Top 8 Games Similar to Zhubis

Alternative Risk Dice 1.2.2
Civad Apps
If you want to feel a new way ofplayingRisktry this app.No more dice needed and no more absurd results because of thedices.Still a lot of action with a hight randomness, but youwillalwaysachive a least some demage to the opponent.Civad Team thank you in advance for all the commentsbecausethatmakes us improve.
Risk and Conquer 1.3.01
Conquer enemy Countries and win theGame!
Enhancing Risk 1.01
Welcome to a brand new take on theriskroller.PLEASE NOTE: This is not the board game itself, rather an apptotake all the hassle out of rolling dice.ALSO NOTE: The animated dice display the calculated rolls,notcreate them.We have created a unique two player input system so both playerscanenter their armies at the same time, reducing the time it takestoenter that information and removing the need for a single playertocontrol the rolls.There are also options to allow players to attack with a singleunitor as many as they are allowed.Attacking players can retreat from a battle if they desireandchange target so if things are going bad there is no needtopanic.This is just the first version and part of a University projectsoplease leave feedback as this will be vital to us.
Arms Race - Risk it all! 1.2.3
Arms Race is a Risk-like strategy gamewhereyou battle your friends to conquer the world! The goal istoconquer territories by attacking your opponents until onlyonewinner remains!You can play solo or in team, against your friends orotherplayers from the platform. You can also team up with yourfriendsto defy another team on Arms Race.It works great on Android smartphones, tablets, computers andallyour games are synchronized across all devices! The game allowsupto 6 players. Only real people and no computers!Arms Race is a turn based game and you can take your turnswhenit's convenient for you.A chat allows you to sync up with your teammates or sharewiththe other players on the game.No ads!If you want to give feedback or found a problem please usethe'Send Email to Developer' function on Google Play.
R&R Hub 3.1.0
R&R Games
Enhance your gaming experience with theR&RCompanion! Whether betting on horses, building a fireworksdisplay,struggling against time itself, or just making harddecisions, theR&R Companion will help you keep track withoutthe risk ofmoving pieces.R&R Companion supports Hanabi and Homestretch directlywiththemed helpers and will be updated with helpers for moreR&Rgames regularly. Also, the R&R Companion can be used formorethan R&R’s own games: a dice roller to support any gameordecision requiring a six-sided die, a spinner to choose betweenupto 12 different people or things, and a stopwatch for keepingtime.With so many ways to use the R&R Companion, you’ll behardpressed to find a better value!-Adjust tokens for Hanabi and watch your firework displayinaction-Record bets, keep score, and roll for horses in Homestretch-Determine turn order for up to 12 players-Roll up to 10 standard six-sided dice-Keep time with a stopwatch or race the clock with a timer-Updated regularly to support more R&R games
Gamer's Army Knife Free 2.2.1
This app is the Swiss Army Knife of boardgamesand party games!It includes the following tools:a) Dice roller. A customizable 3D dice roller with eastern(large,red and black pips) and western style (small, black pips)facets.There are options for two players with different dice colors(redand white) and options for games like Risk where the attackinguserdrops any number of red dice (up to three) and the defendingplayerdrops one or two white dice.b) Coin flipper. A 3D coin toss app with a variety of coins topickfrom, including Euro-coins, USD and Yuan. Please, send meyourimages of coins from your country to include them too...c) Card picker. Pick one or more cards from one or two decks!d) Spinner. A variety of spinners to fit many board and partygames.Spinners can be customized to classic, pointer-typespinners, aspinning wheel, a double spinning wheel, or a bottlefor a "spin thebottle" game. The sectors of the spinner can beconfigured to bealphabet letters, numbers, question answers,twister sections,etc.e) Who's first. A utility useful for many Q&A board andpartygames. Who knows the answer? Who will be the first to pressthebutton?f) Stopwatch. A customizable stopwatch with alarm sounds and asplittime button.g) Hourglass. A customizable 3D hourglass with alarm sounds.h) Chess clock. A game clock with customizable time controls foralltypes of board games (sudden death, simple delay, Bronstein,Fischerbefore and after, overtime penalty, hourglass, etc).i) Random number generator. A tool to pick a random number fromauniform distribution, within a user-defined range.j) Score keeper. A utility to keep the score for various games ifnopencil and note paper is handy. The score is kept betweensessions,even if you close/restart the app.If you like this app, please also check the "Pro" version! The"Pro"version includes everything in the free version, plus theability todefine you own player names.
“My recommendation is that if you likeRiskstyle boardgames you should by this now; heck, if yougenerallylike boardgames or similar just buy it anyway – you won’tregretit.” (The Wargamer)“I really like the game and this will be one that I keep ontheiPad. It takes a very different approach, which isveryrefreshing.” (appreviewcentral)“…it's a better game than Risk” (Digitally Downloaded)Magnifico is a popular region-based board game where theultimategoal is to dominate 16th century Europe. Now you can playit onyour tablet!Players are faced with tough economic and military decisions astheyearn Victory Points and attempt to outbid opponents at theauctionand get their hands on Leonardo Da Vinci’s most powerfulwarmachines. Every Victory Point has to be earned by carefulplacementof your troops, construction of fortifications, andinvasion ofbordering regions. Each new turn brings a chance toacquire DaVinci’s precious projects and get the upper hand overyouropponents.Cannons, flying machines, bombards, tanks and many moreinventionswill be available as options at the auction table, butonly with aperfect balance of risk and caution will players makethe most ofthem.Main Features:• The only strategy game with Da Vinci’s inventions and worksofart! Build Castles, Tanks, Aircraft and much more!• Bid at the auction for Da Vinci’s inventions.• Upgrade your infantry, tanks and aircraft with new technologiestoincrease reliability and combat power.• Fight battles with wondrous technologies but be careful astankscan explode!• Many special weapons including the Great Cannon,Submarines,Armoured Ships, Paratroopers and more!• Compete for control of 16th century Europe on a regionbasedmap.• Earn Victory points for most castles, territories,technologies,being Magnifico and other special actions.• Single player mode against up to 3 AI players, selected from 10AIcharacters with their own play styles.• In depth in-game tutorial and detailed manual.• Available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German,Russianand Chinese!• Based on the popular board game “Da Vinci’s Art of War-Magnifico” created by Spartaco Alberatrelli
FortressConquestTest .11
Take command of a mighty 19thcenturyEuropeanempire and lead them to the conquest of Europe!Throughcunningstrategy, bold moves, brilliant management oftacticalcards, sheeraudacity, and a little luck you can be theruler of allEurope!Take heed however and defend your fortress wellfor in onecarelessmoment, your fortress can be sacked resulting inyourelimination.Fortress Conquest is a strategy board game for 1 to6playerswhere players assume command of a European empireandthroughskillful placement of armies, vigilant defense oftheirfortress,use of tactical cards, and calculated risks, attempttoconquer allof Europe. Game includes:1. Six historical European empires to choose from.2. 16 types of tactical cards3. Easy to learn with familiar game mechanic4. Play single player, Pass ‘n’ Play, or multiplayer5. Three AI difficulty levelsSee the video at or follow this link: supported: English, Traditional Chinese,andSimplifiedChineseFor support please contact us at: [email protected] website -