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Hair saloon - Spa salon 1.0.2
The developing game "Hair Salon" will helptofeel like a true professional in the fashion world. Shoes, adress,a make-up - all this makes the girl beautiful, but thehairdress isthe most important. Choose your model and make it thestar offashion shows, in our, beauty salon."Hairdresser for children" is an interesting educational gameinwhich the child will manage his own beauty salon for the sameyoungbeauties. The spa salon will provide you with a largeselection oftools available for curling curls and washing them,combing yourhair the way you like. You can both cut, cut hair, anddye yourhair, curl curls, dress your beauties in the way you want,creatingthe most colorful and fashionable images that even themostfashionable stylist envies, since your haircut will beamasterpiece. Feel like a professional in the children's gamesalonhairstyles, which makes haircuts and curls of a wide varietyofshapes and shades. The children's hair salon is full ofinteractivefeatures and innovative tools that will help you makestylishhairstyles.A hair salon for girls allows you to choose one model out ofsix.After you have chosen it, you can create any children'shaircuts toyour taste. In the spa, you will receive a set of toolsfor thehairdresser: hairdryers, curling irons, scissors, dryers,ironingfor leveling and other accessories. This children's game forthechild, allows you to do everything you want, with one touch ofthescreen. Full freedom of action: wash your hair and blow dry,cuthair, curl them and much more, all - to complete the creationofyour ideal and stylish hairstyle. Become the besthairdresser,bypass the other competitors in the modeling business,and in ourbeauty salon!Each model in your salon desperately needs the help ofaprofessional stylist. After visiting your salon they willbecomereal princesses. Help the girls become real beauties: wearthem,select hair colors, apply them full make-up to create acompellingimage. The app for kids, Salon Hairstyles - invites youto doselfies and create your own unique style and image! Yourmodels,from the usual to the most amazing, can make funselfies,collecting a collection of photographs. From them you canmake acolorful album and show it to your friends.This free game for kids gives you hours of fun for the wholefamily,developing attention and memory of the child, teaches thebaby totake care of himself, will show a variety of interestingchildren'shaircuts. Together with his family, the child will learnthe worldof fashion, which will enable him to teach the baby todress withtaste. You can create a work of art with this incrediblyexcitingeducational game for children! Each model has itsowncharacteristics, which you, as a stylist, should take intoaccountwhen creating a beautiful and stylish image that willamazeeveryone.Share with your friends your successes and shine with your work.Letno one go indifferent to the beauty that you created!Come to us at: http://yovogames.comYoutube:
Hair Salon Games:Girl Makeover 1.0.12
Leaf Cottage
The most beautiful and exciting hairsalongames, Magic Hair Salon is coming now! Here are two modes:LevelCompetition Mode & Free Mode. All the game props andhairaccessories are FREE! Just enjoy this game with your friendsandfamily!Cut hair, color and style hair any way you want, using lotsofdifferent hair styling tools – from a simple comb and scissors toacurling iron and a straightener. Design beautiful hair stylesforthese lovely girls! Makeup in style!Run your own Shine Hair Salon! Customers are looking for a newhairstyle and you are the one to give them the haircut of theirdreams!With Hair Salon Makeover, you get to scissor cut hair, curl,color,and style hair!The hair games provides a cute character for you, she will tellyouwhat she wants to be, help her to make up like a princess!First, wash and dry her hair, then you can cut hair, color, curlorstraighten the hair. If you make a mistake and cut too muchhairoff, don’t worry! Just use the hair grow gel and you cancorrectany accidental haircut.Next, you can get even more creative by using hair color dyesorhair decorations to make your customer happier, let them looklikea princess! Haircut, makeover for the girl! Could you makeyourcustomers satisfied 100%?In this Magic Hair Salon games, each level you can unlockadifferent hair tool, buy a lot of hair decorations foryourcustomers. If you don't have enough money, earn coins byplayingmini games. We prepare lots of mini games for earningcoins.In the FREE MODE of this hair games, you could use all thehairtools which you have seen in level competition mode. There isnorules, no competitions, just cut hair for girls. Just do yourhairstyle as your imagination, have a haircut for girls!I can't wait to see your great arts in this hair salon games!Comeand enjoy this Shine Hair Salon, this Magic Hair Salon!HAIR SALON FEATURES:- Realistic hairdryer to create any look you wish- Styling tools such as scissors , hair straighter, curlingiron,and hot air brush- Dozens of hair colors, cut hair styles- Fun accessories to complete the makeover, put a smileonface!- Mini games for you earning coins- Limitless haircut games modeAt last, once you and your customer are happy with the waytheylook, don’t forget to take them to the camera booth for asnapshot!Hope you like this Magic Hair Salon: Girl Makeover Games!Let usknow if you have any ideas to this hair games!
School kids Hair styles-Makeup Artist Girls Salon 1.0.5
School kids hair styles & Makeupfashionbeauty salon is a perfect crazy hairdresser hairdo hotbraidstyling game for school girls.School girls are very curiousfortheir new haircut after the summer vacations are finished.Thishairdresser hairdo braid design game will let school girls toapplybobby pins,clutch, shower, towel, back braid, hair catcher,headbands, dryer and other makeup artist & fashion makeoveritemsfor perfect hairstyling in hair salon. School girls wantstheirhaircut from top hair salon of city.Try a simple ponytailclippedup with large colourful alligator clip or bobby pins orflowerheadbands. If you have time, add a cute headband having afewpatterned headbands are recommended.Girls can choose fishtail,hotfrench braid as well.You can also do your hairs in schoolbathroomor classroom with fun just be sure you are not missing anyclassesor taking too long! you can do your hair on the schoolbus.Schoolgirls usually choose classroom students hair styles infront ofschool teachers and professor. It is the free hair colorsgame withcoiffure hairdresser salon.You can choose short bob foryour schoolclasses.While makeup artist, stick with neutral hair colors whileapplyingeye shadow. Try glittery eye shadow, it’s cute and playfulwithschool girls and teachers in classroom.Stick to usingconcealer,not foundations.You can try a ponytail, fishtail, frenchbraid neator messy or curly.You can also add headband to a bump, placing about half inchawayfrom hairline.Now hide the elastic, if you have long hair andfewbobby pins, you can mail elastics used to fastenyourponytail.Fasten and elastic or barrette.You can splitintopigtails, make your one ponytail into two also knownaspigtails.You can fasten your bun with another rubberelastic.Youcan also make your hot braided bun secure withclutch.You may try abasic hairdo braid your hairs design in thishair salon game.Youcan choose between many hair colors for yourdifferent hairstyles.It is the Free educational game for makeupartist,makeover anddressup for girls.Here are secret coiffure ideas to look stylish.* Wavy hair & Low chignon* Sleek or high ponytail* half up half down & side-parted bob* Half Updo With Crown Braid And Bangs* Messy fishtail or twisted hairs* Twisted bun or messy topknot* Blonde Waves with Casual side-parted* Half Pinned Hairdo With Side Bangs* Wavy layered ponytail or Bun with thick wide fringes* Waves With Spiral Front Sections* Ponytail half Hairdo With Twisted Front* Low Fishtail Braided Ponytail* Loose Waves With Braided Top* Side braided textured curls* Medium Bob With Outward Curly* Messy Ombre Waves or Ponytail With Puff and Bang* Low Side Textured Ponytail With Puffy Crown* Headband Messy Textured High Bun* Side parted Braided Pigtail With Puffy* Front Braided Hairdo With loose Waves* Loose Hair With Headband* Simple Loose textured curls* Topknot With face framing Fringes* Curly side hairdo & sleek high braided ponytail* Low side fishtail braid* Messy tousled braided pigtails* Fringed hair With curly ends* Messy Side Braid With waterfall braided* Loose blonde waves With waterfall braided front* Braided Headband with Luscious Curly Layers* Neat Center parted Fishtail Braided pigtails* Braid With Braided Wraparound coiffure* Middle parted loose hair With braided pigtails and fringesHOW TO PLAY THIS HAIR GAME?* There are many different school girls to choose* There is a copy mode & Free mode hairs salon* Wash your curly hairs and dry with texturizing spray* Apply lipsticks, eye colors, mascara, chic shadesandeyeliner* Apply lot of jewellery , necklaces, earrings, glasses andhairsdressUp* Perfect and cool hair spa and face spa for school girls* You can save and share and post the photos at social mediawithfriendsFor our upcoming games please visit and like our page
