Top 24 Games Similar to Dream-Bit (Demo)

VR Wrong Voyage for Cardboard 2.1
Requieres standard bluetooth gamepadandVirtual Reality HMD like Google CardboardDesigned as a standing experienceAfter getting lost in the wrong levels for an eternity I got anewunknown area, where ancient constructions andtechnology meets without a reason. Again the samequestionsunanswered. Who had built this world apparently abandoned?what wasmy role in all this? I have to find out.Wrong Voyage is a fps/puzzle hybrid game, with a retro style.This game was created for the Global Archiact Jam 2016Made by Team FguillotineCompatible with:Google CardboardLakento MVRHomido VRArchos VRFibrumDive VRFreeFly VRGoogle CardboardVXMASKVoxter Neo VR1MIRVirtuality
Stellar Dive Experience VR 1.3
Explore worlds in virtual reality!Choose your Stargate and after crossing, you are teleportedintoanother world to discover (Moon, Mars, space station ...).To fully enjoy the experience, you will need:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> A fairly powerful smartphone (quad core processor, 2GB ofRAMat least 5 inches full HD screen).   We have successfully tested on LG G2 LG Gflex XperiaZUltra, Samsung Galaxy S5 Samsung Galaxy S4.   It seems there is a problem with Motorola Razr X,someGalaxy S3.   We are optimizing the app, thank you foryourpatience.> For the 3D VR immersion:     - A VR helmet, like : Durovis Dive,GoogleCardboard, Refugio3D, VReye GO,       Samsung Gear VR,Homido,ImmersiON-VRelia GO or other similar (home made...)> To movements and actions:      - A compatible gamepad withyourphone.(for example a PS3 controller connected with OTG cable worksfinewith all our devices)> Using a headset will immerse you even more!
Returning Home 4.0
An ancient fleet is traveling throughtheuniverse in search of its origins.Join this amazing story and discover his revelations.Returning Home is not a game, is an immersive and relaxingstorywhere you can fly freely into an evocating environment invirtualreality for smartphones-No need of controllers or external triggers.-New awesome content coming soon.-Designed for mobile VR cases as Google Cardboard.IMPORTANT: This app requires a powerful deviceWe truly recommend the use of headphones, for a good immersion._________________________________________Known issues:- It suddenly exits the app in the second stage withSamsungGalaxy s3- it takes some seconds to load between scenes in some devices
Sinister Edge - 3D Horror Game 2.1.5
On your desperate search for yourfamily,Sinister Edge leads you to the edge of horror anddespairImmerse yourself in a mind-blowing experience ofunadulteratedterror you will never be able to forget! Bycombiningheart-stopping horror with the complex mechanics of anadventuregame, Sinister Edge offers you an unparalleledexperience.Solve entertaining puzzles, discover atmospheric locationsandescape from the evil lurking in the shadows, but never forget,youare not alone…FEATURES:» Playable with or without HMD/ VR- device» Supports external controller» Stunning graphics» Thrilling horror experience» Numerous challenging puzzles» Intuitive controls without additonal device» Exceptionally long playtime» Unparalleled innovative gameplay» Varied locations» Mindblowing 3D graphics with HMD/ VR -device» No movie, no tracking shots, PLAY Sinister EdgeSinister Edge was specifically developed for VR platforms(GoogleCardboard, Zeiss VR, Auvisio, Archos VR, Dive VR, FreeFlyVR,Homido VR, Fibrum, HTC Vive), but is also playable withoutthem.Simple and intuitive controls allow free movement even withouttheuse of a controller.REGULAR CONTROLS:- Use your virtual joysticks to move and look around.