Top 24 Games Similar to HeartBeats

Pregnant Surgery Simulator 1.2
Get ready to play pregnant surgerysimulator?Be a real surgery doctor and crazy surgeon today! Thereare lots ofpregnant mothers in the hospital and need your carefultreatment.Give them proper treatments with lots of real medicalequipments inthis surgery simulator game for your kids.Features:> Tons of doctor tools to select! Like thestethoscope,thermometer, the blood pressure sensor, and x-ray andmanymore!> Visit the doctor for regular check-ups.
> Use the ultrasound tool to find out if your baby is a boyorgirl.> Diagnose the baby when you check for a fever.
> Choose from tons of adorable baby clothingandaccessories!> Have fun with 5 challenging mini games!Find us on Facebookat more information about Bravo Kids Media, pleasevisithttp://www.bravokidsmedia.comFor more information about Pregnant Surgery Simulator, pleasevisit
Heart Surgery Simulator 1.0.1
Everybody respects heart doctors,becausetheyare handling the most complicated surgery in the world.Rightnow,you have the chance to be a heart doctor and treatheartdiseasesfor your patients. Entering this unique game, youcouldexperiencethe excitement and thrill for doing a heart surgery.I’msure youwill get pleasure and fulfillment through this process!This is a girls' game & casual game & fasiongame&kids game!Find more free online games, please No need to download!
Open Heart Surgery Doctor 1.0.2
Surgeons and nurses little kids arescaredtodoctor and surgery games. Let’s take out surgery doctorfearfromtheir brain with Open Heart Surgery Doctor, operateandgivespecial professional treatment to heart patients andlivereffectedvictims in crazy hospital or clinic with topsurgerydoctoradventure hospital game. This Open Heart SurgeryDoctor isasamazing as other organ transplantation and bodysurgerydoctoreducational mini games.Medical experts ambulance is dropping off patients,shifttheminto medical ward or Operation Theater. Now put onsurgeondoctoruniform in kids operation game and get hands onbestsurgicaloperation tools and start operating critical sufferersofhearttransplant, brain and stomach disease.Little kids be a Professional real Cardiologist withOpenHeartSurgery Doctor and give victims proper treatment andtherapyinhospital or in clinic, your clinic is packed withsurgeryexperttools like pliers, x-ray, droppers, mouthwashes andlaserguns, usebest utensils to clean messy arteries. This game isasamazing asother organ transplantation and surgery games.In this crazy hospital tongue doctor surgery gamemanysickpatients are in queue and need your instant attentionsolittleSurgeons take them to Operation Theater and usedrasticmeasuresand shed their pain away with pain killers. Callkidneydoctor,brain doctor, heart surgeon and stomach surgeon whileyoudeal withheart patients.Start Open Heart Surgery Doctor with general checkupofselectedpatient, check fever first and relief pain withquickmedicinedose. Now take subjects in emergency room andexaminestomach andmake cardio cuts carefully and clean toxicitiesand dirtaroundthem. After removing infection now pick out harmfulgermswithpicker and kill them with laser gun. Use some magicaldropsasmedications to heal wounds and injuries.This Open Heart Surgery Doctor is fun pack game forkidswithheart pump balancer and germs killer features.Diagnosepatient’spain and cure injury effectively and make sure nota minorlevelpain to be left in patient’s heart.
Mega Surgery Doctor Games 1.2
Woofie Games
Do you have what it takes to be a realtimeheart doctor? Be the doctor you always wanted to be andperformsome crazy surgeries on your patients at the hospital.Thisawesomekids heart doctor simulation game is super exciting and funtoplay. With a lot of surgeries to choose from, you can helpyourpatients by performing a heart surgery, ear surgery,stomachsurgery and many more. There are new patients waiting foryou andmost of them require open heart surgery. It is your chanceto be adoctor in this amazing surgery simulator game and become acrazysurgeon.
