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Ninja Jump 1.0.2
Mong Game
"Your task in this game is to controlCory,kill enemies, avoid traps, kill boss enemies and others.runner Ninja Jump eating apples together and enjoying lifeandsuddenly ""Zombie"" appeared from deep jungle out of no where.Thatevil monster captured ran away in deep jungleis on adventure to rescue his girlfriend by defeating LionMonsterand teach him a lesson.Story starts in Jungle World where you have to fight withjunglemonsters like monkeysYou must avoid all traps. Also there is tons of hidden bonusitemsand need Runner Ninja Jump coin keepFeature:• So much scenes (jungle, frozen, cave, subway world ....)• Addictive gameplay• Wonderful high-resolution graphics• Easy, intuitive controls• 80 levels• Rankings for you and your friends• Classic platform game styleWe hope you enjoy the free game.Have fun!! :)"
Ninja Jump 1.4
You are a supper ninja with many skillsbutyoucan't jump too far. How far can you jump?Let play Ninja Jump and make your best score. You can makeitbetterthan your friends, we think.Remember :- Don't go down because it's very hurt.- Jump through two or more pillars to get double score.- Don't forget to collect coins and unlock coolnewcharacters.
NinJump DLX: Endless Ninja Fun 3.0.0
NinJump Deluxe, the hit sequel to thewildlypopular NinJump game, includes all the same ninja climbingfun inentirely new, heart-pounding settings with all new enemiesandpower-ups. NinJump is now 100% more deluxe! Jump your way pastseamonsters, witch doctors, snakes, monkeys, fire-breathingdragonsand enemy ninjas. Collect shields and amazing new power-upsalongthe way. Hit three matching enemies in a row for a bonuspower-upboost. How far can you get? Stay alive!With over 100 million downloads, NinJump Deluxe is one of themostpopular mobile games of all time. Accept no substitutes!PROFESSIONAL REVIEWS"App of the Week" ~ Apple App Store"It's a fast-paced game with great graphics" ~"These enhanced levels are a lot of fun" ~ SlideToPlayGAME FEATURES● New Pirate, Jungle & Castle levels● Simple, single-tap gameplay● Sea Monsters, Ogres, Dragons & more● Awesome power-ups & shields>> Install NinJump Deluxe today. It's FREE!______________________________NinJump Deluxe is brought to you by Backflip Studios, makersofabsurdly fun mobile games like Paper Toss, DragonVale,Spellfall,Army of Darkness Defense & more. Search the GooglePlay Storefor "Backflip Studios" to see all our [email protected] on Twitter for game announcements andotherupdates.
Ninja Jump 1.0
Ninja Jump is a product which hasacompletestory, not just simply a game "run to death".In the Ninja Jumps you will experience 4 lands with towers andalotof tasks given to you to complete.Ninja jump requires players to avoid obstacles, destroyasmanyopponents as possible, earn gold, buy items,enhanceskills,besides rescuing the detained beautiful womenGame consists of two unique game modes (Story and Challenge)andyoucould compare scores with players on Google Play
NinJump 3.0.0
Climb ninja, climb! In this fast-pacedninjarunning game, your goal is to climb as high as you canwhileavoiding evil squirrels, dive-bombing birds, enemy ninjas,throwingstars, exploding bombs & more! Effortlessly scale theside ofbuildings with ninja agility. Tap to jump from one wall totheother, slashing enemies in your way. Hit three matching enemiesina row for a bonus power-up boost. Grab shields forprotection.Watch out for obstacles & ledges. Stay alive!With over 100 million downloads, NinJump is one of the mostpopularmobile games of all time. Accept no substitutes!PROFESSIONAL REVIEWS"You really need to give NinJump a try" ~ TouchArcade"NinJump is a game that's well worth playing" ~ Gamezebo"There’s no reason not to give NinJump a go" ~ SlideToPlayGAME FEATURES● Amazing power-up boosts!● Ninjas, throwing stars & bombs● Various enemies & obstacles● Intuitive tap controls● Endless ninja fun>> Install NinJump today. It's FREE!______________________________NinJump is brought to you by Backflip Studios, makers ofabsurdlyfun mobile games like Paper Toss, DragonVale, Spellfall,Army ofDarkness Defense & more. Search the Google Play Storefor"Backflip Studios" to see all our games. Follow @BackflipStudiosonTwitter for game announcements and other updates.
