Top 49 Games Similar to Orbt - Gravity Defying Action

Gravity Guy 1.4.5
In a world where gravity laws were broken, a brave guy, washeldcaptive for defying the rules. Not happy, he decided toescape,being the first one to run for his life flipping gravity atwill.★ He became known as the Gravity Guy ★Being chased by Gravity troops, Gravity Guy can't stop, he hastokeep running and it's your job to guide him through animpossibleworld of mazes, flipping gravity when needed.This fast paced and frustratingly addictive adventure features30challenging levels, and 3 different worlds, and guarantees youmanylong hours of fun!
Gravity Guy FREE 1.6.4
In a world where gravity laws were broken, a brave guy, washeldcaptive for defying the rules. Not happy, he decided toescape,being the first one to run for his life flipping gravity atwill.★ He became known as the Gravity Guy ★Being chased by Gravity troops, Gravity Guy can't stop, he hastokeep running and it's your job to guide him through animpossibleworld of mazes, flipping gravity when needed.This fast paced and frustratingly addictive adventure features30challenging levels, and 3 different worlds, and guarantees youmanylong hours of fun!
Gravity Switch 1.1.2
Imagine turning space upside downanddefyingthe laws of gravity.Gravity Switch is an addictive game thatrequiresfocus,concentration and precise timing.The intuitive one-tap controls allow you to discovertheidealpath through all the challenging mazes.Travel as far as you can and use the differentpower-upstoimprove your highscore even more.
Gravity Evolved 1.2.7
Clark DuVall
Galactic control is at your finger tips inanall new way with Gravity Evolved! Gravity Evolved brings youmoreweapons, more explosions and more destruction. With an updatedAIand and a completely revamped battle mode, not to mention crispnewgraphics, this game will have you coming back for more!You are in charge of your own solar system. Under yourcommandplanets are created, weapons are constructed, and battlesare won.Strategically place 45 different fully upgradeable weaponsandbecome the Universal Wombat Overlord, as you fight continuallymoredifficult foes. Use gravity to your advantage, taking commandofphysics to propel your solar system to victory.If you're feeling like taking a break from the fight,playSandbox Mode, where you are free to create a peaceful solarsystem.Place as many planets and weapons as you want, and watchtheinteresting effects of gravity on the planets andprojectiles.Features:Battle Mode- never ending levels- 50 weapon types- 3 planet classes- all planets/weapons are upgradeable- multiple battle solar systems- 20 ranks to achieveSandbox Mode- realistic physics- 10 planet colors- 20 weapon types- 12 projectile colors- save and load games- infinite creativityLike the app on Facebook at
Gravity Guy 2 1.0.2
THE LONG AWAITED SEQUEL TO ONE OF OUR MOST SUCCESSFUL GAMESISFINALLY HERE! GET READY FOR GRAVITY GUY 2!★ STORY ★In a world where gravity laws were broken, a brave guy washeldcaptive for rebelling and defying the rules! Being the firstoneever to rise against the system, he found himself in danger, andinneed to run for his life.However, after being relentlessly chased down by theGravityTroops, our hero was finally captured and beamed up to aspaceship, only to find a terrifying truth: they were going toclonehim.As an evil plan to organize dangerous races across GravityGuy'sonce free world, his DNA was collected and the cloningprocessbegan. Along with our hero, other inhabitants were alsocloned, sothat every time someone loses, the race can berestarted.★ ABOUT THE GAME ★Our brave Guy now finds himself on top of towers running forhislife, jumping from one platform to another, while avoidingmanyhazards placed across his path. Just tap the button on therightside of the screen to raise the lifts and on the right toperform ajump - which will definitely come in handy!There are 7 different clones to be used, each with itsownspecial abilities:Neon, Troop, Girl, Slim, Beast, Mech and Beauty!Collect coins and earn points in order to unlock new powerslots,and level up to get bonuses. Choose the power up you want inyournext level! You can use the coins to purchase the powersupplies inthe shop!KEY FEATURES:★ Amazing retina graphics★ Simple two-button tap controls★ Interactive tutorial to learn how to play★ Google Games services integration: AchievementsandLeaderboards★ Fast and fun gameplay★ 7 Different characters to choose from★ Fully stocked shop and many power upsAny in-app purchase will remove the ads.***************************************Find out more about Miniclip:“Like” Gravity Guy 2 on Facebook: Miniclip on Twitter:!/miniclip
Gravity Project 1.6
"GRAVITY PROJECT for Android is anexcellentrunning game with easy run, jump, swipe and slidecontrols, whichgives you a complete new visual challenge. Oncestart the game,you'll start your adventure running life andcan'"How much do you trust your eye and reflex.What if your time is ending; would you be finishing the gamewithoutpanics?Would you be changing the gravity instead of turning rightandleft...Gravity Project, candidate to be the best 3D running game!Anaddictive game that you will not unhand.Perfectly designed venues, maps, excellent game physics, barrierandcharacter.A rapid, fast an a hard adventure is calling you!!!- Authentic venue designs;- High quality graphics;- Variety of spaces and barriers;- Realistic character animations,- Realistic gravity oriented moving objects,- Smart - design maps&levels.- Additional Bonus features
Gravity adventure 2.0
Help now Dipper to escape from thescaryworldby jumping and shooting on scaryghost,skeleton,bat.....Play with Mabel! Who will use also powers to kill skeletonIn this amazing free game you can play with your memberfamily(kids,boy,girl...)Features:Simple Touch GamplayElegant falls artFunny and crazy characters(dipper,Mabel.....)