- Go to an object and look at it in order to interact- Tilt your device slightly to the left or the right in ordertorotate an objectCONTROLS VIA HMD/VR-DEVICE WITHOUT EXTERNAL GAMEPAD:- Tilt your head slightly forward in order to move- Go to an object and look at it in order to interact- Tilt your head slightly to the left or the right in ordertorotate an objectCONTROLS VIA HMD/VR-DEVICE WITH EXTERNAL GAMEPAD:- Use your analogue sticks to move and look around.- Go to an object and look at it in order to interact- Tilt your head slightly to the left or the right in ordertorotate an objectPERMISSIONS EXPLAINED:- BILLING & INTERNET: Used for in app store.- READ/WRITE EXTERNAL STORAGE: Used to save GoogleCardboardSettings.- WAKE LOCK: Required by Google Cardboard.You can find further
Wrong Level VR (Cardboard) 1.4.5
Requieres standard bluetooth gamepadandVirtualReality HMD like Google CardboardWrong Level VR is a platform game with no sense.There'snogirlfriends to rescue or a clear objetive. No adds tooInmerse yourself and explore this wrong world across11levelsWrong Level VR is designed to play standing upCompatible with:Durovis DiveLakento MVRHomido VRArchos VRFibrumDive VRFreeFly VRGoogle CardboardVXMASKVoxter Neo VR1MIRVirtuality
VR Free Flight 1.0.4
Look around to fly through and explorethisvast and mysterious jungle island.Use your VR headset buttonorsimply tap the screen to reset the level. Enjoy flying aroundinvirtual reality!Get ready for limitless Virtual Reality, poweredbyWearality:*Tap with 1 finger to pause the tour.*Tap with 2 finger to re-calibrate the forward direction.*Tap with 3 fingers to restart the ride!Learn more about and get your very own GoogleCardboardtoday! with any mobile stereoscopic headset with a builtinaccelerometer.
Hidden Temple - VR Adventure 1.0.5
Ever wanted to be a treasure hunter in midst of the deepestjungle?Alone, in search of adventure, mystery and riches? Then grabyoursurvival kit and your mosquito spray, because HIDDEN TEMPLE -VRADVENTURE makes you the center piece of a thrilling virtualrealityadventure. Escape from an ancient temple before it becomesyourtomb!In classic point-and-click manner you will have to collectandcombine items in order to solve tricky riddles and discoversecretchambers. You can explore the corridors of the temple throughyourmotions alone as the fantastic full 360° view places you rightinthe middle of the adventure. Will you find the hidden treasureofjewels and gold?HIDDEN TEMPLE - VR ADVENTURE can be played on all typesofdevices using the 360° view, however the use of VR-headsets suchasGoogle Cardboard is recommended for the best experience.Features:✔ Super immersive VR adventure✔ Fascinatingly detailed 3D environments✔ Classic adventure gameplay✔ Easy and intuitive controls✔ Full 360° view✔ Complete 3D positional sounds✔ Playable without VR-headset✔ Full tablet supportThank you for playing ‘Hidden Temple –VRAdventure’!Get in touch with HandyGamesTM:http://www.handy-games.comJoin us on Facebook: tuned on Google+: to our channel on YouTube: news on Twitter: us on Instagram:© GmbH
Halls of Fear VR - Demo 1.3
This is my first demo for the Durovis Dive, Refugio 3D or otherVRHeadsets for smartphones. It is an early version right now, soalot of thing will be changed and added.Durovis Dive: http://www.durovis.comRefugio 3D: Cardboard: is a virtual reality horror game where you have to findallcubes to get to the next level. The goal is to stay alive andgetto the exit.You can use a Snakebyte iDroid controller (gamepad/keyboardmode)or an other bluetooth gamepad. (Only tested withtheSnakebyte)Some people report problems with their iDroid, not getting pastthemenu. I am trying to fix this, but can't promise anything.Or you can play with autorun (Look at the beneath your feetandactivate the magnet trigger or touch your screen).Sounds are from .3D models are either made by myself, from the Unity Asset Storeorfrom .
