2.0.2 / December 5, 2016
(4.4/5) (201)


Relive a real experience in this awesome horsegame where you need to be a professional rider, fashion designerfor horses and humans, exterior designer, make up artist,beautician, doctor, farrier, housekeeper and also a great spaemployee.

That sounds like a lot of work here to do, but if you think thatyou can suit all these works you'll see how entertained andaccomplished you could feel about taking care of a cute girl withher beloved companion. Prepare yourself for eleven challenges thatovercome during this taking care game.

The first one is the ridding part where you have to manage allyour concentration because is a wild ride that imply jumping overthe obstacles, collecting the carrots and earning money that youare going to use in the next phase. You have to go through 5 levelsto complete this session. Now you need to buy clothes for the ownerand also to create an appropriate outfit for the stable. Deal withher eyebrows, eyes, lips, choose a beautiful look maybe you wouldlike to add some accessories like bracelets and helmet. The onewho's coming next is the horse dress up where you are going tochange his aspect and attire with a refreshing color and design forthe crest. Choose the saddle that would make him look better addsome accessories like tattoos, wedges, wings and many others plusesto the look.

Once you've finish with the dress up issues you need to designthe stable, change the door and try something revolutionary thatwould transform the horse home into a welcoming one. Then you'llhave to pamper this little horse with a special make up and afacial spa treatment. Feeding is the part that comes after and whenthe supplies: the pears, the apples and the water are over you needto fulfill with another one. Play the collecting game and get more.You have to be careful to satisfy all needs to make the animalhappy and pleased about his condition. Treat him as a real doctor,remove the foreign parts, wipe his nose an administrate the propertreatment. Kill the flies and the germ from his nose then fix thebroken bones. Be a good farrier and take care of his legs while youput new horseshoes. What is left to do is only to bathe him andmake him clean again. The stable needs to be clean too. When youare done the whole needs of the horse should be completed.

There are many features this game presents like:
* testing your rider abilities
* having the possibility to dress up a girl and taking a full careof a horse
* multitudes of treatments and even spoiling
* amazing graphics and joyful music to complete the atmosphere

App Information Princess Horse Caring 2

  • App Name
    Princess Horse Caring 2
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    December 5, 2016
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.3 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    10,000 - 50,000
  • Price
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Princess Horse Caring 1.0.7 APK
A fine morning here at the stables in a funprincess horse game awaits you and it is business as usual. Thetime has come to do some maintenance work on the stable where yourfavorite horse lives and you will have to be thorough. Put sometime and effort into it to make it look brand new in order toimprove the quality of life for the residents here.First things first you will have to start off by picking up themanure and then remove the old hay. Dust off the spider webs andbroom the floor to keep everything clean and then you will be ableto add the fresh hay and the horse can move back in in no time.Once you see how clean the stables are compared to the horse, youwill have to do the same thing to the cute animal.Clean off all the stuff off the horse with a brush and then soaphim off and let it soak. She has been a wild rider so she wentthrough loads of bushes and now she is a bit dirtier than usual.Rinse her nice coat off and then groom her like you know best andyou will see that actually she is a white horse not a gray one. Thenext step, after you have her nice and clean, is to take care ofthe hooves, which we will cover shortly.She is a sweet and calm horse so you can work in peace on herhooves, which are a tricky part on any horse since they love torun, so they need some love and attention as well. Remove the oldonce by pulling out the nails, clean the hooves and trim them asthey grow a bit in size just like our nails and add the new goldenones so she will feel like she has brand new shoes on. Give them agood scrub and a polish to complete this task.In the final task of this horse farm game is actually a dress upwith the magnificent animal as she loves a new saddle and some coollooking accessories. Fortunately for you there are plenty of whichyou can choose from and by the end of it you will have a nice photoopportunity.Enjoy the cool features that this game has:-Plenty of tasks to complete-Easy to figure out what has to be done-Responsive gameplay-Amazing graphics-Cute characters and animals
Santa Cleaning Room 1.0.3 APK
Everyone has to clean up their homes for theholidays and you will soon find out that Santa has to do this aswell this year because his helpers are too busy with the gifts.Enjoy this room cleaning game with him and lend a helping hand sothat he will surely bring those gifts you asked for him. There arelots of stuff to pick up off the floor and place in the right spotsso this way everything will be in order.The first thing that you have to do is start off by tapping thelarge play button and agree to help Santa clean that messy room.Pick the dirty clothes off the floor and place them in the laundrybasket as they will soon be washed and dried. There are lots ofthem so follow the arrows to see exactly which ones to pick. Oncethat is done you can start dusting the areas that have spider webson them and broom the carpet so that all the areas will be clean.This will be your gift to Santa because he is usually the onegiving, this will be a nice surprise.As soon as you are done cleaning the room it is time to take allthe clothes out of the basket and throw them in the washingmachine. Add some detergent and some fabric softener to make themsmell great and feel soft on the skin then wait out the program.This will be a fun Christmas for you and for Santa because the roomwill not be a mess once he arrives back home from the run aroundthe world. Do all the chores for him and you will definitely feelgood knowing that you helped someone so important.
