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Khel Khel Mein Bano crorepati 1.1
This application is totally knowledge based stuff.In this application we have to cover all general knowledgequestionsso the person can improve his or her g.k for any kind of testthis app is applicable by all age groups.this application is very interesting and person can learn with funfeatures:-2.based on G.K3.identical as KBC
Food Recipes 1.1
Food RecipesYou can now invite you family and friends and impress them withthe exquisite flavours of your new-found "Food Recipes"knowledge. With "Food Recipes" you will find all the requiredculinary expertise like those of a seasoned professional."Food Recipes" is a gamut which has everything from the classicrecipes to the traditional palatable platters.Search any recipe with the keywords like sweet, sour, chicken,soup etc. and get the list of all the recipes related to it.Tap the recipe name and get its details such as instructions,description etc.You can also have the glipmse of the recipes through their imagesin Recipe Details Screen.Use "Food Recipes" to make great cookouts to share at yourpicnic, house party, backyard party or tailgate party.So Guys,never have a boring party again! Cook delicious, eatdelicious.Type of Recipes :1) Dinner Recipes2) Lunch Recipes3) Soup Recipes4) Chicken Recipes5) Vegetable Recipes6) Dessert Recipes7) Cup Cake RecipesEtc.Download now and Happy Cooking with "Food Recipes".
Brain Puzzle 1.0
On check Time, application allows you toattempt puzzle in time. If you will not attempt question beforeTimes' up , you have to option Try Again and Exit.Before 15 puzzles, you have to solve puzzle in 5 minutes and after16-30 puzzles, time limit is 3 minutes and 31-50 puzzles is 2minutes.Generally, Brain Puzzle shows you one puzzle at a time and youhave to answer in no any time bound.Share on Facebook.Get hint form Brain Puzzle.Get correct answer of Puzzle.
Blood Bank 1.0
E- BLOOD BANKEASY WAY TO ACCESS PEOPLE DONATING BLOOD IN YOUR AREA.Blood Bank - Give blood save Life. App helps you to find peoplesdonating blood in your area. You can contact them through phonenumber or email address.You can see the location of user in map and if register yourselfwith App you can get push notification in case your blood groupmatches with the need of blood.You can find near by Hospitals and access themFeatures:1)Find Donar with your specific blood group and with yourrespective states and cities.2)Send notification :will help you know who all are having thesame blood group in your local area.3).Find Nearby Hospitals In Maps4)Provided helpline numbers in case of emergencyFor any suggestion feel free to write us on : [email protected]
PocketBand 1.6
Most Awaited App , Christmas and New year 2014App." Brilliant way to teach music!" -App User reviewA Astrological way to get kids and adults excited for musiceducation."This Charming , attractive, thorough app creatively andmasterfully presents the beginner with a variety of opportunitiesto increase his or her knowledge of music laws ... 5/5 stars" -Learn fundamental principles of music through lessons,videos,and a creative environment where learners can create their ownsongs - and see them performed with in the app by playing therecorded versions ! Fun for kids and adults.Pocket band does not collect any personal information.
Physics Fundamental 1.2
[15:23:14] Anupreet kaur: This Application isdesigned to outline the general development of the main branches ofphysics as we know them today. It is presented here as occurring ina fairly linear fashion, and discusses only the principal figuresin each area.The Branches covered in this application are:1. Motion.2. Force.3. Work, Power and Energy.4. Gravity.5. Waves.6. Magnetic Field.7 Electric Current.8. Thermodynamics.9 Optics and many more.There is also a separate section for some famous physicianswhich contains Brief history of the physicians and thereinventions.Keywords: Physics, Android, Chitkara University Apps, FundamentalPhysics, Physicians.
Money Buzz 1.0
Money Buzz, safe and easy. Coinbase is aninternational digital wallet that allows you to securely buy, use,and accept bitcoin.Funds are are stored securely online using banklevel security, and you can remotely deactivate your device withoutlosing your funds from the Coinbase website if you lose it.Transactions are instantly synced with your web account and acrossall your devices.Have your Bitcoins always with you, in yourpocket! You pay by quickly scanning a QR-code. As a merchant, youreceive payments reliably and instantly.FEATURES:• No registration, web service or cloud needed! This moneybuzz isde-centralized and peer to peer.• Display of Bitcoin amount in BTC, mBTC and µBTC.• Conversion to and from national currencies.• Sending and receiving of Bitcoin via NFC, QR-codes or BitcoinURLs.• Address book for regularly used Bitcoin addresses.• When you're offline, you can still pay via Bluetooth.• System notification for received coins.• App widget for Bitcoin balance.Keywords : money management , send money , bit coins , exchangemoney , money transfer , money , bank apps , money apps.
