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Candy Heroes Story 4.89.03
After fruit saga, comes candy heroes story,itis much more richer than fruit saga.Candy heroes story is an amusing three eliminate game, therearedifferent models, each model has different rule, switch ormatchthree or more candies, all kinds of props can give you somuchcrush fun. you can freely enjoy the feeling of fightingmonster, orcollecting the candies, and so on.Enter the candies world,smash the candies, collect thesweets,gently move the candies, relax yourself.In this fantastic adventure,Maybe you can become a candysmasherheroes,control these candies crush,splash,blast,ormove.It will be a sweet saga, a heroes saga!Features,**All levels are Free,**Yummy Candies,**Shoot Monsters,**Battle system,**When you stuck, props can help you,**Easy but funny to play, a challenge to those who can openmuchmore levels,**Suitable for all ages,**Cool particle,**Sound,**Special efficiency,**Share it with others.If you have idea about it, you can feedback to us, weareappreciated to it!!!Thanks all for support!!!