Top 2 Games Similar to Solar Hero: Full

Solar Hero: Lite 3.0
NDGO games
Fly with Capt. Solarr as he and themightySDSfight off and defend our solar system from theinvadingNegazoids.Control the "SolarStorm MKIII" with a swipe ofyourthumb. CollectPower Ups as you destroy alien ships. DefeatenemyBosses and savethe planet they are invading. Save the planetsandyou just mightbecome a SOLAR HERO!
Solar Hero: UFO Invasion Free 1.1
NDGO games
You are in the middle of the UFO Invasion.Tapyour way to victory and rack up as many UFO kills as you can.HelpCaptain Solarr clean up the remaining UFOs in ourSolarSystem.