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Emirates Transport
Aman is one of the communication channelswhichprovided by Emirates Transport organization. The app aims toaidcustomers in availing technical and inspection servicesfromEmirates Transport in a smart and easy matter".“يعد تطبيق "أمان" إحدى وسائل التواصل المقدمة من مؤسسةمواصلاتالإمارات و يهدف التطبيق لتقديم خدمات المؤسسة بطريقة ذكية وسهلةلعملائها ”The application features include:o View Services Directory/Service Centers information – عرضدليلالمراكز/ الخدمات• Booking an appointment for maintenance – “ “خدمة حجزموعدصيانة”(• Booking an appointment for inspection – “خدمة حجز موعدفحصفني”o Suggestions – "الإقتراحات"o Complaints – “"الشكاويo Appreciation feedback – “"شكر وتقديرo Track the status of your requests – “متابعة الطلباتالخاصةبي”o Check your profile – “الملف الشخصي”o Arabic & English Support – "دعم اللغتين العربيةوالإنجليزية"
Traffline: Traffic & Parking
Birds Eye Systems
Traffline is India’s #1 city travel Appproviding live road, traffic and car parking information for yourcity. Find real time traffic information, best routes & roadalerts. Save fuel, time and effort by planning your journey inadvance. Know the distance between any two places and time taken toreach your destination. Find all the free and paid car parkingspots before you get there. Find all this information on maps too.Also get quick alerts and notifications on your route or easilyreport accidents, traffic jams etc. Get alerts directly from theTraffic police. Use our cool newsfeed feature to interact anddiscuss things with fellow users and like, comment and even shareit on your favourite social network. Explore our map to see howcongested roads around you are. Quick, know, go, it’s easy withTraffline!App Features:• Look up travel times to your destination based on real timetraffic information• Get accurate distance between two places and time taken to getthere.• Get car parking information for all the street parking, privateparking and paid and free parking locations in the city• Get notifications & alerts on your phone for accidents,processions, breakdowns, flooding etc• View real time traffic and also car parking on a full featuremaps• Save your favourite locations and routes for easy access lateron• Reduce the time taken to reach your destination and hence savefuel too.• Browse our social news feed to read the latest road and trafficnews reported by others• Interact with other commuters by replying or liking theirposts.• Use words, emoticons and photos to report incidents such asaccidents, traffic jams.• Share relevant posts from our news feed with friends andfamily• Social Media ready. Find your Twitter friends on our newsfeed oreasily share news on Facebook, Twitter or to your friends onWhatsapp.5 Apps to help with your daily commute – Times of India** Top 5 Apps to beat Mumbai’s traffic snarls – The EconomicTimes** 3 Apps that make travelling easy – Mid Day** 3 Cool Mobile Apps from India – Digital in the Round** City’s first ever real-time traffic guide – Mumbai Mirror*We are already making city travel awesome in these 8cities.• Mumbai• Delhi NCR• Bangalore• Pune• Chennai• Hyderabad* Ahmedabad• KolkataWe will be rolling out car parking feature to more cities shortly.Our service is endorsed by the Mumbai Traffic Police (MTP),Bangalore Traffic Police (BTP), Pune Traffic Police (PTP),Hyderabad Traffic Police (HTP) and Thane Traffic Police (TTP) foraccuracy and reliability. Use Traffline to travel smart; save fueland reduce your travel time
Información en tiempo real sobre el serviciodBizi. Préstamo de bicis en Donostia. La aplicación muestra lacantidad de bicis disponibles en cada estación en forma de lista oen un mapa.
* NOTE: This app requires that you alreadyHAVE a Traansmission account. If you don't, please and follow the instructions on how to signup.Traansmission is a suite of transportation tools that reducestime spent covering, tracking and delivering freight.The Traansmission Android app provides a unique way to you toview shipments directly on your phone, whether you are a driver ora dispatcher.The app is location-aware, meaning less time spent on the phonemaking check calls.Sit back, relax, and let Traansmission do all the hard work foryou!
