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Penguin Diner 1.0.0
The #1 ORIGINAL SMASH HIT web game - Penguin Diner is finally here-on MOBILE and it's 100% FREE!Penny the Penguin goes off track during an Antarctic trekandfinds herself completely lost and broke. Help Penny earnenoughmoney to get her home to her family! Download NOW to get theWHOLEGAME for FREE!Features:- Play through 3 exciting diners- Get cool upgrades in the shop- Follow a delightful comic-style storyline ofPenny'sadventure- Meet the cutest-ever inhabitants of the Antarctic!Questions? Comments?Drop us a line! us on Facebook!
Penguin Diner 2 1.1.2
​The #1 web SMASH HIT game - Penguin Diner 2 is finally here -onMOBILE and it's 100% FREE!Penny the penguin returns to Antarctica to serve up a feast!HelpPenny run her diner and serve some very hungry penguins.DownloadNOW to get the WHOLE GAME for FREE!Features:- Play through 4 exciting diners- Get LOADS of cool upgrades in the shop- Get awesome themed diner party packs- Have fun dressing Penny up in adorable uniforms- Follow a delightful comic-style storyline ofPenny'sadventure- Meet the cutest-ever inhabitants of the Antarctic!Questions? Comments?Drop us a line! us on Facebook!
Penguin Jump 2.6
Do not miss! Pingvy's excitingadventurebegins!He has no margin for error.Jump and move on - that's his main goal.He is not cowardly or those who surrendered.He doesn't afraid the ocean expanses, they only cheer him.He is cunning, clever and devilishly attractive.Jump and do not give up! Go for new records!!!
Penguin Diner 3D 1.4.0
Penguin Diner 3D is a super-fun andaddictivetime management game for kids and adults alike! Help PennythePenguin and her friends, run their cool diners and feed someverycute, but very hungry penguins.Penguin Diner 3D is a bigger, cuter, deeper sequel to thesmashhit originals: Penguin Diner and Penguin Diner 2!Penny the Penguin and her tribe are, once again, lost intheGreat Antarctic. They stumble upon a vast, beautiful glacier-their new home!- Pick your own adorable penguin character and getservingthrough 3 fabulous diners.- Get daily surprises, free boosters and bonuses galore!- Complete exciting daily challenges - that will keep you onyourtoes!- Decorate the diner and keep your penguin customers happyandcoming back for more- Dress-up your penguin in the latest 'chick' stylesGame Features:- 90 exciting levels of non-stop fun- Cute 3D penguin characters in a beautiful 3D ice-world- Clever boosters to help up your game- Replay levels to improve your score and earn more coins- Continuous updates with more levels and features- Unlock cool achievementsPlease note that this game is free to play but some itemsrequirein-app purchases - which can be bought for real money.Thanks for playing Penguin Diner 3D. We hope you enjoyplayingit!Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get thelatestupdates!
Penguin Toss 2.2.3
Pingu the Penguin is here to be thrownrightupas high as you can!A Yeti chills out at the foot of a cliff when apenguinjumpsdown. The Yeti's sharp instincts check the situation:"Thatguywants to fly." He grabs his club and the rest ishistory.Welcome to Yeti Sports: Penguin Toss. To play, just clickonthegame screen and a penguin will jump off the cliff andfalltowardsyour Yeti. Click again and your Yeti will swing hisclub.Hit thepenguin at the right time and angle and your penguinwill flhighup... the farther the better.Enjoy!
Flying penguin 1.11
Adventurous penguins dream to fly. Withyourhelp they can do it! Use the catapult to launch penguin andgrabitems to keep penguin in the air!
