Top 2 Games Similar to Syncing Shifts

Blown Away: I'm Touched 1.0
Blown Away: I'm Touched is a laid backarcadegame with cutting edge graphics. Push around enemies bytouchingthe screen, almost as if you finger was a mighty downdraftorhairdryer. Keep you blob safe from the spike, star, andglowenemies. Can you beat the built in high scores? Shaking thedevicewill bring up the settings.Here at CryoSpeed industries, we beleive the music is almostasimportant as the graphics. This game, as all of our games do,hasincredible music. The music in this game is composed byrenownedmusical artist Kevin Macleod of Away has the realistic physics and highly dynamic graphicsforthe pickiest of gamers. This game hits all the samestandardscryospeed industries set with all of it's other games,such astunnel rush. Try us today, we are free ater all, and onlytake 15mega bites(MB), a ridiculously small amount of memory.
Pac Nyan Demo 2.3
The most retarded Pac Man clone you'lleversee,staring Rageguy and featuring Nyan Cat power-ups.Co-starringYaoMing as the ghosts.Collect all coins, find the key to unlock the doors and gettotheexit!Features:** Full engine rewrite, addressing all bugs & glitches.* Vibrant, detailed levels.* Fluid scrolling graphics, with zooming & panning camera* Animated memes with situation-aware face expressions&soundeffects (fuuuu!, yikes! whew!)* Full musical score* 2 Levels* Add supportedIn response to Christian's question: The music is BullCactusbyGoto-80 and its hilarious. Its got a full length track forfreeat: