Top 4 Games Similar to Sporty Fashion Makeover Salon

Princess Full-Body SPA 1.0.3
After a long day work and an exciting ball,theprincess was too exhausted. How about a relaxing full-body spatodrive away all tiredness? Let’s make a cleaning face maskforregaining vigor and glow of skin, do a massage with naturalvolcanohot-stone for relieving fatigue, and enjoy a special fishpedicureto remove horniness. With this full-body spa you cantotally getrid of fatigue and come back to the glorious princessagain! Noreason to miss this exclusive game!This is a girls' game & casual game & fasion game &kidsgame!Find more free online games, please browse No need to download!
High School Fashion Makeover 1.5
These pretty school girls are late forschooland you have the chance to get them ready for school so thattheycan reach school on time. Use your super makeover skills tomakethese school girls look prettier than ever.You can select your favorite school girl out of three andprepareher for an awesome makeover. You can start by giving yourschoolgirl the best spa treatment by cleaning her pimples and steamfor afresh face. You can pluck out excess hair on the face and useaface scrub for a smoother finish.After your school girl is done with the spa treatment, give herthebest makeover of her life. The makeover scene includesputtingblush on, eye liner, changing eye color, various lipstickcolorsavailable, you can choose different school bags and a widevarietyof stockings to choose from. Finally, when the makeup is alldone,give her the best hairdo so that she can feel confident atalltimes during school and after.Features Include:• Choose the best school girl and give her the best makeover• Give these beautiful school girls a spa treatment followedbymakeup• Add accessories like fashion jewelry and bags• Play our game totally free and don’t forget to rate usSo what are you guys waiting for, download this fun filledexcitinggame right away and start with the fun!
Royal Doll Fashion Makeover 1.13
Express your fashion fantasies anduniquestyle you covet with fabulous cosmetic items that fill yourcloset.Live out your favorite fashion hottest trends puttingtogetherdifferent styles and looks. Turn your Royal Doll into abeautyqueen in this cool game Royal Doll Fashion Makeover withnewhairstyles and fabulous makeup. An ultimate royal princessmakeoversalon game for girls! Live out your makeover dreams withProm PartyDoll Salon. Start styling in this ultimate spa salon gameforgirls!Royal Doll Fashion StorylineThe Royal Doll Ella wants to get ready for a spring fashionshow.Help her glam up for the spring runway-themed fashion show.Thefashion hungry doll’s story does not end here. She hasmoreparties, Shopping festivals, royal dances, Balls, dates,boutiqueopenings and much more events coming up. You are going tobe theroyal stylist for her. Pick latest chic hairstyles, funfashions,hot trendy colors to make her look the best this springseason.This makeover salon game features the best makeup colors anda hugevariety of stuff to use. Before she dressup for the event,give herthe perfect princess look. Make sure there is no cinder onElla’sface. Make use of the smart cosmetic kit to transform her inrealbeauty like a movie star, a singer, red carpet celebrity, aprettyprincess or a beauty queen. The Royal Doll Ella must win theRoyalfashion coveted award. Help her look her best!Are you a fashion-hungry person? For all those fashionist aswhocovet fashion design sense and wish to try unique fashionstyles.Fulfill your fashion fantasy. Try out this season’s hottestfashionstyles. Let’s see who wore it best. Choose from thousandsofcombinations to make your Fashion Doll look her best at thePromparty makeover and dressup game.Here comes the special Prom night makeover game. The young girlsarelining up outside your beauty salon to get new styles,flashyaccessories, chic fashion runway looks and gorgeous makeovertolook their best. You may get inspiration from the latest trendsandspring runway fashion makeover shows for a beauty makeoversalon.Wake up girls, hurry up! There is no time to spare. Thesmartpretty girls are waiting to get a glam up session for Promnightmakeover game. Choose from a huge variety of cosmeticitems.Prom Part Doll Salon features:Amazing fashion items includes:√ Start your creativity with Blush ons√ Eye lash Mascaras longer and colored lashes√ Eyebrow colors to create gorgeous looks√ Eyeliners for true fashionistas√ Eye colors that sparkle the true beauty√ Eye shadows to fill in the magical look√ Best lip colors (Lipsticks) according to new brandsandtrends√ Hairdos to complete the fab looks√ Creative patterns to add sparkle on face√ Fabulous accessories (earrings)Ella has all the famous French and international brands inherpersonal fashion style beauty box to make her look glamorous.Oneof the best girls games for fashion lovers!. You don’t need toshopreal brands fashion items in real life to play makeover gameswithyour friends. Discover new trends and try them virtually onyourProm Party Doll. Every girl has her own fashion story. Thefashionfantasy has no end. Keep dreaming, get creative and createas manylooks as you can.
Grandma's Fashion Makeup Salon 1.0.1
Grandmas are going to held a fashion party.Forladies, how to keep youth forever and become more beautifularethings they always care about. Therefore, grandmas got abrilliantidea to go to a famous makeup salon.Walking into the fashion makeup salon, you need to helpgrandmaremove wrinkles around eyes, eliminate age spots and injectBotoxto reveal a lustrous and youthful look.Then, in the makeup room, you need to help grandma wear eyelinerandmascara to make eyes pop, foundation to cover up fine linesandblemishes, and blush to give cheeks a youthful glow.Only makeup is far from enough. The clothes grandma wore are toooutof date. It defiantly needs to change into a more fashionablestyle.At last, take grandma to dressing room to try on countlessprettydresses and pick matched accessories.Wow, look at our grandmas! They are back to their age 19!Don’thesitate anymore, download this awesome game and let’s helpourgrandmas become pretty!In this game, you need to:1. Do plastic surgeries for grandma to make her look younger;2. Make up for grandma to make her look more beautiful;3. Change grandma’s clothes into a fashionable style;4. Help grandma try on dresses and pick matched accessories.This is a girls' game & casual game & fasion game &kidsgame!Find more free online games, please browse No need to download!