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Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) app - helps in understanding thedisease condition through ANIMATED VIDEOS. This presentationdemonstrates the male reproductive system and the location of theprostate gland, the changes that take place during BPH, its causes,symptoms, consequences, diagnoses, treatments/therapies (includinglifestyle change and self care).Editor: C. R. Chapple, MD, FRCS (Urol) - Dept. of Urology,Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation, The Royal HallamshireHospital, UKApp features• Pay once and download videos at your ease!• View downloaded videos without internetAdditional features include:- Drawing on the video for explanations- Capture images with mailing option- Option to make user notes and save- Transcript with links for additional referencesDISCLAIMER: The information provided through these applicationsare only intended to be informative and should not be construed asa substitute for medical advice.
FMH Mobile
Access and manage your health informationon-the-go with the mobile version of your Universal Health Recordpowered by FollowMyHealth®.View test and lab results, request prescription renewals,communicate securely with your physicians, schedule appointments,and more – for you and your family with 24/7 online access!
Petralex Hearing aid
Petralex® is a hearing aid application basedon your Android phone or tablet device, running same principles asconventional wearable hearing aid. Auto-adjusting to yourpersonalized hearing profile, completely invisible to anyone - useit with regular headset!Using powerful hardware running Android 4.1 or higher with ourpatented algorithms and user-friendly interface with fast profileselection brings maximum sound quality and comfort of use.Benefits of Petralex®:- Easy to use - no special devices, no battery replacements orall-day wearing annoyance;- Quick Setup for any sound environment;- Increased sampling rate - 44.1 kHz, providing the best soundquality;- Easy switching between device and headset microphones;- Full acoustic gain up to 30 dB with a standard headset;- Minimum signal processing delay - just 6,3-15,7 ms (depending onthe model and software running simultaneously);- Use the built-in mic to catch sound from distant sources, i.e. inclassroom, at theatre (or use it as a spy-ear!);- Easy profile sync for all of your Android powered devices withDropbox cloud storage support;- Setup and adjust the app without visiting a specialist;- BT headset support (for processed sound playback only, sound iscaptured by device onboard mic).You can compare the original and processed sound test phrases onour site*Disclaimer:The Petralex® app is not approved as a medical device or softwareand cannot be used as a hearing aid with doctor`sprescription.Audiometric test provided in the application can be used only forapp adjustment. Testing results are not a substitute forprofessional audiology tests and cannot be considered as a basisfor diagnosis.Keep in touch:
KobirajThe name was given based on the practitioner of herbal treatmentin the past.herbs were in use of medical treatment in age long recordedpast.this app is just to introduce some of the herbal plants andparts that we see in almost everyday.*Disclaimer*Please be informed though these data's were collected fromauthentic books and websites, for better treatment do consult yourdoctor. these are traditional treatment not final ones. Have ahealthy life ^_^Special thanks to [email protected] for theicon design.
Справочник заболеваний (Free)
Справочник болезней с подробным описанием,лечением, симптомами и тд... Работает без интернета. Составленспециалистами ОМС. Удобный, быстрый поиск, в том числе и поискголосом. Избранное, "Поделиться" - и это все в современном дизайнеи всегда под рукой.Каждое заболевание помимо описания содержит:- причины возникновения- симптомы;- диагностика;- лечение;- опасность;- группа риска;- профилактика.Приложение будет полезно как людям заботившимся о своем здоровье,так студентам и практикующим врачам.В справочнике вы сможете найти подробное описание от простуды дотаких болезней как ветрянка, кашель, остеохондроз, геморрой,ангина, бронхит, свиной грипп, прыщи, аллергия...Справочник приведен в ознакомительных целях и не предполагаетсамолечения, справочник не содержит данные, которые могут заменитьконсультации врача, рецепты и назначенное врачом лечение, создательсправочника не несет ответственность за последствиясамолечения.Handbook with detaileddescriptions of diseases, treatment, symptoms, and so on ... Itworks without the Internet. Compiled by experts MLA. Convenient,quick search, including voice search. Favorites, "Share" - and it'sall in a contemporary design and is always at hand.Each addition to describing the disease includes:    - The causes of    - Symptoms;    - diagnostics;    - treatment;    - Risk;    - Risk group;    - Prevention.The application will be useful both for people concerned abouttheir health, so students and practitioners.In the directory, you can find a detailed description of the coldto diseases such as chicken pox, cough, low back pain, hemorrhoids,sore throat, bronchitis, swine flu, acne, allergies ...Reference is given for informational purposes and does not involveself, the directory does not contain data that can replace theadvice of a doctor, prescriptions and treatment prescribed by thedoctor, the creator of the directory is not responsible for theconsequences of self-treatment.
