Top 4 Games Similar to Steely

Project M 1.1
Project M is a simple 2D platformerwhichlaysmore emphasis on powerups. Players will have tomemorizethedifferent powerups to successfully defeat his enemies,clearlevelsand finally meet M's creator Dr Z.M was the most ambitious project of Dr Z, he was supposedtobeable to master various powers. While testing these powers,Mlostcontrol over his own body and nearly destroyed thelaboratory.Dr Zrealizes that this project is a failure and throws Min ajunkyard.Soon M, with his extraordinary powers, revived himselfandsoonlearned to control his powers. After his revival, he hadonlygoalin his mind - Confront Dr Z.Developed/Programmed By Amogh SubhedarDesigned By GaneshArt By Ajitha NUI By Dhanakodi SSpecial Thanks To Dumadu Games
Saving Snaggy 1.3
Join Snaggy the broken robot andScrappythejunkyard squirrel on an epic adventure to rebuild!Experience9challenging adventure levels and play as both ScrappyandSnaggy.Easy one tap touch controls on all levels! Test yourskillsonsurvival mode as Snaggy returns back to work sortingjunk!Postyour high score on leader boards and unlock a hidden leveltoplayas Scrappy the squirrel in space! Gain coins and use thecoinstoreto unlock outfits for Snaggy on survival mode!Languagesavailablein English and Spanish!
Zombie Town Story 1.0.1
HeroCraft Ltd
The walking dead have taken over the world.Madscientists create horrible monsters in their secret labs.Maraudersand ex-soldiers fight among the ruins of desolate cities.And therest of humanity is simply struggling to survive.Zombie Town Story is full of adventures in a world ravaged bythezombie apocalypse. Each of the game's episodes tells its ownstory.The direction of the plot depends on the decisions you makealongthe way. Do you help the little girl and her kitten introuble, ordo you just walk past? What do you give the robber? Doyou shoot afriend infected by the zombie virus or not?What is Zombie Town Story? It’s hundreds of puzzle levels whereyoufind food and supplies to help you survive. It's dozens ofweapontypes, from chainsaws to sniper rifles, to use in yourfightagainst the undead and mutants. And it's long hoursspentunraveling the dark secrets of the world of the walking dead.Game features:- your decisions determine the direction of the plot;- earn supplies and equipment in puzzle levels;- choose your weapon to fight the undead;- solve the mystery of the zombie virus._____________________________________FOLLOW US: @HerocraftWATCH US: US:
How to become a King 1.0.6
Mad scientist desires the elixirofimmortality, he sends his henchmen to kidnap the king of village-the only one who can brew it. After quick and uneven fight thedarkforces abduct him to the faraway castle.The only hope lies now in your hands.Take part in epic battle between good and evil. Taste the revengeonenemies who spread chaos and destruction around the world.Observeyour hero as he changes during the trip through thisamazing worldand fight to rescue your king.How to become a King:- Dynamic gameplay- 4 distinctive worlds, each one ends with an epic boss fight- Various weapons, armours and power ups that will help youwithyour quest- Endless emotions