Top 20 Games Similar to Games4King Best Escape Game 1

New Best Escape Game-Egg Door 03.01.18
New Best Escape Game-Egg Door is anotherpointand click room escape gameDeveloped by Games 4 King.ComWelcome back, escapers! Story of this game , Assume that you wenttoFantasy Hut on a fine evening. As the Fantasy Hut is verybeautifuland vast, you lost your way and got trapped in theFantasy Hut. Souse your skills tocollect the necessary items to escape the Fantasy Hut.Features:-Beautiful graphics.-Attractive puzzles.-100% free.-No In-app purchases.How to play:Touch on the objects to interact, search for the hidden cluesandsolve puzzles!Like us on Facebook and get instant gameupdates:
Abandoned Palace Escape 1.0.0
G4K Abandoned Palace 2 Escape is anotherpointand click room escape game Developed by Games 4 King.ComAssumethat you have been kidnapped and locked inside a palace. Asthepalace is huge and abandoned and so the kidnapper left youaloneinside the palace. You have very little time to escape fromtheabandoned palace. As there are many hidden clues and keysareavailable in the abandoned palace. So use your skills tocollectthe hidden clues and keys to escape from the abandonedpalace.Areyou ready? We’ll see it!. Good luck and have fun! PlayGames4kingGames.
New Best Escape Game-Grandpa 1.0.0
G4K Grandpa Escape Game is anotherpointandclick room escape gameDeveloped by Games 4 King.Com.Assume that your grandpa lives in an island. Sowenttograndpa’sisland to spend time with him. When you to theisland,yougrandpa’shouse is locked and he is not there. He must betrappedsomewhereinthe island. So use your to collect the necessary itemsintheislandto escape your grandpa..Play Games4king Games.
Ghost House Escape 1.16
Challenge yourself with the amazing puzzlesinmany different locations.Mysterious house with a lot of great puzzles andpopularmini-games.Can you escape from this horror house?Main Features :↗ Great Sounds↗ FANTASTIC graphic!!↗ Great, challenging and fun puzzles!↗ Complete utilization of your devices features!↗ Hidden objects, locks & keys and more challenges await!↗ Addicting mini puzzles!↗ Gorgeous graphics and different themed rooms!↗ Easy and fun to play!↗ Different themed floors!↗ it’s FREE!Visit Facebook for HINTS and BUGREPORTS: us if you have problems or comments with the app.
Escape from ocean hotel 2.1
Escape game second edition!Can you escape from water surrounded hotel room?This escape game is made with quality 3d graphics.The game’s level is set to for beginner, so you canexplorewonderful room with ease.All sound is by ”魔王魂”
Museum House Escape 1.0.0
Museum House Escape Game isanotherenchantingpoint and click type new escape game . Dream upasituation thatyou are trapped inside an old museum. You willhavemore additionalexcitement in playing this point and clickescapegame. You need toget escape from this museum by finding theobjectsfor figuring outthe puzzles. So there is no doubt that youwillsurely find the wayout.
Can you escape 100 Room 5 2
The legendary escape saga continues. Thistimeyou find you find yourself trapped in the shack and your oneandonly mission is to escape. The clock is already ticking...It doesn’t matter that’s real or just imagination!It doesn’t matter that’s past,present or future at all!The only important thing to you…..NOW…..Just now…
Ruined Town Escape 1.63
You are trapped in abandoned building.Solve the hidden mystery and puzzle in adventure and discoverhiddenobjectsThis game is Room Escape Game feature-length that has a lotofstage, it is possible to challenge the next unknown stage eachtimeyou clear one stage.First, the difficulty of the game is simple.But as the second half, it will be difficult.There exists a variety of locations for this game.For example abandoned house,brick hall, unused stair,darkroom,oldtemple,wall,such as elements.Will you be able to reach up to where?Paid version can play comfortably because the ad is not.hereItems that were placed in hand , appears a red line around whenyoutap inneutral state.It can be used by tapping a different location in this state.When you tap again items that have been a red lineYou can display an enlarged view of the item.Tap another item in the enlarged state, it is possible to tapanitem that was expanded.You can combine a part of items.When you press the button in the upper right corner of thevolumeadjustment and on the volume, you can turn off.When you press the top left corner of the button to return tothescreen of the stage select.After gone some time, it will appear the play button the videoofyoutube in the upper left corner.And advertising videos press this button is played, you can seethecapture video of stage1 ~ 6 in youtube.Don’t spoil the game in review.Music by DOVA-SYNDROME(BGM:Forest) Horror Sounds Soundeffect-Lab Pocket Sound
Can you escape 100 Room 6 2
The legendary escape saga continues. Thistimeyou find you find yourself trapped in the shack and your oneandonly mission is to escape. The clock is already ticking...It doesn’t matter that’s real or just imagination!It doesn’t matter that’s past,present or future at all!The only important thing to you…..NOW…..Just now…
Can You Escape This House? 1.0
More information:[email protected]@gmail.comcontact:0818161203contact:085691191079Greetings,GamersHorror fans in will fall in love with this game "Visuallythegameis quite scary."The game is made for fun.The mostimpressive part is the face of the ghost that show on thegame.Thisgame ismadeby:Lintang(manager),Nabiel(designer)andJulian(programmer) wearestill kids that make our firstgame.Please download and rate it,ifyou want to know the passwordyou should contact us. This gameforfree! I hope you willlike our first game.Our game is "Can you escapefromthishouse?".The game is also for studying about math and history.
