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Taxi Driver Game
Taxi Driver Duty City 3D Game is the new bestfree simulator of 2014!Be the fastest racing taxi driver around the city and drive yourpassengers to their destination. Pick up passengers without killingthem and drive like crazy through the streets to be in the top ofthe online leaderboards in this new 3d free driving simulator. InTaxi Driver Duty City 3D Game drifting and racing will help you tosave some time and earn more money. Parking your car in the greenzone is very important and fun!Ever wanted to feel like a taxi driver from New York City or SanFrancisco? Now you are racing in the fun driver's seat! In thisfree taxi simulator you have to drop passengers onto theirdestination before time runs out. Drift, reach extreme speed, raceand earn money to reach the top of Taxi Driver Duty City 3D Game'sleaderboards and be the best of your friends!Taxi Driver Duty City 3D Game features:------------------------------------------------------------ Realistic car control and physics- Incredible stunt jumps- Integrated GPS- Full taximeter- Different extreme missions- 2 game modes- Online leaderboardsThanks to TeknoAXE for their free music.
Tractor Simulator 3D: Slurry
Jansen Games
Welcome to the Tractor Simulator 3D SlurryTank edition!In this game you’ll learn how to work with a slurry tank, animportant tool for a farmer. When you complete all levels inTractor Simulator 3D you are an skilled farmer. In this game youhave to park your tractor and slurry tank in tiny spots, it’s verychallenging to do it as fast as possible. You can unlock differentprestations. Tractor Simulator 3D Slurry Tank edition is the firstgame in the Tractor Simulator 3D series.Tractor Simulator 3D Slurry Tank edition features:- Very nice realistic farmer environment- In-cab view with rotation feature- 15 challenging levels- Google Play Games- Realistic slurry tank and tractor- Realistic physics, very detailedThis game in the Tractor Simulator 3D series is a kind ofdriving simulator special for farmers, or people who like farming.When you play this game you feel the pressure of a real farmer,tiny parking spots where they have to maneuver the slurry tank.Follow me on Twitter:
City Island: Airport ™
Marooned like Robinson Crusoe on thisexoticandtropical paradise island....City Island: Airport is afreecitybuilding game where you need to build and manage anairportandcreate a megapolis at the same time! Have your townsmenbuild alotof great buildings and manage your airfield. Findpiratechests!The first game, City Island, is a very popular tycoongamewithmillions of players. If you liked the early building simgames,youwill definitely love this new tycoon game!In this new game, the challenge is to build awonderfulexotictourist paradise island. It is a virtual citybuilder gamewhereyou need to build, expand, balance and simulate anairport, acitytownship, and a tourist paradise with happycitizens,attractions,resorts, plants, community buildings and moretoeventually grow toa megapolis. Great fun guaranteed escapingyourdaily life to thisexotic virtual island!You are marooned like Robinson on this exotic tropicalislandandstart with 1 house and later will expand with anairportforhandling both incoming and outgoing flights. Toattractairplanesloaded with happy tourists to your island, you willbuildhotels,resorts, community buildings, plants and attractions.At thesametime you will build a township which will bringcitizensaspassengers to your airfield, so you can earn money withyourownairplanes. To grow your airport city and your touristislandinto ahappy paradise, you have to make sure that everythingisbalancedproperly. A fun and addictive challenge!** Features **- Fun FREE to play tycoon game- Tablet support- HIGH QUALITY graphics- Airport theme on an exotic island- Based on the famous Robinson Crusoe challenge- Challenge to create your own mini virtual paradise- Discover various big challenges in intuitive gameplay- Unlock dozens of beautiful unique buildings(resorts,hotels,attractions, hangars, terminals, flight tower,runways,landmarks,houses)- Attract happy tourists with beautiful resorts,landmarks,hotelsand great attractions- Manage townsmen with parks, trees, and community buildings- Grow your airport city to allow big planes bringintouristscontinuously- Collect profit from your accommodations- Find pirate chests- Join the big community and share friend codeswithyourfriends- Upgrade your flight tower and terminal accordingtoyourisland- Collect XP and level up to unlock new airportandcitybuildings- More advanced, than a regular farm game- Currency: diamonds / gems, gold, money / cash- Age independent story- Lots of adventure and quests to unlock- Collect dozens of REWARDS while playing- Expand the airport and city life on your paradise island- Play with friends: Enter friend codes and gift codestogaininsight and receive cash and goldJoin the community and get FREE giftcodes every weekforthecoolest building game!!
