Top 49 Games Similar to Gunship Helicopter 3d Strike

Ninja Vs Zombies 1.0
Ace Games
Ninja Vs Zombies is one of theentertaininggame available on Google Play. One Ninja, one Sword andlots ofcrazy zombies. Defend your life by killing coming zombieswithdifferent types of weapons. A tense and interestingendlessgameplay. Kill as many as zombies to set a high score.Use your Samurai sword wiselyUse Spear to kill the all zombies in single shotKill the Zombies using Ninja Blades to prevent zombies tocomecloser to youAmazing visualsCollect coins to purchase extra Spears and Ninja BladesNew features coming soon!Keywords: ninja, zombie, sword, blade, kill, free, spear
GUNSHIP BATTLE: Helicopter 3D 2.6.01
The world's most powerful combathelicoptersare at your fingertips.★★★ 70 million downloads!!! ★★★Become a helicopter pilot and engage in combat missions acrosstheworld.Select from a variety of rotary and fixed-wing VTOL aircrafttocomplete your missions.『GUNSHIP BATTLE』 is a helicopter action game that combinesstunning3D graphics with flight control simulation and engagingmilitaryscenarios to pull you into an immersive combat experiencethemoment you start the game.【 Features 】★ Enjoy controls optimized for 3D flight.★ Select from a wide range of helicopters, each withuniquecharacteristics.★ Arm your chopper with a variety of weapons and equipment.★ Complete missions in Episode mode inspired byreal-lifeconflicts.★ Challenge yourself with the next mission or replay acustommission.★ Also optimized for tablet devices.If you enjoy FPS, shooting, or racing games, this is theperfectgame for you.You'll find yourself whirling through the skies acrossintensecrossfire."Fun and engrossing" - Pocketmeta"Perfectly suited for any action players out there" - Appzoom"Fans of the genre should try this game" - AppgamerThis game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real moneyforsome in-game items. Please note that some paid items may notberefundable depending on the type of item.----Find news on Facebook:
3d Bottle Shoot Gun Game 1.0.3
Ace Games
This 3d Bottle Shoot Gun Game isdevelopedtoprovide a unique shooting Experience ,no need to goforshootinggallery to neutralize your shooting itch :),45Uniquelevels aredesigned to challenge your bottle shootingkillsYou can play the game in different areas like... Airport,Streetsincity and Forest with real time 3d can playthegamewhich module you are having interested.This game is all about the shooting as many bottles with guningiventime duration..The graphics of this game are really cool and youwilldefinitelyenjoy the game.If you love the the gun shooting this is for you.Youheargunshooting sound and glass blasting sounds while playinggameThatmakes you lot of fun and excitement.We provide different realistic weapons for shootingthebottles…youfocused and aim the target and shoot thebottles.Starting levelsare simple to play gradually the game becomehard onharder. So youfeel every level is interesting…it will helpsyou tocheck yourshooting skills.shoot like never before by challenging your self andfriends.Thisgame is highly recommended for fun loving gun shootersandthosewho are looking for real bottle shootingsimulationgame.Features:-* Simple and Addictive Game Play.* 3D Graphics are awesome.* Realistic Sounds of broken Glass &Shooting Gun.* Realistic 3D Glass bottles & Broken Effects.* Getting Shooting Experience like Real Time.* Simple UI for Easily Understanding Instructions.
Prepare yourselves to takeoff forSecondWar.Confront fierce battles and survive the aftermath of war!It’s now the 1950s and the Great War has ended, but theJadeMercenaries still find themselves in another maelstrom.Become a member of the Jade Mercenaries and wreak havoc overthebattlefield with the most powerful gunships in history:TheSpitfire, Warhawk, and Saetta.Prove that you are worthy to be named as the Ace Pilot in theSecondWar.With upgraded graphics, customizable gear, new cockpit mode,specialmissions, and much more!▶ Game Features ◀★ New Stories with New Gunships★ A variety of Cutomizable Gear★ New realistic First-Person Gameplay, Cockpit Mode★ Endless Competition with other Pilots, Challenge Mode★ Test your pilot skills, Special MissionThis game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real moneyforsome in-game items. Please note that some paid items may notberefundable depending on the type of the items.----Get New Information from ourHomepage. Corps, 463-824, 11th Floor Bundang First tower 55bundangrobundanggu sungnamsi Gyunggido Corporate registrationnumber:116-81-54101Online Marketing Business Report: Gyunggi Sungnam 2007-129Phone: 031-789-6500◆Access Authorizations in JOYCITY Games1. Access to Make and Manage Phone Calls (READ_PHONE_STATE)(When the game starts) It is essential to be able to identifythedevice for Guest Login (immediate start). Access to [MakeandManage Phone Calls] includes information to identify thedevice,and you will be unable to login to the game if you deny theaccessrequest.2. Access to Contacts (GET_ACCOUNTS)(When logging into the game) It is essential to be able toidentifythe Google account registered in the device for GoogleLogin.[Access to Contacts] includes information to read theGoogleaccount. You will be unable to login to the game if you denytheaccess request.3. Access to Photos, Media, and Files(READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE,WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE)(When game updating) We need your permission to save theupdatefiles onto your device's SD card. [Pictures, Media, FileAccess]includes the authority to access SD card. If you refusetherequest, you will be unable to login.* Phrases used in [ ] may differ based on the device andOSversion
Call of Duty®: Heroes 4.6.0
Command an army of legendary heroes,elitesoldiers, and devastating drones straight from the Call ofDutyfranchise in this 3D combat strategy game. Customize your baseandtrain elite forces to dominate your enemies in fiercebattlesfeaturing fully controllable heroes and epic Killstreaks,like thefirst-person chopper gunner.Take command of a small outpost and build it up into animpenetrablebase. Then go on the offensive, launching attacksagainst yourenemies. Take direct control of heroes such as Price,Soap, andHarper, wreaking havoc with game-changing Killstreaks.Create deadlyalliances with your friends, competing for in-gamerewards.Features:• Take control of and level up iconic heroes from the Call ofDutyfranchise, including Call of Duty: WWII, Call of Duty 4:ModernWarfare, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, and more. Each hero hastheirown progression system and unique Killstreaks.• Train and specialize your army using units directly from CallofDuty, such as Juggernauts, Dragonfires, and CLAWs.• Unleash Killstreaks such as the drone strike, UAV, carepackage,and chopper gunner to devastate opponents.• Build and upgrade your base into a fortress with sentryguns,Guardians, SAM turrets, howitzers, mines, and over 30otherupgradable structures.*Defend your base against attackers and go on the offensive inthreeunique modes: PvP, Campaign, and Survival• Team up with your friends to form alliances, donate troops,anddominate your enemies.Like Us! ---> for Updates! ---> our Forums! ---> our Wiki! ---> Support? ---> An internet connection is required to play this game.Please note this app contains social features that allow youtoconnect and play with friends, in-app purchases that costrealmoney, and push notifications to inform you when excitingevents ornew content are taking place in the game. You can choosewhether ornot to utilize these features.© 2014 Activision Publishing, Inc. ACTIVISION and CALL OF DUTYaretrademarks of Activision Publishing, Inc. All other trademarksandtrade names are the properties of their respective owners.Bydownloading, installing or using this App, you agreetoActivision's privacy policy and terms of us, as may be updatedbyActivision from time to time. Pleasevisit toviewActivision's privacy policyand to viewActivision'sterms of use.
Helicopter Gunship Strike 1.7
***Game Story***Helicopter Gunship Strike is the most immersive and realistic3Dhelicopter battle action game available on Google Play.Helicopter Gunship Strike puts you in the gunner seat of themostpowerful helicopters.Launch the attack on the most dangerous terrorists now!Strategically fire your powerful machines guns anddevastatingmissiles to slay hordes of enemies across the world.Guide withprecision your conflict helicopter and demolish the enemymilitarybases in the world’s greatest conflict experience! EnemyStrikecombines tactics, flying skills and the right amount ofruthless inthis #1 military helicopter action game!Your cautious helicopter is equipped with weapons and armory toshowdown enemy battleships.It’s an ultimate air conflict and agunshipwar between you and enemy fleets. Do not let yourselfcarried awayperforming cautious helicopter adventures your soleduty is todestroy enemy battleships in this bloody war otherwiseyou will befailed.Some rebel groups have occupied several places in the area.Anoperation against rebels has been launched in different areastoget back the control of army air craft and the military campsindesert.In this naval combat enemy ships may try to hide behind solidofland in deep seas track them down with you precise missilecommandand unleash hell on your enemy with an air combat.Shootingandhunting of rebels is the main object of this action game.Stealth is the Key!!!To successfully complete all missions, take cover in theskies,keeping away from the enemy trackers and Secretly taking outthemighty tank army to pieces. Keep a strong and steady aim,alongwith extremely accurate flight seamanship skills to takedownenemies from a distance.Be cautious though, you will be in for a tough fight if even oneofthe enemy trackers are able to spot your position, as theantiaircraft guns will be immediately position, which will makelifeeven more difficult for the best of fighters.If you are lover of Combat battlefield action strike then thisgameonly for you.In this game you will find chopper that willattack onmilitary unit.The flying helicopter entered in gunship air war zone andbombardedon tiny striker.the enemies have dead weapon and firerockets onyour army rc helicopter.The army chopper attacked on enemy machine gun in gunshipbattle.Inthis free helicopter game best helicopter is in range oftinystriker but you flyingthe helicopter is best army chopper that make only for gunshipairwar.this is free gunship game.Enemy ac 130 gunship strike unit worldwide with gunshiptanksoccupied green valley, you just need to play the game withfull joyand excitement, thrill and action, with your HelicopterGunshipStrike enter the death zone and clearing area is mission.Beingtrained chopper striker, enemy is nothing in front of you.fireyour powerful machine guns and devastating missiles to slayhordesof enemies as you entered the mid field of death war.GunshipBattle combine tactics, flying skills and perfect chopperstrikingabilities.Be aware of enemy gunship helicopter and you need to targetmidfield of diploid area camps, ships, towers, gunship tanks andotherheavy ammo equipment. Now download helicopter fighting gamesforfree at play store.Helicopter Gunship Strike - helicopter modern strike puts you inthegunner seat of the most powerful helicopter war. The enemy isverypowerful but you are well-trained chopper striker. You haveenter inthe death war area and you need to target their diploidarea camps,ships, tanks and other equipment. So just show yourtechnical skillsand destroy the enemy chopper. There are differentlevels with adifferent mission and different environmental areaslike DesertMountain and deep sea. The sound quality is stunning,you will heara real sound of the chopper striker with thrill andterror. We haveintroduced 3D graphics for this gunship helicoptergame.
