Top 24 Games Similar to Klopex Galactic Bubble

Bubble Blaze
Ready, aim, fire! Pop ’em and drop ’em inthisbubble-shooting extravaganza!Over 200 popping puzzles—with more added all the time—will haveyoubursting with excitement as you Aim, fire and tilt your waythrougha fun-filled adventure!Help Blaze and his dragon pup pals defeat the evil knightBlackheartand rescue the stolen dragon eggs that have beenscattered throughthe kingdom!• Lots of challenging bubble popping levels!• Match three or more bubbles to score!• Enjoy 3 exciting gameplay modes: Pop the Top, Beat the Clock,andHit the Egg!• Pop your way past tricky obstacles like Spiky, Mystery andBlitzbubbles!• Harness the power of magical boosts and charms to help you outofbubble trouble!• Create awesome bubble-busting streaks to unleash showersofsparkling jewels!• Gather glittering gems to send your score skyrocketing!• Challenge friends, beat their scores, share gifts and raceacrossthe Bubble Blaze kingdom!Bubble Blaze is the thrilling bubble-popper game with millionsofplayers worldwide. Join the free fun today, and pop your way tothetop!Pop over to Facebook and Twitter for the latest news:Facebook/[email protected]:Bubble Blaze is free to download and play, but containsoptionalin-app purchases that cost real money.© 2014 - 2016 Outplay Entertainment Ltd. Bubble Blaze is atrademarkof Outplay Entertainment. All rights reserved.
Puzzle Bubble 2016 1.4
Zepra Studio
Welcome tobubblefantasy!From northern Aurora, to blue whirlpool, from golden sands,tosea volcano, you will experience an incredible adventureviacollecting and using different tools to make every singleshootingmore effective, and explore the unknown treasure hiddenfrombubbles.► Clear all the bubble balls on the screen to level up andtryto get as high score as you can on each level.► Give the challenge to your friends, and get sprinkledwithcountless awards!Well it’s time to get excited with the beauty ofelimination!Let’s go!
Angry Birds POP Bubble Shooter 3.24.2
Let the bubbles fly in a charmingbubbleshooter downloaded by more than 45 MILLION players! Match andpopcolorful bubbles in over 2000 captivating levels, andparticipatein special events to earn awesome rewards!Join Stella, Red, Chuck, Bomb, and the rest of the Angry Birdsflockin a bubble shooting adventure bursting with a nearly endlesssupplyof challenges! Grab your trusty slingshot and shoot thosebubbles todrop the pigs and rescue the impossibly adorableHatchlings. Withspecial guests and events popping up all the time,there’s always afun new challenge to take on. Of courseaccomplishments come withtheir fare share of rewards!FEATURES– Super easy to pick up and play.– Levels for days! Play over 2000 levels with more addedeveryweek.– Regular updates with fun seasonal themes, special guests,andmore.– Watch out for limited-time events and sales!– Beautiful graphics and animations. Everything is burstingwithcolor!– Pull off popping streaks to load your slingshot with anextrapowerful bubble!– Complete daily challenges for special bonuses.– Connect to Facebook to challenge friends and send gifts.– Need some help with a tough level? Boosters are there for youwhenyou need them.Like us on Facebook: some help? Visit our support page or send us amessage! Birds Pop! - Bubble Shooter is completely free to play,butthere are optional in-app purchases available. Either way,it’stons of fun!Terms of Use: Policy:
Bubble Shooter 2
Have a great time playing thisBubbleShootergame for FREE!Our 1000+ puzzle levels will keep your engaged for hours. Wewilladdmore levels on future updates.===================================Features:1. Puzzle Mode - 1000+ fun levels of saga puzzles2. Arcade Mode - The bubbles will go down gradually so youneedtoshoot quickly to avoid deathShoot Bubble Deluxe Game games free has 1000+ levels toplay,andmore free, fun and addictive levels will be added tothisbubbleshooter free download game!Bubble Shooter graphics suitable for kids, toddlers.Youcancontinueyour game to make sure that you don’t lose anyprogress.So just sitback, relax and alongside those colorfulbubbles.===================================How to play:1. Tap on the screen to shoot the bubble in thatdirection.2. Make formations of 3 or more bubbles to knock them down.3. Clear the current puzzle level to unlock the next one.4. You can even choose to play previous completed levels.===================================
Bubble Shooter 3.0.0