Sit 'N Survive
Scott Cawthon
See how many days you can survive whilesitting alone in the wilderness! At the beginning of each day youcan buy supplies for the night, and you'd better spend your moneywisely because you'll need protection from mosquitoes, bats, bears,snakes, zombies, rain, acid rain, meteors, lightning, ghosts, andmore! Choose from three difficulty settings then see how long youcan last!
Real Car Driver – 3D Racing
Time to test your driving simulator skills inthis real fast car driving on your smartphones. Beat all theopponent drivers on the way to victory. Racing simulator will letyour experience the real driving on racing tracks. Fast racingcars, awesome road tracks and realistic 3d environments. Takecontrol of your favorite car and accelerate hard to overcome yourracing rivals in this car driving simulator. Face off against thefast drivers in the toughest race challenges. Speed up & Driftperfect on the roads to avoid hitting your racing opponents. Thelife of a car driver is never so easy. Real car simulator 3d willlet you discover the depth of driving where you will drag your carall the way to finish line. Overcome the racing challenges in thisunlimited car driving game.Drive around different tracks and become the racing driver. Choosefrom various speedy sports cars and drive around. Fast, speed,accuracy and real simulator and driving experience is what definesthese hot cars. Entertainment is best with real car racing game.Amazing racing levels will provide unlimited fun. Take control ofyour furious racing car and be the top driver to race against yourrivals. Feel high speed racing, drifting and real-time car drivingsimulator. Become the fastest racer of them all. Be careful on thetricky turns and under tunnels. Choose your favorite driving wheelsand take them on the racing roads. Unleash your fury and drive fastto the finish line.★★★ STORY ★★★The game portrays the story of all time racing rivals. Long timeago they used to race and drive like crazy drivers. They took partin many fast racing challenges. The life of a racer is never soeasy. You are in need of cash so you end up with a racingcontractor who hires you as an ultimate driver. Now it’s you whowill race against your opponents in different parts of the world.You cannot afford loosing so let’s smash them all and stand up asthe ultimate racer!!!!!★★★ FEATURES★★★◆ Variety of Fast Cars to Drift & Drive◆ 5 Racing Tracks with Multiple Laps◆ Awesome Car Handling & Simulation◆ Dual Driving Control Options◆ Different Camera Views◆ 3D Graphics, HD Environments★★★Follow Us ★★★Facebook : :★★★Privacy Policy★★★We respect and take care of your and your kid’s privacy. You canread our privacy policy here:★★★Disclaimer★★★This free game contains ads.
