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4 Pics 1 Word Puzzle Plus
Second Gear Games
A sequel to 4 Pics 1 Word Puzzle: What's That Word? ★★★★★Look at 4 pictures and guess what word they represent. This soundseasy, but some puzzles can be tricky! If you like quiz and wordgames, you'll enjoy this fantastic brain teaser.NEW FEATURES: More interesting and less frustrating! ★★★★★• You can skip words and come back to them later.• The pictures are revealed one by one. Guess the word with lesspics and earn extra coins!• Play in 6 languages (English, French, Russian, German, Spanishand Portuguese): great tool if you're learning a foreignlanguage★★★ Simple and highly addictive game for the whole family!★★★• 15 levels with 300 new words• Unique puzzles: from easy to really challenging• Earn coins by guessing the words and use the coins to help yousolve most difficult puzzlesCan you guess all words and unlock all levels?
Wordsearch Revealer Flower Art
These fantastic wordsearches contain alltheingredients for some major fun and relaxation. But these gamescomewith some special gifts just for you. When you complete apuzzlechallenge and win enough coins, you will be rewarded with alovelyflower art picture!With smooth and simple single-swipe controls thesepuzzlesprovide hours of fun for all ages. You can choose thedifficulty ofthe word search, but the more coins you collect, themore of thepictures you will reveal! Can you beat thechallenge?Features:☀ 15 stunning flower art pictures to reveal☀ 6 difficulty levels - start with 5x5 grid and 5 words,progressonto bigger grids with more words to find☀ Timed challenge, with rewards as you play☀ Collect coins to buy hints and uncover pictures☀ Delightful 3D graphics, and punchy sound effects
Letter Zap Classic
Fanatee Games
Play Letroca and find as many words as you canusing the letters available. The more words you find the morepoints you get.Get the whole family to join in!NEW: LETTER ZAP STARS!Play different thematic worlds! Collect stars and medals, explorehidden levels and unlock new challenging word puzzles.Highlights:- Innovative game mechanic- 4 different game modes (Stars, Classic, Half and Zen) for yourword scrambling needs- Available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian andPortuguese.- 16 themed worlds with 384 levels and many more to come.
Pyramide Mots Pyramots
Le but du jeu est de former des motscorrespondants à la définition donnée à la manière des définitionsd’un jeu de mots croisés ( mots fléchés ). Pour ce faire, vouspourriez déplacer les pièces à fond blanc (mais pas celles à fondobscur).Vous formerez ainsi des chaînes de mots car chaque mot sera «créé » à partir des lettres du mot antérieur.Chaque pyramide aura une liste de 6 mots enchaînés de longueursdifférentes .La seule différence entre chaque mot et le mot précédant, estune lettre de plus.CARACTÉRISTIQUES DU JEU :* Des pyramides créées dynamiquement avec de milliers de motsdifférents.* 3 niveaux de difficulté : facile, moyen et difficile.* Des indices disponibles aux niveaux facile et moyen.* Interface agréable et performante.* En plus, cette application occupe très peu d’espace dans votredispositif.Jeu d’agilité mentale et vocabulaire en français.Faites glisser les lettres avec le doigt jusqu’à leur placecorrecte.Un jeu éducatif et divertissant.Le jeu est complètement gratuit et contient de la publicité.Il s’agit d’un jeu classique pour toute la famille, idéal pour lesenfants, mais aussi pour les adultes.Testez votre culture généraleVous y trouverez tout ce qui fait la richesse de la languefrançaisePour apprendre, se perfectionner ou s'entraîner !Si vous aimez les énigmes, les mots croisés et les jeux de mots,vous allez aimer Pyramots!Un jeu de mots en français vraiment amusant!Pyra mots croisés gratuit.Tags : Jeu de mots , pyramides des mots , pyramide, pyramots.The goal is to form wordscorresponding to the definition given in the manner of thedefinitions of a crossword puzzle (crossword puzzles). To do this,you could move the white pieces (but not on dark background).This forms strings of words as each word will be "created" fromthe letters of the previous word.Each pyramid will have a list of 6 words chains of differentlengths.The only difference between each word and the word before, isone more letter.GAME FEATURES:* Pyramids dynamically created with thousands of differentwords.* 3 difficulty levels: easy, medium and difficult.* Indices available for easy and medium levels.* Pleasant and efficient interface.* In addition, this application takes up very little space in yourdevice.Mental agility and French vocabulary game.Drag the letters with your finger until their correct place.An educational and entertaining game.The game is completely free and contains advertising.This is a classic game for the whole family, ideal for children butalso for adults.Test your general knowledgeYou will find everything that makes the richness of the FrenchlanguageTo learn, improve or work!If you like puzzles, crossword puzzles and word games, you'll lovePyramots!A play on words in French really fun!Pyra Free crossword.Tags: Game of words, words pyramids, pyramid, pyramots.