NinJump Rooftops 1.1.0
Jump into this addictive, action-packedsequelto the mega-hit NinJump™ game franchise, which has beenenjoyed bytens of millions of fans around the world.NinJump Rooftops is a fast-paced game where your goal is tojumpbetween rooftops, avoid obstacles, defeat enemies, and stayaliveas long as you can. Jump, slash & run for your life! Grabcoins& jade crystals along the way to upgrade your ninjaabilities.Hit 3 matching enemies in a row for an epic power-upboost. Flythrough the air on a zip wire. Dodge throwing stars,deadly firepits & evil squirrels. Experience full-onpandemonium riding onthe back of a skyscraper-sized panda. Masterthe mighty ninja"double jump", where you jump, then jump again inmid-air, defyingall laws of physics & logic. Whatever you do,just don't falloff the roof or let the baddies get you. Stayalive!* Jump, slash & run as far as you can* Defeat foes to get awesome powers* Double jump for endless fun* Play with all-new abilities & upgrades>> Install NinJump Rooftops. It's free!______________________________NinJump Rooftops is brought to you by Backflip Studios, makersofabsurdly fun mobile games like NinJump, Paper Toss,DragonVale,Spellfall, Army of Darkness Defense, & more. Searchthe AppStore for "Backflip Studios" to see all our [email protected] on Twitter for game announcements andotherupdates.Thanks for playing!
Ninja Jump Adventure 1.0
Ninja Jump Adventure is a new free ninjarunandjump adventure game ,running game where the ninja run and jump just like allninjarungames, but unlike the other free ninja run games, this oneisfastand super addictive, and it has some high quality graphicswithagood looking running , the goal of the game is to keeprunningandjumping in order to avoid the obstacles and barriers,anddon'tforget to collect the forbidden scrolls so that yougethigherscore, try to stay on the running course and avoidfallingorhitting the obstacles, use the boosts on your way to getmorespeedand jump higher.The game has 3 difficulty levels : Easy , Medium and Hardforkidsand any one and its free to play ,is fast and simpletocontrole,and its game as all ninja game asnaruto and shinobi butitissmall ninja, and more than 40 levels adventure, Tonsofmissionsand levels
Ninja Jump Deluxe 2.1.2
Want a simple yet exciting game you canplayfor hours on end? Look no further! Ninja Jump Deluxe has itall!There are now over 20,000 Players playing Ninja Jump DeluxeonAndroid, Apple, and Windows!Use your Ninja skills with the touch of a finger to jumppastenemy ninjas and their weapons! Collect coins for power upsandNinja kick objects for points. Compete with players from alloverthe world for the world high score!How to Play:~Touch the screen to make your character leap to theotherside.~Evade objects coming down at you.~Jump into objects to break them for points!~Collect the coins to gain points and buy Powerups!~A shield makes you invincible for 5 seconds!~Jump as high as you can to get the highest score!What do you get in Ninja Jump Deluxe?~3 Exciting new worlds~Skyscraper Run!~Castle Dash!~Spacerun Frenzy!~6 Brand new characters with new abilities!~Ninja~Pirate~Army Man~Spartan~Spaceman~King~All new graphics and animations~Flying enemies and special items~Power Ups!~Brand new menu system!~New back end for added stabilityLeaderboards coming soon!
Teddy Ninja Jump 12.0.1
Aaira Studios
A new jumping game with a twist. TeddyNinjaJump.A jumping game where you have to jump on the high polesandcomplete the assign missions,This game will test your patienceandyour jumping skills,Five adorable characters to choose.TheycanJump, they can glide, they can flip with loads of fun.Everymission of it is filled with fun,energy and challenge. Competewithfriends in next peer and test you jumping skills. Collectcoinswith video rewards to complete missions.Download Now!!!
Jumping Ninja Jump Deluxe 1.3
As the saying goes, aim for the moon andevenif you fail you’ll land within the stars.In this action packed run and jump ninja game, aim for the moonbutwatch out for whatstands in your way! One hit from your enemies will send youfallingto the ground like aclumsy ninja.Jumping Ninja Jump Deluxe is a jumping game that packs a tonofexcitement in a small package.With beautiful graphics and fun, intriguing gameplay, this istheperfect action game to playon the go or while relaxing at home.As a true ninja hero, your goal is to run, jump and dash yourwaythrough several excitinglevels while you try to dodge the assault of several enemies andbadguys.HOW TO PLAY
****************With controls that even a mini six year old kid wouldunderstand,all you need to do is pull the rope and jump as high aspossible.The longer distance you cover, the more power ups you gettomaneuver your way through the alien enemies and conquer theunknownland.Are you ready to become the next, great jumping ninja hero?!FEATURES:************** Beautiful, colorful graphics* Easy gameplay (great for kids, teens or adults!)* Simple touch controls* Awesome ninja action that will keep you coming back for more!
Egg Ninja - Jump Jump 1.0
Egg Ninja is a simple, fun, addictiveandfreegame for all ages. Jump across the nest and collectcoins.Smashdown the birds, avoid pits and bird hits.Play this awesome Jumping Egg game. Collect as many coinsandgethigh score. Your kids will love this nice addictivefunnyrace.How to Play---------------Tap right or left side of the screen to jump forwardorbackward.Playing this jumping egg game game will improverecognitionskilland hand eye coordination of your children.Egg Ninja - Jump Jump... Have Fun!!!
