Ninja Saga 1.3.91
Now you can play Ninja Saga on your Androiddevice!! It's one of the MOST POPULAR and BEST Ninja-themed RPGwith 18 millions of fans around the world.Since its online debut in 2009, this top reviewed social RPG onFacebook with its dazzling manga graphics and sensational gameplayhad been enticing the hidden Ninjas in the hearts of over 70million players worldwide.May be you wanna bleach your hair like Naruto and no matter youwanna be Samurai, Pirate or other Anime character!! Just simplycreate your own Ninja Avatar and fully customize with a vastselection of Ninjutsu, outfits, gears, weapons, and pets in orderto bring peace to the world!To explore the ninja world and experience the exciting adventurewith completing your daily missions, level up, learn the ultimateJutsu, and discover the Bloodline skills to progress and becomestronger! Someday you will be the number one in this piece ofland.MORE POWER!!!KEY FEATURES:- Customize your own Ninja Avatar with weapons, outfits and evenNinjutsu!- Build a unique team with up to 3 Ninjas- 5 Ninjutsu Elements for choosing- Tons of daily missions that keep you busy for hours!- Achievements- Advanced Skills- 40 Levels Content with exams- Blacksmith & Weapon upgrades- Exciting in-game events- Regular updatesComing soon:- Fusion Pet System with Gacha Machine: September 2017- Hunting House missions & special rewards: September2017- Chunin Exams: coming September 2017- Next 20 levels: October 2017Future Update:- Bloodline Skills and Jutsu- Clan War and Battle- Multi-player Battle (PvP)- And MUCH MORE!STORY:The world of the Shinobi is now at the brink of chaos anddestruction after a siege by a mysterious evil force. At thesedesperate times, a hero must rise to embark on a treacherousjourney to defeat the evil forces and protect the world fromoblivion. Born from the ashes of the last Great War, young ninjaslook out to this chaotic world with one ambition… to become thebest ninja of all ninjas and restore peace and order to thisworld."****LIKE NINJA SAGA (ANDROID) ON FACEBOOK!https://www.facebook.com/NinjaSagaMobileFOLLOW NINJA SAGA (ANDROID) ON TWITTER!https://twitter.com/NS_Android****"
NS Clan War Panel 0.9.11
Now you can play Ninja Saga Clan WarsFacebook, on your mobile phone!With NS Clan War Panel, you not only can take quick fights withother clans, but also upgrade your stamina limit and replenish yourstamina!This is your ultimate companion that will make your Clan evenstronger!Battle On!
Ninja Dart 1.2.4
Be the strongest ninja out there! Gear upandstart your training by honing your darts. Throw those dartsonstraw human dummy and be skilled with short and long rangebattle.This training won't be that easy though, because those strawhumandummy will be moving from one place to another. Are you up forthetraining? Then grab your ninja darts now!