Top 32 Games Similar to Domino Tap

Dominos Pro 1.0.0
DOMINOS PRO It's a GAME FOR THE WHOLE FAMILLYYour goal is to connect the dominoes with the samenumberofpoints in order to win as much as possible .You will play against a botMatch pieces with the same number of dots.Have fun with this classic game of DominoDominos Pro is 100% freeFor any questions and suggestions please contact us ,Questions and suggestionsWe would like to hear from you!Send us your feedback via: [email protected] .
Domino Pro 2017 1.0.0
Arab Applic
DOMINOS PRO It's a GAME ( dominos jeux)FORTHEWHOLE FAMILLYYour goal is record company and to connect the dominoes withthesamenumber of points in order to win as much as possible.Like a domino en ligne in web site and Toys dominos carteyouneedbat domino recordsYou will play against a botMatch pieces with the same number of dots.Have fun with this classic game ( domino film )of dominonDominos Pro or the dominos is 100% free like dominos usaQuestions and suggestionsWe would like to hear from you!
Dominoes 1.0.0
Tony Inc
Enjoy with friends and Dominoes game
Domino Dancing 1.035
Be quick and precise! Place the dominocubestomake them fall as long as possible.Collect gems to unlock new domino skins. Gainachievementsandshare your score!
Domino Pro 1.0.0
Arab Applic
DOMINOS PRO It's a GAME -dominos jeuxFORTHEWHOLE FAMILLYYour goal is to connect the dominoes with the same numberofpointsin order to win as much as possible .You will play against a botMatch pieces with the same number of dots.Have fun with this classic game of DominoDominos Pro is 100% freeFor any questions and suggestions please contact us ,Questions and suggestionsWe would like to hear from you!_ This same characteristic apps are applications below:-Domino it's a one of good application to play with friends-Dominoes: Play it for Free for always-Dominos -Les Dominos try it now-Dominoes is one of the most popular board game in theworld,wasinvented more than two thousand years ago in India-Domino Stars is perfect for developing logicalthinkingandmemory-dominos carte or the dominos is an awesome dominos gameplayedwithrectangular "domino" tiles.
Domino Dash 1.0
Line up dominoes as they head offthescreen.Place as many as you can before they get awayfromyou!
Don't Touch Empty Domino 1.1
S&M Studio
The game "Don`t Touch Empty Domino" iscreatedfor those, who has quick fingers and good reaction.You have the opportunity from the very beginning to open theworldof domino. It is not only an interesting game, but opportunitytocompete with your friend in speed, and to develop the fingersandenjoy the time.You are to make all domino empty, but don't touch emptyfigure,because all will begin from the very beginning.
Domino Runnner 1.2
Tap the screen in time with theoncomingmarkers!Keep the chain of tumbling dominos going!A brand new style of gameplay: seems like a rhythm game, butinfact, it ain’t!=== How to play ===(1) Rules★ Watch for the incoming flashing markers!★ When a marker hits dead center on the DROP button, tap thescreento place a red domino. (You can tap anywhere you like)★ Keep adding red dominos to make an unbroken chain!(2) MIRACLES★ When you miss placement, a MIRACLE will occasionally occurandbring you back from failure. The runner’s level seems to have something to do withMIRACLEfrequency…! Collect lots of COOL! ratings to level up!(3) Avatars★ Create your very own avatar and nickname!★ Connect over the Internet to compete against otherplayers’scores!★ Aim for a 100-game streak!※ If no Internet connection is available, you’ll face offagainstcomputer rivals.Art, sound, and game design: SKIPMOREProgramming: URARA-WORKS Co., Ltd.
Domi-no 1.0
the goal is to make all thedominoesdisappearto reach the next level.To do it, you must click on a group of 2 or moredominoestoeliminate them. When dominoes are eliminated theremainingblocksand dominoes are regrouped.However, if a domino is alone and it's impossible to groupit,youlose a life .If you lose three lives it's game over.
Tap To Rich 1.3.039
Tap to Rich! It’s the most effective waytobecome the richest man in this universe!Tap screen to collect cash, and keep collecting money to becomeaBILLIONAIRE in this game. Can you hit the wealthiestrecord?SO EASYYou won’t be bother by the complicated rules, just tap thescreenand collect all the money jump into your eyes. Keep taping toearnmore fortunes.SO FUNYou can compete with friends on the game wall and take screenshotto show it off! So don't waste time, your friends havealreadystarted.SO BEAUTIFULEver dream of tons of money drop down just like rain?Feast youreyeswith this extraordinary money rain!SO CHALLENGINGHow hard you want to become a billionaire? Hurry up and keeptaping,your friends are collecting more money than you.Note:1. Tap to Rich is optimized for devices above 256MB of RAM.2. Tap to Rich is a free game but does offer in-app purchasesofvarious kinds.3. Got problems? Questions? We love to hear voice from you!
Tap Hero 1.02
Tap Hero is an old school, challenging,8-bit,pixel art brawler game. Intuitive one tap mechanism of theknight.If you miss a slice, you die. If you miss a combo, you die.Testyour skills and reflexes to reach the top of the leaderboardandfulfill your quest in this nostalgic retro throwback! To aid youinyour quest, your Knight will perform a Powerful Combo attack,justone tap when your Super Bar is full! Upgrade your hero witharmor,weapons, get an extra life, and fight for the glory of your8-BitPixel Kingdom!Tap Hero Features:Beautiful pixel art designSimple one tap controls!Nostalgic, old school endless arcade gameplayFast-paced battle music and superb 8-bit pixel animationsCollect gold coins to upgrade your Hero's blades and armortocomplete your questFight in 4 different seasons rendered in a retro pixel artSmash 5 different opponents - warrior, bowman, mage, ninja andcrazydwarfChop, Slice and Combo your way to the top of the leaderboardsShare your battle score with the worldFuture updates will bring you more Heroes, Armor, Weapons,EpicCombo Attacks and even more 8-bit, Old School Pixel Goodness!Ifyou like brawler games this is a great choice!TouchArcade Game of the Week: Tap HeroCAUTION: HIGHLY ADDICTING!
Tap Villains 1.0.0
Defeat the enemy to find rare treasuresandlongjourney with cute heroes.Tap the villains to defeat them.Upgrade your powerful skills, and use your skill inrighttime.Take heroes, level up to make them strong!Features- Simple interface and easy to play.- Variety of heroes and items.
Tap Dash 0.1
Are you a tap lover.Tap as hard and fast as you can.FEATURES:✔ A lot of themes to play.✔ Collect all the rubies.✔ Beat your friends thought facebook leaderboard✔ Keep track of all the levels you've cleared✔ Hours of FUN FOR FREE!✔ HD quality graphics.✔ Tablet support.Support:If you have any technical problems please email [email protected]!!!Like us on facebook and be the first to hear about updates,downloadcustom images, and interact with us! us on twitter for the latest news!
Clicker Monsters: Tap to Kill 1.6
The game is very simple:- Challenge as many enemies as you can by clicking or tappingonmosters as fast as you can.- As soon as you have enough gold take a trip to the shop anduseyour money to buy upgrades to defeat monsters even quicker!Tap to damage monsters. You will be rewarded per kill. Useyourgold to upgrade your weapons and new weapons will help you togetgold faster. Repeat. Collect huge amounts of gold and weaponswhileexploring six different areas with cute cartoon visualquality.Upgrade your weapons to become even more powerful. And lastbut notleast: Tap faster to get more gold!Features:- Highly detailed cartoon style graphics,- 6 different areas that change after boss wars.- 15 weapons to upgrade,- Exciting one button gameplay,- 60 challenging levels,- 30 different monster types,Become the new Hero... be the fastest clicker...
Tap-to-Cook 1.4.6
Keep the burgers grilling and thehungrypatrons smiling as you earn money to take your restaurantbusinessnation-wide! Enjoy classic time management game play andfast pacedchallenges featuring colorful characters and sizzlingsounds.Tap your way through the kitchen, cooking and servingupdelicious burger dishes to your customers in this incrediblyfunand action packed restaurant game.Features:*Fast paced action in six different cities andrestaurantlocations! How many perfect orders can you serve?*Gorgeous imagery and and realistic cooking sounds – youcanalmost smell the grease come off the burgers!*Earn achievements for your skills including Full House,MasterCook, Entrepreneur & Finger of Justice
Mobile tap archer - Gibbets 1.2.6
Mobile tap archer - Gibbets is a 2Darcherygame with lovely graphics.Mobile tap archer is free bow and arrow mobile arcade game.Shoot arrow to cut the Gibbets rope to save hangmanfromdying.It is physics based archery game. Using archery skilltocompletethe tricky levels.While hanging on gibbets the health of hangmandecreasescontinually.Cut the rope before the tiny hangman health goes down.HOW TO PLAY MOBILE TAP ARCHER:* Tap on mobile screen and Drag finger to draw bow acrossthescreen.* Aim your target and then release your finger to shoot the arrowtocut the rope.* Save Hangman from hanging on rope using your bow and arrow.* Be careful, and aim accurately while shooting arrow andbecamearchery master.FEATURES OF TAP ARCHER:* Nice sound and high quality graphics* Easy to play* Addictive game play* 30+ attractive levels* Realistic physics* Challenging levels* Beautiful and cool environments* Nicely designed gibbets, bow and arrow* Free for every oneTips :To cut the rope tap and shoot carefully, when arrow hits thehangmanit decreasesthe health rapidly.Use minimum time and arrow to cut rope for perfect star.To become the best archer now it require your little efforts.Download Mobile tap archer - Gibbets for free and enjoy.Give your feedback to Redix Mobile Games forfurtherimprovements...
Tap Tap Run
Play Tap Tap Run, anaddictivejumping & running game which requires only totap on thescreen at the right time while collecting diamonds forpoints.While this sounds easy, you’ll see how hard is to unlock allof the192 levels of this jump and run game. Enjoy endless fun ofchangingsides, running and jumping game with a gameplay that willhook youup to your mobile devices and guarantee you unmatchablearcadegaming fun! 👆💎 CUTE GRAPHICS & SOUNDSIf you love playing running tap games on your android, this isthemost fun and challenging jumping tapper game for you. Withawesomehigh-quality graphics that include colorful background,coolcharacters, tap tap bird, a long curvy path for running withmanydiamonds on it. All of that with cute background musicwhileplaying this tap tap game.🎮 ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAYBecome the master tapper with this addictive jump and run gameforandroid. Stay focused and be precise to get the highest score.Yourtask on this arcade jumping journey is to tap on the screen tojumpwith your chosen animal and run while collecting diamondsforpoints. You can change sides on the curvy path but be carefulnotto fall off the path. Watch out for the gaps along theway!🐤 UNLOCK LEVELS & CHARACTERSCollect the diamonds and win high scores! Stay on the path longasyou can for the best scores! Getting more scores on this jumpandrun game gives you the opportunity to unlock 192 differentlevelsand to choose from 9 cool animal characters forjumping.👆 TAP TAP RUN FEATURES - TAP FOR FUN✔️ NEW - Daily rewards/coins system - Try your luck withfortunewheel✔️ NEW - Unlock new characters with coins✔️ Collect diamonds for high scores✔️ Cool graphics and sounds✔️ Support touch controllers✔️ Addictive and challenging gameplay✔️ Unlock 192 levels✔️ Unlock 9 different animal characters✔️ Multi-language support✔️ For phones and tablets✔️ Push notifications when coins are read (no need to keepapprunning)Play Tap Tap Run (тап тап даш), an addictive and challengingarcadeto tap and jump on the path, and collect diamonds for thehighestscores. Stay focused! Don’t get too addicted & watch taptaptour lah😉While playing get in line. Dont dancing in white line and youwillbe fall.Tap & jump play this tap tap reborn game.Tap dashing game experience & worlds hardest game.Its a fungameto play.Download fun addicting game now on Google Play for FREE & taptodash.
Tap & Jump 1.1
Tap & jump is free addictive arcadegame..Game play is very simply & highly challenging one.. Maingoalis to run, jump & run as much as possible. Tap, run &jumpgame having 50 different levels to play & 6 characterstorun..Complete the levels to new characters..How to play:* Tap to jump or change direction* Go on running and collect as much diamonds* Unlock new Levels* Unlock new characters* Don't fall and keep on the pathFeatures:* 50 different levels to play* 6 characters to run* Smooth character animations* Cool musicsDownload play & have fun...
