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Gery AR 1.2
Temukan ​kartu-kartu keren parapejuangD’Guardians di dalam setiap kemasan Gery Pasta!Kumpulkan, hidupkan dan mainkan semua jagoan pejuang denganaplikasi3D Virtual Augmented Reality!D'Guardians adalah kelompok pejuang galaxy dengan latarbelakangyang berbeda tetapi memiliki satu tujuan yang sama, yaituberusahamenghentikan niat jahat organisasi misterius yangmenghancurkanplanet-planet di berbagai sudut galaxy.DAV adalah salah satu pejuang paling awal D'Guardians yangmelakukanperlawanan terhadap organisasi The ONE. Dibantu olehrobot Brickgenerasi ke-4 yang dihidupkan kembali oleh DAV setelahditemukannon-aktif dan tersimpan di satu planet yang sebagianbesar telahhancur saat The ONE menyerang, selama perjalannyamereka bertemudengan Yaqsa dan Lixia yang sedang bersama parapenduduk setempatplanet Dominix melawan ratusan monster kegelapandan beberapapasukan elite The ONE yang berusaha memusnahkan parapenduduk planettersebut.Dengan bantuan dari DAV dan Brick 4, mereka berhasil bertahandanmemukul mundur serangan The ONE, beberapa pejuang dariplanetDominix yang akhirnya membentuk pejuang D'Guardians bersamake-4pahlawan mereka, dari situlah lahir pasukan D'Guardians,pejuangelite yang dibentuk khusus untuk melindungi setiap sudutGalaxydari serangan The ONE.Bertarunglah dengan para pejuang D'Guardians melaluiteknologiAugmented Reality dan dengan keunikan jurus-jurussetiapkarakter.​​Ikuti langkah-langkah berikut untuk bermainbersamaD’Guardians:- Dapatkan kartu Gery AR untuk setiap pembelian Gery Pasta ditoko-toko /supermarket terdekatmu- Download aplikasi Gery AR di Google Play Store- Hadapkan kamera handphone / tablet bagian belakang mu kekartuGery AR- Ikuti petunjuk bermainya dan saksikan kartu mu beraksi!Untuk aksi yang lebih seru, Yuk gabungkan kartu Gery AR AssaultdanDefense!Catatan:- Aplikasi Gery AR bekerja hanya dengan kartu Gery AR- Pas​tikan kartu terlihat jelas di kamera aplikasi (tidakterlalugelap, tidak terkena pantulan cahaya, dsb)- Koneksi internet diperlukan untuk download aplikasi- Aplikasi kemungkinan tidak bisa mendeteksi gambar jika karturusaksebagian atau keseluruhan- Untuk informasi lebih lanjut,kunjungi cardsCoolfighters D'Guardians in each package Gery Pasta!Collect, turn and play every hero fighters with Virtual 3DAugmentedReality app!D'Guardians are a group of fighters galaxy withdifferentbackgrounds but have a common goal, that is trying to stopthe evilintentions of a mysterious organization that destroysplanets invarious corners of the galaxy.DAV is one of the earliest D'Guardians fighters who resistedtheorganizations The ONE. Aided by robot Brick 4th generationrevivedby DAV after the discovery of non-active and stored on aplanetwhich had been largely destroyed during The ONE attack,during hisjourney they met with Yaqsa and Lixia who was with thelocalsplanet Dominix against hundreds of monsters darkness and someofthe elite troops of the ONE who attempt to destroy theinhabitantsof the planet.With the help of the DAV and Brick 4, they managed to surviveandrepelling the ONE, some fighters from Dominix planetthateventually form D'Guardians fighters together all four oftheirheroes, from there was born troops D'Guardians, elite fighterswhoformed a special to protect every corner of the Galaxy oftheattack The ONE.Fight with the fighters D'Guardians via Augmented Realitytechnologyand the uniqueness of each character moves.Follow the steps below to play with D'Guardians:- Get the card for every purchase AR Gery Gery Pasta in the stores/supermarkets your closest- Download Gery AR apps in Google Play Store- Expose the camera phone / tablet the back of your card toGeryAR- Follow the instructions bermainya and watch yourcardaction!For more exciting action, Yuk combine Gery card AR AssaultandDefense! Note:- The application works only with AR Gery Gery card AR- Ensure Favourable clearly visible card in the camera app (nottoodark, not affected by the reflection of light, etc.)- Internet connection is required to download the application- Application may not be able to detect an image if the cardisdamaged partially or completely- For more information,visit
Boboiboy Comic 2.8.0
Macro Mobile
All you BoBoiBoy fans out there, checkthisout! Here’s the ultimate place for you to get to knoweverythingabout BoBoiBoy and friends! Exclusive downloads and allmobileupdates on BoBoiBoy are now available at your fingertips! Ifyou’rea huge fan of BoBoiBoy, make sure you download this and takeitwith you wherever you go! As BoBoiBoy always puts it, don’tmissout on this app because it’s “Yeah Awesome!”All you BoBoiBoy fansoutthere, check this out! Here's the ultimate place for you to gettoknow everything about BoBoiBoy and friends! Exclusive downloadsandall mobile updates on BoBoiBoy are now available atyourfingertips! If you're a huge fan of BoBoiBoy, make sureyoudownload this and take it with you wherever you go! AsBoBoiBoyalways puts it, do not miss out on this app because it's"YeahAwesome!"
Dunia Tini Wini Biti 1.4
Bermain dan belajar kini lebihmenyenangkandengan teknologi augmented reality.Koleksi 14 koin TWB dan hidupkan setiap karakter yang ada ditiapkoinnya.Saksikan berbagai aksi lucu dan seru dari setiap karakter yangakanmengajak kamu bermain.Ikuti langkah-langkah berikut untuk menghidupkan karakterpadakoin TWB :- Beli Tini Wini Biti bertanda khusus, dan dapatkan Koin TWBdidalamnya.- Download aplikasi Dunia Tini Wini Biti di Google Play.- Hadapkan (scan) karakter yang ada di Koin TWB denganmenggunakankamera handphone bagian belakang.- Tunggu dan saksikan karakter tersebut menjadi hidup- Kamu bisa tambah seru bermain dengan karakter tersebut dengancaramenyentuhnya- Yuk berfoto bersama dengan para karakter binatang dari duniaTWBdengan cara menekan tombol FUN PHOTO!)Catatan:- Aplikasi Dunia Tini Wini Biti hanya dapat digunakan denganKoinTWB.- Koneksi internet diperlukan untuk download aplikasi.- Aplikasi kemungkinan tidak bisa mendeteksi gambar jikagambarrusak atau gambar pada koin TWB terkena cahayaberlebih.- Standart minimal device (smart phone / tablet) untukaplikasiDunia Tini Wini Biti:- RAM minimal 1024- Device memiliki kamera belakang minimal 5megapixel dan fiturautofokus- Versi Android 4.0.1Playing and learningisnow more fun with augmented reality technology.Collection of 14 coins TWB and turn every character ineverycoin.Watch the funny and exciting actions of each character thatwillinvite you to play.Follow these steps to turn the character on the coin TWB:- Buy Tini Wini Biti specially marked, and get TWB coinsinit.- Download World Tini Wini Biti app on Google Play.- Expose (scan) characters in Coins TWB using the rearcameraphone.- Wait and see these characters come to life- You can add fun to play with these characters by touching- Yuk picture taken with the animal characters from the world TWBbypressing the PHOTO FUN!) Note:- World Tini Wini Biti Applications can only be used withCoinsTWB.- Internet connection is required to download theapplication.- Application may not be able to detect images if they aredamagedor images on coins TWB exposed to excessive light.- Standart minimal device (smart phone / tablet) for the WorldappTini Wini Biti:- RAM at least 1024- Device has minimal 5megapixel rear camera and autofocusfeatures- Android Version 4.0.1
BoBoiBoy Photo Sticker 1.0.1
Your photo looks nice. How about makingitawesome?Make your photos super cute with BoBoiBoy Photo Sticker andsharethem with your friends!ONLY FEW CLICKS TO MAKE YOUR PHOTO OUTSTANDING!★Take a photo or select it from your gallery★Choose your favorite stickers and play with them as you want!Movethem, resize them, rotate them…★Select and add a beautiful frame to make your photoevennicer★Full screen edit and preview100s OF STICKERS AND FRAMES ALREADY AVAILABLE!★High quality stickers and frames★All from the famous BoBoiBoy animated series byAnimonstaStudios★Write your own messages on top with BoBoiBoyofficialcharacters★New frames and stickers will be added regularly!IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS WITH YOUR BOBOIBOY PHOTOS!★Share easily your customized photos★All the main platforms are supported: Facebook, WHATSAPP,LINE,WeChat, Instagram etc…Like us on Facebook at togetmore info about all our titles or simply to get in touch withus.We love to hear from you!
