Top 24 Games Similar to Snake Hunger

Poisonous Snake Simulator 3D 1.0
Do you like snakes? Play as a king cobra–andbecome the Cobra King! Slither around looking for yourprey,huntfor eggs, but keep yourself alert – some animals couldhuntforyou!The forest is full of dangers – wild fierceanimalsareeverywhere! Fight against them, hunt for smaller ones,find eggstomaintain snake’s health rate and enjoy the life ofacobra!Realistic animal simulator for all snakes’ lovers!EnjoyPoisonousSnake Simulator 3D!Try our great animal survival simulator in 3D for allages!Whatis it like to be a snake, poisonous noble cobra? Get toknowwithPoisonous Snake Simulator 3D! Meet dangerous wildanimals,attackthem to stay alive or hide in bushes! Maintainanaconda’shealth,energy and hunger rate to survive and have funplaying thisanimalsimulator! Hunt for eggs, battle againstpredators and havefun!What could be more entertaining that being apoisonoussnake?Poisonous Snake Simulator 3D features:Live the life of a poisonous snake – deadly king cobraGreat animal survival simulator in 3DSurvive in the wilderness, hunt for eggs and animalsAvoid battling with aggressive forest animals - they arereadytohunt you!Free survival modeSlither around the forest to find a new prey foryourpoisonoussnake! Hunt for eggs, battle against predators andexploretheforest with this snake simulator in 3D! Avoid wildanimals’attack,it may kill your snake! Do you like survival games?Try -Greatanimal survival simulator in 3D!Be a poisonous snakewiththissurvival simulator! Hide deep in a forest or start a hunt!TrythisSnake Survival Simulator 3D – welcome to the wildlife!
Snake io 1.3
Bezamin Fox
Develop your skills and take a look attosurvive the maximum amount as you'll and take a look at to bethelargest Snake. you begin as a tiny low snake, and take a look attoinduce larger with intake agency are attempting to try totoidentical. however long are you able to survive? The smallsnakecan beat bigger ones, it defend on your skills.Player are able to choose the color of snake, that don't haveinother version.Get front of associate degree others to beat it. Nosizematters.Different with other version, has no lagproblems,performance issues and even have controls designed foreach mobiledevice.Some of the most features:- NO LAG. No performance problems on any device- swish gameplay with mobile controls with joystick- No advert push. conjointly take away ads if you would like- try and beat your highest score supported your length- Eject mass to induce speed with one button- Grow quick to realize a quicker gameplay on mobile- web affiliation isn't required, play where, you're offlineoron-lineGame remains in development. Your reviews ar necessaryforus!
Snake Jump 2.0
Rabbit Apps
Snake JumpEnjoy hopping in the sky with the crazy snake.Tired of school, college or work? You can quickly cheer yourselfupusing the game snake jump. The best way to relaxandenjoy...!!!This crazy snake is willing to fly high up in the sky. Hehasinvented a new way to hover in the sky. You know how? Byhoppingand jumping. The snake is craving to explore upper world onthetrees and go for a new quest. There is no ladder or elevatorthathe can go up on the trees. He found that there are severalotherempty nest around the trees. So now he will jump from one nesttoother. So crazy snake started jumping from one to anotherwithjumping dash. Snake got a new game of jump. It was a great fun,andso helpful for learning to explore the new world. He learnt anewway to explore this world of forest. But beware!!! This fun gameofjumping from nest to nest could be lethal. There is no hunterbutthere is a hungry eagle in search of a prey. Which couldbedangerous for this game of jump. He is hovering everywherearoundthe forest and keeps an eye on every moment of the snake’sgame ofjump. The snake misses the nest after a jump and monstereagle willgrab him in his strong clutch. The eagle is very hungryand angrytoo. You are required to train this crazy snake to jumpaccurately.To train him how to jump, you need to tap on the screento jump himto the upper nest. Keep an eye on the position of thenest and tap,the snake will jump to the next nest. But if u missyour guess,snake will fall, and you fail to train him properly. Thenests aremoving, so first guess the correct position of the nest,and thentap on the screen to jump the snake. Keep taping andflying, andenjoy the joy ride with the snake. Keep going higher andhigher upin the sky. Leaving behind the top trees in the wholejungle. Andif the snake misses any nest, friend dragon will catchhim, and puthim back in the nest safely. But not every time, shewill do itonly up to 5 misses. Snake misses the nest 6th time andhedies.GAME FEATURESCool Graphics Along With An Awesome Cartoon Style CharactersCute & Nice Forest EnvironmentSweet Background Music Nice Sound EffectsEngaging And Challenging Gameplay 2.0 is a new game idea!.Justselectyourfavorite color & skin snake and fight with othersnakes.Youeat dots, the snake gets longer and you have to tryavoidhittingyour body-snake. Are you a fan of the classicandmodernsnake-game?Control your tiny cell and eat other players to growlarger!Butwatch out: players bigger than you will be trying to makeyoutheirlunch. Survive and eat long enough to become the biggestcellinthe game!