Heart Operation 1.0
Nadine Games
Do you consider yourself a smartandfearlessguy and able to perform the most open-heart surgery ofalltime? Ifyou do not want to stop learning and you would liketotrain you infurther studies of the human body do not missourwonderful surgerygame in which you'll have great time withyourfriends and familyor playing alone, go for it!Here you will become a doctor specialized in heartdiseasesandyou will work in a private center where you will bethemainresponsible to heal all the sick people, do you dare? Ifso,beprepared to receive, identify and save the patient's lifetolivenormal again, just head to your bag of instruments andchoosethematerial you are going to specify to diagnose and treattheheartdiseases: ultrasoundequipment,defibrillators,electrocardiographs, sutures, clips, fans,needles,syringes ...etc. At the time the man is sleeping make anincisionin the areato treat to reach the valve problem, resize andrepairthe area byremoving the excess tissue. When you finish thisprocessclose thewound with stitches.Once the patient wakes up from the anesthesia do notneglecttooffer him the necessary painkillers,antibioticsandanti-inflammatories for his good recovery. Proveyou're thebestdoctor of history and win great fortune, Luck!
Sports Meet Emergency Surgery 1.0.3
The players are injured in the sports meetandthey are suffering! Please give them emergencysurgeriesimmediately!There are 2 players who need surgeries:1. Football PlayerThe football player’s leg was injured in the football match.Pleasecall 911 and give him an emergency treatment. And then pleasetakehim to the hospital! He needs Emergency Surgery right now!Thereare 5 parts in this stage:• Football Player is Injured• Emergency treatment in the ambulance• Surgeon Comes• Surgery Preparation• Leg Surgery2. SwimmerThe swimmer had a heard attack in the swimming race. Please call911and give him a CPR. And then please take him to the hospital!Heneeds Emergency Heart Surgery right now! There are 5 parts inthisstage:• Heart Attack• Cardiopulmonary resuscitation(CPR)• Surgeon Comes• Surgery Preparation• Heart SurgeryCould you please save all of them?Find more free online games, please browse thewebsite No need to download!
Crazy Clown Heart Surgery 1.5
Do you love crazy clowns? Have you alwaysbeena fan of their fluffy hair, red noses and performance they do?Butwait, seems like clown is not feeling well today. He ishavingchest pain and shortness of breath. Oh no! the symptoms arenotthat good. Some one please call ER emergency 911, as clown hadaheart attack while performing for kids in circus. Here comesanemergency rescue ambulance . The Ambulance emergency doctorhasnoted down the symptoms and diseases that he already has, onhisway to the hospital.The rescue ambulance has reached the hospital in time otherwisethepatient would have gone in a frozen state. He might needapacemaker fixed inside him. This crazy clown is suffering fromaheart disease that can affect his arms, finger and leg movementsifthe heart does not pump blood properly. Crazy clown veinsandarteries might have been blocked. Get to know their historyfirstbefore treating them and sending them to the operation theaterforsurgery. Keep checking his brain, eye, ear, nose, tongue,kidney,liver, lungs, stomach and all parts of the body. Prevent himintogetting to a frozen state. To avoid any other damage, prepareforthe open heart surgery now. You are going to be theCardiologistdoctor surgeon to perform the operation. Call the Braindoctor,kidney doctor, lung doctor, anesthetist and all othersurgeons onduty to keep a check on the patient’s organs while youcarry outthe surgery simulation. But this is no easy operation tobeperformed, you will need a lot of tools to open the chest upandit’s not even easy using them. Mark the area where you want tocutand use sharp cutting tool to open the chest and abs up. Hereyouneed very clever wrist work so that you don’t hurt yourpatient.Carefully cut through the ribs and reach for the frozenheart. Youhave to wear the gloves and sanitize your hands andwrists. Cut thechest & abs and be very careful not to damagelungs, kidneys orstomach as these organs are aside of heart. Giveanesthesia with aninjection before the operation. Once you are donewith theoperation, apply plaster and give him medicine syrup sothat he canheal quickly.Crazy Clown Heart Surgery features:* Realistic open chest Surgery Simulation.* Fun treatments & real er emergency surgeries.* Save patient's lives from realistic chest pain problems,performoperations, make tests and let your patient a chancetosurvive.* Amazing graphics and crazy surgery game play.* Perform the routine health check; which may includebodytemperature, ecg, blood pressure, heartbeats and pulserate* Use medical tools like scalpel, injection, tweezers,cream,antiseptic lotion, band-aid in hospital.* Crazy nurses and doctors team to assist you in yourcardiacsurgery hospital.Test your skills to become best rescue heart Surgeon .The poorclownhave painful expressions and a fear in their pretty littleeyes. Bethe super star surgeon; Treat them with all the medicaltools andmedicines at the doctor’s office. Don’t forget to cleanaway theblood to avoid infection during surgery. You are going toplay therole of a heart surgeon to help your patient gain goodhealth andrecover.