Tакси Ленинград
Anela Software
Такси Ленинград - бюджетное такси длябольшогогорода (на данный момент заказ возможен толькоизСанкт-Петербурга).

Такси Ленинград - это удобный интерфейс:
- возможность указать координаты прямо на карте;
- возможность просто назвать адрес (распознаёт голос);
- возможность подбора подходящего тарифа.

Мы постоянно работаем над улучшением нашего приложения.
В следующих версиях мы добавим такие полезные возможностикак:создавать заказ на основе выполненных (повторяющийсязаказ),добавлять промежуточные остановки в маршруте, написать отзывоводителе, оплата банковскими картами и многое другое!

Мы будем рады любым вашим комментариям и предложениям(да-да,мы читаем комментарии).

Если у вас есть вопросы или предложения - пишитенамЕсли у вас возникли сложности при использовании приложения -пишитенам:Приятной поездки!Taxi Leningrad -budgettaxi to the big city (at the moment the order is possibleonly fromSt. Petersburg).Taxi Leningrad - a user-friendly interface:- The ability to specify the coordinates directly on the map;- The ability to just tell them the address (recognizethevoice);- The possibility of selecting a suitable rate.We are constantly working to improve our application.In future versions, we will add useful features such as:creatingthe order made on the basis of (a recurring order),addintermediate stops on the route, write a review about thedriver,Credit cards and more!We welcome any of your comments and suggestions (yes, we readthecomments).If you have any questions or suggestions - you have any difficulties in using the application -pleasecontact us: pleasant trip!
MarineTraffic ship positions
MarineTraffic displays near real-timepositions of ships and yachts worldwide.Connected to the largest network of AIS receivers, the app coversmost major ports and shipping routes.• View VESSELS ON THE LIVE MAP, search for ships, boats andseaports and see what's near you!• More than 100,000 VESSELS PER DAY report their positions viaMarineTraffic AIS• View live wind and 48-hour WIND FORECASTS on the map• ANIMATED PLAYBACK of vessel's track• PORT ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES live for over 4,000 ports andmarinas, current conditions in ports and estimated time of arrivalfor the boats & ships.• Manage your list of vessels ("MY FLEET"), shared with all yourdevices and• Browse 1,5 MILLION PHOTOS of ships, harbors and lighthousesand much more!➜ NEW! Identify vessels around you at a glance with theAugmented Reality tool (in-app purchase)Just point your device's camera to the horizon and get all theinformation you need about the vessels in your area: name, flag,speed, distance from you and a lot more.Also, for MarineTraffic paying subscribers:• NAUTICAL CHARTS• SAT-AIS DATAJoin the great MarineTraffic community!** If you're only interested in a specific area, please confirmcoverage on before purchasing the app **
BBBike Android Client
Daniel Mauter
Diese App adaptiert die Seite von Slaven Rezić undintegriert Teile ihrer Funktionalität auf dem Androidgerät.Es können Fahrradrouten im Gebiet Berlin und Umland gesuchtwerden, die den eigenen Vorlieben entsprechen. Bei der Routensuchekönnen beispielsweise Kopfsteinpflaster vermieden und grüne Wegebevorzugt werden.Ab Version 1.13 sind auch die offiziellen Radwanderwege Berlinsdarstellbar.This appadapts the page Slaven Rezic and integrated parts oftheir functionality on the Android device.It can cycle routes in the area and around Berlin be sought thatmatch the user's preference. When the route search cobblestones,for example, avoided and green lanes are preferred.From version 1.13, the official bike trails in Berlin aredisplayed.