App4Stats SPSS Statistics Free
Javier Párraga
App4stats is an application aimed to all thosepeople who need to use biostatistics in their daily work. Althoughit is especially designed for health sciences, it can be used byany user who needs to make a research.Its aim is to help the researcher to choose the right test forstatistical analysis. Therefore, it is differentiated into twoparts; the first one explains a theory of the proof that is goingto be used and the second one provides a simple guide to run itwith the SPSS statistical program.On the other hand, the application contains a calculator thatwill estimate the sample size for a proportion, mean and hypothesis(rate and mean) and estimate the confidence interval for amean,difference of two means, for a ratio and to compare twoproportions. It also allowscalculating the sensitivity, specificityand probability ratios with their corresponding confidenceintervals.It also has links to access the website thatsupportsit and where practical examples and a complete and moredetailed manual can be downloaded.eBook, statistics calculator, SPSS. Statistics QuickReference Free
MPulse | Kerala Blood Bank
MPulse (M Pulse) is a complete healthapplication developed for Keralites with the followingfeatures.Blood Donors Data bank of Kerala (Search based on Blood Group,District and Panchayat).Send blood requests to MPulse users. All users will getnotification about your blood request. Respond directly to thesender.Share received blood requests to social medias.Edit / change your personal data as a blood donor.Details of Hospitals in Kerala and Manglore..Hospitals' Rout Map.Find Hospitals around your current location..Search district wise blood banks in Kerala..Ambulance numbers in each districts..Tips for blood donors..Health Articles..Other help line numbers..Also, you can register your name as a blood donor..Our aim is to make this app a wide network of Blood Donors inKerala and a perfect health application.Previously this application's name was Kerala Blood Bank / MPlus/ M Plus
Faso Pharmacies
This app allows one to locate pharmacies(whether on duty or not) in Burkina Faso (currently Ouagadougou,Bobo Dioulasso and Koudougou). They are sorted, from nearest tofarthest and displayed on a map. One can also dial their phonenumber, or share the list with friends.--Quick User Guide--1. Set global parameters: your insurance (if any) and whether youwant to conduct your search on all pharmacies or duty pharmaciesonly. Depending on day and time, the most appropriate option isautomatically set by default.2. Find the nearest pharmacies (default: 5) by tapping on themagnifying glass. This uses GPS.The Group button displays all pharmacies in any given city (no GPS,no distance, and no search results limit).Tapping the map icon displays your search results on a map, one redmarker by pharmacy. Tap the marker to get the pharmacy name. Taponce more to dial. If GPS was used, a blue dot shows your currentlocation.Finally, tap the share button to share the list with friends.More details on may also follow us on Facebook: your pharmacy not registered? Did you spot an error? Needmore features?Drop-me an email: [email protected]
PR Vademécum Argentina
Noritel S.A.
PR Vademécum contiene información actualizadade medicamentos y drogas de prescripción médica comercializadas enArgentina.La aplicación permite acceder por los siguientes índices:- ProductosContiene el texto del prospecto de los productos que secomercializan en la República Argentina- LaboratoriosContiene el listado del laboratorios y los productos quecomercializa cada uno- PatologíasContiene el listado del patologías y los productos indicados paracada una- InteraccionesContiene el listado del principios activos y las interacciones decada uno- Índice FarmacológicoContiene el texto de la acción de los principios activos.- Índice TerapéuticoContiene el listado de las acciones terapéuticas y los productosindicados para cada una- I.S.P.R. Índice de Sustancias y Productos RelacionadosContiene el listado de los principios y los productos que contienencada uno.Acerca de P.R.:PR Vademécum reúne toda la información de relevancia relacionadacon los productos farmacéuticos, y está destinado a médicos,odontólogos, farmacéuticos y otros profesionales de la salud.PR Vademécum fue desarrollado a partir de fuentes confiables,como las empresas elaboradoras y la bibliografíamédico-farmacológica disponible en la actualidad.PR Vademécum no debe considerarse un medio autónomo y suficientepara recetar aquellos medicamentos o sustancias sobre los queinforma; sus destinatarios deben utilizarlo como un complemento desu indelegable responsabilidad profesional, teniendo en cuenta queel lector posee los conocimientos necesarios para interpretar lainformación aportada por este aplicativo.PR Vademecum containscurrent medications and prescription drugs marketed in Argentinainformation.The application allows access for the following indexes:- ProductsContains the package insert of the products sold in Argentina- LaboratoriesContains the list of laboratories and the products it sellseach- PathologiesContains the list of conditions and the right products for each- InteractionsContains the list of active ingredients and the interactions ofeach- Pharmacological IndexContains the text of the action of the active ingredients.- Therapeutic IndexContains the list of therapeutic actions and the right products foreach- I.S.P.R. Index Substances and Related ProductsContains the list of substances and products containing each.P.R .: aboutPR Vademecum collects all relevant information related topharmaceuticals, and is intended for physicians, dentists,pharmacists and other health professionals.PR Vademecum was developed from reliable sources, such asprocessors and medical-pharmacological literature availabletoday.PR Vademecum should not be regarded as an independent andsufficient means to prescribe those drugs or substances on whichreports; recipients must use it as a complement to its mandatoryprofessional liability, considering that the reader has theknowledge to interpret the information provided by thisapplication.