Zombie Tap 1.0.5
Put your best foot forwards and get thehighscores!Try this exhilarating challenge and get your highest scorewiththese music-loving zombies.Tap your screen and experience the thrill of Destroyingfallingstones appearing from nowhere!Let's touch and destroy stones to get rid of stressTry and achieve the best record on the leaderboard.
Piano Tap - Taylor Swift 12
Taylor Swift Piano Tap is developed tofulfileveryone's piano dreams.Don't touch on the white tiles, tap the black tiles to keep thesonggoing.If you love piano or music, you will enjoy this piano tapapp.All piano lover should download this piano tap app!DISCLAIMER:Taylor Swift Piano Tap is an unofficial fan application.It is not affiliated with or endorsed by Taylor Swift, or herrecordlabel.This app does not include any copyrighted material.The piano melodies are arranged with individual piano notes..For entertainment purposes only.
Tap The Black Tile 1.22
Tap all the black tiles.Easy and fun to play, but very challenging to fully master.Beat your friend’s high sore at leaderboard.Share with your friends at Facebook, Twitter, SinaWeibo andsoon.
Tap challenge 1.0
Oz schvartz
Tap on the bubbles beforethey are filled with color.
Spin Tap 1.6
► Like us onFacebook:► Follow us on Twitter: fun and addictive memory game for everyone! Rules aresimple:see the tiles on the board, find the tiles after boardrotates.More correct tiles you find, higher the score. No specialskillsare needed. All you need is good sight, attentive mind andfastfingers. World’s best short term memory test!Compete against your friends and others. Do you have what ittakesto be the top player? Share your score with your friendsonFacebook, twitter, Google+ or any other social network :)
Tap Army
--- INSANELY ADDICTIVE ---Fight for your army! Shoot enemy soldiers, tanks, andhelicopters,before they take you down. Don't shoot bombs, unlessyou want todie.You are equipped with awesome weapons (mini gun, flamethrower,laser gun, and SMG), use them quickly and wisely!Tap Army is the first lane-based shooter arcade game - It's a lotoffun, and insanely addictive!
Tap Black: Don't Tap White 1.17
The rules are simple, tap on the blacktilesand avoid the white tiles. This quick yet addicting game willhelpfill the void between moments with fun! The best part is thatwitheach tap you’re also creating music! With its smooth tapcontrolsand aesthetically good looking black and white tiles,you’ll thinkyou’re playing the piano.With 15 (5x3) game modes and leaderboard, you canchallengeyourself and the world! Tap as fast as you can. No misstapsguaranteed.Exciting new updates are on the way!
Honey Tap Don't tap wrong Tile 1.0
Don't tap the wrong Tile - Honey Tap isTheBest free game out there! Don't step the wrong tile and makethehigher score.Tap the tiles with the beehives in this great game!Highly entertaining for kids, boys and girls. Specialvirtualgoods that make the game easier for young players canbeacquired!All... for FREE!We will keep bringing you the top best games and apps! Staytunedfor our other games and visit us at www.strokegames.comSimply touch the tiles with the beehives and relax!Simple,exciting, a must-play arcade game.Be the best tile player out there!Download Don't tap the wrong Tile - Honey Tap whileit'sFREE!
Tap Rival 1.0
This game is simple, Just tap the screentobeatyour opponent in 30 seconds.Feature- Practice Mode- Couple Mode- Multiplayer Mode (*Require internet access)
Tap Red Tile! 1.4
Upsilon Games
TAP RED TILE!Don't tap blue tile and don't miss out any red tile.That's the only rule in this addicting game.Is it easy? Everyone can handle it, but not everyone can do itwell.What about you?Game modes:- Classic: tap 25 red tiles as soon as possible.- Arcade: try your best to tap the red tiles and do notmissone.- Zen: try your best to tap the red tiles in 25 seconds.- Relay: tap 50 red tiles within 11 seconds to win another11seconds.- Crazy: red tile moves when it dropping down. Reallyhard,right?Game features:- Easy to play, fun and addictive game!- Five different game modes.- Leaderboard included, so you can compare with the millionplayersoutside.