Jumping Ninja 1.0
Predict Apps
Jumping Ninja, the addictiveJumpingNinjaaction game! We can also say that Ninja jump climbgame.Challengeyourself and see how long you can last in Classicmode,set a highscore in or simply practice your running skills.Multipleranges oflevels included in it. Your goal is to climb ashigh asyou canwhile avoiding evil squirrels, dive-flying birds, andenemyninjas!Tap on ninja to start jump from one wall to the other.Playthemost unique game on your device. Become a NINJA duringplayingthegame and enter Ninja into Princess Castle! Go as faraspossibleand collect coins to beat your friend’s high score!Tryyour bestto jump over the obstacle. Used springs if you wanttojump higher.You have just found your temple. Stay away fromflyingfishes tosave your life. You are the little ninja from aforgottentemple!Try your best to reach your masters temple.Want more fun? Challenge your friends.*IMPORTANT NOTICE:This game Uses integrated motion sensor makes sure yourdevicemusthave motion sensor.* GAME FEATURES- Very easy control (only used motion sensor).- Collect coins for make high score.- Keep away from flying fishes.- Immersive sounds & music.- Interesting subway theme.- Cool and unique graphics.- Used springs to run high.- Run as fast as possible!- Enter Ninja into Castle.- The action is real-time.- This game is great!- Challenging levels.- Endless ninja fun.- Race real people.*How to play:1-Tape on ninja to start game.2-Avoid the Ninja by jumping over blocks again and again.3-There is a speed start and stop area help you to run fast.Jumping Ninja, is brought to you by Predict apps, makersofusefulapps and funny mobile games.If you like playing games of ninjas so you are in rightplace.If you face any problem while installing this app, please [email protected],we will try to fix it as soon as possible.
Ninja Jump Konoha 1.0
Train with Konoha NinjaJump up and try to avoid Akatsuki Ninja
Ninja Jump Delux Free 1.0
☆☆☆☆☆ Ninja Jump Delux Free ☆☆☆☆☆- Simple but super fun and addictive;- Bright, vibrant graphics and effects;- Worlds most beautiful and levels coming soon.The goal of the game is to run as far as you canwithoutslamminginto obstacles or finding your painful demise inaterribleaccident! Watch out for what’s coming and reactquicklywith yourextra cool ninja skillsninja jump delux free is a arcade game it's like a rooftopjumpgamethat is about an american ninja warrior run through thenightinhide in the shadows trying to avoid doom obstacles and dosameboltjumpsJoin the action are the new characters of the wonderfulworldofFruitasia. Katsuro and Mari will guide you through the gameasitgrows from a relentless bully novice fruit slicer!Slice fruit, do not cut the bombs - that's all you need toknowtostart with jumping addictive Ninja Action! From there,explorethenuances of Classic, Zen and the fan favorite arcade modetoexpandtheir skills. Slice for a high score, use specialpower-ups,and gocrazy in multislice Granada.Metro Ninja Action App meet the challenge and battle yourwaytogreatness!- Lots of acrobatic maneuvers- Tens of dangerous traps- Tons of special skills and advantages- Pass to escape obstacles- Jump to avoid the blocks- DUCK to avoid being hit- RACE as fast as possible!- CONTROLS easily (swipe and touch screen)RUNNER play the game more exciting in the Play Store. BeaNinjaAction jump by one day and the city RACE!v Achievement system to stimulate that game.v Great sounds and stunning graphics, particlesystemsandanimations.v exciting and simple control.
Ninja Spinki Challenges!! 1.1.2
Ninja is not an easy business.Ninja training is just super hard.6 different games with lots of challenges..GEARS and OBOKAIDEM are filing down the most difficultNinjachallenges to you!
