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Pirate coin pusher 2D Free 1.2.1
This is the first 2D Coin pusher androidgamein the world that created by HK devloper.Shoot your coins, trade with npcs, search towns and islands,fightpirates. Give you a new experience to play a coinpushergames.How to play:First, you need to prepare from shop, sell rums, buycannons,sailors, shootable coins and upgrade your ship. Then chooseajourney to start game.After that, use the coin shooter to shoot and break all barrelstomove your ship forward.Push all coins into the hole that under the coin shooter as muchasyou can.Complete full journey will allow you to open a tresure boxwithkeys, so collect key's coin is important too.When you completed a Journey, all your steps will reduceyourdistence from the big treasureFeatures,1.Autoplay(new!)2.Big treasure journey(new!)3.upgradable coin shooter, player ship, fire power.4.many random elements(map, loot, lucky draw, pirate's HP &ATK,items cost...)5.five difficulties(more difficult, more reward).6.destory all moving barrels to move your ship forward.7.4 special action like fast shoot, ATK boots and more...8.Daily rewards.9.Lucky draw10.Local Multiplayer (PVP & COOP)-Full version onlyp.s.If you like this game, please purchase full version to supportgamedeveloper
Bubble Pirate 6.0.1
Bubble Pirate is a Match 3 Shooter gamethatbrings the latest generation of arcade games to yourandroiddevice! Live a Pirate life, full of marine adventures, andshootbubbles to find the Treasures.Meet merry fellow Pirate and overcome any difficultiesplayingtogether.Use your finger to aim and click to shoot your cannon!Play classic game Bubble but now with pirates. Aim the cannonandshoot the same colored balls to eliminate them. You must removeallballs to the next levelDon't use the arrows on the bottom, just tap on the game boardwhereyou specifically want the ball.Bubble Pirate is a perfect application for the fun lovers ofanyage!Install it now and start enjoying this excellent graphics,voicefrom a real pirate.Bubble Pirate has a perfect user friendly multi-touchinterfacethat makes this app easy accessible for everyone.Get Bubble Pirate now for FREE and start your own pirate adventure-this app is worth being downloaded!