Tap Disco 1.0
Neutral Horse
Tap Disco is a classic reflex/reactiongame.Thegoal is to tap the buttons in the same order as they lightup.Soundseasy :) but the phase is getting faster and fasterandfaster andfaster and...In Finland this game is best know from a game showcalledSpedenSpelit. The game went by the name nopeustesti(speedtest).Features:- Local and Global Highscore lists- Optional vibration and sound effects- Four bright beautiful light buttons waiting to be tappedNotes:- In beta state
Tap Hungry Frog: Feed Pet 1.0
Hi kids and toddlers, and ofcoursetheirparents! Meet your new fun, lazy and hungry friend:green andlazyfrog- Aby! Feed this lazy pet with donuts, notinsectsorcandies!Everybody knows that frogs can croak, but not everyoneknowsthatfrogs are also very hungry and greedy! Each time, evensittingonthe ground, they are trying to catch some food to eat.Well, trytofeed the hungry frog, and take care of him!“Hungry Lazy Green Frog” is simple, addictive andentertainingfroggame feed for all ages. You have to feed the hungryFROGGY withthebest and delicious, you might think it should becandy, butno,there will be donuts. How many donuts your hungryfrog(Aby) caneatat once? All tests showed us the result of 10 maxsweat androunddonuts, not delicious candies! Can you beat thisscore? Thisapphas simple and addictive gameplay, so every kind ofages willneverbe bored while playing, no in-app purchases, you canuseallfeatures now and absolutely free, great graphics, bestsuitforkids, but their parents also were happy playing it, andshowgreatresults as a gamer!HOW TO PlAY:On screen of your device(mobile or tablet) you will seethehungryand lazy green Aby(your cute and fun pet), who issittingondifferent locations and reaching the donuts, not tobeboredplaying similar backgrounds, and waiting while player feedthefrogwith sweat donuts, give him as much donuts as youwant(one,two,three, as much as you can afford it): BUT REMEMBER:donutsarefalling down and you must tap on screen by usingyouronefinger(don’t tap the frog, ) to slow down them(if youcan'tslowdown donuts, it will hit the frog and you will lose) makeaportionof 2 and more donuts to get higher score. The moreDonuts,thebetter score. Catchy sound effects will help you toplay!Shareyour results with friends, and get know who isthehighestranks!Remember!!! This app isn’t other feed and take care app liketomandnom, this is talking and hungry feed the frog app, and ourfrogcanbecome very angry, if you can’t feed it! Do your best! Thisisnotrun or race app, in this app you can only feed the frogwithdonuts,not insects!This app best suits for kids and toddlers! Parentsmustknowthis!Features:115+ unique levels, simple and not, to come through;A lot of sweat donuts(not candies) to feed the hungry Aby(greenlazyfrog);The best game for kids of all times;Great entertaining game;High-quality, colorful and funny graphics;Catchy sound effects and music;Optimized for mobile and tablets;Minimum AndroidOs 2.2.“Hungry Lazy Green Frog” is free fun game for bothchildrenandadults, and of course for toddlers!We will be glad to hear your feedback, to continuedevelopinganotherlegendary saga of «feed the animals» games!Enjoy the game!
Tip Tap Soccer 1.1
Neon Play
The most addictive soccer game of alltime!Growyour own soccer club into the best in the world!Tap, tap, tap to encourage fans into your stadium. Earnmoneybyinvesting in merchandise, club tours and tasty food.Boostyourprofits with lucrative TV deals and attract the interestofmegainvestors.Spend your millions on building bigger stadiumstoattractthousands of fans!Download now and become the next Tip Tap Soccer tycoon!
Domino Galaxy 1.1
Your goal in Domino Galaxy is totopplealldominoes and reach the world portal before time runs out.On your journey across the worlds you willencountermanyobstacles and enemies that attempt to break yourdomino course.Donot let them stop you! If you proceed with wit anda good senseoftiming you can traverse the Domino Galaxy likeatrueadventurer.Remember, the next world is always just around thecorner,inanother part of the Domino Galaxy. Have fun exploring,onedominoat a time! But beware: this game is hard. And unique.Allworldsare handcrafted and varied. You will see cutscenes,encounterbossfights and listen to an epic orchestral soundtrack. Soget toit,the galaxy needs you!