Brain Surgery Simulator 3D 1.14
Brain Dr Surgery Simulator is atrulyinnovative concept of crazy doctor kids games that yourchildrenwould surely love. The patients are waiting to get theirbrainsurgeries done. Give them proper treatments with lots ofmedicalequipments in this surgery simulator educational game forkids.Solve patient brain problems, treat injury & use manytools tocure them.The ambulance is here. Here comes a new patient to get hisbrainsurgery done from Brain surgeon. The Ambulance doctor hasnoteddown the symptoms and diseases that he already has on his waytothe hospital. This patient is suffering from a brain diseasethatcan affect his arms, finger and leg movements. Brain controlsourheart, eye, ear, nose, tongue, kidney, liver, lungs, stomachandall parts of the body. Prevent him into getting to a frozenstate.To avoid any other damage, prepare for the surgery simulationnow.You are going to be the brain doctor surgeon to performthesurgery. Call the Heart doctor, kidney doctor, lungdoctor,anesthetist and all other surgeons on duty to keep a checkon thepatient’s organs while you carry out the surgerysimulation.Take the patient to Operation Theater. Keep checking theheartbeat.Check temperature with a thermometer. Monitor bloodpressure. Cleanthe blood with water spray. Give anesthesia with aninjectionbefore the operation. Once you are done with theoperation, applyplaster and give him medicine so that he can healquickly.Brain Dr Surgery Simulator features:√ Fun treatments & real surgeries√ Amazing graphics and crazy game play√ Realistic Brain Surgery Simulation√ Use medical tools like scalpel, electric shock,injection,dropper, cooling shower, tweezers, cream, band-aid andsyrup√ Check temperature with a thermometer√ Zoom in with a camera√ You’ve got brain teasers (hints) showing on screenfortreatmentBrain Dr Surgery Simulator has so much fun options to trycrazysurgery simulator at clinic. Kill those germs causing painanddiseases. There is a biggest rush of patients waiting outsideyourclinic to get treated. Treat Crazy Father & Nerdy Mommy inyourvirtual Crazy Hospital.Doctor games have never been this awesome. Become the realdoctorand crazy surgeon to perform the surgery simulator onyourpatients. Test your skills, become a professional surgeon,treatpatients with painful expressions and make them healthy andhappyagain.
Operation Theater Escape 1.0.4
Are you ready to play surgery game? Performbea real surgeon and saves your patient's lives! There arepregnantwoman's car broken down on the way and she needs urgenttreatment.Give her proper treatment with lots of real medicalequipment likeinjection, scissors, marker, tongs, cream and muchmore. Be carefulwhile doing the pregnant surgery simulator on yourpatients. Herein this game we included many more surgeries for you,like kneesurgery, brain surgery, heart surgery and much more. Sotest yourskills become a real surgeon, solve patients all surgeryproblemsand make them healthy and happy again.About GameivaGameiva brings you the latest creations of most loved categoriesofgames and apps which are all hugely loved by kids. We areentirelydevoted to build user friendly games related to fun andlearningfor better educational familiarities and enjoyment forkids. Staywith us for the latest updates of GameIva on Google playand getmore of educational games.Reach us at: us on Googleplus: us: us: our gamevideos: will be glad with your response. Contact us anytime foranyquestions and suggestions at [email protected]
Liver Surgery Simulator 3D 1.8
Liver Surgery Simulator has realdoctortools to add more fun to the awesome doctor games. This is adoctorsurgery game with super realistic laser treatment,anesthesia,blood pressure, cutting instruments, forceps, clamps andmuch more.Become the best liver simulator surgeon to help yourpatients gethealthy and happy again.There are lots of patients in the hospital, waiting to gettreated.There’s something wrong with them. They might need alivertransplant surgery simulation. Complete their surgeriesandtreatments quickly.Here comes an ambulance with an emergency. The patient issufferingfrom a severe liver disease. The ambulance doctor hasgiven himfirst aid and noted down his history and symptoms so thatthe liverdoctor can treat him immediately. He has been complainingaboutpain in the right side of his stomach for a few days. Thestomachdoctor