Top 8 Games Similar to Hero Genji

Sorry Mom 1.25
A thrilling, addictive casual runninggameabout running away from your mom who is mad that you are apickyeater!- Choose among quirky, cute characters to avoid your mom andclearas many areas as possible.- Starting from your town, run away to deserts, ocean,articregions, the sky, the universe and beyond!- Save your play records as funny images.- Charge up the boost gauge and limmerse yourself in athrillingrace!Game Page Page
It's high noon 1.09
coupon : ckoo30★★★★ Description ★★★★★ Simple game and fell exhilarated with your fingers.★ Easy to play for all generation★ Collect your own weapons★ Map Change following your weapon★ Dot Image ( Never be fed up with )★ Improve your concentration and dynamic visual acuity★★★★ N.B ★★★★The data is destroyed , if you delete game!!If you have any question and report, please contact us.Email : [email protected]
Loot Box Clicker For Overwatch 1.4.9
Svrij22 Games
Loot Box Clicker For OverwatchClick, buy upgrades, get crates and level up!Who can get the most crates?What can be found in the game?:-Fun Clicker-Loot boxes from Overwatch-Upgrades-Skills- Achievements- Prestiging- Icons- Sound muting__Coming Soon:__-Funny Easter eggs-Infinity (End of the game)-More upgrades
Ayuda al Pinchimono a combatir alPINCHIMUNDO.Esquiva y destruye a las masas.Instrucciones:Touch lado izquierdo: MoverTouch lado derecho: DispararPinchimono helps tofightPINCHIMUNDO. Dodge and destroy the masses.Instructions:Touch left: MoveTouch right: Shoot
FunPSP(Emulator) 7.4.0
Super fast and full-featured emulator torun(PlayStation Portable) games.It emulates nearly all aspects of the real hardware correctly.Key features:- Very easy to use virtual joypad.- Save and load state.- Auto save game when exit program.- Fast-forward with speed- Have multiple lines of codes in a single cheat.- Create multiple screen-layout profiles.- Fastest emulation, therefore saves your battery
Super Dashy Knight 2.0.1
Isak Persson
Jump and dash your way over, under andthroughruined towers with the easy to learn two button controls.Dashenemies and get combos, while avoiding arrows, spearsandaxes!"In Dashy Knight there’s only two things to do: jump and dash.Thosesimple controls offer hours of addictive fun. The goal is tostayalive as long as possible and watch your score rise. Thecontrolsare simple, the design is awesome, and it’s completelyfree withoutads." -Phandroid• Jump, double jump and dash to avoid obstacles andkillenemies• Unlock skins to change the appearance of the knight• Unlock new worlds• Collect achievements• Get your score to the top of the leaderboard of each world• Easy to control: Dash by tapping the right side of thescreen,jump by tapping the left side• Beautiful retro-inspired graphics and sound effects• Music theme by James DiPaolo
Steps 1.0
Roll your cube on the path and tap attherighttime to pass the obstacles without falling orbeingdestroyed!
Gun Done: Road to West 2.3.7
Gun Done - it's a game about braveheroes,which fight against each other under the scorching sun andcoldrain. You know these heroes, do you? And there's abeautifullocations, weather effects, excellent sound. Many gamemodes andyou can play any of them, different cowboys to play too!Gun Done:Road to West - this is a game that is not ashamed to giftto afriend! Enjoy, friend! :]-Play alone or with friend on the same device;-Many heroes to play;-Lots of guns to unlock;-Various duel types (more in development);-Bonuses and achievements;-Gradually increasing difficulty;The potential for development is huge, guys, play more often-and we will make this game even better!