Pop Star Hair Stylist Salon 1.5
Beauty Girls
Being a pop star means that no matter howcoldthe weather or how windy and rainy the day, you have to lookgoodfor your fans. Good thing you get perks for being famous! Awholenew line of fashions have been revealed, and you get to befirst inline to wear them in public. Before you head out on thetown, headto the hair salon and get a new hairstyle to match yourcelebritystyle!In Pop Star Hair Stylist Salon, hop in the salon chair and get ahotmakeover to start off the Hollywood red carpet look. Enjoyarelaxing spa to clean your skin and make it clear for makeup,thenchoose beautiful colors to highlight your eyes and bestfeatures.There are tons of hairstyles to try, too! Choose a coolcolor andfun design that will top off whichever outfit you pickbeforedressing up and heading out to see your adoring fans! Yourpop starstyle will send ripples throughout the world offashion!Product Features:- Easy to use controls. Just tap and swipe!- Awesome styling tools to use for your hair.- Fun colors and haircuts to mix and match.- Endless options for hair styling fun!- Relaxing spa tools to pamper your skin.- Pretty eye shadows, lipsticks, and more.- Beautiful celebrity styles to try on!How to Play:- Use interactive controls to play the game.- Enjoy a spa treatment and fix your makeup.- Design cool hairstyles with fun colors, haircuts,andhairstyles.- Dress up in hot Hollywood fashions.Come visit our:Website:
Princess Hair & Makeup Salon 1.12
Would you like to be a princess from headtotoe? Visit our beauty makeover salon and have a taste of what itislike to be a princess.Have you ever dreamed of living in a fairytale? Meet ourthreegirls: red-haired Cherie, dark-haired Amy and blonde Daisy.You canchange their looks with celebrity make-up and hairstyle, andthendress them in the latest fashion.Guide your princess to the hairdresser, makeup artist andfashionstylist. Help her find her knight in shining armour!Every girl wants to have perfect hair. You can start by washingandblow-drying your princess's hair. If you cut or thin out herhair,you will be able to use magic elixir. You have to see thisforyourself. Feel free to style her hair any way you want. Youcantint it and create a luxuriant, thick, curly, short,dishevelled,straight or ruffled hairstyle.You don't need to go through a make-up course to beautifyyourprincess with a great make-up. Choose the right colours forherlipstick, blush, eyebrow pencil and eyeshadow. Apply somemascaraon her eyelashes and pluck her eyebrows with tweezers,ifnecessary. You can choose your favourite colour forprincess’scharming eyes and your favourite scent for herperfume.These princesses need your fashionable touch. Dress them up inthoselovely clothes available: dresses, skirts, gowns and coats.You canalso add tiaras, headgears, wings, jewelry and otheraccessories tomake them look really fabulous.In the end, each of these glamorous princesses will look as ifshehad just stepped out of a bandbox. Looking absolutely great,theycan go to the seaside, to a restaurant or to a picnic inthenature. They can also visit their friends in an old castle ortheycan go shopping and then tired sink into bed.Features:• beautiful high quality HD graphics• intuitive, easy to use interface• infinite gameplay with unlimited combinations• screenshots can be saved in your photo gallery• brings out your creativityEnjoy this new princess game!
Pets Hair Salon 1.13
Lovely pets are sitting in front of amirrorand waiting for new, funky haircuts. Bears, cats, dogs andrabbitswant to be real movie stars at least for one day. Designcreativehairstyles for your customers before the curtainsclose.Start with washing pet's hair, use shampoo and shower and thendryit with towel and hairdryer. Comb the messy hair and cut itwithscissors and shaver, like a barber. You will have fun makingpet'shair stand on end. If you want curly or straight hair,useprofessional tools such as curling iron, hair straightener,haircurler and hair restorer, like magic wand. Color the hair inavariety of 12 cool sprays, from basic to the fashionablerainbowpalette.After taking a haircut you can beautify your customerswithaccessories for all occasions: bows, hairpins, tiaras,hats,glasses. And don't miss to add the final touch with clothes.Also,don’t forget to decorate the showroom before thephotoshooting.Now, your pet is ready for the dreamlike snapshot. Kids of allageswill love this pets hair makeover game.Features:• interesting game for kids• beautiful HD illustrations• bright and vivid colors• funny sound effects• cute characters with different face expressions• 12 different color sprays, 24 accessories and 18 clothestocombine• professional tools
Rainbow Hair Salon - Dress Up 1.1
Did you ever imagine of owning aUnicornHairstyle or a Rainbow Braid? Now you have the chance! ThemagicRainbow Hair Salon will create the fantastic look foryou!you can trim, grow, style, dye, cut, makeup and dress theguests!Become the fashion stylist you’ve always wanted to be andredesignthe girls exactly how you wish.Product Features- A magic rainbow theme fashion hair stylist & makeover gameforgirls- 4 different fabulous rainbow girls to choose- A professional real life hair salon with dozens of tools- Tons of different chic styles makeup with creative beautiesoneyes, faces and lips.- Stylized fabulous style dresses to wear for the girls- Various trendy and thematic accessories to put on.How to play:Open the game and tap the PLAY button to start. Then chooseyourfavorite rainbow girl. Now, your work begins. Hair washing isthefirst priority. A clean and smelling hair helps a lot for thebeststyle! Then, you can use your talent and professional skillstostyle, like scissor, curling irons, hair straightener, hairgrowpotion, hair dyes and shining hair glitters! Rainbow braid,unicornhairstyle, ponytail, buns, braid, curly hair, you decide it!Here,all you have to do is release your imagination.Wanna have more fun? Having problems or suggestions? We wouldloveto hear from you!You can find us on Facebookat on Twitter at more information about Bear Hug Media, pleasevisit
Long Hair Princess Hair Salon 1.6
Once upon a time, there was a kingdominfairyland ruled by the beloved Prince Christos and PrincessJuliet.Princess Juliet was beautiful with golden magic long hair.One daybefore their wedding, a witch broke into the castle and tookJulietaway to a hidden tower far away from the kingdom deep intotheforest. The witch was so sick she need to get energy and powerfromJuliet’s magic long hair. Poor Juliet was waiting for your helptobreak the curse and go back to her beloved Prince Christos.Are you excited about the mysterious tower exploration? Let’susethe magic power to rescue Princess Juliet and get her longhairback! You have tons of different shape and different colorbottleswith magic power potion. You can cut, curl, color and styletheprincess magic long hair – any way you want in Long HairPrincessMagic Hair Salon game!Product Features:- A fantasy magic princess hair salon makeover game- A beautiful long hair princess to play- Fun realistic hair makeover tools: magic comb, hair dyes,curlingiron- Magic potion to make the hair grow again – any lengthyouwant- Tons of different styles makeup with shining beauties oneyes,faces and lips- Stylized creative gorgeous and cool style dresses to wear- Various trendy and thematic accessories to put on- Special spa features for cleaning and relaxing- Interesting characters photography with self-made orselectivescenes to choose fromHow to play:- Use interactive controls to play the game- Start by choosing your favorite royal princess- Take different courses for spa, make up, hair salon,dressup- Braid the princess long hair with endless styles you want- Mix the magic potion to make the hair grow again- Various color sprays and accessories to decoratetheprincess- Glam up for the dreaming wedding with the beloved prince- Take photos with characters in the magic world and share itwithfriendsWanna have more fun? Having problems or suggestions? We wouldloveto hear from you!You can find us on Facebookat on Twitter at more information about Bear Hug Media, pleasevisithttp://www.bearhugmedia.comFor more information about Long Hair Princess Hair Salon,pleasevisit
Princess Valentine Hair Style 1.0.2
The princess is getting ready for a datewiththe prince of the neighboring kingdom and she quickly needssomemakeover done for her hair and face. Wash her hair and usetheshampoo to make it smooth and silky. Remove the pimples fromherface using the pimple remover and then remove all the blackmarks.Cut her hair and give some beautiful hair design for her.Choose aperfect outfit for her that she has to wear for the date.Sharethis makeover game with all your friends and enjoy allthedifferent salon activities in it.