Early Warning Score System
Identifying the critically ill patient is a major challenge athospitals. Unrecognized deterioration of patients is estimated tocost more than 100.000 lives per year in the US alone. It is notonly important to identify the critically ill patient but also tocommunicate the situation to the rest of the hospital staffinvolved.The Early Warning Score (EWS) is a simple clinical score thatcan be used by hospital medical staff as well as emergency medicalservices to quickly determine the degree of illness of a patient.It is based on data derived from four physiological readings(systolic blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, bodytemperature) and the observation of the level of consciousness(AVPU). The resulting observations are compared to a normal rangeto generate a single composite score. A score of five or more isstatistically linked to increased likelihood of death or admissionto an intensive care unit.Different EWS systems are in use worldwide and the NationalHealth Service (NHS) in the UK has e.g. decided to introduce anation-wide NHS Early Warning Score to achieve the goal of having“the right person, in the right setting – first time!”Within hospitals, the EWS is often used as part of a"track-and-trigger" system whereby an increasing score produces anescalated response varying from increasing the frequency ofpatient's observations up to urgent review by a rapid response orMedical Emergency Team (MET call).Are you interested in having this app tailor made for yourhospital needs, then please contact us using the website contactform or write to [email protected] the disclaimer before use. All information in thisapplication is for educational purposes only. Please note:Screenshots are from iOS version.
Anatomy Atlas-Junior
Junior Animated Atlas of Human Anatomy andPhysiology, graphically explains the human systems in 6 animatedvideos.Helps explore the human anatomy, identify organs, and learn wherethese organs are located and what they do.Topics include:Skeletal and Muscular SystemThe breathtaking animations of Skeletal and Muscular System withits smooth narrative has made it so simple to describe the body’sframework of the skeleton, the number of bones and how they areformed, their joints, muscles and their types, and how togetherthey contribute to physical movement.Nervous SystemLearning about the Nervous System is not a brainy business anymore!The human brain and its parts, the nerves and what they do, thefive senses, and how the sense organs work – even things one didnot know, can be understood through these stunning animations andclear-cut commentary.Circulatory SystemThe Circulatory System has never been so easy to understand! Stateof the art animations and simple commentary graphically describethe heart and how it functions, blood, circulation & pressure,blood groups, blood cells and their tasks.Respiratory SystemThe apparatus called the Respiratory System and its elaboratefunctions; the action of breathing, exchange of gases and how voiceis produced are elucidated through simple narration in this visualtreat!Digestive and Excretory SystemThe incredible animations and voice on Digestive and ExcretorySystem take one on a journey of not just the physical processes,but an enjoyable education of the role of each organ in thesecomplex processes including the kidney, its vital parts and howthey function.Reproductive SystemThe exemplary animations and the soothing narration of ReproductiveSystem takes one through a beautiful cruise from conception, birthto the body changes up to adulthood.App Includes:- Animated video atlas of human anatomy and physiology- Crystal clear narrative- Written transcripts with medical terms linked to additionalresources- Summary of video highlights- Marker for video and screenshot capture featureUSER REVIEWS:"Nice Great App" - User Review“Fantastic wonderfully explained.” - User Review"Awesome videos...." - User Review
دكتور موبايل (موسوعة الامراض)
د/موبايل : هو موسوعة طبية تحتوي علي معلومات عن الامراض التي تصيبالانسان وطرق الوقايه منها وأسبابها وطرق علاجها بحيث يمكنك فهم ايمرض تريد معرفة تفاصيله من خلال التطبيق.بداخل التطبيق يتم تقسيم الامراض الي عدة اقسام من أجل سهولةالوصول للمرض بسهولة مثل :- الاطفال والامومة- النساء والولادة- الباطنة- العظام والروماتيزم- العيون- الانف والاذن والحنجرة- الصدرية- القلب والاوعية الدموية- الفم والاسنان- الغدد والسكري- جلدية وتناسلية- الاورام والسرطان- النفسية والعصبية- مسالك بولية وكلى- الصحة الجنسية- وارشادات للصحة العامة- اسعفات أوليةتم تجميع المعلومات من مواقع ذات ثقة عالية في المجال الطبي لضمان صحةالمعلومة المقدمة داخل التطبيق.الهدف من التطبيق هو ان يكون الهاتف لديك يحتوي على تطبيق به كلالمعلومات الطبية التي قد تحتاجها و المتعلقة باغلب الامراض الشائعةواعراضها وطرق الوقاية منها وكيفية علاجها وسرعة الوصول اليها دونالاحتياج لاتصال بالانترنت.ايضاَ من اهدافنا هو دعم المحتوى العربيD /Mobile: is a medical encyclopedia containing information abouthuman diseases and methods of prevention, causes and treatmentmethods so that you can understand any disease you want to know thedetails through the application.Inside the application is divided into several sections diseasesfor easy access of the disease easily, such as:- Children and Motherhood- Obstetrics and Gynecology- Internal Medicine- Bones and rheumatism- Eyes- Ear Nose and Throat- Chest- Cardiovascular- Oral- Glands and diabetes- Leather and venereal- Tumors and cancer- Psychological and neurological- Urologists & Nephrologists- Sexual Health- And guidance to public health- Raw AsafatData was collected from sites with high confidence in the medicalfield to ensure the validity of the information provided within theapplication.The goal of the application is said to be the phone you have toapply it contains all the medical information that you may need andrelating with most common diseases and symptoms and ways to preventit and how to treat them and the speed of access to it without theneed for an Internet connection.Also of our goals is to support Arabic content