TaxiForSure book taxis, cabs
TaxiForSure is a travel experience providerthat helps you book a cab in the simplest way possible. Downloadour free app to get a safe, reliable cab, anywhere, anytime! Be itairport transfer or just an in-city ride, book a cab from yourTaxiForSure app with just a few taps. We make sure a taxi driven bya professional chauffeur arrives at your door on time. No morehaggling with rickshaws, no more waiting for your call to beanswered. Save time and money with our affordable rates and getquick access to thousands of cars driven by our friendly andinformed chauffeurs across India.All taxis can be requested for immediate or future pickups.Simply choose the taxi you like, instantly receive your driverdetails, track the taxi to your address, and pay after completionof the trip. You can view your travel history, modify or canceltrips, save your favorite locations and even go cashless with ourwallet options. Share the tracking link through SMS/ Whatsapp/Email and let your loved ones track you through your journey. Thein-trip SOS alert facility helps you notify emergency contacts andlocal authorities if required.Now the TaxiForSure App also allows you to book an Ola Micro,available at just Rs. 6/km. It also allows you to link and use youOla Money wallet for Micro rides booked on the TaxiForSure app.Advantages of Using the App:• Easy Booking Process• Wide range of car categories• Most affordable rates• Cashless travel with wallet• Airport transfers, City rides.• Save money and time• Trained chauffeursBooking a taxi has never been easier!
BusMaps Florianópolis
Matheus Villela
BusMaps is an app that shows information aboutthe bus lines of the city of Florianópolis. A map is used to showthe routes each lines does, and a table to show the departureschedules.You can like our page in Facebook! BusMaps you can:* Check the routes of each line in the city using a map.* See the departure schedules.* See an estimation about were each bus currently is.And it works offline! The departures updates are synchronizedwhen you are under a WiFi connection.The map data used in this app is provided by the OpenStreetMapproject, you can know more about it at
The myIowaDOT app has been developed to act as a container forother Iowa Department of Transportation apps. It shows allavailable Iowa Department of Transportation apps, even those appsthat are not currently installed on the device. If an app isselected that is not installed on the device, the user is taken tothat app in Google Play so the app can be installed. Once apps havebeen installed, the myIowaDOT app can be used as a launch pad forthose apps.The list of apps available on the myIowaDOT app is builtdynamically, so new apps will automatically appear in the myIowaDOTapp as they are developed. Users can also create a list of favoriteapps, personalized to meet their needs.Apps that are currently available with myIowaDOT include:Aviation - Contains an Iowa airport directory, aviation weather, anaviation calendar, and NOTAMS (Notice to Airmen)Bike Map - An interactive bike map with bike trail navigation anddriving directionsDL Docs – Helps determine which documents are needed in order toobtain an Iowa Real IDDrive Test – A practice test to help prepare for the Iowa driver'stestERL – The Department’s Electronic Reference Library, which containshighway & bridge construction specifications andstandardsFacebook – The Iowa Department of Transportation’s FacebookpageIowa 511 – Traveler information such as Iowa road conditions,traffic speeds, and traffic camerasLegis – Information about the Iowa Department of Transportation byIowa legislative districtmyMVD – Use this to renew your Iowa driver’s license, change youraddress, or see your driving recordTwitter – The Iowa Department of Transportation’s Twitter feed
Budget Taxis Auckland Pickup
Symtech Ltd
A fast and convenient way to book a taxi fromBudget Taxis in Auckland. Simply load the app, fill out the detailsand book, and you will be provided with up-to-the-minuteinformation on your ride status.The easiest way around to book a taxi. Your location is foundfor you using gps, just enter your destination and book!
Constapark - Parking on Demand
** CURRENTLY AVAILABLE ONLY IN BANGALORE**Constapark is an on-demand valet parking service that providesparking anywhere in busy cities.With Constapark, you have thefreedom to go anywhere and do anything, without ever having to dealwith the hassle and stress of finding parking.How it Works :1. Select a drop-off location2. One of our Constapark Uniformed Valet Driver will already bewaiting for you when you arrive.3. Your car will be handled with care and parked in one of oursecure parking facilities.4. Request your car back 15-20 mins before you are done with youractivities and our valet driver will bring your car right back toyou where you want it.-> All payments are cashless and handled through the app-> Secure parking locations-> Trained industry professionalsWith Constapark, you save time and can always feel safe handingover your keys. Every valet has been background checked byConstapark members.Plus, Constapark offers every car a comprehensive insurance policyonce our valet takes possession of your car, so your car isprotected under every circumstance, covering upto INR. 50 Lakhs inGeneral Liability policies.Constapark is currently available in Indiranagar and Koramangalaand coming to other part of cities across Bangalore.Never waste your time on finding parking space, because yourtime is precious. Download today!