City Snake: Anaconda Simulator 1.0
What could be more entertaining thatbeingapoisonous snake? Being a giant carnivorous poisonoussnake,ofcourse! Start a hunt in the big city with CitySnake:AnacondaSimulator!Become the fear of these streets – chase humans, cats,anddogs,avoid cars and tanks, and have fun! Make the nest, layeggstocreate your own pack and protect it from predators andhumans!Earnpoints for successive completion of missions to upgradeyourgiantboa snake - change the color of skin, buy new attackorotherboosters!This city is full of dangers – and you’re one of suchdangers!Butbeware – humans in funny blue suits (we mean cops) arewaitingwhenyou become reckless to kill you without any sign ofmercy!Stayalerted all the time! Maintain your snake’s health,energy andhungerrate to survive and have fun playing CitySnake:AnacondaSimulator!City Snake: Anaconda Simulator features:Ultimate city survival simulator in 3D – not cobra snake,butgiantboa!Hunt for citizens and animals, avoid aggressive policemenCustomize your anaconda as you wantLay on eggs and protect your nestPlay City Snake: Anaconda Simulator, meet dangerouscitycreaturesand become the most dangerous of all! - Snake Crawl 1.7 - Snakes War game isanaddictive new mobile game that combines the classic game ofsnakevs block with elements. In this game you are a snake crawlinsteadof a blob and the goal is become the biggest and longestslithersnake in the is a fully skill based adventure game ever. Slithercrawland get sneaky, become the biggest glow, eat lightdotsand keep your slither alive as long as you can.New features allowing players to play online together orplayagainst A.I (offline) makes particularly attractive for videogameand fun!How to Play :◆ Control the crawl snake worms to avoid crashing into theotherplayers.◆ Use a speed button (shaped rocket, the lower right corner ofthescreen) to run faster. Note when running fast, the snake .iolengthwill be reduced.Game Features :★ No Lag. No performance issues on any device.★ Play offline in single player against AI when offlineorMultiplayer online.★ Fully optimized game-play with on-screen joystick to controlyoursnake★ Strategic alpha online multiplayer game play mode.★ Easy to learn, intuitive touch screen controls.★ It's FREE to play.❤ Download Now! Best MMO slither Game ❤If you have any problem in installation, please report to us.Wewill try to fix it as soon as possible.
Fast snake io games 1.0
No lag , No Bugs, No joystick,easycontrol  Control the slither snake uptodown the screen, eat other snakeiotogrow up. Ready to challenge yourself to play theamazingskinsslither super snake game? Fast snake iogames isanaddictive snake game where you control the slithersnake avatarandyour main task is to consume multicolored orbs andcolorfuldotsuptodown the map to grow in size (both Length andGirth) andbecomethe biggest snake of all with no enderio size. It’sasnakeunblocked where all you have to do is keep eatingobjectsrandomlygenerated across the screen, grow larger, and try tobeatyour highscore till you eventually kill yourself by trippingonyour ownslither skins tail.Your main task in the slither skins is to control and movetheSnakewith the help of your finger on your Mobile device,followthe trailof multicolored pallets on a dark space, keep oneatingthe pallets,consume other player’s Snakes and grow into abiggerone.This game has the specificity to have no end, so we can callitenderio snake game, where you can eat with no limitcolordots.Remember not to smash your head into any other Snake orelseyou’lllose the game and will have to start it over. “Fast snakeiogames”offers a brilliant “Boost Mode” that helps you movefasterand eatmore Pallets but it shrinks your snake in sizeandmass.Furthermore, “Fast snake io games” offers a number ofsnakeskinsthat you can choose while joining the server. Withaveryinteresting and quite addictive gameplay, beautifulglowingvisualsand easy controls, Fast snake io games is a fun gameto playandenjoy.While playing you build high scores and the gameeffectivelytrackshigh scores. These scores can be shared on socialmediatochallenge your friends to beat you on this super snakegame.Thegame has beautiful game graphics and easy controls.All these incredible gaming features on the Fast snake iogamesareavailable for free! So what are you waiting for?Downloadthisamazing snake game to enjoy an outstandinggamingexperience.***********************Give us your feedback***********************We are constantly working hard on making the “Fast snakeiogames”better and more entertaining for you. We need yourconstantsupportto get going. Please feel free to email usforanyqueries/suggestions/problems or if you just want to sayhi.Wewould love to hear from you. If you have enjoyed any featureofthe“Fast snake io games”, do rate us on play store andshareamongyour friends.