VR Experience Free 2.2
Immerse yourself intovirtualrealitythankstoyour smartphone combined with a GoogleCardboardkit.Explore 6 worlds in 3D stereoscopic view cheaperthanwithanOculusRift.Look down during a few seconds or usetheAndroidfullysupportedmagnet toggle on the side of theheadsettostart/stopmoving intocurrent scene or to load nextlevel(4configurable VRmoving modesare now possible with orwithoutmagnettoggle, speed,player'sheight or eyes distanceisalsoconfigurable).In "Normal" (non-VR) mode you can also move with a digital pad.You can build a Google Cardboard VR headset yourself orbuyoneonadedicated website.Learn more about Google Cardboard and buildingyourownvirtualrealityglasses at Experience Free is also compatiblewithpremiumVRsmartphoneheadsets such as Homido or Durovis Dive5.Notethattheapplication also works on tablets (Nexus,GalaxyTab...)butneedsa dedicated VR headset (such as Durovis Dive7).In this free version you canexplore6differentlevels/worlds:- Office- Space ship- Desert- Forest- Center of the Earth- Ice landEnglish and French are supported.15 additional more interactive levels (for atotalof21)areincluded in the full featured version (alsoavailableontheGooglePlay Store).A lite version is also available with only 10 levels.For the best experience, use a smartphone with a5to5.5"screenlike Google Nexus 4/5/6, Samsung GalaxyS3/4/5,HTCOne,XiaomiMi3...Note: with virtual reality and 3Dstereoscopicview,youmayexperience dizziness, or “Sim Sickness” ifyou aretiredorusingthe game for too long a time. Inthatcasestopplayingimmediately.
Chair In A Room 2.1
New story added for Christmas: "Greed", youarea corporate lawyer heading to the top, as you rise in thecorporateelevator, each stop reveals a new piece of the sinisterstory ladenwith profit, dental and corruption, which couldultimately prove tobe your sharp demise.A visit from a business partner and the ghosts of thepast,present and future, will leave you to question your conscienceandhopefully unlock the "happy" ending.The dramatic new story features:- Clues and objects can be stored in a simpleinventorysystem- A decision must be made to uncover the “Child like innocence”inyourself- New score written specifically for this story- New setting and environments—Follow - A Chair in a Room for updates on the full game comingtoP.C. in Spring 2016.—PLEASE NOTE: This app will only work on powerful handsets duetothe high-quality 3D graphics. Further support information listedatthe bottom. For any enquiries please contact me via thesupportemail.Notes and Support:To create a more immersive experience with high qualitygraphicsthe app is designed for NEXUS 5 and up, I cannot guaranteesupportfor lower spec devices, the below list notes handsets whichhavenoted issues.Problems reported on:- Samsung Galaxy S3- Samsung Galaxy Note- Acer B1-A71- Asus ZenFone 5- Sony Xperia V- HTC DesireThis app will only work in Google Cardboard or similardevice,the screen is split and not playable without lenses.Screenshotsare for indicative purposes and do not show split screenview.The names and companies used in this game are purelyfictionaland any likeness to real world businesses or peopleiscoincidence.Warning: Not for those with heart conditions or underlyinghealthconcerns.
VR Fantasy 1.0.2
"Attention! To use this application youmusthave a Virtual Reality viewer like Cardboard or a similar one."Delve into the dungeons of an ancient magical fortress. Takeyoursword and solve all the puzzles to reach the exitLive the first-hand experience with the Virtual Reality.★ EXPLORE EVERY CORNER OF THE DUNGEONReally you feel like you're there! Wander between the walls,openthe doors, break the boxes. An amazing experience that you'venevertried.★ COMBAT DANGEROUS ENEMIESFirst, you hear it, then you will see it appear, moving to youathigh speed. This is a real-size slime! It's time to use yourswordto defeat him. In this experience you must defeat differenttypesof enemies: slimes, carnivorous plants, giant spiders ... andgetready for the final battle against a real dragon!★ FIND INCREDIBLE WEAPONSHow does it feel when you wield your sword for the first time?InFantasy VR adventure you must find and equip weapons such as ax,answord or a powerful magic staff that lets you shootfireballs.★ VR CARDBOARD GAME VERY STABLEThis game incorporates smooth improvements in virtualrealityexperience to provide a more comfortable and immersiveexperience.Enjoy Virtual Reality at low cost.★ THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNINGFantasy VR is an application constantly growing which isfrequentlyupdated with new content. You can give support to ourdevelopmentteam and we will continue expanding this spectacularfantasy world.Be part of the experience VR Fantasy!Join to us in★ CREDITSGame Design and DevelopmentAbraham CozarCharacter design & cover illustrationMiriam Barea
SpaceTerror VR 1.11
Immerse yourself in a space adventure, explore a new world!On a routine trip the ship where you're working suffer anaccidentand is forced to land on an unexplored planet... now beginyouradventure to survive.(You need a bluetooth controller to walk around)Next level soon..Video game designed by Kos Is Working for virtual realityheadsetbased on stereo vision as Oculus Rift (HMD), you can playit withyour Google Cardboard or with: SVR Glass, Durovis Dive, VROne,ImmersiON-VRelia, Go4D VR, Refugio3D, vrAse, Homido, LakentoMVR,etc.