Penguin Snowcap Challenge Lite 1.1.5
Play the exciting penguin racinggamePenguinSnowcap Challenge for free with Penguin SnowcapChallengeLite!Defend your island by competing in exciting downhill penguinracesinthis fun and challenging racing game fromWaveCrestEntertainment!Choose which penguin to race as, and slidedownhillaround turns,over jumps, and through tunnels all whileavoidingtraps, trees,rocks, and cliffs!These are some tough birds! Penguin SnowcapChallengefeaturesinnovative gameplay, smooth-as-ice graphics, andthefastestpenguins around! It takes slalom racing to a whole newlevelwithextra points for jump distance, collecting fishpower-ups,anddodging traps set by an angry elephant seal!For more info, visit our website at:
Penguin Airborne 1.1.2
Only five of the best penguin recruitswereselected for the final deadly test. Jump from the ledge andsafelyland first. Don't be last because the army likes to dropexplodingbombs on the weakest recruit!Penguin Airborne is a thrilling and exciting indieparachutejumping game. Choose from 3 unique looking penguins andtry tobecome a general. Use the accelerometer to steer left andright tocollect valuable stars!Remember style counts! Try to be the fastest penguin and youmaysurvive.This game is suitable for all ages! Kids will love thecutegraphics and simple gameplay, while adults will love thedifficultyin later levels and the morbid sense of achievement whenotherpenguins don't perform as well as you!** Easy to learn and morbidly entertaining, you won’t be abletohelp yourself from cheering every time you survive and anothercutepenguin dies instead in this tricky game of last-man-standing.-App Safari **
Jumping Penguin 1.0
Jumping Penguin - Help the penguinsjumpfromiceberg to iceberg.HOW TO PLAY-Tap in front of the penguins to pick them up- Tap behind to recede- Earn points with catching the coins and jumping on birdstokillit.FEATURES- Lovely graphics- Wide Game Center and Global Leaderboard- Easy and fun to play, but challenging to get veryhighscores- Unlimited LevelsLast but not least, we would like to say a very big THANKYOUtoall for playing Penguin Jump and look forward toreceivingyourfeedback.Let’s just enjoy the game RIGHT NOW!Tag: Jumping Penguin, Penguin Jump, Jump game, Jumping game,gameforkids
penguin Jump 1.1
penguin fight it's a simple game or youcanplay with concentrationYour objective is to let the penguin Blue Chickadee live Inyourtrip when fight avoid touching the bird Black and Orange Birdfightbecause this enemy like a Jordan release dates pbs kidsthe game of penguin jump fight chickadee toothless is it allowsyouthe love every time, when you started playing and fight younotfeel boredom pbs kids games toothlessin this game you'll find a lot of different scene of penguinjumpfight Because The number of bird chickadee pbs kids gamesisincreasing to fight toothlessso all that'll give you a good concentration when you play withthepenguin jump like pbs kids gamesHow to play:* Tap the screen to move with the penguin jump Chikadee toanydirection to fight with the bird pbs kids gamesFeatures :* Amazing Game play pbs games* Cool HD graphics.* Play a super fun game of penguin jump pbs games* toothless pbs gamesDownload the penguin Chickadee fight pbs kids games now andstartenjoying .Contact me:[email protected]
Super Penguin 1.4.4
Take control of your penguin to avoidenemiesand obstacles in this ★FREE★ falldown arcade game, SuperPenguin.✓ Simple touch, tilt or swipe controls.✓ Awesome pixel art graphic style.✓ Challenging objectives & rewards.✓ A range of fun upgrades and power ups for your penguins.Play 4 action-packed episodes in Super Penguin. Each one hasitsown unique feel with different enemies, obstacles, power-upsandupgrades! Additional episodes coming soon for free, stay tunedtoplay them!Super Penguin is FREE to play, and easy to pick up - jointheadventure today!If you enjoy fall down games, you'll love Super Penguin.
Penguin Jump 1.0.4
[News]We corresponding to android4.0 or later.The penguin jumps by the screen click.Let's advance previously while keeping taking the fish.It is possible to jump long by a long push.
Survival Penguin 1.3.2
althi Inc.