GAME MODES:• Original bubble shooter classic arcade game – As playedonpersonal computer.• Puzzle bubble game – over 5,000 addicting bubbleshooterlevels.• Arcade puzzles – New level updated.*If you used to play bubble shooter online and you likebubbleshooter games, this app is a must have as part of yourbubblegamescollection. With so many levels and gaming options youwon’t getbored, we promise!WHY PLAY THIS GAME?• Custom difficulty level and bubble size.• Free 2 play, unlimited time and lives.• Challenging levels that some of our players admit to play overandover again.• All levels are being monitored and new levels are beingupdatedconstantly.• Intuitive game play and special game features!HOW TO PLAY?• In all game mods the goal is the same.• Connect 3 or more bubbles of the same color to makethempop.• Aim by dragging your finger on the screen.• Release your finger to shoot.• Use the aim-line for shooting accuracy.• TIP! Can't pass a certain level? Use the aim-line to bouncethebubble of the wall and reach higher places.IF YOU ARE A TRUE BUBBLE POPPERGet all the latest bubble shooting updates:Like us onFacebook us on Twitter our web site: NOTE:Ok, we do hate these annoying "Please rate" request as much asyoudo, but since this is a free bubble shooter game wedesperatelyneed your ratings to support our efforts. So, we'd liketo ask, inthe politest way possible – if you like our game, PLEASERATE IT!!!That way we can stay in business and continue making coolgames foryour pleasure :))) Thank you!!!
bubble shooter 1.4
Have a great time playing thisPuzzleBubbleDeluxe game for FREE!Our 1000+ puzzle levels will keep your engaged for hours. Wewilladdmore levels on future updates.===================================Features:1. Puzzle Mode - 1000+ fun levels of saga puzzles2. Arcade Mode - The bubbles will go down gradually so youneedtoshoot quickly to avoid deathPuzzle Bubble Deluxe games free has 1000+ levels to play,andmorefree, fun and addictive levels will be added to thisbubbleshooterfree download game! Bubble Shooter Classic graphicssuitableforkids, toddlers.You can continue your game to make surethatyoudon’t lose any progress. So just sit back, relaxandalongsidethose colorful bubbles.===================================How to play:1. Tap on the screen to shoot the bubble in thatdirection.2. Make formations of 3 or more bubbles to knock them down.3. Clear the current puzzle level to unlock the next one.4. You can even choose to play previous completed levels.===================================
Puzzle Bubble 1.2
Star Game
Puzzle Bubble is an award winning puzzlegame.You will love it no matter who you are—kid or grown up.Here comes the most classic and interesting game again!Super balls and special items drive you mad!Real physical effect & marvelous game screen.Hundreds of exquisite created stages.Surpass your friends and win the big prize!How could I be unable to get rid of such a simple bubble game,comeand help me~------------------------------------Stella and her cats need your help to fend off the dark spiritsthatare plaguing their land. Travel the realm bursting as manybubblesas you can in this exciting adventure. Win levels and freeWitchCountry piece by piece.Take on this epic saga alone or play with friends to see who cangetthe highest score!Bubble Witch 2 Saga is completely free to play but somein-gameitems such as extra moves or lives will requirepayment.By downloading this game you are agreeing to our terms ofservicewhich can be found at• The next exciting instalment to the Bubble Witch franchise• New and improved game modes• Enchanting graphics that will leave you spellbound• Over 60 magical levels – more added every 2 weeks!• Easily sync the game between devices when connected totheInternet• Leaderboards to watch your friends and competitors!• Special boosters & bubbles to help you pass thosetrickylevels• Free & easy to play, challenging to master!• Available to play on mobile and tablet devicesAlready a fan of Bubble Witch Saga? Like us on Facebook or followuson Twitter---------------------------------------This is the most classic and amazing shooting bubble bustergame.This deluxe version is the only one that contains both PuzzleMode& Arcade Mode.Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles to make them burst. Clearallthe bubbles to level up.How to play - Don't use the arrows on the bottom, just tap onthegame board where you specifically want the ball. Click the menukeyto select levels and other options. There is no witch craft inthisgame, just stick to the game with patience.Game Features:1. Puzzle Mode - 300 fun levels of saga puzzles2. Arcade Mode - The bubbles will go down gradually so you needtoshoot quickly to avoid death3. Game Center - You will get 10 points for each blast ofbubblesand can submit the high score to global leader board.Notes: The first 100 levels of the puzzle mode are derivedfromfrozen bubble and the remaining levels are self-created.-------------------------------------------Bubble Worlds is a bubble games, but the way to play itisdifferent. The number of bubbles used to eliminate bubblesonscreen and get the banana is specific.The levels seems easy, come and win 3 stars.--------------------------------------------Fun and addictive bubble shoot game!Another classic bubble match-three game come to Google Play.Clear all the bubbles on the screen to level up,and try to get3stars on each level.How to play:1.Tap where you want the bubble.2.To group 3 or more bubbles to make them burst.Tips: Breaking the bubbles continuously can get pointsasbonus.--------------------------------------------Bubble Cat 2 is coming, with new designed play mode andnewcats!For millions of fans around the world, "Bubble Cat 2" become theoneof best bubble game and thanks all your support!Features:* New and improved game modes.* New cats: Wish Angle, Anger Arm, Thor and more joinedlater.* New enchanting graphics, beautiful dark world andvividbubbles.* 88 magical levels, and more added later.* Easy to play, challenging to master.* Special boosters & bubbles to help you passtrickylevels.* Daily rewards will give you extra bonus.* Challenge your friends and world on online leaderboards.Bubble Cat 2 is completely free, and we also provide somein-gameitems which require payment to let you play more easy.
Jungle Marble Blast 2.2.4
Jungle Marble Blast is a simple coolmarbleshooter game and it's very fun.Your target is to eliminate all the marbles,but don't let thechainreach the end.Features:- Bombs, FireBall,Big Power, and other interesting propsareavailable.- 80 challenging levels.- Fresh and beautiful style, bright and vibrant graphics&effects!- Easy to learn and hard to master.How to play:1. Touch the screen where you want to shoot2. Match 3 or more same marbles to eliminate them3. More combos and chains to get more scores and three stars
Bubble Shooter
Play the classic and most addictive bubblepopgame for FREE, match 3 colors and clear levels. Don’t miss outthisfun relaxing game! In this good old version you need to aim&shoot, to drop & burst all bubbles. Train your brain withthisoriginal puzzle as you blast balls online or offline -anytime!Bubble Shooter is the best FREE app available on GooglePlay.Ready to start the action?Aim, match and smash all the balls in this relaxingcolor-matchingadventure. This incredible shooter is simple and easyto learn,perfect for both adults and kids to enjoy!Put your strategy skills to the test! Compete against friendsandfamily and see who can reach the highest score and get 3 starsonevery level. Earn coins while you play and use them to getcoolboosters. Use your logic and puzzle solving skills to completethefun missions and clear the board, and make sure to collectspecialdaily bonuses.Download NOW the Best Bubble Breaker Game & StartCrackingBubbles!Play the Classic Game Mode - So Simple, So Fun.Match 3 balls to blast and clear the board, complete themissionsand win coins & awesome rewards. Tap on the screen todrag thelaser aim and lift it to take a shot. It’s important toform astrategy according to the different bubbles layout in eachlevel.Shoot and pop all the colored balls in this fun free game,aimcarefully and hit the target! Work your way through allthedifferent challenges and puzzles, solve the brain teasers andwinlevels.Enjoy the Arcade Game Mode – Never get bored!Pop the balls in this cool retro mode, and rediscover theclassicarcade experience straight on your Android device. Advancealongthousands of fun puzzle levels as this addicting game getsevenmore challenging. Enjoy the best retro gaming experienceanywhereand whenever you want, no internet connection is required.You canstart any level over and not have to wait for lives, as theyareunlimited!Try the Puzzle Game Mode and Discover the Ultimate BubblePoppingFun!This shooter is a thrilling balloon popper free app withthousandsof challenging puzzles to master. Shoot the colorful ballstoadvance to the next amazing puzzle level, train your brain andtestyour matching skills while playing this addictive, casual gameforfree.Hurry up and join the balloon crushing mania, but be careful -onceyou start popping bubbles you simply can’t stop!Retro game, new featuresWe took the classic arcade game and added some new featuresthatyou’ll definitely love.FUN FEATURES:★ 2000 + Exciting levels, with more added all the time.