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Rock Up
Try to get as high as you can by mashingleftand right buttons. Gain more speed and get higher everytimeyoutry.
Team Ludo
You just escaped from the deep fryer. Run chicken run!
Clumsy Bird
Candy Mobile
THE CHASE IS ON! Flap the little wings of the Clumsy Birds in this#1 thrilling and action packed flying adventure.Meet the hapless ever Clumsy Birds and they need your help! Thesurvival of the Clumsy Birds is at risk because the bad dragonshave stolen their precious eggs. With their little wings, theClumsy Birds are not afraid of any danger. It's your job to guidethese cute birds fly through all kinds of obstacles to get backtheir eggs.Game Features:- Simple one touch controls: touch to flap the wings- Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master- Stunning graphics: beautifully detailed world comes to life onAndroidHow to Play:- Tap anywhere on the screen to fly higher!- Online Play: Fly as far as possible to beat other players within60 seconds
Angry Birds Seasons
Rovio Entertainment Ltd.
Join the Angry Birds as they celebrate uniqueseasonal events from around the world!Enjoy the addictive physics-based Angry Birds gameplay you love,but with an exciting seasonal twist. For the latest update, a loneslingshot rises to answer the Viking Pigs’ call for battle in a newadvent style episode: Ragnahog!LATEST EPISODE: RagnahogPlay a new Viking-themed level from Dec. 1st through the25th.– 25 new levels + 2 new Golden Egg Levels!– Terence’s Nordic cousin Tony visits for the holidays!– New quests and achievements!In addition to the Ragnahog chapter, download and enjoy:- 31 THEMED EPISODES (plus cool bonus stuff)!- 925+ LEVELS of pig-popping action!- UNIQUE POWER-UPS that give you the edge in tricky levels!- SURPRISE EGGS! Collect Four Stars (yes. FOUR!) in four handpicked classic levels during the week and hatch a surprise egg fullof prizes just in time for The Pig Challenge!- THE PIG CHALLENGE! Unique weekend tournaments where you and yourfriends can see who's the best bird flinger! It's like Pig Days,but with friends!With over 2 billion downloads, Angry Birds is the most popularmobile game series of all time. Join the global phenomenon!
Vera Polyachenko
Easy game on 6 levels. The game takes uplittle memory. Children's game will allow you to spend time in thecompany of fun fish. Children's game for android tablet or phonetotally free. Click on the screen, fish rises up and returnsback.
3D breakout
Mehdy Ghalim-Ameur
You drive a spaceship and you have tomakebounce a ball without loosing it.You have to make the ball strike all bricks.Some bricks release a new functionality for the ship and othershaveto be hit multiple times to disappear.
Bus Rush - Hill Climb Dash
Cold Avatar Games
Race Through the Mountains and climb the dizzyHeights ,Rush The caravan !The best and top racing caravan game , and ultimate Hillclimbing action with easy to play controls !Coolest Caravan Drive through the snow mountains , drive likecrazy but do not fall !!Awesome physics based game play with racing action ! just tap ongas pedal and race on Turbo speedy fast lane !!Fastest racing game with easiest controls but Hard to drive onthose broken and hardest mountain roads !With awesome HD 3d graphics and fun cool game ! download today!!
Gus the Cactus
Bread Cat Studios
Gus the Cactus vs The Evil MutantPlants.Run to the hills! Run for your lives! The new runner gameishere!Help Gus the Cactus fight the Evil Mutant Plants jumping fromthebottom to the top, double jumping and running!Stick to the floor. Stick to the ceiling. Don't stop running!Onlythis way you will avoid those maleficent evil MutantPlants.With a new and intuitive way of playing. So easy to learn andreallyhard to master.Reach the highest score in the whole World and unlock sometrophieswhile you run to your destiny!Feeling like playing some 8 bits game like in the 80's? Try GustheCactus vs The Evil Mutant Plants and remember those times whenyouwere playing old school games on your sofa! With classic 8bitmusic and pure real 8 bit graphics (no rotating images ordifferentscaled graphics like in other games). Everything in hereis pureand authentic, just like a real 8 bits game.Try the latest runner game and run, run, run!