Mix+Smash: Marvel Mashers 20000
Mash-up, battle, and smash upALL-NEWheroes—the invincible Power Man and crack shotastronautStar-Lord—in the battle against evil! Create yourultimatechampion, and save the day!MIX UP (20) Marvel Super Heroes' looks, powers,andabilitiesBATTLE re-mixed super villains—Green Goblin, Loki, Doc Ock,Ultronand now RhinoUNLOCK mighty special moves in smash modeWIN the day in rapid-tap masher brawlsPOWER through 8 heroic chapters with new levels andchallengesOUTSMART your enemies as you blend classic attacks withrhythmcombatWATCH (6) exclusive Marvel Super Hero Mashers shortsEARN special items and achievements to build up your ultimatehealthand powerBefore you download this experience, please consider thatthisapp contains in-app purchases that cost real money, as wellasadvertising for the Walt Disney Family of Companies.The app allows content to be saved to device storage.If you’re experiencing difficulties with audio, please checktheaudio settings with your device to see if your device is muted.Ifthat doesn't solve your issues, please visit our customer careFAQpagehere: Policy – http://disneyprivacycenter.comTerms of Use –
Alpenliebe Alpopplay 1.4
ALPENLIEBE ALPOPPLAYAyo main dunia 3D dan menangkan hadiah keren dariAlpenliebeLollipop!Menggunakan teknologi canggih augmented reality, aplikasigameAlpenliebe Alpopplay bisa menghidupkan dunia mainan dankarakterkerenmu dari dalam kemasan Alpenliebe Lollipop edisi khususHotWheels dan atau Barbie.Cara mainnya gampang:•Beli Alpenliebe Lollipop kemasan khusus Hot WheelsatauBarbie.•Nyalakan aplikasi game Alpenliebe Alpopplay dan ikutipetunjukmulainya.•Scan kemasannya untuk bermain. Pastikan gambar Hot WheelsatauBarbie pada kemasan terlihat jelas.•Tunggu hingga karaktermu muncul pada layar, lalu ikutipetunjukmisinya dan berusaha untuk meraih skor tertinggi.•Kamu bisa selfie momen seru bersama karaktermu denganmenekantombol kamera seusai main.•Selesaikan misinya untuk kesempatan mendapatkan SMS kodeunik.Tukarkan dengan hadiah dari Alpenliebe Lollipop diAlfamarttertentu..Catatan:•Aplikasi game Alpenliebe AlpopPlay bekerja hanyadengankemasan/bungkus Alpenliebe Lollipop Hot Wheels danatauBarbie.•Koneksi internet diperlukan untuk download aplikasi,pendaftaranusername dan atau pendaftaran skor ke Leaderboard.•Aplikasi kemungkinan tidak bisa mendeteksi gambar padakemasanapabila cahaya di sekitar packaging terlalu terang,janganlupaaktifkan auto focus kamera device mu ya. Ayo coba lagi!Alpenliebe ALPOPPLAYLet's play the 3D world and win cool prizes fromAlpenliebeLollipop!Using the advanced technology of augmented reality,gamingapplications Alpenliebe Alpopplay world can turn your cooltoys andcharacters from the packaging Alpenliebe Lollipop specialeditionHot Wheels or Barbie.The way the game is simple:• Buy Alpenliebe Lollipop special packaging Hot WheelsorBarbie.• Turn on the game Alpenliebe Alpopplay application and followtheinstructions began.• Scan the packaging to play. Make sure the image Hot WheelsorBarbie on the packaging clearly visible.• Wait until the character appears on the screen, and followtheinstructions of his mission, and strive to achieve thehighestscore.• You can selfie moments of fun with your character by pressingthecamera key after the game.• Complete the mission's chances of getting SMS the uniquecode.Redeem with prizes from Alpenliebe Lollipop in particularAlfamart..Note:• Applications game Alpenliebe AlpopPlay work only withthepackaging / wrappers Alpenliebe Lollipop Hot WheelsorBarbie.• Internet connection is required to download theapplication,registration or registration username and score totheLeaderboard.• Applications may not be able to detect images on the packagingifthe ambient light is too bright packaging, do not forgettoactivate auto focus camera of your device yes. Let's tryagain!