Drop your enemy into the sea!This is your mission to complete!!3D exciting battle game that so many unique characters battleonvarious shapes of icebergs.The unique characters includes penguin, white bear, seal, icegirland so on!Use items such as bomb, cannon, bat, ice cube, tornado toattackyour enemy!Exciting 96 stages are waiting for your challenge!How to playMoveSimply flick the screen to the direction where you want to.Flick a lot to move faster.AttackTap the items on top of the character to use.TargetTap the enemy that you want to set as a target.After setting a target the penguin automatically faces thedirectionof the target.model: Since OS Android 2.3▼althi Game Movies▼althi Games▼Twitter▼Facebook
Ice Ice Penguin 1.04
Experience an icy penguin adventure! Controlanadorable penguin as he runs over ice, swims in the sea andflieslike other birds – using a jetpack of course! Don’t forgettochange costumes as you go! Become a penguin pirate king or putonyour ski suit and prepare to hit the slopes! Just be carefultododge obstacles along the way and if you are really goodyou’llcollect some tasty fish too!All the fun and antics of one adorable penguins!• Enjoy unpredictably cute penguin moments• Customize your penguin by wearing different costumes andusingdifferent abilities• Run through sleet, snow, hail and more! Run on the ice intheArtic and swim in shark infested waters!• Run the race of a lifetime, don’t stumble over obstacle on thewayand be the first to the finish line!Mr. Penguin has sure got it tough, getting past sharks,freezingwater and some killer slopes! How is he going to dothat?!!? He hassome ways… CRAZY ways! Come check it out!Welcome to the wardrobe! This is where we keep all the gearweneed to complete the Penguin’s excursions. Jetpack? Check!Piratecostume? Got it! Skis? Oh Yeah! Clown suit? You betterbelieveit!There are some more surprises for the industrious playertodiscover. No spoilers!!!Penguin Runner is an unpredictable, adorable racing game withoutof this world HD sound and graphics! Control this penguin andhelphim go where now penguin has gone before! Out run sharks,jetpackover the vast snowy wilderness and collect all the fish youcan eat!Yum! But don’t do it alone! Play with your friends! Who isthefastest penguin racer? Download and play Penguin Runner NOW!IT’SCOMPLETELY FREE! So what are you waiting for?
Penguin Dash 1.0.4
Run, Penguin, run!You partied away and danced a lot but somehow lost a friendindangerous waters.Be quick and save your friend, but watch out! There are lotsofsharks around and submarines and other obstacles blockyourway.Features:- Easy game play, fast action- Cute characters- Combos, items and power-ups- Worldwide leaderboard- Over 10 missions to be achieved!
Penguin Dive 1.2
Warbler Apps
Penguin Dive is an entertainment gamewhichhavelevels to clear on. When you start the game, penguin willcomein thescreen. You have to touch the penguin to jump intothewave.
Fly!Penguin! 1.3
"Penguins are birds? How come I can not fly?""What? Penguins are from Southern Hemisphere? I have neverbeenthere....."The little penguin's little brain is full of questions markswhilewatching the tv show playing at the zoo keeper's office. Thelittlepenguin made a big decision, he is going HOME! BUT, he cannot makeit without your help!Please help the little penguin to go feature• experience the colourful game advanture from the littlepenguin'sview!• help the little penguin get home by achieving 3 flightelements:flight level + distance + time!• enjoy the fun of flying within the 5 challenge worlds youarerequired to conquer!• each fly can gain money, so you can gradually upgrade thelittlepenguin's flight equipment!----------* Add medal challenge mode, and three Achievements, Challengestoget the gold medal it!