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Archery Fight Master 3D Game
Gaming Stars Inc
Archery fight is revived with mostdaringArchery Fight Master 3D action packed game with ArabHistory.Archery Fight Master is the best archery games 2016. Thisis anexciting game that will lead you into the Ancient WorldofCivilization. Archery Fight Master delivers ultra realisticarcheryexperience that features stunning 3D graphics, amazing fightandsimple intuitive controls. A game of thrones of modern erawithreal archery king. Archery Fight Master is the best archerygames2016. A beautiful archery master 3d game for free is here.Becomearchery masters 3d in real ancient world.You were on a foreign trip and when you came back in yourEmpireafter a long time and your enemies took kingdom fromyourancestors. Nation is depressed and you as a king should leadthemfrom the front. Take your aids and archers and aim to fightforfreedom. Train yourself as a Master of Archery! Run towardstempleand survive the kingdom of your Empire. Be ready forInevitableclash with skilled archers behind every hurdle. You areequippedwith multiple weapons like sword and bow arrows. You canalsopurchase suitable weapons like Arrows, Ax, Sword, Hammer andMacetc from Virtual shop by spend earned Points in game. Anarcherymaster 3d game for free. Archery Fight Master is the perfecttargetshooting game for bow and arrow games lovers in 2016.Game Play:◆Touch and swipe to set the aim◆ Use telescope to focus and Aim◆ Select any suitable weapons from Virtual shop duringgameplayGame Features:◆ Real time game play animations◆ Realistic Ancient Arab World◆ Simple and smooth aiming control◆ Tons of missions and objectives◆ Easy GUI and Control◆ Realistic sound effects◆ Free game, just install and enjoyA game of thrones of modern era with real archery king. Downloadandenjoy Archery Fight Master for free. Archery Fight Master istheperfect target shooting game for bow and arrow games loversin2016.
Sniper Bowman Archery 14.0
Microwater Media
Sniper Bowman ArcheryBowman archery game - discover this completely free gameSniperBowman Archery Game - fun and interesting game play.- Intuitive and super precise aiming, you feel how much canberealestichnost archery.- Several locations for shooting with the amazing anduniquegraphics.- Great sound, visual and tactile sensory effects, in additiontothe actual shooting.- The possibilities are endless mode, everything depends onyourresults.- Puzzle elements in each levelArchery arrows and give you a great experience and skills ofthebest shooter on the planet. Strive to learn to hit the targetfroma distance. Touch screen phone and aim for the bull's-eye. Togetright on target is a feat in archery. How far can you shoot?Youare as good as super archer? Take your bow and arrows and donothit the dirt face. Feel the emotions and do not forget totellabout this game to your friends;)Key features of the game:✔ Physics based on reality✔ excellent 2D graphics✔ absolutely free game✔ easy and comfortable to play✔ accurate touchscreen control panel✔ Sniper bowman gameIf you like bow and shooting - you will like this snipergame.Every level is samll puzzle and you need to think before shooting-or you can just have fun playing this archer shooting game.
Archery Zombies 1.2
Multi Touch Games
Dive into the world of the undead.Defendyourself and go on a shooting quest to kill all zombies. Youronlyfriends are your weapons-bow and arrow.In this worldofhorror,terror,shooting and archery you are alone.Kill themall,Show no mercy.Train yourself as an archery and weapons expertandhunter to hit them all and secure all locations. Upgradeyourshooting weapons for a better defense and much better kill.Bethemaster hunter,Launch arrows to hit,kill and save yourself fromthezombies!Will you make it till the end in this hunt?-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ARCHERY ZOMBIES 3D GAME HIGHLIGHTS:1. Stunning Graphics with Advanced Lighting Effects2. Full 3D Ojects & Environments with High Detailing3. Optimized for Tablets4. Intuitive & Simple Controls5. Spectacular Ragdoll Physics6. 15 Challenging Levels(and growing!)7. Upgrade upto 6 unique Bows and master them8. FREE To Play Shooter Game9. Compatible with all Devices10.Highly Addictive & Polished Gameplay11.UNLOCK new achievements to challenge your friends on GOOGLEPLAYLeader board.12.Share your score on Facebook, Messenger and Whatsapp-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GAME INSTRUCTIONS:Drag your finger towards target to release arrow.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SUPPORT:We have made this game compatible & user friendly withallmobile devices & tablets, if you have problemduringinstallation, please email us at customer support for help.Emailus at [email protected]
Archery Deadly Hunt Shores 1.0
NSA Game Studio