Real Gravity 1.4
Become a pilot of a spaceship and feelrealgravitation! Try to wind through the space where Newton’s lawofuniversal gravitation. There are a dozen of various tasks,rangingfrom easy manoeuvres in the space to gravity assist orembeddingthe ship in orbit of the planet in double system. Don’twait, giveit some welly now!
Space gravity 1.1
Leonid B
As a result of a collision with anasteroidthespace station was destroyed.Your mission - go into space, and find and deliver to theshuttleansuitcases containing research results from thestation.Avoid collisions with asteroids, watch for the level ofoxygenandfuel.Good Luck!Game features:★ Realistic physics★ Beautiful 3D - graphics★ Addictive gameplay
Angry Birds Space 2.2.12
The #1 mobile game of all time blasts offintospace!Play over 300 interstellar levels across 10 planets – includingourvery own Solar System!Whether it’s the icy orbs of Cold Cuts, the volcanicexplosivenessof Red Planet, Utopia – a planet made entirely of junkfood, oreven our own Solar System, each episode offersintergalactic fun atevery turn! And the low-gravity environment ofspace results inspectacular gameplay ranging from slow-motionpuzzles to lightspeeddestruction. With brand new birds, specialabilities, and a wholegalaxy to explore, the sky is no longer thelimit!-----“Intergalactic phenomenon worth every penny” – AppCraver“Takes the fundamental physics-based flinging of the originalandturns it on its head... It's satisfying, yet completelyfamiliar,and is heaps of pig-smashing fun.” – Gamespot“Anyone burnt out on vanilla bird flinging will enjoy thegame'sout-of-this-world adventure.” -- IGN------ Over 300 interstellar levels!- New playable characters!- Unique special abilities for each bird!- Zero-gravity space adventures!- Trick shots using planets’ gravity!- Hidden bonus levels!- Beautifully detailed backgrounds!- Daily Missions!-----Join the global phenomenon as it goes galactic!Become a fan of Angry Birds on Facebook:http://facebook.angrybirds.comFollow us on Twitter:http://twitter.angrybirds.comTerms of Use: Policy: application may require internet connectivity andsubsequentdata transfer charges may apply.Important Message for ParentsThis game may include:- Direct links to social networking websites that are intendedforan audience over the age of 13.- Direct links to the internet that can take players away fromthegame with the potential to browse any web page.- Advertising of Rovio products and also products fromselectpartners.- The option to make in-app purchases. The bill payer shouldalwaysbe consulted beforehand.
Gravity - Run 1.1.0
ZPLAY games
Can you handle the gravity? Thisgameturnseverything upside down.→ Tap on the screen to change the gravity→ Do not touch spikes or boxes→ Filled boxes fall faster than empty boxes→ Fall onto a trampoline to jump→ Use collected gems to unlock new balls→ Do not fall off the platformsDiscover 3 exciting worlds.How far can you get? Enjoy the challenge.
Gravity Man 1.1.2
Gravity man runs. Why is gravitymanrunning?Beats me. But Gravity man must run, and you must helphimavoidobstacles by controlling gravity! As gravity manprogressesthroughthe environment, he slowly gains speed. Simply tapthescreen tochange the direction of gravity to help gravitymanavoidobstacles!
Gravity Racing Madness
The gravity switching mechanic will screwwithyour mind - total madness!Gravity Racing Madness received 5 of 5 stars from theAndroidmag.demagazine"Gravity Racing Madness is a Unique, Innovative TwoDimensionalRacer", androidpocketreviews.comGravity Racing Madness was awarded a bronze medalbyPlayAndroid.comGravity Racing Madness - in the far future a singularity hastorngravity into two opposing forces splitting the universe intwodimensions.You are ONE of a small elite of pilots known as GRAVITEERS. Youhavethe ability to switch between the worlds with opposinggravitieswith a simple touch to your display.Your mission is to defeat time and space to fight thesingularity.Complete 50+ stages as fast as possible to restoreorder.Gravity Racing Madness is the newest runner game - FasterthanRope'n Fly, more madness than Temple Run. Higher hills thanHillClimb Racing; even more xtreme than Stickman Ski Racer.With just one tap control, tapping the screen to reversegravity,guide your racer over hills and avoid the buzz saw tocomplete thegame as fast as possible. Any mistakewill result in instant death and a respawn at the beginning ofthelevel.Game Mechanics:Your task is nothing more than to switch or reverse the gravityatthe right time with your fingertip. If you roll down a hillthegravity of the “blue” world speeds up your racer. However, ifahill goes upwards you have to switch to the other “red” worldwithreversed gravity. So in summary you have to find theoptimumswitching point.To complicate the situation we randomly placed some buzzsaws.Touching one of them will rip you in pieces and you have torestartthe game stage.Special features:- Rush through 50+ levels full of hill madness- Xtreme gravity switching mechanics will drive you mad- Even the smallest mistake and the buzz saw rips youinpieces- Fire the booster if you run out of timeGravity Racing Madness is a free and clean arcade game: noannoyingrequests, no hidden costs, no in-app payment, nopermissionsrequired on your phone/tablet.