Tappy Run Xmas - Christmas 1.2.3
Tapps Games
Help save Christmas! Christmas iscoming,butthe crazy and evil Sir Bobcat stole Santa’s bag - full ofgiftsandtoys - to ruin Christmas for all the kids in the world.JoinTappy,Pixie and Beaver Bill on the rescue of Santa’s bag tosavethe mosthappy, amazing and incredible holiday of the year.Earn coins after every run to unlock curious newcharactersandlevels. Tappy, Pixie and Beaver Bill are all anxioustohelpcapture Sir Bobcat and save Santa’s bag. Explore the magicoftheEnchanted Forest, the coldness of the North Pole and themysteryofthe Midnight City.Run Tappy Run Xmas is a fun and addictive running gamebasedonthe popular one-touch gameplay and suitable for playersofallages, from kids to grown-up adults! Endless levelsandawesomepower-ups along the way are sure to keep you entertainedforhoursand enjoy this Christmas and New Year’s Eve holidays. It’sthebestcasual game for the family!Please note! This game is free to play, but it containsitemsthatcan be purchased for real money. Some features andextrasmentionedin the description may also have to be purchasedfor realmoney.
Go Catch Monster 1.0.0
Hungry Pet
Experience different type of monsterwithdifferent behavior and ability! Many scenery map to beexplored,Jungle, Volcano, Cave, Forest.. and we bet you will neverrun outof curiosity!Go Catch Monster is a super smash-hit platform games withmodernuser interface. In this journey, the red hat boy must passall thechallenge and threats in this fantasy jungle environment.Not onlythat, he must run and jump across different world and fightthewild monster. In Go Catch Monster game plot, the boy dream tobethe best monster trainer in the world. Help him to capture allthemonster and defeat the legendary rare monster at the end ofthebattle. Test your accuracy and react finger fast by jumpingandrunning to avoid all the danger ahead you. Do not forget tocollectpower-ups such as magical pocket ball to capture and fightwith thewild creature! Grab all the monster and power ball to levelup forgreater power. And beware of the guardian trainer's monsterthat isa very powerful monster, try to avoid danger and get moretreasurebefore fighting the final boss.Go Catch Monster is one of the best catching monstergamenow!Crash your way to victory and download today!Features:- Free, No IAP- 4 world to explore- More than 60 levels of addictive gameplay- Beautiful vivid graphics- Play this free monster catching go game- Family Friendly, boys, girls, suitable for all age- Different monster with different abilitySo what are you waiting for?Play Go Catch Monster now!
Deer Hunting 2017 1.2
Deer Hunting 2017 is free to play,SniperShooting, 3D game for lovers of Animals hunting. For thedeerhunters, It is one of the best First Person Shooting (PFS) anddeerhunting simulator.Except Deers, Now enjoy number of species available forhuntincluding bear and pig in beautiful environment of Africanforests.Develop your skills to stay steady hand, shot from line ofsightand master the skills to take best shot. Shot the animalsbeforethey hunt you.Explore the forest and hunt the animals with the bestshootingweapons and big guns. Let's go hunting in the realjunglewilderness environment. Do you trust your sniper shootingskills?Let's show how to hunt.Features:- amazing First Person Shooting and SniperShootingexperience- High quality graphics- 3D realistic jungle environment- Powerful shooting weapons- Camera zoom to get accurate shots- Mission based Tasks- Enjoy endless customization as you perfect your weapons.- More species more fun
Princess Adventure Escape Game 1.1
The adventures of Princess Juliet continue inanew exciting escape game.Princess Juliet was so scared that the Troll will follow her,thatshe run in the forest to make sure she escaped him for good.Thegood news is that the Troll does not follow her, but the badnewsis that she is lost. Help Princess Juliet escape the forest inthisamazing princess escape game.The magical forest is full of hidden signs and you need todiscoverall of them, in order to get Princess Juliet out of there.Watchcarefully for each clue in this find the objects game,completeeach task and Juliet is almost home. Feed the bear withsome sweethoney, water a thorny bush so Princess Juliet can crossit withoutgetting injured. Here nice voice will help you find theitems andsolve the quiz game.Don't get fooled by the cute and fuzzy scenery, more adventuresareyet to come. Juliet reaches the river, but she finds a boatwithoutthe paddle. Help Juliet find the paddle so she can cross theriver;find the golden coins for the Goblin in exchange for thepaddle.Watch carefully and search each rock, tree and bush to findtheitems that will lead you to the coins. Keep in mind that youcanalways use the hints to ease your search in this funprincessadventure game.Princess Juliet is almost home, she has another tricky task thatsheneeds to complete. She needs to go through a maze in order toreachher castle. Use the arrows to guide Juliet on the right pathout ofthe great maze game.Complete this adventure and there will be more to come!Enjoyplaying this super forest escape game with PrincessJuliet!