Avishek Tarafdar
NextStop© is a transit app to ride publictransportation smarter. Rather than paying to Ola / Uber you canshare your ride & save money. You can search nearby Bars,Restaurants, Places to see & lots more. If you are in dangeryou can send free sos message to your friend & family. Reach 10time faster with advanced trip planner. Know the localtransportation timing & fares. Coming soon in iTunes &Google AppStore!
Garden State Express
Limo Anywhere
Garden State Express now makes taking careofyour ground transportation needs more convenient than ever withourstate of the art mobile app.With the Garden State Express mobile app, you can:- See ride prices and book and pay for rides with just just afewtaps- Receive live notifications about your driver's status, trackyourdriver on a map, and call the driver directly from theapp- Manage account preferences like pick-up and drop-offlocation,forms of payment, and vehicle preference- View and manage upcoming reservations
APCOA Kunden
DI Kourosh Salami
Kunden können über eine Kunden-App , die siekostenlos downloaden können, Parkplätze in ihrer Nähe (IhreGPS-Koordinaten) oder in einem anderen Ort suchen und Info dazuerhalten, wie viele Parkplätze noch frei sind. Das Handy der Kundenmuss unbedingt eine SIM-Karte besitzen.Customers can have acustomer app that can download it free, looking for parking spacesin their vicinity (Your GPS coordinates) or in another place andget info on how many parking spaces are still available. The mobilephone customers must necessarily have a SIM card.
각 보험사별 가격을 비교해드립니다.자동차보험비교의 특성상 자동견적이 아닌 설계사님이 다이렉트로 전화를 하는 방식입니다.사고발생시 설계사님을 통해 편한히 대처하세요.We compare prices byeachinsurer.Compare car insurance auto quote, not the nature of thecalldirectly by the Planners method.Planners said the event of an accident, through our easy todealwith Heb.
Iker Perez de Albeniz
Application to access to information about schedules and arrivaltime at stops for Bizkaibus service.
Bencina Santiago
Bencina Santiago te muestra en un mapa donde se encuentran lasbencineras mas baratas de Santiago con posiblidad de filtrar porbencinera y tipo de bencina
Speed Tracker Free
Oxagile LLC
Speed Tracker is the most elegant and uniquecombination of GPS speedometer and Trip computer in just oneapplication. Speed Tracker is YOUR answer to the eternal questions:What is my speed? What distance have I covered? How much time did Ispend from work to home? How to share my trips with friends andrelatives? Whenever you are in the car, on the bike, on a boat oreven on a plane, Speed Tracker will help you to gather all thenecessary trip statistics. Just start the application and it willautomatically record your speed, time, distance and many more.SPEEDOMETERClassy analog speedometer dial with realistic look to complementyour car dashboard. Crisp and clear pixel perfect design isreadable in sunlight or during night time. The dial scale can beconfigured to suit different applications. Select the maximumpossible speed for you vehicle and watch your speed with greaterprecision either your are on a plane, train, car, bike, boat orbicycleTRIP COMPUTERTrack and display important trip information in real time. Current,Average and Maximum speed, heading, distance covered, moving andstopped time, altitude, location coordinates.MAPBuild-in GPS location tracker will help you not to get lost. Youcan always switch to map mode and check your current position onthe map together with the route you’ve already covered. The mapmode supports track up feature, where map is rotated in thedirection of your movement.Optimized for Tablets.Speed Tracker is the only speedometer app fully optimized for largetablet screens. Designed exclusively for tablet big screen it showsall the important trip information at a glance on a single screenand supports both portrait and landscape orientation. Full screenMap mode is also available. Landscape mode allows you to mount yourdevice horizontally on your car dashboard. If you prefer seeingthings at wider angle then you find landscape mode especiallyuseful and practical.HUDHead-up display – outstanding feature available ONLY in SpeedTracker application. Just enable HUD and put your phone under thewindshield. Specially designed HUD interface will display the mostaccurate speed right on the windshield. HUD can also be used as alarge digital speedometer, just double tap the screen to switchbetween mirrored and non-mirrored display.Cool additional feature, available via In App Purchase, is:TRIP LOGYou don’t remember the trip or how much time does it take to visityour friends or the distance to your office? - Trip Log will helpyou! Trip Log records and saves the information within theapplication. You can easily have the access to ALL the trips withjust one click. Inside the Trip Log you can check your trip on themap, speed, average speed, maximum speed, distance, total time,etc. Want to share your driving experience or just compare yourevery day trips? With Trip Computer it’s easy as A, B, C. You canalso export all the trips in available formats (CSV, KML, GPX) oreven share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or via email.NOTE:GPS usage will dramatically reduce device battery life.GPS is not always accurate due to device hardware sensorlimitations.Data connection is required to use map.