Game Cooking and Restaurant
bitTales Games
Finally a cooking game and one restaurant, completely free gamewhich is not going to ask you to buy credits or nothing to advancethe game. It is a blend of the best cooking games and restaurant inone, in which there are two modes to play, story mode where youhave to go past the levels and endless mode where you have to gocooking and serving customers until you are completely eliminated.In Story mode when you go through the levels gaining cooking andserving star angers which can get better service in the kitchen andat the table can buy, new dishes, pans, cooking stoves for cookingmore powerful faster a soda machine .......... How to Play:Customers entering the restaurant and you will order the food theywant and you have to cook the careful it does not burn and thecustomer to leave and miss the game. You must serve food likechips, meat, sushi, vegetables, fish ....... Make this game yourfun, remember you have to demonstrate your ability to cook andserve and so have the best restaurant in the world.
Arcade Game Room
yu xingyue
That was a classic age, you often went to thevideo game room and played the hot arcade game, you were so crazyabout the game heros. Do you want to play the childhood game again?Here is the android app! The best arcade game collection! Smallsize but funny. You can find a lot of classic arcade game here.Just enjoy it!
Panda Run
For millions of PANDA JUMP fans around theworld - we just can’t thank you enough for your amazing continuedsupport!From the creators of NINJA REVENGE, ZOMBIE AGE and PANDA JUMP!Yeah! The CUTE PANDA is back with even more AWESOMENESS!* RUN as far as you can!* DODGE the oncoming obstacles & enemies* RIDE on the angry boar* FLY with the flappy birdFEATURES- Fast pace and simple control- Unique cartoon style graphic- Power-ups, utilities and so much mores- Tons of missions- Dozens of panda costumes- Global & friend leaderboards- Excellent multiplier scoring system- Both HD/SD are supportedWARNING: Your reflexes & agility will be extremelytested!LIKE REDANTZ ON FACEBOOK! https://www.facebook.com/redantzstudioKNOWN ISSUES:FC on low devices such as: Samsung Galaxy Y, Samsung Galaxy Y Duos,Samsung Galaxy Ace, Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos, Samsung Galaxy Mini,Samsung Galaxy Pocket. We support SD graphic now but if the problemstill persists, please try following solutions:- Shut down others running applications- Reboot the phone.- Switch off sound/music in the gameIf none of above solutions works, then we are sorry but your phonejust does not have enough memory/ram to play this game
Armed Heroes(BGI)
Entertainment Game Labs
An amazing real-time 3D MMO Role-Playing Gameyou cannot miss!After centuries of peace, the darkness falls, having the landswallowed by blood and chaos. Lords of old days disappeared oneafter another, leaving man trembling and moaning in hopelessshadows.The Lord of evils opens his eyes in the dark, he is waking,he is waiting. … Where are the heroes, the long been selected ones?… Will they appear before everything is too late? … Are you THEONE?Join hundreds of thousands of online gamers here to experience areal 3D MMOARPG, to enjoy fabulous real-time 3d actions and to makea difference on your own or with other online players on this novelland!- CHOOSE WHO YOU WILL BE -Six heroes of different classes are available for free choice:Warrior, Archer, Wizard, Necromancer, Assassin and Knight.Each class owns his/her particular attribute and dozens ofactive/passive skills:learn and upgrade new skills wiselyPossessing life skills to have more fun: fishing, cooking,disenchanting, forging…With more than 150,000 pieces of equipments to collect, inlay andenhance, you can continuously upgrade your heroes’ power and changetheir appearances as long as you like.Create up to 6 different characters to play: experience differentclasses with different fabulous sound/skill special effects.- FIND YOUR WAY TO BE A HERO -Clean and clear UI ensures smooth and easy controls.Follow the legend to complete series of mainline/ sideline quests:challenge your bravery through numerous dungeons by yourself orautomated teaming-up with other players.Perform your best actions against evil monsters & achievehigher Quest Rating to discover and collect rare equipmentsincluding helmet, shoulder, necklace, ring, breastplate, leg guardand costume…Enjoy real time online battle in the arena: person to person, orclan to clan, challenge for the glory of heroes.- ENJOY REAL-TIME ONLINE BATTLE -A real Massive Mutiple Online RPG! You can fight as long as you canconnect internet! Enjoy the fun of battle at anytime, anywhere withyour friends!Hundreds of PVE maps are waiting for your exploration! Challengethe terror demons with people through the online worldtogether!Here are really creative PVP gameplays!Never tried TD,dota andarena in a MMORPG? Come on here to get start!- MONTHLY EVENTS & FREE UPDATES -Always free to update new versions.New weapons, new monsters and new dungeons will continue toadd.
