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Colour Catch 1.5
Tap Blue. Do it Quickly. End of StoryDon't let the simplicity fool youThis game will test your reactions to the limit as you tapthemovingblue square as fast as you can.Can you get the high score out of your friends?With online leader boards through Google Play you caneasilyseehow you stack up against your friends and other playersfromallover the world.If you don't have internet that's not a problem either asyourscoresare saved in an offline leader board you can look atanytime.There are also Google Play achievements to unlock whichwilltestyour skills to the limit. Can you get them all?Normal Mode not your cup of tea? Try out 30 Second Modewhereyousimply have to tap the blue square as many times aspossible in30seconds.Is Normal Mode too easy for you? Step up the challengeinAdvancedMode where the target colour changes constantly.Just feel like smashing your screen in anger? Go as fast asyoucanin Blue Bash where all you have to do is tap the screenasquicklyas possible.Sick of the mad rush in the other modes? Test yourpatienceinEndless where there is no need for speed and you couldkeepplayingforever.This app is completely free and always will be. Sowhywouldn'tyou download it?This app has been made by me and only me so Iapologiesinadvanced for any errors. Please feel free to report anyproblemsoreven just offer suggestions for improvements.