🐞Turbo Bugs 2-Run & Survive🐞 2.5.2
Are you looking for a highlyentertaining,funny and amazing adventure survival run? Welcome tothe miniatureworld of a Bug´s life. Dive into the adventures that abug mustface in his day to day, and try to sort all the obstaclesin thismini madness chaos.Find your way in several environments, depending on what kindofbug you are trying to save. If you´re an ant, you’ll have tosortwood sticks, leaves, and even water drops when raining toavoidlosing your path. Change your tactics and strategy dependingonyour natural predators. If your character is a caterpillar,thenfind some good camouflage and hide from birds! Now you arealadybug? Avoid the kids that are wishing to turn you into acrispytoasted bug! Don´t let them rip off your wings! Improveyourreflexes and keep your brain entertained in thisincredibleendless run adventure filled with tons ofadrenalineracing!★★★ Use the Turbo Booster to Improve your Bug Skills! CollectotherPower-Up Funny Boosts to achieve multiple side mission goals!Livea Bug´s Life Now, GetTurbo Bugs 2-Run & Survive NOWforFree on Google Play Store!!! ★★★Perfect for all, kids and adults can spend hours inthisaddictive running game! You better rush to collect cherries,stars,and jewels to upgrade your character! Travel as far as youcan withthe new improved bug, gain extra skills like dash, sprint,and rollto be able to sort the always changing obstacles, gaps,narrowbridges, huge rocks, and all kind of difficulties on one ofthe toptricky games of all times! Add more excitement and putyourreaction and reflexes to test, enter the kindergarten whereyourworst enemies are a magnifying glass and all the insectsmasherteachers! Dodge quickly their attacks with your storedboosters andgain extra rewards to keep your bug´s body in shape.You can alsoupgrade their natural armors and fight against theMotherNature!🏁 🏁 Join the Ultimate Bug´s Race Against their WildHuntpredators!! Help your bug win this survival Dash RunningChallengeon: Turbo Bugs 2-Run & Survive for Free NOW onGooglePlay Store!!! 🏁 🏁This game was designed with amazing 3D graphics, supercrazyenvironmentally realistic sounds, easy to play to grant anamazinguser experience during the game-play, extremely addictive!Yourkids, friends, and family will absolutely love it. Dare tochangeyour perspective and enter into a little world adventures!Grabyour device and discover the hidden jungle of your garden!Turnyour bugs into real insect legend heroes, teach others yourfruittreasures and place your name on top of our leaderboards!Beready to begin your journey!★★★ Don't wait any longer, Download it for FREE, LimitedTimeOnly: Turbo Bugs 2-Run & Survive on Google PlayStore!!!★★★Features of the game:- Several Bug Characters to Choose- Friendly UI- 100% Original Themed Endless Runner Game- Multiple Power Up Boosters- Customize Your Bug with Different Skill Upgrades★ This is your chance to get a unique, funny and addictinggamefor adults and kids from all ages, totally FREE!!! Continuetheadventure saga of our first Turbo Bugs withTurbo Bugs2-Run& Survive NOW !!!! ★
World WWE Fight Tips 1.00
Bernie Mobile
Are you crazy about wrestling. Here arethebest World WWE Fight Tips
Vast Survival (Multiplayer) 1.0
VAST, is a brand new, openworld,multiplayer survival game for mobile!The only goal is to survive with the features such ascrafting,building, voice chat, military bases, hunting, and themuch morewill come as we update the game!Keep in mind, Vast is made by only 2 developers, and weworkeveryday to make it better!Download now for FREE, all screenshots you see are takenfromgameplay!!If you have ever wanted to play games like, Rust, Ark, or DayZ,nowyou can on your mobile device!Vast also requires a good device for the game to run smoothly,andis currently only in the alpha testing phase.★FEATURES★- Multiplayer up to 26 players per room!!- Next gen AAA 3D graphics- Voice chat- Craft weapons, clothes, and much more- Building your own base!- 100KM open world- Military gear- First person, and third person views- Aim down weapon sights- Cross platform, play with friends on iOS- Under 150 MB, small download!- Not pay to win!- Hunting, hunt deer and many other animals (will befixedsoon)- Funny interactions with other players- Many more features coming in weekly updatesThis is not your typical zombie survival game, your enemies inVastare not zombies, your enemy's are other players, animals,weather,and sickness. Hunt deer and other animals to stay alive intheharsh world.Above all, please remember that this game is still indevelopment,you will run into performance issues, unfinishedfeatures, lack ofcontent, lots of bugs, and more. If you are notready for theabove, please wait to play the final version. We willbe workingwith the community to make this the best survival game,ever!If you have ideas, or suggestions, please let us know, wealwayslove to hear feedback.Please read!Above all, remember Vast is in alpha, it is not even in betayet,this game WILL have, lag, crashes, un finished features, lackofcontent, and everything else that comes with alpha, if you arenotok with that, please wait until the beta release!Instead of leaving a bad review, try emailing us first so we cantryto sort it out, or look into it!Thanks for playing Vast, and most importantly have fun.
