Top 8 Games Similar to Healthy Food

Moshi Monsters Food Factory 1.2
Introducing the brand new Moshi Monsters premium app forAndroiddevices of all shapes and sizes.Moshi Monsters Food Factory™ is open for business! Makecrazypizzas for hungry Moshis in this goopendously frantic pick upandplay game! Choose the base, spread the sauce and then addyourcustomers’ favourite monstery toppings!Earn Rox to keep your supplies stocked up. But mess up toomanyorders and you’ll run out of ingredients AND customers.It’smonsterific fun!The game has no in-app purchases and does not store or recordanyidentifiable user data.Game Features:• 8 different characters from Moshi Monsters• Hours of pick up and play fun for all ages• Bursting with beautiful graphics from the world ofMoshiMonsters• Heaps of moshified ingredients• Picture tutorial makes playing easy• Increasing levels of difficultyMoshi Monsters has had phenomenal global success with over80millionchildren around the world owning a monster. The brand hasalsoproved a massive hit offline through toys, books, clothes, atop tenmusic album and a feature length movie. This new app givesfans yetanother way to enjoy the brand and the Food Factorytheme.Daredevil Development has built a reputation for developinghighquality children’s games and apps through its work onbrandsincluding Paddington Bear, Shaun the Sheep, Ben and Holly’sLittleKingdom, Bob the Builder, Postman Pat, Tinga Tinga Tales,GuessWith Jess, Bagpuss and Tilly and Friends.At Daredevil our games undergo extensive testing but wearealways happy to get feedback and in the event of a problemwouldappreciate the opportunity to help resolve the issue ratherthanreceive a negative review. Please be aware that Daredevil donottrack or store any personal data through this app.
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Fast Food Street Tycoon 1.16
Indulge yourself in an all new kitchen storyofstreet food time management and cooking tycoon game. Thefastfoodfever is back especially for the home chefs, it’s morethan fun totake orders from the happy street customers. Use yourauthenticsecret cooking recipes from city streets and specialingredients toprepare a delicious street fast food meal and sellit in your dinerrestaurant as oven fresh. Prepare crispy chips& bake burgerbun, cook your favorite creations in your kitchenaccording to theorders you receive in your street restaurant. Youare master of allchef's so cook fresh n tasty food and don’t letyour customer waitfor his order too long. Dash, mix & createthe bakery freshburger that tastes yummy & juicy. What’sbetter than a flaminghot juicy chicken burger paired with asideline and a sweet sodafrom bar to satisfy the cravings. Runyour own fast food streetrestaurant chain with the best meal,perfect time management andservice in town. The kitchen storydoesn’t end here. Collect coinsor money so that you can upgradeyour kitchen appliances andequipment for better service. Startyour venture & become arestaurant business tycoon. Cookdeliciously crispy burgers andtasty bar drinks for your royalcustomers.Feed your delighted customers with deliciously fresh veganburgerPattie, vegetarian fillet and non-veg steak burger meals inacertain time limit. Choose the right ingredients according toyourcustomer’s choice otherwise you’ll have to throw it in thetrash.The perfectly grilled meat prepared with basil, a topping ofcrispyonion rings, tomatoes, hot pepperoni and paired with fruitjuicesor drinks is a perfect sandwich meal to serve the crazyfoodiecustomer. Cook and serve to make the people delighted be itabreakfast, lunch or dinner.Explore new classic dishes and recipes that suit yourrestaurantneeds. The health conscious people take away their tastyburgerswith completely grilled meat only & Yes bake all breadin yourown bakery. Fast Food Street Tycoon is the best cooking gameforall the young girls and boys who love to be a chef. In ordertofulfill their passion to cook delicious dishes, we havedevelopedan ever popular Fast Food Street Tycoon. Try your timemanagementskills to see if you can cope up with all the orders wellin timebefore your diner leave. Adapt an efficient cooking strategytobeat all the challenges coming your way.Fast Food Street Tycoon features:√ Unique and challenging missions√ Time management√ Use your favorite recipes to prepare the orders√ Speed up to serve food to all the people in time√ Receive coins from satisfied diners√ Spend earned money to purchase food and appliances upgradeforyour restaurant kitchenBeat your morning blues with an excellent time managementcookinggame ever, Fast Food Street Tycoon. It’s fun to play. Enjoynewrecipes with your friends in this amazing restauranttycoonstory.