Garden Decoration 1.0.2 APK
It is time for a change in this gardendecoration game and you will be the main character of this wholetransformation because you will be doing most of the work requiredto make this garden into something that all your neighbors willadmire. There are plenty of things that need to be done and youhave to get started right away.Before getting into the whole redecorating, you will first needto clean the place up. Keep in mind that you have to first find allthe ladybugs in the garden so you do not harm them as you startcleaning and changing things around. Gather all of them and thenstart sweeping away the dirty off the alley. Rake the leaves intoone big pile and you are on your way to making this garden greatagain. The first job will be the most important though as you haveto pick up all the trash and place it in the garbage bin soeverything starts to look a little tidier.There are lots of areas that need to be cleaned today before youcan get to the most fun part which is changing the looks of theplace. The duster will be really helpful when you are trying to getrid of the spider webs just laying around and the windows could usesome washing as well. It is not as hard as it looks but you have tobe thorough in order to clean every inch of that garden.If you are done with cleaning then you can definitely startredecorating with a multitude of options for each area of thegarden. This fun house cleaning game has plenty of things to getyou hooked:-Numerous chores and tasks to complete-Easy to handle controls-Immersive atmosphere-A great variety of possible end results-Catchy music and great graphics
College Girl Car Wash 1.0.4 APK
Making some money on the side can bechallenging, especially for the college students that really needit, but don’t have enough time for it. Learn how you can make somereally good cash while having fun as well. Try out this girl carwash game and see how it easy it can be if you really put somepassions into it. First things first though, you will have tochoose the outfit for the two girls because they need to be meetingwith clients and hopefully they will look great while washing anddetailing cars.Once the dress up part is complete, you will start seeing thecars rolling in. They will have deflated tires, oil stains and dirtall over and you will have to identify which product you can use tomake it look like it’s brand new. To do so you will have plenty ofsponges and brushes on the bottom of the screen, and you can easilypick one up and start scrubbing away. Also, when you see that thetires are not quite round, that means they could use some air. Grabthe air pump and start inflating them so the car ride will besmooth as well. Add a little car freshener and it will smellawesome when you give it back to the owner. All these steps will beeasy to follow because you can easily identify which item doeswhat. You will have one for cleaning the windows, one for thetires, a few that give the car a fresh air smell and also a bighose that you can use to rinse any leftover soap.The clients will be rolling in one after the other so make sureyou clean their car to the best of your abilities and they willgive you the money for a job well done. This way you willdefinitely have a lot of fun seeing all their happy faces as theydrive off.There are a few key things that separate this cute game from theothers:-There are a couple of games built in, a dress-up and a cleaninggame-A cute drawing style-Easy to get into and plenty of things to do-Runs on most mobile devices
Pony and Newborn Baby Caring 1.0.5 APK
Welcome to the pony farm where today somethingreally special will happen because the number of ponies is about togo up by one. There are quite a few things that need to be preparedfirst though, so this is why you are here as a veterinary doctor.See to it that the mama pony is having a relaxing time as she isexpecting the newborn to come very soon. Listen to her breathingand make sure everything is ok. Feed her some carrots and apples astreats so she will be relaxed when the birth is going to happen.This is magical process and you will see that the mommy is doinga great job at it. Give her a shot so she will be relaxed and alsocomplete the mandatory check-ups before she starts pushing. Therewill be a brief moment where you will have to monitor her heartrate but in a few short seconds, she will be the proud mommy of acute blue pony like herself. This means that you did a great job,but it’s not quite over yet because new born babies are reallyfragile and also need to be checked up. Cut the cord and begin theprocess.Warm up your stethoscope and see if the baby is healthy and giveher a nice rub with a warm towel so she will be all cleaned up andready to begin a wonderful life. Give her a shot too because she isprone to diseases and you do not want that to happen to such a cutelittle animal. In just a few minutes you witnessed the birth of anew life and helped greatly to make it possible. Soon enough youwill be able to visit the farm again and both of them will be onthe field running and enjoying some fresh green grass.The pony farm game you are about to play has a few nice perks toit:-Step by step instructions-Cute art style-Easy to play-Relaxing music-Lovely characters