laser flashlight 2.1
Sterk App
laser light is now in your pocketTurn on one-touch laser lightthose around you will be very surprisedsound effect when the key is presseddoes not limit the battery lifemaximum Efficiencylong enjoyed by charging less and bright
Trik Belajar Sulap 2.0
Sulap merupakan suatu seni pertunjukanyangdiminati sebagian besar masyarakat di dunia, karenapadapenyajiannya sulap dapat membuat heran penontonnya akan rahasiadibalik penyajiannya. Sulap merupakan suatu gabungan dariberbagaiseni yang ada, misalnya seni tari, seni musik, seni rupa,dll danmerupakan penerapan dari gabungan berbagai disiplin ilmuyang ada.Misalnya ilmu fisika, ilmu biologi, ilmu kimia, ilmupsikologi, danlain-lain. Seni Sulap bukanlah suatu keterampilanyang berbauklenik atau supranatural, karena setiap trik sulapdapatdijelaskan. Sulap semata-mata hanyalah permainan"kelihaian"tangan, manipulasi, hasil kerja dari suatu perlengkapan/peralatanataupun efek yang timbul dari suatu reaksi kimia dan yangtelahdilatih sebaik mungkin oleh seorang pesulap sebelumdipertunjukkankepada orang lain. Oleh sebab itu sulap dapatdipelajari oleh semuaorang, asalkan orang tersebut mau berlatihpula dengan baik.Magic is an artshowinterest most people in the world, for the presentation ofmagiccan make the audience wonder will be the secret behindthepresentation. Magic is a combination of a variety of existingart,such as dance, music, fine arts, etc. and is an implementationof acombination of existing disciplines. Eg physics,biology,chemistry, psychology, and others. Art of Magic is not askill thatsmelled of occult or supernatural, because any magictricks can beexplained. Magic merely play the "cunning" hand, themanipulation,the work of a gear / equipment or effects arising froma chemicalreaction and who have been trained as possible by amagician beforeshown to others. Therefore, magic can be learned byeveryone, aslong as that person wants to practice too well.
Anime Skins For MCPE 1.0
Anime skins for minecraft pe the bestSkinappMCPE & MCPC will provide a great collection ofSkins:GirlsSkins, Boy Skins, Herobrine Skins ,Animals Skins Capesandmuchmore..girl anime skins for minecraft pe choose and apply a customskintoyour Minecraft character for free with just the touchofabutton!anime skins free allows you to choose and apply a custom skintoyourMinecraft .Features:- There are over 3000+ skins to choose- favorite Anime Skin here- anime skins for minecraft pe free- Works for Minecraft on PC as well as PE- anime skins for minecraft- anime girl minecraft skins- naruto skins for minecraft pe- anime minecraft skinsAnime Skins for Minecraft pe free does use the internet sopleasebeaware of your data usage.This anime skins for mcpe is an unofficial applicationforMinecraftPocket Edition is not affiliated in any way withMojangAB. TheMinecraft Name, The Minecraft Name, the MinecraftBrand andtheMinecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB ortheirrespectfulowner. All rights reserved. In accordance with:
KockaPalota AR 1.1
Pazirik Ltd.
Az Augmented Reality alkalmazássegítségévelokostelefonodon vagy tableteden életre keltheted az ARkártyákhoztartozó LEGO figurákat (az ún. kiterjesztettvalóságot).Az alkalmazás elindítása után fókuszálj készülékeddel az ARkártyaképes felére, ahol a figura arca látható és a kártyáhoztartozómodell máris megjelenik készüléked kijelzőjén.A modell forgatásához, közelítéséhez mozgasd az AR kártyátakívánt távolságba és szögbe!Az eredeti AR kártyákat a KockaPalotában találod: , vagy letölthetedakövetkező linkeken: AugmentedRealityapplication using a smart phone or on your tabletedenrevitalizedthe AR cards for your LEGO figurines (the.AugmentedReality). After launching the application készülékeddel keep thefocuson the AR card on the half where you can see the figure's faceandmodel of the card you'll appear on-screen prompts.To rotate the model, the move towards an AR card intothedistance and angle!The original AR cards to find the cube Palace:, or you can downloadthefollowing links:
Anime Cosplay-picsparks 1
Are you cosplayer ? This app is referenceanimecostume for cosplayers!Loads of anime costume from :- Naruto- Bleach- Attack on titan- kuroko no basuke- tokyo ghoul- and etcLoads of anime hat and mask :- Kaneki mask and other tokyo ghoul mask- Hokage hat- Luffi, portgas d ace, shabo hat- Bleach maskfind appropriate anime costume with youcostume in this application comes from onlineshop etsy.comTokyo ghoul, one piece, naruto's cosplayers, cosplayers
HD Naruto Wallpapers 2.0
If you like Naruto in this appforAndroid you will find the best Wallpapers for your smartphoneortablet.These wallpapers are perfect for personalizing your device andmakeit much more original and fun.Now you can share the images using Whatsapp, Facebook,Twitter,Pinterest, etc.How to set Naruto Wallpapers for Android:-Choose the picture you want from the list-In the next screen cut it to your liking-Click the image button on the top right of the screenBy doing this automatically the chosen image will be placedaswallpaper.