Ninja Hatori ultimate Adventure 1.0
Obaal Apps
ninja hatori Adventures is asupersmashadventure and Great side scrolling game.addictive, exciting and testing wilderness jungleadventureravingsuccessStep by step instructions to play ninjahatorigamesAdventures:+ click right or left button on your control cushion formovingninjahatori games super saint young lady!+ up button is for hattodi jumping and furthermore to gettosomeextra levels (under tree stumps)+ press kunai button to make Super ninja hatori Launchbulletandkill monsters !+ press Sword button to slash enemies and win!=Features components of ninja hatori games=+ 4 diffrent addictive hattodi universes (supernaturalland,insanesky woodland, underground world and give incircle)+ 80 great, well composed, energizing and challeninglevelswithgradually expanding diversion trouble+ 8 great manager battles (k. scorpion, snow man , honeybeefelinegolem and ninja hattodi crocodile supervisor) in 8diversedullchâteaux+ choose your Favorute character : hatori or shinzo andenjoytheadventure+ incredible number of catalysts, extra adjusts, mysterypiecesandextra things+ more than 20 different, extraordinary energizedadversaries,forexample, crocs, felines, frogs, creepy crawlies,creatures,wingedserpents, snails and some more+ by collecting kunais you will turn out to be SuperSilverninjahatori games , get enchantment powers and after thathavethecapacity to devastate blocks!+ awesome blend in the vicinity of 2D and 3D illustrationsinhighninja hattodi determinationTo complete the platformer diversion Super ninja hatorishouldbounceand keep running over na lot off hindrances, battleandshoot againstevil birds , unfeeling crocs, hedgehogs,skeletons,leps, felines andnumerous different creatures andmythicalbeasts.+ retro arcade music and outdated sound impacts+ idealize, intuitve super diversion control throughretroreassureamusements control cushion+ uncommon aptitudes covered up in destroyablepiecesandblocks+ wonderful gameplay reminding to retro great dash diversions+ water and ocean hattodi universes - hopping, running,battlingANDswimming!+ attempt to open all accomplishments and to be numberoneofleaderboards!+ by eating brilliant blooms you will turn out to beSuperGoldenninja hatori and have the capacity to tossfireballs+ ninja hatori likewise can swim once in a while -pressA-Buttonvarious circumstances to swim higher ...dischargefingerfrom+ retro hop and run/deterrents stage runnergreat platformer for children, kids and grown-ups+ extraordinary side scroller gameplay with simplediversioncomfortSimple controls+ free and Easy to play however difficult to ace+ exemplary retro running and bouncingninja hatori Super Hero young boy needs to pass bunchesofshrewdnesscrocs, creepy crawlies and winged snail andfurthermoreexperienceBat. You are ninja hatori - the coolsuperhero youngboy!But be careful! Lots of dangers, enemies,troubles,obstacles,difficult traps and bosses are defending yourway throughthejungle, castles and wonder hatori Super Hero shinzo has to pass lots ofevilcrocs,spiders and dragons and also go through black castles.Youareninja hatori - the cool superhero boy!Play around with this cool new super experienceplatformerstoryamusement!Disclaimer :This is a unofficial ninja hatori games Cartoon app.Made By hattodi Fans and lover.We are not affiliated in any way to hattodi team trademarkownerteamcartoon we are not the makers of ninja hattori movie andwedon'tclaim any relation with them.This application complies with US Copyright law guidelinesof"fairuse".If you feel there is a direct copyright or trademarkviolationthatdoesn't follow within the "fair use" guidelines pleasecontactusdirectly.
Shadow Turtles Ninja vs Alien 1.1
Icy games
Wellcome to World of shadow ninja andAlien!Are you crazy fans of Ninja and Turltes ?Are you crazy fans of classic fighting game ?Do you want join to battle of Shadow ninja and fight withshadowcharacter ?This is game made for you : Shadow Turtle Ninja vs AlienShadow Turtle Ninja vs Alien is best ninja fighting and ninjacombatgame 2017.Join to world of alien and mutant ninja .Get ready to be aninjaturtle, the most powerful ninja you have ever seen.Help theMutantNinja travel through portals and fight evil in thisaction-packedstreet fighting game.Travel with him through thecountry collectingall the treasures along the way.Use your skills to guide the Turtle Ninja and help him completeeachstage and win him all achievements.Great warrior turtles you have been called upon to defendyourvillage, so you must race back to save it fromcertaindestruction.**Shadow Ninja fight Alien Features **:+ Nice graphics with 4 type ninja and turtles+ Special skill and power of turtles ninja+ Ninja run, jump & fight against enemy.+ Amazing power-up boosts, use turtle power !Game for FREE!This game fan of NINJA must have ! Feedback about game pleasesendemail for me.Rate 5 Star if you like game !