Hair Stylist Fashion Salon 1.5
Play as the hottest hair stylist in towninthis fun salon hair styling game.Take clients into your hip salon and create brand new looksforthem. Cut, color and style their hair using your creativity.Cutthem into fun cuts like asymmetrical bobs, undercuts orpinupbangs. Choose from lots of different colorsincludingrainbow!Apply color and then complement with low lights and highlights.Dyeyour clients’ hair blonde and blue, or black and hot pink!Orcreate something completely different! The choice is up toyou.Style their beautiful locks in braids or pigtails. Usecurlingirons, flat irons and curlers to make a look that’s asunique asyour ideas!Finish your styling with trendy bobby pins or headbands.Addfeathers, sparkles and flowers to create a winning design.Don’tforget to save your look for your portfolio and show all ofyourfriends!Product Features:- Use real salon tools in this hair styling game- Dye, cut and style- Mix and match colors to create awesome designsHow to Play:- Tap to pick hair dye and highlights- Swipe to apply color and sparkles- Swipe and spin to use styling tools to make different looksWe want to hear your voice!Watch our awesome videos on our YouTubechannel! us onFacebook: us on Twitter: more about Salon™ on officialwebsite:
Princess Long Hair Salon - Girls Long Hair Styles 3.1
IMS Games
Princess Long Hair Salon Games will helptochoose princess Hair Style.Princess lookup super stylish forlonghair.

Features :

Hair View : 
-- Choose Hair Oil to help Princess for Make long Hair Style- Decorate Princess Hair With colorful broaches & Crown- Dray Princess Hair With Hair Dryer- Amazing HD GraphicsSpa View:
-- Take care to princess using cleaning face with different typemaskand soap
- Remove pimple using pimple remover
- Extra eyebrow cut using eyebrow cutter
Makeup View:-- Make More beautiful princess using makeup like,- Different types eyebrows
- Colorful lipstick or shiningandblusher- Amazing eye makeup like eye-shadow, eyelashes,eyeball,eyelinerDresses View:-
- Select a Wonderful dresses,
matching Neck-lash,Bracelets,earrings..Take Photo & Share with your Friends

It’s Free Game !!!
Gorgeous Wedding Bride Hair Do Design Spa Salon 1.0.2
Today is a special day for our princess andsheis worried about her makeover, she definitely needs your helptolook fabulous. Become a hair stylist in this Gorgeous WeddingBrideHair Do Design Spa Salon game and perform amazing hairsalonactivities for her. First of all, give her special hairtreatmentin this girls salon game with a moisturizing shampoo,conditioner& hair masks, use a blower for dry the hair and makeher hairshine like a royal girl. Here in this hair spa girlsmakeover gamewe added tons of braided hairstyles for you, justchoose yourfavourite hairstyle to make it with proper guidance.Don't forgetto decorate her hair using different colors and tons ofhairdecoration accessories in a magical hair salon. Then it's timetocheck your dress up sense and help princess to selectgorgeousdresses for her special day. With this princess fashionhair salongame, you can get lots ideas about Bride Hairstyles. Atthe end,select your favourite and take amazing photos withdifferenthairstyle designs and save it to your phone gallery andalso shareit on social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp,Twitter, Snapchatetc.,Key Feature of Gorgeous Wedding Bride Hair Do DesignSpaSalon:- Get your princess ready using countless hairstyles- Do a lot of things on the girl's hair with different tools- Wash, dry, blow, comb, cut, trim, straight, curl, and colorherhair- Lots of hair colors to choose in this Bride Salon game- Make sure her hairstyle matches her bridal dress- Amazing dresses and accessories for princess makeover- Fashion hairstyle salon game- Perfect salon game for girls & kidsRun your own hair salon in this Girls Bride Hair Styles game&test your hair cutting skills and give princessawesomehairstyle.About GameiCreateGameiCreate brings you the latest creations of most lovedcategoriesof games and apps which are all hugely loved by kids. Weareentirely devoted to build user friendly games related to funandlearning for better educational familiarities and enjoymentforkids. Stay with us for the latest updates of GameiCreate.Follow us on Googleplus: us: us: our gamevideos: will be glad with your response. Contact us anytime foranyquestions and suggestions at [email protected]
Hair Styler Salon 3.0.3
bweb media
Whether you like your hair short or youpreferlong hair with curls, you can experiment many styles withthis hairstyling game. The Hair Styler Salon game is a funhairdresser gamethat allows you to design hairstyles with unlimitedimagination.The hair game works by simply clicking on each item atthe bottomof the screen as they appear, and drag them to where thearrow ispointing on your character. As you work along each sectionyou willbe able to wash, dry, cut, style, colour, and decorateyourcharacters hair in many different and fun ways.
Hair Color Makerover Salon 1.1
Fashion Games
Are you ready for all of the hottesttrendsatthe hair salon? 2017 is going to be an amazing year forhair.Doyou think you can be a trendsetter this year with thewildesthaircolor or cut?The hair salon trends are going to be absolutely awesomethisyear.You get to kick off the season right by using this hairsalontofind the best trend to fit your personal tastes.Will it be a wild color? Will it be a cutting-edge style? Yougettodecide in this fun app.How to Play:• The New Year means new trends for personal looks• You get to be a trendsetter by finding the best hairstylesatyourhair salon• Choose from fun up-doos to sleek styles• Find the best cut to look great for your facial structure• Go crazy with color• What trend are you going to come up with atyourbeautysalon?• People are going to love your 2017 trendy stylesAt the hair salon, you can feel totally empowered when itcomestodiscovering new looks. Your friends are going to love allofthehot hairstyles you design. Download now to get started!
Celebrity Hair Style SPA Salon 1.1
Ice Beauty
Play a talented and creative stylist inthisfun fashion hair styling salon game.You run the most popular salon in New York City and it’s timetoshow off your creative skills and abilities. Take thebeautifulmodel into your salon and give her a fantasticmakeover.Start by cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing her skin.Giveher a clay mask to remove impurities and make her sparkle.Thenit’s time for some fun makeup. Apply eye shadow, blushandlipstick.Complement her eyes with thickening mascara and maybe somefunface jewels.Explore various hair styles to show your creativity to theworld.Cut, trim and style her hair using high-end salon tools.Create agorgeous look of your own design. Pick fun colors too –auburn,blonde or even hot pink! Add highlights and lowlights tostyle alook that uniquely your model!When you’ve finished her styling and makeup, it’s time tosnapsome photos to show off to your friends and family. Yourcreativedesigns will be all over the cover of every magazine.Product Features:- Spa, Makeup and Hair Styling levels- Lots of color and makeup choices- Use real salon tools to style her hairHow to Play:- Tap to choose colors, highlights and cosmetics- Swipe and drag to use your professional salon tools- Swipe to add color and sparkles
Hair Style Fashion Salon 1.0.2
It’s any girl’s dream to tryondifferentcolors, over and over again! To trim and curl, andapplygorgeousmakeup, and then see the awesome transformation andthebeautifullong hair shine!In this game for girls you can do that with so manyoptionsandpossibilities, that you’ll never get bored!This girls game has three beautiful girls waiting foryoutotransform them into fashion divas. Select any of themandbecomethe stylist you always wanted to be!Comb her hair, wash it and trim it to get rid of thosesplithairs.Then apply the heat-protection treatment and make sureitgetsabsorbed using the professional hairdryer. Finish upwiththeprofessional mask and serum that will give extrashineandvolume!And when the hairstyling is done, apply a totally fashionmakeup,andyour girl will look just like a princess!Wonderfuleyeshadows,lipstick and blushes will give you endlessoptions totransform thegirls just as you wish to!Features:- Three beautiful girls to choose and style- Two different beauty salons, one for hair and one formakeupanddressup- Professional-inspired products for hair care- Tons of different hairstyles and dyes- Wonderful colorful braids to customize the look- Countless makeup styles- Sunglasses and accessories- Fun backgrounds to take pictures of your designsSo, play to enter the fashion hair salon of yourdreams,wherecolors, hairstyles and makeup are endless! Be thecooleststylist,and let’s have fun!
Beauty Hair Salon 3.0.17
bweb media
The Beauty Hair Salon game is a great gamethatwill delight any hair stylist or beauty salon enthusiast. Thishairsalon game for girls allows you to easily prepare and washyourcustomer's hair ready for it to be styled. You can mix andmatch thedifferent colors of hair and cut her hair to the styleyou thinkwould look best on her. You can even curl or straightenyourcustomer's hair and add all sorts of accessories which willmake herlook absolutely beautiful.So if you love styling hair, then why not come and play thefunbeauty hair salon game today and see just how much fun youcanhave.** New Features Added :- CHOOSE between Chloe and Mina to make a great hair style thatwillbe seen by the world- WASH and rinse your characters hair ready for styling- CUT, curl, or straighten your characters hair in auniquestyle- COLOUR her hair to create a fun and unique hairstyle ready foraparty or day out.- CHOOSE between 8 coloured blush containers including pink,red,orange, purple, blue, green, light red and magenta- CREATE the perfect makeover by choosing and using Eyeliner,Lipstick, Mascara, and Eye shadow- CHOOSE between different clothes and accessories includingshirts,skirts, dresses, shoes, necklaces, and earrings.- TOGGLE through each outfit and accessory for easy mix andmatchingof her clothes- ENJOY creating new hair styles and fashionable outfits foryourfun character
Hair Salon - Fun Games 3.0.8
Do you want to be a barber?Let's play the Hair Salon . To be a barber and designvarioushairstyles for your customer.It's a fun game for kids games.