4 Pictures 1 Word [Arabic]
MadVillage Games
Four pictures one word is a very entertainingand engaging game which will help you train your cognitiveskills.All what you have to do is find the link word between fourdifferent picture.☝✓ Four picture one word is 100% free with an incredibledesign.✓✓ Suitable for all ages✓ Fully in Arabic and adapted to the Islamic culture .✓ Different difficulty levels✓ 4 pictures 1 word has over 1500 questions✓ You can ask a friend for help
Hi Words - Word Search Game
Challenge your brain with the most addictiveword search puzzles!In Hi Words, each puzzle contains a number of words on a fixedtheme, fruits, animals, sports, characters, etc. In each level, youneed to find the words, crush the letters and clear the board. Bearin mind that only words on the fixed theme can be accepted.Intuitive, challenging, addictive, educational, big fun - that’sall about Hi Words.√ Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to master√ Well-designed graphics and effects√ 220 levels of challenging puzzles√ Hints to help you through tough levels
Story Teller
Silent Studios Media Group
Story Teller allows you and your friends tobein charge of the story. With Story Teller simply type or speakasmall portion of your story and push play then pass it to afriend.The story will be read back to you and your friend for hoursofhilarious fun.
LOTUM media GmbH
★★★★★ From the creators of #1 app "4 PICS 1 WORD”Celebs, brands, movies and more – can you guess what the icondepicts? Find out why the whole world loves Icomania and JOIN THE FUN!★SIMPLE AND HIGHLY ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY★Check out the icons, guess the answer and win! There are hundredsof puzzles to solve!★TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE★How well do you know pop culture? Icomania keeps you guessing withawesome icons depicting celebrities, movies, brands and more…★FEAST FOR THE EYES★Stunning handcrafted designs with icons that bring a smile to yourface =)★PURE, INSTANT FUN★No registration, no complicated rules – just instant fun! Getstarted now!
سبع كلمات - الحل الكامل
الحل الشامل الى لعبة سبع كلمات , الحل يشملجميع الاجابات لجميع الألغازالاجوبه مرتبه بحسب المجموعة او رقم اللغز مما يسهل عمليه اختيارلغزA comprehensive solutionto the game seven words, the solution includes all the answers toall the puzzlesAnswers his salary, according to the group or number puzzle whichfacilitates the process of selecting the Puzzle
Sean O'Connor
WordStorm is a highly addictive and easy toplay word game. It is very similar to word wheel games that can befound in a number of newspapers.The objective of the game is to try to guess all of the 35 mostcommon words that can be made from the 9 letters shown. Each wordmust be 4 or more letters long and must contain the centralletter.There's a unique puzzle for every day which everyone else will beplaying that day too!Random Game - You can now play a random game. This can be accessedvia the menu on the high scores view.For the latest news on all of my games please follow @SeansGames onTwitterRecently demonstrated at "DroidCon" as one of the "Best ofLondroid!"Please email us at sean@windowsgames.co.uk if you have any problemswith the game.