has referred him to the liver surgeon. This patienthad anappendix surgery simulator done few months back, followed byaplastic surgery treatment to treat the scars. Alert allthespecialists on duty while you do the surgery simulation. Theheartdoctor, kidney doctor, anesthetist and stomach doctor are justacall away. Be careful while you shift the patient to theoperationtheatre, he has a frozen shoulder. He had an accident afew monthsback, leaving his arms and legs broken. They haven’thealedproperly yet.Features of Liver Surgery Simulator:√ Realistic Surgical Instruments√ Professional Treatment√ Fun treatments & real surgeries√ Amazing graphics and crazy game play√ Realistic Liver Surgery Simulation√ Use medical tools like scalpel, electric shock,injection,dropper, cooling shower, tweezers, cream, band-aid andsyrup√ Check temperature with a thermometer√ You’ve got brain teasers (hints) showing on screenfortreatmentTest your skills to become best Liver Surgeon like PlasticSurgerySimulator, Heart Surgery Simulator or virtual knee SurgerySurgeon.The poor patients have painful expressions and a fear intheirpretty little eyes. Be the super star surgeon; Treat them withallthe medical tools and medicines at the doctor’s office. Yourcrazytreatments need Laser beam, Stethoscope, heartbeat machine,bloodpressure apparatus, antiseptic creams, injection, scallopandmedicine for treating the swelling, wounds, cuts andinjuries.Don’t forget to clean away the blood to avoid infection.You aregoing to play the role of a liver doctor to help yourpatients gaingood health and recover. Be careful, do not leave ascar on theirskin otherwise they would have to go to a plasticsurgerydoctor.Get this surgeon simulator educational game, be a doctor,treatadults in a real surgery clinic and kids in a children'shospital.You can make them healthy again and put a smile back ontheirfaces. Check their history & symptoms first before givingadiagnosis. Hospital games are so much fun to play for littlekids.Doctor games with real surgery simulator teach them more aboutbodyparts, organs, hearts, stomaches, livers or ears. Surgery gamesforkids are quite an interesting activity to spend time. SuchSurgerySimulator 3D games create a love for this professionwithinthem.
Superhero Doctor 2 -ER Surgery 1.7
SOS! Superheroes are saving people. TheyneedYOUR help! Use medical tools to clean wounds, usedefibrillatorbring people back to life, fix broken bones. ERadventure begins!Enjoy the thrill of being an ER doctor! Never endexcitement as yousave the lives of your patients!Doctor! Superheroes are rely on you, save superheroes savetheday!***MORE THAN 50 TOOLS ARE FREE NOW! ***FEATURES>It's emergency! Stop a heart attack, bring superheroes backtolife!>Treat your special patients with cool and funbonesurgery!>Tons of professional surgery tools to select! Let's find outallthe tools in game.>Use defibrillator and Hi-tech tools to cure superheroes.>Give energy stone to superheroes help them regaintheirstrength!>Have fun with challenging mini games!Wanna have more fun with our games?Find us on Facebook at more information about Bravo Kids Media, pleasevisithttp://www.bravokidsmedia.comFor more information about Superhero Doctor 2, pleasevisit
Summer Pool Party Doctor 1.8
Someone is drowning in the water!Accidentshappened in Beverly hill pool party. To save bikini girls'lives,you need to use defibrillator bring them back to life, repairtheirbroken bones, and take control over 50 professionalmedicaltools.Find out what a professional vampire doctor can do!>MORE THAN 50 TOOLS ARE FREE NOW!FEATURES> It's emergency! Stop a heart attack, bring superheroes backtolife!> Use defibrillator and Hi-tech tools to cureyourpatients.>Give an injection to your bikini girls.>Treat your special patients with cool and fun surgeries!>Tons of professional surgery tools to select! Let's find outallthe tools in game.>Have fun with challenging mini games!Wanna have more fun with our games?Find us on Facebook at more information about Bravo Kids Media, pleasevisithttp://www.bravokidsmedia.comFor more information about Summer Pool Party Doctor, pleasevisit
Surgery Simulator Doctor Games 2.0
Woofie Games