Endless Ninja Jump 1.0.5
Free Ninja Rope Jump - Help ninja jump withtherope on a cliff background to jump as high as possible to scaleupnew heights. Collect stars and shurikens to keep yoo Ninja inthemission climbing. There are three modes to choose from to matchyourgaming abilities and keeping the Ninjump on the go.*** CONSTANT CHALLENGES AND ENDLESS FUN ***Only by rope jumping up the platforms can you reach your goalintime.Free Ninja Jump Game Features:* Excellent HD graphics* fantasy game play* Best world environment!* Exciting and Fun PLAY!* Share your best score on leader board* Compatible with all tabs and mobile devices* Best HD gameplay in tablets!* It's a FREE game!* Endless yoo ninja free fun!* spring jump, throwing shurikens!* Simple but fun one touch arcade game!* This ninjas game is completely free to play.Follow us on Google Plus :- us on Facebook:-
Arashi Ninja Jump: Swag Dash 1.0
Make the ninja dash from platform toanotherwithout ,falling.To become an Ooo,menacing,RPG,Japan,your next step is: orochiTouch the screen to jump up .Enjoy our best Ninja jumping gamesCollect the Coins to increase your score andpurchaseotherNinjas.Share button included to challenge other players and makethemplaytoo ;).ninjutsu,duelist,Uzi & Challenging jump game.looking for some arcade,action, this is the game for you.You can make a double jump and triple jump in the air ifyou’refastenough Oggy ,chop,chopPlay it now .GAME FEATURES● Amazing Graphique!● Collect coins and Unlock Other Ninja● Intuitive tap controls● Endless ninja jumping games free
Ninja Jump!! 1.0
Game Features:★★★★★ Play With Ninja★★★★★ 1200 Challenging Levels★★★★★ Lightweight Game★★★★★ Colorful GameplayGame Features:★★★★★ Play With Ninja1200 ★★★★★ Challenging Levels★★★★★ Lightweight Game★★★★★ Colorful Gameplay
Ninja Jump 1.3
Try our all new fast pacedandinsanelyaddictive jump and run adventure "Ninja Jump". Play asaskillfulninja and bolt across the city. Look out fortreacherousledges andrace over the rooftops. Brilliantly executedwith asingle tap gameplay combined with artistic and exoticgraphics withamazingthemes. Download now to get a slice of theultimate ninjaaction.Treacherous!NINJA JUMP GAME FEATURES:-*FREE GAME to play.*One Tap Gameplay*Oriental themed graphics*Challenge your friends*Immersive sounds & music*Post scores on FB or Twitter*Global Competitive Leader boards*Tricky, Challenging Obstacles*Intuitive and simple control*True Ninja ExperienceHow to PLAY:-TAP to jump.Subscribe our channel & Play our new games every week.If you face any problem while installing this app, pleaseemailusat suppo[email protected],we will try to fix it as soon as possible.
Super Ninja Jump 1.2
Inza Game
Super Ninja Jump was on his way tocatchthethief, who had stolen all the gold from Peace village onaspringday. The mission was really dangerous since Super NinjaJumphad noway other than jumping through the high pillars whichraisedfromthe sea, only a tiny mistake could make him fall downintothewater and become the food for fishes.Super Ninja Jump could not jump high because of hisweightheneeded to use a springs to jump higher and further. Thelongeryouhold the springs, the more tightened the springs is andthehigherSuper Ninja Jump can jump when the springs isreleased.If he could jump through more than one pillar at atime,SuperNinja Jump would earn the bonus score, try your besttoovercomeall of 2048 pillars and be one of the top playersamongyourfriends by earning as much bonus as possible.Super Ninja Jump had another mission aside from chasingthethief,he needed to collect all the coins that the thief droppedonthe way.The amount of money can be spent in shop ofvariouscharacter skinsas well as other cool features, whichavailableonly for MasterNinjas.HIGHLIGHTED FEATURE- Simple yet addictive gameplay- Compare scores with other friends- Fun and cool graphic designs- 2048 pillars with different sizes, heights and distances.- Various characters to choose fromHave fun and good luck with the game!
Ninja Jump Flying 1.1
Ninja Jump Flying is one of themostpopularmobile games of all time, you need to flip and jumpingNinjaleftand right to get through different barriers,Ninja JumpFlyingaswell as to kill the enemies. Ninja Jump Flying Up runningistheonly way to keep your life,Ninja Jump Flying just asecondwaiting,jumping May fall down. Therefore, you have to jumpandrunfaster☆☆☆☆☆ How to play Ninja Jump Flying ☆☆☆☆☆Tap the screen to flip the ninja left and right togetthroughdifferent barriers, avoid blocks, as well as tokilltheenemies;☆☆☆☆☆Ninja Jump Flying ☆☆☆☆☆- Simple but super fun and addictive;- Beautiful graphics
Ninja Jump 1.1
el haouari
Ninja jungle, it is a game, gameofadventure,and challenges to do is very interred game, you canplayit withyour friends,it is challenges to do with your friends, adventure jungle games is a free game, for have fun,it is essay to play, everyone can play it.lep's world in a homeland, for try adventure games for boys,Features of jungle adventure, Challenges to do:- more than 100 unique levels- suitable for all ages- simple and smooth controls- challenges to do with your friends- Excellent graphics (HD)- hopping runner- run boy runit is woodkid small ninja,
Ninja Jump 1.0
Omar Hareb
Ninja jumps and trying to hit maximumnumberofknifes
Kid Ninja Jump Games For Free 1.0
Welcome to "Ninja Jump". You will meet tokidninja. He's so cute. Help Ninja jump to goal and don'tforget!collect coins and gift. You can touch for control ninja jumpingame.Then this gratis ninja game is for you. Expert at jumpandrun, ninjas make the most difficult foes. Every ninja gameentailsaction. Use judo and beat the clumsy ninja. Be like KarateKid andwin the tournament. Action games are for ninja fans likeyou!. Ifyou find "kids ninja game" You've come to right now!. Weareconfirm this game can help your kids enjoy and fun jumpgames.Ninjagame starts now! Be the best and beat them all.Feature of Penguin Happy Jump games★ Lovely graphics★ Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to get thehighestscore★ Collect coins and gift for big points.★ Challenge your friends and beat their record!★ Online worldwide leaderboards with Feint!★ Support both tablets and phones.★ Minimum permissions required.★ Full screen when runningAre you ready for a real ninja game? Great fun to playwithfriends and family! Who can make the highest score inNinjajump?
Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow 2 1.0.165
Brain Eaters
In Dead Ninja games the player must killhisopponent in the back so as not to receive damage, we recommendtobe stealthy so that your opponent does not realize that youareclose, be careful with the traps as they could be fatal.As you gather money you can buy powers that will help youthroughthe stages.
Super Ninja Jump 1.0.1
"Amazing classic side scrollergame""SuperNinja Jump"". This game bring back memories of oldschoolarcadegames with numerous adventure. World of this gamecontainswelldesigned levels, various enemies, bosses, simplegameplay,nicegraphics and soothing music and sounds.Your task in this game is to control Cory, kill enemies,avoidtraps,kill boss enemies and others.runner Super Ninja Jump eating apples together and enjoyinglifeandsuddenly ""Zombie"" appeared from deep jungle out of nowhere.Thatevil monster captured ran away in deep jungleis on adventure to rescue his girlfriend by defeatingLionMonsterand teach him a lesson.Story starts in Jungle World where you have to fightwithjunglemonsters like monkeysYou must avoid all traps. Also there is tons of hiddenbonusitemsand need Runner Super Ninja Jump coin keepFeature:• So much scenes (jungle, frozen, cave, subway world ....)• Addictive gameplay• Wonderful high-resolution graphics• Easy, intuitive controls• 80 levels• Rankings for you and your friends• Classic platform game styleHave fun!!"
Breakout Ninja 1.3
A Ninja cannot be seen. If you see it, it'snota Ninja.Break out in Breakout Ninja and be the number oneout-breakingNinja! Compete against friends, destroy buildings andbeat the badguys!FEATURES- 12 Infinite levels!- 12 three-star levels!- 36 hard levels!- ... and everything else you could ever ask for!Before downloading, please be aware that this game is superawesomeand you'll really like it.Follow on
Ninja Jump 1.0.4
Sparkle Games
Sympatyczna gra zręcznościowa, w którejgraczwciela sie w zwinnego Ninję i ma za zadanie zbierać monetyorazprzeróżne bonusy.Nice arcade game wheretheplayer takes the role of Agile Ninja and is designed tocollectcoins and various bonuses.
Ninja Tobu 1.5
In Ninja Tobu, speed and accuracy are key,asyou guide your ninja through computer generated platforms,enemies,and spikes!Tap and drag from anywhere on the screen to power your ninjajump,then let go to shoot through the air. Aim for any surfacenotcovered in spikes and you'll stick to it like glue; ready togoagain.Then once you've got the hang of that, try mastering thedoublejump, or slamming into some enemies for extra points.Send him flying high enough, and maybe you'll unlock anachievement,or even make it on to the leader board!
Ninja Jump - Climbing Ninja
Welcome to Ninja Jump - Climbing Ninja GameThis game is simply brilliant. Intuitive controls,cleangraphics, and addicting gameplay.How to play Ninja Jump - Climbing Ninja Game:- Tap on Ninja character to jump and climb- Avoid obstacles that will appear on two side walls (Freeze)- Try to jump as far as possibleLet's share it to your friends and family to challenge who isthehighest Ninja Jump.This game will change your mind.If you love NinJump, I think you also love Ninja JumpEnjoy Ninja Jumping Game now with 100% Free.
NinjAwesome 1.0.3
NinjAwesome - the best ninja game ever!Use skillful swipes to hurdle perilous traps andsnatchmischievous bouncing coins!Rush through the pixellated plants, swiftly slashingwickedenemies, sniping foes with shuriken as you leap!Complete the tests of the ninja - Assassination,Infiltration,Sabotage, Espionage, and Wandering - to satisfy yourdestiny!- Upgrade your mystical Ninja Powers!- Collect many Deadly Shuriken!- Master 5 types of Secret Missions!- Compete in the zen-like Endless Mode!Download NinjAwesome now to join the ancient and sacred orderofthe ninja!
