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Locker Master- DIY Lock Screen
Finally Clean
★Big thanks to Captain Jack Sparrow fordesign cool video uploaded to YouTube for Locker Master globalfans.Easily design your own custom lock screen with Locker Master's DIYeditor. Upload and share your creations with a global community ofusers. Browse and download beautiful, inspirational, and cleverlock screen themes from around the world!★FEATURES:1. DIY Editor: A simple but powerful DIY editor that allowsyou to quickly create personalized, beautiful, and even complexlock screen themes;2. Tons of Options: An extensive selection of clock designs,decorations, sprites and props that you can easily mix and match toyour heart's desire;3. Unique Locks: A large variety of unique and cleverunlocking methods to choose from beyond simple swipe gestures andpassword patterns;4. Share and Download: A huge worldwide community of userscreating, sharing, and enjoying creative lock screen themes allavailable for download;5. Able to show unread SMS messages and missed calls on lockerscreen;6. Supports 2k+ high-resolution live wallpapers and themes!7. Able to display third party app notification on locker screen(include Google +, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat etc.)If you cannot unlock, try the urgent unlock mode:Volume+,-,+,-.After the 4 step you can unlock your phone, and go to lockermaster, change another theme and apply.★CONTACT INFORMATION:If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free tocontact us;)E-mail: lockermaster@holaverse.com★FOLLOW US:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lockermaTwitter: https://twitter.com/LockermasterThank you!Locker Master is available in following languages: English,Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Latin America), Russian, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Indonesian, Japanese, Korean,German, Italian, French, Turkish and Hungarian.
Kurama vs Naruto ZipScreenLock
CustomZips Android
Beautiful and awesome Kurama vs Narutoziplocker background theme.Features:✔ Beautiful and awesome Kurama vs Naruto zip lockerbackgroundtheme. and Background Graphics✔ Option to Enable and Disable Kurama vs Naruto Screen Lock.✔ Option to Enable/Disable Sound.
XSTANA is an XPOSED-FRAMEWORKmodule that theme your navigation and status bars.MAKE SURE THAT YOU FULLY READ THE FOLLOWING BEFORECONTACTING ME OR RATE THIS APP._______________________________*REQUIREMENTS* :-A rooted device.-Xposed-Framework running on your device._______________________________*MAIN FEATURES* :-Status Bar theme:-Apply a theme on these icons: alarm, wifi, signal, bluetooth, gps,battery, sync, ringer, headset.-Adjust what icons to theme.-You can choose what icons to theme.-Navigation Bar theme:-Apply an embedded theme on these elements : back, back-ime, home,recent, menu, search, highlight, background(translucent modeonly).-Apply a personalized theme with your own images on : back,back-ime, home, recent, menu, search, highlight,background(translucent mode only), qmemo(LG), qslide(LG), dualwindow(LG), notification down/up(LG).-Adjust : background, scale-type, buttons color.-You should test at least one theme before upgrade toPRIME_______________________________*KNOWN ISSUES* :-Compatibility issues (like non-themed icons) with:-Some Lollipop ROMS.-Samsung JB+ Touchwiz ROMS.-AOSP KK+ Based ROMS.-CyanogenMod Theme Engine.-Bugs :-Size of personalized buttons may change during device use.(depends on device).-Misalignment of icons in the status bar. (depends on themes anddevice used)._______________________________*FAQ*:-Why is my button/icon the wrong one or wrong color?-Color adjustement is maybe activated, deactivate it fromadjustment options.-Another module is in conflict with Xstana, maybe "Tinted statusbar", "Flat style colored bars", "GravityBox" or other.-Xstana is not fully compatible with your device.-What does/will Xstana NOT do ?-It does/will not reorder icons/buttons.-It does/will not resize icons/buttons/bars.-It does/will not make navigation bar appear.-It does/will not buttons function.-It does/will not theme you battery icon if you use anaosp/touchwiz rom.- It does/will not make your status and navigation bars supporttranslucent mode.-It does/will not color your status and navigation bars backgroundwhen you are not in translucent mode.-Why does Xstana not work at all?-Xposed framework is maybe not running on your device, pleaseinstall it :http://repo.xposed.info/module/de.robv.android.xposed.installer-Your device/rom is not compatible with Xstana._______________________________*WORKING CONFIGURATIONS* :-Majority of Stock Based ROMS from JB to MM._______________________________*CREDITS* :-ROVO89 : Xposed-framework creator._______________________________To report an issue or help to improve you can send me an email byusing "Report an issue" option.To support my work and unlock all features of Xstana you canupgrade to PRIME.Support Thread :http://forum.xda-developers.com/xposed/modules/app-xstana-navigation-status-bars-t2834474______________Privacy Policy :Xstana collects device-specific information (such as your hardwaremodel, operating system version) if you report an issue. It alsoidentify your Google Account in order to know if you are a PRIMEuser or not. Your information are use only into the app to make itwork.