SpongeBob Moves In
You've perfected the art of fry cooking… nowwhat? Keep cookin’ ! You have plenty of quests, tasks, costumes anditems to collect in order to make your Bikini Bottom, The UltimateBikini Bottom!• Featured items• Bug fixes & OptimizationsWI-FI: Connect to your nearest Wi-Fi hot spot to download allthe awesome SpongeBob content the first time you play the game.UNLOCK EXCLUSIVE, ORIGINAL ANIMATED SHORTS!* Watch how SpongeBob arrived at Bikini Bottom* See how Patrick found his rock* Learn about Mr. Krabs’ early days at The Krusty KrabSEAWORTHY FEATURES•Build your very own Bikini Bottom!•Make Bikini Bottom landmarks like Patrick’s Rock, SpongeBob’sPineapple, and the Krusty Krab•Perfect the art of fry cooking at the Krusty Krab to feed yourBottomites and earn new and rare recipes•Play with Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, and many other familiarfaces!•Perform tons of quests to make your favorite charactershappy•Tom Kenny and other voices from the show make it an authenticSpongeBob experience•Tons of interactive props, decorations and buildingsCOMING SOONNew characters and buildings to unlock, new areas to expand into,and much, much more!CUSTOMER SUPPORTHaving trouble or just have a question? Check out the Support page! or email appsupport@nick.com___________________________
ADDITIONAL NOTES:SpongeBob Moves In offers in-app purchases and charges real moneyfor additional in-app content. You may lock out the ability topurchase in-app content by adjusting your device’s settings.SpongeBob Moves In collects personal user data as well asnon-personal user data (including aggregated data). User datacollection is in accordance with applicable law, such as COPPA.User data may be used, for example, to respond to user requests;enable users to take advantage of certain features and services;personalize content and advertising; and manage and improveNickelodeon's services. For more information regardingNickelodeon’s use of personal user data, please visit theNickelodeon Group Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy is in additionto any terms, conditions or policies agreed to between you andGoogle, Inc., and Nickelodeon and its affiliated entities are notresponsible for Google's collection or use of your personal userdata and information. Use of this app is subject to the NickelodeonEnd User License Agreement. For users residing in the EU, this appmay include the use of persistent identifiers for game managementpurposes and installation of this app constitutes your permissionto such usage of persistent identifiers for all users on yourdevice.Privacy Policy

End User License Agreement:© 2016 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved.Nickelodeon, SpongeBob SquarePants, and all related titles, logosand characters are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. Createdby Stephen Hillenburg.
Extreme Truck Traffic Racer 3D
Extreme truck traffic racer is an amazingendless road racing game. Ride wildly with high speed andexperience the most thrilling and challenging traffic racing. Inthis simulation game you need to ride the cargo truck over ahighway full of traffic. Push the race hard for supersonic fastspeed and dodge and drift to pass through the traffic. This racingsimulator game is extreme challenge even for expert drivers. Keepyour eye on the ultimate roads and overtake the vehicles withprecision. In this endless driving game you need to go as far asyou can in one go, if you face accident or crash with car, truck orbike you will lose your passed journey.Trailer truck’s controls are very simple and realistic, you have 2pedals one is for acceleration and other is for brakes. The semitruck’s steering is very sensitive and super real so it will helpsyou in sharp turns and overtakes. Extreme truck traffic racer gamecontains real life amazing graphics and awesome steering wheelcontrols. So fasten your seat belt and ride the grand truck withcrazy speed. This game is as much fun as any police car and truckracing game.Now download this high speed rampage game and have fun!
Real Helicopter Simulator -Fly