Recipe Recket 1.0
Recipe Recket is the application where you canget various types of dishes which you can make it by yourself fromthis application .Many types of dishes which you have never made are available onthis application.It is a set of instructions which helps you how tomake or prepare something new for your family.It has a list ofingredients for making or preparing tasty dishes.It provides various features :-1.It is designed diagrammatically using 3D view.2.Especially beneficial for girls.3.It includes huge variety of dishes.4.You can share our recipe icon with anyone.5.You can even give rating to our application.Hope you all gonna like our application.Thanks!!!
BiologyStroke 1.2
*This application is specially designed forthe science students with an interest inbiology.*This app will be used on the basis of study on cell structure,DNAstructure,protein synthesis etc.It will emphasize on the molecular andcellular basis oflife, biochemical processes, cellular structure and function, andgenetics.*It includes all the basic information about the subject related tothe syllabiecurriculum.*Students will gain the knowledge that is important to understandwhat our bodyis doing,how it can interact with other parts of the body.*Students can intensify the basic skills of biology.*Here we pay particular attention to improve the basic knowledge ofthe subject sothat student finds no difficulty in grasping the concepts.
Income Tax Calculator 2015-16 1.2
Want to calculate your income tax ? With"Income Tax Calulator 2015- 2016" you can instantly calculate yourtax.Income Tax is calulated according to Tax Payer.Income Tax Aapis very simple and easy to use.The Income Tax that you got itinclude Education Cess too. After that you will get Total TaxLiabilityHave fun using "Income Tax Calculator 2015-2016"incometax
Chemistry Stroke 1.3
* A Simple application designed as a quickreference for the students of class 11th.* This app is a way of knowing about the composition, structure,function, and properties of substances.* Includes the basic information about all the topic of theirsyllabus curriculum.* We explain all the basic details and relevant images withparticular topic.* Understandable so that student can easily grab the matter.* Student can enhance their chemistry basic skills.* A study of the basic principles of chemistry with specialemphasis on problem solving.* Chemistry is the science of matter at or near the atomic scale soIn this application we target as a manager issue.* Here we focus to improve student's basic knowledge and make themcomfortable with chemistry.* To find and use information about the possible effects ofknowledge and materials on individuals and the environmentscience.
Kids Coloring 1.1
Kids Coloring is a coloring tool for kids.Ithas been primarily designed for kids .It is kids toys andgifted education.This app has various features:-You can select image from gallery and paint the image as the wayyou want.-You can click a picture from your phone and paint the picture withany color chosen.-you have list of images on the screen ,select the image andstart painting.-It is an interactive kids coloring app that works fast.Your child can choose the pictures from the followingcategories:-Apple-Banana-Butterfly-VowelsAnd lots more.Kids love the games and it can keep kids busy all daylong.After painting the image you can save the image in your gallery aswell.You can select new drawing in case your drawing goes wrong.Wish you have good time with your kids!!!
Math Induction 1.0
Math Induction is a app that is designed forthose who want to fast there calculations. In this you can checkhow much time you take to perform 30 calculations.1.In Math Induction calculations are based onAddition,Subtraction,Multiplication And Division.2.You can save your scores3.Math Induction is present in different levels like easy, mediumand hard.4.Questions according to different levels.5. you can share your score with your friends also.6.Math Induction will help you in enchancing your calculationsskills.7.Using Math Induction you can check how much time you take tosolve 30 calculations.8.You can view your saved score at any time.
POQuiz 1.1
DescriptionPO Quiz is the application which is developed for those who want tocrack govt jobs or placement in good company.This app consist oftwo basic part learning and quiz which helps you in enhancing yourbasic concepts of General Knowledge, Quantitative Aptitude, Englishand Reasoning.Features:-*Enhance your Knowledge.*More than 400 questions.*Contain quiz which help in checking your performance.*Quiz contain timer which show you how much time you have taken tocomplete the quiz.*Contain multiple choice question of General Knowledge,quantitativeaptitude, English and Reasoning.*Best part of this is that it contain previous year papersalso.*In learning session you can check the correct answer.*You can also share it with your friends.