Game Tebak Gambar
Questa App
Game Tebak Gambar Yang Baru merupakan gameyang kami buat khusus untuk anda yang suka tantangan, suka bermainkata dan berguna buat mengasah otak anda. Perhatikan baik-baikpetunjuk gambar yang kami tampilkan. akan akan ada 2 kolom jawaban.isi dengan jawaban yang benar sesuai dengan petunjuk gambar. semuajawaban di game tebak gambar ini dua kata. game tebak gambar cerdasini cocok di mainkan kapanpunAjak juga teman kamu untuk memainkan Game Tebak Gambar Asah Otakini. agar lebih asik.Enjoy The GameGame Guess What's NewImage is a game that we made for you who like a challenge, likeplaying word and useful for honing your brain. Take a good look atthe instructions pictures we show. there will be 2 columns answers.fill with the correct answer according to the instructions picture.guessing game all the answers in this picture of two words. gameimage intelligent guess this fits in play wheneverAlso invite your friends to play the game Brain Guess thispicture. to be more cool.Enjoy The Game
Bible Word Search FREE
Ten Doves Charity
Fun word search game made up of over 200 wordsfrom the Bible. Ad supported.
Craft Brewed Games
Create wacky sentences by translating wordsand emojis. Play PictoBlanks to impress others with yourcreativity. It’s family friendly and easy to learn!PictoBlanks features:Use hundreds of emojisPlay with your friends or random playersTwo ways to play PictoBlanks: Basic mode and Judge’s FavoriteCollect coins to win prizesFind emojis fast with our built-in emoji searchShare your completed games on FacebookWarning: PictoBlanks may cause uncontrollable smiles which, if leftuntreated, will turn your face into an emoji.Connect with us:Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CraftBrewedGames/?fref=tsTwitter: https://twitter.com/CraftBrewGames
كلمة - لعبة ألغاز
Belma Apps
كلمة - لعبة الالغازإلى محبي الألغاز والأحاجي ؟ تمتع بأحسن لعبة الأغازوالأحاجيمن أفضل اللعب لمحبي الألغاز والتفكير وعصر الدماغ مع خمسين لغزوأحجيةكلمة - لعبة الالغاز يحتوي على الغاز جديدة و مبتكرة و أخرى منمصادر عالمية و بالتأكيد الغاز شعبية تشمل الغاز المنطق, قوة ملاحظة،ألعاب كلمات، اسئلة ثقافة. إدخال الإجابة الصحيحة باستخدام 12 حرغامتاحا.يمكنك إستعمال وسائل المساعدة :• التعرف على الحرف الأول ،لكن بعد الحصول على 15 نقطة.• حذف 3 حروف غير صحيحة ،لكن بعد الحصول على 25 نقطة.• تخطي سؤال صعب ، لكن بعد الحصول على 25 نقطة.• يمكنك الحصول على نقط أكثر بزيارة صفحتنا على فايسبوك أو قناتنا علىاليوتوب• يمكنك الحصول على نقط أكثر بزيارة تطبيقاتنا على متجر غوغلبلايكل يجعل من تطبيقنا امتحانا حقيقيا للذكاء ـ إنها لعبة حيوية تمنحكفرصة لا تعوض لإختبار قدراتك الفكريةنعمل ما في وسعنا لإفادنك ومنحك أغضل متعةCrosswordsمميزات :- أسئلة حديثة ومتنوعة-العديد من الميمزاتThe word - game puzzlesTo lovers of puzzles and riddles? Enjoy the best game AlogazriddlesOf the best play for fans of puzzles and brain thinking and the ageof fifty with a jigsaw puzzleThe word - game puzzles with new and innovative gas and othersources of global gas and certainly popular gas include logic,power of observation, games words, ratchet culture. Enter thecorrect answer using 12 Hrga available.You can use the means of assistance:• Identify the first letter, but after getting 15 points.• Delete 3 invalid characters, but after getting 25 points.• skip a difficult question, but then get 25 points.• You can get more points visit our page on Facebook or our channelon YouTube• You can get more points visit our applications on the Google PlaystoreEach of our application makes a real test of intelligence it isvital for the game gives you a great opportunity to test theintellectual abilitiesDo what we can to give you Ogdil Avadnk and funCrosswordsFeatures : - Modern and diverse questions-alaadid Of Almimzac
ทายชื่อเพลง ฮิต
ทายชื่อเพลง ฮิตเป็นเกมส์ทายชื่อเพลงต่างๆ ตามเนื้อร้องสนุกสุดมันส์ ไปกับบทเพลงต่างๆเหมาะสำหรับทุกเพศ ทุกวัยตัวช่วย- ใบ้ภาพ เปิดภาพคำใบ้สำหรับเพลงนั้นๆ- เฉลยชื่อเพลง** มาร่วมสนับสนุนคนไทยด้วยกันนะครับ **RejuvenatehitsChallenge a song by the lyrics.Enjoy a fun with music.Suitable for all agesHelp- Hint hint for open shots for music.- Correct the song titleAnd co-sponsored by the Thailand ** well **.