Gravity 0.7.2
Team Support
What will happen if a villain inventsanevilplot? You're going to find out, in struggle withgravitationanddanger that wait for you in space.Captain receives the order to investigate the situation,aftertheinhabitants of the newly discovered planet stoppedansweringcalls.What awaits in the endless darkness for thebravecaptain?- Original storyline- Stylish graphics- Customization- Rad soundtracks- Dangerous adventure- Variaty boss battles- Mind-bending levels- Intrigue dialogsThis is - Gravity!
Gtron - Gravity Tron 1.1.1
Gtron is a next challenge was create byDiffcatgame studio. It design with a Tron world for game withinterestinggravity.Gtron is available through both physical: up & down whenitchange dimension gravity. Keep the ball running, jumpacrossgravity Tron world. Simply touch the screen and don't let theballhit the different color.It 's hard & fun to be play.
Ball Travel Zero Gravity 2.0
Badri Bebua
Try "Ball Travel Zero Gravity" and youwillamazed!Travel with new ball in to space with zero gravity, underwaterworld with atlantis, old castle and more..
Gravity Mysterious Jungle fals 1.0
Do you really want to venture withyourfavoritecharacter dipper ? so let’s help him to find his wayandhis sistermabel pines in your game gravity mysterious junglefalls. it’s a newamazing Acarde game for gravity fals in wich youcanjump and run andswimming mabel will help you to finishyouadventureThe story: he lost his way while he is searching the secretofanevil power who’s Surround the jungle, you need tofinddipper’ssister because she is the only one who’s will give youallthesecret about the evil power of gravity desert templefalls.Butthis will not be easy because to our lovely character willmeetalot of monsters and dangers in his way .So let take partofyourtime and help dipper and mabel in this adventure to getoutfromthe jungle and to defeat enemiesYou can do a lot of activities In this game Gravityadventureofdipper in the mysterious jungle falls you can run jumpavoidfightswim shooting. so let's do with mabel pinesJust tape on the buttons to move ,jump and runFeatures:-easy control and gameplay-adventure game for kids and adult as well-running jumping avoiding-HD graphic-cute characters mabel , dipper-nice theme and FreeThis game have no relation with the real Adventure grravityoffallsgames. It’s just a fan make don’t hesitated to tryitit’sfree
Destroy as many spaceships as you caninthispuzzling spaceshooter. Distort gravity around youtodeflectasteroids and missiles and hit your enemies.FEATURES:- Simple, pure, innovative gameplay- Challenging game- Simple menus- Completely free
Gravity Flip 1.1
Orbitron is one of the highlyadvancedhumanoidrobots, developed to keep peace between the twoworlds.Help himmake it through his final challenge by flippinggravity.The game features just one simple control. Touch thescreentoflip gravity.How long can you keep your robot running?Discover the art of gravity shifting now!
Gravity Free 1.3
Welcome to the universe GRAVITY.It isanewadventure game! You will find an exciting anddangerousadventurein outer space. Running the space ship, makingits waythrough thegravitational fields of planets, collect all thestars.Become askilled pilot of your starship!DescriptionThe main feauture of the game is planets' gravity . It willhelpyouto complete the level faster but it may lag its going.Revolving in orbits of the planets, , take aim well andtrytocollect the maximum number of stars.Keep your time its not so much!Take care of air and fuel, because they are spent duringtheflight.You will have a stock of fuel and air, that you can fillupon someplanets! During landings, the air can be restoredonplanets withblue,atmosphere and fuel with agreenatmosphere.Find the fastest way through the levels, using thegravityofplanets.Features- A large number of increasingly complex levels.Thanks to easy control you will be able to play immediately!Thegameis simple to play but it is difficult to becomeamaster!- Fast, faster, faster! Show your speed in passing!- Go through all the adventure with a positive attitude!- Graphics in a high resolution and professional decorating.- Enjoy great music!Good luck!!!
Gravity 2.0 0.0.4
Clark DuVall
Now you can have the power of gravityallinyour fingertips! Gravity 2.0 is a fascinating game foranyonewholoves being creative, having insane space battles, orboth!There are two different ways to play Gravity 2.0: SandboxmodeandBattle mode. Sandbox mode allows you to create your ownsolarsystem,designing every part of your planets. Then you canplacecannons andmissile launchers on your planets and watch astheprojectiles flyaround the solar system, withrealisticphysics.Battle mode lets you make your own solar systemspecificallytunedfor WAR! Build up your planets with 6 uniqueweapons and 3uniqueplanet upgrades. Then upgrade your planets andweapons tohave thebest solar system in the universe! Battle the AIto gainmore moneyto build up your solar system even more!The possibilities are endless!
Gravity Cube 1.1.1
Sargun Vohra
Gravity Cube is a high scoregameaboutmanipulating gravity to avoid obstacles. Race throughaninfinitetunnel and swipe to change the direction of gravity.Dodgethefiery walls for as long as you can to earn a highscore.