MonkeySays 1.0
MonkeySays is one of the most useful and easyto use Android Phone image apps.It's often said a picture is wortha thousand words. But sometimes a handful of carefully chosen wordscan be even more effective than any single moody photo filter.Adding captions to digital photos are this generation's Sharpiesonto Polaroids, allowing users to incorporate a personal,inspirational, or spontaneous few words, transforming digitalsnapshots into virtual postcards.Whether a photo needs editing or enhancing, Picture Perfect has thetools necessary for making quick adjustments, including adding textonto the photo as a final touch. The speech bubbles alignment, andpositioning are all customizable.The effect is quite lovely, andMonkeySays is extraordinarily easy to use for inputting text andpinching to arrange a carefully arranged sentiment of image withwords. Finished creations can be exported to Facebook, Twitter andEmail directly from the app.
Kidos Tic Tac 1.0
Kidos Tic Tac games is only for fun.Single and 2 player mode (Computer and human)In Kidos Tic Tac, we use famous cartoon Character like-Mickey& Mini, Tom & Jerry, Dexter etc.Kidos Tic Tac we also play Zero-Cross.No wastage of paper.Use this game for fun with your kids, family and friends.Guaranteed fun and free.Use attractive graphics.You can play Kidos Tic Tac with your friends, colleagues, andany other person.Fully optimized for Android phones.The player (X) plays against the Android App (O).The two players place their mark alternately on a 3 x 3 squareswide playing field. Who sets the first three of hischaracters in a row, column or main diagonal is the winner.Challenging opponents - Opponents are based on how real peopleare playing Kidos Tic Tac (oxo or xox).Simple touchscreen interface.Kidos Tic Tac game will show you puzzles that will make exploteyour brain due to the possibility of rotating the boardand the different board sizes available.
Sports World 1.3
Here we launch Sports World app, popularSports World app is heavy package of live scores, breaking newsin-depth analysis. It is world spots app..It is a gift for sportsfan on account of world cup 2015Features include:- Instant scores and updates on the biggest games of the day- Breaking news and analysis of Cricket- Real-time coverage of Cricket- Real-time coverage of Football (NFL, NCAA, CFL)- Ice Hockey- Soccer Match- Ranji Trophy Match- Basket Ball- Table Tennis- Handball- VolleyBall- ICC WorldCup Schedule 2015
Love With Cards 1.1
Cards are the best way for someone to sharethe feelings of heart with their beloved ones. Through thebeautiful Love cards you can give them smile on their face.So we have designed the application named "Love With Cards".Thisapplication is usable for all age groups.In our application "Love With Cards" we have given so many prettycards for your beloved one. Here you can share your feeling withimages and text that you want to write yourself or want take itfrom already available database of love quotes.Features of application:-1. Shareable cards.2. Can apply image and text by own.3. Love quotes are available is available.4. Can take photo by camera.5. Can write text by typing yourself.6. Can pick photo from your gallary.
Location Based Profile 1.0
Ever worried about changing yourphone'sprofile Time and Again?Here is an app for YOU! which changes the profile while you areonthe movefrom places to places. It changes as you go!A location based profle changing app for your smart phone thatisreally smartand work without disturbing you (in the background). Also,backupyour locationson the Dropbox with just one click and its done!
Job Finder 1.1
In modern days every one wants to beselfdependent.So jobs are preferred.We have designed the application named Job Finder to make thisjobsearch easily. now this find is in your hands according toyourrequirement by just one click.Features:-1. You can get your dream job and city by just one click onJobFinder.2. Here list of jobs is shown.3. Detail of job is displayed.4. You can directly apply for the job.5. If you find any suitable job you can save that as a bookmarkinJob Finder application.6. You can remove the bookmark jobs if no more needed.7. You can find or see the pace by maps.8. You can sort the list of job by date or by relevance .So for easy find job download the Job Finder.
Logo Quiz++ 1.0
WANT TO CHECK YOUR IQ LEVEL ??WANT TO KNOW HOW MUCH YOU KNOW ABOUT COMPANIES AND HOWYOURECOGNIZE THEM ?We present you a game where we have list of companies logosandyou have to guess which company logo is this one .In this app you have to guess logos of the popular companiesandenjoy this entertaining game. More logos you guess more pointsyouwill earn. Moreover in case you get stuck for any questionanddon’t know the answer . DON’T GIVE UP !!!You can use your coins you have earned to get hints orremoveletters. You can ask question to your friends in Twitter ,Facebookand WHATSAPP.- OVER THOUSANDS BRANDS TO GUESS!In day to day life we see logos while walking in the roads , TV,sports events and while doing Shopping :). Our eyes aresurroundedby them all the time. But do you recognise them easily ?Do you havegood memory ?- ASK YOUR FRIENDSYou can ask your friends in Facebook , Twitter & whats Appandfill up missing letters.- HELPStill stuck with Answer ? You can use your earned coins toRedeemfor the answer.- GAME STATSYou can track your points records and play with your friends.