Adam + Michelle
Adam Nathan
Adam and Michelle are getting married.Helpthem, and a cast of supporting characters, get to the ceremonyontime in this whimsical platform game based in Seattle.
Roll Roll
smile kids
Roll Roll
Armored Aces - 3D Tanks Online
Krieg Games s.r.o.
A free team-based multiplayer 3D onlinetank battle game for mobile devices.Join the armored force of tens of thousands of real players anddrive into ferocious team deathmatch and special Capture The Flagmode battles!★DIVISIONS OF TANKS★Choose from many real-world tanks and armored vehicles.★BATTLE UPGRADES★Improve its parameters with multiple upgrades.★BLITZKRIEG★Attack in legendary tanks such as the mighty Tiger or the modernera M1A2 Abrams.★TEAMPLAY★Cooperate with friends via platoon play or create/join epic TankBrigades and dominate in veteran Brigade Wars.★INCREDIBLE FUN★Experience entertaining gameplay and thrilling wins!★STATE OF THE ART★Enjoy the high-res graphics, detailed tank models, realistic tankphysics and spectacular particle effects!facebook:https://www.facebook.com/Armored-Aces-MMO-588504464570953/web: http://armoredaces.com/forum: http://forum.krieggames.com
Love Bot Subway Runner 2015
Games Frenzy
Do you love running games?We bring you Love bot Run runner 2015 a unique freeendlessarcade runner game that brings you excitement for love run!Lovebot run runner 2015 is an amazing free subway running arcadegamefor robot game fans. You are definitely falling in love withthissuper fast free runner & high jumper love bot who isrunningfor his wife and on his way he has to face differentobstacles.Enjoy free running with love bot across subways, ledgesandroads. Run pass through different obstacles and destroy someofthose to gain extra points. You can not only run jump &dashbut we have introduced a feature of double jump. Tap twicetodouble jump the high obstacles. Collect hearts, keys andotherthings to power up the love bot. Run and sprint for herandenjoy.
Balls Bokemon
We offer you a new look for the gameBokemonlatest version 2016Excitement and adventure game and overcome difficulties andfightingin the jungle to collect balls which is found in thejungles oftreesNow Bokemon distinctive new games in the bushesGame and young adults and young men and women from every machinehasto play an opportunity not to be missedBokemon games! If you love fun run and jump games, you're intheshop to get the best Plus fight ever! This game allows you to2DBokemon platform interesting and sweet story. Visual graphicswillbe breathtaking, simple controls and follow you on a walk inthewoods to the temple! Will run, jump, and collect the ballsthroughthe different levels, each with a unique design of yourobjectivetype.★★★★★ collect monsters and put it in the empty balls★★★★★ rapid, run and fly like a bird in this hugeforestGroup!★★★★★ more than 200 stage!★★★★★ use magnets to collect more balls!★★★★★ collect the largest number of balls!For all age groups Bokemon
Tank Hero: Laser Wars
Clapfoot Inc.
NO IN-APP PURCHASES. FULL GAME IS FREE!The follow up to the hit puzzle action game Tank Hero hasfinally arrived! Charge your lasers and get ready to take the fightto new battlegrounds that will challenge you like never before.Equip your tank with ray guns, plasma howitzers, sonic cannons,and more. Use the all new interactive environments to strategicallytake our your enemies.Challenge your friends in split screen tank DEATHMATCH mode fortablets!FEATURES* All new 3D graphics engine with hyper realistic lighting andspecial effects* Three unique worlds to conquer* Interactive environments that include force fields, explodingbarrels, and more* Super charge your tank on the battlefield with powerups such asenergy shields and speed boost* Epic boss battles that will put your skills to the ultimatetest* Split screen deathmatch mode* All new achievements system* 4 difficulty levels to accomodate all types of players* Original soundtrackThe game is 20 MB. No additional download necessary!Follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/clapfootJoin us on Facebook:www.facebook.com/pages/Tank-Hero/222464784431571
Smash A Phone
Ethan Carty
This is just a game that you can play ifyourbored. Try to get past 100 if you dare. Updates infuture.