Gravity Pro 1.2
Gravity Pro available now on Android!Drawlinesand control gravity, so that the ball ( or balls)hitthetarget.Gravity Pro is an challenging physics-based puzzlegamewhichconsists of 40 levels.This addictive game comes with the following features:- Easy to learn gameplay.- Online leaderboards- Nice music
Digital Galaxy 1.00
Tiresome travel? Stuck in a waitingroom?Instead of staring at the watch aimlessly try your luck inourDigital Galaxy. Fun up your Android watch with our applicationanddestroy planets that come across your way. You know you wantto.You don’t have to be quantum physicist. Just tap anddestroy.Destroy Planets of Boredom, kill time creatively.
Freeze! 2.03
+++ Winner of the "Indie PrizeEurope2013"-Award, Casual Games Association ++++++ "Top 10 Android Game of 2013" (Android +++»The twisty-turny physics delights on offer here arecleverer,darker, and more devious than what's on offer in youraveragecasual puzzler.« (, review)»minimalistic yet stunning artwork … gameplay is fun,challengingand maybe even a little maddening ... Score 4/5«(,review)»Freeze! is one of a kind. It’s a whole new gaming experience...oneof the top 10 physics puzzlers. Score 4.3/5"(,review)»Score 91/100« (, review)»Spooky, Challenging Perfection - Score 10/10«(,review)It was a wonderful day for our anonymous hero, at least untilthemoment when he was torn from his loved ones by a viciouslysharpgrappling hook.Locked in a cramped cell on a planet far, far away, our herocouldgive in to despair and abandon himself to his fate. But withyourhelp he can overcome gravity, turn worlds, and even –escape!Solving the rotating, physics-based puzzles is easy - just useyourfinger to continuously turn the cell in both directions aroundourhero. Of course you also have to make clever use of theFreeze!button, which can overcome gravity. Sound simple? It is –atfirst...Freeze! offers completely new and yet immediately intuitivegamemechanics, delightfully gloomy graphics from theinternationallyrenowned pop-up designer and illustrator JonasSchenk, and a verysinister soundtrack from noted Swisselectronic/trance musicianKarl Lukas.Highlights of Freeze!* the first world offers 25 unique and thrilling levels* there are 15 free bonus levels for evaluation (honestopinionswelcome)* additional worlds can be bought later as an in-app purchase atavery low price.* use intuitive touch screen control to turn our hero’s cell* take on lasers, deadly traps, and cruel opponents* unique style of illustration and collage just looksreallygood* wonderful gloomy soundtrack from trance master Karl Lukas* leaderboards & achievements – who can escape the prisonworldsthe fastest? (Google Play Games, Google+)More information, videos and tips for every level
gravity 1.3
A simple 2d game inspired onasteroids.Youshould destroy as much as you can.
Gravity 1.5
Help Earth survive enemy attackbydeliveringadvanced weapon system. Destroy as much enemyfightersyoucan.If you live though all this, your mission is to go deepbehindenemylines and destroy their base.
Gravity Limit 1.21
Exciting game with unique mechanicsandphysics! Show your best in endless automatically generatedlevels!Have fun but be careful: game authors are not responsibleforbroken phones from game rage!Game features:- unique gameplay with simple touch control- gameplay full of crazy flights and jumps- gradually increased difficulty from easy toalmostimpossible- colorful 3D graphics- inimitable characters
Green the Planet 2 2.2.1
GREEN THE PLANETS.GREEN YOUR LIFE.Since being featured in the New Cosmos Times, 'Green Style'hasbecome a lifestyle that is on many people's radar.What is Green Style, you may ask?It is greening one planet after another by traveling throughtheuniverse and changing it to be a comfortable place tolive.Therefore, you will feel more relaxed, refreshed, and satisfiedwithyour accomplishments: your green planets."Well, it's interesting, but, isn’t it too much to handle?”Just join us and find out!GROW* provides with you all the support you need, and you willbeamazed how easy it is to start enjoying your 'Green Style.'*GROW: Greening and Reviving Of the Whole Universe-------------------------[Why do I choose GROW?]<>You will have a variety of Comet Decomposer choices, includingthenew Spread Shot, Reflection Shot and Charger type, as well asthestandard Cannon, Missile and Laser.You will be amazed by the fun and excitement ofdecomposingcomets!<>The items from decomposing comets are converted into theenergy,which then can be injected directly into the planetthroughGreenifizers.So, just sit back, relax, and watch how the planetbecomesgreen.<>The latest artificial intelligence is implemented in the computerofthe spaceship, and we will make sure you receive the beston-sitesupport in the industry.The library is also available in the spaceship to review theitemsyou collect.In response to many requests, the new monitoring system hasbeeninstalled so that you can check the current status of theplanetsthat you have completed greening.-------------------------[Voices from the ’Green Style' community]"I was tired of working long hours day after day, so I decided togo'Green Style.' Now, I live a happy life! It is a joy to seeabeautiful flower finally bloom after I complete greeningaplanet."(Mepopoica from Planet Logoooda, 158 yrs old)"Wow, that Reflection Shot! So awesome! Can't wait to dogreeningagain on my next day off. Let's shoot'em up!!"(Ga Nmochera Lu from Planet Nmzee, 17 yrs old)"I am soooo busy taking care of 86 kids, but now I don't havetoworry about gathering falling stars because Auto Collectorsareworking for me. That's why I can continue and enjoy my'GreenStyle.'"(Moiko Mozoda from Planet Moyak, 37 yrs old)-------------------------So, call us now and start greening the planets and enrichingyourlife!GROW guarantees you will enjoy your 'Green Style.'*Free trial available at a galaxy near you.