hunting game is now on cell phone! ArcheryHuntis the most realistic archery simulation game for you.it delivers realistic archery experience that features stunning3Dgraphics.In this game you have You are an archer-er riding an horseinjungle and you have many missions is to hunt the differentanimalswith arrows. Player can move by using joystick and swipescreen forrotation. In every mission different beast and dangerousanimalsthat you have to hunt to complete the game in limited timeand iftime limit expired then game will be over.So get ready for hunting jungle animals, with the mostaddictivereal hunt ideas. You might have experienced hunting gamein manyhunting games but this is the best free hunting game withhorsearchery games action and fun of jungle hunter.If you are a fan of jungle hunt games, animal hunting gamesandjungle games with horse & archery fun then you must notmissthis.How to PlayArcher with arrowsUse Joystick on left bottom for movement of player.Swipe screen to rotate player.Use shoot button for hunting animals.Complete the level within time limit.In each level hunt multiple animals.Timer at top show current time.Board at left top of screen displaying numbers of animals.Telescope and fire button icon at right side of screen3D and attractive environmentTelescope to see the distant animals.Game FeaturesAwesome jungle 3D environmentRealistic graphics and ambient jungle sound.Smooth and simple controls.User friendly interface and interactive graphics.Multiple levels with different Missions.Dual option either hunt on horse or on foot running injungle.Amazing third person game.Unlimited arrows but limited time to attack
Archery Girl Animal Hunting 3D 1.1
Best Apps Entertainment Studio
Archery girl animal hunting 3D isanticipatedto be one of top new and free bow and arrow games of2016. Tired ofbeing the Archery master so try the archery girlanimal hunting andbe the archery mistress! In this archery gameshunt jungle animalswith your bow and arrow to avoid being hunted injungle from wildanimals. Drag your arrow at full swing to kill theanimalsaccurately in this epic battle in an ultimate arrow game asbeing abrave and courageous wild animal hunter.Archery girl animals hunting quest is addictive andchallenginggame. Being an archery master your mission is to huntmultipleforest animals with your limited arrows in multipleenvironmentswithin a limited time as well, as you got timelimitation to huntanimals in this amazing hunting game. This isunique hunting gamecompare to other animals hunting games, junglegames, snipershooting games and archery games as bow and arrowprovided in thisgames are real time physics control so air flowwill affect thetarget shooting. Furthermore, you got furiouspredators in thishunting game missions like dino hunter, elephanthunting, lionhunting, wolf hunting, deer hunter, zebra hunting,dragon hunting,gorilla hunting, bear hunting, rhino hunting and soon so be readyto avoid the rampage of angry animals.This bow and arrow shooting game will test your archer skills,aimskills, stamina skills and your ability of survival in junglefromwild animals so get ready to play archery girl animal huntingin ajungle animal hunting adventure quest in one of the bestarcherygames of 2016 so enjoy playing best archer or bowman game.Defendyour town near jungle from these deadly predators or getready toescalate assassin by jungle warriors so target your enemieswithonly weapon of bow and arrow.Are you ready to play this archery game? Yes, good, downloadnowarchery girl animal hunting from Google Play Store and be abestarcher who hits a real kill shot at right target and be anultimatearchery mistress rather than archery master or archeryking.★★★ Game Features of Archery Girl Animal Hunting ★★★ ★ Lethal bows to shoot.★ Smooth touch and tilt controls.  ★ Real time physics of bow and arrow for arrow release.★ Breathtaking hunting animals missions. ★ Realistic background music and sound effects.★ HD graphics.★ Stunning environment.
Archery 3D 1.0
Unicorn Games Store
The No. #1 Archery game is nowonmobile!Archery 3D 2016 is the hottest and mostrealisticarcherysimulation game for you.Archery 3D delivers ultra realistic archery experiencethatfeaturesstunning 3D graphics, amazing animations andsimpleintuitivecontrols. Shoot arrows at targets generally setatvarious distance.All you have to do is pull with your hands, aim and letgo.Thissimple and addictive game helps increase concentration! Ifyouareready, pull the bow string now!Get ready for the intense challenges fromOlympicArcherychampions. Take a breath, aim the target, shoot thearrowand hitthe bull's eye now! Will you be the best archerorbowman?Archery 3D Features:- picturesque locations: Pine Forest, Archery Field,DeadlyDesertand Rain Forest- Polished animation and realistic 3D graphics- elaborate designed archery equipment- 20 addictive levels in normal mode- Excellent and Vivid animation effects with beautifulcolorthemebackground.The physics animation used in Archery 3D game is verydetailedandaccurate.Download and play Archery 3D , you will enjoy it very much
HD Archery Game 1.4
Welecom to the world of HD Archery Game .You ask how to play this HD Archery Game?Archery to play all you have to do is click on the bowandreleasethe arrow towards the target and collect points andyouhave to try20 times.Download my HD Archery Game app now.
Shoot Arrow 1.5.5
Fishing Saga
In this game you are a arrow shooter,yourmission is try to hit the targets with arrows and advance tothenext levels.Shooting arrow is a challenging archery game, practicingyourarchery skills.Shooting hero, Have Fun!How to play:1.Hold and drag the arrow, release to shoot.2.Hitting the target will cause the tree to shake andapplesfall.3.More apples fall, more scores.Tags: Apple shooter, Free shooting games, Archershooting,Archery shoot.
Legend Of Archer- Archery game
Innovative Core Technologies
Thrilling Archery experience now on youmobilephone!!!Enjoy smooth game play, amazing natural forest sound which willhelpyou relax. This game will give you an excellent experience tobe innature again.Very easy and smooth controls, which will give you a relaxingyetchallenging Game-play experience.Challenge yourself with many interesting and thrilling levels.Andbecome a Legend.Relax and get ready for a wonderful experience!!!! Become theLegendof Archery !!!Game Play :-Its very easy to play this game. You need to Aim your Bow abithigher to the target and shoot the Arrow with the Arrow icon onthelower right corner.On the lower left corner , you will see an arrow counter, itwilldisplay how many arrows you left.Scores will be displayed on the upper Right corner.It will always be fun to gather 3 Stars for all the levels, whichinsome levels will be quite challenging and fun.Please Pardon me for the long initial loading time. I hope icanimprove this in future builds.
Real Apple Shooter : Archery 1.7
PT Game Studio
Real Apple Shooter provides the mostrealisticand best possible graphics on mobile for archerylovers!Drag your bow to shoot the apple off someone's head in thisappleshooting game.You have limited arrows to shoot the apple, so ensure that youareaccurate. Be a good archer, hit the right spot, and enjoy thisfunand apple simulator. Go ahead, Download the best archery gameinstore now!It quite simply is the best casual, arcade themed shootinggameon Google Play, so plan your strategy to win this game.Features:- Unique, realistic, 3D environment.- Campaign through 27 levels and experience hilarious momentsuponhitting or missing the target.- A classic Bow and Arrows game with a twist!- Easy & user friendly controls to play.Instructions:Simply use the joystick to target, and press the fire buttontorelease arrow.Just ensure that your timing is spot on for accurate shots.Facing problems? Got suggestions? We love to hear from you!Andwill try to fix it ASAP.Thank you for supporting us!
Birds Hunting 1.13
Birds Hunting is a really one of theamazingand interesting archery Game. Your goal is to shoot birds,flyingon mobile screen and achieve target score for next excitinglevels.Just aim your arrow at the target bird and release finger tofirethe arrow. But here's given limited arrows, so you have toshoot asmany birds in your given limited arrows. Try to shoot morebirds tocomplete your target score, if you fail, you will lose yourchancesto play next exciting level. As soon as you go to next levelwillget more target and bird fly faster to make this gamemoreexciting.How To Play?Aim your arrow at the target birds and release finger to firethearrow.Shoot as fast as you can.Birds Hunting Features:Simple but challengingAttractive graphics and colourful birds.Very smooth touch control.Refreshing music and graphics.Optimized for both smartphones and tablet.High scores information.Keywords: Birds Hunting, Bow, Arrow, Fun, Games, Archery
Real Archers Stunts 1.0
The World's #1 Archery game is nowonmobile!the most realistic archery simulation game for you.Archery stunt delivers ultra realistic archeryexperiencethatfeatures stunning 3D graphics, amazing animationsandsimpleintuitive controls.Real Archers Stunts is an classic Strategy game for Allages.Shootarrows at the target without hitting other Arrows.Use the best strategy to shoot at the perfect time,andplacement.Listen to thumping techno music while playing!Take a breath, aim the target, shoot the arrow Will you bethebestarcher ?Stunts Archers has some simple controls, you cannavigateyourcharacter by using navigation button, locate HuntingDeeranimalsby moving round, move toward animal and aim the animalfromsafedistance by tapping..After locating and aiming animal release arrow by usinghitbutton.The level of difficulty increases as you play.Game Features:Popular game of archery.Everyone can play. Just aim and shoot.Polished and real physics based animationSuper precise aimingMultiple archery locations withawesomephoto-realisticgraphicsStatic and moving targetsFree archery game you can play with people fromaroundtheworld.Precise control and realistic graphics will make you feellikeyouare playing a real game.A variety of tools are available. Create yourownarcheryequipment.Play a game with the world archery champion and be the best.
Bow Butcher 2 - Dragon Hunter 1.4
Test your arrow shooter skills huntingdragonsand wyverns in Bow Butcher 2 - Dragon Hunter!Become the most skilled archer in this sequel of the popularfreearrow hunting game!Earn coins shooting valuable dragons and wyverns!Upgrade your bow and arrows!Complete all Bowman Challenges!Hunt the legendary White Wyvern!Master the game and become the best arrow shooter!If you love free archery games, this game is for you!It's open season for dragon shooting!-> FEATURES <-* No "pay to win", you need to be a fast and skilled shooter!* Totally free and offline! No internet needed!* Lightweightest of arrows shooter games!* 4 worlds to unlock, explore and hunt!* 16 hunting levels with progressive difficulty!* 10 valuable dragons, wyverns and apples to hunt!* 560 Bowman Challenges to complete!* Special archery items and upgrades to help your archer!-> CONTROLS <-* Touch and drag anywhere in the screen to aim.* Release the touch to shoot the arrow in that direction.-> GAMEPLAY <-Select a level and start shooting the dragons that crossesthescreen until your arrows are over.You will earn coins for each killed dragon or wyvern that fellsonthe ground, so try not to drop them on water or lava.After the hunt you can stop at the Archery Shop and use yourcoinsto buy more arrows, upgrade your bow or buy powerful itemsthatwill help your hunter in his next hunting day.-> DRAGONS AND WYVERNS <-Each kind of dragon or wyvern has a different value in dragoncoins,as well as flying speeds and sizes.As you advance in the games, the wyverns will be smaller, fasterandway more valuable.Only the bowman who master the archery skills can hunt thelegendaryWhite Wyvern!-> BOWMAN CHALLENGES <-Take a look at the challenges list before you enter a level,andchoose one or more challenges to hunt.You will earn a progressive hunter bonus each time you completeaBowman Challenge.Some challenges are very difficult or even impossible to completeifyour archer don't have specific items or upgrades. You must buythenecessary items and arrows at the Archery Shop before you trytocomplete them.-> WORLDS AND LEVELS <-The game has 16 levels split in 4 worlds. Each level has itsowndragon and wyvern kinds as well ground positions.At the beginning, only the first world is playable. You needtounlock the other 3 worlds by earning apples.-> APPLES <-You earn 1 apple every single day you enter the game, or 3 applesifyou played the game yesterday.You can also earn an extra apple by shooting the helicopterappleand watching a short video.Helicopter apples are rare and fast, so be sure to alwaysupgradeyour archer to make the hunting easier.The most anticipated archer games sequel finally comestoAndroid!Get ready for lots of hours of fun!Download now Bow Butcher 2 - Dragon Hunter for free and jointhisadventure!The best of free arrow shooting games is waiting for a shooterlikeyou!
