Top 1 Games Similar to Planetfall

Dark Project 1.4
Dark Faction
Story:--------Play a star trooper sent to investigate the disappearanceofaresearch team sent to the planet Deltorato determine the possibility of the planet beinginhabitable.Uponyou're arrival, you soon learn thatsomething has gone horribly wrong and need to facethedarknessequipped with weapons and your trustyflashlight and search for the team fighting offmutantsandzombies.*This game is best played with headphones and in the dark*DOES NOT WORK WITH MALI GRAPHICS PROCESSORS(eg. GalaxyNote2)-11 Levels of mayhem and darkness.-Investigate the inner workings of the Deltora complex.-5 Different weapons to master.-Collect weapons or purchase them from in gamekioskswithcredits.-Exterminate monsters with varying degrees of difficulty.Minimum Requirements:------------------------------------This game is designed for 1080p devices. PREMIUM DEVICES.-Android 4 and up.-At least 150MB Free space on you're device-1.7GB Ram for optimal performance.-Battery charged to a minimum of 40% for optimal performance.(Currently tested on Xperia Z, HTC One and Samsung GalaxyS4andup.)Similar devices should work.