Nights at Slender Pizzeria 3D 1.1
Cube nightmare continues! And this timeyourNights at Cube Pizzeria 3D would be even scarier!Welcome to the Cube nightmare once more! No more angry robotbears,tigers, chickens, bunnies, and foxes - meet even worsecreatureshiding in the shadows! Horrific Slenderman is waiting foryou atthe inner court of Cube Pizza House! His minions – Grey Onesandpixel zombies – roaming free at the corridors and hallways! Openorclose the doors and switch on the light not to let cubemonstersattack you! Use the flashlight to protect yourself from theattack!Safeguard yourself until the morning comes with Nights atSlenderPizzeria 3D!Face your nightmare with Nights at Slender Pizzeria 3D! Spendsevennights at Cube Pizza House hiding from angry cube zombies,Grey menand Slenderman himself! No one knows what these creaturesdoing inCube Pizzeria at day, but during the night they’reawakening andstarts chasing you! Who else could be in thisnightmare mines? TryNights at Slender Pizzeria 3D game – meet cubezombies, aliens andSlenderman himself, and escape from them tosurvive!Spend seven nights at pizzeria full of scary cube monsters –graymen, walking dead and ever Slenderman himself! Use a verylimitedamount of electricity per night to protect yourself fromzombiesattack! Stay in your security office, watch cube creatureswithcameras and try to survive! When you run out of power for thenight- all cameras and light are off and cube robots are able tomove!Beware of cube creatures with horrific tentacles walking inthepizzeria! Escape from your nightmare! Face cube monsterswithNights at Slender Pizzeria 3D!Are you afraid of cube monsters? Turn on your flashlight - itwillscare away angry cube creatures that may be creeping at the farendof the hallways! Nevertheless, be careful! If any cube monsterhascrept too close, it will be the end of your security guardcareer…And your life too!Mind your energy bar – if it ends, your life would end too.Watchthe TV restore energy and continue your activities as asecurityguard! Enjoy the atmosphere of pixel horror with Nights atSlenderPizzeria 3D!Nights at Slender Pizzeria 3D features:All best features from other our gamesAll new cube monsters – zombies, aliens, andSlendermanhimself!New Cube Pizzeria locations to exploreSeven nights to surviveUnusual 3d environmentDon’t let cube undead monsters get close to your securityoffice!Spend seven nights at Cube Pizza house and stay alive!Finish yourwork safe after five scary and horrible nights withNights atSlender Pizzeria 3D! Survive being a pizzeria nightsecurity guardand escape from your nightmare! These seven nightsare going to bethe worst nights in your life!
Jungle Bunny Run 1.10
STEM Studios
Jungle Bunny run!!! is a simpleandaddictiveadventurous 2D run game for this Easter holidayswithawesomegameplay for all including kids. Our bunny is trappedinjunglewith cruel animals and monkeys, help the little bunny torunandcollect all its carrots for its kids before easterwithoutbeingcaught by the animals. Just click the screen to makeour bunnytojump all obstacles. This bunny run jungle is thebestadventuregame for this Easter season with one touch control. Ithasthe best2D run game with good graphics and music for kids.bunnyrun jungleis well designed for all people including kids toenjoythis Easterholidays.***Features***1. Tap the screen to make bunny run through jungle.2. Collect all the carrots from the jungle without beingcaughtbymonkeys.3. Run and finish all the levels.4. Have good relaxing music and sound effects.5. Have two worlds each of having 12 challenging levels6. Have one touch control suitable for all including kids***How to play***1. Just tap the screen to jump the bunny in jungle.2. Collect carrots as many as you can, without beingcaughtbyanimals before the Easter.3. Run to the end of the levels to reach bunny'sstarvingkidsbefore Easter.