★ New elements and great prizes.★ Brand new effects and sounds.★ Collect awesome daily rewards.★ Connect to Facebook and share the fun with friends!★ Stay in the loop: now you have the option to send a directmessageto support.★ Leaderboard, challenging achievements.★ Clear obstacles and beat the challenges.★ Colorblind mode – so everyone can enjoy fun matching gamesforfree.★ Pop 7 bubbles in a row to unlock the fireball.★ Drop 10+ bubbles at once to get a bomb.★ Play anytime and anywhere, no WiFi connection is required!What are you waiting for? Warm up your fingers and startpopping.Experience this fun casual shooter and explore thousands ofamazinglevels filled with puzzles and surprises. Get the bestonlinecolor-matching app and enjoy a smooth and addicting gameplay.Withso many exciting levels, powerful boosters and awesomefeatures,you simply won’t put it down!Get ready, take aim and shoot the balls!!Download and play this fun arcade game for free. It’s theperfectapp to play without wifi! Every 2-3 weeks, we add newfeatures andnew levels. Come and join the fun!Bubble Shooter is a completely free to play, but someoptionalin-game items will require payment.Follow us for updates and fun surprises!Visit our FBpage: channel:
Bubble Journey
Amazing bubble shooter game comes!Start your bubble saga journey! Beat all the unique bubblelevels!Have fun in your own bubble blast adventure!Bubble Journey features:• Very small game size• Stunning graphics and effects• Over 210 levels and more will come!• 7 worlds waiting for you to go on a safari• Various kinds of obstacles that make game more fun• Game center to watch your score and other competitors• Run well on all Android phones and tablets!Free download and enjoy this bubble buster game, let'sstart!Privacy Policy:
Bubble Shooter 43.0
Classic puzzle game Bubble Shooting iscomingnow.Lovely Bubble Shooter is a classic bubble match 3 game.Pop, tap and tilt your way through over 500 addictive bubblepuzzleswith excitement and packed with adventure!Features:1. More than 300 fun and challenging levels to challengeyourbrain2. More than 30 coloring bubbles3. Easy to learn, challenging to master!4. Fantastic graphics, fluent shooting experienceYou can download it for your kids or girlfriends oroldparents.Raise your finger, simple tap tap the screen,feel the funny webringto you.Note:This is a all free game. You can play it without wifi. It's arealoffline game.
Shoot Bubble 1.1
This is the most classic and amazingshootingbubble buster game. This is the classic bubble shooterversion isthe only one that contains both Puzzle Mode &ArcadeMode.Shoot Bubble is FREE, Fun and Addictive bubble shooter game!Thisclassic bubble shooter game will keep you entertained. Playforhours and even days without worrying, there are plenty oflevelscoming with future updates. Pop all the bubbles to get to anewlevel, making connections of 3. Challenge your friends to play,seewho gets the most levels completed. This bubble shooter gameevenhas time challenge so you have to be your best if you wanttosucceed. The time challenge option can be disabled from the menuifyou find it uncomfortable. Shoot Bubble also has colorblindmodefor those who can't distinguish colors.This is the most classic and amazing shooting bubble bustergame.Though there is no witch craft in this game, Shoot Bubble issimpleyet incredible fun.Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles to make them burst. Clearallthe bubbles to level up.How to play?- Don't use the arrows on the bottom, just tap on the gameboardwhere you specifically want the ball.- Click the menu key to select levels and other options. There isnowitch craft in this game, just stick to the game withpatience.Game Features:1. Puzzle Mode - 650 fun levels of saga puzzles2. Arcade Mode - The bubbles will go down gradually so you needtoshoot quickly to avoid deathHave fun playing your favorite classic Bubble Shooter gameforFREE!Notes: The first 100 levels of the puzzle mode are derivedfromfrozen bubble and the remaining levels are self-created.
