Top 5 Games Similar to Pop!

Pop Balloons 1.0
Pop balloons, asimple,addictive,fun,competitive and very relaxing game.Ballon Pop is a game you must play! You must poptheballoonsbefore before they fill your screen.Compete with your friends in real time and share yourscoreonFaceBook.There are unlockable balloons with special powers as you goupalevel:-Balloon Bomb: Pop the balloons that are in a certain area.-Balloon Wind: Throw the balloons away from the screen thankstothepower of the wind-Balloon Skewer: Destroy all the balloons that are inyourway.-Globe Storm: Our favorite balloon, a lightningstormburstingballoons.pop balloons game, skills game, strategy game to playwiththeentire family.
Balloons & Birds (no Ads) 1.2
"balloons & birds for Kids" isaballoongame for children of all agesThis game is characterized by the presence of a slidertoadjustthe game according to the dexterity of your child.The aim of the game is to pop the balloons and touchthebirdsbehind and make the most points.* play without the ads* Tap birds for big points* Tap the star to have time* Patting the small balloons give more points* The sliders used to adjust the speed of the gameofhischild.* The scores are stored locally for each mode.Tags: fun games, ball games, casual games, balloonsforchildren,colorful balloons, pop balloons, balloons, babyballoons,babyballoons for children, adjustable speed
Balloon Buster Halloween Edit 1.3.3
Are you tired looking after your child?Thentake a short break.And have your kids a short break also, let them pop some balloonsonthe green field. The game is suitable even for toddlers.Game weather could be sunny or windy, depending on thechosencharacter, Mrs. Sun and Mr. Cloud. While Mrs. Sun isreallypeaceful, Mr. Cloud blows strong wind, creating a realwindstorm.You can start a balloon serpent, when to pop balloons isreallyeasy.There is also a hidden dwarf, a child can find behind the hills.Butbeware! This dwarf flies small and quick balloons hard topop.To get some small balloons still worth is! Kids get more scoreforsmaller and speedier ones.You can reset record score by touching it twice ontitlescreen.Keep up the good work, and have a great balloonpoppingsession!
Pop Smiley Balloons 1.0.5
New Blue Diamond Games Game for kidsandadults!!Pop Smiley Balloons is a fun and great game for kids and alsoforadults. Kids will learn shapes and colors while having fun inaeducative happy way.Tap Happy Balloons to get points and avoid spikes, bombs andsadballoons!Pop stars to get +25 points!!You'll need points to unlock new levels so pop as muchsmileyballoons and stars as you can.Play now this fantastic lovely game and become aballoonmaster!!Features:- 4 different stages.- tap the screen and pop happy balloons to increaseyourscore.- avoid spikes,bombs and sad balloons.- lots of colors (red,orange,pink,yellow...), your kid willloveit!.Enjoy now this balloon challenge alone or with your kids!!
Wanted Balloons 1.0
Nothing more fun and relaxingthanpoppingballoons, isn't that right? Now you get to have thatwithyou, allthe time.Download it! Install and Play! It is easy and fast!Search and pop “the wanted” balloon but be careful not tomakeamistake.Compete against players from all around the world inrealtime.Use the rainbow balloon to create large explosions and scorelotsofpoints.Share your score on facebook and show everyone that you arethebest.A game that not only will entertain you but it will alsotestyourability to stay focused on your objective.Your fingers get faster while you are trying to pop alltheballoonsthat appear on the screen.Why should I download this game?+ It is addictive and relaxing+ It is extremely fun+ You compete with your friends+ It helps you concentrate+ Colorful and animated graphics+ Incredible balloons+ Amazing effects+ And much moreFun balloons, popping balloons and playingwithballoons.Anti-stress, relaxing games, fun games, fastgames,multiplayergames, casual games, games of skill, strategygames,concentrationgames.