WARSHIP BATTLE:3D World War II 2.5.7
Thrilling news for the over 70 million fansofGunship Battle!Take the battle to the seas in WARSHIP BATTLE, a 3D warshipactiongame, with missions inspired by the historic naval clashes ofWorldWar II.From the USS Arizona to the HMS Bulldog, take control ofauthenticWorld War II era vessels and steer them through epic navalbattlesto glorious victory!Game Features- High quality 3D graphics despite compact app size- Fast paced naval battles with authentic warships from theWorldWar II era- Customize your warships with different weapons and parts towinthe battle- Episodes and hidden missions based on real WWIInavalbattles.- No network connection is required after downloading thegameThis game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real moneyforspecial in-game items.[Access Authorizations in JOYCITY Games]1. Access to Contacts(When logging into the game) It is essential to be able toidentifythe Google account registered in the device for GoogleLogin.[Access to Contacts] includes information to read theGoogleaccount. You will be unable to login to the game if you denytheaccess request.2. Access to Photos, Media, and Files(When registering/editing profile) Access to [Photos, Media,andFiles] saved in the device is required when youregister/editaccount profile image. Login and gameplay will not beaffected evenif you deny the access.* Phrases used in [ ] may differ based on the device andOSversion.
World of Gunships Online Game 1.3.8
World of Gunships is the most immersiveonlinehelicopter battle action game has arrived on Google Play!Takecontrol of the powerful combat helicopters in this free-to-playPVPaction game. Featuring stunning 3D graphics combined withintuitivecontrols and unforgettable flying experience!More than 20 battle helicopters with a high variety of weaponsandequipment.Highly customizable gunship with machine guns, guided missiles,heattraps, camouflage and decal types.Visit the world well known locations to play instant PVPgunshipbattles with other players from all over the world! Up to 8playersonline per battle in ‘Deathmatch’ and ‘Team Deathmatch’gamemodes.Features★ Complete missions in Episode mode inspired byreal-lifeconflicts.★ Realtime multiplayer PVP non-stop action.★ Realistic 3D graphics and stunning visual effects.★ Only 55 MB with no additional download!★ 5 unique world arenas.★ 22 war birds to pilot.★ Lots of equipment and cool camouflages.★ Controls optimized for 3D flight on mobile phone or tablet.★ Tilt controls and Gamepad support.★ Bonus Survival Mode for practice against AI.★ Original soundtrack!Internet connection required!If you enjoy FPS, shooting, or racing games, this is theperfectgame for you.You'll find yourself whirling through the skies acrossintensecrossfire.Here is promo code for free reward: CYZAAPU9Like us on Facebook: us on Twitter:
Gunship Modern Combat 3D 1.05
If you are a action games lover then thisgameis just made for you. you can play this game with full ofjoythrill and action. In this Gunship Modern Combat 3D game therearemore than 100 missions to achieve.If you complete the mission in time it will result in open upthenext level. To start the mission you need to start up chopperfirstfrom the home base and fly towards the enemy strike area .Whenyour helicopter enter the death zone of your strike areafirstmission is to aim then plan to strike the targeted pointandprotect yourself from their fire and rocket launcher.The enemy is very strong but you are well trained chopperstriker.You have entered in the mid field of desert of the deathwar andyou need to target their diploid area camps, ships, tanksand otherequipment. You are loaded with full of ammo and worldsbest modernequipment. So just show your skills and beat the enemy .There aredifferent levels with different mission and differentenvironmentalarea like desert mountain and deep sea. The soundquality isstunning, you will hear a real sound of strike withthrill andterror. We have introduces 3D graphics for thisgame.Features1 : Different types of Gunship2 : Heavy equipment and ammunition.3 : Real scenery and 3D graphics.4 : Real sound effect of firing.5 : More than 100 missions to achieve.
Gunship Dino Hunting - 3D 1.0
Be ready to play “Gunship Dino Hunting’whereyou have deadly dinosaurs in a lush green & hugeJurassicjungle killing innocent animals and damaging crops. Youaredetermined to kill all real ruthless dinosaurs and came tojunglein a helicopter with your modern weapons like sniper gun,carbineand flamethrower etc. Be ready to hunt the world’s biggestanimalsby your shooting skills in a helicopter. Focus the targetwiselywhile controlling your breath so that you can engage them inthejungle until your final round.In the phase I, you tried to chase dinos but most of themescapedfrom jungle and went to the city area in the next episode.In thisthrilling level, a panic was created as the ferociousdinosaurs maydestroy the lives and properties in the living areas.In the city,it became a challenge for you to shoot out dinoswisely without anydamage to human lives. Dinos are hungry so theywill pounce, attackand grab their prey in the city to disrupt thecity life. It is likea mission game to kill all deadly dinos inyour gunship helicopterin the presence of other people. In thisgunship battle, your mainrole is to clear all occupied areas fromthese dions successfully.With your intense and powerful strikes,you will be admired byeveryone across the city in thisatmosphere.Stand and rise as a hero using your sniper gunshot in amodernchopper flying with its whirling wings on the dangerousdinos. Itis a true mission game like a battle in which you have toshow yourpassion to encounter the dinos with your arsenal weaponsindifferent scenarios. City is your playground and you have todevisea strategy that how can you protect all your fellow humansfrom theprey of dinos. To give your gun more accuracy, try to fixrightangle to focus on the object in this epic game. Your firingskillsand techniques in your rotary aircraft will surely chaseanddestroy the dinos if you are a true shooter.It is one of the best gunship helicopter games 4 kidswithprehistoric and fabulous moment in which you are firing fromyourflight like a true pilot for an exact angle gunshot. You willenjoythe game with amazing graphics and textures withbeautifulsceneries. It is an adventurous game with variety ofturnings andmotives while using solid flying skills with an actionreplay. Itis lifetime opportunity for you among millions of peopleto get areward as a hero of city because you will be superior.Thanks toyour shooting skills for giving a survival to all peoplewhoescaped safely in the city without any collateral damage.*** Game Features***1. Excellent screen shots and graphics2. Natural Jurassic & lush green Jungle environment3. Chance to excel Gunship Helicopter shooting skills4. Wild and dangerous dinosaurs from herbivores to carnivores5. Best gunship helicopter game to enjoy like a true pilot6. A realistic hunting game with multiple levels7. A visual panic among multiple and interesting city maps*** Good Luck***
Participate in Freedom of Navigation atSpratlyIslands!Stop North Korea’s nuclear weapons development program!Win the war on terrorism at Middle East!【 Introduction 】A combat like a war movie!Use the terrain and altitude to your advantage!Use the motion sensor to play the game!Dive into immersive battles!Zip across a large battlefield!【 Features 】✔ Free to Play✔ Enjoy the game without having to worry about Wi-Fi!✔ Various strategies and tactics- Arm yourself with different aircraft and weapons!- Upgrade your warplanes and aim for the limit!- Pick an appropriate weapon from a broad arsenal: AIM, AGM,SmartBomb, Torpedoes, etc.- Equip your warplane with the weapons of your choice!- Use the terrain and altitude to outsmart your opponent!✔ Various warplane- A-4, A-6, SU-25, A-7, AV-8B, S-3B, A-10D- F-8, F-4, RAFALE, F-14, MIG-29K, F/A-18, F-35C, T-50, f-22- KA-27, NH-90A, AH-53, S-97, CH-47, Ka-52- F-117, B-1B, AC-130, B-2- MIG-21, J-10, J-20, GUNSHIP, TU-95, AN-225✔ Realistic graphics and sound- A realistic portrayal of aircraft carriers, warplanes,warships,etc.- Provides realistic sound and authentic reactions✔ Various enemies and battlefields- A war that's truly worldwide in scale ( SPRATLY ISLANDS /N.KOREA/ MIDDLE EAST )- Experience all types of terrains: oceans, deserts,mountains,urban, etc.- Sink enemy submarines with torpedoes!- Use bombs to destroy enemy bases and warships! (MK82,83,84/GBU-12,27,28 / MOAB / CBU87,97/ EMP)- Shoot down enemy fighter jets and helicopters withAir-to-AirMissiles! (SIDE WINDER / SPARROW / AMRAAM /PHOENIX)- Destroy enemy bases and tanks with anair-to-groundmissile!(MAVERICK / HARPOON / JASSM / HELLFIRE /SLAM_ER /TAURUS)✔ Point-based Ranking- Individual Ranking- Complete the mission to earn rewards and points.- Climb the ranks and compete with friends from all overtheworld!
Battle of Warships 1.65.0
Cube Software
Battle of Warships is oneofthe legendary mobile game about battleship and navalwarfare.Navigate your unique ships that used in the WW1 and WW2.Improve onyour own ship, increase health points, engine speed andturns.Customize navy army with the flag of your country. Getdailyrewards, level up your skills and ship's characteristics.Becomethe God of War and war thunder with warship craft, battlewithenemy for war and order. Try to blitz with artilleryenemy’sairplane and jet wings.FEATURES:✫ More than 20 unique battleships includingthemost legendary ones of the World War 1 and World War 2!YAMATO, Missouri, Bismarck, South Dakota and even Aircraftcarrier(it includes air planes and jet)! Choose your destiny! Becommandoof all of them in our ship games!✫ A unique update system for each shipofyoursHuge numbers of different weapons for improving your ship suchastorpedoes, interceptors, missiles and so on for yourbattleshipcraft!✫ Latest 3D graphics, corresponding to allthecharacteristics of the best mobile game!Super realistic boat gunship battle graphics, exquisitelycraftedwith attention to the smallest details for wwi and ww2gamesgenre.✫ Touch control & several versions,includingthe gyroscope!Totally easy and intuitive control, just put weapons on enemyandpush SHOT! Art of game that’s all you need to win in WW armygames.Victory day not far off!✫ Weather change system on the game maps! Fightday& night!Rain, sun, sunset and even snow. What kind of weather do youpreferin military games?✫ Massive world battlefield areaMountains and glaciers will be your companions in this navygamesfleet!BoW is war games genre multiplayer games ocean wars simulator.Ourwar games is totally FREE for download.