Forest Sounds Nature To Sleep
Full relaxation for you and your family. Tryour free app "Forest Sounds" and start sleep better. No music, onlysounds of nature!Our sounds:+ summer forest sounds+ under tree in rain sounds+ jungle night sounds+ birds in the forest relax melody+ jungle soothing music+ fire on the beach sounds+ creek in forest lullaby+ water drops soundsFeatures of Forest Sounds Relax and Sleep:- install to SD card- high quality sounds- long time looping technology- healing music for all family- soothing sounds for you and your babies- lullaby of nature- healing sounds for your health and mind- best sound pack to sleep- forest ringtones sounds- forest alarm sounds- nature sound music box- sounds for toddlers and their parents- birds calls in the forest (ringtones and alarms)- animals sounds- tropical island sounds- beach soundsA forest, also referred to as a wood or the woods, is an areawith a high density of trees. As with cities, depending on variouscultural definitions, what is considered a forest may varysignificantly in size and have different classifications accordingto how and of what the forest is composed. A forest is usually anarea filled with trees but any tall densely packed area ofvegetation may be considered a forest, even underwater vegetationsuch as kelp forests, or non-vegetation such as fungi, andbacteria. Tree forests cover approximately 9.4 percent of theEarth's surface, though they once covered much more. They functionas habitats for organisms, hydrologic flow modulators, and soilconservers, constituting one of the most important aspects of thebiosphere.A ringtone or ring tone is the sound made by a telephone toindicate an incoming call or text message. Not literally a tone noran actual (bell-like) ring anymore, the term is most often usedtoday to refer to customizable sounds used on mobile phones.
(Application contains data on CEPHALOSPORINSonly by default. Complete Data is available through yearlysubscriptions. Users having complementary Scratch cards can use appwith complete data for One Month)Instant and Predictive Search by:BrandGeneric Name (e.g. Cefoperazone)Contents (e.g. Cefoperazone and Sulbactam)Therapeutic Category (e.g. Cephalosporins)Interaction Checker:Interaction Checker feature lets you quickly identify anyinteraction(s) among prescribed drugs.You can select GENERICS as well as BRANDS in your country to checkinteraction.Risk FactorsInformation provided under Risk Factors includeContraindications, Precautions and Risks in Pregnancy and Lactationfor the relevant product.Pregnancy: Risk cannot be ruled out.Lactation: Contraindicated.Contraindications: Severe respiratory depression, severeobstructive lung conditions.Precautions: COPD, raised intracranial pressure, impairedconsciousness, head injury, bradyarrhythmia, renal or hepaticimpairment. Monitor for signs of respiratory depression. Braintumour. Risk of tolerance and dependence. Elderly or debilitatedpatients.Dosage (Alongwith Indications)Fast, Quick & Easy Access to Accurate Dosage in SpecificIndicationsThe usual dosage are: Adults: Usually 1 gm daily by deep IM.,slow IV inj over at least 2-4 min, or IV infusion. Severeinfections, 2-4 gm as a single dose every 24 hrs. Children: Usually20-50 mg/kg once daily by IM inj., slow IV inj over at least 2-4min, or IV infusion. Severe infections, up to maximum 80 mg/kgdaily. Doses over 50 mg/kg to be given by slow IV infusion over atleast 30 minutes. Neonates: IM/IV: Postnatal age ≤ 7 days or > 7days (body wt ≤ 2 Kg): 50 mg/kg/day given every 24 hrs. Postnatalage > 7 days, body wt > 2 Kg: 50-75 mg/kg/day given every 24hrs.AdministrationHow to prepare and administer e.g. an InjectableThe drug may be administered by IV intermittent infusion over 10-30min; final concentration for IV administration should not exceed 40mg/mL. The drug has also been administered by direct IV push over2-4 min. Inject deep IM into large muscle mass.IM Injection: 250 mg/500 mg/1000 mg VIAL: To make concentration of250 mg/mL add Water for Injection 0.9 mL in 250 mg vial; 1.8 mL in500 mg vial; 3.6 mL in 1000 mg vial.IV: 250 mg/500 mg/1000 mg VIAL: To make concentration of 100 mg/mLadd Water for Injection 2.4 mL in 250 mg vial; 4.8 mL in 500 mgvial; 9.6 mL in 1000 mg vial.Compatibility: Stable in D5W, D10W, NS, Sodium bicarbonate 5%,bacteriostatic water, SWFI.Stability: For IV infusion in NS or D5W, solution is stable for 3days at room temperature or 10 days when refrigerated.InteractionsAmikacin, Aminoglycosides, Anticoagulants, Gentamicin,Kanamycin, Neomycin, Netilmicin, Streptomycin, Tobramycin,Warfarin.Adverse EffectsGI upset, skin reactions, blood dyscrasias. Rarelypseudomembranous colitis, raised liver enzymes, glycosuria,oliguria, haematuria, bronchospasm, phlebitis at inj site, urinaryand biliary precipitates, pancreatitis.Alternate ProductsQuickly find Alternate Products - Just Click the AppropriateButton
DGCA Medicals
Medspace Art
This App serves the pilots of civil aviation and military aviationalike to improve health and aviation safety. The advice is free andauthentic from the desk of Aviation Medicine Specialist. Any queryrelating to the Aviation medicine will be entertained and answeredappropriately. Large information on recent trends in aviationmedicine & related articles will be provided.You query will be answered through email and thereafter youcould communicate directly thru mail.