SL Theme Metal
Smart Launcher Themes
A metal theme for Smart Launcher.To apply it, open the drawer and select menu → personalization →global theme → Metal Theme.Icon by SeriouslyCrazy: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2091654tag: GSLTHEME
3D Galaxy Pack Live Wallpaper
SCENES INCLUDES:- Animated Rotating Galaxy- Animated Planet With Asteroid Ring- Animated Green Asteroids Pack- Animated Pink Asteroids Pack With PlanetsOPTIONS INCLUDES:- Control Screen -- > Control Screen Will Help You SwitchScenesMore Fast- Automatic Camera Smooth MovementFuturistic 3D graphics powered by Unity Engine.Double Tap Available to Open Options MenuENJOY ;)More Options Will Be Added In Upcoming Version.
Cute Kitten HD Wallpaper
Cute Kitten live wallpaper is a fanbasedapplication to make your mobile screen more beautiful withHDwallpapers. This application include number of high qualityCuteKitten images and automatically adjust an image to yourdevicebackground. One click to select a wallpaper of yourownchoice.Features- Lots of perfect Wallpapers in HD Quality.- Cute Kittens improve your mood- Application works offline. No need to download wallpapers.- Easy to save every wallpaper to your SD card.- Optimized for all devices.
Squares cm 12/13 theme
This theme has the pixel perfect designedicons with an elegant accent color touch,i am sure you will startloving this theme after the installation. Read the full descriptionbelow before install and always reboot after the theme installed,towork all the apps properly. Please do not rate bad if u have anyissues,first let me know to fix that issue.Squares CM13 Theme can only be used with CM13 Theme Enginesupported ROM's. It also supports cm 12+ moderately,but I onlyrecommend using this theme with CM13 ROM for fullcompatibility.Supported ROM : CM13(Cos & Mod) , DU , RR , AICP , PURE-NEXUS ,SCREWD.Theme Includes:* Bootanimation* Wallpapers* Fonts* Apps* Tones* Theme Apps* Arcus* Audio Fx* Clock* Contacts* Calculator* CM File Manager* CM Eleven Music Player* Dialer* Documents* Dialogs and Menus* Download & Loading animations* Dirty unicorns updater* Facebook* Gmail* Google+* Gallery3D* Google Now* Gallery Next* Google Keep* Google Hangouts* Google Play Music* Google Play Store* Google Chrome/Dev* Google Now launcher* Instagram* Keyboard(s) - AOSP and Google Keyboard* Launcher 3* Messenger* Messaging app* Pure nexus settings* Radio buttons* Switches* SystemUI* Settings* Theme Manager* Twitter* Trebuchet launcher* Volume Sliders* Whatsapp* Wynk music* YouTubeand many More....(in future updates)SQUARES supports arcus, arcus is to customize the theme colors andsome styles read more about arcus -https://plus.google.com/communities/105739351821425192942in case u have issues/bugs uninstall and install the theme again ifnot solved then contact me(iamyourdev123@gmail.com) via email orhangoutsreport bugs at g+ community:https://plus.google.com/communities/107647528145806561400Credits :these people helped me to built theme:1. Ajdin Kuduzovic2. Gia´p Nguyê~n Ngoc3. Ashok DandaBoina4. Dicken Christian5. Andre Zimmermann6. Hiten Soni7. Cristiano Spada8. Lars Waechter9. Tesla Trithese people helped me to built Boot Animation:1. Ajinkya Sawrikar2. Jbw716
Roma Fans Keyboard Themes
This is keyboard for roma fans isanapplication that can change our keyboard with logo footballtheme.Easily without installing other applications, install andenjoy.Choice 1 theme favorit for use chat or message.How to use keyboard:- Run as roma Keyboard theme- Select Enable Keyboard- Select keyboard roma icon- Select Set Input Method, go to insert method- Select enter the English Language (American)- Select a set of themes, then select theme as you wish.Thank you for download this app and make fun and enjoy.