Egypt Chamber Cardboard 1.2.1
The mysterious chamber of Egypt... Can you walk in and find thewayout? Alive!Egypt Chamber utilises the power of Google Cardboard andyourmobile device to create an unprecedented experience where yougetto explore the deepest secrets of the Egyptian Pyramids.Immerse yourself in the world of mystery and danger byenteringthe pyramid with only one exit. Wander through the darklabyrinthand find the mysterious artifacts necessary to escape fromthetrap. Stay alert from what you may find in the dark and DON’Tgetlost!Features:- Full 3D immersion- Dark/suspenseful original soundtrack- Intense sound FX designed- Atmosphere of ancient Egypt- Detailed realistic landscape- Animated environment- Easy to use controlsquickly pull and release the magnet to start/stop walking or topickup the artifacts- Compatible with virtual reality viewers such as GoogleCardboard,Samsung Gear, etc.- HD visualsFor best experience use headphones and a VR viewer.Note: This app is compatible with relatively powerful devicesdueto the high-quality 3D graphics. It was tested to be compatiblewithSony Xperia family and Samsung Galaxy S3 and later.May have bad performance on devices with Mali GPUs.Unfortunately this app does not supportgamepads/controllersyet.
VR Mars 1.1.0
Ever wonder how it feels to walk onMars?It's time to explore, walk and drive on this red planet!VR Mars is a first-person VR game about Marssurfaceexploration!With our future VR technologies, Mars has never been so real!This game will show you a real Martian environment in real3D!Ready for this journey to Mars? Let's begin!Key Features:★ Realistic Martian environment: mountains, crates, valleysandplanitias.★ Realistic Martian atmosphere: sunshine, wind, sand and air.★ Move freely, can experience walking, running and drivingonMars.★ Real 3D graphics.★ Various VR mission modesThis game requires use of a Google Cardboard VR viewerFor more information on Android-based Virtual Reality andGoogleCardboard VR check:
Haunted Rooms: Escape VR Game 2.2.3
Escape the rooms comes to VirtualReality(VR).Game is playable in VR (google cardboard) and normal touch(noheadset required).Download this free VR escape game and jump into thethrillerexperience of a lifetime; here are just a few of thefeatures thisgame has to offer:- Escape the room in VR- Playable in VR or normal touch edition (no headset required) -seecompatibility list below- Highly detailed pixel perfect graphics (3D / HD)- Challenging escape puzzles- Awesome nightmare scene- Unique scary effects and ambiance- More episodic updates to come9/10 Review IMPRESSIVE AWARD by VR Game For-"What can I say, it's a remarkable little game, so wellmade,the detailed graphics, the sound effects, the jumpscares,thepuzzles, the simple gameplay mechanics— everything just workssowell together."Just as you go to be bed the night before your weddinganniversary,all goes dark... You just woke up in a dark isolatedroom... Emptypockets, no memories, no clues... Why are you here andwhathappened to you? Is it night is it day... where I'm I? Unravelthesinister plot by escaping from room-to-room. Your wisdomanddetermination to survive will be your last lifeline... be readytoovercome your fears!A distrait sound, the sudden appearance of a ghost fromthedarkness... What or who has trapped you here? Is it thecultslenderman or just a sick psycho serial killer? Seek to solvethepuzzles and unmask the hidden secrets of this haunted mansion.Keepyour eyes open as a spirit visitor may hide in plain sight, Beveryprepared!What becomes clear very soon is that you are trapped in ahauntedhouse where haunted and lost souls seek to escape the terrorandfind their way to freedom. The nightmare unravels as you makeyourescape. Is a psycho bully keeping the dead trapped in a prisonandwhat is your part in all of this? His ghost will appear inthefirst nightmare scene (room 3).This game blends a scary horror experience with escape theroomgame-play backed with an insidious story that will unfold asyougain access (free) to new episodes. Like a good scary bookorthriller this game will give you goosebumps and make youshiverdown