Real helicopter simulator is exciting 3dflight simulation game fly your helidroid to new heights. Play inrealistic Helicopter Flight Sim game in your device. Play as rookieaviator and swing your Comanche copter through hurdles and ringswaypoint. Takeoff your Apache copter from hangar and clear themission before timer goes off. Are you daring enough to swing andfly chopper in the air? Ever dreamed to be airforce pilot?Mayday! Mayday!! Keep your flying airbus or Boeing RC Comanchehelicopter steady in air don’t lose your flight attitude level oryour will crash before landing.Real helikopter is not some army gunships, military cobra, andcommercial Boeing airplane or drone air combat action stealth game.You have to steering & fly commercial euro copter andhelicopter in this city simulation over Tropical Island in pacificregion. Play as piloto select an Boeing chopper from helipad hangarget in the cockpit to takeoff over the city.Fly RC commercial helikopter through the circles in the stealthair. Keep in touch with airport control tower so they can informyou about bad weather or any other flying problems. As aviatorcontrol your nerves and calm down for landing this apache cargochopper safe on helipad. There will be no cavalry dogfightcrossfire from any battle carrier, chopper or gunship, HerculesC130 your task is to compete with the timer watch. In this choppersteering game you will play 12 extreme missions levels each containunique challenges and touch skyline. No violence or missile orcrossfire yacht skyline game.If you are bored from passengers Hercules, C130, Boeing, cargoairplane, aircraft, airbus airport flight games then try thisflying simulation. Real life air combat flight simulation ischallenging game without any dogfight, chaos action, battle orcrossfire. Fly amazing bell and Eurocopter in your smart device andshare your achievement with family and friends. Super heli sim tohover over gunships in the sea raise your heli to new heights.Features- Multiple mega cavalry choppers to fly- Extremely challenging 12 levels of aviator adventuresjourney- Two-camera view for getting best position in this sim game- Free flight mode for flying simulation- Career mode for time limited missions- Wonderful realistic graphics to enhance gaming experience- High quality background sounds
Breeding Guide for DragonVale
Become a profesional dragon breeder !!This Breeding Guide provides very detailed information of alldragons and how to breed each one of them! Don't waste your timewith unconfirmed breeding pairs! This guide tells you how to breedall those rare and mysterious dragons, e.g. Panlong, Moon, Sun,etc.You can share your experience and comments with other users,chat with other breeders and add them on your wall. Follow thecomments of your favorites breeders and find useful information onthe "Top Comments" screen.Tell to the Breeders comunity how you got your dragons and getlikes as much as you can.We will keep this guide updated with the most recentcontent.Legal DisclaimerThis is an unofficial guide for the game DragonVale. Breeding Guidefor DragonVale is not an official guide and it is not connected tothe game developer or publisher. All texts, images and video gamecontent are copyright to their respective owners and usage for thisgame guide falls within fair use guidelines.This guide is intended only for your continued enjoyment andexploration of the game. Please contact us if you have anyquestions or concerns.
Call Easter Bunny
Kids will love this! Click call andEasterbunny will call and chat with your kids. Kids ready for egghunt?Easter bunny has a few hidden eggs waiting for you. Super easytouse with timers.Open Call easter bunny the time you want to get a call in for your kids.close app and just wait for time to pass.then your phone will ring and easter bunny will come on a videochatwith your kids.Easter is an amazing time to celebrate with family and friendsandone of its major traditions is the egg hunt that kids dotounderstand easter and have fun.Please keep in mind this is a simulation of a bunny calling anditsnot a real video. Also this is 100% safe for kids of all agessofeel free to use it with anyone.
Airport Simulator 2015
Greatest Airport Simulator. In this game you will drive truck inbig airport and you will be responsible for smooth operation ofyour city airport.
SDガンダム ジージェネレーション フロンティア