Super Puzzle Bubble 1.3
Super Puzzle Bubble es un juego enelquedeberás juntar las bolas del mismo colorparahacerlasdesaparecer.Como mínimo tendrás que juntar packs de 3 bolas del mismo color.El juego dispone de 55 niveles ordenados de fácil a difícil.Intenta no perder muchas vidas ya que sino el juegoteharáesperar un tiempo para conseguir vidas. También existelaopción decomprar vidas y mejoras en el juego a través delosCoins"Monedas".Existen varios tipos de bolas mágicas que a cambiodemonedaspodrás conseguir y así usarlas en esos nivelesmáscomplicados.Super Puzzle Bubble és entretenido y estupendo paraesosratoslibres o aburridos, e incluso para el uso de los máspequeñosde lacasa.Super Puzzle Bubbleisagame where you have to collect balls of the same color tomakethemdisappear.At least you have to put together packs of 3 balls of thesamecolor.The game has 55 levels ordered from easy to difficult.Try not to lose many lives because otherwise the gamewillmakeyou wait a while to get lives. There is also the optiontobuylives and gameplay enhancements through Coins "Coins".Several types of magical balls that can get currencyexchangeandso use in these more difficult levels.Super Puzzle Bubble is fun and great for those sparemomentsorbored, and even the use of the smallest of the house.
Bubble Mania 2.1
Bubble Mania is Free download, fun andthemostpopular casual puzzle bubble bobble shooter game. Thisisbubbleshooter cool themes, is suitable for kids,toddlers,evenadult.Level and game play base on Frozen Bubble,a classic gamebutthisgame still is a fun, amazing shooting bubble buster gamewithcoolball, many level.Play game for killing time like waitingbusoncity or walking on street city,or relax in weekend.Treatyourselfto an exciting journey in the world's No.1 ShootBubblegame now!Bubble Shoot is the sweetest puzzle game everavailable onAndroid.How to play Bubble Mania :- Tap where you want the bubble to go.- Make combinations of 3 or more bubbles that have the samecolortomake them burst.- Group 3 or more bubbles to make them pop.- Clear all the bubbles on the screen to get to a new level.Features of Bubble Mania:- Colourful bubble with cool design GUI- Have 8 color bubble likeblue,orangelight,orange,purple,green,mixcolor blue,mix color purpleand manymore- Have more than 650 level ready to play and will add more soonHave 2 mode for this bubble shooter game :+ Endless Mode : more 500 hundred fun levels of sagapuzzles,shootbubble base on level.+ Puzzle Mode : shoot bubble base on time ,the bubbles willgodown,and non-stop, so you quickly and so fast to get manyscorebasetime, if you don't die.This game can be so addictive that it can cause a mania! Amaniaofbubbles popping here and there and everywhere !Let download bubble shooter mania free games and king ofbubblegamefor enjoy and have any feedback don't hesitate to sendmailtome!
Bubble Shooter Classic 1.8
Bubble Gaming
Play this classic bubbleshootergamewithover1000 levels that can entertain you fordays.Stuck in traffic? Bored? Just open the game and have fun.How to play:1. Tap on the screen to shoot the bubble in that direction.2. Make formations of 3 or more bubbles to knock them down.3. Clear the current level to unlock the next one.4. You can even choose to play previous completed levels.Have fun !
Bubble Match: Bubble Shooter 1.3.9
The first bubble game in the bubble worldtocombine sea adventure with 2016 new classic bubble shootergamesfree for android.Download and enjoy this fantastic sea bubble adventure ofbubbleshooter right now! Catrina needs your help to escape fromthenotorious bubble pirate, Captain Hook!With a bubble treasure map and lots of bubbles legend, Catrinasailsout with her beloved parrot bubble Capp!During the adventure:• How can bubble hero Catrina protect herself from bubbletroubleturning into stone when facing with Medusa, the mostfamousmythical witch creatures in Greek Mythology?• The bubble King Zeus totem statue has some bubbleexplosiondamage. Who dares to bubble rescue the dignity of chiefgod?• Bubble poke Catrina reaches a strange purple island andbubbletown quest. What is waiting for her, bubble trouble ordangerousbubble witch saga or bubble beauty?• Who wanders into the undersea bubble deluxe temple, anddispleasesthe beautiful bubble Mermaid and starfish finshere?• Where did Blackbeard bury all his treasure, the ghost shipFlyingDutchman or the bubble explode Dragon Cave?Help bubble rush Catrina jump with her magic journey and sail onthefantastic Caribbean water to experience the funny pop ly bobblelycoco musical ly adventure!You have tons of bubbles, bubbles with different colors,bubblecandy honey with special magic. Shoot them quickly, shootthemwisely, shot them with a strategy. You can WIN with funandachievements with this bubble breaker game here.Features:★ A fantastic and excited bubble pop level ocean adventure aboutayoung bubble pirate, a bubble monkey and a bubble parrotupnpdlna.★ Lots of funny bubble crush bubble epic ocean creature willbringendless joy for your sea journey: squid, puffer, eel,etc.★ Thunder Island, Mysterious Ruins, Gorgon Island, PurpleJunglefruit and Underwater World, run and raider variousbubblecharacteristic islands, and have exciting bubbleadventure★ Cute squids bounce the bubble bobble to get more scores,moreamazing bounce and more stars!★ The bubble Medusa, bubble Crazy savage, bubble blast CaptainHook,bubble Mermaid, defeat different boss and experience therefreshingsense of pop and bounce.★ Connect to Facebook, invite and play with friends, presentheartsto each other, compete to be the great bubble shooter!★ Bobble mania theme insight out about Valentine Christmas Dayiscoming soon★ A bubble quest for iq free bubble quiz games with originalarcadebubble shooter★ What a fun to make your own name in bubble letters textmessageswords and use it for water bubble keyboard theme forandroid★ trump on run, trumps on the run and trumps wall buildithugeLike us bubble app on Facebook for the latest new bubble gamesfor2016 news, 2016 new bubble shooters for free gamesonAndroid.