your spine. Filled with sudden scares and unexpectedtwistsyou will have moments that you never saw coming. With gameplaymixes traditional adventure puzzle mechanics with hiddenobjectswhile remaining accessible and easy to control throughVR.The game has been tested on a broad range of GoogleCardboardgoggles/headsets, but please reach out if you are havingany issueson your specific headset.Episode OneFist 5 rooms are not that hard and you may cruise throughthem.Please note this VR game is an episodic game which will offernewcontent as new chapters are released. The VR horror worldwillemerge piece by piece as the story and puzzles will fallintoplace. We treasure your feedback to improve the game foryourplaying pleasure. Room 1 should be fairly easy and it allbecomesmore difficult starting room 2. The third scene is anightmarescene which is also fun to share with friends, or scareyourbrothers or sisters as a VR shocker or prank.For those of you where VR based game play is overkill and makesyouill or nausea please don't worry as the complete game can beplayedwithout any headset through regular touch as well.If you like scary horror games and want to experience it infullvirtual reality (VR) then this game is a must download. Enjoyitfor free.*) CompatibilityThis VR app is designed for Android mobile phones usingGoogleCardboard. Issues? Please check your Cardboard settings. Youcanusually scan a QR code of your headset to apply settings.Testedcompatibility includes: Fove 0, VR View-Master DLX, CarlZeiss VROne GX, Homido (V2), Nibiru, Xiaomi Mi, FreeFly, VRTX One,Stooksy,Tepoinn 3D, VR KiX, Durovis Dive, Merge VR, Refugio 3D,FIBRUM VR,ANTVR, VR Smartview, ColorCross, VRTRIA.
VR Noir 1.9
Start VR
=Google Cardboard Required=You play Veronica Coltrane, a private detective forced to takeajob for the money. Will you carry out your client's wishesandcross the line?VR Noir is a groundbreaking step forward incinematicstorytelling and immersive gameplay."VR Noir is a great example of how virtual reality carries forward the torch that GONE litbefore it"~ Upload VR
Safari Tours Adventures VR 4D
Tulip Apps
Are you ready to go on Safari and come facetoface with incredible wildlife animals? Safari Tours AdventureVRhas some of the fastest, tallest and cutest animals to give youaclose-to-nature experience in VR.EXPLORE WILDLIFE SAFARI ADVENTURE PARK!Have you ever got the chance to watch your favorite animalsclosely?Explore Wildlife Park in a safari jeep tour to watch yourfavoritewildlife animals as they roam around freely. There arerhinos,elephants, zebras, birds, bears, fox, crocodiles, stags,wolves,lions, and many other jungle animals in this safaripark.LOOK AROUND TO WITNESS INCREDIBLE WILDLIFE!The safari jeep moves automatically within the wildlife animalpark.All you have to do is look around for an incrediblewildlifeexperience. Feel and live through the excitement of ridingon asafari jeep near the world’s most dangerous predators.VR WILDLIFE PARK SIMULATORWatching wildlife is addictive. Prepare yourself for amind-blowinganimal safari VR adventure through the VR world and getcloser towildlife in this realistic wildlife park simulator thathas beendesigned to give the best and realistic VR worldexperience.IMMERSIVE VR SAFARI GAMEEnjoy safari jeep tour through wildlife safari park simulator inVRto experience the most interesting 3D graphics with anaddictivegame play and awesome VR controls. Enhance your VRgamingexperience with highly immersive graphics and super cool VRgameplay.HIGH QUALITY GRAPHICSSafari Tour Adventure VR lets you enjoy a realistic experienceofwildlife zoo safari park while sitting comfortably on yourcouch,at leisure, through Virtual Reality, which combines withstunning,HD quality graphics. Install Safari Tours Adventure VR toenjoy thebest wildlife park simulator!CONTROLS FOR MOVEMENT:- Select Adventure tours to explore the safari parkbyyourself- Move around to explore incredible wildlife the Safari Park- Look around to move in animal safari VR- Focus on footsteps to walk within the VR jungle world- Look at the footsteps again to stop!VR SAFARI JEEP TOUR:- Enjoy the 360 degree views of the park while riding on safariparkjeep- The jeep moves at a fixed speed automatically within the VRanimalsafariSAFARI PARK ANIMALS:- Elephant- Rhinoceros- Zebra- Lions- Birds- Rabbits- Bear- Fox- Crocodile- Hippopotamus- Pig- Wolf- StagVR SAFARI TOURS ADVENTURE FEATURES:- Detailed safari wild animal game environment- Best suited soundtracks for jungle adventure &wildanimals- Immersive experience in VR- Beautiful and natural sceneries in zoo safari park- The best wildlife simulator app in 3D- Breathtaking visuals- No time Limit, unlimited fun and adventure!