There is an emergency declared in the citydueto a sandstorm that has caused quite a lot of destruction andmademany people injured. All hospitals and ambulance are full ofpeopleso it’s your job now to start treating patients and performopenheart surgery, stomach surgery, and ear surgery, tummy surgeryandeven maternity surgeryThere are 4 patients that need your help and you can choose anyoneof them and start preparation for surgery by becoming anamazingambulance doctor.Every patient has a different injury and you will have to treatthemto make them perfect again.The first patient needs a stomach surgery because it gotrupturedwhile the patient fell on sharp objects that piercedthrough hisgut. So he will need a plastic surgery as well. You canstart bybecoming an amateur surgeon and making incision and putstitchesinside to stop the bleeding. Make sure you do the surgeryin acorrect manner, otherwise the patient might need a heartsurgerydoctor as well.The second patient broke his leg and needs metal plates andplasterto get the bone fixed again, as shown by the x-ray.The third Patient is not much serious as he injured his wristandneeds a minor ear surgery in the hospital. But still he needsaproper doctor surgeon to help him out. You will have to makeaminor incision and fix the patients wrist by applying stitchesandat the end finally applying bandage after he gets back fromthex-ray doctor. After that, he might need an ear surgery as well,butwe are still not sure about it.Finally the fourth patient is also a bit serious as he gothiskidney ruptured and needs emergency liver surgery so that theorgancan be saved. You can start by administrating an injection toputthe patient to sleep and make a small incision. To make thisgameinteresting, there is a mini game included that will never makeyoufeel bored. After you have fixed the patient’s kidney, stitchtheincision to stop the bleeding and apply bandage. Youmustunderstand that the kidney is close to the liver, so performthecorrect surgery otherwise he might need a liver surgeryaswell.So what are you guys waiting for? Download this fun filledexcitinggame and start treating patients.Features Include:• Be the crazy doctor you always wanted to be• Perform real surgeries on patients to make them betteragain• Operate on mommies that need maternity surgery.
ER Surgery Simulator 1.0.2
>>> Perform emergency surgeryoninjured patients! Use real doctor tools to treatyourpatients!>>> Anesthetize, clean, cut, repair and sew yourpatientsup! It’s a surgery simulator!>>> OH NO, a shocking earthquake has hit the city andYOU,the ER Doctor, need to save lives!Doctor X to the Rescue!These injured patients need YOUR help! Use medical tools tocleanwounds, cut skin open, repair organs and sew the skin back up!Savethe lives of your patients and wonder at just how amazing thehumanbody is!ER Adventures - Surgery Simulator!Enjoy the thrill of being an ER Doctor! NON-STOP excitement asyousave the lives of your patients! Become an expert surgeon asyoucarefully treat each patient! Who knew surgery was so cool?Exciting Emergency Features:> Carry out 10 amazing different operations!> Save lives using real tools used by ER doctors!> Practice real surgery steps! Perform surgery yourself!> Realistic and interactive surgery simulator!> Discover how serious injuries are treated in the ER!> Learn all about the incredible human body as you fix itup!In-apps that include "All Levels" allow you to enjoy theentiregame! Complete each level individually to advance to the nextoneand achieve your final goal.ABOUT TabTaleA Google Play Top Developer, recognized for its commitmenttolaunching high-quality and innovative apps on Android,TabTalelovingly produces games, interactive e-books, andeducationalexperiences. With over 1 billion downloads and growing,TabTale hasestablished itself as the creator of pioneering virtualadventuresthat kids and parents love. TabTale’s apps sparkchildren’simaginations and inspire them to think creatively, whilehavingfun! Search “TabTale” on Google Play and discover moreincredibleapps.Visit us: Plus: us: us:@TabTaleWatch us: USLet us know what you think! Questions? Suggestions?TechnicalSupport? Contact us 24/7 at [email protected] MESSAGE FOR PARENTS:* This App is free to play but certain in-game items mayrequirepayment. You may restrict in-app purchases by disabling themonyour device.* By downloading this App you agree to TabTale’s Privacy PolicyandTerms of Use at andat consider that this App may include third parties servicesforlimited legally permissible purposes.