Gravity Ark: Black Hole Runner
Use the power of black holes to propelhumanityto safety from a supernova!Gravity Ark is an endless runner, with a supernova on the leftandendless space on the right. With the touch of your finger,youcreate black holes, whose gravity redirects your ship, enablingyouto avoid the asteroids ahead!In Gravity Ark you can collect ships that span from NeptunetoSputnik, with a selection of the coolest spacecraft to see theendof the solar system.Collect ships and beat your high score in Gravity Ark, butmostimportantly: survive!Features:★ Real Gravity, Real Orbitz★ The whole game is playable for free★ 16 Collectible ships: From sputnik to Neptune(and maybeevenDoge)★ Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Red Dwarf, and Blue Giant★ Loads in seconds★ Black Hole Orbitz★Once a day, play as a ship for free★Procedurally Generated Endless SpaceComing soon: new ships like Neutron Star and Pet Rock, Uranus,PlutoPet Rock, Venus, Mercury, Mars, and switch!LIKE WHY GAMES STUDIO ON FACEBOOK! WHY GAMES STUDIO ON TWITTER!
Gravity Wars Alpha 0.2.7
WARNING: This is early testingalphaversion,game is still unfinished and has several bugs. Use itonlyif youwish to help us.Lead your faithful minions in a space battles andconquerthegalaxy. Use different weapons and use the forces ofgravity toyouradvantage.Gravity Wars brings turn based artillery gameplay intospace.Ifyou liked Worms, Scorched Eart, iShoot or any similar gamethenyouwill love Gravity Wars.More features to come, please let us know what you thinkaboutthegeneral idea and how can we improve it. Use 'feedback'buttonto postnew ideas and vote for existing ones.The goal of this version is to get some user feedbackandideas,so please contact us with any ideas or comments.
Gravity Beats 1.077
Check out our new action-puzzle indie gamewithstandard platform and real physics! The controls are simpleyetchallenging to master. Thrusting in too fast can wreck yourship ina second so don't rush! Confidence and patience are yourbestfriends to become the Master of Gravity.______________________________________________________________________________________________• REVIEWS •©Soomla - "Gravity Beats features a space ship, somenicephysics, cool graphics and mind-boggling puzzles to keepyouinterested for hours at a time."©AndroidPolice - "Imagine moving around a standardplatforminggame with the look and movement mechanic of Asteroids.That'sGravity Beats, a title that challenges you to pilot a tinyshiparound a complicated environment. The controls are simple,justvector and thrust, but thanks to the variable level designyou'llconstantly be discovering new things."©TechExpandable - "One of the best smartphone games whichisfree to play on your android, the best thing of it is conceptwhichis old and the style which is new and cool"©AndroidGeeks - "This game offers you the possibility to pilotaship around complex levels filled with obstacles likecannons,propellers, rotators and others."______________________________________________________________________________________________• FEATURES •★ Everyplay support. Record replays and share them withthecommunity!★ Over 30 achievements, each of them is rewarded by GooglePlayexperience★ More than 20 unique and challenging levels★ Story about Prophet's adventure★ A Global Leaderboard and individual scoreboard foreachlevel★ Real gravitation on difficulties normal+★ Day-Glo unique neon graphic design★ Dynamic music★ Lefty support★ Three levels of difficulties★ Undiscovered bugs★ Multiple language support (EN, DE, RU, UA, PH)______________________________________________________________________________________________The planet is collapsing and it's up to you, the Player, ehmtheProphet of the Triangle Religion, to save it!Plan your flight to pass through Cannons, Rotators, PropellersandMagnets and collect those discs with your little spaceship soyoucan meet the SuperComp and maybe even save the planet!Are you the real prophet?Play now to find out!______________________________________________________________________________________________☆ 5" or bigger display is highly recommended. ☆
Gravity Badgers 1.5.2
Gravity Badgers is a FULLFREE,highlyaddictive, physics-based arcade game with 140unlockablelevelsthat features BADGERS IN SPACE! This game also hasfive bigbosslevels including the giant Space Worm, the deadlyDoomsphereandfive different Gravity Badger characters to unlock.Step into the space suit of valiant gravity badger,CaptainTBayback as he ventures into the deadly depths of deep spacetosavehis friends, family and the universe itself from the threatofthedeadly Evil Honey Badgers.Throw yourself into the planets’ gravity, dodgeasteroids,planetsand unyielding deadly bosses in over 140 levelsofvacuum-filledadventure and danger, all united under a stunningartstylereminiscent of all your favourite 80's cartoons completewithathumping mullet rock soundtrack!This really makes Gravity Badgers an addictive,challenging,funfree game that will keep kids and adults coming backformore!FEATURES★ ADDICTIVE PHYSICS BASED BADGER MAYHEM★ EASY TO PLAY FOR KIDS AND ADULTS★ SUPPORTS 10 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES★ 140+ LEVELS OF GRAVITY BADGER ACTION★ UNLOCKABLE CUTE BADGER CHARACTERS★ FIVE CHALLENGING BOSS LEVELS★ FULL GAME IS FREEPlease Note: This is game is Add Supported however youcanremovethese and get level skips with in-app purachsesSUPPORTFacebook:
Gravity Run 1.0
You must keep the Square on thescreen,andthat's not easy!Super addictive! Give it a try and see how longyoursanitylasts!"Gravity Run: A frustratingly addicting game!"- Juan Vega - AndroidGuysHOW TO PLAY:Click on the left and the square will jump to the left,clickonthe right and the square will jump to the right, seemseasyright?No, it's not...You must keep the square on the screen without fallingonthebottom!Lots of different obstacles and traps will drive you crazy!FEATURES:- An endless, super addictive game!- Lots of obstacles to avoid! (Bombs, Avalanches, Magnets..)- Crazy platforms to dodge! (Moving,Rotating,Disappearing...)- Amazing physics!How long can you stay on the screen?Special Thanks To:- Foolish28 (Angelo Marcarelli)
Variable Gravity
A group of scientists are testing aspaceshipcapable of reaching near-light speeds. During a test,somethinggoes wrong and the pilot lands on an unknown planet. Theplanet,called "dG9jYXBwLmNvbQ==", is characterized by having avariablegravity and is full of creatures that the pilot must avoid,forthat, can only jump.Compatible with Android Wear.