Google Play Games 5.3.99 (174200566.174200566-070)
Google LLC
Games get more fun with the Google PlayGamesapp. Browse and compete with friends, track your achievements,andpick up where you left off, on any device. As you mastermoregames, show off your skills in your gamer profile. Recordyourgameplay and share it to YouTube. Play the world, anywhere intheworld, all from one place.KEY FEATURES• Gamer profile: Create your custom Gamer ID, earn XP,andlevel up as you master games across Google Play.• Achievements & leaderboards: Complete challenges,earnawards, and track them all right from the app. Then, see howyoustack up against other players.• New! Built-in Google games: Play PAC-MAN, Solitaire,andCricket - even when offline.• Gameplay recording*: Easily record and share yourbestgaming moments from your favorite mobile games.* Only available in certain countries
Crunchyroll - Everything Anime
Crunchyroll is your destination to streamover25,000 episodes and 15,000 hours of the latest and greatestanimeseries. Watch the latest episodes and binge previous seasonsofyour favorite shows like Naruto Shippuden, Dragon Ball Super,OnePiece, and Attack on Titan.Start watching your favorite anime immediately for free, orsign-upfor a 14-day free trial of the Premium membership to enjoythefollowing features:Stream new episodes immediately after TV broadcast in JapanWatch all shows ad-free in HD quality on all availabledevices(including Chromecast!)Purchase, download, and read manga in our brand new MangaShop,including favorites like Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, TheSevenDeadly Sins, and more!Join other anime fans in the Crunchyroll licenses all its content directly and legally tobringyou the best and most recent shows from Asia and supportthecontent creators of hit series including Hunter X Hunter,JoJo’sBizarre Adventure, Blue Exorcist, Bleach, Cowboy Bebop,FullmetalAlchemist, Sailor Moon, Yuri!!! On ICE, Samurai Champloo,and manymore!
Netflix, Inc.
Netflix is the world’s leadingsubscriptionservice for watching TV episodes and movies on yourphone. ThisNetflix mobile application delivers the best experienceanywhere,anytime.Get the free app as a part of your Netflix membership and youcaninstantly watch thousands of TV episodes & movies onyourphone.If you are not a Netflix member sign up for Netflix andstartenjoying immediately on your phone with our one-monthfreetrial.How does Netflix work?• Netflix membership gives you access to unlimited TV showsandmovies for one low monthly price.• With the Netflix app you can instantly watch as many TVepisodes& movies as you want, as often as you want, anytimeyouwant.• You can Browse a growing selection of thousands of titles, andnewepisodes that are added regularly.• Search for titles and watch immediately on your phone or onanever expanding list of supported devices.• Rate your favorite shows and movies and tell us what you likesoNetflix can help suggest the best titles for you.• Start watching on one device, and resume watching onanother.Check out for all the TVs, game consoles,tablets,phones, Blu-ray players and set top boxes on which you canwatchNetflix.By clicking INSTALL, you consent to the installation of theNetflixapplication and any updates or upgrades thereto.───────────────────────────────── License Agreement By downloading this application you agree to the Netflix Terms of Use and Privacy Statement,locatedat 1-month free Netflix membership offer is available to first timeandcertain former members and cannot be combined with any otheroffer.Internet access and valid payment method are required toredeemoffer.  Netflix will begin to bill your paymentmethod forthe Netflix membership fee at the end of the free monthunless youcancel prior to the end of the first month. YourNetflixmembership is a month-to-month subscription that you cancancel atany time. Go to "Your Account" on the Netflix websiteforcancellation instructions. No refund or credit for partialmonthlysubscription periods. A device that streams fromNetflix(manufactured and sold separately) and broadbandInternetconnection are required to watch instantly.For complete terms and conditions, pleasevisit privacy statement, pleasevisit