Fashion Doll - Hair Salon 1.3
Are you ready to go to fashion doll’shairsalon? This beauty shop handles every aspect of hair design.It’sthe perfect place to get the trendiest looks.With all the latest fashion trends at her fingertips, fashiondollwill get you looking amazing from your new hairstyle toawesomeoutfits. Fashion doll is well known for giving the mostcuttingedge haircuts and hairstyles in her hair salon. Then, she’llmakeyour new cut pop with some fun different hair dyes. You’ll betheenvy of all of your friends with your new hairdo. Don’t miss outonher talent to help you look fabulous!How to Play:• Time for hairdresser visit!• Go to the fashion doll’s hair salon• Time for a new hairstyle• Choose an amazing new haircut• Choose from the fun hair dye options• You’ll be dressed up in some amazing fashionsFashion doll’s hair salon is the place you want to be. You’llbeable to get an amazingly fashionable haircut that flattersyourfeatures. You’ll be rocking a new look in no time at all thatwowsall your friends. How many different hairstyles can you comeupwith? Find out today by downloading now.[[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit ourwebsite: us onFacebook: us on Twitter:
Wedding Makeup Salon For Elsa 1.0.9
Our beautiful princess Elsa will haveherexcellent wedding today. Come to take her to the makeup salonfor abeauty makeover. Firstly, you can help her wash her face andthengive her a nice steam care. Next, come to make her hair withonebeautiful headband to maker hair hair up. After that, you cancometo make up her with our given cosmetics. Choose one pair ofcontactlenses to make her eyes look shinning. Then make up forhereyebrows and eyes shadows. In the following step, you needtochoose one long veil for her. Pick up some marveloushairaccessories to the princess and then dress up princesswithfashionable wedding dress and high heeled shoes. Selectonehairstyle that fits her very much and don’t forget to decorateherbeauty with gorgeous necklace and ear studs. After this stage,youcan come to choose one image of the groom that you like and atlastcelebrate for their wedding and show us how attractive you canletthe princess be.Features:1. Give a facial treatment for the princess2. Help princess make up3. Dress up for princess and make her beautiful4. Choose the image of groom5. Let them have a weddingHow to play:1. Help the princess wash her face2. Give her a nice facial steam spa3. Use the hairband to fix her hair4. Choose one pair of nice contact lens5. Make up for her eyebrow and eye shadows6. Select one beautiful long veil for the princess7. Pick one fashion hairstyle and decorate withhairaccessories8. Choose one pair of ear studs and necklace for her9. Dress up her with beautiful wedding dress and highheeledshoes10. Select one image of groom that you like11. Let princess and groom have a nice wedding
Fashion girl braid hairstyles salon-hairdo games 1.0.0
Fashion girls braid designing isafreehairstyling game salon for girls.I hope you will be wellawarewithfishtail braiding, french braid, waterfall braid andropebraid. Inthis top trending free mobile hairdressing game, youwillhave manyoptions to choose your favourite hair braiding stylewithyour ownexpectations and desires.You should have couple ofbobbypins inhands to start braiding your hairs.You may tie yourhairinponytails with bobby pins.If you are annoying from rubberbands,asrubber bands can damage your hairs while your put itofffromhairs, then bobby pins are best option because these areeasytowear and easy to remove from hairs.Let us to tell yousomemethodsby which you can make many hairstyles braid.How to make a fishtail braid?REGULAR FISHTAIL BRAID?-> divide your hairs into two sections-> Take a thin strand of hairs from left section, moveittowardsthe right-> Tuck the thin strand section under the right section-> Tug the two sections to tighten them, better is totightermakeyour braid-> repeat this from right section as well, wrap a hairtiearoundthe end of your hairs-> Then a tousled braid by rubbing between your handsFRENCH FISHTAIL BRAID?French fishtail braid is almost same, just at the end will beamessyfishtail braid by tugging on the edges. When your aredonewithfrench braid, you should try the waterfall braid aswaterfallbraidis sometimes much comfortable for girls.FAUX FISHTAIL BRAID?-> find some hair elastics which match your hair colours-> Make your hairs into two ponytails then make atopsyturvyponytail-> Repeat it until few hairs left at the end-> Then you may hiding the elasticsIf you are planning the braid hairstyles for wedding?youcanconsider Bohemian braid, sometimes called a Boho braidasweddinghairstyle. For wedding, you can create a sidebraidwithponytail.You can also create a updo braid,headbandbraid,wraparound french braid, braided rope bun, pretzelbraid orsomemicro braids. For wedding hairstyles, you need tosearch atopforehead hairdresser salon. In this free hairdressinggame youcanlearn many hairstyles ideas for your hair braid. You canget aoiltreatment to help moisturising your hair andreplenishdamagedhair.Be a professional hairdresser in this freehairdressingheadband game.*** Tips for the Fashion Braid hairstyles **** Don not get frustrated because the perfect braid you donotlearnin a day.* Use good quality hair band,rubber band, elastic bandandbobbypins.* Do not make the braid too loose and too tight* when you want to take the braid out by unbraiding itfromthebottom* While removing the hair bands as it gets tangled ifpulledawaywithout care.* If you have curly hairs,spray your hair lightly with waterorputsome gel before braid.* Cut your hairs in short bob, Use hairspray andshampoobeforebraidingCurly hair braid needs more attention and morecaringbyhairdresser.You can create a relaxed casual braid forcurlyhairs.Collect your hairs at nape of the neck, create thethreesectionsand braid and then secure the braid and pull somepiecesloose.Youcan use a wide tooth comb and hairspray forcurlyhairs.Tie the ragcurl and try using foam curlers.Now you canhaveyour free mobilehair salon, by using your free mobilehairdressergames. Downloadthe FREE game and enjoy fast braidinghairstyles ofyourdream.