Food Ninja 1.0.9
Love Fruit Ninja but get bored witholdchallenges?Try our new Food Ninja right now, more exciting gamesandinteresting characters are waiting for you!Imagine being a Ninja with a sword on your hand,your missionisto slice pieces of delicious foods:- Swipe your screen to cut the moving food pieces.- You will get bonus point whenever more than one piece are cut ataswipe.- Do not to cut the bomb appears next to food. If you cut thebomb,everything will explode and ofcourse, you lose.As Fruit Ninja there are several game modes in this game:- Play time mode: cut as much food in the fixed time of the gameaspossible. Try to get the highest score out of thelimitedtime.- Play network mode: you have 3 playing times in a screenplay,every time you drop 1 piece of food, you will lose 1 life.
Food Adventure 1.0.10
★ Descriptionfood of destinydespicable me Chicken Food to take away your senseThe Four Cats : The flying cats Luca andhisfriendsTenten(mechanic), Coco, and PopoLuca's adventure with Tenten's airship!Provide food to food box at various points in town to move ontothenext stage.Requires a certain amount of food to food boxtoclearstage.Upgade food with Coco's Magic Freezer to develop the typeandamountof food. It will help to clear stage.★ FeaturesSimple game & controls for everyoneHow to play : Touch left side of screen to move.(up&down)Touch right side of screen to throw foodAdorable characters and UI graphicsGive coin after a certain period of time constantlyUpgarde food with Coco's Magic FreezerThrow various food in challenging stagesPhysics-based gameLoad food in Popo's score truck, compare scorewithyourfriendsEnjoy game with continuous updates (stages & food items)
Zombie Food 1.0
Zombie Food.You're a cook, you have unfortunately been kidnapped byazombie.It is nasty, dangerous and very hungry.It requires you to feed him with his evil vegetables.Butbeware,this zombie is little patient.You need to cut her food and throw them in thepot,ifunfortunately you miss more than 3 vegetables that youlaunch,itkills you.If you are not going fast enough throws of the bombs.Good luck to you, the goal is to achieve thehighestscorepossible.
Food Fighters 2.8.5
Food Fighters is an instantmultiplayermayhemshooter, with real humans from all over the worldbattling itoutonce and for all to prove who has the tastiestweaponry..Burgersor Fries.Play in either the 1vs1 instant deathmatch modewhereyou'rematched up with another player across the globe, orjumpintoBattle Royale mode to fight against lots of players inonebignever-ending battle map!Also available on PC and iOS!(Note: Sometimes we take our server offline formaintenance,ifyou can't connect, please try again in an hour.)
Little Food Truck 1.0.9
Do you dream of starting your ownfoodtruck?Well now you can with the Little Food Truck fromGametects!Turn your device into your very own Little Food Truck!Chooseoneof four cute  helpers and hurry up to feed allthehungrycustomers. Donuts, hot dogs, waffles, chicken wings,younameit!FEATURES- Uncountable number of customers- Lots of picky orders- Cute little helpers- Donuts- Hot dogs- Belgian waffles- Deep frying- Graphics designed for all sizes of displays- Works with both smartphones and tablets- Kid-friendly interfacePlease, leave a review below. It's really important tous.Thankyou!Visit our web site: http://www.gametects.comFollow us on twitter: @gametectsFacebook:
Food Keeper 1.0.5
Bruno Serrano
First of all, I need to tell you that,somehow,our database and all its backups were gone x.xBut the good news is that you didn't lose your score! You justneedto play a game again, and in the end you will be in therankingagain! Let's fulfill the database again!!!I'm sorry for the mess. Thank you.----------Everybody hates when ants try to eat our food. They aresoinvasive. -.-'You are the food keeper, the food guardian, the Food Keeper!!!Solet's save our food and keep the ants away from it!Viva our food! Viva Food Keeper!Food Keeper - the game you will love to play!----------Food Keeper game is a arcade game where you are a antsmasher:you need to smash ant to kill the ant before they reachyourfood!Kill ant by ant to reach the top of the ranking in thisawesomearcade game!Let's save the food of the world!Play the game Food Keeper now!