----------japan review review Posts: 241 June 18Fly!Penguin!It´s a really good,polished game in my opinion. And it´sgreatfun!kazakhstanby Nurlan Akylbekov - Version 1.1 - Jun 13, 2013Very Interesting game! Fly fly fly fly. ……)UKBrilliant! + Update tipby T L G 456 - Version 1.2.3 - Jul 10, 2013I love this game and if your reading this and you like this typeofgame its worth it as its a classic upgrade to win game and iloveit! GET THIS GAME! Also developers can you please add aresetbutton to make this game even better and maybe a few moresectionsof upgrades like: - skateboard (to roll) - surface of ramp(ice isslippier) - even add different penguins in different placesas morelevels----------------------------http://www.wbokoreviews.comreview star 4/5!Penguin, addiction with a flying penguin!!!Wow I love this type of games. Talk about addicting, and aflyingpenguin, I'm in for some hours of fun. Fly!Penguin is a veryfungame where a homesick penguin is trying to get home. You startoffwith really basic parts. It is a gliding game, where afterearningbig bucks you can upgrade your glider. You also have somepower ups,like raising your platform or your time with yourboaster.I really enjoyed the graphics in this game. Very smoothanddetailed nicely. Your focus is more on getting your little guyinthe air as long or as high as possible. It really just dependsonwhat your objectives are with each level. It is good to seethatthe designers didn't neglect it.This game is pretty addicting. All you want to do is getenoughbucks to get the bigger and better glider or booster. Afteryou getall the gadgets to make one awesome machine, you findyourselftrying to go further and further. Mechanics run great,didn't findmuch wrong at all. I just wish I knew the sweet spots toget yourgliding moving forward with positive speed versusfreefalling.Overall, this is a very good game.Pros:Clean GraphicsGreat MechanicsAddictiveCons:Can't figure out when I'm falling or gliding---------play guideInitially a boring,saving money buy boaster,Then will begin to enjoy the fun of the game.If you have questions or comments on our app,please go to we cannot answer reviews left in iTunes.----------2013 gameApe Action Game Awards finalists runoff electionattaiwan!2013 App Next application innovation contest finalistsrunoffelection at taiwan!
Classic 2Djump'n'runsidescrollerplatformergamein a style similar to theoriginal SuperMariogames.Gamepad is recommended for playing on TV. Pleasedon'tplaythegamewith TV remote, even though you can, if youenable'Jumpwithup' inOptions - Keyboard setup.Sourcescanbedownloadedhere:
Adventure Penguin 1.1
Climb the walls of icewithAdventurePenguin.Help the penguin get higher and higher!Don't let the lava burn you!Tap to jump from side to side.
Glidey Penguin 1.0
iAs Games
Entertaining endless flyer game. Glidethepenguin through the big oil companies' oil pipelines. Afunalternative to flappy bird.Game Features:- Penguin- Tap anywhere on the screen to glide- Excellent 8 bit Graphics- Real Obstacles- Smooth Flying- Challenging and Addictive
Happy Penguin
Penguin hopping on platform toahappymelody
Penguin Pop 3.4.0
Penguin Pop is a fun an very addictingwhackaPenguin game style. You must tap the penguins, fish andiglooswhenthey pop up from underneath the ice. Be aware ofthedangerousbears and sharks. If you miss 3 penguins or tap thewrongitems 3times the game is over. Some penguins may needmoreattention thanothers.
Penguin Booster 1.0
Turtler Media
Penguin Booster is Fun games topracticeyourskill and your reflexes.Help the Penguin to reach new heights in this actionpackedgame.Jumping and Bounce from platform to platform, Keepjumpingbetweenthe Obstacles objects to avoid games over and grabthe foodand getthe highest score.HOW TO PLAY- Tap to jump and shoot the fruits or foods- Score as high as you canFEATURES- Nice graphic, fun & very addicted- Simple tap control, easy to play and suitable for all agesGreat fun to play with friends and family!
Papa Penguin
Papa Penguin is a simple and cute casualarcadegame for children and their parents. Play as Papa Penguinwho putsall his efforts in trying to get some fish for his twolittlechildren. And as all children, little penguins eat theirfish veryfast and demand for more.Help Papa Penguin feed his little children!Key features• Easy controls - both children and parents can play• Fantastic graphics and special effects create wonderful andneverseen before world of Antarctica• Dive into Antarctic Ocean and discover its inhabitants• Be smart – it’s not easy to catch the most tasty fish• Plan your route and don’t run out of oxygen• Beware of poisonous jelly-fish and sharp-toothed searaptors• Enjoy ambient musicPapa Penguin is published by 'Bobaka'. Bobaka is a publisherofgames and applications for mobile platforms. The portfolioofBobaka holds games based on one of the most popular cartoonsinRussia - 'Barboskini' and projects by Ideal Bureaucracywhichreached top positions in stores world-wide.If you have any question or comments, we will be happy tohearfrom you:Our web-site -