Bubble Popping For Babies FREE 1.11
DMR Games
Welcome to the cute bubble marine!!Your babies and toddlers will love this eye-catching game.It is time to save cute animals in the bubbles bypoppingthem!It is extremely easy to play and super fun! Touch and Pop,that'sit! There are lots of cute marine animals that your babiesandtoddlers will learn.Playing this game will improve your kids focusing andtimingability. Also they will know marine animals and theirshapes.When should your babies play?* When your baby is hungry or will not stop crying or you arenotable to deal w/ them, playing this game can hold yourbaby'sattention.This game is exceptionally handy for mothers and fathers whospendtime with their babies but cannot figure out how to spend thattimeusefully.This game may be too advanced for infants under 6 months old.Caution:Playing the application too much amount of time or leavingthechildren alone with the mobile phone or tablet pc isnotencouraged.
Natural Park 1.0.4
Natural ParkReproduction of the classic puzzle game!Timeless fun and play1 A simple game rules and props, so you put it down2 three cute little animal to accompany you to afungameexperience3 flexible operation, the keyboard + gesture4 unique screen simplicity5 endless challenge their highest scoreif you like block puzzle bubble candy natura park, try it!!!TAG: block puzzle bubble candy natura park
Balala Little Fairies Crush 1.0.2
Drawn from Chinese famous comic BalalaTheFairies, and integrated a dream of fantasy into it, BalalaLittleFairies Crush will bring you back to the Dream Castlewithbeautiful pictures and lively music.Balala Little Fairies Crush is easy to play with PuzzleBubblemode. With newly-added levels, Passkey and Boss-pass, BalalaLittleFairies Crush is more strategic than other Puzzle Bubblegames.Randomness makes the game more fun as the Boss willappearrandomly, and some special levels will provide a lot ofpropsrewards.Key Features:1. Drawn from Chinese famous comic Balala The Fairies, ithighlyrestored the image of each character and pet.2. Based on classical Bubble Puzzle game, it added more than20kinds of special balls, BOSS system, hundreds of levelstochallenge you!3. It will bring you back to the wonderland of Balala withcuteSpirit and many kind of maps.4. Coffee, Peanut...Four pets in Balala The Fairies made itsdebutin the game, and everyone will offer you powerful propswithmagical effect.Bubbles filled the sky as if you were in the WonderlandofBalala. Let us download and experience this unique game!Need help or more support for this magic game? Contact: [email protected]:
Puzzle Bobble Fairy Challenge 1.0
"Puzzle Bobble Fairy Challenge" istheclassiccasual arcade game for all age fellows. You have tohelp"Lilly"Fairy by clearing the all bobbles in level.This game is free to play & has more than1200+unlimitedchallenging/addictive levels that you have toclear.You can play this epic bubble shooter alone or play withfriendstosee who can get the highest score!GAME FEATURES:- 1200+ challenging levels in this SingleAddictiveArcadeChallenging Game.- Lilly Fairy has wonderful animations for you, She congratsyouwhenyou clear level, greets you when to get bonus & feelsadwhen youfailed a level.- Slick and smooth graphics that will leave you magic.- Majestic arcade / casual game for professionals / masters.- Real special bubbles.- Free & easy to play, challenging even forbubbleshootermasters.- Amazingly clear original graphicsIf you like games like bubble shooter games then this gameasanabsolute must!For any suggestion/feedback feel free to [email protected]/
Space Bubble Shooter 3.4.4
Bubble shooter free in space with thealienfriend.This game is fun and addictive with the special power shooterfromouter space.This is a brand new way of bubble popping as you neverplayedbefore.Its very easy just try and you will never play with out thespacepower shooter again.This game is free for you pleasure! Please rate us and live anicecomment if you like it.Bubble Breaker, or shooter as known, is the ultimate gamewheremixed color balls are lined up for you to shoot at andpop.There are several color used to keep the difference betweenthebubbles.The purpose in this game is to get together as many bubbles ofthesame color as possible and blast them out.The elimination is possible by shooting at two same coloredballsand up.Popping the bubbles is very fun and you will see how the timefliesby when having fun with this great bubble shooter freeversion!