Dokter Diabetes
Dokter Diabetes adalah aplikasi pertama diIndonesia yang membantu menghubungkan antara anda dengan dokterspesialis dan ahli gizi dimana saja. Download dan jelajahimenu-menu dalam aplikasi kami. Ajukan pertanyaan anda dan dapatkanjawabannya dari para ahli kami dalam fitur “Konsultasi Dokter”.Jangan lupa untuk mencatat kadar gula darah, berat badan, danasupan kalori harian dengan fitur “Checkup Record”. Bacalahartikel-artikel kesehatan dalam “Dokter Diabetes Artikel”. Mudahdan tidak memerlukan waktu yang lama.Doctor Diabetes is thefirst application in Indonesia that helps connects you withspecialist doctors and nutritionists everywhere. Download andexplore the menus in our application. Ask your questions and getanswers from our experts in the feature "Consultation". Do notforget to record blood sugar levels, weight and daily caloricintake with the "Checkup Record". Read health articles in "DoctorDiabetes Articles". Easy and does not require a long time.
Medical Disorder Dictionary
This dictionary include all the medicaldisorder with short description to understand the disease andincrease your knowledge regarding this.Each term contain theirshort description with search option. It is helpful for theeducation as well as other related purpose.
Menstrual Calendar Premium
This the Premium version of MenstrualCalendar, with no feature limits and no ads.IMPORTANT : BACKUP DATA IN MENSTRUAL CALENDAR FREE BEFORE INSTALL(this is available in the "Settings" menu). You'll be able toimport data from free to premium.
عالج نفسك بدون طبيب
تطبيق عاجل نفسك بدون طبيب الجديد كليا يحملالكثير من الادوات الطبية والمعلومات التي تساعدك في الحفاظ على صحتكمن الامراض والجراثيم والفيروسات بالطب الحديث او الطب البديل (الطبالشعبي).التطبيق يضم موسوعة كبيرة من الامرض حسب نوعها وخطورتها وكيفية العلاجمنها او الوقاية منها مع صور توضيحية ومعلومات رائعة, التطبيق سهلالاستخدام ويمكن نشر وصفات العلاج ومشاركتها مع اصدقائك.من الامراض التي يضمها التطبيق امراض الرأس والامراض النفسية امراضالاسنان واللثة وامراض الجهاز التنفسي وامراض القلب والام الرقبةوالعظام والكثير من الامراض المستعصية و الجراثيم والفيروساتوالميكروبات.ساهم في نشر التطبيق عبر تقييمه بخمسة نجوم وكتابة ملوحوظاتك عبرتعليق.Apply a new doctoryourself without totally carries a lot of medical tools andinformation to help you maintain your health from diseases andgerms and viruses modern medicine or alternative medicine(traditional medicine).The application features a large Encyclopedia of Notifiable by typeand severity, and how the treatment or prevention of them withwonderful illustrations and information, the application is easy touse and can be deployed recipes and share them with your friendstherapy.Diseases comprising the application head disease and mental illnessteeth and gums, and respiratory diseases, heart disease and neckpain, bone disease and a lot of incurable diseases and bacteria,viruses and microbes.Contributed to deploy the application across Rated five stars andwrite Mlouhozatk through suspension.