Animal Hunter Archery Quest 1.2
Xertz - Play Top Free 3D Games
Feel the excitement and adventure ofrealhunting with Animal Hunter Archery Quest. Show your expertisewithbow and arrow for animal hunting quest. Bring forth yourhiddenRobinhood Skills to Hunt wild animals. Animal Hunter ArcheryQuestis bow arrow animal hunting game which takes you to the realjungleenvironment and provides you a chance to feel the real andexcitingadventure of wild animal hunting. You will face almost allkind ofjungle beasts and animals. You need to hunt all of them. Youalsoneed to hunt wildly beasts to save yourself because few ofthemwill attack you to taste your fresh flesh to kill their hunger.Game Story:Philips and Maya are expert bow arrow archers. They havestartedtheir quest of wild animal hunting in a valley jungle anddesert.Use their bow arrow archery skills expertly to hunt wildanimals.Use their real hunter skills to hunt Rabbit, Wolf, Boar,Bear,Stag, Zebra, Elephant, Hippo, Rhino and other wild animals.Youalso need to save them from wild beasts while hunting becausetheywill attack on Philips/Maya to taste their blood and to eattheirflesh.Game Play:You need to complete the given task of each mission to unlockthenext mission. You will face different wild animal hunting tasksineach mission. You need to show your expertise as bow arrowhunterto hunt wild animal in given time. You also need to proveyourselfarchery master hunter by hunting all the wild beasts tosave yourlife.Game Features:1. More than 20 adventurous Hunting Missions.2. Avatar Selection.3. Real Environments with real animals.4. Real Game Graphics and Controls.5. Free to play.Game Controls:Animal Hunter Archery Quest is loaded with MultiTouch gamecontrols.Navigate your character by using navigation button onscreen. Locateanimals by moving round, move toward animal and aimthe animal fromsafe distance by touching on screen. After locatingand aiminganimal release arrow by using hit (bow, arrow)button.For any suggestion/feedback feel free to contact us at [email protected] us on facebook : www.facebook.com/xertzgamestudioVisit "Xertz Game Studio" official blog : http://xertzgamestudio.blogspot.comVisit "Xertz Game Studio" official website:www.xertzgamestudio.com
Call of Archer : Archery Fight 1.0
Soft Pro Games
Lets recall the ancient times andstartthebattle with archers in a hard fought kingdom of JohnEllite.Johnwas on recreational trip and his minister was handlingthestatematters. The neighboring king was interested in thegoldanddiamond reservoirs of King John's kingdom. In his absenceKingFooattacked the kingdom and his archer team captured themainpillarsand reservoirs. King John believes in you as a masterArcherof hisArmy. Be the Call of John and take the charge ofArchershooting inthe Call of Archer shooting game.Call of Archer is a challenging medieval archer shootinggamewhereyour goal is to shoot and kill the invaded troll enemiesbyhittingthem with your bow and arrow. It’s not as easy as itsoundsthough,the targets are at distances and you have to defendyourselffromtheir arrows coming towards you. This game is allaboutjudgmentand accuracy. It is a game to help developing agoodhand-eyecoordination as well as challenging yourcomplexityperceptionabilities as you try to be a bow master in thenobletradition ofarchery.Smooth game play, amazing graphics and awesome vivid sound,CallofArcher gives you an epic sports experience just like intheancientworld. Pull your bow down. Aim the arrow at the targetbymovingyour hand on the screen. Confirm the target distanceandwind.Watch out the moving target. Take off your finger toshotthearrow.Aim your arrow at the target, and overcome the tremblingofyourheart and the blow of the wind!Call of Archer remit this specially realistic archeryexperiencethatfeatures stunning graphics, amazing environmentsandanimations withsimple intuitive controls. Call of Archer ishereto test andchallenge your shooting skills. Aim for the targetandhit the targeteye with the weapon. The physics based gamecomewith exciting gamemodes, different worlds and stunning reallifegraphics. You have tofind the archer and knock down allthetargets positioned here andthere.Archery Master Game Features:★ Enthralling dynamic archer defense game★ Multiple exclusive challenging missions for archeryheroguardianarcher.★ Smooth and dynamic archer controls with real physics.★ Impressive special archery effects.★ Show real shooting skill in each inspiring level of archerthebowmaster.★ An awesome arrow shooting game giving you the feeling oflegendofarcher.★ Variety of highly detailed animations based on real physics★ Realistic Ancient Archer WorldGame Play:- Touch and swipe to set the aim- Use telescope to focus- Select any suitable weapon from shop during game playYou need to be even calmer when you get to the roundwiththemoving aim. Feel the thrill of achieving the highestscoreafterthe arrow is released.