伊藤潤二AR 2.7
藉由伊藤潤二大展專屬AR擴增實境App,你可在展覽現場體驗超過10組伊藤潤二經典平面漫畫作品真實動起來的恐怖快感,搭配音效更顯真實!今年冬天,伊藤潤二恐怖美學體驗大展要帶伊藤潤二粉絲們走入詭譎世界,購票入場即可免費體驗驚悚百分百的恐怖美學!※僅展覽現場標記「AR」圖示之展示作品有此擴增實境效果圖像授權:大亦睿有限公司【伊藤潤二App使用步驟】(1)購票參觀伊藤潤二恐怖美學體驗大展(2)下載「伊藤潤二App」(3)輸入票券10碼序號成功登入(4)打開手機音效並將手機置入展覽現場免費提供的AR眼鏡(5)戴上AR眼鏡觀看標示「AR」的展示作品即可體驗*每張票券序號僅供一台行動裝置輸入使用一次,如更換行動裝置或解除安裝後,將不得再次下載使用。*如有無法下載本App的情況,可能與您手機裝置、設定有關係,展覽現場如發生此情況,請洽服務台人員。*主辦單位不保證展覽現場以外場所之使用效果與情況。*主辦單位保留增加、修改、變更及取消App之權力。►官方粉絲團:►官方網站: by JunjiItoExclusive AR Augmented Reality App, you can experience more than10group Junji Ito manga real classic plane moving up the thrillofhorror at the exhibition site, with sound even more real!This winter, Junji Ito Horror aesthetic experience JunjiItoexhibition to bring fans into the treacherous world, ticketedtofree experience aesthetic horror thriller hundred percent!※ only exhibition site marked "AR" icon to show the workshavethis augmented reality effectImage Authorization: Great also Rui Ltd. Junji Ito [App] in step(1) ticket to visit Junji Ito Horror aestheticexperienceexhibition(2) Download the "Junji Ito App"(3) Enter the number of tickets 10 yards success sign(4) open the phone and the phone sounds into the exhibitionsiteprovided free of AR glasses(5) wear AR glasses marked "AR" display to experience works* Each ticket number is for a mobile device inputs used once,suchas changing your mobile device or uninstall, the download willnotbe used again.* If you can not download this App situation may be related toyourphone means for setting a relationship, the exhibition site asthishappens, please contact the help desk staff.* The organizer does not guarantee the effect outside theexhibitionsite and place the situation.* Organizers reserve additions, modifications, changesandcancellation of authority App.► official fan group:► Official website: http: //
Access, manage and share your files at4sharedwith others.Free mobile application 4shared for Android is a convenient andfastway to access your account at, including alldocuments,photos, music, etc. directly from your Android devicewhenever youwish to.The convenient public search option allows you to search forandfind the file you need within the massive 4shared filedatabase.It’s also simple to define various search filters (uploadtime,size, type of file, etc.) to get the best results and addthenecessary file to your own account at 4shared for Android you can easily copy, move, rename,delete,upload and download any files from your account onyour smartphone or tablet and share them with yourcolleagues,relatives and friends.4shared for Android enables:• Fast and convenient access to 30,000,000+ files.• User-friendly search within massive 4shared database withanoption to instantly add the found files to your account.• A possibility to manage your account at, listentomusic and even watch videos directly on your Androiddevice.• Instant sharing of files from your 4shared account viatheapp.Required app permissions:• Contacts - only used for reading contact list. Thisenablessharing your files to emails from your contacts.We do not enable any 3rd-party access to your contactlistinfo.• Device ID & Call information - only used for readingthestatus of any ongoing calls. This enables pausing streamed musicinthe app, when someone’s calling you.• Photos/Media/Files - enables file upload from Androiddevice(including Camera upload) to your 4shared account and thedownloadof files from your account to the phone storage or SDcard.• Identity - used for the correct sign-in to your 4sharedaccountvia the app.We do not sell or otherwise transfer your personal data to3rd-partyvendors.• Wi-Fi connection info - only used for reading the state ofWi-Ficonnection. This improves file upload and downloadappfeatures.Facebook Network Audience:
FANDOM for: Clash of Clans 2.9.3