Brain Surgery Hair Doctor 1.0.6
Are you ready to be a crazy virtual surgeonandtreat head injuries & transplant patients' hair?In this fun top app you will have best surgery experience withcoolsurgery tools available in the doctors' clinic. Nowadaysaccidentsoccur in abundance, some similar incidents were reportedtoday,ambulances are doing their job by carrying patients givingthemfirst aid and leading them towards the emergency wards.Doctors of various surgeries are present in the hospital, youhavegot to play the role of a doctor, you will be performingoperations& operating the the crew to recover the patients'health.Diagnosis Scenes It's time to operate now : Hair transplantsurgerysimulation & brain surgery simulatorAs a brain doctor you will be performing brain surgery aftercuttingthe hair, after that as a hair surgery transplant doctoryou will betaking the patients' hair samples and implanting newhair of thepatients' choice.Brain is the most important part ofthe body whichruns the all the functions of body, make surepatient's heart beatand blood pressure is normal to operate thepatient. Some parts ofbrain will be frozen by injection so that itwon't be painful forthe patient. In case blood pressure drops rubthe foot, and hands tostabilize the pressure.Hair treatment alsoaccompanies the mini gameto kill germs and monsters in thepatients' head.For hair loss youwill be using hair loss oil makepatient look great again.Aftertreatment doctor will advice to thepatient to eat healthy food,vegetables and fresh fruits juices,patient will be able to grow herhair again can go to barber's shopcan choose any hairstyle to lookgood and happy again.Play our other free girls games & games for kids.Kindly rate us and give your valuable [email protected]
Appendix Surgery – Doctor game 1.0.2
Hey little surgeons out there,appendixoperations have not been so awesome and entertaining. ThisbestAppendix surgery game will give you a real time doctor funandcrazy surgeon experience which you have been looking for solong.In this Top appendix surgery game you tend to see patient’sstomachinfections, infected ribs, performing surgeries andappendixoperations. You will use different instruments to look deepinsidethe stomach.Hurry up little doctors’ patient is waiting in OperationTheaterand complaining about pain in lower side of stomach.Carefully makea cut through chest and reach towards infectedappendix. Remove ormend the damaged tissues and harmful infectionswith lasertechnology and other caring instruments like water gunwith torch,needles and syringes.In crazy hospital numerous patients are in the queue andneedyour immediate attention so little Surgeons take them totheoperation theater and use drastic measures and shed theirpainaway. Call kidney doctor, brain doctor, heart surgeon andstomachsurgeon while you deal with stomach infected patients.In this ‘Appendix Surgery’ game use your doctor skills andshowus what you have got? Diagnose patient’s pain and curethemeffectively and make sure not a minor level pain to be leftinstomach.Features:Surgeon Tools with Medical TreatmentProfessional and fun loving game palyGame with extra fun for boys and girls
Pregnant Mama Emergency Doctor 7.5
Little kids Ice princess become pregnantandshe needs your help in her pregnancy period to parenthood.Becausethere are a lot of patients in the hospital. She needs yourhelpfor her pregnancy test to identify that she is pregnant or not?Herdiet care to keep her baby healthy. Baby deliverysurgerysimulator. A new baby sister or baby brother can be afterdeliverysurgery simulator. A baby care babycenter is also availablefornewborn baby sister and baby brother.Features of Game:*** Ice princess pregnant mommies selection*** Medial care and diet plan for patient mama.*** Heart beat & Heart surgery checkup.*** Anesthesia injection & working of injectionsimulator.*** Maternity delivery emergency doctor.*** Juice for refreshment.*** Toys for newborn baby brother or baby sister.*** Ultrasound machine to give Mommy an ultrasound.*** Newborn baby sister's nursery!*** Select from tons of adorable baby clothing outfitsandaccessories!*** Tons of moms clothes and accessories.Download now the pregnant mama emergency doctor, newbornbabysurgery simulator game and start enjoying doctor (dr)games.
My Newborn Baby Mania 1.3
John and Bonnie's baby due in one month!Let'shelp them live through emergencies and witness the born ofcutebaby! Use tons of professional medical tools. Join their pinkbabyshower party! Join the mommy-to-be on her journey frompregnancy toparenthood!Be the professional doctor right now!FEATURES> It's emergency! Stop a heart attack, bring superheroes backtolife!> Use defibrillator and Hi-tech tools to cureyourpatients.>Give an injection to your bikini girls.>Treat your special patients with cool and fun surgeries!>Tons of professional surgery tools to select! Let's find outallthe tools in game.>Have fun with challenging mini games!Wanna have more fun with our games?Find us on Facebookat more information about Bravo Kids Media, pleasevisithttp://www.bravokidsmedia.comFor more information about My Newborn Baby Mania, pleasevisit
Multi Surgery Doctor Game 1.0.8
Let's learn some surgery operations likeheartsurgery, ear surgery etc. in this multi surgery game for kidswithlot of different operations on various parts of the body. Thekidpatients are waiting as they have serious problems in theirvariousinternal organs and they want you to treat their them inyoursurgery hospital. Use various different surgery tools and dotheoperation successfully. Hurry up as there are so manypatientswaiting for their turn of surgery.Features:1) A lot of different surgery on different internal organs ofthehuman body.2) Use a number of different tools like X-ray machine, oxygenmasketc. for the surgery.3) Follow the steps and complete all the surgerysuccessfully.4) Do the stitches after the surgery is over5) And finally put a plaster on the stitches6) Share this surgery game with your friends and share yoursurgeryknowledge.About GameivaGameIva brings you the latest creations of most lovedcategoriesof games and apps which are all hugely loved by kids. Weareentirely devoted to build user friendly games related to funandlearning for better educational familiarities and enjoymentforkids. Stay with us for the latest updates of GameIva on Googleplayand get more of educational games.Reach us at: us on Googleplus: us: us: our gamevideos: will be glad with your response. Contact us anytime foranyquestions and suggestions at [email protected]
Eye Surgery Simulator 1.0.8
Cataract Eye Surgery Simulator is aCataracteye surgery game.These awesome doctor games with realdoctor toolsadd more fun.Perform Eye test, diagnose problems and Treat them. PerformCataractEye Surgery with real surgery tools.Test your skills and become best eye Doctor. Just like outothergames - Stomach Surgery Simulator,Heart Surgery Simulator,LiverSurgery Simulator,Ear Surgery Surgeon etc. Help patients andmakethem healthy and happy again.