Temple Spirit Run 3D 1.0
Temple Spirit run 3D is one ofthebestadventure temples forest run game that will give you greatfunandentertainment. This temple game include new feature,stunningand3d graphics, smooth and real animation beautifulandwonderfulninja character to run. How far can you run to escapethebraveninja! Don’t miss this funny temple spirit run 3Dgame.The amazing 3D graphics in temple home createvisuallypleasingscenes. Run through multiple 3D temple locations.Collectcoinsalong the way to rack up points. Try to survive for aslong asyoucan to gain experience points and get a top score.The main game play is save the stolen precious diamondfromtemplezombie monster, and run for your life to escape thepoorninja. Ifyou want to run so fast, then don’t miss to transformyoursoul inother animal that wants to help you. You have to gettheirmagicafter hitting them on your way. There is manymagicliketransforming your soul in other monster. Getting magnetshieldtoprotect you, 2x multiplier to get the best high score andsoon.Also there is many different scenes, roads, city,jungleandforest. Different types of obstacle which you have toavoidandjump over them. Some time you have to lay down byswipedownward.Also watch on bird in the air which is trying toattackand killyou. Also some rocks are trying to shoot you whenyourunningtoward him. So avoid form bird and rocks on theroadtoo.In this temple spirit run 3D adventure game there arepower-upstomake you run fast; you will also find rushingobstacles&danger coming your way fast. Collect gold coins, jumpoffrocks,slide cliff and run for your life!Temple spirit run have world best 3d game play and control.Youhaveto cheer through different and ancient roads, city andjungle.Helpawaken brave ninja to escape from monster zombie. Athrillingrunthrough jungle, caves and tree tops. A highly dynamictemplegameengine will provide endless fun in this endless run.Everymoment isa new challenge to play and shoot your way acrossthewilds ofScotland on an endless running adventure !Level-upyourSpirit andrun in search of Soul Energy Balance in yourway.Now just cheer and be sure to download and check foryourself!!Andbe a cheerleaderTemple Spirit Run Special features:1. Swipe to turn, jump and slide2. 3D Scary sound system3. Amazing temple design!4. Full of fun & adventure!5. Dark and gloomy temple locations6. Smooth & real animation7. Real time 3D graphics8. User friendly interface9. Ads to recover game Cost10. Don't forget to rate Temple Spirit Run 3D!
Dog Escape Run
Dog Escape Run is an amazing infiniterunnerdog adventure made for dog lovers! Dash as fast as you cantorescue pets and dogs. Kids will love Dog Escape Run. Easy toplayready to fun!Explore outstandish dog locations, enthralling dog breeds andpets,run through the dog city, run through the pet mountains.Unlockdifferent dog breeds and amazing pets. Avoid the dog patrol,carsand obstacles. Get paw power ups to help in your journey. Enjoyapolished infinite runner (dog endless running) run dog gameforfree in your mobile!In Dog Escape Run you will need to escape through the streets,runin the city, rush in the tunnel but be careful to do not getrunover. Explore amazing dog scenarios. Dog jump, dog slide, dogturn,dog escape, collect coins and dog bones. Use amazing paw powerups.Push your speed and run to the limit. Can you be a runner dog,canyou rescue this pets? Simple and intuitive touchscreen doggameplay. Beautiful 3D graphics. Run and help dog escape fromthebath!If you like adventure and love dogs Dog Escape Run isperfectfor you!Dog Escape Run special features:★ Endless Dog breeds variation (cartoon style).★ Paw Power Ups - Special dog's boost.★ Run, Dodge and Dash - avoid the patrol and obstacles, runtoescape from bath.★ Intuitive touch controls, smooth runner game play.★ 3D Run, 3D Graphics, 3D Dogs and you can play for free.Dog Escape Run is a game especially designed for Dog Lovers! Soifyou like dogs, pets and any kind of paw this is the game foryou!Puppies needs your help to flee bath in Dog Escape Run!Theultimate endless runner pet game!Find special locations, beautifull cartoon dogs, run aroundtown.Meet different pet dog breeds. Avoid the police, boxesandobstacles. Enjoy paw power ups! Polished infinite dog runnergameengine! In Dog Escape Run you will need to escape from bath,run asfast as you can but be careful to do not run too much. DogEscapeRun is a game to delight in your mobile device, smartphoneortablet.Perform jumps to run and escape, collect coins and bones.Amazingpaw power ups. Push your pet speed and run to the limit. Canyou bea runner dog, can you rescue pets? Simple and intuitivetouchscreengame play. Beautiful 3D graphics. Run and help dogescape from thebath!Dog Escape Run is the virtual man's best friend. Run tocompleteyour dog training. Discover how dogs varies widely amongbreeds.Run now and download this amazing dog game for free. Theultimateinfinite runner with dogs as characters. Enjoy 3dcartoonpets.