Kesempurnaan Cinta RizkyFebian
Aprodita Inc.
Kuis tebak lirik dari lagu Rizky Febian-Kesempurnaan CintaGame Tebak Lirik Kesempurnaan Cinta - Rizky Febian inibebasvirus, gratis dan tidak memakan banyak memori.Cara bermain:- Klik Play Now- Baca soalnya- Pilih jawaban yang menurut kamu paling benarJangan download game ini sebelum tahu lirik dari lagunyasecaraFULL...[Peringatan] yg ngerate 5 bintang, kita doain enteng jodohdanrezekinya! Amin...D I S C L A I M E R :APLIKASI INI TIDAK MEMASUKKAN AUDIO DARI LAGU INI DANTIDAKMEMFASILITASI USER UNTUK MENDOWNLOAD LAGU INI SECARAILEGAL.Quiz guess the lyricsofthe song Rizky Febian - Perfection LoveGame Guess the Lyrics Perfection Love - Rizky Febian isfreevirus, free and does not take up much memory.How to play:- Click the Play Now- Read soalnya- Choose the answer that you think is most trueDo not download this game before knows the lyrics of the songareFULL ...[Warning] who ngerate 5, we Doain lightly mate andsustenance!Amen ...D I S C L A I M E R:THIS APPLICATION DOES NOT INCLUDE AUDIO OF THIS SONG ANDFACILITATEUSER TO DOWNLOAD THIS SONG IS ILLEGAL.
لغز وكلمة (حزازير - أحجيات)
لغز وكلمةهذه اللعبة هي الافضل والاجمل لمحبي الالغاز والتفكير.لعبة لغز وكلمة ستختبر معلوماتك العامة وسرعة بديهتك وتنمي قدراتكالعقلية .لعبة لغز وكلمة هي لعبة مسلية وتناسب جميع الاعمار .لعبة لغز وكلمة تمكنك من استخدام وسائل مساعدة وتمكنك من مشاركةاللعبة مع اصدقائك .لعبة لغز وكلمة تتضمن 150 لغز شيق.هل بامكانك حل جميع الالغاز وانهاء اللعبة ؟ اذا قم بتحميل اللعبةالان وابدا التحدي والتشويق!Puzzle and WordThis game is the best and most beautiful for fans of puzzles andthinking.Puzzle game, and the word will test your general information andthe speed of intuition and develop your mental faculties.Puzzle game and word game is entertaining and suitable for allages.Puzzle game and enables you to use the word aids and enables you toshare the game with your friends.Puzzle game and word puzzle contains 150 interesting.Can you solve all the puzzles and the end of the game? If youdownload the game now and never challenge and thrill!
Guess the Brand 2016
You can see the brands or logos on Internet,TV, Billboard, Magazine every day and everywhere.But! Do you remember it? How many of brands do you know?.Let's play and test your brand knowledge with "Guess theBrand".It is a free funny game to guess the brand and logos on yoursmartphone..- More newest brands and logos to solve.- It's FREE!.- Play with graphics, sound, and music.- Online score.- Guess with 18 letters.- Hint to help you to guess the brand and logo.- Helper to show a letter, show the logo, and show all theletter.- You can share the logo to you friends.