LLScript - MultiTool
This is a Companion app for LightningLauncher.This requires Lightning Launcher to be installed:https://www.google.com/url?q=https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.pierrox.lightning_launcher_extremeCurrently included:- Launcher script (lots of small useful tools)- ScriptManager (Organize, prettify and manage Scripts)- Gesture Launcher (Launch your apps from a gesture pad)- Music widget replacement (Build a music widget out of Lightningcomponents)- Automatic Lightning BackupCredits:- Icons from https://icons8.com/- NoNonsense FilePicker by spacecowboyhttps://github.com/spacecowboy/NoNonsense-FilePicker
Wallpaper Theme +HOME Launcher
+HOME by Ateam
Personalizing your wallpaper, icons andwidgets has never been easier with +HOME, the FREE customizationlauncher app!With more than 1,000 different themes to chose from, you're sure tofind a design to suit your every whim!Created in Japan with "Kawaii" as its core concept, +HOME hasgarnered great acclaim from nearly a million users worldwide!Download +HOME today and start making your smartphone trulyYOURS!-Personalize your wallpaper, icons, clock widget, and search widgetin a snap!-Beginner-friendly user interface!-More than 1,000 cute, cool, and stylish themes to choosefrom!-Easy-to-use one stop menu where you can access your camera,calendar, maps, alarm, gallery, and much more at the touch of abutton!-Create your own original designs for your home screen with the"Photo Frame" and "Stamp" features!★You asked, and we added the following features!★-You can now create folders in drawers-You can now sort within folders-You can now adjust the number of icons displayed on your dockpages-You can now customize your search screen+HOME is not currently compatible with Android OS 7.0. We areworking to correct this.Inquiries and Requests:info+android@atm-plushome.comIf you have any requests or find any bugs, please refrain fromwriting them in reviews as we will be unable to address them.Instead, please send them to us in an e-mail at the above address,and we will try our best to meet your expectations!
Cute wallpaper★INFINITY
Homee from Yahoo! JAPAN
Super cute and free theme for the free wallpaper/icon changeoverapp "Homee launcher" ♪A magical universe spreads out across your screen♪The vivid, colorful icons in this theme are really cute too♥★ Changeover clocks, icons, and other items to fit cutely withthe wallpaper!★ Give your smartphone a makeover with this easy-to-use app! Youcan even dress up every day♪★You'll be sure to find wallpapers or icons you like! There arejust tons of cute themes!+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.A great selection of free and cute themes!Make your smartphone cute and cool with this easy-to-use app!Install and use the definitive edition of the wallpaper and iconchangeover app "Homee launcher" ♪Click here to install Homee! ⇒https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cfinc.launcher2+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.+.゚ *:.Homee launcher has a ton of features! It also has lots and lots ofuseful functions ♪★ Decorate your entire home screen! Enjoy dressing up everything♪★ This app lets you change the clock, icons, search widget, andeven the lock screen to match your wallpaper!★ There are tons of free, cute wallpapers and icon sets! New themesare added every week!★ There's a great selection of popular styles, from fashionable andbeautiful wallpapers to girly and cute wallpapers! You'lldefinitely love it ♥★ More than just cute! After you dress up, it works efficiently andis easy to use
Pixel Nougat UI - CM12/CM13
Ciao Studio
PIXEL NOUGATThe first and only theme developed for transform the graphics ofyour device, inspired by the new Pixel devices' style.IMPORTANT NOTEPixel devices have come out only recently, so this package iconswas created only a few weeks ago. I am working day and night to addnew icons, releasing constant update. You just have to be a littlepatient and wait to be added so many icons.FEATURES• Best quality at a very low price;• More then 1910 icons in Android 7.1 Pixel Nougat style;• Applicable on CyanogenMod 12/12.1/13 and on all ROMs with ThemeEngine;• 2 great Pixel wallpapers, one for home and the other forlockscreen;• Pixel notification panel style;• Pixel bootanimation style;• Pixel ringtone, notification and alarm;• Pixel blue andr grey accents;• The only one where the icons are not distorted but remainfaithful to the originals;• Arcus support with 6 variants ( Default, Ocean, Love, Midnight,Leaf, Fire );• Arcus Instant Patch support;• Frequent updates with new icons.ICON REQUESTYou can send an icon request using Ciao Request app and then haveonly to be patient.ADVICESTo get the same style of screenshots, you have to follow thesesteps using Nova Launcher Beta:• Desktop -> Page indicator -> Line• Desktop -> Swipe to drawer Indicator -> On• Desktop -> Searchbar style -> Select Pixel one• App & widget drawers -> Swipe to open• App & widget drawers -> Card background -> Off• App & widget drawers-> Background -> White• Dock -> Dock Background -> Rectangle, white, trasparency58%• Folders -> Folder background -> N previewThanks to pasha puma for some pieces of code.