التداوي بالأعشاب الطبيعية
taha free apps
هل الطب البديل يغنينا عن الأدوية التي تستنزف جيوبنا وسلامة صحتنا؟هل لدينا في بيوتنا أدوية بديلة عن الأدوية الكيماوية التي لاتخلو منخطورة مهما اختلفت أشكالها وألوانها؟إن هذا التطبيق أعزائي متصفحي الانترنت، سوف يعرفكم بأسرار الأعشابوبفوائدها الغذائية والعلاجية على حد سواء. سوف تتعرفون معنا علىالعديد من الأعشاب التي تحارب الأمراض، وتقوي الجسد، وتحافظ على جمالالبشرة، ورشاقة الجسم، وسلامة الصحة.إن هذا التطبيق سيجعلكم تدخلون عالم الطب البديل بأمان وبدون مصاريفباهضة كما هو الحال بالنسبة للأدوية الكيماوية، هنا ستجدون طرقالوقاية، وسبل العلاج بسهولة ويسر. هناك الكثير من الأمرض التي يمكنأن تعالج بالأعشاب، كالبثور والأمراض الجلدية كحب الشباب، والإكزيماوتساقط الشعر، وكذلك الأمراض الباطنية، والمشاكل الجنسية والسكري،والإمساك وقرحة المعدة والقولون العصبي والزكام، ومشاكل الدورةالشهرية...بواسطة الطب البديل سوف تتغلبون من الآلام، وستتغلبون على العديد منالأمراض والمشاكل الصحية. كل هذا ستجدونه على هذا التطبيق.Isalternative medicine sufficient for us for drugs that deplete ourhealth and safety of our pockets? Do we have in our homes foralternative medicines and chemical drugs to Atkhalo of theseriousness of whatever forms and colors?     This application Dear netizens, willAarafkm secrets of herbs and nutritional and therapeutic benefitsof both. Taatarafon will be with us on many of the herbs that fightdiseases, and strengthens the body, and keeps the skin beauty andagility of the body, health and safety. This application will make you come into the world ofalternative medicine safely and without expensive fees as in thecase of chemical drugs, here you will find methods of preventionand ways to easily treatment. There are a lot of Notifiable whichcan be treated with herbs, Kalpthor dermatology Khab youth, eczemaand hair loss, as well as internal diseases, diabetes and sexualproblems, constipation, stomach ulcers and irritable bowel syndromeand colds, and menstrual problems ...By Alternative Medicine will Tnglpon of pain, and Stnglpon on manydiseases and health problems. All this Stgdonh on thisapplication.
馨蕙馨醫院掛號APP for Android快速的掛號, 優質的看診Xin Hui Xin hospital, APPfor AndroidFast registration, quality visits
الدليل الشامل للعلاج بالأعشاب
السلام عليكم اخوانيفي هذا العصر الذي انتشرت فيه الأمراض المستعصية و استمر تطور الطب والعلوم، يسرني أن اضع بين أيديكم تطبيق يحتوي على مجموعة كبيرةمن الوصفات الطبية المجربة و المعتمدة على الأعشاب الطبيعية الآمنة والمتوفرة في جميع أنحاء العالمقمت بالبحث في كتب و مصادر متعددة قديمة و حديثة موثوقة مختصةبعلاج الأمراض بالأعشاب بطرق آمنه و سهلة ، و لخصتها بطريقة سلسة وميسرة يمكن من خلالها أن يتعامل كل شخص معها في المنزل طالما توفرتالأعشاب المعالجة ، و قمت بجمعها في هذا التطبيق الجديديضم هذا التطبيق 165 عشبة مع 1147 من الشروحات المختلفة و كل مايتعلق بعملية العلاج ويشتمل أيضا على وصفات خاصة بالنساء والأطفاليشتغل الدليل الشامل للعلاج بالأعشاب على جميع أجهزة الأندرويدPeace beupon you my brothersIn this era where incurable diseases spread and continueddevelopment of medicine and science, I am pleased to put your handson an application that has a large groupOf prescriptions based on proven and safe and natural herbsavailable all over the worldYou look at old books and multiple sources and modern reliablecompetent to treat diseases with herbs safe methods and easy, andthe summary provided by a smooth and friendly manner by which todeal with each person in the house as long as herbal treatmentavailable, and you have collected in this new applicationThis application includes a 165 with the 1147 Herb of thevarious explanations and everything related to the treatmentprocess also includes a private women's and children's RecipesComprehensive guide actuation of herbal remedy for all Androiddevices
طرق التداوي بالاعشاب
الكثير من الاشخاص عندما لا يجدون دوائهم عندالاطباء يلجأوون للتداوي في الاعشاب الطبيعية.للأعشاب فوائد كثيرة لا تحصى ولكن لكل نوع منها استخدام و علاجلمرض معين.هذا التطبيق يختص بالاعشاب الطبيعية و فوائد كل منها وطريقة تحضيرالدواء لأشهر الامراض في الدنيا.حمل هذا التطبيق لكي تتعرف على هذة الاعشاب والتداوي.شفى الله جميع من يعاني من الامراض ولعل وعسى يكون هذا التطبيق بهالدواء.