Zombie Gunship Free
Zombie Gunship® puts you in the gunner seatofa heavily-armed AC-130 ground attack aircraft. A shooter gamewhereyou strategically fire your powerful guns to slay endlesswaves ofzombies and protect the remaining survivors of thezombieapocalypse!☆☆☆☆☆ IGN Editors' Choice (9/10) "Amazing" ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ "Meet the real angry bird: the ultimate anti zombie weapon."-Forbes ☆☆☆☆☆● 3D night vision display● Use your radar to detect the undead threat walking towardsyourbase. You are humanity’s last defense● Authentic guns, including 25mm Gatling gun, 40mmBoforsauto-cannon, and 105mm Howitzer cannon. Which gun will beyourfavorite?● Complete objectives, earn ranks, and out gun others ontheleaderboards!● Collect a bounty for each plague infected dead zombie● Upgrade each gun and increase your zombieshootingefficiency.● Game controller support, so you can shoot zombies with agamepadfor the ultimate experience. Put your trigger finger to gooduseand gun down those zombies dead● Cloud Saved Games with Google Play. Save your progress andrestoreit on other devicesGive us a +1 if you think this game is awesome!Email us questions, problems, or suggestionsat:[email protected] also has these other defense games:☆ TowerMadness 2 ☆ - A 3D RTS tower defense where you canshootaliens dead.☆ TowerMadness ☆ - A 3D RTS tower defense, the prequeltoTowerMadness 2.☆ TowerMadness Free ☆ - A 3D RTS tower defense, the free versionofTowerMadness------------------------------Limbic’s FacebookPage:’s Twitter:’s Youtube Channel:'s Google PlusPage:
Modern Gunship Strike 3D 1.05
Toy Games
Do you want to become a helicopter pilotandengage in combat missions across the world.Modern Gunship Strike 3D: Its about to stop the enemy carriershipattack on our sea troops by gunship war.Fast paced naval battles with authentic warships from the WorldWarII era. Take the battle to the Sea!!Hi Commodore! Enemy carrier ship is approaching nearer to ournavalships, we have to defend and destroy the enemy at anycost.Let's defend yourself by attacking with Modern GunshipStrike3D.Game Features:- Amazing gunner's battlefield environment.- Excellent sound effects.- Very easy UI and controls.- Just swipe with one side and shoot the enemies.- Enemy AI, so be careful
Gunship Battle 2015 1.0
Heaven Malls
Most realistic and involving gunship battle.Inthis game you will need to pilot a helicopter gunship anddefendyour country from enemies.
War Robots 3.6.0
War Robots is an action-packed multiplayergamewith 6 vs. 6 team battles in real-time! Join the ranks of theMetalWarriors!"If you are looking for something new and love robotsandmultiplayer battles it's worth the download to check it outsinceinitially it won’t cost you anything." - Droid Gamers"War Robots is an excellent game that works well no matter ifyouplay it on your Android smartphone or tablet, and it’s such agoodmultiplayer game that it can give people a competitivechallengewhile on the move." - AndroidHeadlines"As a high-end, team-based online multiplayer mech game onAndroid,it's also fairly unique to the platform." - AndroidPoliceIt's a time of war, pilot! Are you ready for surpriseattacks,intricate tactical maneuvers and the many sneaky tricksyour rivalshave in store for you? Destroy enemy robots, capture allthebeacons, and upgrade your weapons to increase combatstrength,speed, and durability of your battle robot. Prove yourselfin eachmap and use different strategies and tactics to emergevictoriousfrom battle!MAIN FEATURES:– 31 battle robots with different strengths;– more than 20 weapon types, including ballistic missiles,energyand plasma guns. What will you choose?– many possible combinations of robots and weapons. Create awarmachine to fit your own play style;– create your own clan and lead it to glorious victories;– join epic PvP battles against rivals from all overtheworld;– complete military tasks for bonuses and earn the BestPilottitle.Onward, soldier! Victory is yours!Want to talk about the game or find allies?Join us on Facebook: us on Twitter: new videos onYouTube: all about WR on our KnowledgeBase: note: This application requires a stableinternetconnection.Enjoy the game!
Gunship Air Attack : Battle 3D 1.5
Gunship Air Attack is a free battlegamedesigned for Android Mobile Phones and Tablets. It is freemilitaryhelicopter battle game.Full military action could be devastating, resulting a fullscalewar. A covert operation has been approved to hit theenemiestargeting their bases, destroying their logistic anddestroyingtheir weapon systems.The army seems helpless, the ground attack is not possible. Theonlychance of winning this war is an air strike. Launch the attackonthe most dangerous terrorists now before its get too late.Youwillbecome a helicopter pilot and suppress wars and terrors invariouscorners of the world.The enemy has crossed into your land and now the fighting istakingplace in the streets of the city and you the only futureghostsoldier who can stop their advances. Protect your country. Youhaveto win the battle at any cost as the future of the countrydependson you!Loosing this battle is not acceptable, you need to win atanycost.The mission you have been assigned named as “Warofdestruction"Features:-Realistic 3d environment-A lot of rewards to win-Complex and challenging multiple missions-Variety of Items to purchase from the store
Navy Gunner Shoot War 3D
Navy Gunner Shoot War 3DNavy Gunner Shoot War is a free action filled gun shooting gamewithmodern navy strike war fight. This gun shooting action gamehasplenty of challenging critical missions & abeautifulbreathtaking 3D sea environment. This free to play actiongameprovides you the chance to proudly serve your duty with thebestcommando sniper soldiers & elite war fighters of navy,militaryofficer, air war force & army in casual combat rivaloffense.Embark as hunter on a special combat mission with armysniper forceto destroy as warrior at the enemy territory &compete with thedeadly criminals gangster enemy in order to saveyour city forsurvival in arena. A chance for you to experience theintense warin fast action game & firepower in attack of ship inthe truemanner & to be a true war hero warrior of navy military&secret agent elite league squad. Let’s play & strike inthenaval game to blow away evil enemy in city shooter war.The evil enemy has attacked by firepower in your marine navalbaseand trying to play hide & seek so with the help of one ofthelargest tactical shooter air craft carrier. Battle in sniperfreeat the enemy with courage to defeat gangster & terroristsenemyby deadly trigger of shooting guns. The gangster deadlycriminalsenemy is about to enter in your sea water to attack yourcity withfull combat equipment & modern weapons along withsniper fight.They need to be outbreak before they invade the wholecountry withcombat & intense war. Enemy is backed by the pumpgun, snipers,apache helicopters, F16 aircrafts, navy warships,battle ships,modern weapons & guns including army snipershooters, the bestrifleman & marksman.Your ultimate duty is to protect your city & fellowmilitaryofficer commando soldiers on the land to control combat& inthe sea from the ruthless enemy forces. Being equipped withthelatest machine gun and rocket launcher you need to strike&destroy their air craft carrier, eliminate rival soldiers,anddestroy motor boats, warships and fighter. You’ll beperformingyour duty on the frontline flying planes wings in theheat ofaction. You are expected to defend the frontier at all costin fastaction game. Your survival depends on your accurate aiming&shooting skills. To counter opponent’s attacks & strikebackhard also matters a lot. There will be waves after waves ofrivalsoldiers enemy, special gun forces, navy battle ships &gunship helicopters shooting at you that won't let you settledown.Combat fearlessly with shooting firepower to win this war andtosave your city & country for survival. Your success iswhat’sgoing to make you the best army sniper gun shooter,gunner,rifleman, marksman & a true soldier militarycommandohero.Loosing hope in this gun battle is not acceptable; you need towinat any cost. Don’t be afraid, they are not made of steel.Whoeverwins is the warrior, will be remembered forever.Top game features:Immersive breathtaking 3D environmentChallenging & addictive gameplayPlenty of gun shooting action filled missionsAmazing sound effectsFollow us at facebook to be aware of bestgames: We work hard to ensure that our games run properly oneverymajor phone and tablet. If however you encounter any issuewhichdoesn't let you enjoy our games, please report [email protected]
Gun Shot Fire War 1.1.2
"Gun Shot Fire War" 3D FPS game. In thegameyou play the role of a superb shot technology elite killer.Youwill be faced with fully armed murderous terrorists,theyareheinous, with little attention you will be killed by them. Inorderto complete the task and not be killed by them, you have to goallout. You can use a variety of weapons and shootthem,includingpistols, rifles, machine guns,and so on. Choosingdifferent scenesand fight with them will make the game interesting.You will feelsurprised by the Perfect game play. What are youwaiting for,quickly picked up arms to fight with them. Lasttips,take care andshow no mercy,goodluck!***Game Features:***There are several game modes available to players. TimelimitedMode which you have a limited time to destroy the enemy,whetherthose tasks fail. In the Hostage mode, you should rescuethehostages whom controlled by the terrorist. Anyway you have topickup guns and launched a desperate struggle with the enemy.***The game offers a variety of combat maps, such as the DesertII,Ice and Snow, the Persian Town, Dilapidated City.Youwillexperience the fantastic fighting experience on this maps andwillbe shocked by realistic brilliant battle scenes.***Arsenal will provide attractive firearms for you. Whichincludeguns such as AK47,M4A1,M249,Deagle,Grozo,Barrett,AWP,MP5 andso on.All guns are very realistic, I believe it will give you asensestraightforward shooting experience.***The operation of the game is very cool, the game runssmooth,realistic sound effects, exquisite effects definitely givesyou astraightforward shooting experience.Headshot,Blood,Sound,Effects,GamePlay,all things are perfect. Whatyouhave to do is bore the bullet pierced into body ofterrorist.***Each shoot an enemy, you will get gold award. You can usecoinsto buy more sophisticated guns or other useful items. You alsocancomparisons with other players to see who is more powerfulandstronger. Your score will be uploaded to the rank.***Important is that the game is free, all things arefree.Quicklypick up your guns and experience.