Defend the Planet 1.30
Protect your planet from asteroids!Taptorotate defence! How long you can stand? Explore the galaxytofindnew planets! Enjoy the game!
Microtrip 2.1.6
"Simple, squashy and with plentyofjust-one-more-go addictiveness." – The Guardian"Microtrip offers a dose of happiness to cheer you up on amiserableafternoon." – Pocket GamerMicrotrip is a physics arcade game set inside the body of astrangecreature. Its unique soft-body physics and the proceduralgeneratedlevels make the game different and challenging every timeyouplay.The goal is simple: go as deep as possible. For completing suchatask you need to dodge the monsters as well as eating thewhitecells that are keeping you alive. The game is punctuated byspecialpills that give the blob a weird yet amazing power. How farcan yougo?Packed with cool features:- Realistic soft-body physics- Google Play leaderboards- Two control schemes: tilt or touch- Awesome super bonus pills- Procedurally generated levels
Shopkins World! 3.1.1
Explore Shopville and play mini games withallof your favorite Shopkins including Apple Blossom, LippyLips,Cheeky Chocolate and Kooky Cookie! Stock up on candy at theCandyShop, get creative in the Stationery shop, sort rainbow cakesinthe Cake shop, help Donatina at her Donut Cart and more!FEATURES- Collect and play with all your favorite Shopkins from Seasons 1to8 and add them to your My Shopkins Collection- Explore the Shopville street and interact with yourfavoriteShopkins- Play games, earn coins and unlock Shopkins!- 15 fun-filled shops to play in!- Meet the Shoppies!Stay Connected!Visit our official site at http://www.shopkinsworld.comFollow us on Twitter,Facebook andInstagram out the Shopkins webisodes and videos onYoutube us for more informationat: Policy of Use DEVICESThis app supports devices running Android 4.1 and above.Updates may affect compatibility.ADVICE TO PARENTSThe game requires an Internet connection (3G or WiFi) forShoppiesVIP Code usage as well as to download and update. Kids, askaparent first before downloading. Shopkins World is free todownloadand play, and additional in-game items can be unlocked viaearningrewards through play.Shopkins World is free to play and contains third partyadvertising.By playing the game you agree to the terms of servicewhich can befound at viewed atany time in the settings screen of the game.While the game gives the player the option of entering ausername,this name is never shared with Moose or other players.Please visit for moredetails.Shopkins World app is subject to the Play Store termsandconditions.2013 Moose. Shopkins logos, names and characters arelicensedtrademarks of Moose Enterprise.Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.
Crazy Dentist - Fun games 2.0.25
Everyone does not like to go to thisdentist'soffice because there is a crazy dentist in it. Greatdoctorgames.How crazy is the dentist, you can come to try it! this isawonderful rpg games, do u got it ?Play the best games!
Smash Hit 1.4.0
Take a surreal journey through anotherworldlydimension, move in harmony with sound and music andsmasheverything in your path! This experience requiresfocus,concentration, and timing to not only travel as far as youcan, butalso break the beautiful glass objects that stand in yourway.* Smash your way through a beautiful futuristicdimension,smashing obstacles and targets in your path andexperiencing thebest destruction physics on mobile devices.* Musically synchronized gameplay: music and audio effectschangeto suit each stage, obstacles move to each new tune.* Over 50 different rooms with 11 different graphic styles,andrealistic glass-breaking mechanics in every stage.Smash Hit is playable at no cost and free from ads. Anoptionalpremium upgrade is available through a one-time in-apppurchasethat will enable new game modes, cloud save acrossmultipledevices, detailed statistics and the ability to continuefromcheckpoints.