I Fidget Spinner Screen Lock
GO Pixel Trends APP Lab
I fidget spinners Lock Screen is the bestappto lock your android screen with Cool hand spinner, If you areoneof fidget spinners lovers this application for you, every timeyouopen your phone you will see a beautiful hand spinnerswallpapersand in the same time you save your privacy with this lockscreenapp, I fidget spinners Lock Screen allow you to set apasscode toprotect your files, or you can just using anime slide tounlock.but the best way is to use passcode becouse when you usepassecodethe app use also anime slide and that make your phoneCool, it isfree application and amazing don't miss it !I fidget spinners Screen Lock :- Anime slide to unlock.- Set passcode to protect your privacy.- Cool themes.- Free application.- hand spinners wallpapers.- Easy to use.100% free application.- You can watch Fidget Spinner on your lock screen.- Fidget Spinner backgrounds.- Fidget Spinner.- Fidget Spinner keyboard.- The best lock screen with Fidget SpinnerHow to use I fidget spinners Lock Screen :If you want to active this free app just choose "enable" theanimelock screen slide will be active, and choose "Activatepasscode" toset code pin to your phone, done.
Sword Live Wallpaper
Sword ! Live Wallpaper !Sword , Weapon App ! Perfect Quality !A sword is a blade weapon used primarily for cuttingorthrusting. The precise definition of the term varies withthehistorical epoch or the geographical region under consideration.Asword in the most narrow sense consists of a straight bladewithtwo edges and a hilt. However, in nearly every case, the termmayalso be used to refer to weapons with a singleedge(backsword).Live Wallpaper is Free and Customizable !!Wallpapers in HD !The best application, small and fast. Not crash.Double tap on your device opens the Customizations.Use : In customizations window click on set Live Wallpaper.In this application you can find a lot of pictures in HD andfullof color! If you like Sword , Shield , Medieval , War ,Warrior ,Knight , Blade ... You will enjoy this app.
KK Notifier (KK Unread count)
KK App Team
KK Notifier is an unread counts plug-in forLATEST version of M/KKM Launcher and S Launcher.Note: for KK Launcher, it has build-in unread count feature, neednot this plug in for now.★ How to use it: (IMPORTANT)1. In M Launcher or S launcher setting UI, enable the "enableunread count" option in Launcher setting ->Unread Counts2. Then, in this Notifier plug in setting UI, enable the app/itemthat you want to get unread counts.(These two step are mandatory, we noticed that some users report itdoesn't work, please ensure you have followed the above two steps,if still not work, please feedback with detail info, we will try tofix it, thanks)★ KK Notifier support unread counter and notifier:1. Unread Counter:- Missed call counts- Unread SMS counts- Unread Gmail counts- Unread Samsung Email counts- Unread K-9 Mail counts2. Unread Notifier (for 4.3+ devices, require NotificationAccess):- Facebook unread notifier- Facebook Messenger unread notifier- WhatsApp unread notifier- Any app's notification unread notifier(there are Custom Notifier1 - 3 for you to choose apps that you want to show new messagecount)
Romantic Theme GO SMS Pro
Workshop Theme
If you very like color pink in your device,You will loving the pink love free skin for GO SMS. This theme isabout cute and sweet pink heart and wery nice flowers orribbon.Theme romantic love works only with GO SMS Pro application, if youdon't have it, download for free from Google Play.Feel this good feeling when you see this pink love heart andremember the person that is your dear like honey orsweetheart.Make Your android world more pink - brighter, clear, brilliant andcompelling. Applications helps You customization andpersonalization your GO SMS with beautiful hearts and flower, pinkwallpaper, fonts and icons. Like valentine and amor.This theme is in colors like cute and sweet pink, fuchsia, magenta,purple, violet and white, nice flowers. Valentines, and amor day iscome!New cute skin for GO SMS Pro Theme = Hearts pink theme is sweet,emo, and pink them designed specially for girls style, to rememberyour sweetie, baby or darling. Make you and your lover full ofsweet and romance.If you like cats or dogs or other cute animals theme we hope thatyou will be also love this pink romantic, raspberry, rubystyle.Everything has been designed specifically for people who loveamaranthine, indygo and black colors.To apply the theme:1. Download GO SMS Pro Theme pink hearts from Google Play forfree2. Download GO SMS Pro for free3. Install and launch GO SMS app3. Press right to see options and press"theme”4. Press "Installed" tab5. Tap the GO SMS Pro Theme RomanticTo change apperance settings about conversation list1. Press Menu2. Press Adwanced3. Press Appearance Settings.4. Press Conversation List CustomizationAnd now You can adjusted for each other, you can change:- Background in messages.