Tank Battle 3D: World War II 2.03
3D Games Here
Prepare for a real battle with Tank Battle3D:World War II. Get to the battlefield! Many World War II Tankstochoose from. Choose what side you on: Soviets, German, BritishorAmericans. Gain gold on every mission by destroying enemies.Usegold to upgrade your tank or buy tank you want. There aremanypower-ups to choose from.NO ANY IN-APP PURCHASES, JUST GET THIS GAME AND ENJOY 3DTANKGAME.Tank Battle 3D: World War II Features:- Stunning Fast 3D graphics- 18 real tanks from World War II- Soviets, German, British and American tanks- Different missions and locations: mountains,villages,cities- Training missions- Different Campaigns in Germany, Europe and Russia- Power-ups and upgrades- Unlimited ammo- Unlimited fuel- Ability to repair tank on a battlefield- Improved controlsTank Battle 3D: World War II includes Tanks:- Cromwell- EasyEight- Chaffee- Sherman- Panther III/J- Panther IV/F2- Panther- StugIII- Tiger- StugIIIschurzen- Hetzer- P4J- SU100- KV1- T34-76- T34-85- SU122- T34-85-CAll tanks has different features and different damagelevel.Different parts of tanks has different level of damage.In Tank Battle 3D: World War II you can upgrade your tanks:- Speed- Armor- Damage- Reload TimeEnjoy Tank Battle 3D: World War II and please write us backwithsuggestions on how we can improve the game.
Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia 4.0.42
Experience intense multiplayer combat withupto 6 players online or 12 using local wi-fi. Train with theSargeand sharpen your skills in offline Training, Co-op andSurvivalmodes. Shoot a multitude of weapon types including thesniper,shotgun and flamethrower.Features explosive online and local multiplayer warfare!Intuitivedual stick shooting controls. Open world maps utilizingrocketboots for extended vertical flight. Zoom control, meleeattacks anddual wield ability with modern and futuristic heavy dutyweaponsand grenades. Play team based battles in this fun cartoonthemedcross between Soldat and Halo.Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia aka DA2, based on the originalstickmanshooter Doodle Army, was created based on player feedbackandsuggestions. We love to hear your ideas so thank you and keepthemcoming! Give a call out to Sarge from the in-game emaillink!Purchase the Pro Player Pack to get full access to dualwieldability, extra avatar customization items and online weaponssuchas the rocket launcher, sniper rifle, laser, saw gunandmore!Note the alternative In App Purchase offer: Your use of theunlockedPro Pack trial access is free of charge, per device, inexchange forsafely using some of your device's resources (WiFi andvery limitedcellular data), and only when you are not using yourdevice. You mayturn this off anytime when logging out of yourAppsomniacs account.Please see our TOS for furtherinformation. (section3.3)
Drone Shadow Strike 1.3.65
Android Central: One of the bestnewappsoftheweek!Drone Shadow Strike is the most epicmilitarywarfaregamethatoffers an addictive mixture of strategy,fast-pacedcombatandrealaction! Operate the world’s best UCAVs withanarsenalofweaponsand bring the rain!Set in the heart of covert aerial warfare,withrealworldinspiredimmersive environments and theoriginalFLIR(ForwardlookingInfrared) camera, the game puts you inthe hotseatof aspecial opsoperator. You must work your way upthechainofcommand over a seriesof covert missions, usingultrahightechequipment, strategy &skills and superiorfirepowertolaywaste to the enemies of thestate, all at thetapofyourfingertips!Reaper, evade enemy fire and raid their basesbeforetheytakeyouout. You are clear to engage!The game is completely free to play butsomein-gameitemsrequirean in-app payment. You can turn offthepaymentfeature bydisablingin-app purchases on your device.Exclusive Features:•Fly 8 different types of UCAVs, fromprototypestoofficialin-serviceaircrafts!•Defend, Survive, Strike or Escort; 34 missionsin5realworldinspired campaigns.•Cannons, Guided Missiles, Rockets & Bombs; 4typesofweapons,25ways to light ‘em up.•Superior upgrades. Choose to be light &stealthyorloud&proud!•7 Additional enhancements. Dominatethebattlefieldwithairstrikes,nukes & more!•Simple and easy intuitive touch controls, commandthebattlewithjusta fingertip!•Fight alongside friendly AI forces. Provideoverwatchandprotectthemat all costs!•20 official Ranks. Start as an Airman Basic and riseuptocommandasa Master General.•Over 282 Challenges & 70 Achievements.•More campaign episodes to come.* Permission:- ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: To determine yourlocationforregionbasedoffers.- android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS- is needed toaccessthelistofaccounts in the phoneVisit us: http://www.reliancegames.comLike us: us: us:
American Gunship Enemy Battle 1.0
American Gunship Enemy Battle is one ofthebestand amazing American shooting game-s of 2017. In this3DSnipershooting and killing game, you will have to play as abravesnipershooter to deal with the criminals in the Americanenemybattle.American Gunship Enemy Battle is most interestingsniper 3Dand besthelicopter game-s. This best American battlegunship gameof 2017required your snipping and shooting skills tokill yourenemies.American Gunship Enemy Battle is free AmericanCommandowargame.In American Gunship Enemy Battle, you can choose manyarmysoldiersand best shooter of your army academy to prove youractionsandfighting skills in the Enemy battle and clear the Enemyareafromthe sharp sniper shooters and bounty killers. It istheworld’smost powerful best helicopter shooting game, you havetobecome abrave and courageous American helicopter pilot andcompleteall thecombat Army military missions of American GunshipEnemybattle. Youcan use different military sniper shootingstrategiesand canchoose various aircrafts such as Apache, F-16,Mi-24, whichare thebest helicopter for shooting and fightingpurposes. Thisbest andmost thrilling shooting gunship battle gamehas enormousarmyfighting missions with different army militarylocations.Theweapon system in this outclass army gunship game ishighlyaccurateand realistic with splendid war sound effects andhighexplosionsfire rate for rockets and bombs.This American Gunship Enemy Battle game is one ofthemostinteresting and realistic war game-s of this year. Inthisshootingand action game you have to be fully prepared to handleanykind ofsituation in war. Before taking your position selectthebestshooting guns to fight with your enemies withnewfightingstrategies in different scenarios. Because the enemiesareverystrong in this American shooting game and theyhaveadvancedshooting guns and weapons.In this American Gunship Enemy Battle war game, you willhavethedifferent snipers striking techniques along withrealmilitarymissions to save your country from all thosebrutalterrorists.This sniper shooting gunship game is theanti-terroristwar andaction game that includes the most excitingand thrillingAmericanmilitary missions to kill the terrorists andcheck yourshootingand fighting skills.The American Gunship Enemy Battle has several real warweaponssuchas shotguns, air guns, sniper rifles, machine guns,andotherassault rifles with rockets and bombs. Apart from alltheseamazingshooting war weapons, there are many othermilitaryrealisticmissions with different battleship environments.Play thisfree wargunship enemy battle game with much courage andfight withallterrorists and clear all these army military missions.Youshouldbe brave to safe all the innocent people and should winthearmymilitary battle.So, if you love the shooting snipping game-s and want tocheckyourshooting and fighting skills then go for it anddownloadthiskilling sniper shooting game now! And fight with theterroristandkill them without any mercy in this lethalbattle.=========== American Gunship EnemyBattleGameFeatures===========1. New Military Gunships with new army weapons.2. Various kinds of Customizable Gear.3. New realistic 2017 First-Person shooting andkillingGameplay.4. Enormous American war missions with otherAmericansoldiers,Challenge Mode.5. Test your fighting, flying, Killing, and shootingskillswithSpecial American military Mission.6. Weapon system: rocket, mini gun, smoke grenade, airgunsandmachine guns.7. High Graphics with cities and other war environment.8. Multiple and Single enemy targets andperfectbackgroundmusic.9. Aircrafts performance with advanced military combat tasks.3D sniper game view with zoom in and zoom out.
Gunship Airplanes 6.0.0
This game has several difficulty levels,fromthe novice to the most experienced pilots may feel someauthentictypical aviation piloting aircraft from various countriesandperiods.Among the aircraft you could fly grumman, boing, berliner,curtis,F4U Corsair, P-40 Warhawk, P-75 Eagle, F-14, FA-22 Raptor,F-15CFighter, Eurofighter, and many more.Gunship Battle Games: Airplanes has more than 190 levels, inwhichyou have to fly your plane through different terrainsdodging,shooting, protecting you and destroying enemies, pump,stones,rocks, and more. This wargame concentrationand reaction time will be the main skill needed to completethelevels.Each fighter has their own abilities, there are up to 5differentskills.The 5 skills are:– Detonate bombs visible level.– Shot of missile.– Double Shot of missile.– Shot triple missile.– Create the energy shield to protect you from enemymissiles,helicopters, airplanes, etc …– Resize your war plane to pass through smaller places.– Invisibility with which you can avoid enemy missiles,helicopters,airplanes, etc. ..Slide your finger to move your war plane and have the skilllistwhen you must lift the I to activate the ability.If you like games airplanes and combat aircraft, do nothesitate,unlock all planes getting the coins through thelevels.Among the enemies you find static objects pumps, movablepumps,stationary rocks, moving rocks, cobwebs to annul yourmovements,energy beams, helicopters, etc. ..With this game you will spend pleasant moments war, enjoyingflyingand fighting with all kinds of fighter jets and war. Youwillparticipate in epic aerial combat.Its easy to control and realistic aircraft will assure hours offreefun.If you get to complete all the missions you can consider yourselfanexpert aviator.Gunship Battle Games: Airplanes offers the followinggamefeatures:– +190 Levels– +24 Warplanes– +5 Skills– Nine worlds*****************************************Do not forget to rate and comment on the game on Google PlayStorefor improvement.Contact for suggestions, graphics errors, translationerrors,suggestions ….Tweeter:arieshgsEmail: [email protected]
War Machines: Free Multiplayer Tank Shooting Games 2.6.1
Are you ready for war? Download now one ofthebest multiplayer tank games, it's FREE!Choose your tank and gun and clash with your opponents in fastpacedrealtime combat.Challenge your friends and fire up in the best action game!FAST PACED SHOOTING GAME3 minutes! That's the time you have to take down as many tanksasyou can in a perfectly balanced tank game designed from thegroundup for mobile.DEFEND YOUR COUNTRYDefend the honor of your country against your enemies.Battleagainst players from China, USA, Russia, Japan and more. Theworldis full of tanks!TWO EXPLOSIVE MODESFight in team-based battles or in the free-for-all conflicts.ICONIC TANKS FROM ALL AROUND THE WORLDChoose your tank from a wide range of powerful beasts dependingonyour strategy. Choose a light tank to fast scout theenemy'sterritory and provide your team battle changing intel. Ortake theheaviest and strongest of all, the Panzer, and give yourenemy whatit deserves.DEEP TANK UPGRADE SYSTEMUnlock new tanks and make strategic decisions over what partyouwant to upgrade. Show your enemy who you are withtankcustomization with decals and patterns.VARIOUS BATTLEFIELDS TO EXPLORE AND MASTERFight and shoot your enemies in various World War IIbattlefields:European cities, industrial zones with robots, noman's lands...Know the battlefield and get the edge on your assaultover theenemy.Download now while it's free!From Fun Games for Free, the same developer behind games likeSniper3D, War Heroes and Castle Crush!