【短時間で手軽に楽しめるGジェネの新機軸】家庭用でも人気のGジェネレーションをスマートフォンの操作感でリビルド。直感的な操作の他にも「フレンドたちとの協力や対戦」や「期間限定イベント」などいままでのGジェネにはなかった新要素が満載です!●○Gコロシアム○●ライバルとのバトルに勝ち抜き「最強部隊」を目指せ!勝利数だけでなく昇格でも報酬GET!期間限定で連続勝利やランキングで特別な報酬が!?Gコロシアム イベントも開催予定。●○緊急クエスト○●通常クエストでは出現しない巨大なモビルアーマーやモビルスーツが出現。友達と協力しないと倒せない敵も!?----Gジェネレーションとは----様々な「ガンダム」作品に登場するモビルスーツやキャラクターを集め自分オリジナルの部隊を編制。部隊を「強化」「開発」「設計」で育成し「ガンダム」作品の世界を踏襲したステージを攻略するシミュレーションゲームです。----------------------------■推奨環境■◆Android4.0以上※電波のよいところでプレイしてください。-----------------------------------【免責事項】(1)推奨機種以外での動作につきましては、サポートの対象外となります。(2)お客様のご利用状況により、推奨機種であっても動作しない場合があります。※一部の機種は動作が不安定な場合が御座いますので、予めご了承ください。-----------------------------------【推奨機種やよくあるお問合わせについて】【本製品に関するお問い合わせはこちら】【バンダイナムコゲームス公式サイト】創通・サンライズ(C)創通・サンライズ・MBS(C)創通・サンライズ・テレビ東京本アプリケーションは、権利者の正式な許諾を得て配信しています。[Innovation in a shorttime easy to enjoy G Gene]Rebuild popularity of the G generation in the operation feeling ofthe smartphone even for home use.In addition to the intuitive operation, such as "cooperation andcompetition with pals" and "limited time event."Is a new element was not the G generator of until now ispacked!● ○ G Coliseum ○ ●Tournament to battle with rival Aim the "strongest force"!Reward GET also in the promotion not only the number of wins!Special rewards in successive victory and rankings for a limitedtime is! ?Scheduled to be held also G Coliseum events.● ○ emergency Quest ○ ●It does not occur in huge Mobiruama and mobile suits appearance inthe normal quest.Even the enemy can not defeat and not cooperate with your friends!?---- The G Generation ----Curriculum their original troops gathered Mobile Suits andcharacters that appear in various "Gundam" work. Troops is a"strengthening", "development" simulation to capture the stage thatfollowed the world of training and "Gundam" work in the "design"game.----------------------------■ Recommended environment ■◆ Android4.0 or more※ Please play at a good radio wave.-----------------------------------[Disclaimer](1) Regarding the operation in other than the recommended models,it becomes the outside of the object of support.(2) With your usage, there are times when even the recommendedmodel does not work.※ Because some models there is a case where the operation isunstable, please note.-----------------------------------About recommended models and common inquiries][Inquiry about this product is here][Bandai Namco Games official site] Sotsu Sunrise(C) Sotsu Sunrise · MBS(C) Sotsu Sunrise TV TokyoThis application, have been delivered to give a formal permissionof the copyright holder.
Tractor Transporter 3D
Jansen Games
Welcome to Tractor Transporter 3D!In this game you will learn how to transport tractors to differentlocations. First you have to load the two tractors onto thetrailer, you have to do this very precisely. When you load thetractor wrong, there is a change that the tractor will fall of thetrailer, and you failed, so be careful! After you succeed to loadthe tractors onto the trailer, you have to drive the trailer into aparking lot. Also this is not an easy task, you will experiencethat the trailer with the tractors on it is very long, and it's noteasy to manoeuvre with. In various situations your tractortransport skills will be tested think of reverse driving, parallelparking and much more to test your skills! This tractor transporteris made for people who love to work with these machines, or forpeople who like parking. Try not to hit any obstacles otherwise youwill fail the level and you have to start all over again! Good luckwith transporting tractors in this tractor transporter 3D!Tractor Transporter 3D features:- Realistic surroundings- 3 different vehicles- Realistic trailer- Cool animations- Cool effects- Time system- Google Play Games, so you can share times!If you liked tractor transporter 3D, please support us byfollowing us on Twitter:
Sniper Gun Camera
Become an super sniper shooter!Sniper Gun Camera is a fun app that simulates a sniper riflescope using the camera.This app use camera and modifies it to the sniper scope view +zoom mode.In addition to being able to pretend that you are a sniper andyour phone is a sniper rifle, Sniper Gun Camera allows you toswitch between night vision/normal vision and zoom in/out thescope.Sniper Gun Camera includes the feature of turning on your phonesflash to use as a super bright LED flashlight.Cool features:Feel real sniper zooming effects!Night vision!Spy modeJungle modeTurn on/off flashlightEnjoy the Augmented reality camera game!
Cadillacs game of dinosaurs
Welcome to cadillacs && dinosaurs,it'sa free game created in 1994, After playing our Mustafadinosaur gameI'm sure you will love it because is very waited by aalot offighter audience, you just have to start the games to spendsomegood times because it's very simple to Controller and you willpassa great moment where you will remember your childhood.You have more than 50 stage to play them and overtake them andI'msure you'll love the graphic and the sends uses ,if you areneverplayed cadillacs and dinosaurs you are chanses to be here forplaythis amazing free mustafa game .What are you waiting for , so let's play this free dinosaursFighterof cadillacs game , after playing that im sure you willsaycadillacs is the best free dinosaurs fighter game.