- Displayed contact pictures.- Contact font.- Contact font color.- Time and message fonts.- Or restet this setting as to default.Sweet pink, crimson, red, sanguine color surely captivate you! Itdoes not matter whether you are a man or a woman! Just try thisnice theme, download and colorize your device with sweety pink,cherry, flowers and hearts. Beautiful colors like rose-colored,ruddy, blushing, rose, rosy. This sweetie and romantic theme helpsyou to remember always about your honey, baby, or darling,sweetheart!To change apperance settings about conversation style1. Press Menu2. Press Adwanced3. Press Appearance Settings.4. Press Conversation customizationAnd now You can adjusted for each other, you can change:Conversation style ( bubble setting or list style)- Background- Incoming font- Outgoing font- Hyperlink color in textIf you want to use avatar icon for any contact simply change it andthe new image for each contacts are visible on conversation listand messages sms list.Disclaimer: this application uses interstitial ads andbanners.Check other our GOSMSPro, GO Locker and GO Launcher EX, freethemes.Themes are published all the time, so remember to check ourdeveloper account regularly.Style was created by WorkshopTheme
Wallpapers for Note 7
CheraM Apps
Note 7 Wallpapers, contains Full HD highquality wallpapers and even more! All the wallpapers note 7 areavailable in the perfect resolution and some of them at 4kresolution, supported by almost every device out there.Galaxy Note 7 Wallpapers, contains an impressive collection of 700free HD wallpapers note 7.>Features of Note 7 stock wallpapers:- Contain latest Android M stock wallpapers!- Contain latest Android N wallpapers.- 4k abstract wallpapers and much more!* Easy to save on your device from the right corner* Easy to use and friendly interface* Every stock contain 20 HD Wallpaper.NOTE!! Our app MUST HAVE intenet connection!It meant a lot choosing our app! Enjoy using it for free!
Steampunk Live Wallpaper
Interactive Steampunk skull Live wallpaper- Touch the skull to makethe the bio-mechanical clockwork skull move, jaws open and gearsrotate. NO ADS! Now with real steam and Gear sounds!!Steampunk refers to a subgenre of science fiction and sometimesfantasy that incorporates technology and clothing designs inspiredby 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery.If Jules Verne or H.G. Wells were writing their science fictiontoday, it would be considered “steampunk.”Classic "Death Card" theme for fans of Steampunk, Cyberpunk,Science fiction, Sci-Fi and retro tech goth.• Press the center of the skull to activate gears and steam onthe background live wall paper• You can turn Steampunk sounds ON or Off in settings (defaults toOff)• Classic steampunk design theme for fans of Steampunk, Steam punkgears, Cyberpunk, Science fiction, Sci-Fi and retro techgoth.• If you like this, you will also like my Steampunk Gears LiveWallpaper• TO INSTALL: Home -> Menu -> Wallpaper -> LiveWallpapers- Steampunk Live Wallpaper Skull
AppLock Theme Cricket
Color Themes AppLock
Free AppLock Theme Cricket for SuperAppLock for android! You need to install Super AppLock first to usethis applock theme! Super AppLock is the best privacy guard withapplock features, free! All themes are free to use! If youhaven't installed Super AppLock, it will take you to Google playstore to download.Use Super AppLock to lock apps, games,photo, hide video,lock incoming call, lock chat, contacts, SMS (lock messengermessage), email, lock important files, anything you want to lock.Build privacy fence for android using Super AppLock the privacyguard!★Super AppLock Free Themes list- 12 constellation: Aries, Pisces, Scorpio, Gemini, Libra,Sagittarius , Taurus and more-Popular themes: Aurora , Snow sky, Chocolate Love,SweetValentine, Race Car,Football-Recommend: Sweet Candy, Teddy bear, Green leaf, Orange,Sniper theme, Vampire theme...