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Stripper On A Rocket (Free) 1.01
Ever wonder what it would feel like toridearocket through an asteroid belt while wearing nothing butathong?Well wonder no more! Stripper on a rocket allows youtoexperiencethe thrill of pole dancing on a rocket speedingthroughspacewithout the risk of death.The goal of stripper on a rocket is to log the longesttimeyoucan by dodging asteroids, which is no easy task. Thegamegetsprogressively faster as you play! But the use of power upscanhelpyou stay alive. There are 3 power ups, star shield, laserbeamsandan asteroid pause power up. But don't take them for grantedastheycan only be used for 20 seconds at a time. Enjoy the gameanddon'tforget to share the link via Facebook :)