Doodle Jump
Lima Sky LLC
Named Best of 2015 by Google Playeditors!Thank you for all of your support.One of the hottest mobile games of all time! Easy to pick upandplay. Wildly addictive.See for yourself why Touch Arcade called Doodle Jump “possiblythebest [mobile] game ever created” and Macworld called it “aperfectmicro-game, insanely addictive, and deliciouslyreplayable.”How high can you get?Journey up a sheet of graph paper, perpetually jumping fromoneplatform to the next, picking up jet packs, avoiding blackholes,and blasting baddies with nose balls along the way. Laughwithdelight as you blow past other players' actual scoremarkersscribbled in the margins. And be warned: this game isinsanelyaddictive!Features:- Many fantastical worlds to play in - Ninja, Space, Jungle,Soccer,Underwater, Snow, Halloween, Frozen Ice, Easter andPirates!- Awesome power-ups to pick-up (JET PACKs, PROPELLER HATS,ROCKETS,trampolines...)- Trippy obstacles to avoid (UFOs, black holes, and many,manymonstrous monsters)- Mad platforms to jump on (Broken, moving, disappearing,shifting,EXPLODING…)- NEW! - More than 100 missions to complete for rewards- Global leaderboards, fun achievements! Beat yourfriends’scores!How to play:Tilt to move left or right, tap the screen to shoot.As seen on TV (Big Bang Theory, Parks & Rec, Bad Girls),movies(Battleship), late-night (Jimmy Fallon) and on tour with LadyGaga,find out why Doodle Jump is a true cultural phenomenon.* BE WARNED: This game is INSANELY addictive!* Don't doodle jump and drive!:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::If you bought Doodle Jump in the past, make sure you haveitinstalled on your device* when you install this new version!Thatwill remove the ads. If you have already uninstalled/deletedtheold paid Doodle Jump version, you can re-download it from"MyAndroid Apps" -> "Other apps in my library" or by goingdirectlyto:* This will work for most devices, but unfortunately not theonesthat the old paid version is not compatible with. We are tryingtocome up with a solution for those.:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Bottle Flip! 1.2
Let the bottle flip from one table to thenext!Do it as many times in a row as you can!Just touch and hold the screen to charge and release to letthebottle flip. Try not to fall down!Collect gems to unlock different bottles.What's your best score?
Rail Rush
• ABOUT THE GAME •Get ready for this epic adventure!Step into your cart and begin this exploring frenzy!Acceleratethrough these insanely fast rails while tilting andswiping toavoid the obstacles.Your job is to collect precious stones, so get those goldnuggetsand gems! There will be surprises along the way, and specialgiftsto earn if you're lucky! Break the rock eggs to revealwhat’sinside of them and pick up all the gems for yourpersonalexplorer’s collection!Find new and exciting paths to explore across the mine, andgothrough those special levels to earn more nuggets! Featuringmanyexciting environments in 10 different settings: dash throughtheCrazy Caves, fight the horde in the Zombie Caves, makeyoursweetest dreams come true in Sweet Wonderland, hurtle throughthelush and dangerous Amazon jungle, immerse in the terrificUnderseaWorld, take a dive in the Horror Land, visit the wonderfulSnowLand, navigate on the Steam Factory, find your way on theJurassicJungle and explore the Pharaoh's Tomb, all this and manysurpriselevels which will amaze you with their colorfulscenarios.You can also equip your cart with power ups to extend yourchancesinside the mine, while completing missions and ranking up,in orderto become the ultimate explorer!KEY FEATURES:• 18 different characters• Cool power ups• 10 different worlds and many hidden levels• Stunning graphics• Action packed gameplay• Many in-game achievements• Game statistics• Game Center leader boardsHow long can you last in the rails? Find out, by downloadingRailRush now!****************************************Try also the free web version of Rail Rush on our website: out more about Miniclip:“Like” Rail Rush on Facebook: the official game trailer: Rail Rush on Twitter:!/railrushFollow Miniclip on Twitter:!/miniclip
Fruit Splash Mania
Play the addictive new puzzle game fromthemakers of Candy Blast Mania, Jewel Mania and Bubble Mania!Take a bite into Fruit Splash Mania with its uniqueline-drawingpuzzle gameplay! Match together festive Fruits thatripen intocolossal combos!- PLAY through 120+ Levels of fruit-tastic fun as youmatchbushels of delicious lemons, berries, and watermelons!- MASTER five challenging gameplay modes, including High Score,FreeThe Fruit, and Fruit Drop!- BLAST your way past Vines, Stumps, and Doom Slime to freeyourFruit friends!- BOOST your score with potent power-ups like the Bomb and theCrossBlaster. Earn three stars on every level!- CHALLENGE! Climb your way up the Leaderboards to be thebestpuzzle player!- EXPLORE juicy jungles, mouth-watering mountains,delectabledeserts, and more!- EARN keys from completing challenges to win Gems, Boosts,andmore!- STELLAR performance with top-notch graphics, amusinganimations,captivating music and expertly crafted soundeffects!- FREE levels, obstacles and game modes added regularly! No pausetothe puzzles!- CUSTOMIZED for your Android phone or tablet!Please note that Fruit Splash Mania is free to play, but youcanpurchase in-app items with real money. To disable this feature,goto the Google Play app on your device, tap the Menu button,selectSettings > Use password to restrict purchases. Then followthedirections to complete setup.TeamLava, a Storm8 studio, is the #1 Mobile Social GameDeveloperfor Android devices.Use of this application is governed by the TeamLava TermsofService. Collection and use of data are subject toTeamLava'sPrivacy Policy. Both policies are and READ_PHONE_STATE permission is used to help usrememberyour puzzle progressFollow
BlackHole. 1.1.2