Dress Up Make Up Games 2016
Games girls dressing and makeup princessesexclusive game on the App Store, Saraei downloaded now and Enjoyyou and your friends to play with you to play with Sidiqatkm or amember of your family, our game is available on many of the girlsthere are many facilities shadows, mascara, lipstick, blush, powderglitter with attractive color combinationsFeatures Dress up and decorate the brides:Compatible with all devicesA selection of accessoriesDecorate the faceTrendy paint colorsClothing, shirts, pants and shoesBeautiful girl ready for your designWedding dressHairstyle
Enjoy everyone’s favorite classic arcade game,PAC-MAN, for FREE!Earn high scores as you eat fruit and run away from the Ghosts:Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. Or, gobble a Power Pellet and getthe Ghosts before they get you! PAC-MAN is the retro arcade gameyou know and love, but bigger and better than ever before! Joinmillions of fans worldwide and compete in Tournaments, experiencenew Mazes, earn Achievements, and win bragging rights at the top ofthe Leaderboards!CLASSIC ARCADE ACTION• The retro arcade classic version that feels just like it did inthe arcades• Old school challenge, with no quarters and no lines• Avoid the ghosts and eat the fruit and dots, just like in thearcadeNEW MAZES• Mazes of all shapes and sizes available to add to yourcollection• Each maze requires different strategies. Can you master all themazes?FUN TOURNAMENTS• Take the Tournament challenge! Play competitive games and winbig• The competition heats up with multipliers that increase yourscore• Bonus rounds give you extra lives• Reaction time and reflexes are key as you chomp towards the bestscoreACHIEVEMENTS & LEADERBOARDS• The classic old school game, now with EVEN MOREAchievements• Leaderboard lets you challenge your friends and become the bestretro gamer in the worldHINTS AND TIPS!• Check out the Insider pro-tips to help you become achampion!Discover the retro classic all over again! Bring the old schoolarcade action of PAC-MAN anywhere you go, now with updatedAchievements, tournament play and Leaderboard support!Download PAC-MAN today!Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PACMANForMobileFor more information on PAC-MAN checkouthttp://www.pacman.com/!For more information on BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment AmericaInc:Checkout our website: http://www.bandainamcoent.com/home.htmlFollow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BNGAMobileSubscribe to our Youtube channel:https://www.youtube.com/user/BNGAMobileTube©2017 BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
DraStic DS Emulator DEMO
This is a DEMO version for DraStic, afast Nintendo DS emulator for Android. This will let you evaluatethe app to see how it works on your device. Save games, savestates, and cheats are not supported and there is a time limit of30 minutes of play. If you would like to purchase the app pleasesee here:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dsemu.drasticDraStic is only intended for play of private backups of legallyacquired Nintendo DS games. This product is not affiliated with orendorsed by Nintendo in any way. Do not ask us for ROMs or helpgetting them - any request will be ignored.NOTE: WiFi/multiplayer emulation is not supported at thistime.For more information see http://drastic-ds.com/drastic_readme.txt
Blue Running Dude
Veneficium Ltd
A free infinite running and jumping game.Join the dude and run as far and as fast as you can.Avoid other dudes walking or running towards you.Avoid dogs.Watch out for dancers.Avoid trees, benches and lights.Collect balloons, fruit and hearts.Run dudes run!
Unicorn Madness
AXL Dynamics sp. z o.o.