Medical News Online
* The most popular and up-to-date medical newsfrom various sources.* Context to advancements in medicine and health worldwide.* The latest contents of various medical journals, with articlesummaries.Features:* Last 24 Hours* All Unreads* All Stars* All Podcasts* Switch Theme (Light/Dark)* Explore and Choose your Sources (Add/Delete)SOURCES:Medical News TodayMedical XpressScienceDailyNewswiseEurekAlert!WebMDMedPage TodayBBCThe New York TimesScientific AmericanThe GuardianNPR Health Newse! Science NewsNew ScientistMedscapeMEDICAL JOURNALS:The LancetBMJ Current IssueBMJ Latest ResearchBMJ EducationBMJ PodcastsJAMA Current IssueJAMA Editors' SummaryJAMA Author InterviewsNEJM Current IssueNEJM Most Widely Covered ArticlesNature Medicine Current IssueNature Medicine - Online PublishingSORT BY CATEGORY:NEUROLOGY / NEUROSCIENCEPSYCHIATRY & PSYCHOLOGYONCOLOGYCardiologyGastroenterologyRheumatologyHematologyEndocrinologyRespiratory DiseasesLiver DiseasesAllergyImmunologyGeneticsStem Cell ResearchInfectious DiseasesDermatologyRehabilitation / Physical TherapyPEDIATRICS / Children's HealthSURGERYGynecology & ObstetricsOrthopedicsUrology / NephrologyPlastic Surgery / Cosmetic MedicineOphthalmologyEar, Nose and ThroatEmergency MedicineRadiology / Nuclear MedicineMedical DevicesPharmacology / Medications / Clinical TrialsRegulatory Affairs / Drug ApprovalsLIVING WELLPublic HealthMen's HealthWomen's HealthSexual Health & RelationshipsFertilityPregnancy and ChildbirthStaying HealthyNutrition / DietSmoking / Quit SmokingObesity / Weight Loss / FitnessSports MedicineSeniors & Healthy AgingPreventive MedicineAlternative MedicineForensicsDentistry & Oral HealthNursing / MidwiferyVeterinary...
BMI Calculator (free)
I'm so bored with persons like Dora and otherBENETTA. Why are you so STUPID ?!CHANGE ****THE UNITS**** and USE ****INCHES**** NOT FEET !- Dora, 5'2 = 62 inches, and 62 inches with 120lbs = 21.94 BMI!!!- Charles and Erik, you are not obese, just stupid.- Yes Charles, if you put 6 FEET in the INCHES text field and 175lbs, yes the calculation can't be right. 6 foot = 72 inches with175lbs = 23.73 BMI !!!My application can not guess that you have not learned toread- Tom, 25.38, OMG, yes, more than 25 your are overweight, BUT ifyou exceeded by only 0.38, or 1, seriously! think! A lipo betweenyour ears to get to 25? It's on the house!- tyler, are you kidding ? BMI is ONLY calculated with Height andWeight (see wikipedia).IT'S WRITTEN***Weight/lbs*** | ***Tall/inches*** IF you choose IMPERIAL UNITS(menu button) OR***Weight/kg*** | ***Tall/cm*** IF you choose METRIC UNITS (menubutton)/!\ I want to thank those who took the time to understand thissimple app. <3 all ;) (and your comments)Spelling errors in my description? Certainly, but English is not mynative language ;)/!\@Matthew, you're absolutely right, I try to find time to makethis small change but it is not easy. Change the unit without goingthrough the menu and allow to set "feet & inches" is theultimate goal to eliminate all problems. I'm totally zen ;)This app is a "Body Mass Index Calculator".BMI cannot be accurate for "athletes" or "muscular persons" !It's written bellow, in the description of this app ! >>>"The result is valid for "normal" children/adults/m/f (but not forthe muscular persons or "athletes"). The BMI formula is UNIQUE, foreverybody.Why there is no GENDER and AGE ?! Again, it's written at the endof the description.**** The only thing that differs between adults and children is the"reading table". I give you a "general reading table" for ADULTSONLY (Health Organizations did this, not me) ! The reading tablesmay differ between country or population (but really not so much...even if they exists). There is a more precise reading table forchildren 5/19 years made by WHO (World Health Organization The general reading table is just an INDICATION. Ifyou want some "real" information about your condition, ask yourdoctor ***My current BMI is 24.81, 1kg more and OMAGAD I'm in"overweight". And what ? I lift some weights, I run, I'm relativelymuscled so there is nonsense to calculate my BMI. If you do sport,if you are in god shape, why do you want criticize a tool who isn'tmade for you ?If you start doing some sport, you can use this application tocalculate your "first" BMI. When you begin to lose fat and gainmuscle, you (maybe) will arrive in the "normal" zone. From there,if you continue to lose fat without gaining too much muscle, youcan still calculate your BMI, the reading table will remainaccurate for you. By cons, if you keep gaining muscle (AND/ORlosing fat), from a certain point, calculate your BMI hasabsolutely no sense.Features:* Units: metric(cm - kg)/imperial(lbs - inches) (Use the menubutton for changing that)* Languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Croatian,Korean* Long click on the result's zone to resetFOR CHANGING UNITS, USE THE MENU BUTTON!---THE PROVIDED READING TABLE IS A "GENERAL" READING TABLE.HOWEVER, IT APPLIES WITHOUT DISTINCTION TO (ADULTS) - MEN ANDWOMEN -. YOU'RE NOT NECESSARILY IN OVERWEIGHT IF YOU EXCEED THEAVERAGE HIGH MORE THAN 0.1.SO BEFORE YOU SAY "NOT ENOUGH FOR PRECISION" THINK ABOUTTHAT.HOWEVER IF YOU EXCEED 1 OR MORE OF THE "NORMAL" SLICE, THE READINGTABLE WILL APPLY REGARDLESS OF ITS ACCURACY.BMI IS A SIMPLE "NUMBER". IT IS USED WITH OTHER TOOLS FORSHAPING A PROFILE OF HEALTH.Again, THIS APPLICATION IS A SIMPLE CALCULATOR. ONLY A DOCTOR WITHYOUR HISTORY OF HEALTH, YOUR BMI, ETC. CAN YOU GIVE MORE INFO ABOUTYOUR HEALTH/OVERWEIGHT/ETC accurately.---Wikipedia info at:
M3, Inc.