BlackHole. is a puzzle and arcade gamewhereyou can show your talents. In the game to reach the highestlevelyour aim is to send all red stars to the black hole bymergingthem.For you to reach the black hole, all the blocksplacedsmartly.Make red stars bigger enough to pass the blocks and direct themtotarget.Beware, blocks that turn and move randomly can changedirectionof stars.Key Features- 130 different levels- Easy to learn and fun to master gameplay- Unlimited lives and no time limits- It’s totally free!- Share your score- Merge red stars- Build strategy- Speed sections- Puzzle solving
Death Worm 1.65
PlayCreek LLC
Over 10,000,000 of downloads for Death Worm,10Million people addicted to Death Worm can't be wrong!Meet the highly anticipated Android version of the *original*DeathWorm game - a Top-50 indie game of all times!Control the mind-boggling underground monster with your finger!What is he? An alien? An awakened prehistoric predator?Geneticmonster? It is really not important for those unfortunatewho havesunk into oblivion in his giant poisonous throat. Nothingpersonal- it's just the predator's lunch time.NOWHERE TO HIDE: The Monster feeds in 4differentlocations!ENDLESS TERROR: Beat 60 challenging levels to complete theCampaignMode!NEVER GET BORED: Death Worm features 3 bonus Mini-Games!EXPLOSIVE SURVIVAL: 3 different Survival Modes to keep feedingyourhungry Monster as long as you can!EVOLUTION: The Worm looks differently in every location thatyouunlock!OMNIVOROUS: Animals, birds, businessmen, punks, lizards, andevendangerous predators like tiger are now nothing more than snacksforyour monster Worm!THE DESTROYER: blow up cars and tanks; bring down planesandhelicopters and even the alien UFO’s! Fight enemies of over40types!The Game supports HD displays and features smooth graphicsandstunning visual effects! Various Achievements get unlocked asthegame progresses, and your highest scores get into theLeaderboards!This is the game that perfectly suits if you need toquicklyrelieve stress or just have fun!Optimized for smartphones and tablets.
Gravity-X Free 1.2
Cellular Bits
The Gravity-X is the mostaddictivespacechallenge of the Store, that puts your spatialawarenessanddexterity to the ultimate test!Explore the Galaxy with your spaceship! The goal of the gameistoreach the Dock from the Start point without crashing orrunningoutof fuel. If you are skillful enough, you can rescueastronautswhoare lost in the space, but be careful, because theendlessspace isfilled with dangerous obsetacles, such as blackholes,suns,asteroids, solar winds etc - Try to avoid them andTestyourprecision, style, and skill in 43 unique levelsof4constellations.To drive the spaceship you only have to tap the screenwithyourfinger, but be careful, because the gravity is tricky!Game Features:- Breathtaking graphics- Easy and fun to play, but challenge to fully master- Over 4 exciting constellations and 43 unique levels
Gravity Jump! 1.2
Adam Van Aken
Gravity Jump is a unique, minimalistrunningadventure game where the gravity will switch (jump) witheachplatform. For the user, gravity is always down. It creates auniqueand interesting effect for gameplay.Controls:*Tap to jump (hold longer for an extended jump)*Tap/tilt device left or right to steer -- this optionisconfigurable
Blamburger - Clarence 1.0.5
Clarence wants to build the perfect burger, but when Sumothrowssome firecrackers in the mix, the food goes flying! See howmanyburgers you can catch in Blamburger!SERVE UP SOME FUNUse simple and intuitive touch controls to catch fallingingredientsand avoid firecrackers. Build burgers using normalitems like beef,cheese and lettuce, or weirder stuff like friedeggs, donuts,lobsters, or even worms!FIND THE RECIPE FOR SUCCESSUnlock wild new recipes to gain scoring bonuses. Catch onlytherequired ingredients, and you'll earn extra points that'llsendyour score into the stratosphere!FASTEST FOOD IN TOWNThe longer you last, the faster the food falls. Test yourreflexesand challenge your coordination. Can you keep up with theexplosiveaction and break your high score?Help Clarence conquer a frenzy of falling food inBLAMBURGER!********************This game is available in the following languages:Arabic,Chinese, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean,Portuguese,Russian, Spanish and Turkish.If you're having any problems with this app, feel free tocontactus at advanced.p[email protected] about the issues you're running into as well as what deviceandOS version you're using.********************IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS:This app may contain ads that feature other products,services,shows or offers from Cartoon Network and our partners.PRIVACY INFORMATION:Your privacy is important to us at Cartoon Network, a divisionofTurner Broadcasting System, Inc. This game collects andusesinformation as described in Cartoon Network’s Privacy Policylinkedbelow. This information may be used, for example, to respondtouser requests; enable users to take advantage of certainfeaturesand services; personalize content; serve advertising;performnetwork communications; manage and improve our productsandservices; and perform other internal operations of CartoonNetworkweb sites or online services. Our privacy practices areguided bydata privacy laws in the United States. For users residingin theEU or other countries outside the U.S., please note that thisappmay use persistent identifiers for game management purposes.Bydownloading this application, you accept our Privacy Policy andEndUser License Agreement, and you give permission for such usesforall users of your device. The Privacy Policy and End UserLicenseAgreement are in addition to any terms, conditions orpoliciesimposed by your wireless carrier and Google, Inc. CartoonNetworkand its affiliates are not responsible for any collection,use, ordisclosure of your personal information by Google or yourwirelesscarrier.Terms of Use: Policy: