward system for each event.Intuitive ControlsClean interfaceTraining track.Join the world of horse racing and have fun!
Water Raft Race
Electrum USA
This game has non-stop excitement all thewayto the finish. It starts off at the novice level and challengesyoumore the further you get.
Russian Traffic: Crimea
Turn the ignition key. Your road will be longnow. Crimea is yours.The game features:- many russian cars,- realistic physics,- beautiful nature,- 9 levels,- achievements.
Monster Truck Battlefield
Bobbys Garage
Prove your monster truck driving skills asyoujoin the monster truck battlefield legends in a one-of-a-kindoff-road race. Get out there, on the rocky, bumpy,sandy,obstacles-covered circuit track that resembles a war zoneandstrive to lead your monster truck to glory!GAME DETAILS:- eye-popping 3D graphics- High-quality of the monster truck you are driving as wellasscenery details- cool upgrades and- challenging off-road circuit- realistic physics and addictive game-playYour ultimate goal is to drive on for as long as possiblewiththe supplies offered at hand. Keep a close eye on the fuel bar,onthe mileage, on the level of damage you will have caused toyourmonster truck, making sure you keep a fine balance betweenthem, toensure a longer drive among the battlefield legends.Upgrade yourmonster truck to be able to handle those bumpybattlefields, andenjoy an endless ride through the war-likescenery.Monster truck battlefield legends might just be one of themostskills-demanding free monster truck games that you can downloadforfree, so donț hesitate and start off your engine and theadrenalineright now!