Indian Fashion Wedding Spa Salon And Makeover 1.0.0
Fantastic Fun
Dress up the girl from India inbeautifulsarisand other traditional Indian clothes! Pick ahairstyle andjewelleryto match.Indian Girl Make Up Girls, today we are going to meet aprettyIndiangirl and she will tell us how to take care of ourfacialskin withIndian secret beauty treatment. And then let'schoose asari withher. Enjoy yourself.This beautiful Indian girl has the dancing, singing,andmusicalability to quickly rise the ranks of the Bollywoodstarsystem. Butshe'll need your help to maintain her style andcontinueto getstarring roles in all of the greatest roles!In order to obtain a long-lasting look, you should startbycleansingface well and then patting it dry to ensure thatthereare no tracesof dirt or oil on the face.This This Indianbridalgirl has hired youas a new stylist and you want to showyourmakeup skills.At the beginning of game start to apply spa treatment.Massageonface with cream, wash face using shower, last apply facepack.Helpher in perfect makeup, choose eye shadow, lipstick,eyelashes& more from given makeup kit.Spa SalonMakeupHair SalonDressup GamesIndian Wedding SalonIndian bride wedding salonIndian DressUp And MakeupIndian Girl Hair SalonIndian Girl Spa and SalonIndian Doll SalonIndian Fashion GirlFashion Girl SalonIndian Saree Dressup GamesChoose beautiful hairstyle which suits on her facethenselectdesigner Indian dress from wide collectionwithmatchingaccessories like necklace, earrings,mangtikka,bindi,chapal,colorful series, choli with colorfuldupata&more.Enjoy with FANTASTIC FUN…
Princess Salon 2 - Girl Games 1.3
Take your Princess to the Salon for thePerfectMakeover! Help her style her hair and clean the face!Except theregular steps, you could paint her face with tons ofunique patternsand colors as you like! Certainly, fabulous makeupand perfectoutfits can’t be missed! Let’s do it! Princesses arewaiting foryou!Product Features:- A magic princess salon makeover game- 4 gorgeous fairy princesses to play- Unique face painting pattern for princess- Glamorous dress design and creation- Realistic hair makeover tools: comb, hair dyes, curlingiron,etc.- Tons of different styles makeup with shining beauties oneyes,faces and lips- Various magic and fairy accessories to put on- Sweet photography with BBFHow to play:- Use interactive controls to play the game- Choose one princess to start the process- Take different beauty work for spa, face painting, makeup,hairsalon and dress up- Stylish the princess hair with endless choices with tools asyouwant- Various color sprays and accessories to decorate thetopmodels- Get best preparation for the princess prom in theroyalcastleWanna have more fun? Having problems or suggestions? We wouldloveto hear from you!You can find us on Facebookat on Twitter at more information about Bear Hug Media, pleasevisithttp://www.bearhugmedia.comFor more information about Princess Salon2 - Girls Games,pleasevisit
Braided Hairstyles Salon 1.0216
This is really a very wonderfulhairstylesalonwith one beautiful hairdresser. She has veryexcellentbraidedhairstyles skills. With her help every girl in thesaloncan realizetheir dreams to have their wished hairstyles. Ifyoulove fashionhairstyles, then don’t hesitate to come to thishairsalon and havea nice experience to make one amazing styleofhair.Features:1. Choose one hairstyle that you like2. Clean the hair well3. Follows the steps to make braided hairstyles4. DIY one beautiful hair accessory5. Decorate the girl hairstyle with accessories6. Dress up beautifully for the hairdresser
Makeup Spaholic Hair Salon 2.9.1
Welcome to your own makeup salon that youcandecorate and have fun with hair games , makeup , pedicure andalsoan incredible nail game salon with more than 3000combinations!The customers are arriving and you need to take care of allgirlsand choose what they need.Some of them will need a new haircut and for that you have toplaysome girl hair games in which you choose the hairstyle , haircolorbut not before you wash and prepare it before!In this station of hair games you have lots of colors andhaircutsbut some of them are locked so earn coins to unlockitems.Use the shower and the dryier to prepare your client , choosethehair and then from a great color palette.After finishing the hair games some clients will be happy andgiveyou a big tip but others can be angry so they won't give youtoomany coins.When your first hair client is done you may unlock nailgamesalon.In this nail game station prepare the nails by cleaning andcuttingthem , wash the hands and then choose from an incrediblepalette ofcolors , models and decorations for the nails.In the beginning you will have level 1 with nail game salonunlockedand some of the nail colors and models will be blockedtoo.You can paint every nail as you like , choose any modelordecoration for each nail so that makes available thousandsofcombinations of nail games for your customers.Get to model nail decoration game by painting all the nailsfromeach hand first.When reaching level 5 you will be able to unlock girls makeupsalonin which you need to makeup girls.As in our preview salons: hair games and manicure choose fromlotsof colors for the lipstick and hundreds of eyebrows models ingirlsmakeup salon.All are dying to get to girls makeup salon for gettingbeautifulanytime they go out to the city , club or shopping somakeup salonis one of the most wanted areas.One important salon is also the pedicure game where the feet aretheones spoiled. Spa treatments , nails games and many spoilingjustfor their feet at the pedicure studio.The make up salon, manicure area , girl hair games are themostwanted studios for any girl.To get more from the makeup salon , we offer girl hair games youcanplay spin the wheel and scratch minigames and earn coins.
Princess Fashion Salon 2.0.6
bweb media
Give a princess a royal makeover withthisfantastic makeover game! Create a new style she can show off tohersubjects as she completes her royal duties. Clean her face,applymake-up and choose a beautiful outfit, hairstyle, andjewellery toreally complement her look and bring out her beautifulfeatures.Play the best princess fashion game around with this greatmakeovergame!Features:Apply facial masks and clean her face to remove anyblemishes.Add a touch of makeup to make your princess look stunning.Choose a beautiful outfit and hair style to complement herstunningfeatures.Accessorize with beautiful jewellery to give your princessthatsparkle bling look.
Valentine Doll Hair Do Design 1.0.1
The Valentine's Day is around thecorner.Playthis exciting game and get ready for someoutstandingactivitieswhich will help you look even better on thisValentine'sDay. Inthis game first, you will be performing the hairspa thatincludesgiving shampoo, smoothing hair & more. Afterthatplease getinto the hair salon where you can prepare yourfavoritehair cut& then enter the hair designing view where youneed touse theproper hair color and give her a new look. In theface spasectionyou will remove pimples from her face &increasefairness andmore. After completion of this help herselecting aperfect set ofmake up and convert her into a beautifulavatar. Atlast you willbe in the dress up view, in that you willneed to helpher toselect a dress, shoes, necklace, ears and giveher anattractivelook.Features:- Help her to design hair- Give a cool hair style- Select a perfect dress up for Valentine's Day- Give face spa with different tools- Apply hair spa- Very easy to playPlay and enjoy this valentine makeover game and share itwithyourfriends.
Hair Styles Fashion Girl Salon 1.3
This girls game is ready for fashion! Areyou?Hair Salon? Check. Awesome hairstyles? Check. Great fashion?Check.Let’s play! It’s time to be the boss and run your ownfashionablehair empire.You have your very own hair salon in this girls game whereyouget to be the boss. Design cute hairstyles and match them upwiththe best fashion trends. Spa treatments and colorfulmakeupmakeovers are the perfect additions to add to yourfashionable hairsalon. All the celebrities are going to want tocome to your salonto get a makeover because of your skills.How to Play:• Open your fashionable hair salon• Offer wonderful spa treatments• Select the hairstyle you like• Add some fashionable colors to the look with makeup• Time to dress up in the hottest fashion trends• Your clients look amazing!Your eye for style and fashion has finally gottenyounoticed.You’ve been able to open your own brand new hair salon. Yougetto be the superstar stylist that decides which spa treatmentstogive, what hairstyle will work best, what colors should be usedonthe model, and what fashion trends work best with the makeover.Areyou ready to open your hair salon’s doors?Download now!
Mermaid Beauty Hair Salon 2.0.2
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Help a mermaid show off her incrediblebeautywith this hair salon game! Beautiful beyond compare, create anewhair style that all her mermaid friends will be envious of.Cleanher hair, style it, color it, and even accessorize it byaddingbeautiful jewellery to highlight her adored features. Playthegreatest salon game around today!Features:Wash and dry her hair so it is nice and clean for styling.Style her hair by cutting, curling, or straightening it into anewdo.Color her hair to match all the beautiful colors of theocean.Accessorize by adding sparkling bling and jewellery to makeherstand out from the other mermaids.
Monster Crazy Hair Salon 2.0
Monster Crazy Hair Salon Game.Monster Dracu laura loves to apply the special eyes of newtmixtureon her skin whenever she's not in school! When you designher CrazyMonster Hair Salon, you should include a makeover thatwould giveDraculaura those beautiful flashing eyelashes.How to Play Monster Crazy Beauty Salon?Use your mouse to click on and through the floating hair,clothing,and makeover options for this Monster High beauty.Monster Crazy HairSalonGame.Monster Drac laura loves to apply the special eyes of newtmid-weston her skin whenever she's not in school! When you designeachCrazy Monster Hair Salon, you should include a makeover thatwouldgive Draculaura flashing those beautiful eyelashes.How to Play Crazy Monster Beauty Salon?Use your mouse to click on and through the floating hair,clothing,and beauty makeover options for this Monster High.
Princess Royal Fashion Salon 1.4
Prince Charming is close to the castle!Hurry,get the princesses ready to meet him! The girls are in theirroomsgetting ready to meet the prince, but they have to look theirbestbefore they leave the castle! Help them look like beauty queensinthis charming royal story of dress up, hair design andspatreatments!The royal girls high in the castle need your help to lookbeautifulfor Prince Charming. Start by giving them new makeup,includinglipstick, eyeshadow and blush. Keep the spa story going bychangingtheir hair style, picking the prettiest, cutest hairdoaround! Findthe perfect royal dress to finish up the beautymakeover. PrinceCharming is almost here, so make sure you designthe perfect storybook look for these royal girls!Features:- Run a beauty spa for princesses in the royal castle.- Help them play out their story and meet Prince Charming.- Give them makeovers, including hairstyles, makeupanddresses.- Design new outfits so they look like beauty queens.- Make your spa the best in the kingdom!How to Play:- Choose a princess to design a makeover for.- Pick out a new hairstyle, new dress and cute shoes.- Add makeup to the girls so they look extra cute.- Take them outside for a beautiful love story ending withPrinceCharming!We want to hear your voice!Like us onFacebook: us on Twitter: more about Salon™ on officialwebsite:
Hair Salon Stylish Haircuts 1.0.4
It is the new barber salon in city whereyoucan have perfect and amazing haircuts to look more stylishandcharming. Girls are usually very conscious about theirhairstyles.In this Free girls game, you can choose betweendifferent styles tocopy. You can play in Free and Copy mode. Thishair salon isoffering you the hair spa, hair dryer, hair styles,hair cuts, hairgrow and many more options with smooth actions oftouch play. Youwill be using lot of different styling tools from asimple comb andscissors to curling and straightener. Girls arelooking forhaircuts of their dreams and you can give them thedesired makeoverof customers.Coloring hairs is very difficult job to make yourcustomerssatisfied. You have to prove yourself the professionalhairdresser. There are latest fashion trending hairstyles inthisgame.How to Play• Choose the Free mode or Copy to some other Hairstyles• Go to the different hairstyles girls• Choose the most beautiful girl with most charming hairstyle• Make your haircut like the selected Girl• Use shower, dryer , towel for hair spa first• Cut your hairs with scissor• Choose the different hairstyles and hair coloring• You have to win the contest by making similar hairstyle• Save in your mobile and share with friendsDo not forget to play all of our other makeup, makeover,cooking,tailoring and dress Up games for girls and kids.TinyBit games, tiny masterpieces !