Princess Castle Room 1.0.4 APK
The princess castle room is about to get amajor overhauling in this fun cleaning game because it is quite amess. Three little princesses need to learn how to keep a cleanhouse if they want to become true queens one day. They did quite anumber with all those toys laying around and you will have to startpicking them up. First thing on the list is actually, another list,of items that you have to find. They are household cleaning itemsand they are laying around the floor and in other strange places soyou need to carefully search for them.Once you found out the stuff you will need, proceed to theactual house cleaning game and pick up all the litter, then throwit in the trash bin. This way you will make some room on the floorto be able to broom the carpet. Wash the window as well to let somesunlight in and once you pop all the balloons from last night’sparty, all that remains is to dust off the spider webs. In a feweasy steps you will see that the room starts to look greatagain.When you are done cleaning, then the room decoration game willstart because after doing so much work, it is nice to treat thegirls and give them a great surprise by changing everything aboutthe room. Each area of the room will be interchangeable with anitem from the bottom of the screen so browse through them all tosee which ones you like, and also which ones are considered bestfitting. There are plenty of tasks to be completed so jump rightinto it. This way you will learn that chores are actually funbecause everything will look a lot better once it is clean andreorganized.Every part of this mobile application will have some coolfeatures such as:-Lovely colorful design-Relaxing background music-Interactive menus-Straight forward tasks-Different challenges along the way-Great variety of customizable options
Fashion Princess Hair Salon 1.0.3 APK
Show everyone that you know how to take goodcare of customers in this Princess Fashion hair salon game in whichyou will have plenty of work to do with the cute girl sitting inthe chair. She has a messy hair right now but as soon as you willbe done with her, she could be on the covers of magazines withthose looks. Be mindful of her reactions to see if she likes thefinal look, if not you will have to change a few things to pleasethe princess.The first process will be combing her hair gently to remove anyclumps and once that is done it is time to give it some love andattention. Wash it first with water to soak it, then add theshampoo. Rub it in good from the roots to the tips and then rinseit off thoroughly. Add the conditioner and wait for it to make itsway through all the hair to give it the desired volume and healthylook. Rinse her again and then the fun part begins.In the second half of the hair styling game you will get to workwith the pretty blonde and start changing her hair any way youwould like. Do not worry if you cut it too short because there willbe a magical potion you can use to immediately make it grow back.Also you have a straightening iron, a curling one and even a fewgadgets to make it all curly. Add some bowties of different colorsto it, or even dye it any color you find suits the princess best.Each step will be a fun adventure and you will definitely draw inmore and more clients if you do your job well.A few things fun features will make you fall in love with thisgreat game. It has:-Outstanding colorful graphics-Voiced NPCs-Intuitive design-Different game stages-Allows for creativity
Princess Bicycle 1.0.3 APK