One Room Escape 1.66
When notice, you're trapped in astrangeroom.Try to escape the room by completing Hidden Mysteries.This is a simple free escape game.Can you escape from the neat room?Items that were placed in hand , appears a red line aroundwhenyou tapin neutral state.It can be used by tapping a different location in this state.When you tap again items that have been a red lineYou can display an enlarged view of the item.Tap another item in the enlarged state, it is possible to tapanitem that was expandedYou can combine items together.BGM:classic guitar "Lagrima"
Can you escape 100 Room 4 2
The legendary escape saga continues. Thistimeyou find you find yourself trapped in the shack and your oneandonly mission is to escape. The clock is already ticking...It doesn’t matter that’s real or just imagination!It doesn’t matter that’s past,present or future at all!The only important thing to you…..NOW…..Just now…
Can you escape the Woods? 1.4
Can you escape the woods is an adventuregame(room escape style game). The main character is an airman whoendsup in a storm, loses control of his plane and crashes intoamysterious wood.The next day is stuck under a tree and must find a way to breakfreeand solve various puzzles to make it back home safely.Features of "Escape the Woods":- Compelling graphics and attention to detail that will immerseyouin a wood full of dangers and tricky puzzles to solve.- Collect items that are in the path and use them to solvepuzzlesand progress towards the solution of the game- On top of the screen there is an inventory of the objectsfound,can be useful at various stages of the game when you have tosolvethe puzzles.- This adventure game is suited to a wide audience, but givenitsmysterious and dark atmosphere is still recommended the presenceofan adult.Download now Can you escape the Woods!
Maze Mania 3D Labyrinth Runner 1.6
Maze Mania 3D is one of the best lookingfreemaze runner games available.Solve 17 amazing labyrinths. Find the exit and escape theLabyrinthor be lost forever.Can you escape? Or do you get lost? Try it and find out.- 17 levels in 3 different settings.- Levels with increasing difficulty.- Easy mode makes it easier to find the exit.Note: Leaderboards and some Achievements are disabled ineasymode.- Amazing 3D HD graphics.- Atmospheric music and sound effects.- Switch Graphics settings to low if performance runs slow.Mediumand High settings for more powerful android devices.- It's absolutely free.Have fun :)Please remember to support the game by rating it, if you enjoyit;)Thank you.Follow DaveS:-Google+:
Dark Street Escape 1.0.0
Dark Street Escape Game is anotherpointandclick room escape game.Welcome back, escapers! Story of this game , Assume that youwent to your childhood friend’s village. There is anice garden when many people used to play games.Youjoinedwithpeople playing in the garden and started playing hideandseek.Asit’s a new place, while you were playing, you lost yourwayandnowyou are in middle of a dark street. So use your skillstocollectthenecessary items to escape from the dark street.