★Super AppLock Feature list:1) AppLock: lock apps you have installed2) Lock incoming calls: stop others picking up your call3) Lock recent apps: more security4) Lock Photo: important photos stored in safe vault5) Lock Video: View secret videos in safe vault6) Beautiful themes to change lock cover7) App fake cover: use fingerprint & FC (force close) toconfuse snoopers8) Hide apps: hide apps you don't want to see on screen (onlysupport Rooted devices)9) Support password / pattern lock shift10) Plug-in : Kids Lock (Kids Time) & Guest Mode11) hide pattern draw path12) random password settings13) custom lock frequency: always lock/ 5 minutes/ when screenlocked...14) custom mode: choose your own profile settings15) float widget: easy shift16) lock files: secure important documents insideand many more to come .17) Support 22+ languages★Feel free to contact us:Community:https://plus.google.com/u/1/communities/103886432289711131445Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PrivacyLockTwitter: https://twitter.com/Privacy_LockWebsite: www.51privacy.com/privacylocker★Help us translate into your language:http://goo.gl/forms/FzJPGxbENC
Ink in Water Live Wallpaper
Sfondi Animati 3D
Ink in Water Live WallpaperFree!New abstract video live wallpaper high-quality with sound andscrolling!This new beautiful app for Android phone will be a unique gift foryou.High-quality video wallpaper based on HD and 4K.Now you don't have to choose between the beautiful live wallpaperor long battery life. With these live wallpaper You will get it alltogether!The live wallpaper will decorate your smartphone and make itmore unique and exquisite.This application will look great on the screen of your Androidphone or tablet.We will be appreciated if you leave comments, suggestions orjust rate us!
Blipfoto for Muzei
Cheikhna Mouna
A Blipfoto extension for Muzei.Install muzei : http://get.muzei.coDisplay Top rated photos from the awesome blipfoto (http://www.blipfoto.com/) on yourwallpaper.Thanks to +Roman Nurik for Muzei : an awesome , extremly welldesigned and easily extensible app!
Xperia ICX CM10 CM9 AOKP Theme
Is now free b/c life is busy and I can't support this app often.Thank you to those who paid and had it exclusively first.For CM9 CM10 CM10.1, AOKP, PA or any rom with a themechooser.Keeping the look and feel of Android versions (4.0+) a.k.aJellyBean and Ice Cream Sandwich, I have added the twist of theXperia lineup.If it says "Theme error: Sorry this theme is missing assets foryour device's screen size" just click apply anywayWhat's Themed?FrameworkStatus barThe pop-up menu is the xperia grey tint.Settings app -> completely black with holo blueIcons: settings camera, browser calculator clock, email, gallery,messaging, contacts/people, phone, play music are all Xperiaicons.More to come!I am very open to suggestions, e-mail me!.This will app be updated continuously since it's my onlyapp.Have a great day!*Created for HDPI and up devices, using lower is at your ownrisk. (Most devices are HDPI)
Poweramp Skin Sphere Blue
We present you a new skin for PowerampThis beautiful skin that will make you happy for a long timeInside the application is 2 skinsSubscribe to my page in Google+, so always be aware of newskinshttps://plus.google.com/110466523012072376946/postsHow to apply:After installation, open-click> Click Set Skin or Set SkinV.2(happens the first time the skin may not work, then try torepeatthe application of skin again)Key: com.maxmpz.audioplayer.skin OR poweramp skin
PowerAmp New Style
We present you a new skin for PowerampThis beautiful skin that will make you happy for a long timeInside the application is 2 skinsSubscribe to my page in Google+, so always be aware of new skinshttps://plus.google.com/110466523012072376946/postsHow to apply:After installation, open-click> Click Start PoweAmp-> SelectNew Blue skin or New GryKey: com.maxmpz.audioplayer.skin OR poweramp skin
Weapon Wallpapers
Thor Apps Android