m3.comアプリは、数多くの医師が利用する日本最大級の医療従事者専用アプリです。簡単・シンプル・サクサクな操作性で毎日の診療に役立つ医学・医療情報をチェックできるm3.comアプリ。ぜひ、ご活用ください。【主な機能】◆MR君・最新の医療情報、医薬品情報をいつでもどこでも視聴。・MR君アプリとのシームレスな連携。◆医療ニュース・新聞より早く、日々の最新医療ニュースを配信。・m3.com編集医療コラム「医療維新」を配信。◆Doctors Community・医師限定掲示板。疾患・治療法など専門的な議論や医療に関連する時事情報などを主体に、日々活発に意見交換しています。◆カンファレンス・疾患の診断や治療法など、診療で遭遇する諸問題について意見交換する医師限定のQ&Aサービス。◆Web講演会・医師が自宅や勤務先から講演会に参加できます。◆臨床ダイジェスト・日々の臨床に役立つ最新ニュースをお届けします。◆クイズ・毎日出題!医療知識をクイズ形式で学べます。◆アンケート・アンケートの回答や医療従事者に対する意識調査結果をチェックできます。◆その他・注目記事通知機能。医療ニュース、Doctors Community等の注目記事タイトルを受け取ることができます。・キャンペーン通知。お得なキャンペーン情報を受け取ることができます。・ウィジェット機能あり。アプリを立ち上げなくてもMR君やニュースに素早くアクセスできます。【利用条件について】※本アプリケーションは、医療従事者向け(主に医師向け)のアプリケーションです。※ご利用には、m3.comアカウントによるログインが必要となります。※本アプリケーションは、利用規約(をご確認のうえ、ご利用ください。当サービスが定める医療従者は以下の通りです。医師、産業医、歯科医師、獣医師、薬剤師、保健師、助産師、看護師、准看護師、診療放射線技師、診療エックス線技師、臨床検査技師、衛生検査技師、理学療法士、作業療法士、視能訓練士、言語聴覚士、義肢装具士、臨床工学技士、管理栄養士、救急救命士、歯科衛生士、歯科技工士、その他当サイトが認める医療従事者、医療関係者上記以外の資格で医療施設に勤務されている方医学研究者、医学教育者、看護教員、医学部、歯学部、薬学部、獣医学部の専門課程学生、看護系学生、医療関連企業勤務者
Eye Diagnosis
Jörg Eisfeld
This App has the purpose to support thevisualization of eye photographs on an Android device, in order todo medical iris diagnosis.The key features of the App are- the organization of eye photos by name, date and side(right/left)- the display of two eye photos in parallel (with full support ofindividual resizing), so that comparisons are possible (such asright-left comparison, earlier-later comparison, different personcomparison, or comparison to an iris topography).- Change of brightness and contrast of the photo during display,and overlay with an iris topography.The app stores data (such as position of center of eye) as metadatain the JPG files. This allows to transfer stored data betweendifferent devices by just copying the photos.The app allows free use only for a trial period of two weeks.Further use requires the one-time purchase of an in-apppackage.----------------------------------------------If you experience issues with the app, please contact me with thedetailed problem description.
Surgery is stressful; talking to your doctorshould be easy!At Doctella, we believe that better communication between patientsand their health care team will make medical care safer, moreeffective and easier to navigate.With help from experts at Johns Hopkins, leading surgeons, andpatient advocates, Doctella provides you with innovative tools thatwill help you become more informed and engaged in your care.• The Doctella Checklist is a customized checklist of questions anda to-do list specific to your procedure. Use the Doctella checklistthroughout your timeline of care: before surgery, day of surgery,after surgery and when you are heading home.• The Patient Passport is a place where you can store importantinformation to share with your doctor such as: your personalhistory, allergies you may have and current medications.Doctella tools help you engage in more productive and meaningfulconversations with your doctor, leading to safer and more effectivecare.Doctella is your partner on the road to recovery.Keywords: medical checklist, patient passport, Care Content,Surgery, Patient Engagement, Safety, CareKit, ResearchKit, GoogleFit