☼ A TOUGH UNICORN SPACE STORYAlien madness has corrupted the fluffy unicorn planet. A viciousspace attack of the space sheep mothership has embraced the unicornplanet. Embrace the Madness!Become a unicorn space warrior and stop the annihilation in thisAXL Dynamics production!Annihilate the motherships and other tough alien minions.It's pure alien madness... and a fluffy unicorn space story!Embrace the Madness!☼ FEATURING!► a crazy unicorn game►one tough Unicorn!►a lot of alien minions►a crazy and challenging gameplay►a unicorn oriented soundtrack!☼ HOW TO BE EPIC?► Tap to jump► Jump to annihilate your enemies from above or beneath► Annihilate your enemies to become to the ultimate UnicornBadass!► Get coins for destroying the sharks and spend them to pimp yourUnicorn!► Use the Rainbow Massacre to embrace the Unicorn Madness!☼ Already a AXL Dynamics fan?LIKE US: https://www.facebook.com/AXLDynamicsFOLLOW US: https://twitter.com/axldynamicsWATCH US: https://goo.gl/dDUa7EVISIT US: http://axldynamics.pl/en/
Ultra Craft: Explore Epic Mode
Ultra Craft is a multi-faceted game inthestyle of 3d sandbox. In this game you will find yourself inabeautiful world, where the harmony of nature and man reigns!Together with the modes of survival and creativity there is abonusepic mode - an unforgettable adventure in a big exotic worldfullof secrets and vivid sensations!There are many different wild animals, insects, plants. The worldisboundless and diverse. But be careful - at night on the islandisnot safe. You must build a shelter to survive.In this game you have to hunt and extract the necessaryresources.You must learn how to make the products you need tostarve thehunger and make the tools you need. You must build yourworld andbecome the main on your island!The game has a fun sound design, availability change the timeofday.You have to learn new skills to adapt to the new conditions oflifeand learn to survive.- is free- beautiful graphics in high resolution- nice gameplay and easy control- change of day and night, unlimited flights mode,- creativity mode, survival mode, epic mode- for all ages- an endless game!
Ninja School
Bạn là fan của Ninja, nhân vật anh hùng nửachánh nửa tà, hành tung bí ẩn nhưng lại có các khả năng phi thường.Vâng! Chúng ta đã quá quen thuộc với thế giới của Ninja, với cácvũ khí độc mà lạ, với các thuật biến thân, các kỹ năng thần bí vàvới tinh thần bất khuất.Xin giới thiệu Thiếu Niên Anh Hùng – Ninja School trò chơi nhậpvai cổ trang sẽ giúp bạn trải nghiệm thế giới Ninja một cách sinhđộng nhất. Bạn trong vai một cô / cậu bé, bạn sẽ tự quyết định conđường Ninja của mình bằng cách tham gia một trong ba ngôi trường cổxưa để tu luyện.Tại đây, bạn sẽ được tham gia các khóa huấn luyện từ các thầycô, các nhiệm vụ cá nhân hay thực hiện cùng bạn bè. Mỗi một nhânvật sẽ có một cá tính riêng, cách luyện tập và hành vi trong gamecủa bạn sẽ khiến bạn trở nên độc nhất.Nào, hãy tham gia ngay và hóa thân thành Ninja trên con đườnglàm nên huyền thoại!You are a fan of theNinja, the hero half right half wrong, but the mystery launch withextraordinary abilities.Yes! We're all too familiar with the world of the Ninja, withunique weapons that strange, with the technical transformations,mystical and skills with indomitable spirit.Introducing Youth Heroes - Ninja School roleplaying game costumewill help you to experience the world's most vividly Ninja. You, asa girl / boy you will decide his Ninja path by joining one of thethree ancient schools to practice.Here, you will be participating in the training of teachers, theindividual tasks or perform with friends. Each character will havea unique personality, behavior and way of practicing your game willmake you unique.Come on, join now and Ninja incarnation of the legendary roadmade!
Happy Jump
Noodlecake Studios Inc
Meet a happy jelly blob who dreams of soaringthrough the skies!Help our friendly dessert reach new heights in this actionpacked game. Bounce from platform to platform, dodge the meanflies, and grab everything you can to get the highest score.Great fun to play with friends and family! Who can jump thehighest in Happy Jump?Brought to you by Retro Dreamer & Noodlecake Studios.
Pancake – The Game
Philipp Stollenmayer
Throw the pancake!Catch the pancake!Throw the pancake!Catch the pancake!No seriously, that’s basically all you can do.