Top 5 Games Similar to Sloth.

Run Sloth Run 1.3
THIS GAME IS SUPPOSED TO BE ANNOYING!IFYOUDONT LIKE ANNOYING GAMES DO NOT RATE THIS APP DOWN!Run Sloth Run! is a new game that really makes you wanttoplayagain and again. Jump and slide over and under obstacles.Startoffslow, then when you least expect it a full blast ofspeedwillsweep you away. Can you keep up? Share yourscoresovertwitter!
Surfer King 1.131
■ StoryMerry Little Johnny to brighten surfing today.But what got tired of always of surfboard,I will try to catch a variety of waves in various things.Are you sure Will gets on together to where?■ RulePlease riding a wave of physical computingIt is countdown When you are a certain period of timeandprotrudesto the right from the screenThe game is over would be drowned Once to zero.■ How to Play• You can make settings of the gyro sensor by choosingtheleftfrom stage 1.· If you go to stage left will help stretch the score asitgoes.If the gyro sensor on· Little Johnny puts the center of gravity in the directionofthearrow is tilted· Upper right or you can press the upper left of the button· Whether to or under direction to the upward direction thecenterofgravity• You can switchIf the gyro sensor off· Little Johnny puts the center of gravity in thatdirectionbypressing the top right of the button.· Little Johnny puts the center of gravity in thatdirectionbypressing the upper left of the button.· Little Johnny by pressing the button at the bottom rightputsthecenter of gravity in that direction.· Little Johnny puts the center of gravity in thatdirectionbypressing the lower left of the button.Events• The surfing and various events will occur between are.- As an example.And storm surge warning, you increase the amount of wave.· Showers, raindrops will come down from above.· Typhoon approaching, the sea is rough big.■ FeaturesLittle Johnny, will the misbehavior· 1 Stage 2-4 minutes.· Automatic save feature.I believe the ranking function in the update after -■ RatesFREE■ System RequirementsAndroid 2.3 or higher recommendedRespect for the QWOP
Super Bunny Man 1.02
The best game ever made about a fat guyinarabbit costume jumping through wormholes, traversing timeandspacein a challenging journey in search of somethingnon-specificthatwill leave you with intense feelings of [INSERTFAVORITEEMOTIONHERE].Super Bunny Man is an intense action platformer whereyouronlyabilities are rolling and jumping. Beat levels, timeattacks,findhidden carrots, all while evading spikes, boulders,pitfalls,andother challenges!Features:-Mind-blowing 2.5D computer-generated graphical images.-Evocative musical soundtrack, with grooves so radicalit'salmostillegal.-30 levels of stimulating challenges, spread across 3amazingworlds!(more coming soon!)-Coins! 3 per level! Complete the challenges to get coinstounlockmore levels!-Hidden carrot on every level! High in vitamin C! Take ittothewormhole and you win! Hurray!-Unbelievable dance moves.-Demo version? What?!The first 10 levels can be played for free, and the fullgameisunlocked by a single in-app-purchase. This entitles youtoallfuture levels (there will be more coming soon!),updates,andcontent (also a hearty serving of my eternal gratitudeforyoursupport)!
Adventure Witcher World 1.0
Have you ever dreamed of being a Mage? amagicWizard? Witcher or Sorcerer?Long Description: Adventure Witcher World is amagicarcade/platform game where you will travel to different worldswithyour Witcher to defeat new levels and enemies. Do you likemagicspells and classes like Wizard, Sorcerer, Mages or Warlocks?Youcan have purple spells here too!The main idea is to become the strongest Witcher/Wizard intheworld. You'll need to collect coins to buy upgradesanditems.This upgrades will help you to defeat all the enemies with ablinkof an eye.You can challenge your friends to be the Number 1 sorcerer intheworld with the leaderboard system. You can compare who has thebestscores and who is the best.** Highlights **- Customized HD interface- Jetpack available- HD graphics- Tablet compatibleNeed technical support? Need to contact us? It's possibletocontact us whatever you want in [email protected]: @balestra_studioFacebook:
Banjo the flemmard 1.0
Adrien Bariau
Banjo est un paresseux qui a unegrosseflemmeet ne veux pas bouger ! Pour compléter les niveaux etfairebougerBanjo faites pencher le décor en inclinant votreappareil dedroiteà gauche !Banjo the flemmard est un jeu réalisé lors d'une GameJamde4joursVoici l'équipe derrière le jeu :Designer : Adrien BariauProgrammation : Alexandre Ramchurn , Remi CarreiraGraphisme : Nicolas Tham , Cedric Southammavong,ClotildeMoussierSon : Vito CoquetMerci pour le téléchargement et bon jeu !Banjo is a sloth withabiglazy and do not want to move! To complete the levels andmakethingslook Banjo made the scenery right by tilting yourdeviceleft!Banjo the slacker is a play performed in a 4-day GamejamHere is the team behind the game:Designer: Adrien BariauProgramming: Alexander Ramchurn, Remi CarreiraGraphics: Nicolas Tham, Cedric Southammavong ClotildeMoussierHis Vito CoquetThank you for downloading and good game!