Minebuilder 1.14.3
Minebuilder is an open “Block World” game which lets you createyourown adventure.Inspired by games like Minecraft and Infiniminer.Craft your tools during the day, fend off the monsters at nightandwhen dawn comes again build your own world, alone or withyourfriends!Minebuilder contains a large number of different blocks andtoolswith which you can craft your world. From simple blocks ofstone tocomplicated generators and electrical devices. Minebuilderprovidesyou with the tools to create a world.The game supports both single and multiplayer.For multiplayer accounts and the server program (Windows/Mac),goto our* Place/Remove blocks* Crafting* Animals* Monsters* Multiplayer* Rail tracks* Bows and arrows* Electrical copper wires* Creative and Survival mode
Bobble Shooter 1.1
Bobble Shooter offers fun and addictivegame,entertainment for the whole family.Since the beginning of the arcade, this game is the mostplayedgames shooting bobbles.This is the classic bubble shooting game. Make combinations of 3ormore bubbles to make them burst. Eliminate all the bubbles tolevelup.Have a great time playing this Puzzle Bubble game for FREE!>>>>>>> FEATURES1. Puzzle Mode - 1000+ fun levels of saga bubbles puzzles2. Arcade Mode - The bubbles will go down gradually so you needtoshoot quickly to avoid deathBobbles puzzle games free has 1000+ levels to play, and morefree,fun and addictive levels will be added to this bubble shooterfreedownload game!Bubble Shooter graphics suitable for kids, toddlers.You cancontinueyour game to make sure that you don’t lose any progress.So just sitback, relax and alongside those colorful bubbles.>>>>>>> HOW TO PLAY1. Tap on the screen to shoot the bobble in that direction.2. Make formations of 3 or more bobbles to knock them down.3. Clear the current puzzle level to unlock the next one.4. You can even choose to play previous completed levels.
Game Sempoi Era 1.0.5
Aplikasi “Game Sempoi ERA”disediakanuntukmenguji kepantasan minda dan jari korang. Memangawesome weyh!Adalebih daripada 20 jenis permainan seperti menyusunpinggan,burgermania, kumpul duit,main kompang, jangan pecahbelon,lebah-lebah ,lampu kampung dan banyak lagi.Game yang disediakan di dalam aplikasi ini pun tidakterdapatdidalam mana-mana aplikasi lain.Cara permainannya pun sungguh mudah dan korangbolehcabarrakan-rakan korang yang berada di laman sosial.Jikakorangmendapat skor yang paling tinggi, gambar korangakanturutdipaparkan di kedudukan rekod dunia!Jom muat turun aplikasi ini secara PERCUMA!Like ERA FM di fb.era.fmTerma Syarat: Privasi: AMBIL PERHATIAN! Game Sempoi Era adalah percumauntukbermain,tetapi beberapa barangan dalam permainan bolehdibelidengan wangsebenar.Permainan ini mungkin termasuk:- Pautan langsung ke laman web rangkaian sosial yangbertujuanuntukpenonton berusia 13 tahun ke atas.- Pautan langsung ke internet yang boleh membawapemaindaripermainan ke laman web yang lain- Pengiklanan produk Era FM dan juga produk terpilih