Zombie Gunship Survival 1.2.20
Survive a zombie apocalypse and protectthehuman race from the gunner seat of an AC-130 gunship! Engageintactical operations and lead groups of military survivorsonscavenging missions. Loot precious resources, bring them backtobase and build your defenses to repel zombieassaults. 
Blow up the undead in this new instalment in the #1top-grossingZombie Gunship franchise.● Experience high-definition visuals and intense scenarios● Collect realistic weaponry and increase your zombieshootingefficiency● Provide air support and lead groups of military survivors● Build up your remote airfield as a base foroperations ● Defend your base against zombie assaults● Survive in a hostile environment and unleash hellfire fromyourgunner seat!Terms of ServiceBy accessing or using a flaregames product, you're agreeing toourTerms of Service ( guideZombie Gunship Survival is free to download and play, howeversomegame items can also be purchased for real money. If you don’twantto use these features, please disable in-app purchases inyourGoogle Play settings. According to our Terms of Service,ZombieGunship Survival is allowed for download and play only forpersons13 years or more of age, or with explicit parental consent.You canread more here:'
Shadow Fight 2 1.9.35
The sequel to the famous Facebook smashhitwith 40 million usersShadow Fight 2 is a nail-biting mix of RPG and classicalFighting.This game lets you equip your character with countlesslethalweapons and rare armor sets, and features dozensoflifelike-animated Martial Arts techniques! Crush yourenemies,humiliate demon bosses, and be the one to close the GateofShadows. Do you have what it takes to kick, punch, jump, andslashyour way to victory? There’s only one way to find out.- Plunge into epic combat sequences, rendered inastonishinglylifelike detail by anall-new animation system.- Devastate your enemies with delightfully intuitivecontrols,thanks to an all-newfighting interface designed especially for touchscreens.- Journey through six different worlds full of menacing demonsinthis action-packed, adrenaline-fueled combat RPG with an immersive,intriguingstoryline.- Customize your fighter with epic swords, nunchacku, armorsuits,magical powers,and more.Shadow Fight 2. May the battle begin!
Tank Future Force 2050 1.3
Tank Future Force is a 3D Tank battlewhichtakes you into the world full of thrill and action.Your future fighting vehicle, Super Iron tank is equippedwiththe latest destructive weapons of 2050.You need to show perfect strategic movements and blastthefuturistic enemy forces with bullets and bombs. Protect yourtankfrom the counter strikes.Upgrade tank to become strongeranddeadlier and dominate the battlefield.Aim your targets carefully, combat and destroy all futuretanksof enemy forces that your encounter. Don’t look back, Keepyourselfalive as long as you can. It is a game of survival. Usethedestructive power of your tank in the best way possible.Kill all your enemies with deadly tank strikes and winthebreathtaking action packed tank battle of future!Features:• Amazing Futuristic Environment!• Stunning 3D Graphics!• Realistic Sound Effects!• Tank Upgrade System!• Lots of Enemy Tanks!• Easy and Smooth Controls!
Army Gunship Desert Strike 1.1
Army gunship desert strike: is a warshipactiongame with HD graphics and fighter control simulation andeverystunning episode will pull you into an immersive shootingexperiencewhen you start this realistic ammunition gameBoys and girls who are action mobile phone game orientedplayersshould prepare your selves to take off for segundo war. Thevarietyof battle environments, helicopter with machine gun, ammoandmissiles. Your powerful machine guns and missiles will salyenemiesacross the world. We hope the amount of million users willlike andappreciate our efforts and services.Army Gunship Desert Strike is a 2016 action and adventure gamewhereyou are a part of air combat mission involving an army baseandidentify the lage of killer in the thick jade area to be slaythemwith your powerful and airship experience. You are on topseat, as aboss and sophisticated soldier it’s your responsibilityto becomplete air support and gunship chopper.Take your defense and offense beyond enemy lines and into enemyarmybase and fight to destroy the attack which is been planned bytheenemy. All of your war planning and strategy will be used inmodernhelicopters where enemy fighters can be challenged with yourairfighting skills.According to the intelligence report, enemies have been settinguptheir military bases on the outskirts of the border areaandpreparing for an offensive strike from desert and jungle. Inboththe missions which are in desert and jungle. Have to clear all10levels to finish the mission. Act as a support your groundtroopsto minimize the loss of your battalion. Front line attack onenemybase camp, to destroy anti-aircraft guns, watch towers, andtheheadquarters before ground troops reach. So suit up and getreadyto show your chopper flying skills.Army Gunship Desert Strike Features:• FPS (First Person Shooter) Game• Realistic 3D graphics• Details graphics with desert, trees, ground troop on avastterrain map• Amazing Sounds and Easy GUI and controls• Modern control helicopter• Helicopter simulator 3D control• With 3 different close views to control your chopper.• Variety of Arms and weapons for your Helicopter.• Real world Aircraft flying experience• Efficient weapon controls and movement to get anaddedadvantage.• Realistic environment and explosion sounds• There is a market where you can purchase missiles withgamevirtual moneyMissions:• A front line attack on enemy base.• Destroying watch towers, gunship towers, army barracks,helipad,hangers, maintenance depot and the enemy headquarters• Eliminate maximum resistance from the enemy before yourgroundtroops attack and clear the base.• Desert Mission with 10 levels• Jungle mission with 10 levelsHow to Play:• Touch & tilt the screen anywhere to move/rotateyourhelicopter left, right, up or down• Aim and tap Fire button at bottom right to fire.• Try to shoot and kill enemy soldiers on first spot• In the game, you can see guided missiles, 45mm guns• The weapons will reload itself and you have unlimited numberofbullets• Have to start with a fewer number of missiles. More can beboughtfrom the store.• Also medic-pack is also available in the store to regain thefullenergy level of your chopper
Apache Gunship Heli Battle 3D 2.2
It’s high time for the Final Gunshipbattleand air strike to nail down the enemies! This ApacheGunshipHelicopter Battle 3D is an ultimate, battle helicoptersimulationgame, take control of the most advanced Gunship Helichopper andhelicopters hovering over the red canyon, report toairbase,submerge and simulate straight into the chaos battlefieldas youknow the art of modern warfare and engage yourself in the waronterrorism and eliminate all your enemies.Your call sign is Spartan and as an ace and pro apachecobrahelicopter and ex jet fighter pilot, your air force is readyandyour wingmen are airborne and simulating the gunshipcobrahelicopters to back you up in the battle field and getthedominance against the enormous enemy as they are fully preparedforan attack through armed forces equipped with panzer tanks andantiaircraft guns, air force ready for an airstrike with F18,F16,green hornet jet fighters, military base loaded with armysnipersand anti air craft guns installed inside the installationand navybattle ships already in deep seas. Your job is to go behindtheenemy lines with your wingmen and take down all your enemyanddestroy their backbone, derailing military base equipped withheavyartillery and assassin all sharp sniper shooters throughArielattack, this gunship mission is full of perils, so enjoy thisfreeonline helicopter game of Apache gunship helicopters battleandconquer your dreams. Attack your enemy like an airwolf anddon’tlet them regain the dominance over your country.Engaging and simulating into the world’s most powerful aircombatgunship helicopters at your finger tips, like cobra, apache,seaking, get back into action and be the supreme lord of aircombatsand airstrike and dominate your enemy, engage yourself indeadlycombat missions behind the enemy lines. Apache gunshiphelicopterbattle is full of action, combined with stunning 3Dgraphics, andfull flight control simulation, your country defeatedthe opponentin world war II, ww2 so now to keep the fame of yourcountry, youhave to prove yourself as the best Apache and cobragunship battlefield and fighter jet pilot of all time, go behindenemy lines anddestroy all your targets, in air you will encountersome of thedeadliest flying machines fully equipped with stealthtech withsupport of some great battle tanks like panzer, which willtry toput you down in the battlefield.After successful operation in land and sea, find your way inthemiddle eastern deserts where all the military bases are settodestroy the fame of your country, you have to face severe androughweather condition of sandstorms, rain, heat waves, desertstorms,face them with courage and rise high as an expert Apache andCobragun ship heli battle pilot. Fly high through the red canyonand sotake the challenge deadly air strike and air attack and enjoyas areal navy aviation apache and cobra gunship fighterpilot.Disengage your apache gunship from SAM missiles, guidedradarsystems with your latest weapons and destroy warships andGunshipaircrafts.The missions are breath taking and you have to eliminate alltheenemy military bases in this epic battle, you have a full rangeoflatest war heads with a wide range of missiles, mounted machinegunand rockets to use on enemy’s military bases, blow up alltheirtanks, navy battle ships and soldiers and snipers hideoutsandhidden bunkers with sharp shooters as they will shoot backwithheavy artillery, protect your helicopter as the fire will comefromall directions and can be real damaging, the super commandosareairborne so be careful, now its your duty to take them all andgobehind the enemy lines and destroy all yourdesignatedtargets.Enjoy this action packed stunning helicopter simulator gameofApache gunship heli battle 3D and fight for your country’shonorand victory.