Farm Silage Transporter 3D
Jansen Games
Welcome to Farm Silage Transporter 3D!In this Silage Transporter you will learn how to drive with thesilage wagon, in a very realistic environment you start simple withdriving the silage wagon in a straight line. But it will getharder, you have to drive your tractor with silage wagon attachedthrough tiny gaps. This Silage Transporter is based on the reality.When you on a real tractor working with a silage wagon on a realfarm, you will know that. In real life the farmer also have todrive through tiny gaps, or has to drive a lot backwards, forexample to reach the unloading place properly. This game is specialmade for the people who like to work with big machinery, or forpeople who like farming :)Farm Silage Transporter 3D features:- Great sounds- Nice environment (water, sun, houses)- Time system- Google Play Games- Nice animations (wheel suspension)- Easy to handle with the on-screen steering wheelIf you liked Farm Silage Transporter 3D, please rate :) Supportus by following us on Twitter:
Tractor Simulator 3D: Manure
Jansen Games
Welcome to Tractor Manure TransporterSimulator!Want to feel the stress of a farmer during manure time? Do youthink it is easy to transport tons of slurry to the fields? Thenyou have to play Tractor Manure Transporter, in this ManureTransporter you'll learn how to deal with the stress during themanure period, you'll see that if you stay calm, you will finishthe level. With the dolly you have to pick up the manure trailerand park it in very tight spots the spots are just like the placeswere the farmer have to put his manure trailer in real life, forexample near a manure silo! Tractor Manure Transporter is made forpeople who like farming or big machinery or other big vehicles.Tractor Manure Transporter features:- Realistic environment- Realistic physics (in-cab steeringwheel, trailer movements)- Time System- Google Play Games- Realistic vehicles (trailer, dolly, tractor)- On-screen gas pedal, transmission controllerIf you liked Tractor Manure Transporter, please support us byfollowing us on Twitter!Twitter:
Truck Challenge 3D
Challenging truck driving in toughenvironment. Unfortunately the cargo isn't fastened very well butyour job is to deliver everything from start to finish anyway. Iwish you good luck but I hope you have some skill too. Thank youfor playing Truck Challenge 3D!The controls can be switched from left to right. Look at theletter L or R in top left corner in the game area. Pressing thatwill switch the controls. It works the same way as switching enginesound on or off.
Tractor Simulator 3D: Hay
Jansen Games
Welcome to the Tractor Simulator 3D Hayedition!If you want to feel the pressure of a farmer during hay time, thenthis is the right game for you! You have to maneuver the haytrailer, which is a dolly, in very tiny places. If you're not fastenough you'll fail. The hay trailer is a very important tool for afarmer, because it's very maneuverable, that's very important whenyou transport bales, you have to drive through very tiny spots, andhave to turn on very tiny farms. So, in Tractor Simulator 3D: Hayyou'll learn how to drive with a hay trailer!Tractor Simulator 3D Hay edition features:- In-cab view, with realistic cab- 15 challenging levels- Google Play Games- Realistic hay trailer- Very realistic environment to simulate a real farmWe made this game special for farmers, and people who liketractors, and other big machinery! If you liked Tractor Simulator3D: Hay, please follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date!
