Top 2 Games Similar to Pool 8 Ball Shooter

Classic Pool 2015 1.5
Wanna experience the fun of being aControllerin Classic Pool 2015? Best of the best billiards gamedesigned forAndroid users. It’s totally Free. Pool Ball, as one ofthe wellaccomplished sports in the whole world, is finally adaptedby usfor mobile users.This game contains two different modes-ARCADE andChallengerespectively. Each mode has its different missions. As youadvancethrough, you will find it’s not easy to complete themission.However, grab your stick and rack them all. Customize yourcues andtable! Just shoot! Classic Pool 2015 is waiting for yourchallenge.GO for it!Game features:-realistic and vivid scenario-high accurate shooting-realistic physics on ball break, collision, corners, wallsandpockets-single player mode-two different table colors-two different game modes(ARCADE and CHANLLENGE)-dynamic sound effect-pool coins at stake to buy new items-achievementClassic Pool 2015! Believe me you'll gonna like it!
Focused Ball Pool 1.0
Focused, Remember Hats with the ball pool and then openit.Difficulty of the game is increased. Enjoy!To progress in the game you have a good focus on the BallPooland see where their presence actually it's a very interestinggameand are available on the Graphics goodNumber of hats in levels:1 - 3 levels - 3 hats.4 - 6 levels - 4 hats.7 - 9 levels - 5 hats.10 - 12 levels - 6 hats.13 - all next levels - 7 hats.