Pedometer++ 1.0
Looking for good heathLooking for Shaped BodyTHIS IS THE APP NEED TO BE INSTALLED IN YOUR PHONE AND TRACKYOURBODY MASS EVERYDAY !!!Pedometer++ - Step Log is a Smart tool for health and fitness,makeyou more fit and active, Best Companion in your Dailyroutineexercise and jogging, a life time tracker of your caloriesburnrecord.- Automatically records all your steps- Database storage with advanced features.- Store records and view the history anytime anywhere.- Works anywhere: pants or jacket pocket, hand or arm, in asportsbag or purse- Speed calculation- Distance (miles or km) covered- Step frequency counter and calculation- Calories Burnt calculation__ Running in background,measuring your steps.__ You can pause counting from start activity._ you can reset Your Step Count.__ Absolutely free application in the market.---NETWORK COMMUNICATION: for Ads.
Flappy Chicken 1.0
Flappy ChickenFly the Chicken around obstacles- Avoid the obstacles(Cat and cactus)- Repeatedly tap screen to increase altitude.- Reach 40 points to get the chance to play aspecialcharacter- Collect medals by getting 10/50/100 pointsEnjoy the game
Time Tracker 1.0
Today we all have very busy schedule soitsvery difficult to get remember all that tasks that havebeendone.for this we have designed an application named "Time Tracker".inthis app you can record your tasks with time or without time.Features:-* You can add projects and in a project you can set numberofevents* Here two modes are available so you can apply one shotandplay* In one shot you can save event without time* In play you can record the time from begin to stop of this will tell you the time period that you spent inthatevent* You can delete the event from particular project* You can delete even the complete project with its name
To enjoy GREAT MORNINGs everyday!**********************************Try "WAKEUP FITNESS ALARM CLOCK"**********************************WAKEUP FITNESS ALARM CLOCK IS THE MOST FULLY FEATURED ANDMOSTSTABLE ANDROID ALARM CLOCKAll options and features are configurable, spend time withWAKEUPFITNESS ALARM CLOCK and set it up exactly how you wantit!WAKEUP FITNESS ALARM CLOCK features include:**Unlimited alarms.**User can set alarm on weekdays basis.**User can set snooze for multiple time option.**Have Multiple ringtones.**User can set Analog and digital clock according tohis/herneed.**User can set the time format according to his need.**User can activate and deactivate the alarms**The history of alarm will be save automatically inHISTORYsection.User can check it or delete it if he/she want.
DogBreed 1.2
DogBreed Application: Full descriptionandbehavior Knowledge of dog, cat and horse breed with Photos.If you want to know everything about Dog, cat and horsebreedsthis app is for you. Find comprehensive information, withphotos,of more than fifty cat, dog and horse breeds that will helpyouchoose and get to know your pet. Some features.- More than 50 breeds of cat.- More than 50 breeds of dog.- More than 50 breeds of dog.- So many cat pictures ,behavior and description.- So many dog pictures ,behavior and description.- So many horses pictures ,behavior and description.- You can download and use on your mobile .- Discuss and share the content with your friends.This DogBreed app is free, and very easy to use.
Learn Android 1.3
Are you a student, who have interestinLearning Android ?Well how it sounds to you that while you are traveling,orplaying with phone Learn ANDROID.Learn Android app will help you to understand androidbasicconcepts. It contains all important topics understanding youmustneed before you start your development .Technical material is also added inside topics forbetterunderstanding. Each method is explained very well.This app will help you :During InterviewDuring College viva voiceDuring DevelopmentDuring QuizDuring Mobile app DevelopmentRest you know better , when you need this app :)So enjoy and keep posting your views or topics you want us toaddhere.
Data WareHouse 1.0
"Data Warehouse" is designed forquickreference for the IT students."Data Warehouse" application is designed to know aboutbasicconcept of data warehouse.This application explains all the basic details andrelevantimages with all Data Warehouse topics.Better Understanding with images.Useful and knowledgeable application for the beginnersandintermediate users.The main aim of this application "Data Warehouse" is thebasicconcept of data warehouse and why we use it and manymorethings.This application is also used for the students intheirsyllabi.So go and learn more about Data Warehouse and developyourskills.