Flying with Rope Bear Game 1.0
Mad Quail
Take the rope and fly aroundtheenchantedmagical forest to collect all the pears and feedyourhungry ninjabear!The best "rope swing game" takes you to a crazyjungleadventure!Flying with Rope Bear Game is a unique version of"ropeand flygames" with a "cute bear" as the main hero.Download this addicting game, awesome "action adventure" andafunnyarcade game for kids and adults! If you like exciting andfungames,you must have this free app for Android!*** Guide your ninja bear hero and help him to jump, swingvinetovine and fly, avoid obstacles and collect food in thisropeescape"fun game for kids"!- Fly from one "rope swing" to another: hold and releasetocatchthe next rope!- Skillfully avoid obstacles and collect delicious pears!- Swing as long as you can: endless playing in aneverendingjungle!* Interesting, attention-holding game, cool features:- Tight and fast paced gameplay!- 2D side scrolling game!- Realistic, amazing graphics, vivid graphics."Flying with Rope Bear Game" is a challenging and"addictinggame"for kids. Help our cute hero animal to tell itsepic journeytale!Simply get this "Arcade game for girls" and kids,or alovely"adventure game for boys" that is easy to play, butmaybedifficultto master! Certainly it isn't an impossible game,you justhave tobe persisent enough and keep trying to fly withrope andswing likea monkey!Prepare to jump and swing over and under obstacles that wehavesetup for you! When bears attack, they win so do not be thefirsttolose – give your best in this epic adventure and go swinginginthejungle!"Swinging rope games" are very fun and tightly action-packed–yousimply run through the jungle by "flying withropes",avoidingobstacles and collecting sweet pears! Only the bestwillsurvive inthe "animal world" – will you be one of them?Your cute jungle bear ninja must practice swinging from vinetovineon this "adventure island" or he will stay hungry! Youmustbeskillful and "fly with rope" carefully in order togetpastnumerous traps! Take the rope and fly over or undertrees!Swingninja swing and dash through the jungle as fast asyoucan!Everyone will enjoy playing this cute "bear game forkids",girlsand boys! It can also be an exciting andinteresting"adventuregame" for adults – ninja jump, fly andswing!Your "cute bear" can't wait to start swinging with ropes –playthebest game ever of all "rope and fly games" and make yourninjabearthe best "rope jumper" in the world! Interesting, tightandfastpaced gameplay will make you fully involved in this crazyjoyridethrough magical forest on this fun adventure island!Flying with Rope Bear Game is a hyper fun2Dside-scrollingadventure and en "endless game" that can beplayedover and overagain as many times as you want! Cool actiongames forkids aredifficult to find - so take this "swinging game"and letyour childhave fun. It will enjoy playing with our cute"teddybear"! Kickoff on this new and challengingaction-packedadventure.All fans of casual games who like awesome action questgamesand"rope games" with jumping, flying and swinging mustdownloadthisamazing rope swing game! It is one of those "funandaddictinggames" that are interesting for all generations–children, teensor adults will all enjoy playing thisepicadventure!This “rope swinging game” is one of the best "bear gamesforkidsfree”! Direct this "cute animal", swing and glide holdingontohanging ropes and enjoy your crazy journey, just take theropeandfly from dusk till dawn!