Monster Doctor Injection Fun 1.7
Perform emergency heart surgery andlasertherapy on sick monster patients. As a ER doctor use realfundoctor tools to treat monster patients with anesthesia,injectionsimulator, laser, incisions, stitches and much more tosave lives.There has been an emergency, rescue your patients as aprofessionaldoctor. Help injured patients to recover using medicaltools. Thesemonsters are just like a human body. Save the lives ofyourpatients, clean their wounds, repair organs such as heart,lungs,stomach, kidney, brain and much more. Cut open the skin torepairand sew it back. Enjoy surgery simulator in MonsterDoctorInjection Fun with amazing ER adventures. Enjoy thenon-stopexcitement of being an ER doctor with thrilling treatmentsto savelives of the monsters. Treat them as an expert surgeon.Surgerygames have never been this cool before.The evil witch has cursed the Prince with a spell. He has losthisbeauty and transformed into a monster beast & is worriedthatthe princess will not recognize him. Help him regain hisbeautythrough surgery simulator treatments and plastic surgery.Take himto the ER surgery clinic. With special vaccine, you canhelp himrecover. Use vaccinations and real doctor tools to make hiswishcome true. Remove wrinkles on his face and regain skin glow.Dealwith his heart problems and eye pouch. These awesome doctorgameswith real doctor tools and crazy surgeon treatments are somuch funto play. With crazy game play, Monster Doctor Injection Funhasreal monster heart transplant and ultimate operations.Theambulance has reached the hospital in time otherwise thepatientwould have gone in a frozen state. He might need a pacemakerfixedinside him. Cut open the skin, avoid damaging the rib cage.Trackhis progress; keep checking the instant heart rate monitor.Gainhealth & fitness with a simple open-heartsurgerysimulation.Monster Doctor Injection Fun features:√ Amazing surgery simulation operations√ Use ER doctor tools to save lives√ Practice real surgery treatment steps to performsurgeryyourself√ Realistic and interactive treatments√ Treat serious injuries on monster patients in ER√ Fix it up just like a human body heart
Fairness Treatment surgery 1.0.1
Little makeup experts and doctors now getyourhand on this Top Fairness Treatment Surgery game, our messyfairytale lady is worried about her dark complexion, she mustbecome themost gorgeous princess and stunning girl for Royal partywith thiscrazy doctor hospital makeover game. Little baby girls sheneedsyour help to look fair and bright in crazy adventuresurgerymakeover game. This game has more fun and crazy game-playfor bothmakeover lovers and surgery experts.Little makeover experts and doctors bring her in hospitalthroughambulance and shift her in medical ward. It’s time to showup yourfashion magic and designer skills in this best FairnessTreatmentSurgery game and become a top surgeon and fashion makeupdesignerin town.Nurses and doctors in this Fairness treatment Surgery thisebonygirl must look like Princess Cinderella so with best makeovertoolsremove pimples, dark spots and blackheads from face pluspluckeyebrows and make sure her skin look soft and glossy. Takeebonylittle girl to Operation Theater and dress her up inpatientsuniform and now start the operation surgery in your clinic.It’stime to operate and remove blackheads from skin with lasersurgerytools and make her skin whitening.In this Fairness treatment Surgery game after surgery completionnowmove on to makeover tools. Make her the most gorgeous princessshewants to be, First you have to give best spa session, manicureandpedicure in hospital or beauty salon. Boys and girls now useshowerto wash her face and remove the dust and harmful germs thenapplyglowing beauty face mask. She must win heart of princess sopolishher skin with best fairness creams, facial scrubs and masks.Makesure at final stage she look like real princess hazel and herglowand shine.