Ninja Hop 2.0.5
Hop through exciting dungeons while you trytograb the gems with your spring ninja for free !Test your climbling skills while dodging all the spikes andenemiestrying to prevent you from escaping the dungeons and a coolendlessmode !With your hopping talent, unlock new awesome characters withthegems you grab.Challenge your friends and yourself in the infinite hop mode!★ HOW TO PLAY NINJA HOP? ★Nothing's easier, tap to jump with your ninja (several times),climbby avoiding obstacles and win !It's not like the others ninja games, from the start you willhaveto show your climbing skills by jumping. It will not be easy,butyou can do it!★ FEATURES ★● Dungeons Mode (levels) : Hop from dungeons to dungeons to bethefirst to reach the last level and grab some gems !● Endless Mode (Classic): Hop to infinity and try to beat thebestdistance by jumping● Black Mode : Try to dodge obstacles by jumping with the lightoff!● Unlock awesome characters with your grab gems !● Remove Ads● Leaderboard for challenge your friends★ COMING SOON ★● Reverse Mode : Return your brain by jumping backwards ! Thebestway to play with your friends !● Ninja hop game loading faster● Secret DungeonsWhat are you waiting for?This climbling game is for you and your friends ! Challengethemnow, it's free !But try to keep calm for your mobile :(
Jump Ninja Blockhead! 2
Blockhead Ninja Jump FREE is asimplebutendless platform jumping game that will challenge you.Inthisaddictive game make the crew of ninjas jump fromplatformtoplatform without falling.Collect the shrunken stars to increase your scoreandpurchaseother monsters and ninjas.Share button included to challenge other players andmakethemplay this addicting game too ;).Simple, Addictive, Funny & Challenging--MakeyourBlockheadJump on as many platform to get a high score.Simple Tap Tap style Gameplay!15 crazy cool Blockhead Ninja characters to unlock and play!
Ninja Runner Adventure
IDMan Studio
Ninja Runner Adventure is a new free ninjarunand jump adventure game.This is the ultimate ninja run game, it can be considered as aninjajumping game and also a ninja running game where the ninjarun andjump just like all ninja run games, but unlike the otherfree ninjarun games, this one is so fast and super addictive, andit has somehigh quality graphics with a good looking runningshinobi, the goalof the game is to keep running and jumping inorder to avoid theobstacles and barriers, and don't forget tocollect the forbiddenscrolls so that you get higher score, try tostay on the runningcourse and avoid falling or hitting theobstacles, use the boosts onyour way to get more speed and jumphigher.This game running ninja might look a little like the narutoshinobinamed Hatake Kakashi in naruto shippuden anime manga who isalsoknown as sharingan kakashi.He is not a member of the uchiha clan but kakashi senseireceivedhis sharingan from his friend uchiha obito also known astobi fromthe akatsuki, but we assure that this is not a kakashigames andthe game Ninja Runner Adventure is not about him it's justthat ourshinobi is inspired from him because we all love that greatninjafrom the konoha or hidden leaf village and i don't think thereisany official naruto games or naruto shippuden games ornarutogaiden.This is not the typical ninja game where you Play as an enrageninjakilling every assassin to revenge the dead of his wife, andwhenthey dare to drive a ninja angry, there will only be blood,Shinobininja run is totally different !The game has 3 difficulty levels : Easy , Medium and Hard,sobasically it can be a kids ninja run game and all theotherages.Features:- High Quality Graphics- Fast running Ninja- More than 100 Level- 3 Difficulty levels- 100% Free to play- True ninja experience- Power-ups, utilities and more boosts- Tons of missions and levels- Fast pace and simple control
Sticky Ninja Missions 1.21.2
Sticky Ninja has completed his trainingandmust now pay off his student debts as a Bounty Hunter, cleaningupthe sticky city streets.Flick sticky ninja around the platformer-style levels,completingmissions and killing baddies.Lots of puzzle / arcade action over many levels.Now we've added unlockable characters with differentabilities.Play as Nunja or The Master.