Lviv Router
AVYS company
Application which helps you to plan a trip using the publictransportation in Lviv.Simply enter your departure and destination address and theapplication will choose the best routes available (direct or theones with the transfer required) and provide you with severaloptions.App supports search for names of important objects ("Main TrainStation", "Stadium Arena Lviv", "Opera House" etc). It also canfind routes that lie nearby on the adjacent streets.The app DOES NOT require access to the Internet.Application is available in English and Ukrainian.Note:Since the beginning of 2012 the situation with publictransportation is unstable in Lviv. We recommend you to follow theupdates of the app. Thus you will receive not only the latestinformation about the routes, but also an additionalfunctionality.Keywords: Lviv, Львів, transportation, 2012, public transport, bus,routes, search, transfer, marshrutka.
Valet Anywhere
Prometheus Labs, Inc.
Welcome to a new world of car ownership in thecity. With Valet Anywhere, you never have to deal with a parkinggarage ever or dig your car in snow when you street parked.With our revolutionary valet service, you just open the app, andrequest a valet. Wherever you are, or wherever you are going in thecity.A professional, friendly valet arrives or is waiting for you totake care of your car.Valet Anywhere is priced comparable to what you’d pay forstandard monthly parking. And it’s automatically charged to yourcredit card on file. No signatures required.With ValetAnywhere, you save time and can always feel safehanding over your keys. Every valet has been background checked,and been rated by other Valet Anywhere members.Plus, Valet Anywhere offers every car a comprehensive insurancepolicy once our valet takes possession of your car, so you areprotected under every circumstance.For more information, please visit our home page
Billig Tanken Free
Billig Tanken always shows you the mostcurrent and cheapest fuel prices in Germany and Austria.The most recent data comes from the Bundeskartellamt /Markttransparenzstelle für Kraftstoffe in Germany and from theE-Control Spritpreisrechner in Austria.Billig Tanken offers features like color coding of prices anddata quality, favorite gas stations, search at different locations,exact travel distances, map display and navigation.While the Austrian E-Control Spritpreisrechner application showsonly the best 5 results, Billig Tanken shows all results of gasstations near you (and your favorite gas stations will always beincluded).Finding the best gas station for you never has been easier.Upgrade to the full version to hide ads.Version history and detailled explanation of permissions can befound on the app website.