Spellathon : word game
Nivedita Arora
SPELLATHON is highly addictive fun word twist game with a TWIST!Put on your thinking cap :)"challenging word game with a crazy twist"-androidgals.com"KIng of spelling" - androidzoom.com"Very fun and engaging activity for students to play"-Instructional Technology Integration Partnership , Ohio7 random letters are arranged , with one letter in the centerand rest around it . Aim is to make four to seven letter wordsnecessarily including the center letter in each word formed , usingeach letter just once .There should be atleast one seven letterword.Great way to pass time while engaging and challenging yourmind.Spellathon tests your anagram skills as well as increases yourvocabulary !!!you would not have played anything like SPELLATHON !★★FEATURES★★★ 10 Languages supported - English, French, Spanish, German,Portuguese, Italian, Danish , Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch★Online Scoring System using Scoreloop - compete with your friendsto have best scores .Scores will be online so that you can competewith people worldwide.★Timed and Casual Game modes★Save game★Challenges-challenge your friend to a game of spellathon , see whoscores more points★Definition Lookup for improving vocabulary - click on word aftergame is finished to get its meaning from Dictionary.com★Personalized Settings - the sound ,vibration , level settings canbe changed★Game Levels - change total number of words to be guessed tocomplete game★Hints - hints button to get partly guessed words.★KIIP rewards : make your gaming happy !! share moments :)★Shuffle- shuffle button to mix the letters surrounding centerletter .★keyboard Support - click buttons marked with letter to guess word, and then press submit★2X/3X button-double/triple score if you are sure that wordexists★Heyzap Support-share your score on facebook and twitter★SD Card TransferPls dont forget to rate the app !!:)More FEATURES coming soon!If you like word mix,word boggle,scrabble,word puzzle ,spelling,brain training,dictionary,vocabulary,crossword games you willdefinitely like this !!NOTE-1)READ_PHONE_STATE is required by Scoreloop SDK to store scores .Your sensitive data is not being misused .2)Heyzap is social gaming platform and NOT advertisment !
لعبة السؤال القوي - صح أم خطأ
Tamatem Inc.
لعبة السؤال القوي - صح أم خطأ لعبة الأسئلة الممتعة بطريقة جديدةكلياً اختبر معلوماتك العامة ، سواء كانت علمية ، رياضية ، دينية،تاريخية ، جغرافية أو فنية .. هنالك العديد و العديد من المراحل فيهذه اللعبة لجعلها أكثر متعة و إثارة .. حقائق مذهلة و معلومات جديدةبجميع المجالات .. اختبر سرعة بديهتك و معرفتك بأجمل و أحدث لعبةمعلومات.** مجانا لفترة محدودةقم بتحميل اللعبة مجانا اليوم لمدة محدودة** لعبة ذكاء وتحدي للشباب والبنات والاطفالاكثر من 800 مرحلة مختلفة تتراوح في صعوبتها بين السهل والصعب** مسلية ومفيدةهذه اللعبة المليئة بالاثارة والتشويق ستعلمك الكثير من المعلوماتالغنية، تعلم واستمتع بلعبة السؤال القوي - صح أم خطأ.** تسبب الادمانهل تستطيع حل جميع المراحل والاسئلة؟ هل لديك ما يكفي من الذكاء ؟ قمبحل المراحل الواحدة تلو الاخرى الآن** العب فورالا تحتاج الا لتحميل اللعبة بشكل سريع ولا نطلب منك التسجيل، فقط حملاللعبة وابدأ اللعب فورا** تحدى اصحابكقم بسؤال اصحابك عن الاسئلة الصعبة وتحداهم لتعرف من منكم قام بحلاسئلة اكثرلا تنسى تقييم اللعبة والاعجاب بصفحتنا على فيسبوك، هذه اللعبة تأتيكممن طماطم، ناشر الالعاب العربي الاول على اجهزه المحمول في الوطنالعربي
Wordgenuity® Letter Go Lite
Please try out new puzzle game - Splitsumhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jssapps.splitsumWordgenuity® Letter Go is an exciting word game that requiresquick wit with a cool head.Use the letters on the game board to spell words three tofifteen letters in length.Letters are added to the bottom of the game board pushingexisting letters upward.The goal is to score as many points as possible while preventingany letters from reaching the top of the game board. If you clearthe game board a huge bonus is awarded!There are two game modes ... standard and casual.In standard games the speed of the game increases with eachlevel reached. Every ten words the level increases as