C++ programming 1.1
"C and C++" is designed for quick referenceforthe IT students.This application is designed to know about basic concept of CandC++.This application explains all the basic details,relevantimagesand their programs with all topics.Better Understanding with images.Useful and knowledgeable application for the beginnersandintermediate users.This application is also used for the students in theirsyllabi.So go and learn more about C and C++ and develop yourskills.
Computer Fundamental 2.3
A simple application "Computer Fundamental" isdesigned as a quick reference for the beginners who are learningbasic of computes.The "Computer Fundamental" application is a way of knowing aboutbasic concepts of computer.Include the basic information about computer and theircomponents.Included features :Explained all the basic details and relevant images with allcomputer fundamental topics.Better understanding through images. I bet you never forget them inyour life.Useful application is for beginners as well as intermediateusers."Computer Fundamental" is useful for those who are going throughcomputer skills development courses like computer basics, hardware,software, CPU and their components etc.The main aim of this application "Computer Fundamental" is how touse the computers and their components.This application "Computer Fundamental" is used for Generalknowledge and also used for students in their syllabi.So go and learn more about computers and grown your skills.
Mathematics 1.1
WANT TO STUDY MATHEMATICS IN YOUR PHONE ANDNOINTENET REQUIRED!!!!PREPARING FOR COMPETITIVE EXAMS.... TAKE THIS APP ANDSOLVEMULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS.Mathematics App helps those students who wants tolearnmathematics anytime. you can learn various and differentformulasin the app .This application is made for all mathematics students schooltocollege going.- factoring (Bézout's identity, Euler's totient function,leastcommon multiple, greatest common divisor)- modulo calculation with big integer and fractions- differential and integral calculus- curve sketching, limes, minima, maxima- linear algebra, vectors, matrices
Christmas Cards 1.0
Cards are the best way for someone to sharethefeelings of heart with their beloved ones. through thebeautifulLove cards you can give them smile on their we have designed the application named ChristmasCards.Thisapplication is usable for all age groups.In our application "Christmas Cards" we have given so manyprettycards for your beloved one. here you can share your feelingwithimages and text that you want to write yourself or want takeitfrom already available data that is full of love, wishesbyChristmas quotesfeatures of application:-1. Sharable cards2. Can apply image and text by own3. Christmas quotes are available is available4. Can take photo by camera5. Can write text by typing yourself6. Can pick photo from your gallery.
Music Melody 1.1
U wanna Learn Music Notes...... Then get"Music Melody Game"Basically there are two sections t:*In training section you have to push the button with thecorrectnote, if u can’t judge the correct sound then correct buttonwillglow with green colour.* In quick test you have to find maximum notes in oneminute.After One minute your score will be counted and will displayonScore board*In Notes And Plug-in You can learn the notes via videos*Music Melody supports six different types of notation, nomatterwhat country you are:1. Southern and Eastern Europeans (do re mi)2. English (C D E)3. North European (C D E ... H)4. Bizantine (or pa vu)5. Japanese (イ ロ ハ)6. Indian (sa re ga).
Computer Networking 1.1
"Networking" is designed for quick referencefor the IT students.This application is designed to know about basic concept ofNetworking.This application explains all the basic details,relevant images andtheir programs with all relevant topics.Better Understanding with images.Useful and knowledgeable application for the beginners andintermediate users.This application is also used for the students in theirsyllabi.So go and learn more about Networking and develop yourskills.