Modern Warplanes 1.5
Modern Warplanes transfers you to the worldofmodern military aeronautics. You will be able to fight on allthebest known pursuit planes and airborne interceptors ofourgeneration. To manage the own base and participate inonlinefighting.Features:- Magnificent graphic, as in PC- projects.- Online game will allow you to fight against the real playersfromthe wide variety of countries.- 12 types of combat aircrafts. Including 10 real-world and2prototypes of the 6th generation.- Each plane has the own second-rate weapon anduniquecharacteristics and capabilities.- More than 30 various collectables, from rockets, to maingunswhich you can freely install on your aircraft.- Competent performance of the game, well- designed gameplay andallaccompanying game moments.- Both Online and Offline application operation in case oftheInternet failure.The game lays claim to the best action-simulator in mobiledirectiontoday.
Helicopter War Gunship Battle 1.1
Helicopter War Gunship Battle:is thebestchoicefor First Person Shooter action games lovers.Make sure you are avoiding enemy attacks as they doshootback,strafe left and right to avoid enemy fire of just do whattheenemydoes bestand blow them up before they get a chance to doanyrealdamage.You have limited ammunition and time to respond from the Shipviewiscrucialas you are the sole marine defending the Sea Shooting.Your Mission!Release the building fromtheterroristspossession.For this mission you have air support with only one gunshiphelicopter with limited weapons. The weather is bad,timeisshort,Go make a strategy and eliminate all the enemy terrorist.Also check if there is any civilian hostages capturedinthebuilding.Game Features:-> The game uses controls optimized for 3D flight.-> Its optimized for tablet devices.-> Fantastic views and robust animations.-> Efficient weapon controls & movement.-> Try to shoot and kill enemy soldiers on first spot-> You can enjoy the best views in both tablets andPhones.-> Very engaging and challenging game play.-> Fully free to play.-> Good quality sound effects.-> Excellent Sea environment.-> Enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence)How to Play:-> Touch & Drag the screen for look anywhere left,right,upor down.-> Tap Fire button at bottom right to fire.-> The weapons will reload automatically.-> For enemy at far distance, use the Telescopeforsnipershoot.-> You have limited ammunition and time.-> Increase your Health by using medic kits.-> Try to shoot and kill enemy soldiers on first spot.-> The weapons will reload itself and you have unlimitednumberofbullets.Disclaimer:This FREE GAME is ads supported, ads are according to theGoogleAdsPolicies. Thanks for your support.We always appreciate your feedback with positive comments.BY AS Superiorgames
Attack Helicopter : Choppers 2.1
You will become a helicopter pilot andsuppresswars and terrors in various corners of the world.This is a helicopter battle action game that combinesthestate-of-the-art 3D graphic technology, flight controlsimulationand modern military information. The moment you start thegame, youwill lose yourself in the excitement of a new kind ofaction gamethat you have never experienced before.【 Features 】★ The game uses controls optimized for 3D flight.★ Each helicopter has its own unique andinterestingcharacteristics.★ Episode mode consists of story missions that were created basedonactual stories of various wars and terrors that tookplace.★ You can enjoy the best views in both tablets and Phones.If you enjoyed FPS, shooting or racing games, try AttackHelicopter: Choppers. You will find yourself flying across the skyin themiddle of intense enemy crossfire.
City Battle War 1.1.4
crazy 2015
A lot of terrorists attack civilians InLosAngeles and cause panic among people. As a Soldier orasniper,there's no turning back and you have to eliminate allthosebastards without any hesitation. It is time to fight againsttheterrorist in this city, fight against the terrorist! forThemaintenance of peace. What are you waiting for?
Gunship Battle: Helicopter Sim 1.0
Duykan BAKAY
The world's most powerful militarycombathelicopter are at your fingertips.Become a helicopter pilot.Gunship’s hero pilot is flyingforchallenging war nowif you like Military airplanes, helicopters and drones, youwilllove it so much!You can play this game with 3D sound effects and detailedgunshipwith fully-equipped & easy-to-play interface in realworldenvironment.Be part of the new air mobile tactic which helicoptersareheavily used to insert troops into battles,Gunship Battle : Helicopter is a helicopter action gamethatcombines stunning 3D graphics with flight controlsimulationandengaging military scenarios to pull you into an immersivecombatexperience the moment you start the game.Most realistic and involving gunship battle. In this gameyouwill need to pilot a helicopter gunship and defend yourcountryfrom enemies.Game Features:•Ultra Realistic Controls with two joysticks•Simple Heli Controls, Looks like Battleship•Stunning and amazing 3D graphics•FREE download – and completely free-to-play•Awesome 3D Thrust and Flight course !•Different Challenges and Different AirPorts•Various locations and difficulty levels - 15differentmissions•Realistic 3D buildings and Park areas•Multiple driving missions with alternate objectives - proveyourdriving skills!This game is super fun with Gunship !This game is optimized for playing in every mobile devices.3D graphics with flight control simulation!
The Game Boss
The most anticipated sequel of ourpreviousglory gamesSTORY:It was all along a trap! The Aliens sent you to Planet Illumonpurpose. By diverting you, they have removed the only threattheywere facing. Now they are planning a full scale assault onEarth.You and your gunship need to come back and battle thesealiens onceand for all. Its time to save Earth!FEATURES:1. Full HD Retina Display Graphics2. Various jets to drive3. Dozens of weapons to Shoot from4. 50 Levels to battle5. 5 Terrorities to be neutralized6. 100s of enemies to engage with7. 10 Deadly Bosses to counterAnd MUCH MORE!Download this one of kind shoot em up NOW!
N.O.V.A. Legacy 5.1.3
THE LEGEND REBORN & REMASTEREDN.O.V.A. Legacy brings you the best 3D sci-fi FPS experiencebasedon the epic first episode of N.O.V.A., which receivedcriticalacclaim -- all in a compact version of the shooter.Kal Wardin, our hero, is a veteran N.O.V.A. marine, summonedonceagain to don his Mobile Armored Suit and strike against theenemiesof the Colonial Administration forces.Helped by Yelena, his personal AI Agent, Kal must protecthumanity'sdestiny by engaging in combat against alien invaderswhileuncovering the mystery behind their sudden assault.TEST YOUR SKILLS IN MULTIPLAYER ARENAS- Deathmatch: Be the last shooter standing on an onlinemultiplayerbattlefield for 8 combatants. Try not to get caught inthecrossfire!- Team Deathmatch: Make every bullet count in a 4v4multiplayerstrike.- Customize your marine with a variety of special 3D modelsandskins.- Top the online Leaderboards and climb the leagues to achieveyourdestiny.- Watch 3rd-person ""Death Cam"" replays of anyone struck down byasniper, caught in the crossfire or blown up onthebattlefield.- Upgrade your Suit Cores to add different bonuses that canboostanything from the force of your bullets to your sniperrifleaccuracy.- Matchmaking: Set passwords for private multiplayer matches orusethe advanced online matchmaking system.A CONSOLE-LIKE EXPERIENCE ON MOBILE- An immersive offline and online shooter experience based onarenowned Gameloft FPS series in the same vein asModernCombat.- Craft and upgrade sci-fi guns and modern weaponry bycollectingcards, from sniper rifles with long-range bullets toplasma gunswith devastating force. Having the right gear iscritical!- Enjoy the original N.O.V.A. shooter experience with enhanced3Dgraphics and gameplay.- Play the single-player campaign offline to protect Earthanytime,anywhere.DEFEAT ALIEN FORCES IN VARIOUS GAME MODES- Story Mode: Delve into the story offline and fight to uncoverthetruth about these alien invaders in 19 action-packedFPSlevels.- Shadow Missions: Assault the alien Special Ops Forceonchallenging limited-time battlefields.- Special Ops: Launch a critical strike on uniquealienformations._____________________________________________Visit our official site at out the new blog at't forget to follow us on social media:Facebook: app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app andmaycontain third party advertisements that may redirect you to athirdparty site.Terms of Use: Policy: License Agreement:
The Sky Falcons 2.7
The Sky Falcons is a Co-Opcross-platformmultiplayer online action game integrated withmissions, promotionsand military sanctions systems.Each group of players should formulate an alliance fromdifferentArabian Air Forces and accomplish together aspecificmission.Destroying any of your alliance members (even by mistake)mightexpose you to many military sanctions. On the other hand,goodperformance in the field might bring you new promotions andhighermilitary ranks which will qualify you for new and moredifficultmissions.Simply, The Sky Falcons is an IMPRESSIVE & ADDICTIVEexperiencethat you should LIVE!!Game Features:1) Special complicated AI system (Never underestimateyouropponent)2) Military sanctions and promotions system which analyzesyourbehavior in the field3) High quality of graphics for the mobile platform. It shouldrunsmoothly even on relatively old devices4) Well-programmed multiplayer system customized forfast-movementsand events required by such dynamic game.5) Sever - Client Data Exchange is minimized and optimized forthebest possible performance6) Text & Voice chat communication system between eachalliancemembers, even in the field
Gunship Air Strike - Heli 3D 1.2
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The most awaited Gunship Air Strike game isonPlay Store NOW. Fasten your kit and rule the sky. In GunshipAirStrike you are on a combat mission as Fighting Helicopter Pilottoclear the area which has been occupied by some bloodyterrorists.You are supposed to successfully get clear occupied areafromenemies by exercising your excellent Helicopter Flying&Shooting Skills to ensure world a safer and better place forpeaceloving humans. It’s time to play your decisive role, yourlandneeds your selfless services. Come on, Play your real role,roarthe region with the hover of your hawkish helicopters .Enjoytheworld most power full combat helicopter gunship game onyourfingers tips. This game offer you the mostwonderfullycomprehensive air strike battle from your gunship gunnerwhich isheavily equipped weapon with heavy guns for attackingenemies inthe field. Army Gunship air Strike is a 2017 action andadventurefighting battle game where you are a part of air combatmissioninvolving an army base and identify the large number ofkiller inthe thick jade area to be slay them with your powerful andairshipexperience. You are on top seat, as a boss andsophisticatedsoldier it’s your responsibility to be complete airsupport andgunship chopper.It is very easy to use on yourfingertips just likea real one. This is a fast apache simulationshooting on which youimprove yourself to save your city on rival’sdanger war. If youlike a shooting and action games so this is abest gunship shootingpacked for you. Enjoy the unique combinationof gunship helicopterwarfare in new environment and new missions.This is the amazingaction and thrilling gunship gunner game on playstore. Let s tryto beginning the fight between two sided power fullhelicopterwarships that can save his barrack camp.You as a part of combat mission will have to take care ofenemygunship strike from your helicopter strike this gunship battlewillprove one of the ultimate fights you have ever fought with thehelpof a gunship counter shooter in a super enthralling 3Dchoppergame. Gunship battle will get you to the closest war zoneareaswhere the helicopter battle is in full swing and you as anexpertarmy man will have to dodge enemy air strike indulging firstin airbattles.The army seems helpless, the ground attack is not possible. Theonlychance of winning this war is an air strike. Launch the attackonthe most dangerous terrorists now before its get too late. Youwillbecome a helicopter pilot and suppress wars and terrors invariouscorners of the world.The enemy has crossed into your land and now the fighting istakingplace in the streets of the city and you the only futureghostsoldier who can stop their advances. Protect your country. Youhaveto win the battle at any cost as the future of the countrydependson you!The enemy is very strong but you are well trained chopperstriker.You have entered in the mid field of desert of the deathwar andyou need to target their diploid area camps, ships, tanksand otherequipment. You are loaded with full of ammo and worldsbest modernequipment. So just show your skills and beat theenemy.FEATURES OF GUNSHIP:Multiple environmentsAmazing 3d graphicsPower gunners and Modern combat helicopterSelect variety of Arms and weapons for your chopper.Aircraft flying experience in real 3D environment.Thrilling and action adventurePerfect firing sounds and effectsExciting levels and full of funDifferent missions and real time physicssoft controlsDownload gunship air strike helicopter shooting game to joinrankwith heroes and survival in world furious battles. Try thisnewesthelicopter game in your free slots of time to match yourskills assniper rifle shooter and real pilot.If you like Action, Simulation and Shooting Games thenyouare absolutely at right place, simply download and dive toplayGunship Air Strike.
