1.0.0 / January 13, 2015
(3.8/5) (8)


Shadow Ninja Fighter is anadrenaline-fueledand free fun game to play!!! Play it now!!!

Features of Shadow Ninja Fighter:

*Free to Play
*Fun Game
*Easy to Navigate--Just Swipe
*Cool Graphic with High Resolution Images
*Unique Items

Centuries ago, there is a ninja clan known as Shadow NinjaFighter.These Shadow Warriors learned how to fight since they were2 yearsold. They live in 2 mystical cities, the Sim Dai City andthe JuttWall City of which the people who build it or seen it saidtheywere as beautiful as the Forbidden City.

The other ninja clans are known for their infamousclassicalfighting techniques, lethal weapons and rare armor suits.But theShadow Warriors are vastly different from the other ninjaclans whoonly loved to fight especially in 2 ways. The legend haveit thatthey are compassionate and could fly and glide in the skyjust likea “human glider”. They flew over hostile terrain anddescended intoor dropped into the enemy territory as spies orassassin.

One day, the Hell Gate of Shadows opened awaken themenacingdemon Nanchaku and unleased natural disasters. Sim Dai Citywassaved from this but not Jutt Wall City as Jutt Wall Citywasswollen by the blaze of hell fires to the extent where thepeoplewho build it may no longer recognize it. Half of the wallcity hadbeen destroyed.

The Shadow Fighter from Sim Dai City must save Jutt Fire WallCity.The Shadow warrior must fight the demon and sent 2 of theirbestwarriors to Jutt Wall City. One warrior didn’t make it. Nowonlyone warrior is left to shoulder this mission. The warriorglidedthrough the night sky and heading towards the Jutt Wall City.Hewas guided only by the “golden leaves” as clue of direction assaferoute to his destination.

While the warrior was flying, he should collect the goldenleavesalong the way. He must make sure that he did not go near thedemonicbrick walls. He must avoid these floating brick walls asthey wouldabsorb his energy and make him weak. This would causehim to losecontrol and drop from the sky.

“Hang on Jutt Wall City, ...I’m coming!!!…..I’ll save yourcityand build your city again with my own hands!!!!”

The warrior is now put to the test……will he be able toaccomplishhis mission???

Download Shadow Ninja Fighter NOW!!!!

App Information Shadow Ninja Fighter

  • App Name
    Shadow Ninja Fighter
  • Package Name
  • Updated
    January 13, 2015
  • File Size
  • Requires Android
    Android 2.1 and up
  • Version
  • Developer
  • Installs
    500 - 1,000
  • Price
  • Category
  • Developer
  • Google Play Link

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Dragon Slayer Mania Legends is a new fun freegame for you to play!!! Download NOW!!!The features of Dragon Slayer Mania Legends:*High Quality and gorgeous visual effects*Rich and stunning background music and sound effects*Easy and smooth game control navigation*Intense and adrenaline fuelled game rhythmDragon Slayer Mania Legends has received many positive reviews.Download it now!!!!The synopsis of Dragon Slayer Mania Legends:Angon was the best dragon hunter in Ultalda Kingdom. He is knownas the Dragon Hunting Mania and many legends have engraved how hecaptured and tamed some of the great dragons. But the DragonHunting Mania ‘s Legends did not live long until the death of hisbeloved wife, the beautiful Pulsaida. Pulsaida was killed by adragon escaped from Angon captive, the Puzzle Dragon, which Angonhad failed to tamed. The Puzzle Dragon was once Angon’s favoriteamong his dragon pets until the death of his wife.Angon named his son Anger to remind him of the death ofPulsaida. Angon wished that Angon became the best Dragon HuntingMania and the great legend among all legends. Anger the son ofAngon picked up a stick when he was only 4 to fight and subdue adragon. When he was 15, Anger the son of Angon removed the stickand replaced it with the Spear of Dragonia as the ultimate weaponin hunting down and slaying 4 dragons in just 3 days.One day, Angon called upon Anger and spoke to him in greatintensity. “My son, its now the time….the Puzzle Dragon is nowterrorizing Ultaldim Kingdom and your uncle, King Anson asks forhelp to save his Kingdom…..Go my son to Dragon Lair….destroyit!!!!….and the Puzzle Dragon shall not survive!!!”“…….Remember my son, Puzzle Dragon is a vicious dragon….PuzzleDragon struck with speed so take Volvaldus with you the fastestflying dragon among all my pets dragon….but do not go near the BatDragon and Blazer Dragons….watch out for the Fire Balls!!!! Go myson….”Anger then embarked on an epic journey to the Dragon Lair filledby vengeance……Will he be able to slay the dragon beast???Download and play Dragon Slayer Mania Legends NOW!!!!
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