bumper cars 60 seconds runner
Chief Gamer
bumper cars racing is so muchfun!In bumper cars 60 seconds runner you have to race as farasyou can without crashing. collect all the jewels and powerupsyoufind on the 60 seconds highway, and avoid crashing in otherbumpercar games vehicles. Are you ready to push the limits and setthehighest 60 seconds highscore?Challenging 60 seconds jewels runner games tracks!In Bumper Cars 60 Seconds Runner you will be challengingwiththe most awesome jewels tracks! Get all the jewels and powerups soyou can unlock better and faster bumper car games vehicles.Startthe jewels runner games action now, and show us your jewelsrunnergames skills!Bumper Cars 60 Seconds Runner Runner GamesFeatures:- Collect all the jewels and powerups- Set the highest car games highscores- Unlock better and faster car games vehicles- Don’t forget to rate and give feedbackIf you like these kind of games then sure give a look at ourothersimulator games of ChiefGamer!~Have Fun! - ChiefGamer
Bunker Constructor
Headup Games
In Bunker Constructor you build strong bunkers that protect againstenemy attacks. You must build resilient bunkers through 45 levelsand in 5 environments including desert, forest, beach, mountainsand city ruins, because the next attack wave is already underway!You will know if your bunker is strong enough when the enemiesattack with either their artillery, tanks or bombs.Various materials are available to construct your bunkers, suchas concrete, steel girders and armor protection. You need to usethem skillfully and cost-effectively so you can build the perfectbunker. There are multiple solutions when constructing a bunkerwhich you discover by combining the different components innumerous ways, and your budget is the only limit. Go wild with yourcreativity and ideas!FEATURES:• 45 Levels• 5 Settings: desert, forest, beach, mountains, city ruins• Map showing unlocked worlds / levels• 3 building materials: concrete, steel girders, armorprotection• Different difficulties: enemy artillery, tank attack, airattack• Medal system
“GAME of LIFE” simulates LIFE, BIRTHandDEATH.Make your pattern and share with others!Features:- Record and Share Videos via Everyplay- Change Field Size- Draw Cells- Rewind- Random- Wall (On/Off)
N64C 3-1
Best gaming experience with high definition.(3games included)N64C is a game emulator for nintendo 64(N64) work perfect on mostsmartphones and tablets.It can run huge amount of 64 games using this emulator at fullspeed.You will feel best gaming experience, get smooth gameplay and largeFPS.Features:- Fast game speed as on the original handset- High quality game sound- Nice game controller(Virtual keys or handle)- Easy network gaming- Save and load game state- High quality best game graphicsEnjoy it now, dear friends! :)
Broken Screen Joke
Do you want to prank and shock yourfriends,family or colleague? Sure! You can easily do it withourinteresting, the most realistic and free app. Broken Screen isjusta joke app which makes them think they broke your phone’sdisplayand should buy a new one.How does Broken Screen app work?Download Broken Screen app, start it, give your phone to yourfriendand just wait until they touch the display. As soon as theytouchthe screen it cracks. That’s all! Be ready to see their facesand toaccept the apology. Don’t forget to say them it was ajoke.Features:Full screen effectIncludes realistic sound effectEasy to useFreeAttention! Broken Screen app will not crack phone’s displayreally.This is a prank app for fun.Download Broken Screen app and have great fun by using it!
Truck Simulator 2014 Free
Drive your truck in this amazing simulationgame for Android!Choose real trucks, to drive in real cities with real names in thiselaborate simulation.Many different trucks to explore the gorgeous landscapes andenvironments on Truck Simulator 2014.FEATURES:Trucks available:- Transport truck- Cargo truck- Tank truck / fuel truck- Fire truck- Peterbilt truck- Scania truckScenario- Very detailed city.- Detailed roads and landscapes- Lakes- Real traffic with accurate IA.- More then 40.000 kilometers (24.840 miles) of area covered onlandscapes, scenarios and cities.The simulator is compatible with more than 5000 androiddevices!We want to improve each day the experience of driving trucks in oursimulator, getting closer to real world driving! So please, contactus with your feedback!Have a good drive!"Optimized for Intel x86 mobile device"
Flight Simulator Army Mission
Crazy Mist
