mascasobacos (JMC) Apps

Shot Sniper 2.1
Funny and entertaining game, where you have toachieve the highest score possible by shooting the target in oneminute. For this you must move the phone to aim at the target withthe front sight.Works with mobile phone accelerometer.The score is displayed on a World Ranking, in which you put yournickname and choose the name of your country.Game multilanguage: Spanish and English.This game is great if you are bored to play crush candy.
Bluetooth Assistant 1.2
With this application you can control theBluetooth adapter of your ANDROID device.Features:- Connect / disconnect the Bluetooth adapter.- Make your device visible to other device for 120 seconds.- Scan for devices you have at hand.- Paring / disparing to other devices.- Multilingual: Spanish and English.
En esta época de corrupción, sobres y dineronegro, llega este divertido y entretenido juego en el que tendrásque destapar casillas evitando encontrar los sobres ilegales condinero B.Se trata de una versión del clásico buscaminas, ambientado enuna época en la que los políticos y diversos cargos públicos sededican al camuflaje de dinero publico.No te lo pierdas y disfruta viendo a los personajes de estatrama incluidos en el juego.Características:- Elección de un Nick y una bandera- 2 niveles, fácil y difícil- Ranking personal- Ranking mundialIn this era ofcorruption, black money envelopes and comes this fun andentertaining game in which you have to uncover boxes envelopesavoiding illegal find money B. This is a version of the classic minesweeper, set in anera in which politicians and various public officials engaged inpublic money camouflage. Do not miss it and enjoy watching the characters of thisstory included in the game.Features: - Choosing a Nick and a flag- Two levels, easy and hard- Personal Ranking- World Ranking
Administrator 1.3
Simple app that lets you control your wirelessconnections ANDROID device.Features:- Turn onTurn data connection, WIFI and BLUETOOTH.- See the list of the connected BLUETOOTH devices withinreach.- Multi-language: Spanish and English.
Morse Code Flashes 1.0
Simple application to send light signals inMorse code using your Android device FLASH.It incorporates different options:+ You can write the word to send, with a maximum of 20characters.+ You can also turn on and off the light touch of a button to sendyourself the morse code.+ Includes a button that directly sends SOS distress.languages:- Spanish- Basque- Catalan- English- And many more
Sistemas para ganar quinielas 1.1
Todo el mundo quiere tener altas posibilidadesde acertar la quiniela pero gastándose poco dinero. Con lossistemas que aquí os mostramos, olvidaros de pagar grandescantidades de dinero por rellenar quinielas con dobles y triples,porque a bajo coste también se pueden hacer dichas quinielas,aumentando así la probabilidad de ganar grandes premios a bajocoste.Everyone wants to havehigh chances of hitting the pools but little money being spent.With the systems that we show here, forget about paying largeamounts of money for filling pools with double and triple low costbecause you can also make these pools, thus increasing theprobability of winning big prizes at low cost.
AsteroidAttack 1.3
Funny and entertaining game, where you havetodefend the earth for as long as possible asteroid attack. Youwillhave to move a ship with your finger to prevent asteroidscollidingwith the earth.Play multi-language: Spanish and English.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
SettingsControl 1.4
Simple app that lets you control the volumeofcalls, notifications, media and alarm, as the brightness ofthescreen of your ANDROID device.Features:- Adjust the volume of your device.- From the menu button and activate mute sound.- Adjust the brightness of the screen.- Multi-language: Spanish and English
Condemns Political 1.2
Funny and entertaining game, where you havetoachieve the greatest number of years of sentence possible forthealleged offender, cheat, etc.. For this you must move the phonetoplace the bars above the face of the deck above and presstheconviction. You have one minute to do justiceWorks with mobile phone accelerometer.The score is displayed on a World Ranking, the older betterforhaving done justice to stay but we are careful not tocondemnnegative years, so we never take them off.Game multilanguage: Spanish and English.
Lantern 1.0
Easy and free application.Turn on and off your smartphone FLASH LIGHT.You can lock your smartphone and the flash light does notgooff.The application is in English and Spanish