Bois D’Arc: Bow Shooting 1.0
Defend your castle againstunimaginabledarkforces trying to breach its mighty walls. Pick outone ofthreekingdoms bow shooter hero’s in this super addictiveandactionpacked bow shooting game. Bois D’Arc already hasalreadybeenplayed by millions on the many different gamewebsites.ThereforeVascoGames is proud to bring you the full mobileversionof thisbow shooter game, choose your hero and take theforces ofevil headon!The points you earn can be used to upgrade tomaximizeyoureffectiveness with the bow., upgrade your skills anddrive backthehordes of pure evil to their lands. Choose your herothat willholdthe bow, choose for Wilfred Hazardeus a remarkablearcherymarksmanwho specialize multi shooting with deadly poisonousessenceinevery shot. Or Leonard Wildburn a true genius firechampionwhoexceeds the previous generations by turning flames toexplosions.the last hero of the kingdom is Tobias Arclightninganexcellentbowman who combines skill of archery with hismagicalthunderskills These Bow shooting hero’s will save thekingdomBois D’Arc: Bow shooting game features:+ Three bow shooting heroes to pick -> every one hasitsownunique bowman's skills nobody can shoot likethesearchers.+ Beautiful and colorful arrow shooting games graphics.+ Upgrades, challenges and achievement on the control ofyourthumbsand fingers.+ 16 levels full with enemies -> defend your castlewaveafterwave in this arrow shooting games.+ Epic fights -> fight of the hordes of evil, they comeoverlandand through the air.+ 10 challenges -> show your skills to the kingdom in thekingofarchery games.On the screen you see the following, the health of yourcastle.Don’tlet the enemy hit your tower keep the health highotherwisethe gameis over. Remember the gravity affects theshooting angleand therange of the arrow you relase from your bow.Fill up thepower bar todrive back the forces of evil back to theirlands.Defend your towerfrom the hordes of demonic monsters thekingdomcounts on you! Theland of Sedonia lived in peace for years,themagical tree of lifemaintained balance to the land. The treemaybekeeps watch on thebalance, but forces of evil are lurking atthegates of the kingdom.The power of evil gathered their forcesandstarted emergingmysteriously and terror arrived at the bordersofthe kingdom. Toreturn balance once again to the land thekingordered to make use ofthe amazing power of the Bois D’arc. Sothebow makers start workingto craft the most powerful weaponthekingdom ever saw. The mysticalbow holds supreme power as theonewho holds it can restore peaceonce again!Please give us some support by rating our game on GooglePlayorfollowing us on:Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/VascoGamesTwitter - https://twitter.com/VascoGamesYouTube - http://goo.gl/HChVVx
Archery Master 1.0
TBT Digital Games
Practice makes perfect with ArcheryMaster!!Thegame play is to shoot a Target board with bow and arrowandmake agreat high score.Play this fun and simple game to become a master archer.Thephysicsanimation used in this game is very detailedandaccurate.Get your name on the top of the Leader board. You have 20arrows.Hitthe Target to Get more Points. If all of your shotswillbeexcellent, then you will get bonus arrow!Archery Master is a game give you a great experience,tochallengeyourself or your public in leaderboard. Discover thisgamebydownloading it .It's Easy to play, hard to master, butsoamusing.The game play requires readiness, & good aimingskills.How to play Archery Master1.Hold and drag the arrow, release to shoot.2.Hitting the target and get scores.
Archery - Bubble Shooting 1.4
Rocking Fun Games
This is an archery game and your target istoshoot the bubbles. You are provided with limited arrows ineachlevel.This game comes with many levels.To shoot an arrow, drag it backwards, aim and release inthedirection of the bubbles.Features:- Archery- Bubbles- Shooting- Bubble Archery- Bubble Shooting
Archery Game Red 1.4
Welecom to the world of Archery GameRed.You ask how to play this Archery Game Red?Archery to play all you have to do is click on the bowandreleasethe arrow towards the target and collect points andyouhave to try20 times.Download my Archery Game Red app now.
Archery Addict 1.0
Mobi2Fun Private Limited
Perfect simple archery game is here toplay!Make high score by shooting target board with bow and arrow,useyour skills while targeting since this game has realphysicsmechanism.You will be given twenty arrows and use all of them and trytotarget to the center of the board to gain maximum points.TargetBoard will be static initially and when the game goes onthentarget will also start move to increase the difficulties. Areyouready for the challenge?