Flight Simulator Army Plane Missions o yes,your job is to do the missions that are given by your commander,Most of it is picking up loads from airports and delivering it toother airports or going to the drop zones over the battle area's tomake the drops, the plane will automatically drop the load byopening the back end of the planeMost of the things that will be need dropping is medic box's,Aid, Army troops, army jeeps and army tanks, Some times you mightbe given a task to drop bombs at locations commanded too.The airplane cockpit instruments are easy to understand. Theaircraft throttle gear stick use it for accelerating the planeengines and to slow them down on landings or if on a mission in midare specially when you have to drop bombs on targets , the gamethrottle acts as a break too all you have to do is bring thethrottle all the way back down to make the aircraft come to a standstill this will be mostly need when you have landed on the runwayof a airport and are about to load or unload cargo from the backend of the plane.another instrument we have on the plane cockpit is a arrow onthe left hand side of the screen this is your main thing that youneed to follow for you to get from one airport to airport the firstfew levels will always guide you on what to do and where to go butthere are levels where you might have to make a emergency landingin bad weather were visibility is low because of the fog round theislands or over the sea and riverswe also have a altitude gage on the cockpit screen this willcome handy in for bad weather missions and missions where you mighthave to drop your paratroopers and getting the right altitude onyour aircraft need to be crucialThere is joystick for the plane we have made the joy stick asimple button that is placed on the bottom right hand side screenthat can be used with your thumb and you can maneuver the Aircraftwith just a slide of the thumb do 360 turns go up in air and donosie dives with your plane this will be very handy for levels thathave enemy firing rockets and missiles at you so a good gear stickwas needed and this will keep your flight in controlthere is a mini map this will highlight your destinations onthere in yellow to give you a general ideas on what direction youneed to keep your flight heading towards and at what altitude youneed to keep it in so you can plan ahead to see where your cargodrop needs to go and what speed you need to keep your flight goingatthe game is designed with waypoints set out for you as the paththat you need to follow most of the levels are really big so if youcrash or take wrong route it will keep you straight, we have addeda feature that will restart you from the last place you lostcontrol or crashed so each waypoint acts as a spawning area so youdon't have to start all over again and most of these levels willhave upto three drop off mission on each level so you could befueling up your plane on one side and next you could be droppingtanks or jeeps on the othersa big tip from me to the players playing this game is thatplease slow your plane engines down to 10 percent of the sped bybringing the throttle down as much as you can on approaching thelanding strip of the airport that will help you land very safelyand keep the noise of the plane up in the airMost of the things that will be need dropping is medic box's,Aid, Army troops, army jeeps and army tanks, Some times you mightbe given a task to drop bombs at locations commanded too. This willgame keep you busy and we have some surprises in the game that willmake sure you keep playingand if you love taking off plane & plane landing games tryto land a plane in a war zone when enemy are trying to shoot youdown or if you have been hit and have a plane on fire so itsextreme and crazy at some point hope you enjoy it . will bebringing a lot of army flight simulator games like these out soonso keep checking back
Ambulance Simulator 2
Crazy Mist
Ambulance Rescue After the launch of our first 3D AmbulanceSimulator game we noticed that you guys could not get enough of itso we bring to you 3D Ambulance Simulator 2. In 3D AmbulanceSimulator 2 you help to save people as you go through over twentylevels. Drive your ambulance around a thrilling cityscape. It's afun point-to-point driving game that'll have you hooked!Features- Drive an ambulance around a city environment- Help people in need- Point-to-point driving objective- Over 21 levels- Easy to pick up and playCrazy Games from the Crazy Mist studio
Train Sim
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Train Sim is the #1 Train Simulator with over16M downloads!FEATURES-Awesomely Realistic 3D graphics-48 Realistic 3D Train Types-33Train Car Types-8 Realistic 3D Environments-1 Kids Scene with Toy Trains-1 Underground Subway Scene-3D Cab Views for all Trains-Train derailments-Kid friendly-Realistic Train Sounds-Easy Controls-Regular Content Updates-No In-App Purchasing-Optimized for Intel x86 mobile devicesTrain Sim is perfect fun for both adults and kids who love Trains& Train Games. Pick up passengers from stations, or carry somefreight. Control your favorite historical or modern trainsperfectly recreated in 3D. Drive the trains, sit in passenger cars,or simply view the train from the ground as it comes towards you.This professionally made Train Simulator has something for everyTrain fan.Ad free version now available: Train Sim Pro Sim is also available for iOS/Win8/WP8 & Amazonplatforms.