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Most of 450 famous actors and actresses
Completely offline
Game rules included
Link for each character in Wikipedia
Game settings panel
      -Duration for a turn
      -Number of characters
      -Number of teams
      -Teams and players names
      -Skip characters

Guess Celebrity (also known as Celebrities, Time over, Hurryupor Lunchbox) is a party game where teams play against each othertoguess as many celebrity names as possible before time runsout.This is the perfect game to play with friends or family on aparty,outdoor or saturday night. The game can be playedofflineanywhere.
The game tests your knowledge and culture with a team gamethatcombines the best elements of Taboo, charades and Password.It'ssimple to learn and sure to get everyone giggling.
Goals of the game
A party game in 3 rounds for two or more teams. To score themostpoints by collecting titles/names in 3 separate rounds.
A game is played taking randomly chosen names from device. Eachteamgets one minute to guess as many titles/names as possible,with oneplayer giving clues to his teammates. Players can alwaysuse soundeffects and pantomime, but speech becomes more restrictedas thegame progresses:
-In round 1, Cluegivers can say anything but thecelebrity'sname.
-In round 2, Cluegivers can say only one word.
-In round 3, Cluegivers can’t say anything only use pantomimeandsounds
Each round ends when all name have been guessed. All names areputback for the next round. High score after the thirdroundwins.
How to play
The players are split into two or more teams of three ormoreplayers. One team is randomly chosen to go first, on eachteam’sturn, one member of the team is the Cluegiver and the restare theguesser.
Play begins when the cluegiver picks a name in the device. Fromthatmoment, the cluegiver begins giving clues to his teammates, heorshe has one minute to get his team to guess as many celebritynamesas possible before time runs.
In the first round the cluegiver can say anything he or she wantsaslong as it is not any part of the celebrity's name or adirectreference to the name. The team is awarded a point for everynamethey guessed correctly. When the team guesses the celebritynamecorrectly, the cluegiver draws another name from the deviceandcontinues until time is up or there are no more names.Theguesserscan make as many guesses as they wish; there is no penaltyfor awrong answer. The cluegiver cannot pass and move on to anewtitle/name until the Guessers call out thecorrecttitle/name.
The next team then picks a clue-giver which takes the deviceandplay continues until there are no more names. Teams must rotatetheclue-giver each round until every member of the team has beengivena chance. The round ends when all title/names have beenguessed.The current team will take the last turn in the next round,thenext team who will start the round.
Round 2 plays just like Round 1, with the following changes: Nomorethan 1 word can be used in each clue. The Cluegiver may notuse morethan one word per character to describe each title/name.The sameword may be repeated as often as desired, but once a wordis saidonly non-verbal clues may be added. If the Cluegiveraccidentallyuses more than one word the turn endsimmediately.
Round 3 plays just like Round 2, with the following change:Onlypantomime and sounds. The Cluegiver may not use any wordsatall.
The team with the highest score after all three rounds isthewinner.