Top 3 Games Similar to Glass Hit

Bad Boy 1.0
Rabbit Apps
This boy is angry, and loves tobreakglasseswith his stick, which he has specially designed forsmashingtheglasses. He keeps hitting glass on by one and smashingitintopieces. He came onto this arena, where so many glassballsaresetup one on top of each. Bad boy hits the lowest glassballandsmashes that into multiple pieces. Then the upper glassballfallsdown and he hits that glass ball again and smashes thattoo.Thisgame keeps going on like this.But be aware!!! Its not as easy as it seems. This gamehaslethaldangers also. These dangers could kill the boy at once.Therearetwo lethal hazards for the bad boy.One is time. Yes, the time is draining. Showing laziness isbadhere.You should keep hitting and destroying the glass balls onebyone.Don’t stop, don’t rest. Just keep hitting and smashing. Ifyoustopthe time will drain out and the bad boy dies!!! Sokeepbreaking theglass and earn more time. If you keep destroyingtheglass balls, youwill earn more time for you.Second hazard is glass balls arms. The balls are not alone.Theyhavedangerous and bad glass arms attached with them. Whenoneglass ballis destroyed the other one falls down, and withthisfalls thedangerous glass arm too. This can hit the bad boyandkill himinstantly. So always keep an eye on the glassarmstoo.Turn into the craziest bad boy in history breaking glassballsandrecharging your energy. Tap to break and smash thehardestglassballs with your powerful stick, while you avoid theheavyarmsstanding in your way towards the top. Fight theinclementweather,day and night. Are you willing to drill nonstop ina raceagainsttime using coordination and speed? Then you might havewhatittakes to become the craziest boy ever.GAME FEATURES♦ Cool Graphics Along With An Awesome Cartoon Style Character♦ Cute & Nice Environment♦ Sweet Background Music♦ Nice Sound Effects♦ Engaging And Challenging Gameplay
Flick Kick Smash! 2.0
Destroy all targets.The operation is easy. Just kick the ball by flicking.Feels great if you can destroy everything with just one flick.*** Operating Instructions ***- You kick the ball by flicking.- Direction of the ball depends on where you relese yourfinger.Theball will fly higher if you release your finger atahigherposition.- The Ball curves when you flick the side of the ball, anddrivesifyou flick the top.- A quick flick gives the ball a power, and flicking slowlymakestheball go slower.*** Game Description ***- You go on to next stage once you destroy all of thetargets(woodenboxes and glasses).- The time is unlimited.- There is a limit to the number of balls.- Game is over when the ball count reaches zero.- Additional ball will be given once you complete a level.- If the number of balls has not decreased after completingalevel,score of the next level will be doubled.- There are boxes which gives you an extra ball.- There are boxes with higher scores.- There may be explosive boxes.- Total number of stages is a secret.It’s free and simple! Let’s give it a try!This is Addicting Game like "Smash Hit" or "Can Knockdown".
Smash Run 1.0
Smash Run is a fundamental 3d orbit gameforyour mobile device. Let’s start orbital space balladventurejourney with smashing break out experience !Break all the glass in this orbiting styled space ball fastpacedgame. Smash Run move yourself with the help of your finger.You canadjust the direction to break andsmash hit all the glass coming in your pipeline way with thehelpof rolling ball .Don’t avoid any glass to hit in this space game and smash ithard!But be careful with the red balls as you have to avoidthem.Smashing glass has never been so fun.Your running ball experience will be on sky level withthisfantastic break out game.Lets get started with break out and see how far you can go inthisfast paced break the glass game for enormousresurrectionfun.How to play :Tap to change the direction of running ball in the arkanoidSmashRun world.Game Features:• Fast paced smash it 3d orbit game• Roll the ball to smash it hard• Random day and night mode in this roll the ball game• Pipeline orbit running environment• Cool game for all ages• 3D styled space ball resurrection game