- Easy controls, simply look around to move within VR world- Gyro-meter based 360 degree rotation- Best for gyroscopic- enabled phones- Compatible with virtual reality glasses such as 4DUD andGoogleCardboard VR- Free android VR game of 2k16!For more information regarding Google Cardboard VR Glasses...please visit: us on us on Google+ our web page at: welcome comments and suggestions for future improvements. Ifyouhave a suggestion, or just want to say hi, email [email protected] don't collect any personal information , anynon-personalinformation collected by our partners like Google isused foranalytic and game improvements. For details checkhere
Runner VR for Google Cardboard 1.1
meme rage
Across the forest, across thesea,endlessrunTime to see Virtual Reality in the Natural Game WorldRealistic animations and beautiful graphicsHARDWARE REQUIRED• CPU: 1.2 GHz Quad-Core• RAM: 1GB
VR Home Design View 3D
Tulip Apps
Do you want to have a walk in anfullyfurnished apartment? want to see how the apartmentisdecorated?Here comes a special Apartment View VR Tour for you...experienceyourself walking in a luxury apartment... in this virtualrealitytreat ... using Google Cardboard glassesHow to set things:+ Play the demo on your smartphone+ Put the Smartphone in Google cardboard glasses housing+ Align your phone in center+ Check for blurriness... rotate lens for proper focus+ Wear your Google glasses and enjoy walking in spaceModes of Demo:+ By default the visit of luxury apartment will be automatic+ when click "manually visit" you can by own move around to seetheapartmentMovement Controls:+ Move around physically to explore the apartment+ Movement is simple, just look in the direction you want tomoveand you will automatically walk that way. You have complete360degrees of vision and you are free to explore the tour. Give itatry, it is your call!+ To walk just look down (for 5 seconds) as you looking yourfeet...the red indicator changes to green ... and you are free towalk anywhere+ And like wise if you want to stop ... just look down again for5seconds... the green indicator changes and you are stoppednow....explore complete 360 while you are standing idle...+ To open room doors ... just focus on the door ... theloaderdisplays loading... when it completes loading the dooropens+ To play music... just focus LED TV in main lounge... theloaderdisplays loading... when it completes loading themusicstartsFeatures:+ Amazingly view of Apartment+ Realistic sounds+ Easy controls, simply look where you want to go+ Unique virtual reality (VR) theme park simulator+ Compatible with virtual reality glasses such as GoogleCardboardVR+ Crisp, Cinema like, HD visuals+ Developed for high end phones which have Gyro SensorWe don't collect any personal information , anynon-personalinformation collected by our partners like Google isused foranalytic and game improvements. For details checkhere
VR Maze Run Journey 1.5
Escape from 3d adventure maze. Survivebyfinding exit door in a maze. There are 18 levels to complete.Youhave to explore and find a way out of the labyrinth withoutanymaps. To control your movement you have to rotate your head withVRheadset on your head. If you get tired, you can look down for3seconds and you will exit a level.Get your VR glasses: This app requires a VR headset (Google Cardboard,DurovisDive, Dodocase VR, VRelia GO, Homido, Gear VR) forbestresults.If the player view drifting, place your device on a flat,non-movingsurface for 20 seconds . The drift should be gone!If you like VR Maze Run Journey, please give it a review andarate.