does thepoint values. There are also green colored bonus letter tiles thatwill provide help or bonuses but will only show upoccasionally.Casual games are played the same way standard games are with twodifferences. First the game speed never increases and there are nogreen bonus letter tiles. You may swipe up on the game backgroundat any time to get a new row of letters to play.In the lite version games are limited to five levels beforeending.For question, comments, suggestions, bug reports, etc... pleasefeel free to email us at jssapps@gmail.com or visit ourwebsite at www.jssapps.com.For more word game fun please check out our other Wordgenuity®word games.Enjoy!KW: anagrams, crosswords, free, fun, game, jumble, puzzle, word,word search, word tower, letters
Ruzzle Solver - English
Words generator for Ruzzle.ENGLISH dictionary: 170,000 words.Supported by ALL versions of AndroidTake the screenshot (or enter the sequence of letters)... shakeand play!!!!!NEWS:- Automatic character recognition from screenshot(NEW!)- MINI mode display- Guidelines to speed up the submission of the words- Bonus multipliers (NEW!)- Two ways to scroll the list of words (in MINI mode):--> Shaking (slightly) the smartphone (NEW!)--> Double-click (anywhere) on the screenNow you can minimize the Ruzzle Solver so that it is alwaysvisible. Here are the simple steps to follow:1) Open Ruzzle Solver - Italian2) Click on Mini -> the application icon will appear in thelower right corner of the screen.3) Open Ruzzle.4) Challenge your friend. When the challenge starts, simply clickon the icon at the bottom right.5) Take the screenshot (or enter the 16 letters on the Ruzzleboard)6) With the MINI mode you can see ALL the words that you enter inRuzzle.Note:To auto-scroll the list of words in MINI mode simply shake thesmartphoneGuidelines and character recognition tested on Galaxy SII, GalaxyNexus
Emoji Quiz ~ Free Trivia Game
Taps Arena
Emoji Quiz is the coolest game of its kind!Challenge yourself to guess the names of famous people, movies, TVcharacters and brands. See how many you can recognize!
Mi corazon es tuyo Adivinha
¿Crees que conoces bien esta serie? Este es eljuego para los fans Mi Corazon es tuyo, como usted. Este juegopondrá a prueba tus conocimientos. Sólo tienes que descargar einstalar de forma gratuita. Este es un juego recomendado parausted, absolutamente juego divertido y simple. El juego requiereque responda a lo que representan las imágenes y si su respuesta escorrecta, se le dará monedas, y también reducir sus monedas si surespuesta es incorrecta. Seleccione el botón de ayuda indirecta encuanto es posible que necesite ayuda para revelar las letras pararesponder a la pregunta.Sobre:Es una adaptación de la serie de televisión española titulada Ana ylos siete. Fernando Lascuráin, es un hombre de negocios rico yviudo con siete hijos rebeldes, que busca una nueva niñera para sushijos. Después de eso, Ana es contratada como niñera y que forme aintegrarse en la mansión. Ana es una bailarina exótica que trata deguardar su doble vida en secreto.Nota:Este juego es absolutamente libre y no oficial de aplicaciones paralos fanáticos único propósito.Think you know thisseries well? This is the game for the fans My Heart is yours, asyou. This game will test your knowledge. Just download and installfor free. This is a recommended game for you, absolutely fun andsimple game. The game requires you to answer what they representimages and if your answer is correct, you will be given coins, andalso reduce their coins if you answer incorrectly. Clicking theindirect help as you may need help to reveal the letters to answerthe question.About:It is an adaptation of the Spanish television series titled Annaand the seven. Fernando Lascuráin, is a wealthy businessman andwidower with seven rebellious children, looking for a new nanny fortheir children. After that, Ana is hired as a nanny and form tojoin the mansion. Ana is an exotic dancer who attempts to keep hisdouble life a secret.Note:This game is absolutely free and unofficial application for fanspurpose only.