What a glorious day for a ride around town ona new bike that you will build yourself in a fun girl bicycle game.You will have to start from scratch and learn how to make your veryown bike from scratch so pay attention to all the instructions thatyou will receive along the way. The first step is to go shoppingfor some parts because you don’t have all the things you need justlaying around the house. Go grab a shopping cart and then startpicking out frames, wheels and all the other components that youwill be in need of.Proceed to the workshop that you have in your home garage andlay out all the items on the floor so you can clearly see how toassemble them together and make one cute bike. Once you placed thewheels, guards and handlebars on the frame, it is time to take alook at what you left behind because you caused quite a mess. Ifit’s one thing that girls don’t like is a big mess so grab thecleaning products that you see and start scrubbing that dirty andoily floor. This way you will not have to come back to a messyworkplace when your next project starts. This is a fun cleaninggame for girls and also a whole other story when it comes tobuilding bikes.Customize the bike to your liking by cycling through the optionsthat allow you to now change the colors of it and every detail willbe carefully picked out by you. This way you will truly make yourbike the way you want it and it will be unique and different fromthe ones that your friends have. Once the bike is complete, you canstart dressing up the girl so she will be able to go outside andride it along the beach admiring the view. This is how a perfectday ends, with the sunset behind your back and her pedaling awaytowards home.A few key features that this game has will surely make you wantto play it over and over:-Entertaining music-Multiple stages of the game-Different tasks that need to be completed-Stunning graphics-Unique clothing and customization options

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Do you want to know if your Access Point isvulnerable at the WPS protocol?Wifi Wps Wpa Tester is the app that you need!With this app, you can test the connection to AP with WPSPIN.PINs are calculated with many algorithms:-Zhao-TrendNet-Dlink-ArrisAnd others default PIN of MANY Access Point.Then NOT ALL AP ARE COMPATIBLE WITH THIS APP.App needs root permissions for devices with Android version <5.0 ( LOLLIPOP ).For devices with Android >= 5.0 you can test the PINs with thisapp and you can connect, BUT YOU CANNOT SEE WPA ( OR WEP ) PASSWORDWITHOUT ROOT PERMISSIONS.Use this app only with your own AP for do not go against thelaw.
WordPress 6.2 APK
WordPress for Android puts the power ofpublishing in your hands, making it easy to create and consumecontent. Write, edit, and publish posts to your site, check stats,and get inspired with great posts in the Reader. What’s more? It’sopen source.WordPress for Android supports WordPress.com and self-hostedWordPress.org sites running WordPress 3.5 or higher.Visit the forums to get help with the app:http://android.forums.wordpress.org
WPS Connect 1.2.2 APK
REQUIRED TO BE ROOT !!!!With this app you'll can connect to WiFi networks which have WPSprotocol enabled. This feature was only available in version 4.1.2of Android.App developed with educational purposes. I am not responsiblefor any misuse.WPS: http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wi-Fi_Protected_SetupWPS Connect is focused on verifying if your router is vulnerableto a default PIN. Many routers that companies install ownvulnerabilities in this aspect. With this application you can checkif your router is vulnerable or not and act accordingly.Includes default PINs, as well as algorithms such Zhao Chesung(ComputePIN) or Stefan Viehböck (easyboxPIN).Tested on:- LG G2- Nexus 5- Samsung Galaxy S3IMPORTANT!!Prior to an assessment, understand that it serves theapplication.
ROOT REQUIREDXPOSED FRAMEWORK REQUIREDIF You dont know What is XPOSED Framework then do not try thisapplication (it wont work)Hi Guys,I read about the Xposed framework in xda and other websites.somewebsites have really good tutorials about it.So what I understandis that we can modify a function and its return values using theXposed Framework.I have created and Xposed Module For Changing (MASKING) the IMEINo of the PhoneChange Means How Other Application gets the IMEI No of the deviceusing below codeAs you all know,The Value is not permanent as it is an XposedModule :)XDA-Developers Threadhttp://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/modules/xposed-imei-changer-t2847187Pro version :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vivek.imeichangerproStepsInstall appEnable module in xposed frameworkCome back to app and enter new valuePress ApplyGo to xposed moduleOpen framework pageDo a soft rebootOpen the appAnd you can see new valuecheck the value by dialing *#06#, you can see the new value
Administrator 1.3 APK
Simple app that lets you control your wirelessconnections ANDROID device.Features:- Turn onTurn data connection, WIFI and BLUETOOTH.- See the list of the connected BLUETOOTH devices withinreach.- Multi-language: Spanish and English.