9 Clues: Serpent Creek 1.2
Save your best friend and an entire 1950stownfrom a terrifying threat!Your dearest friend, the journalist Helen Hunter, traveled tothecoastal town of Serpent Creek to report on the SerpentFestival.Now she’s missing, and the last phone call she made was toyou. Asa paranormal private investigator, Helen wanted you to weighin onsome frightening things she’d discovered. She asked you tocomeimmediately.The first thing you see upon arriving in Serpent Creek isahumanoid, snake-like creature. Clearly, Helen’s fears werenotgroundless. It seems the town’s streets are crawling withsnakes,the ground shakes with violent tremors, people aresleepwalkingand, to make matters worse, no one remembers ablondejournalist.Investigate mysterious locations and solve challenging puzzlestopiece together clues about what happened to Helen. Reveal theevilthat clutches this crippled town and stop a nefarious plot tobringthe Snake God back to our world!TRY IT FREE, THEN UNLOCK THE FULL ADVENTURE FROM WITHINTHEGAME!● 53 eerie locations● 13 clever puzzles and mini-games● Six strange characters● 19 achievements to unlock● Thrilling story set in 1950s America____________________________Game available in: English, Chinese, French, German,Italian,Japanese, Korean, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese,Portuguese,Russian, Spanish___________________________COMPATIBILITY NOTES:***Note*** This game performs best on high-end smartphonesandtablets.____________________________***Sign up now for a weekly round-up of the best from G5Games!***____________________________G5 Games - World of Adventures™!Collect them all! Search for "g5" in Google Play!Adventure:▶ Twin Moons Society™▶ Hidden City:Mystery of Shadows▶ Mahjong Journey®▶ Survivors: The Quest®▶ The Secret Society®Strategy:▶ Supermarket Mania® Journey▶ Farm Clan: Farm Life Adventure▶ Virtual City Playground®▶ Stand O’Food® City▶ Supermarket Management 2____________________________VISIT US: www.g5e.comWATCH US: US: US: End User License SupplementalTerms:
Snakes And Ladders 2 1.0
Snakes And Steps 2 A game with simplerulesfromthe bet on dice.The sport is dependant on the most popular game, SnakesandSteps.The sport play is straightforward, the gamer rolls adice,andmoves the amount of spaces that's comparable totheamountfolded.Whether it arrives at a ladder, it increases to the peak.However,ifarrives at a snake, then rides it towards the bottom.The veryfirstplayer to achieve 100, wins.[property]- Survival mode games increase the fun of playingtheclassicgame.- PC mode Versus: you may enjoy with artificial intelligence.- Multi-player: You are able to contend withothergamersonline.- Enjoy player game offline with buddies.- Invite buddies to aid the success.- Support for tablet products.In Versus Computer, you play one-on-one from the computer.Inpeoplecanplay at the same time by taking turns on the phone.InMultiplayer,you can play against players from all around theworld.So gatheryour friends, and play like a king.
Roller Coaster VR Simulator
*** Roller Coaster VR Simulation*** Tastethelekker flavour of a dream city embracing you to have yourfirstsplendid modern virtual reality experience. VR City RollerCoasterSimulator lets user steer through elevated skyscrapers,heartpounding tracks and giant drops. Let the cables pull the trainuphigh in the sky and fall back down before it enters to theblackhole!Best ever Roller Coaster VR tour in the heart of skyhighbuildings.A tailor made interesting and thrilling amusement RollerCoasterride in a big city of adventurous.Be the first one to dare while faint hearted can’t just imaginetogo for it...Feel the heat energy of the track on flattened steel stripsduringroller coaster vr ride.Dozens of carriages are assembled together to give you theultimateroller coaster dare.Nothing big is coming in the near future to give you the mostheartpouncing million dollars rollercoaster ride, the wait is oversostop thinking and show the mettle.Challenge your fear of heights to join the league ofmostadventurous and daring riders, surfing the crazy joyride onrollercoaster. Let the eye candy environment, fab graphics and realtimegives you the super joyous experience. Roller Coaster VRSimulatoris super easy to use and can be enjoyed anywhere whetheryou arewaiting for a train on a subway or on the air plane whileyou areon flight.Give it a try to make it your most favorite and memorablesimulationadventure game.Roller Coaster VR Simulator Features:- A cool ramp to start your tour with.- The only place to fulfill your wild nightmares.- Face the most dangerous 360-degree heart line roll.- The biggest dipper right in the pivot.- Travel up through corkscrews to experience the world’smostexciting cobra roll.- A smoother, safer ride and the teardrop shape to link themaxspeed.
Buildcraft 1.6
In this wonderful new pocket editionofBuildcraft, explore 12+ new very large biomes, 50+ new textures,3scenarios mode, and 5+ new creatures ! (Dragon, Snake, Unicorn)+original creatures !No more need to present you this craft based game ! Thebestbuilding and adventure game !Like in minecraf, build your dream world ! Building hasneverbeen so easy ! Huge maps and fields !Castles, monsters, montains, animals, mines, diamonds,armors,caves, villages, zombies !Still classical creatures present (creeper, zombie).-New system of chest save system.-New hunger games mode.-Mining guide included-Redstone wire link improve-Enchanted new weapons-New network server multi player system (with google play connect)+custom server-Diamond flint craft-Remote ignite TNT-Heavy armour-Bossy dual system-Automate factory building / crafting-Ethnic craft (casa, tipi, juju)-Dust / snow particles-Pump sucking all liquid materials-Mode survival craft / zombie craftYou can also customize seed of your world.Also, possible to use gamepad for better playability (closetooriginal minecrqft building system).No limit, only your imagination !Enjoy, mine, craft, and build