Hair Salon - Princess Makeup 2.1.3122
Kiwi Go
Long hair princess makeup is a princessmakeupgame for kids! The princess is going to get married, let’sapplymakeup for her! Choose beautiful dress, do spa for her.Prince and princess have a date later, let’s dress her up!Features- Choose the skin color for princess- Wash hair, do a facial spa for princess- Tons of makeup tools, choose different tools freely- Lots of fashionable clothes, like shirts and high heels- Take a photo after done the makeup!Get long hair princess for her prince, it’s a special makeupgamefor girls!
Braided Hairstyles Girls Games 1.0.2
Hi girls! Welcome to the best hairdresserandbraided hair salon where you can learn making braid hairstylesstepby step. This braided hair spa salon is also a great hairstylertutorial for hair curling, hairstyle changer game and toteach youthe best hairstyles for girls. You can also practicebraidedhairstyles for African hair or straight hair.You can use different extensions like hair spray for curlyhair,hair curler, roller and other hair care products to be a stargirlor a superstar fashion model. Please the world with yourfashionstory by having a great wedding make up on a rockstar bride.Bridalmakeup for a celebrity and beauty queen is a bit difficulttask asa superstar life is full of rush and beauty consciousness.So beprepared to give a complete outstanding look to the princessandintroduce the world with the new episode of style and fashion.Cityfull of beautiful fairies is arriving to congratulate yourdoll.Choose the best tailor designer dress and jewelry forher.Braided hairstyles girls games is one of the best braidedhairstylesgames and braiding hair games for girls to learnbeautiful braidshairstyle. This is not only a hair makeover salonbut also a makeupplus dress up games for kids. Must enjoy ourother free makeup gamesfor girls on the Google play but don’tforget to rate.
Hair Salon: Fashion Games for Girls 1.0.1
What a disaster! Somethingunexpectedhappenedin the Hippo Town! A skillful stylist andhairdresserbecame illbefore the big city holiday! And now the moststylishbeauty andhairdresser salon isn't working! What should wedo? Thereare a lotclients for today. You are going to color hair,braid itand domodern hair-does. Does that mean that beauty saloncouldn'tserveall the clients? Will the celebration be spoiled? Ofcourse,not!Our beloved Hippy is going to help! She cut only thegrass infrontof her house before, but she is very keen to trysomethingnew! Itcould not be more difficult to set hair than to cutthegrass.Let's go with us, let's do a unique haircut for everycitizenofHippo town.So, today you are a real hairdresser and stylist, and fashionisyourvocation! Beauty salon and hairdresser salon are themostpopulargames for girls. Every girl likes to be beautiful andbraidall herfriends' hair. But to make it perfectly, girls need tto beskilful.And today we open a joyful fashion and style schoolforgirls! Wewill wash the hair with a restorative shampoo anddrythem up with ahairdryer. Then we will do a funny haircut andhairsetting. We coulddo waving or make curly hair straight with aflatiron. We could alsocolor hair with all possible colors andchoosestylish accessories tomake look unique and mysterious. Andwhenall this is not enough tofinish the look up, we will use amagicpotion from the secret trunk,which will turn our haircut intothemost interesting masterpiece ofmodern fashion. We could doabeautiful girl and princess from anyCinderella!Hippo beauty salon and hairdresser salon invite everybodytocomeover! Play with all the family members. Have a lotofpositiveemotions and spend your time usefully together withyourkids! Staytuned and stay with us. Our free games for girlswilldelight youand your kids.
Ice Princess Beauty Salon 1.1
Help this Beautiful Ice Princess toachieveaperfect royal look for party at her palace!Being a princess is definitely not an easy job. You havetolookflawless all the time, have the right posture andalwaysbeprepared to meet Prince Charming.Become the fashion designer of Royal Ice Princess! Useallyourskills to create her stylish look.Pick a Ice princess of your choice. Start off in themakeoverthendo her make-up and finally help her pick out theperfectoutfit.** Features *** Makeover:- Apply unique and beautiful face packs to make princesslookmorebeautiful!- Remove her pimples, extra eye brow hair, under eyemarks,blackdots and give her a clean and clear skin!* Make-up:Help princess to look royal with unique hairstyle and make-up- Give Ice princess delightful look with beautiful hairstyle;youcanchange the hair color by sliding the color option- Change her eye color to make her look more stunning- Choose a eye brow from options and change eye brow colortomakeher look better- Apply the eye liner from thin to thicker as per your choice- Apply the unique eye mascara with different color options- Give princess more stunning look with unique eyeshadowsandglow- Make her cheeks more charming with unique cheek glowoptions- Princess's make up would be incomplete withoutattractivelipsticksand lip glow* Dress up:We have specially created unique outfits to give yourprincessaperfect royal and charming look!- Choose a dress for your princess from bunch of options;youcanalso change the dress color by sliding the givencoloroption- Choose matching earring, necklace and bracelets- Make her wear beautiful gloves and sandals fromloadsofoptions- Princess dressing would be incomplete without crown; youcanmovecrown and set it according to her hairstyle- Change the background and give a blissful look!** Special Feature **You can change the color of each option by sliding thegivencoloroption!Have Fun!
Princess Beauty Salon - Birthday Party Makeup 1.7.3107
Kiwi Go
The youngest daughter of the king is goingtohave her 18th birthday. The king wants to hold a big adultceremonyfor her. All distinguished guests will come to attend thisbigevent. The little princess wants to dress up beautifully. Canyoutake her to princess beauty salon? Do a facial cleaning, applyonsome makeup and pick out a gorgeous dress for her.Features:※ Fascinating makeup game for girls※ Well prepare for the princess’s adult ceremony※ Plenty of fashionable lipsticks, eyeliners, blushes andeyeshadows※ Get her a perfect hairstyle to match the dress※ Supreme dressing room to satisfy the princess’sfashiontasteMix and match different fascinating looks for the littleprincess.Make her the most beautiful princess at her adultceremony.
Wedding Day Perfect Hair Salon 1.1
Beauty Salon
You’ve been dreaming about your weddinglookfor years, and you want everything to be perfect. You’vescheduledthe best hairstyle artist to come and help you to get theperfectlook for your big day!It was hard getting this stylist to come and do your hair, butit’syour wedding day. It’s got to be perfect. You’ll be able to tryouta large number of wedding hair designs to find the perfect onethatwill capture the look you’re trying to achieve. This means thatitshould look perfect with your dress and your bridal makeup. Asahairstyle artist, your stylist has all different typesofhairstyles you can choose from. Have a blast at this weddingsalonjust for you.How to Play:• Your wedding preparations are in full swing• The big day has arrived, and you need a fantasticbridalhairstyle• Your stylist is going to work magic with your hair• Try out hairstyles until you find that perfect one• Make sure your hairstyle matches your bridal gown andyourmakeup• Walk down the aisle with a smile in you heart as youlookamazing• Your groom will be awestruck with your glorious lookA bridal hairstyle can make or break a bride’s look for her bigday.Your stylist had better use all of her expertise to give youanawesome style. Download now to see which hairstyle youget!
Hairstyles Trump Hair makeover 1.0.2
Could you please help Trump design hisownfashion style in this game — Trump Fashion Salon?This is a very interesting game. There are so many levels todesignhis fashion style:1. Shave & Haircut: Trump’s hair and beard are too long.Pleasegive him a haircut and shave.2. Spa: Please give him a Facial Spa.3. Teeth Clean: He has some teeth problems. Please take him tothedentist and clean his teeth.4. Workout: He is a little fat. Please take him to the gym.5. Change Clothes: Please help him choose the clothes.Have fun!Find more free online games, please browse thewebsite No need to download!