Guns and weapons HD Wallpaperscollection quality images of guns and weaponscomment, it will allow us to improve the app for you!Pistol (French pistolet ← Fr. Pistole from Czech. Píšťala -«musket, fife") - manual short-barreled semi-automatic ornon-automatic (less automatic) firearms. Usually designed to fireat short range (up to 25-50 meters), both with one hand, and withthe two. It can be used both for attack and for protection. Thefirst guns were smoothbore and singly. Modern, as a rule, arethreaded and have a bulk store, which is located usually in the armand can accommodate 7 or less (the Colt M1911) to 17 or more(Beretta Px4 Storm, APB) rounds.First there were guns in the XV century. They were fitted on awooden block with a short barrel wick castle. Leonardo da Vinciinvented the wheel lock for the gun (the factory key) - the onlything his invention, which was recognized during his lifetime. Gunsof the time were quite different on the device and its intendedpurpose. Short guns (Puffer) were used to fire at close range. Longcavalry pistols had enough killing power at a distance of 30-40meters over the unprotected goal. Heavy armor (such as Maximilian),however, they rarely break through even when fired at close rangeand velocity rarely exceed 150-160 m / s (in pocket "Puffer" couldbe less than 100 m / s).Weapon - the general name of devices, objects and tools,structurally designed for killing or rendering harmless of peopleand animals, and / or disabling equipment and facilities of theparties, wittingly or unwittingly involved in any conflict. Afterthe invention of gunpowder became widely used artillery androckets, and small arms. Before the invention of the same mass andthe introduction of the latter, the basis of army troops were armedwith a cold hand and thrown weapons.To arms include devices and items physically designed to hit a livetarget, signaling, subject to attack or defense. Also - a set oftools for hunting and warfare. In a figurative sense weapons - somemeans to fight with anyone and anything to achieve theirgoals.-- Features --* The app is a very simple application! This app has a very clearinterface. It is really easy to find and set an exactly thatwallpaper what you want.* Offline access to the images* You can set any image as wallpaper* You can save wallpapers on SD card* You can share the image via email, Facebook, Twitter, MMS andother apps* Tablet support* There is an opportunity to set up the app on SD cardPhotos in the app are licensed under Creative Commons’ license.Authors are credited inside the app.
Galactic Emerald Xperien Theme
Arjun Arora
Xperia™ themes makes your Sony Xperiadevicetruly personal.Download exclusive themes and enjoy a beautifullyintegratedexperience.-Dark galaxy theme.-Switch between icon packs from home settings.-Available in 7 cool colors.-Rounded frosty icon background.-Lockscreen analogue clock widget.-Themed keyboard.-New navigation bar, pressed elements added.-Matching icons & elements.-More than 300 assets & resources added.-Kindly reboot your device after installation.-Support for icons in Xperia launcher for marshmallow.Fully supports non rooted Xperia mobiles with marshmallow.To revert back to the default stock icons, long press onhomescreen, select settings >>> icon appearance>>>select default.Kindly Rate & Review it.
TSF Gallery Widget
TSF Gallery Widget is a TSF Shellcharacteristic’s 3D widget. It can be showed on desktop as adecoration, you can also enter its 3D selection mode by clicking onit to quickly open pictures or change album cover. You are able toachieve pictures lists with the settings filter.Features:========================1.click to open 3D selection mode, rotate the gallery by slidingleft and right2.go to settings screen to select the picture lists that youwant to play3.At the first loading it will create thumbnailsNotes:========================1. This widget should be run on TSF Shell download TSF Shell, please access to the following link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tsf.shell2. If you like our applications please give it a mark. If youhave any question or suggestions about our applications pleaseemail to service@tsfui.com.========================Permission1 Reading memory cardGetting pictures from memory cardKey Words: TSF Shell, TSF 3D Gallery, TSF Gallery widget■ Follow UsFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/tsfappTwitter: https://twitter.com/tsfappGoogle+: http://gplus.to/tsf■ Contact UsE-mail: service@tsfui.com
Gujarati Audio Bible 古吉拉特语圣经
Gujarati Audio Bible 古吉拉特语圣经伺服器連線或有快有慢,建議音頻、聖經文檔,全部下載。File Server sometime speed low, Please download all files.可在線播放,下載到 SD Card 後離線播放Online Play Or Download file for Offline Play.SDCard 完整路徑/mnt/sdcard/Music/audiobible_Gujarati服務信箱: share35app@gmail.comGujarati GujaratiAudioBible BibleServer connection or fast or slow, the proposed audioBibledocuments, all downloads.File Server sometime speed low, Please download all files.Online play, download to play offline SD CardOnline Play Or Download file for Offline Play.SDCard full path/ Mnt / sdcard / Music / audiobible_GujaratiService inbox: share35app@gmail.com