WiFi Master Key - by wifi.com 4.1.57 APK
With a hundreds of millions of free Wi-Fihotspots shared by our users globally, you can connect to freeWi-Fi with WiFi Master Key (by en.wifi.com - LinkSure Singapore)!Search & connect to shared WiFi hotspots indicated by a BlueKey. Easy and safe.THE WIFI MASTER KEY EXPERIENCE- Cost Savings: Save data costs by connecting to free sharedWiFi hotspots.- Easy and Fast: just search for the blue key and tap to connectWiFi!- Safe and Secured: All shared password are not revealed. It isencrypted to protect sharer’s privacy and security.- Easy to understand in your own language: Available in 19languages across 223 countries and regions.English,Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Malay, Vietnamese, SimplifiedChinese, Traditional Chinese TW,Traditional Chinese HK, Japanese,Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Arabic,Turkish, Hindi,French, Italian, German...more languages coming soon.Disclaimer: WiFi Master Key is not a hacking tool. It does notassist in unlocking passwords of Wi-Fi hotspots that are not sharedby the users. Hacking is illegal.With our growing community of over 900 MILLION users (Chineseand Global version combined), we aim to build a trusted platformfor everybody to enjoy the Internet. So, come join the world’slargest WiFi sharing community today! If you don’t find sharedhotspot yet, don’t worry, give the community some time to grow. Weare handling over 4 BILLION connections daily and the number isgrowing rapidly. There will be more and more shared WiFi to helpyou get connected online and surf the Internet free!Rate us to show us your love! It means a lot to keep usgoing!Have a question? Wanna leave a feedback or suggestion? Sure,we’d love to hear them— tell us here or on our Facebook page!https://www.facebook.com/wifimasterkey.Spread the word, and keep sharing WiFi!
Sing! Karaoke by Smule 4.0.7 APK
Sing your favorite hits with audio effects.Sing video duets with featured artists like Jessie J, Jason Derulo,and Linkin Park. Share your covers with our 50M+ global audienceand get fans!Featured by Google Play as Best Apps 2014.-----------Features- Self-recording option with video**- Sing like a star with audio effects!- Share on our global platform - get discovered!- Duet with featured pop artists - Jessie J, Jason Derulo, KylieMinogue, X Ambassadors, OMI, Carly Rae Jepsen, Charlie Puth,Silento and many more**Video availability on different Android devices will beincremental over several weeks. When available onyour device model, video option will appear with no additionalupdate required. Please see the Sing! Android FAQ for theinitial list of devices that offervideo. http://www.smule.com/support/sing#android-----------------------------------------------------New songs added every day. Current most popular on Sing!:** All of Me - John Legend** Flashlight - Jessie J (from Pitch Perfect 2)** I'm Not the Only One - Sam Smith** Like I'm Gonna Lose You - Meghan Trainor, ft. John Legend** All I Want For Christmas is You - Mariah Carey** I'm Yours - Jason Mraz** Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran** Dear Future Husband - Meghan Trainor** When I Was Your Man - Bruno Mars** Let It Go - Idina Menzel (from Frozen by Disney)** Cups ("When I'm Gone") - Anna Kendrick** Stay - Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko** Love me Like You Do - Ellie Goulding** The Way, Break Free - Ariana Grande** Anaconda, Pound the Alarm - Nicki Minaj** I Won’t Give Up, I’m Yours – Jason Mraz** Happy - Pharrell Williams** Eye of the Tiger - SurvivorWant a song that's not yet available? Suggest songs on Smule’sFacebook