VINCI Autoroutes
VINCI Autoroutes
VINCI Autoroutes utilise le GPS de votreSmartphone pour vous informer en temps réel des événements traficlors de vos trajets sur le réseau VINCI Autoroutes.Pour votre sécurité, cette application ne doit jamais êtreutilisée lorsque vous êtes au volant.Vos services directement accessibles en page d'accueil :• Baromètre trafic : vous indique une tendance moyenne sur lasituation du trafic, sur le réseau VINCI Autoroutes, autour devotre position, selon trois niveaux : fluide, dense et saturé. Sivous vous trouvez en dehors du réseau VINCI Autoroutes il seraindiqué la mention « Hors réseau VINCI Autoroutes ».• Mes Alertes : vous signale, en temps réel, les événements encours sur le réseau VINCI Autoroutes, sur les trajets que vous avezrenseignés dans l'application, ainsi que sur vos trajets SmartAlerts.• SOS : vous met à disposition un service d'appel d'urgence etdes informations sur les consignes de sécurité à respecter en casde panne sur l'autoroute si les conditions suivantes sont remplies:- être sur le réseau VINCI Autoroutes- être à l’arrêt sur la bande d’arrêt d’urgence- avoir renseigné votre numéro de mobile et vous être assuré qu’iln’est pas masqué dans les réglages de votre smartphone• Actualités : vous informe sur des initiatives ou des nouveauxservices proposés par VINCI Autoroutes.Vos services accessibles via le menu de l’application:• Copilotage : destiné au copilote du conducteur uniquement,vous permet de consulter les informations routières associées àvotre trajet, en fonction de votre position, diffusées par VINCIAutoroutes et les autres utilisateurs.• Mes Trajets : vous permet de visualiser et de gérer lestrajets pour lesquels vous souhaitez recevoir des notifications survotre smartphone en cas d'événements trafic sur le réseau VINCIAutoroutes.• Cartographie : vous propose une visualisation sur fond de plancartographique des informations routières sur le réseau VINCIAutoroutes. Une fonctionnalité de filtre vous permet desélectionner et n’afficher que les informations qui vous sontutiles.• Mon Espace Abonnés : accessible pour les abonnés télépéageVINCI Autoroutes. Une fois votre Numéro Client et votre mot depasse abonné télépéage VINCI Autoroutes renseignés, vous pouvezaccéder à :- vos derniers trajets non encore facturés ;- vos dernières factures mensuelles.• Ecoutez-nous : vous permet d'écouter le dernier flash infotrafic de Radio VINCI Autoroutes ou le direct selon votre positionou la zone choisie.• Mon compte : est accessible avec vos identifiants abonnétélépéage VINCI Autoroutes (Numéro Client et mot de passe) ou encréant votre compte VINCI Autoroutes directement depuisl’application. Lors de la création de votre compte, vous devrezobligatoirement renseigner un e-mail valide et un mot de passe.L’espace « Mon compte » vous permet de gérer votre profil etmodifier les informations renseignées.• Connexion / Déconnexion : permet de vous connecter surl’Application et personnaliser vos services. Vous pouvez vousconnecter au choix avec :- avec vos identifiants télépéage VINCI Autoroutes- votre compte VINCI Autoroutes- votre compte Facebook ou Google+L’Application VINCI Autoroutes fonctionne en EDGE et 3G, etnécessite que le GPS de votre smartphone soit activé avec une bonneréception des satellites. Certaines zones peuvent connaître undéficit de couverture GSM perturbant le fonctionnement del’Application VINCI Autoroutes.Sur l’aire de Saint-Rambert d’Albon Ouest (autoroute A7), nousvous proposons des notifications push pour vous informer des bonsplans à valoir sur l’aire.Pour vous offrir plus de services, cette application a vocationà être régulièrement enrichie : ne manquez pas les prochainesévolutions, surveillez les mises à jour !Bonne (auto) route !VINCI Autoroutes uses theGPS on your smartphone to inform you real-time traffic eventsduring your journeys on the VINCI Autoroutes network.For your safety, this application should never be used whendriving.Your services directly available on the homepage:Barometer • Traffic: shows you the average trend on the trafficsituation, the VINCI Autoroutes network around your position, threelevels: medium, dense and saturated. If you are outside the networkVINCI Autoroutes will be indicated "Out VINCI Autoroutesnetwork."• My Alerts: alerts you in real time, the current events on theVINCI Autoroutes network on routes you have filled in theapplication, as well as your Smart Alerts trips.