Word Search 5
Popular series of higscores games Word Search is back with 10 newcategories! How fast can you find all the words? Submit your scoreto a global leaderboard to see who is the best!Categories included:- famous actors- famous actresses- dogs- ice cream- zoo animals- circus- The Hobbit- Singers- body parts- randomFeatures:- 10 categories- each game is different- each category has a global leaderboard, so you play against otherpeople all around the world- simple but addicting gameplayPlease try also my other games if you like this one :)Requirements: Flash player installed!
Classic Words Plus
Lulo Apps
Classic Words Solo is the number one word gameto play against your smartphone or tablet (solitaire mode).Enrich your vocabulary thanks to the built-in worddefinitions!6 difficulty levels and many languages are supported: English,Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch and Polish.Tired of stumbling across cheaters or waiting hours for your onlineopponent to play on Scrabble, Words with friends or Wordfeud?Try out Classic Words Solo for instant fun, no matter if you are abeginner in crossword games or a Scrabble tournament player!★ Classic Words Plus exclusive features ★• Pass-and-Play mode for 2 players• Ad-free experience• Preview your score before validating a moveChoose the skill level of the computer (from beginner to expert),pick a word list (English word lists include Scrabble - TWL andSOWPODS - official lexicons), and use your strategy skills andvocabulary to try and defeat the Droid.Classic Words Solo gameplay is classical to crosswords board games:create and place words on the board and boost your score by placingletters on the high scoring Double Letter, Double Word, TripleLetter and Triple Word squares.Use all 7 letters from your rack to play a Bingo and get a 50points bonus.This game is a great time killer for all fans of board games andstrategy games. It is also an educational game that will allow kids(and adults) to improve their spelling and vocabulary.Thanks to the fast reactivity and variable skill of the computerand official word lists, Classic Words can is used by many Scrabbleenthusiasts to play quick training matches and learn new words fromthe computer's moves.Unlike with multiplayer board games where some dishonest playersuse anagram solvers, there is no cheating possible when playingsolitaire... Letters and blanks are always picked randomly, and thecomputer's artificial intelligence does not have more informationthan you do.Only your tactics and creativity can make the difference...Will you play strategically enough to outwit the computer and itsextensive vocabulary?★ Features ★• 6 levels of difficulty• Display the definition of words by swiping them• Quit and resume game whenever you want• Shake to shuffle• Languages and dictionaries supported:- English- SOWPODS 2015 (Official English tournament list)- TWL 2014 (Official list)- German (with support of Umlauts, and Ezset to be replaced by two'S')- French- Italian (based on Zingarelli)- Spanish (DRAE)- Dutch- Polish• Distribution of letters and points is adapted to thelanguage• Supports offline play
What's the Pic? ~ Whats Guess
Candywriter, LLC
The hit iOS hidden pic game is finallyavailable on Google Play!Reveal the picture and guess the word! Can you beat all 550levels of What's the Pic? Use your reveals wisely to uncover thehidden picture underneath more than 100 little squares.Don’t be fooled by imitators. What’s the Pic? is the originalhit! You have seen other developers use the term “What’s the Picstyle game” in their description to describe their knock-off 'guessthe picture' games. This is the game that started it all!Over 500 high quality pictures! What the Pic? Take your bestguess! What are you waiting for?
1 Pics 1 Word: Animals Game
Word Game For Kids
This game is a game for everyone. Whether theadult child can load games to be played in family relationships.Forpeople who love animals. And challenging puzzle on the photo. Youcan find it. play with your friends and kids! Amazing and one of akind word game!