The Forgotten Forest - VR Game 1.0
Sloppy Studio
----->>> Use your googlecardboardorany Mobile VR HeadSet ! <<<-----This game is a virtual reality game for google cardboard !If you love zombies , creatures then this vr game is foryou.Like Zombie Shooter Games ? Try this a Zombie Shootervrgame.The forgotten forest is full of zombies , creatures ,ghostsdyingto eat you alive.The forgotten forest is sort of azombie vrgame.KEY FEATURES:1. Horrifying environment in a vr game2. Zombies , Creatures3.The forgotten forest is one of the best VR experience4. Spooky sound effects5.Compatible with virtual reality glasses such as GoogleCardboardVR, fibrum vr6.Google Cardboard VR powered stereoscopic renderingandheadtracking for mobile VR* get your own Cardboard viewer at enjoy The forgotten forest a vr game in vr headset.
RollerCoasterVR DarkCity 1.0
Application for Google cardboard.Please wear the VR equipment and aboard onVRrollercoaster.Feel the exhilarating thrill thru skyscrapers.Please watch the broken railway.Function :+ Application for VR.+ Created by 3D graphics.+ Control available by gyro sensor.+ Minimize the VR motion sickness.Advertisements are embedded in this Map.
The Maze Adventure VR 2.2
Race through a desolate maze and passtheultimate test of survival!Navigate through the maze way path dodging deadly obstaclesmainlythe zombies!The Maze Adventure VR is a running game that puts you directlyintothe most dangerous places where no one goes. Just hold yourbreathand start the running in the maze for seeking the wayout!Just imagine that you are lost in the maze and zombies invade…thenwhat will you do…It will be entirely different experience when you wearGoogleCardboard glasses or VR Headset and start searching for thewayout..How to set things:+ Start the game on your smartphone+ Put the Smartphone VR Glasses like 4DUD, Google Cardboard+ Align your phone in center+ Check for blurriness... rotate lens for proper focus+ Wear your Google glasses and enjoy Maze Adventure VRMovement Controls:+ Look around to view the maze walls+ To move in the path just focus the path entrance …GamePlay:+ Be-aware of blood thirsty zombies+ Run and search the exit door to complete the maze levelGame Features:+ Amazingly detailed 3D environments+ Easy controls just look and move through the maze path+ A unique virtual reality (VR) experience+ Dust particles in air which looks awesome in VR+ Compatible with virtual reality glasses such as 4DUD,GoogleCardboard VR+ Developed for high end phones which have Gyro SensorThis demo is compatible with 4DUD VR Glasses, GoogleCardboard,Durovis Dive, Vrase, Samsung Gear VR, Carl Zeiss VR one,Archos /Colorcross and other DIY Oculus Rift, HTC Vive orMicrosoftHololens etc.Caution: While using any VR headset, you need to hold ontosomething as it does take over your senses. It’s easy forsomeoneto fall over.Privacy Policy:-----------------------We don't collect any personal information , anynon-personalinformation collected by our partners like Google isused foranalytic and game improvements.For details please read our PrivacyPolicy
VR Carnival 3
NOTE : YOU MUST HAVE GYRO SENSOR IN YOURPHONETO EXPERIENCE VRExperience the real life sensation of this 3D VirtualRealityCarnival with your mobile virtual reality headset forGoogleCardboard or any mobile virtual reality headset.Get ready for limitless Virtual Reality, Featuring the highestFieldof View in VR,Highly recommended to use bairnvr virtual reality headsetwithheadphone.*Tap to start/stop exploring.*Explore the full carnival area.*Experience all rides, just find the entry gate and hitstart.Features:-Google Cardboard powered stereoscopic rendering and headtrackingfor mobile VR.-Exciting VR carnival, with 4 exiting rides.-An exciting environment filled with crowd, buildings,screamingriders.Works with any mobile stereoscopic headset with a builtinaccelerometer and gyro.