• SOS puts at your disposal an emergency call and provideinformation on safety instructions to follow in case of breakdownon the highway if the following conditions are met:   - Be on the VINCI Autoroutes network   - Be stopped on the emergency lane   - Need to provide your mobile number and you aresure it is not hidden in the settings of your smartphone• News: provides information on initiatives or new servicesoffered by VINCI Autoroutes.Your services available via the application menu:• Joint coordination: for the co-driver driver only, allows youto view traffic information associated with your trip, depending onyour position, broadcast by VINCI Autoroutes and other users.• My Routes: allows you to view and manage journeys for whichyou want to receive notifications on your smartphone in case oftraffic events on the VINCI Autoroutes network.• Mapping: offers viewing on background Topographic map oftraffic information on the VINCI Autoroutes network. A filterfeature allows you to select and display only the information thatis useful to you.• My Space Subscribers: available for subscribers toll VINCIAutoroutes. Once your customer number and your customer passwordtoll VINCI Autoroutes informed, you can access:   - Your latest unbilled trips;   - Your last monthly bills.• Listen to us: you can listen to the latest traffic news flashRadio VINCI Autoroutes or live according to your position or theselected zone.• My Account: is available with your identifiers subscriber tollVINCI Autoroutes (Client ID and password) or by creating youraccount VINCI Autoroutes directly from the application. Whencreating your account, you will inevitably enter a valid addressand a password. The "My Account" allows you to manage your profileand change the indicated information.• Connect / Disconnect: allows you to connect to the applicationand customize your services. You can connect with either:   - With your credentials toll VINCIAutoroutes   - Your account VINCI Autoroutes   - Your Facebook or Google+ accountThe application works by VINCI Autoroutes EDGE and 3G, andrequires that the GPS in your smartphone is enabled with goodsatellite reception. Some areas may experience a GSM coverage gapdisrupting the operation of the Application VINCI Autoroutes.On the Saint-Rambert of Albon West area (A7), we offer pushnotifications to inform you tips on account of the area.To offer more services, this application is intended to beregularly added: do not miss the next steps, watch for updates!Good (auto) route!
Periskal WebView
Periskal WebView allows you to follow thePeriskal ECDIS Viewer on your mobile device.
Felecia Williams
HERETAXI:Is a reliable and safe way to hail a licensed taxicab driver toyourfront door!Is the fastest way to book a taxicab!Driver information instantly!No Cash Needed!Passengers will never be Surcharged!HereTaxi is a mobile transportation app that offers servicestothe public using licensed taxicabs. HereTaxi can be bookedanytimeand anyplace direct from the mobile phone using the HereTaxiApp.The services range from instant bookings, future bookings,andhourly bookings and all of this is done on the HereTaxi App.Younever need to carry cash your fare is automatically charged toyourcredit card.HereTaxi drivers meet high-standards with an extensivebackgroundcheck, a lot of training, and the necessary insurance.You can rateyour driver and leave additional feedback about yourexperience.HereTaxi App features include instant bookings and bookingsinadvance, driver details, live tracking, messaging, favoritedriver,and travel history.I got it. Lets get started!Download the free HereTaxi appClick Sign-up and complete a one-time registrationLog inBook an instant taxicab or Book a future taxicab
Autobus Pistoia
Ale May
Da questa app potrete comodamenteconsultaregli orari di tutte le tratte pistoiesi. Inoltre èpossibile anchericevere con un click il biglietto elettronicodirettamente comeSMS!Che aspetti a provarla?Questa applicazione non è affiliata a BluBus o CopitFrom this app youcaneasily view the timetables of all the sections of Pistoia.Inaddition you can also get an electronic ticket with aclickdirectly as SMS!What are you waiting to try it?This application is not affiliated with or Blubus Copit
Speed Limiter
Nicolas C.
Tired of fines? Speed ​​limiter is there for you!Speed ​​Limiter is an application whose purpose is to warn youin case you drive too fast. It works thanks to the GPS on yourphone.Its simple and clear, you can use it without leaving theroad.The last button indicates the speed at which you drive. Byselecting, you dynamically create a new limitation.
Passport Inc
Pay for parking with the ParkSLC app. It’s theeasy and convenient way to pay for parking on-the-go without havingto visit a pay box.Look for the ParkSLC logo on street signs throughout the city todetermine availability in your area.Features include:· Pay for parking without having to visit the pay box ormeter· Mobile alerts 10 minutes prior to your time expiring· Extend your parking time remotely· Receipts emailed straight to your inbox