Fandom's app for Clash of Clans-createdbyfans, for fans. The Clash of Clans app alwaysfeatureshighly-accurate, real-time information from Fandom'spassionatecommunity of fans. You can expect to see hundreds ofpages ofcontent created by fans just like you. Find articles onspells,troops, resources, game mechanics, strategies, guides andmuch,much more! No other app offers this combination ofcompanionfeatures that allow you to:-Browse: Discover Clash of Clans articles created by fans fromthecommunity.-Connect: Join the Clash of Clans community to discuss with fansorsuggest changes to content.-Explore: Search for other Fandom community apps like Clash ofClansand related content.NOTE:The app icon, screenshots and all content inside this appareCreative Commons licensed (CC-BY-SA) and the license detailsforall of these assets can be found on Fandom's licensingpage: As an official Fandom app,this appfully complies with the CC-BY-SA terms set forth onthatpage.All Fandom content and the contents of this app were uploadedbyusers and are governed by Fandom's Terms ofUse( We have a team dedicatedtoenforce Fandom's Terms of Use, including responding toDMCAtakedown notices. For more information please see our DMCAtakedownpolicy:
Lagu Boboiboy Lengkap 1.1.3
Aplikasi ini berisikan kumpulan lagu-lagudariAnimasi Boboyboy dan lagu Boboiboy sangat cocokuntukanak-anak.**Just Streaming OnlyThis applicationcontainsa collection of songs from the Animation Boboyboy andsongsBoBoiBoy very suitable for children.** Just Streaming Only
Dimensi Aliff 1.2
Astro Shaw
Look through Aliff’s eyes and seealltheparanormal entities that he sees. A virtualrealityexperiencewhere you will be able to see paranormal entitiesandAliff’sinteractions with them. Be on the lookout for keymarkersand scanthem using this app to be surprised bytheirpresenceeverywhere.
اقتباسات أنمي ناروتو 1.2
Robot Studio
اقتباسات انمي ناروتو تطبيق جد رائعلكلعشاقالانمي الياباني anime و خاصة محبي انمي ناروتوnarutoللمانكاغاالعبقري Masashi Kishimoto ماساشي كشيموتو.لا يخفى على احد مدى روعة هذا الانمي الذي لطالمااتحفنابشخصياتهالرائعة ، احداثه الاسطورية و افكاره العميقة التيتتجلى فياقوالوامثال وحكم صدرت عن مختلف الشخصيات ك ايتاشي ، باين ،جيرايا... وغيرهم الكثير.لهذا عملنا في هذا التطبيق على جمع اكثر من 100 اقتباس و قولة،بطريقةجد رائعة لسهولة تفحصها و بواجهة التطبيق الجميلة.مميزات التطبيق:* يعمل بدون انترنت* تطبيق بسيط الحجم* مجموعة كبيرة من الاقتباسات ستغير طريقة تفكيرك* سهولة التصفح* يتناسب مع كل الاجهزةيمكن اختبار انفسكم و كل اوتاكو otaku عن طريقمحاولةاستكمالالاقتباس قبل الضغط علبه و تخمبن صاحب القولة فقطبالنظرللصورة ، لاختبار ذاكرتكم.لمن لم يشاهد انمي ناروتو بعد ، يمكنك ان تشكل فكرةعنالانميبقراءتك للاقوال : التطبيق خال من اي حرق ، يمكنك مشاهدتهبعدهاعلىanime slayer.يمكن لكل عشاق انمي و الاوتاكو في العالم العربي منتحميلهذاالتطبيق المجاني.المرجو مشاركة التطبيق على الشبكات الإجتماعية اذارايتمانالاقتباسات تستحق الانتشار.لا يسعنا في الاخير الا ان نرجو من العلي القدير ان نكون توفقنافيهذاالبرنامج الجديد, وخصوصا الا تبخلوا علينا بالتقييمالايجابيالذييحتوي على 5 نجمات كاملة, مع بالغ الشكر لكم.QuotesanimeNarutowonderful application grandfather all the fans ofJapaneseanimeanime, especially anime lovers Naruto naruto forMancagageniusMasashi Kishimoto Masashi Keshioto.It is no secret how wonderful this anime, which haslongAthvaBchksyate wonderful, legendary events and profoundthoughtsthatare reflected in the words and the likes, the ruleissued bythevarious characters as Itachi, Pine, Jiraiya ...andmanyothers.For this work in this application to collect more than 100andquotehim, a very wonderful way for easy examinationandbeautifulinterface application.Application features:* Works without Internet* Simple-sized application* A wide range of quotations will change the way you think* Easy navigation* Commensurate with all appliancesYou can test yourselves and every otaku otaku bytryingtocomplete the quote before pressing a box and printedwithTakmbenHis only view of the image, to test your memory.Those who had not seen the anime Naruto yet, you can formanideaof ​​the anime your reading of the words: free fromanyburningapplication, you can watch it later on theanimeslayer.All the fans of anime and can Alaotako in the Arabworldtodownload this free application.Please application on social networks If you see apostthatquotations are worth spreading.We can not afford the latter only hope that the AlmightytobeTovguena in this new program, especially, but give usapositiveevaluation which contains 5 full starlets, with deepthankstoyou.