Long Hair Princess Wedding Love Story 1.4
game hub
Our beautiful Bridal will have herexcellentwedding today. Come to take her to the makeup salon for abeautymakeover. Firstly, you can help her wash her face and thengive hera nice steam care. Next, come to make her hair with onebeautifulheadband to maker hair hair up. After that, you can cometo make upher with our given cosmetics. Choose one pair of contactlenses tomake her eyes look shinning. Then make up for her eyebrowsand eyesshadows. In the following step, you need to choose one longveilfor her. Pick up some marvelous hair accessories to theprincessand then dress up princess with fashionable wedding dressand highheeled shoes. Select one hairstyle that fits her very muchanddon’t forget to decorate her beauty with gorgeous necklace.Afterthis stage, you can come to choose one image of the groom thatyoulike and at last celebrate for their wedding and show ushowattractive you can let the Bridal be.Features:1. Give a facial treatment for the Bridal2. Help Bridal make up3. Dress up for Bridal and make her beautiful4. Choose the image of groom5. Let them have a weddingHow to play:1. Help the Bridal wash her face2. Give her a nice facial steam spa3. Use the hairband to fix her hair4. Choose one pair of nice contact lens5. Make up for her eyebrow and eye shadows6. Pick one fashion hairstyle and decorate withhairaccessories7. Choose one pair of ear studs and necklace for her8. Dress up her with beautiful wedding dress and highheeledshoes9. Select one image of groom that you like10. Let Bridal and groom have a nice weddingGame Essentials!princess wedding , weddings , wedding hair makeup , magicalprincess-dressup , princess hair , weddingplan , wedding games ,weddingpreparation , magic princess , princess games , planweddingetc
Supercuts Online Check-in 4.6
Regis Mobile
Getting your haircut is easier than everwhenyou check in on the Supercuts mobile app. With it, you’ll beableto check in ahead of time at your preferred Supercuts hairsalon,choose your arrival time, and even pick your stylist. TheSupercutsapp offers one-click access to your favorite salon, aneasy-to-usesalon finder, and shows estimated wait times for theSupercuts hairsalons near you. You can also check in a guest, clickfordirections, and get reminders before your haircutcheck-intime.The Supercuts app offers optional account registration for amorepersonalized app experience. Stay in the know with the newmessagecenter, and turn on push notifications to receive updatesandreminders to check in for your next haircut at a salonnearyou.*Plus, once you’ve created an account, the app remembersyourpreferences, so your Supercuts experience will be easier thanever.Download the app today and see how simple and convenientgetting ahaircut can be. With the Supercuts app, you'll always beready togo.* Continued use of GPS running in the background candramaticallydecrease battery life.
Fashion Hair Salon - Kids Game
Are you ready to run your very ownbeautysalon? In Fashion Hair Salon – Kids Game your kids can designandcreate their very own hair styles, or take the ultimatechallengeand match their customer's hairstyle of choiceperfectly!Fashion Hair Salon – Kids Game is a fun hairdressing simulationgamewhere everyone can create the most beautiful, fashionablehairstylesat the touch of a button!With two fantastic modes to play, the fun never stops!Key Features:FREE MODEIn Free Mode, your hair models are ready to let you go to townontheir hair, all you need is your creativity!Give it a trim, cut it short of leave it long and flowing;thescissors are always at hand.Smooth and straight is nice, but with Fashion Hair Salon – KidsGameyou can curl to your heart’s content with a selection ofdifferentcurling tongs each of which makes a tighter or loosercurl!Don’t want to curl all of the hair? That’s okay, with FashionHairSalon – Kids Game you can pick and choose which hair to curlandwhich to leave straight. Cut the front short into bangs andleavethe back long as you like!Accessories make a big impact. Choose from a wide range ofbeautifulgrips, clips, tiaras and cute little animal ears toreally make yourcreations spectacular!Take a picture and share it with all your friends!COPY MODEAre you ready for the ultimate fashion salon challenge?Yourcustomers know exactly what they want and expect you to get itjustright!Follow the guide picture and get to work.First you need to wash your customer’s hair – lean them backintothe basin and soak their hair with the shower, then lather inthatshampoo till there’s plenty of bubbles! Rinse it all off againandadd some conditioner to make that hair tangle free.Take a good look at the picture and begin! You’ll be amazed atthekind of hairstyles your customers want, so many differenttastesand fashions! But they don’t just want hairstyles, they alsowantyou to do their make-up and for you to pick out the prettiestdressto go with their perfect style makeover!You’ve got to be on top of your game if you’re going to succeedinthe hair salon business but don’t worry, if you make anymistakesyou can always use the magic redo cream!Have fun with BATOKI ! Best Apps for TOddlers and KIds
Indian Bridal Princess Salon : Fashion Doll Salon 1.0.11
Indian bride named Payal loved a flowersandhairstyles.its her wedding she wants to look beautiful girls always like the wedding games like spa ,makeup, Dressup and makeover game.beautiful bride is waiting forsuperfun spa , cool Makeup , nice Hairstyles Etc you can adduniquetrends like nail treatment like pedicure , manicure nailcoloursetc. Namaste! Welcome to Indian Bridal Princess Salon :FashionDoll Salon:Get ready for wedding!Today,every girl wants to become Indian princess. Help this girlinmagical makeover by becoming indian fashion stylist and makeherlook fabulous with new fashion trends. Traditional indiancultureis hot favourite amongst all countries. Indian culture isfull ofunique customs, traditions and rituals. One of them isindianwedding, it has multi day affairs and involve manyceremonies.Every girl wants to look amazing in wedding. We haveprovided allin one wedding package, from spa to henna mehndi toamazingornaments to nice gajras to beautiful indian outfits. Getready forthis country theme makeover! let's help this girl lookbeautifuland make wedding preparations phenomenal by doingbelowactivities:-> Most relaxing spa with number of tools and masks for aglowingskin.--> Leg waxing and spa to make the legs more smoothandshiny.--> Number of glamorous makeup options which includescharminglipsticks, blushes, eyeshadows, eyelenses, uniquehairstyles,bindis and what not!--> Wonderful henna/mehndi designs for hands as well as feettomake the girl/bride look more goregeous--> Indian culture is incomplete without gajaras/ flowers inthewedding ceremonies to look amazingly beautiful!So,how can we forget gajaras and flowers?! We have providednumberof lovely gajaras and flowers options.--> Attractive ornaments like bangles, necklaces,earrings,noserings etc which will add more charm to thisindianbeauty.--> Experiment New Styles--> Dressup with most amazing sarees with number of optionstocomplete the indian look in the best way!Indian Princess" is a new dress up game for girls who areinterestedin the culture of India, Indian dances and traditionalIndianclothes.Design a unique outfit or a dancing costume for eachof thegirl princesses from over 200 items, accessories andhairstyles.Among them sari (saree), petticoats, and choli(ravike)blouses.Doll Fashion Salon, Indian Doll Games, Indian Doll andBridalFashionIndian Fashion Doll is getting ready to go for herFashionShow!Indian Doll Makeup and Dressup Doll SalonRomantic Wedding Beauty SalonPrincess Wedding salonWedding Makeup SalonIndian Wedding SalonIndian Fashion StylistIndian Princess SalonIndian Makeup and DressupCountry DressUp Game For GirlsIndian Bride Fashion Wedding Makeover And MakeupIndian Saree FashionIndian MakeupIndian Henna mehndi designsIndian Gajra viewIndian Doll SalonIndian Waxing SalonLeg Spasalon gamesSaree DressupIndian MermaidFashion Designer GameFirst love Indian GameSweet Indian MakeoverManicure PedicureIndian NailArtsIndian Bridal -Doll Fashion SalonIndian Gopi Doll Fashion SalonIndian Celeb - Celebrity Party Salonindian Girlfriends Guide to Breakup - Breakup Story Games
Makeover Contest: Beauty Salon 1.1
Beauty Salon
It’s beauty pageant season already! Youhavetolook your best if you want to celebrate being the beautyqueeninthe best and biggest beauty pageant in history!As the only beauty queen in your town, you have to competearoundtheworld to be the best. This year you’re competing todeterminewho isMiss Beauty! Before you can claim your crown andparty, youneed toget ready and look perfect. Head over to the spato cleanseyour skinand choose the best makeover you can think of.Yourmakeup needs tobe flawless and your outfit glamorous! You’llhavean awesomeexperience to tell your friends and family afterit’sover.How to Play:• You’re going to be in the biggest beauty pageant inhistory!• To be crowned the next Miss Beauty you need to get ready!• A trip to the spa is a perfect place for that.• Cleanse your face with a spa treatment.• Next, up is putting on the best makeup look to show offthatclearand glowing skin!• All that’s left is finding your best outfit toassureyourwin!• Now it’s time to go get that crown!You’re going to have so much fun celebrating that win! Youwilllookabsolutely perfect with that crown to complete your look!Allyouhave to do is download now to start getting ready.