page: www.facebook.com/smuleWant a song that's not yet available? Suggest songs on Smule’sFacebook page: www.facebook.com/smuleCONNECTING THE WORLD THROUGH MUSIC™ - JOIN THE KARAOKEPARTYFind and follow your friends in Sing!, and meet incredible singersfrom all over the world. Sing your heart out on Solo songs, or joinup with others in Duets or Group songs. Keep up with your friendsand favorite singers, and love and comment on performances to showyour support.BE DISCOVERED! GET FANS!Lots of talents get discovered through our Sing! Karaoke platform.Show off your talent in front of 50M+ global audience and getfansSOUND LIKE A STARSound amazing every time with Sing!’s voice enhancement technology.Use special voice filters to spice up your performance even more.Sing! is a supportive, joyful community where music-making at alllevels is encouraged and appreciated.http://www.smule.comhttp://plus.google.com/+smulehttp://www.facebook.com/smulehttp://www.youtube.com/smulehttp://www.twitter.com/smuleHave questions on a particular permission?http://www.smule.com/support/sing#android
Choki-Choki AR Boboiboy 19.0 APK
Temukan 50 Gamecard karakter BoBoiBoy TheMovie setiap pembelian Choki-Choki bertanda khusus, dan mainkankartunya dengan aplikasi “Choki Choki AR BoBoiBoy".Temukan juga Gold Card (Kartu Emas) yang dapat ditukarkan dengantiket menonton BoBoiBoy The Movie di bioskop-bioskop terdekat.Choki-Choki akan hadir perdana dalam film layar lebar “BoBoiBoyThe Movie”.Untuk menambah keseruannya Choki-Choki memberikan gamecard secaragratis dan bisa dimainkan dengan teknologi Augmented Reality yangbisa membuat karakter menjadi hidup.BoBoiBoy The Movie bercerita tentang petualangan seru BoBoiBoydan teman-temannya di pulau misteri tempat tinggal Klamkabot sangtetua pembuat Sfera Kuasa.Di pulau misteri ini BoBoiBoy akan bertemu musuh terkuatnya,yaitu Borara seorang pemburu alien yang mencari kekuatan SferaKuasa untuk menguasai seluruh antariksa. Saatnya pertarungan antaraBoBoiBoy dan alien terkuat seantariksa demi melindungi Sfera Kuasadan teman-temannya.Kumpulkan dan mainkan seluruh karakter baru BoBoiBoy dan paramusuh yang belum pernah dilihat sebelumnya.Feature:• 50 karakter BoBoiBoy & Friend• Lebih dari 10 musuh baru• Pertarungan seru antara BoBoiBoy & Friend dengan musuh-musuhbaru** Minimum Requirement : OS Android 4.4 (Kit Kat), 2GB RAM** Facebook Page :https://www.facebook.com/chokichokiindonesia/Discover 50 Gamecardcharacter BoBoiBoy The Movie Choki-Choki every purchase ofspecially marked, and play cards with the application "Choki ChokiAR BoBoiBoy".Discover also Gold Card (Gold) can be exchanged for tickets towatch BoBoiBoy The Movie in theaters everywhere.Choki-Choki will attend a movie premiere in "BoBoiBoy TheMovie".To add Choki-Choki have fun giving gamecard free of charge and canbe played with Augmented Reality technology that can make thecharacters come alive.BoBoiBoy The Movie tells the story of an adventure BoBoiBoy andhis friends on the island mystery Klamkabot residence elderAuthorization Sfera maker.In this mystery island BoBoiBoy will meet strongest enemy,namely Borara an alien hunter who sought the power Sfera power tocontrol the entire space. It's time to fight between BoBoiBoy andaliens strongest seantariksa to protect Sfera Authorization andfriends.Collect and play BoBoiBoy whole new character and the enemy whohas never seen before.feature:• 50 characters BoBoiBoy & Friend• More than 10 new enemies• intriguing battle between BoBoiBoy & Friend with newenemies** Minimum Requirements: OS Android 4.4 (Kit Kat), 2GB RAM** Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/chokichokiindonesia/