Top 2 Games Similar to Cooking Fairy Cake

Fairy Cake House Cooking 1.0.3
This cooking game is offering you the chancetocook a house for a fairy made out of a cake dough guiding yourstepsand giving you an appropriate recipe to follow. Gather allyourtalents and dedication to find out if you are really meant tobe achef baker and if you could handle any turnaround because theart ofcooking means innovation and constant adaptation.Try to follow each step and use the asked technique to seehowdifficult can be to make this kind of shaped cake. The thingthatstops you from succeeding is the part where you actually startyourwork and follow the instructions. Prepare the necessary thingsforthe dough and then grab all the ingredients and put themintogether to form a delicious mix. Bake each piece of cake andthenassemble it and make sure it look like a real house for fairiesinthe decoration part.Add nice details and make colorful combinations in order to createadelicious and outstanding cake. And now, because you know thewholerecipe you can easily reproduce it, but this time using yourskillson an appropriate level because once with the fun you’veearnplaying you earn new abilities and a lot of experience.You have to look closer to these awesome features this gameprovidesfor you:-Cool music and great graphics-New challenge to take and recipe to make-Perfect opportunity to increase your work in the kitchen-Add experience to your career of chef-Free to play-Be a professional baker and a cake designer too-Easy game-playing-Different and innovative cake made in the shape of afairyhouse-Improve your cooking skills and get lost in thisculinaryworld
Owl Care 1.0.2
Adopt your own amazing owl pet!Owl Care is a cute free pet care girls game where you canlookafter these magnificent owls. This is a fun game for kids thatwillteach them how to look after the cutest owl pets.It's your first day at the bird studio and your job is totakecare of these amazing young baby owls so they will stay healthyandclean. Choose a owl and care for them by preening theirfeathers,sharpening their long talons, feeding them and curing themwhenthey are sick. Make friends with these owls and play with thembydecorating their bird house and stroking them to keepthemhappy.Bird Preening!Clean up your owl by giving them a quick bath. Preen theirfeathersand then make sure their talons are healthy and sharp byfilingthem.Food Time!Owls love to eat worms! That may sound yuck to us, butit'sdelicious to them! Make sure they eat plenty to keepthemhealthy.Bird House Décor!Decorate your own bird house for your owl to nest in. Choosethecolors and paint the wooden house however you like.Play Dress Up!Dress up your owl in cute accessories! Choose a hat or a cutescarfwith different designs. Or help your owl see better with apair offunky glasses.Game Features:>Play with these cute owls at night.>Adopt your own pet owl.>Treat them to a pet spa salon and preen their feathers.>Sharpen their claws.>Feed them when they are hungry.>Cure them when they are sick.>Decorate their bird home and nest.>Dress them in cute accessories.>Keep them happy and healthy!What You Get With Owl Care:>4 unique owls.>10 stages to care for your own owl.>12 cute accessories to give your pet>Owl Care is completely FREE with NO In-App Purchases.>Enjoy and care for your owl!About Girls Games 123We love fun games at Girls Games 123! It is our mission tocreatequality fun games for boys and girls of all ages. You canfind ourmobile games by searching for “GirlsGames123” on theGoogle PlayStore and play hundreds of free games on ourwebsite,www.GirlsGames123.comWe add new games all the time! Discover our new releasesbyliking us on Facebook. Search for “GirlsGames123”!You can also follow us on Twitter @GirlsGames123 and Google+asGirlsGames123Send Us Your Feedback!We really value your feedback as it helps us to improve ourgamesand make them even more fun for everyone. If you have amoment,please rate and review our app. We would love to hear yourcommentsand suggestions.Need Help? Talk to Us!You can contact us any time to share your comments orquestions.If you need support or have a problem with any of ourgames thenplease get in touch with us at [email protected]