Princess Fashion Salon Spa 1.4
game hub
The first snow falls to the kingdom.Theprincess is going for a dance party in the palace. She wantstodress like a snow princess and decorate the palace in snowytheme.But she’s so busy with a lot of affairs. Can you help herselectsome beautiful clothes for the ball from her luxury dressingroom?Take her to do a facial clean, put on pretty makeup and dressheras a snow princess. Of course, there are a lot ofornamentsnecessary. Then our princess can ready for a dance withhercharming prince. Oh my God! that's a wonderful surprise forourpretty princess.Features:> Dance and party in the snowy-themed palace> Enjoy royal atmosphere full of luxurious products.> Have a relaxing massage and skincare.> Fashion eye makeup, blushes, lipsticks and hairstyletochoose> Ready your princess for a dance party as you like> Spend an amazing dancing night with friendsHave fun in Princess Fashion Salon Spa! Download for free andplaywith your friends.
Girls Hair Changer 2017
Girls Hair Changer salon is the besthairstyles2017 photo editor for girls. Change hairstyle on photowith GirlsHair Changer 2017 apps and become a princess with awesompink hairand glitter makeup! Girls Hair Changer salon allows youto changehairstyle on photo in 5 seconds! Just add princesshairstyle andmakeup on your photo!Best Hairstyles 2017 for girls! Are you dreaming about amazingpinkhair? Try it now with Girls Hair Changer 2017Girls Hair Changer salon is the best princess hair salon forgirlsto become a little princess.Girls Hair Changer salon designed especially for girls who lovehairsalon games and hair photo studio apps!Try princess hairstyle for FREE and share your beautiful photoswithfriends!★ Girls Hair Changer for girls has a tons of super stickers forthebest selfie photo:♡ 30+ crown photo stickers, diadem photo stickers, tiaraphotostickers♡ 60+ earrings stickers and eardrop stickers♡ 50+ necklace stickers and pendant stickers♡ 65+ glitter photo stickers, shines, fairy dust, decor,hearts,stars, flicker, magic, star dust stickers♡ 45+ amazing princess hairstyle♡ 250+ eye makeup stickers, lashes, eyebrow, lips stickers,shadow,pomade stickers...★ Girls Hair Changer is very easy to use1. Take a new photo or select one from your gallery2. Select the sticker and filter using Hair Salon photoeditortool3. Select other wonderful Hair Salon stickers which you want toaddto the photo4. Zoom in, Zoom out, rotate girl stickers to makephotoperfect5. Share your photos with new hairstyle with your friends andfamilyin Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WatsApp and othersocialnetworks.★ Girls Hair Changer has a huge collection of cutegirlshairstyles♡ Princess hairstyle with tiara♡ Casual Girls hairstyles♡ Curls hairstyles♡ Crazy Girls hairstyles♡ Modern and stylish professional hairstyles♡ Long hair hairstyles♡ Pink hair color and purple hair color hairstyles♡ Beautiful bride hairstyle and wedding hairstyles★ Girls Hair Changer is the best way to become a realprincess♡ Create wonderful photo in tiara or cute photo in crown♡ Use amazing glitter photo effects to look like alittleprincess♡ Add beautiful jewelry to finish the image of the true lady♡ Try awesome fairy eye makeup for girls on photo!♡ Save and Share princess photo★ Why does Girls Hair Changer is better than hair salongames?♡ You can change yourself! Not a princess or model♡ Find new image and new style using easy photo montage♡ Make awesome princess photos and surprise your friends♡ Say 'I'm a princess!' to the whole world!★ Girls Hair Changer is absolutely FREE♡ No pay content♡ No registration♡ No coins♡ Everything is freeEnjoy Girls Hair Changer! Become a real princess with Hair Salonforgirls on photo!Try Girls Hair Changer right now absolutely FREE!
Long Hair Princess Candy Salon 1.1
This time, Long Hair Princess Juliet enteredamagic candy kingdom! In the magic candy kingdom, all thecastlesand roads are made in candy! Long Hair Princess Juliet alsodancedwith the Candy Kingdom Prince! Now, give the Long HairPrincess thesweetest makeovers ever! Style her with cotton candyhairstyles,yummy facials! Design the perfect candy outfits withrainbowsprinkles, gummy bear and create the coolest candy makeover!Youget the chance to DIY the candy lipsticks! Surpriseeveryone,now!Product Features:- Create the candy lipstick with yummy candy, shining glitterandother amazing materials- Make the Long Hair Princess beautiful with your amazingcandymakeup talents!- Dress up Long Hair Princess in tons of sweet outfits!- Give Long Hair Princess cotton candy hairstyles and decoratetheirhair with rainbow sprinkles!- Spoiled in the magic candy kingdom and dance with thePrince-How to play:- Use interactive controls to play the game- Start by playing the play button- Use different candy for makeup, hair salon, dress up- Braid the princess long hair with endless styles candy jewlsyouwant- Design the unique candy lipstick with amazingcandymaterials- Various color sprays and accessories to decoratetheprincess- Glam up for the dreaming prom with the beloved princeWanna have more fun? Having problems or suggestions? We wouldloveto hear from you!You can find us on Facebookat on Twitter at more information about Bear Hug Media, pleasevisithttp://www.bearhugmedia.comFor more information about Long Hair Princess Candy Salon,pleasevisit
Clean up hair salon 3.0.11
Running a hair salon can be a challengingyetrewarding experience and with this clean up game you can cleanyourvery own hair salon ready for your new customers. With thisonlineclean up game you have to race against the time and puteverythingback in their rightful place so everything is neat andtidy. Hereyou have to place the bottles and towels back on theshelves, pickup any chairs, straighten the pictures, mop the floor,sweep thefloor, and wipe the mirrors. Once everything is clean inthetime-frame you can move on to the next level. If you get stuckyoucan use the hints to help you find where everything goes. So ifyoulove a challenge and want to clean, why not try this fun hairsaloncleaning game today!Features:• Place the bottles back on the selves so they are neatandtidy!• Roll the towels up and place them on the shelves!• Pick up the chair that is knocked over!• Move the clock back to its rightful place!• Straighten the picture frames!• Clean the mirrors with your cloth!• Mop the dirt and water from the floor!• Sweep any excess hair away until your floor is niceandclean!• Complete in time to unlock the next level!
Long Hair Princess Wedding 1.3
Long Hair Princess Juliet said "YES!" Herbigday is coming up and she can’t wait to celebrate with you!Shebelieved you are the best wedding planner! Now it’s time toshowyour expert wedding planning talent! But first – Long HairPrincessJuliet needs your professional styling help to get readyfor herdream wedding!Design the wedding dresses and choose everything from flowerstoluxury diamond! Help Juliet have a bridal beauty withstunningmakeovers~ The wedding aisle decoration work can’t bemissed. Hurryup! The big day begins! Which style dream wedding? Thechoice is upto you - YOU’RE the planner!Product Features:- A fantasy magic princess hair salon makeover game- A beautiful long hair princess to play- Glamorous wedding dress design and creation- Fun realistic hair makeover tools: magic comb, hair dyes,curlingiron- Dozens of beautiful flower crown for your design- Tons of different styles makeup with shining beauties oneyes,faces and lips- Stylized creative gorgeous and cool style dresses to wear- Various trendy and thematic accessories to put on- Sweet and romantic wedding photography with handsome groomHow to play:- Use interactive controls to play the game- Start by playing the play button- Take different wedding preparation work for makeup, hairsalon,dress up, wedding dress design and wedding aisledecoration- Braid the princess long hair with endless styles you want- Various color sprays and accessories to decoratetheprincess- Glam up for the dreaming wedding with the beloved princeWanna have more fun? Having problems or suggestions? We wouldloveto hear from you!You can find us on Facebookat on Twitter at more information about Long Hair Princess Dream Wedding,pleasevisit