Escape Game-Tunnel Home 1.0.0
Tunnel Home Escape is another pointandclickroom escape gameDeveloped by Games 4 King.Com.You are trapped insideaTunnelHome.Solve the puzzle in Tunnel Home and find the cluesand things which will be helpful to escape.You havearrangefewpicture puzzles to unlock door and also you will getthecluesCollect few color bolls and letters to get the cluescrollFindMask.Use yourskills to collect the items and use it in an appropriatewaytofinishhis adventurous game..Play Games4king Games.Escape Game-Tunnel Home Features:* Awesome graphics and difficult puzzles* Quick to learn, with hours of fun challenges* Eye-catching gameplay* Hidden objects, locks & keys and more challenges await* Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully masterContact information:Webpage:
Tormentum – Dark Sorrow 1.1.0
OhNoo Studio
TORMENTUM is a dark fantasy Point andClickadventure game with plenty of puzzles and mini games. Getready foran adventure unlike any other!A nameless hero finds himself in a mystery place betweenfantasyand nightmare. He doesn't remember his name nor where hecomesfrom. Wandering through strange lands, he struggles todiscover thetruth about the world around him, as well as abouthimself. Can youescape from this dark world with plenty of devilishpuzzles?The dreamlike, nightmarish atmosphere of the game was inspiredbythe works of painters H.R. Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński. Thegame'sfinal look and feel was also strongly influenced by theuniverses ofdark fantasy games such as Demon's Souls or Dark Seed.This uniquemixture gave life to a bleak and depressing world.If you like gory mobile adventures that sit somewhere betweenahidden object game, a room escape, and a puzzler, then you'regoingto enjoy it. – Pocket GamerKey features:▪ No in-app purchases! No advertisements!▪ THE GAME WORLD: 3 realms, differing in architecture andcreaturesinhabiting them. You'll meet characters with uniquepersonalitieswho will help you - or try to prevent you from -reaching yourgoal.▪ ART: 75 hand-painted rooms in a unique dark fantasysetting.▪ PUZZLES: During your journey you will come against 24variedlogical puzzles and minigames.▪ STORY: A dark fantasy adventure between dream and reality.▪ MUSIC: Exceptional soundtrack with over 40 tracks.Moreover:▪ Moral choices which will affect the game's ending.▪ Uncover the secrets of Tormentum - Dark Sorrow. Follow thecluesand solve challenging puzzles and mini-games.▪ 4-6 hours gameplay.▪ Solve the puzzles and riddles, discover the new rooms, useyourskills and do whatever it takes to escape from thisdarkworld.▪ Dozens of puzzles, clues, and items. Gather tools and items toaidin your escape from dark castle.• Retro Game, revisit to the classic point and click game▪ Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Polish,Russian.Italian, Portuguese, Portuguese-Brazil, Hungarian,Czech,Turkish▪ This game works in OFFLINE mode without internetAll in all, this is one of the best Point & Clickadventuregames I've ever played. For fans of the genre or horrorgames ingeneral, this game won't disappoint. – Game Walkers(9/10)Every single piece of art is absolutely stunning and thegameplaycomplements it well. It has a perfect length for what itis and theworld stays with you well after you’re finished.Tormentum is one ofthe most strikingly visual point and clickadventure games and thesmall team at OhNoo Studio should be proudof what they’ve made. –Pixel Related (9/10)If you want a good point-and-click game with great artwork,anengaging story, this won’t take you long to get your head around,Iwould definitely say to give Tormentum – Dark Sorrow a go –Voletic(7/10)This is simply a gorgeous point & click game, withvisualsthat create a dark, shadowy world that oppresses you withnegativeemotion. This is kind of a blend of point & clickadventure andthose hidden object search games, so the screen isalways loadedwith intense detail. – Bluray AuthorityUltimately, Tormentum comes close to forming agreatpoint-and-click adventure in 2015, but the lack of variety inthepuzzle design really drags down the whole experience. –GamingTrend(75/100)The two sides have finally met in the middle! About tenyearsback, as adventure gaming continued to trundle along beforeitsrecent renaissance, hidden object games became a hugelypopularform of “casual game”. – Rock Paper ShotgunTormentum – Dark Sorrow is a gloomy and fascinating take onthepoint-and-click adventure game. – Game RantVisit OhNoo Games, a developer, producer, and publisher ofpointand click, puzzle, adventure, casual, games!▶ Like us:▶ Twitter: @OhNooStudio▶ Email us: [email protected]▶ Learn more about OhNoo games at
Escape Game Moonlight 1.0.0
Assume that you went to your backyardofyourhouse to water your plants at night.While you were enjoying the moonlight in your backyard,astrongbreeze at nightmakes your doors in the house to get locked; now you needthehousekeys to escape.So use your skills to collect the necessary items to escapefromyourhouse.
Escape from Alcatraz 1.03
Icon Games
** This game was selected for the IndiePrizeShowcase at Casual Connect USA **-http:// day you wake up, and you're not in your house anymore,butlocked up on Alcatraz!Can you escape and figure out what is happening?This is an adventure game, but with Rogue-like styled maps.Walkaround to find objects, characters and do whatever it takestoescape! But think before you act: one wrong move and you willgoback to your cell...Get immortalized in the game! The first 10 players to finishthegame will have their names PERMANENTLY RECORDED into the highscorelist!
Nautilus Escape 1.0.8
You were traveling with your comradesthroughthe depths of the sea to explore its secrets when youheardshouting. There was a big crash and submarine darkened in amatterof seconds. You heard the captain shouting somethingaboutcowardice and shortly afterwards the sounds of fighting. Youcanonly assume the worst, rebellion!Will you find your final rest at the bottom of the sea or willyouescape and see the daylight once more? Explore the submarineanduse your wit to escape.If you can solve puzzles in this escape game, pleaserateus....