PhotoGram 1.4
NOW SHARE YOUR BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES ANDPICTURESWITH EASY TO GO PHOTO EDITING APP. PHOTOGRAM GIVES YOUSIMPLEINTERFACE WITH USER FRIENDLY TOOLS TO EDIT YOURUNFORGETTABLEMEMORIES STORED IN PICTURES.SHARE WITH IN THE APP FROM FACEBOOK , TWITTER , LINKEDINANDINSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS.*************************************************************************PhotoGram is a great photo editing app.Basically PhotoGramisdesigned for those who want to edit their photos.PhotoGramcontaingreat Photo editing tools.Using PhotoGram you can giveeffects,color, orientation and many more to your photos.Features of PhotoGram:-1.Using PhotoGram you can add different effects can change color, orientation, brightness,contrast ofyourimage.3 In PhotoGram you can also add frames to your can add various stickers.5 you can also draw on the picture.6.Using PhotoGram you can write text on your picture.7 You can also crop the image according to your convenience.8. sharpen and blur the image using tool.9. Crop, rotate, and straighten your photo.10 share your photos in whatsapp , facebook and twitter.and many more .....we are regularly updating this app with new features .checkoutthe coming updates and submit your suggestion[email protected]
Full form Quiz 1.0
Play the ultimate guess quiz game anddiscoverthe full forms of computer science!!!!!This is basically quiz of full forms of computer scienceandtechnology.Test Your Knowledge Skills now!Test yourself on the different level of quiz and have Fun!!You can also learn some basic full forms of Computer Science.This quiz "Guess Quiz" is a multiple choice quiz with three orfouroptions.This app "Guess Quiz" helps students and beginners to refreshtheirbasic full forms of computer science and technology and itacts asa handy guide for preparing exams.It works offline.keywords: computer, full form, quiz
Typing Challenge 1.1
Typing Challenge is amazing game forimprovingtyping speed or skills. With this application, you canmeasure yourtyping accuracy on android keyboard and compare yourtyping speedwith your colleagues.Modes:1. Learning :This level definitely helps you, if you arenotfamiliar with alphabet positions. This will teach you howtoremember alphabet position.2. One Word :One Word level game type in which there arethreestages Easy, Medium and Hard. Each level has itsownfunctionalists.3. One Line :One Line contain one line statement which willgiveyour typing speed and accuracy in one line.
Gas Finder 1.2
Find Cheap Gas Prices!!!!!Gas Finder helps you to find gas station with one tap.Gas prices only for USA.Gas Finder uses gas price information provided by our users.Gas Finder uses GPS to locate where you are and showthedirection to the nearest gas station.User can Filter the near stations.It will be very helpful for people who doesn't know where tobuyfuel diesel etc.
DataStructure 1.4
"Data Structure" is designed forquickreference for the IT students."Data Structure" application is designed to know aboutbasicconcept of data structure.This application explains all the basic details,relevantimagesand their programs with all Data Structure topics.Better Understanding with images.Useful and knowledgeable application for the beginnersandintermediate users.This application is also used for the students in theirsyllabi.So go and learn more about Data Structure and developyourskills.
Medicine Alert 1.0
Medicine Alert is a beautiful.because Doyoukeep forgetting your daily medicines? Now never forget to takethemwith the help of "Medicine Alert"It will help you take your medicine on time and safely. Italsoallows you to help your family members with their pills.Features:- user can add up to 1000 scheduled time i.e. alarms.- user can set medicine name ,description, and doses.- user can set ringtone.- show the medicine help- show the nearest hospital in emergency time.- show the display board.- use snooze timeIt will help you remember to take meds, keep track what pillyoutook and when, remind you to refill.
Tap N Play 1.0
This application is basically used tomotivatekids, with the help of Talking animations. ABC arebroadlycategorized into four types:-1. Vegetable ABC2. Fruits ABC3. Animal ABC4.Simple ABC*It is performed with the help of FLIP COVER.*This app is the best suited for children.*All the pictures are animated.*It is especially designed for age group 0 to 7.*All Alphabets includes letters A to Z and is fully-featured.*Let your kids learn English Alphabets in an easier wayby relating each Alphabet with an object. Soundsinterestingright?*Perfect Learning tool… ABC for kids is simple to understand,yetfun enough to keep smallchildren entertained. Great way to get them to learnwithoutrealizing that they are learningsomething new. Great graphics, attractive pictures, real soundandclear pronunciations.* Unique music and animal ABC, simple ABC, Vegetable ABC,FruitsABC.* Awesome way to learn the ABC* This application very helpful for your Kids.
Christmas Quoted Life 1.0
Christmas quotes is the application wherewewant you to give wishes to your close ones with verybeautifulquotes of Christmas.Here person can express his or her views related to Christmaswisheswithin few words using touching quotes Of Christmas.This appisapplicable for all age groups.Best collection of Christmas quotes.Features:-1. Sharable by just one click.2. Soft Christmas background music.3. Heart touching Christmas messages.4. Sharable text.
Java Programming 1.0
"Java Programming" is designed forquickreference for the IT students.This application is designed to know about basic conceptofJava.This application explains all the basic details,relevant imagesandtheir programs with all relevant topics.Better Understanding with images.Useful and knowledgeable application for the beginnersandintermediate users.This application is also used for the students intheirsyllabi.So go and learn more about Java and their concepts and developyourskills.