Robin Hood: The Prince 1.0.3
GlobalFun Games
Join Robin Hood on his latest adventure!Whiletraveling through an isolated desert, Robin Hood findshimselfcaught in the plot of an evil warlord. Help him fight offrovingbandits and mythical creatures while evading traps andnaturalperils. Collect gold, weapons and other objects as you goanddefeat the evil warlord once and for all. Will you live to tellthetale?--------------★ Explore distant lands while battling devious adversaries.★ Collect and use a variety of weapons including swords, arrowsandbombs.★ Upgrade your inventory through trade.★ Embark on this interactive and action packedadventuretoday!---------------
Archer Training Shooting Xpert 1.0
Start from the beginning andpracticeyourarchery with this game as it uses real wind dynamicsand auniquephysics system that gives you a real feel of being anarcher.Thisis not your average archery game as it features anaction camthatfollows the arrows and gives you a detailed view ofyourarrowstrajectory.The World's #1 Archery game is now on mobile! Archery Master3Disthe hottest and most realistic archery simulation gameforyou.Getready for the intense challenges from OlympicArcherychampions.Take a breath, aim the target, shoot the arrow andhitthe bull'seye now. Aim your arrow at the target, and overcomethetremblingof your heart and the blow of the wind! You need tobeeven calmerwhen you get to the round with the moving aim. Feelthethrill ofachieving the highest score after the arrow isreleased.ArcheryMaster delivers ultra realistic archery experiencethatfeaturesstunning 3D graphics, amazing animations andsimpleintuitivecontrols.The aim of this game is simple. Get a bulls eye on atargettoproceed but the game is filled with challenges such asbadwindconditions and a huge distance between the target. Test toseeifyou have the skills necessary to become the next robinhood.TheArchery master game is waiting for you. Bow arrow is settoplace.Each level is filled with a different challenge canyouaccomplishthem all? It's a challenge! This apple shooting isaphysics-basedgame-play and comes with stunning graphics,brilliantanimations,adventurous levels. All you have to do is pullwith yourhands, aimand let go. This simple and addictive gamehelpsincreaseconcentration and If you are ready, pull the bowstringnow!How to Play:★Press the calibrate button to set the gyro★then aim by moving your mobile★press and hold the breath button to hold your breath so youcanaimmore steadily★press the shoot button to fire the arrow and see howaccurateyouraim is★You have a limited number of arrows so be careful.★Good luck.Archer Training Shooting Xpert Features:- 3D environment optimized for mobiles.- Action Cam.- Accurate physics effects.- Excellent animation.- Awesome ARROW POWERS.- Free to play.- Excellent and Vivid animation effects with beautifulcolorthemebackground.- Unlimited fun.- Incredible 3D graphics.- Easy & user friendly controls to play.- Unique and accurate wind system.- Accurate Bow and Arrow Mechanism.Intuitive controls, realistic physics, multiplearcherylocationsand play modes make this one of the best Archerygames onmobile.Kindly Review it & Have fun!
Flight Simulator Rio 2016 1.0
Iconic Click
If you are looking for goodAeroplanegame.Flight Simulator Rio 2016 is an awesome, become thepilot andflyyour own selected plane to the destination.Flight Simulator Rio 2016 is an awesome new 3DAirplaneSimulatorgame, become the pilot and fly your commercial jettothedestination. Guide and steer your plane through allofthewaypoints to ensure you head to the correct destination,gothroughall of the waypoints and land at your destinationairportwithinthe time limit to earn yourself more pilot stripes.Whenarrivingat your destination zone, slow the plane down andprepareforlanding, be careful not to crash! Guide your planetowardstherunway and park within the marked zone to complete thelevel.Whileparking your plane, be very careful to avoid thebuses,helicoptersetc parked along the run way.Make your wayoints and be careful not to crash!! Its socrazydrivingplane with calculative control.Flight Simulator Rio 2016 Game features:specifically designed planes with unique features and fly!3D effects with awesome dimensions.Real Physics exeperience.Ultra sound effects and inspirational feeling.How to Play:-Tilt your phone/tablet to race and control the speed.if you have any problem in installation, please reporttousinstead of giving negative comments. We will try to fix itassoonas possible.
Real Hunter Simulator 2 2.2
PT Game Studio
We invite you to slip into theforgottenforests of the hunters!Come of age, like a real hunter, proving your trackingskills,stalking your prey, and putting your hunting skills to thetest inpursuit of real wild animals.The year is 1635--the great wave of American pioneers pushingwestis imminent. Can you overcome them?Achieve great distinction and honor, learning to fend foryourselfand even thrive as you venture through thewilderness!FEATURESo Learn how to handle sword, bow and arrows skillfully–make useofrealistic flight physics and defend yourself and yourpeople!o Master your multifaceted hunting missions – sneak up onbears,boars, crocodiles and even monsters, and slay them to nourishyourpeople!o Protect yourself from dangerous predators – lions, tigers,andgrizzly bears are coming for you!Play the entire game for free!