Lagu Boboi & Upinipin 1.2
Tungir Hijau
Aplikasi ini adalah koleksi lagu Upin danIpinuntuk penggemarnya. Terdapat juga koleksi lagu Boboiboy untukyangmenyukainya. Aplikasi ini menyediakan lirik lagu, untukmemainkanlagu silahkan tekan tombol play pada aplikasi.Selamat menikmati dan semoga terhibur.Menambahkan beberapa lagu kartun anak.
WWE 3.17.1
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Take WWE with you wherever you go – anytime,day or night – with the official WWE app for yourAndroiddevice.Now, in addition to the latest WWE videos, news and thousandsofphotos, you can use the WWE App as your exclusive portal toWWENetwork – a 24/7 streaming service with both scheduledprogrammingand a massive, on-demand library.Only on WWE Network, you’ll see every WWE live pay-per-viewevent,including WrestleMania, groundbreaking original series,realityshows and documentaries. You’ll also be able toexploresports-entertainment’s most comprehensive video-on-demandlibrary,featuring every WWE, WCW and ECW pay-per-view ever – uncutanduncensored – plus, classic matches and replays of RawandSmackDown.Join your fellow WWE Universe members at the next WWE LiveEventnear you – for which you can find complete details within theWWEApp. Explore our full schedule of events around the globe, findoutwhich Superstars will be in action, set reminders and orderyourtickets for the experience of a lifetime.The WWE App provides instant access to your favorite WWESuperstars,Divas and Legends. View Superstar profiles for a quicklook atextensive career milestones, biographies, video highlightsandTwitter feeds.If you want to outfit yourself like your favorite Superstar,enjoythe brand-new WWE Shop experience right from your device,whereofficial WWE Shop merchandise is available at the swipe ofyourfingertip.The WWE App is your key to unlocking a revolution!
Mobile Gamer - Notícias de Jogos Android 1.2.6
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Confira notícias, dicas, novidades, trailerseimagens dos próximos jogos que serão lançados para Android.Saiba tudo sobre a plataforma Android e fique antenado nosmelhoresjogos que estão a sua disposição. Com as notificaçõesinteligentes,você recebe atualizações diárias, você pode configurarasnotificações, para receber várias por dia ou apenas uma.Confira os MELHORES JOGOS PARA ANDROID, incluindo JOGOSGRÁTISOFFLINE. Listas e tops toda semana só com os melhoresjogosescolhidos por nossa equipe do Blog Mobile Gamer.Saiba quais são os melhores jogos para Android de 2015, osmelhoresjogos de corrida, os melhores jogos de RPG, os melhoresjogos deação, aventura e muito mais.Características:- Notificações com notícias e artigos apenas sobrejogosAndroid- Reviews- Trailers- Possibilidade de leitura offline- Top 10 semanais com os melhores jogos de cada categoria- Dois temas diferentes- Possibilidade de customizar as notificações- WidgetsEsse aplicativo só foi possível graças aos leitores e usuáriosdosite. Muito Obrigado!Check out news,tips,news, trailers and images of upcoming games that will bereleasedfor Android.Learn all about the Android platform and stay tuned on thebestgames that are at your disposal. With smart notifications, yougetdaily updates, you can set up notifications to receive severaladay or just one.Check out the BEST GAMES FOR ANDROID, including FREE GAMESOFFLINE.Lists and tops every week with only the best games chosenby ourBlog Mobile Gamer team.Find out what are the best games for Android 2015, the bestracinggames, the best RPG games, the best games of action,adventure andmore.Characteristics:- Notifications with news and articles just aboutAndroidgames- Reviews- Trailers- Reading Ability offline- Top 10 weekly with the best games in each category- Two different themes- Ability to customize notifications- WidgetsThis application was only possible thanks to the readers andsiteusers. Thank you so much!