1965 WAR 2:Indo-Pak Clash 1.0
One feels energetic about war front havingawill to be in the army. 1965-WAR FPS Multiplayer Game letplayerslive their dreams of battling action in 3D.Download 1965-WAR 2 Game for free to play.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Visit our official site at http://www.logflip.comTerms & Policy - Connected -Follow us on Twitter at us on Facebook at us on Google Plus - out our game trailerson-
IGI Commando Jungle Strike 1.2
IGI Commando Jungle Strike is acombinationof all the commando and mission based games, you aregoing to actlike an expert cannon, a sniper and a commando at thesame time.IGI Commando Jungle Strike is a 3D FPS (First PersonShooting)action game, which provides the user with an extremeaction packedgame environment and full thrilling Hi-techshootingweapons.IGI Commando Jungle Strike Army commando warrior completedgreatmodern combat missions as ultimate front line commandomilitarysoldier of his Army. Army man never fear with deadlyassault onarmy warship aircraft carrier, gunship helicopter andmodern combattank mission on high mountains sniper shooting areaand in desertshooing field even most dangerous refugee city SWATrescuemissions. This time commando assigned hard target at highabove themountains. Navy man picks his long range sniper gun forlong rangesnipe target, short range guns and pistol.The most advanced and thrilling Army Battle Shooting missionGameis here. Fight with the best armed forces with full of heavyweaponsand bombs. You have to fight with courage and bravery andwin thebattle for your Country. Fight with best weapons and defeatall theenemiesbest battleAs first line army facing the enemy commandos, who is the oneleftin the Heli destruction as the story goes and isolated nearborderforces in the deadly operation. You are assigned a mission tokillenemies step by step as per instructions so wander around theplaceand find the enemies one by one and kill them all to completealllevels. You have to get a radio and synchronize it to theheadquarter and get instructions about your missions. At the endyouwill be picked up by your own army crew at the safeplaceindicated. Kill the enemies and ambush against them beforetheycould kill you. You have the map and locations and movementofenemies provided on a radar system. Use your army skills andkillthe enemies wandering across your way. Encounter the enemieswitharms, Ak-47, Snipers, and Shotguns, Mini gun, Bazooka andnewdestructive weapons. You are the brave Assassin commando and ahopefor the nation. Aim perfect to shoot the head shots of yourrival.Accurate and precise aim practice will lead to more accuracyandeliminate terrorism in frontier shooting showdown. Keep in mind;heis the vicious terrorist you are going to swat & kill.Staredown your rifle scope, zoom in to find and identify thetarget.Take a breath...and pull the trigger to kill your enemies.Prove tobe a Commando adventure assassin in this real war game.You, as anelite sniper and soldier of fortune, a real contractkiller sniper,are the last line of defense of Nation against theinvaders. As theonly surviving commando of an attack against theterrorists, youmust use all of your specialized skills to survivethe tons of theenemy forces and avenge your fallen soldiers.IGI Commando Jungle Strike is a decent mix offirst-person-shooterand tactical strategy action and war game. Inthe heat of battle,players go through outrageous missions. There’sa ONE MAN ARMY fullof relentless and brute firepower.IGI Commando Jungle Strike is an Extreme challengingreallybloodshed commando 3D action game. Assassin sniper attackwith fistof fury, huge destruction of army including gunshiphelicoptergunner and enemy military troops.Last IGI Commando Jungle Strike is shooting Free game, thatisbest battle yearing Fight game against enmy, best Battle gameiscombined Military game, much military force is there, andmilitaryyearn is much possible1- Realistic Graphics2- 3D Environment that gives the real commando feeling3- First Person Shooting4- Excellent city Environment for military attack5- Realistic effects and new challenges to your mission.6- Outclass sound effects, Background and shooting sounds.7- Easy and intuitive controls8- Multiple addictive levels9- Use you left and right controls to play this game
Zombie Gunship
Zombie Gunship® puts you in the gunner seatofa heavily-armed AC-130 ground attack aircraft. A shooter gamewhereyou strategically fire your powerful guns to slay endlesswaves ofzombies and protect the remaining survivors of thezombieapocalypse!☆☆☆ IGN Editors' Choice (9/10) "Amazing" ☆☆☆☆☆☆ "Meet the real angry bird: the ultimate anti zombie weapon."-Forbes ☆☆☆● 3D night vision display● Use your radar to detect the undead threat walking towardsyourbase. You are humanity’s last defense● Authentic guns, including 25mm Gatling gun, 40mmBoforsauto-cannon, and 105mm Howitzer cannon. Which gun will beyourfavorite?● Complete objectives, earn ranks, and out gun others ontheleaderboards!● Collect a bounty for each plague infected dead zombie● Upgrade each gun and increase your zombieshootingefficiency.● Game controller support, so you can shoot zombies with agamepadfor the ultimate experience. Put your trigger finger to gooduseand gun down those zombies dead● Cloud Saved Games with Google Play. Save your progress andrestoreit on other devicesGive us a +1 if you think this game is awesome!Email us questions, problems, or suggestionsat:[email protected] also has these other defense games:☆ TowerMadness 2 ☆ - A 3D RTS tower defense where you canshootaliens dead.☆ TowerMadness ☆ - A 3D RTS tower defense, the prequeltoTowerMadness 2.☆ TowerMadness Free ☆ - A 3D RTS tower defense, the free versionofTowerMadness------------------------------Limbic’s FacebookPage:’s Twitter:’s Youtube Channel:'s Google PlusPage:
Heli Gunship Strike Battle 1.1
COMBAT HELICOPTER GUNSHIP:,Enjoy the world most power full combat helicopter gunship gameonyour fingers tips. This game offer you the most comprehensiveairstrike battle from your gunship gunner which is heavilyequippedwith heavy guns for attacking enemies in the ground. It isveryeasy to use on your fingertips just like a real one. This is afastapache simulation shooting on which you improve yourself tosaveyour city on rival’s danger war. If you like a shooting andactiongames so this is a best FPS shooting packed for you.Enjoy the unique combination of gunship helicopter warfare innewenvironment and new missions. This is the amazing actionandthrilling gunship gunner game on play store. Let s try tobeginningthe fight between two sided power full helicopter warshipsthat cansave his barrack camp.Create the victory on the shooting game and become a great armynavyofficer on this simulator game. Complete missions on yourstyleinspired by real-life conflicts. Challenge yourself with thenextmission or replay a custom mission.COBRA HELI GUNNER SHOOTINGThe rival assault hands were use the grenade riffle and highpowerof gunner and helicopter. so the best rotors engine basedcobraHeli, gunship gunner and other anti-air jets are waiting foryou tohelping on the strike battle.According to the intelligence report, enemies have been settinguptheir military bases camp on the outskirts of the border areaandpreparing for a distasteful strike against your camp.You need to strategically use the powerful machine gunsanddestructive consequences missiles to eliminate the one oftheworld’s dangers enemy.Frontier rival targets your helicopter; gliders, Heli and superbosstankers are assaulting your land. You need to take charge toprotectyour base and rescue the civilian lands camp.MISSIONS AND TARGETYou are combat helicopter commando. You need to start uphelicopterchopper first from the home base and fly towards theenemy strikearea base space land. When your helicopter enters thedeath zone ofyour strike area first mission is to aim then plan tostrike thetargeted point and protect yourself from their fire androcketlauncher. Your mission is to destroy the enemy area. On yourheavygunship is full of ammo and equipment. So strike it, anddestroytheir camps tank heli and other equipment.HOW TO PLAY :,Start helicopter from the land and fly to spaceControl with tilt and left right button to control thechopperPress the shoot button to attack on the enemy base campsSave your helicopter from the rivals firing and attacksDestroy the targeted area and complete the levelsFEATURES OF GUNSHIP:,Multiple environmentsAmazing 3d graphicsPower gunners and Modern combat helicopterThrilling and action adventurePerfect firing sounds and effectsExciting levels and full of funDifferent missions and real time physicssoft controls
Gunship Battle Bullet Train 2 1.0.2
Gunship Battle Train simulator is highfunbattlefield warfare, chaos conflict & combat, full actionfreegame. If you like modern military assault, army commando actionandtrain games e.g. subway train, cargo train and kids trainetc.,guys you are going to love this gunship battle train game. Beawarfare machine gun hero with this cool train game andeliminatethe enemies who have invaded the railway track in thedesert jungleterrain. Do a modern army commando action and saveyour land frommayhem like a true army commando sniper gunner &shooter.FEATURES of Gunship Battle Train simulator:• Easy smooth controls for your fingers• Interesting increase in difficulty• Awesome 3D Graphics• Realistic Sound effects• Regular updates and new features• Thrill and fun for everyoneStorm through desert island location with open 3D terrain.Enemyforces are patrolling your railway track, join epicconflictbetween military and global terrorist groups. Troop’sconvoyattacking your railway tracks with marines and guerrillamercenary.Gunship Battle Train game is the first simulation gamethat givesyou thrilling action gameplay in RPG style. Control heavydutydiesel or steam engine train equipped with brutal Gatlinggundestroy their military trucks and war machine before they hitthetrainz down. Defense is not the only option attack enemyHumveeswith your powerful heavy machine guns.