heart surgery game 5.0
heart surgery game allows you to dosurgeryinthe games is free.To collect money you will need to do the surgery exactlyasitdescribed.Fun game!Now you can be a heart surgeon.The main features are:- Many choices of medical tools.- surgery the patient on time.- Easy!- Free!
Crazy Dr Surgery Simulator 3D 2.13
Crazy Dr Surgery Simulator 3D is arealsurgery simulator game. There are lots of injured patientswaitingfor you at your hospital. Diagnose their stomachs, lungs,kidneys& hearts problems. Save your patient’s life withcrazysurgeries. Operate now! Carry out open heart surgery, lungsurgery,stomach surgery and kidney surgery.The ambulance doctor might have given an emergency treatment tothepatients. Make proper incision, put stitches on ruptured skinandstop bleeding. The plastic surgeon would take care of thescars.After you have fixed the patient’s kidney, stitch theincision tostop the bleeding and apply bandage. Call the liversurgeon if youget it damaged by mistake. With the use of realisticsurgicalequipments you will operate in surgery room.Stomach Surgery SimulatorTake care of your patient and help him cure his stomach painbyperforming a successful surgery. Remove all bacteria and cleanouthis stomach. Solve stomaches, tummy aches, liver andotherabdominal issues; become a stomach doctor. Make an incision intheabdominal area, cut open the skin, drill through the organs,cleanthe germs and bacteria, replace bad organs and stitch it back.Ithas realistic surgeries, medicines and general surgerysimulator.Stomach problems are different from brain and headinjuries andmuch more sensitive than the ones you see in naildoctor kids gamesor a hair doctor game. Your little boy or yourprincess would loveto play surgeon with all the medical products,x-ray machines,injection, pill and complete surgeryenvironment.Kidney Surgery SimulatorBe the super star kidney surgeon; Treat them with all themedicaltools and medicines at the doctor’s office. Your crazytreatmentsneed Stethoscope, ECG machine, thermometer, bloodpressureapparatus, antiseptic creams, injection, scallop andmedicine fortreating the swelling, wounds, cuts and injuries. Don’tforget toclean away the blood and bacteria to avoid infection forthe littlebaby kids. You are going to play the role of a kidneydoctor, helpyour patients gain good health and recover.Lung Surgery SimulatorHere comes the crazy ambulance with a patient suffering fromlungsproblem. Call the lungs doctor and carry out lungs test assoon aspossible so that you can start with the lungs surgerysimulation.With such pain, you can’t call it an easy ride for thepatientsfrom home to the hospital. This patient has a history ofbrokenhand surgery & foot surgery from crazy surgeon. A skindoctorhas been treating his face pimples with plastic surgerysimulator.He has been through a heart surgery simulator and has apacemakerworking in his body. Be careful about respiratorytreatments, germsand dirt. You need to be very careful to deal withbrain surgerypatient history & Act like a smart surgeondoctor.Crazy Dr Surgery Simulator 3D features:√ Lung Surgery Simulator√ Kidney Surgery Simulator√ Stomach Surgery Simulator√ Call your patient from the waiting area√ Perform the routine health check; which may includebodytemperature, ECG, blood pressure, heartbeats and pulserate√ Now cut the patient’s skin with the help of laser to seetheinside organs√ Remove the dust, germ & bacteria thoroughly√ Get the scars and pimples removed with an injection√ With an air pump machine replace the organ carefully√ Make them workable√ Stitch or sew the skin to stop blood√ After stitching, call the next patientThe amazing best doctor is here to make this surgery full of fun.Doyou dream to become a surgeon and help heal the sick patients?Bethe crazy doctor, start treating patients and have fun. Performrealsurgeries in Crazy Dr Surgery Simulator 3D. Such doctor gamesarecasual games to play in your spare time while you get toexperiencethis career as well. It’s free kids games! Enjoy intensevirtualsimulation surgeries and operations, one of the best freedoctorsgames for kids and surgery games.