Top 5 Games Similar to Monochrome Waltz

Reversi 1.1.3
In this version of the classicalstrategyboardgame Reversi you will face 12 fun andchallengingcomputercontrolled players of varying expertise and withvaryingplayingstyle. You can play the game in single game mode orintournamentgame mode against your AI opponents. Completemultiplegames ortournaments to unlock your opponents. But becareful, tobeat themore difficult players in Reversi, you need tothink a fewstepsahead. Are you up for the challenge?Reversi also features a number of achievements that canbeearnedwhen playing single games and when playing tournaments.Foreveryachievement that is completed, you earn bronze, silverorgoldmedals, depending on the difficulty level that youhavechosen. Youcan also enjoy Reversi together with your friendsonyourdevice.In the board game Reversi, two players take turn inplacingdiscsin their color, either black or white, on an 8x8 board.Whena discis placed, all discs of the opponents color that areclosedin bythe played disc and another disc of the same colorarecaptured(they change color). Discs are capturedvertically,horizontally anddiagonally. The goal of each player isto have amajority of discsin their color when the last disc isplaced. Areyou ready to reachopponent number 12?Reversi features:- 12 computer controlled opponents of varying expertiseandwithvarying playing styles.- Three difficulty levels.- 60 achievements.- Single game mode and tournament game mode.- Game statistics.- Undo functionality.- Function to resume unfinished games.- Human vs human play mode (play against someone next toyou).- Sound effects.* This version of the game does not contain any ads.
TicTaco: Five In A Row BETA 1.0.7
TicTaco is an ambient,simple,five-in-a-rowpuzzle game. Play users all over the world andtestyour smartsagainst some of the greatest minds TicTaco has tooffer!Welcome to the first game created by GameEverything!Additionalgames will be added every one to three months.Thanksforplaying!Current version: 1.0.4Go here for update notes: here for support: you want to send us feedback, send us mail:[email protected]: Considering this is a fully public beta, there'sreallynotelling how the game will react to a multitude of usersallplayingat once, hence the beta, so we're going to be monitoringthegamelike hawks until we're confident it can handletheworkload.Thanks for playing. It seriously means more to us thanyou'lleverknow.
Flits Draughts 1.0.0
Klaas Bor
Flits Draughts is a draughts program for the International10x10game type. Play against Flits, the multiple Dutch championcomputerdraughts. Choose the level by adjusting the calc time. Askfor ahint when you play against the machine and Flits shows you themovehe would play. Let Flits analyze your game to see if bettermovesare possible. Setup a position to see the judgment of Flits.Usethe app as playing board to play against someone else. Savethegames into PDN files (Portable Draughts Notation). Share yourgameby mail, Facebook etc. or copy and paste the notation tootherapps. Transfer PDN files between your device and yourcomputer.With this app you always have a strong engine with you,whereveryou are, on your mobile phone and tablet! [Flits Draughtsruns onalmost all mobiles and tablets. But there still aresomerequirements. Go to if your device is supported.]Features- Strong Flits engine, the multiple Dutch computer champion.- Adjustable playing strength.- Opening book for variety of play.- Displays book moves and engine analysis, including searchdepth,evaluations and main lines.- Allows you to easily set up board positions.- Support saving and loading games in PDN files.- Share games by mail, Facebook etc. or copy and paste notationtoother apps.- Transfer PDN files between your device and your computer.- Play against Flits, analyze your game with Flits, or use theappas playing board.- Ask hint move when you play against Flits.- Automatic replay and analysis of game, better moves are addedasvariations to the main line.- Beautiful piece set, choose between color schemes.- Support two languages: Dutch and English.
AndroChet 1.0
Greenflow AS
AndroChet is nice way to wastetimeduringbreaks or bus rides. It trains logical thinking andmemory.In a 10x10 grid 5 invisible blocks are hidden. Probes,whichareshot from the edges into the grid are reflected accordingtofoursimple rules:- probes can ricochet more than once- a direct hit gives a 180 degree reflection- hitting the edge gives a 90 degree reflection- direct hits on the edge makes the probe just vanishBy comparing entry and exit points the positions of theblocksareto be determined. The memory part is to use as few shotsaspossible,i.e. to remember, which path has alreadybeenchecked.Have fun!
Croq 1.0.2
Crokinole combines the best elementsofshuffleboard, marbles and curling, which results inanaction-packed game of pure awesome sauce. Players taketurnsflicking pucks to score points or knock their opponent’s pucksoffthe board. Anyone who has played the game of Crokinole knowsthatit's amazasaurus rex.Croq takes all of the finger-flicking fun of Crokinole and putsitright into your pocket. Compete against four dazzlingAIdifficulties or up to three swell friends across sevenfantasticboards. The gameplay will make you feel like you'replaying areal-life game of Crokinole, without the hassle ofcarrying aCrokinole board around.Crokinole has never been more exciting. Never again be sad thatyouforgot your Crokinole board or pucks at home. Get Croq and youwillalways be prepared to impress your friends (or strangers) withyourCrokinole skills. It's always Croq-o-clock, no matter what timeofday it is.Be sure to check out Croq+ which adds four new boards(Winter,Mahogany, Pizza, and Hockey), five new puck colors, andremovesads!