Super Mario Run 3.0.8
A new kind of Mario game that you can playwithone hand.Super Mario Run has received some big updates! You control Mariobytapping as he constantly runs forward. You time your taps topulloff stylish jumps, midair spins, and wall jumps to gather coinsandreach the goal!Super Mario Run can be downloaded for free and after youpurchasethe game, you will be able to play all the modes with noadditionalpayment required. You can try out all four modes beforepurchase:World Tour, Toad Rally, Remix 10, and KingdomBuilder.■New mode Remix 10Some of the shortest Super Mario Run courses you'll everplay!This mode is Super Mario Run in bite-sized bursts! You'llplaythrough 10 short courses one after the other, with thecourseschanging each time you play. Daisy is lost somewhere inRemix 10,so try to clear as many courses as you can to findher!■New World Tour coursesA brand-new world of courses, World Star, has been added toWorldTour mode! You can play this world after completing the firstsixworlds.■World TourRun and jump with style to rescue Princess Peach fromBowser’sclutches!Travel through plains, caverns, ghost houses, airships, castles,andmore.Clear the 24 exciting courses to rescue Princess Peach fromBowser,waiting in his castle at the end. There are many ways toenjoy thecourses, such as collecting the 3 different types ofcolored coinsor by competing for the highest score against yourfriends. You cantry courses 1-1 to 1-4 for free.■Toad RallyShow off Mario’s stylish moves, compete against your friends,andchallenge people from all over the world.In this challenge mode, the competition differs each timeyouplay.Compete against the stylish moves of other players for thehighestscore as you gather coins and get cheered on by a crowd ofToads.Fill the gauge with stylish moves to enter Coin Rush Mode togetmore coins. If you win the rally, the cheering Toads will comelivein your kingdom, and your kingdom will grow.■Kingdom BuilderGather coins and Toads to build your very own kingdom.Combine different buildings and decorations to create yourownunique kingdom. There are over 100 kinds of items inKingdomBuilder mode. If you get more Toads in Toad Rally, thenumber ofbuildings and decorations available will increase. Withthe help ofthe friendly Toads you can gradually build up yourkingdom.■What You Can Do After Purchasing All Worlds・ All courses in World Tour are playableWhy not try out the bigger challenges and thrills available inallcourses?・ Easier to get Rally TicketsIt's easier to get Rally Tickets that are needed to play Remix10and Toad Rally. You can collect them in Kingdom BuilderthroughBonus Game Houses and ? Blocks, by collecting colored coinsinWorld Tour, and more.・ More playable charactersIf you rescue Princess Peach by completing course 6-4 andbuildhomes for Luigi, Yoshi, and Toadette in Kingdom Builder mode,youcan get them to join your adventures as playable characters.Theyplay differently than Mario, so why not put theirspecialcharacteristics to good use in World Tour and ToadRally?・ More courses in Toad RallyThe types of courses available in Toad Rally will increase tosevendifferent types of courses, expanding the fun! Along with thenewadditions, Purple and Yellow Toads may also come to cheerforyou.・ More buildings and decorations in Kingdom BuilderThe types of buildings available will increase, so you'll be abletomake your kingdom even more lively. You can also placeRainbowBridges to expand your kingdom.・ Play Remix 10 without having to waitYou can play Remix 10 continuously, without having to waitbetweeneach game.*Internet connectivity required to play. Data chargesmayapply.
Gunship Modern War -Air Battle 1.2
Games Orbit
Modern wars and clashes will be foughtinspacewhich means you have to be prepared with yourhelicoptersandgunships and other modern weapons which can be usedin space. Itisa best Shooting game ever regarding GunshipHelicopter. Worldofpacific Atlantic under naval war Bismarck.Battlegunshiphelicopters on Atlantic oceans, deep forests and hotdesertsis allset to rush on. Apache Attack on jet fighters, CobraHeli,F16,F18, army helicopters in this introductory modern warofmilitaryclashes is launched.The Best Rotoros engine based Apache Helicopters andotherAmericanjets are waiting for you. it is the best GunshipStrike 3DActionbased Flight control simulation game. This GunshipStrikegame putsyou in the gunner seat of the most powerfulcombathelicopters.Strategically fire your powerful machines gunsanddevastatingmissiles to slay hordes of enemies across theworld.Bomber Jetsare attacking the army concentrations andstrategictargets; Enemyis racing towards you to blast your gunshipbattlehelicopter;fighter gunship helicopters are battling forcontrolover airspace;attacking aircraft are engaging in close airsupportagainst groundtargets; the copters are flying against thebuildingsand nearbyland targets; gliders, helicopters and superboss tankersareassaulting your land. You need to take charge toprotect yourbaseand rescue the civilian lands. Gunner troopmissiles are firedtohit you! Ride in your Sky Copter and hittargets to finishthisreign of terror. It is your ultimate duty tosave yourhomeland!Fight for Honor, Dignity and Victory!! Anti ISISoperationin Iraqwith Gunship Modern War Army Battle is here.Guide your combat helicopter with precision and demolishtheenemymilitary bases in the world’s greatest combatexperience!GunshipModern War combines tactics, flying skills andthe rightamount ofruthless in this powerful military helicopteraction game!Thechoice of copters include apache air fighter,Apachegunship,helicopter battle fighters, F16, F18 and many more toenjoyflightadventure.Drive through enemy terrains, kill gunships, destroybuildingsandeliminate elite enemy units. The enemy forces haveinvadedwiththeir special assaulting commando squads anddeadliestmilitarychoppers. Engage in the intense disastrousshooting battleanddemolish the opponents. Are you looking forgunshipbattlehelicopter 3d new games? Gunship Modern War -AirBattle -Thebesthelicopter barrage game, driving a high-techhelicoptergunships,equipped with different weapons and missiles, tocompletethemission impossible. Gunship Modern War - 3D Battle isanactiongame Air Alert for your army commandoGunship Gunner 2016 Features:1. Multiple challenging Levels.2. Choose your favorite Helicopter withlatestdistinctivefeatures.3 Realistic 3D Graphics of copter game4. Modern Gunship Helicopter Control5. Helicopter Simulator 3D control of modern choppers6. Variety of Arms and weapons for your Heli.7. Real world Aircraft flying experience8. Free to download and enjoy this gunship battlehelicopter3dgameGunship Modern War - Air Battle is the real experienceofGunshipStrike game. Checkout this helicopter game in thecategoryofhelicopter fighting games and feel the helicopter gamesmanshootingthrill. Join HELL FIRE SQUADRON LEADER and launchtheattack on themost modern deadly threats. Guide with precisionyourmulti-rolehelicopter, demolish the enemy defenses and lettheraidersdisembark in enemy bases. Are you looking forgunshipbattlehelicopter 3d new games? Anti ISIS operation in IraqwithGunshipModern War Army Battle is here.
Extreme3D SkateBoard Skating
Ace Games
Crazy Skater fully loaded with real skatemovesand tricks. Skate the city roads with amazing stunts andavoidhitting the obstacles. Jump over the cars, slide under orjump overhurdles. Collect coins to upgrade your skating board andpowers.Take the powers to boost up your strengths. Show yourtricky jumpsto avoid the crash on roadblocks. Choose between 2differentcontroller setups (buttons or tilting) to the game .Excellentbackground music will give more interest to play the gamefor moretime.Designed and developer for world wise skating FansSet a high score and challenge your friends.Download for Free ,No inapp purchases also,every feature canbeunlock by performing tricks and high score.Improve your skating skills.
Apache Gunship Strike: Air War 1.0.1
Are you a real Helicopter Gunship AirBattleGames addicted? Then you are at a right place.Become a memberofthe army commando vs enemies war over the battlefield with themostpowerful gunships in history.Apache Gunship strike realistic 3d game is for the lovers ofgunshipair battle. For home how loved to strike with Apachehelicopter.This game will lead you to the amazing war journey ofGunshipBattlefield. Turn on your fighter gunner battle helicopterand swipeall your enemies camp bases from the island.Just like other games you will be assigned a mission to strikeonenemy base. So heads up and plan your gunship strike on enemybase.In your very first mission you have to strike on your enemyanddestroy enemy base camp. Second mission will be to destroyenemybase and enemy tanks. Strike hard with your Apache gunnerbattlestriker. You in the battlefield having skills of army cobrachoppercommando. Your mission is to destroy the enemy area and thebasecamp. Your helicopter is full of ammo, bullets, missiles andheavyequipment.Buckle up for the most realistic and adventurous gunshiphelicopterwar game. Be careful do not get killed in war zone. Asyou completefirst level. You will be step in war zone. Then youhave to makestrong war strategy to complete the nextmissions.Features:1 : Different types of Gunship Air Helicopter War 3D.2 : Heavy equipment, bullets, missiles and ammunition.3 : Real war scenery and 3D graphics.4 : Real sound effect of firing.5 : Most realistic mission ever you played.6 : 8 Stunning ultimate war missions.
Weapon Attack War 1.9
Weapon Attack WarWeapon Attack War - a game simulator with which you can feel likeina real war with different kinds of weapons ! In the arsenal wehavea grenade launcher , a pistol , an AK 47, pulimet , shotgunandother famous weapons!Shoot with friends , choose each to himself his favoriteweaponlooking cover and shoot ! And all this with the real qualitysoundof gunfire and explosions ! What would you need to shoot topullthe trigger ! Arsenal will be added !Blow gun grenade, shoot bursts of machine guns or single it'sallthere in our app! The game does not require an internetconnection, and completely free ! You can play at home with thefamily andwith friends at school ! The application will appeal toall ! Sinceall love guns and explosions !Thanks for playing with us, start shooting right now and donotforget to leave a comment !