Super NINJA Jump and run 1.1
Super Ninja Jump and run is a game ofclassicplatform jumping Jogging and with HD graphicsYour role: Helps this ninja to stay alive by running awayfromenemys like Ninja,Birds,Squrreal,Panda,Fire,Etc.Try to Kill a enemy in 3 consecutive time and you will getpowerto move fo some distance without inturuption,Collect Gems andsaveyour life while falling,Take Sushi and you will becomeSuperNinja,- Jump and run through the super levels and dodge/attackallenemies.- Pick up specified stuff to get new ability or buff.(doublejumpability,shield )- Collect gold coin to get high score- Using the Dash button to switch runing mode- Jump more higher via the spring and moving platform- fun classic runner game style- easy and comfortable controls- ninja runs by itself- while running, tap to jump, double tap for double jump, atanytime- Enable the Powerful attach skill via collecting power ballorachieving full Angry Point
Clumsy dog ninja jump
Paclabs Games
This is a helper dog Pou Santa's sleigh toseekout the gifts they fell and are breaking. he's a little clumsybutsometimes he can be a ninja dog. This app will entertain youmorethan moment camIt is a powerful and avenger dog that gives great leaps andishelping his boss to collect gifts to deliver to childrenYour mission in this game collections will help you controlyourjumps and not leaving it to lose its momentumIf you can not get many gifts Santa Claus punishes him, so heisvery concernedHalfway you can find some items that leave even thismostpowerful Avenger:like a star that the extra speed and an umbrella that makes itfallmore slowlyHe is not an animal bad, you're just helping Santa Claustogather the gifts that fellTry to collect maximum number of gift boxes before he loseshismomentum and help this avenger to save christmas
Ninja Camera Editor 2.2
This is Ninja Camera EditorMake yourself like a ninja to add ninja effects on your photomake friends amazed with your ninja photo,Similar as Ninja legend that has great strengthapp real ninja game is packed with realistic ninja cosplayIntruction :★ Open image from gallery★ Choose your favourite ninja mask, sharinganeye,ninjaweapon,cosplay hairstyle,rasengan and much more★ Drag it to your photo★ You can resize and rotate it with multi touch★ Preview your anime cosplay with click next button★ Share your photo to your friendsFeatures :★ All ninja effects are in high quality (HD) picture, makeyourninja photo look real and nice★ Upload photo from photo gallery★ Save your photo to your Device★ Share your cool photo on Facebok, IG, or other sosmedHave much fun and enjoy ninja camera editor! Thank you inadvancefor your good reviews
ninja jump games
our ninja apps is ninja games free wehavethisgame for you play ninja games for free this is ninjaadventuregamesit fun running games must collect coins and dodge blow jumpninjathisyou can download games for free this play games for kids you see jumping ninja collect coins itisonlineadventure games adventure games for kids but everyonecanplay but isgame not ninja warrior and jump games is high jump games ninja high jumpcollectcoinscan two player ninja games or everyone can play.Play free games for Canandaigua three years or more and thegameisthe most fun today, you can download our free playmobilegamestoday, and this is the game that way. Each levelplayingfunThe nature of our game is the game Collect coins, jump,jump,collectcoins ninja knows a ninja in a good position in thegamecan beplayed by both adults and children, this was not a Ninjaisfun, butI only fight, run, jump, collect coins.Looks like a ninja, jumping around the building and tribewilllookgreat in our free games, you will see a ninjarunninggame,running, jumping, collecting coins to collect as manycoinsandreach the finish line for the win.This is like a ninja fighting game. Adventures are bothrunningandjumping, collecting coins, and play fun, anyone can play,andplayonline for free.
Sticky NinjAA Jump 107
Lamb Gamez
Game Features:- Full 1200 section!- HD graphics and sounds!- Easy controls.- Addictive gameplay. (Please do not hurt the phone :)- Ever changing aspect and great gameplay mechanics withtheyin-yangorbital speed.How to play?Sticky Ninja yin-yang splatter on the screen by clickingontheposition and exploded red squares! finish all the redsquareswhileavoiding the black squares and the new section iswaitingforyou!When he died, not top, you will continue to remain partofthegame and you do not leave half the fun!Game for the first 13 episodes made child's play fortheclutchand begin to compete with your friends now. Just install and enjoy full 1200 episode of Sticky Jump ninjas!
Ninja Jump Challenge 1.0.2
Ninja Jump Challenge is an addictiveonetapgame. Try to take your ninja as higher as possible. Youwillgetaddicted to this game as this is very addictive.
Ninja Jump 1.0.0
Ninja Jump is an easy runningandjumpinggame.You are a brave ninja ,your goal is to climb and jump as highasyoucan ,but is is not easy beacause you will meetmanydifficultieswhich include fierce birds,enemyninja,unexpectedobstacles and soon.what you need to do is tap your ninja from the wall toanothersideand you can collect a variety of props to help youquicklyreachthe top.Features:1.There are many ninja characters to choose.2.Various enemies and obstacles3.Free game and endless rush.4.Easy to play but full of challenge.
Ninja Ninjump 1.0
"Ninja Ninjump" is a game that can beplayedbyall ages. You will feel the excitement of jumping, collectfruittoturn into points. The difficulty of this game is Ninjamustavoidsome obstruction that Ninja mith not be passed to play?1. When the game starts Ninja will jump down from aheight.Youhave to step a obstruction for move to next step.2. In the way you have to keep the fruit to change to a pointontheway too.3. Be careful because there are lots of obstruction, someofwhichthe Ninja might not pass.Keywords: Ninja, Ninjump, Ninja Online, Free Ninja,NinjaFood,Ninja Games, Ninja Warrior, Ninja App
Ninja Jump Free
Ace Games
ACE games is the factory for yournostalgicsearch. Now, we came up with an another endless mania run‘NANONINJA JUMP’. We welcome you into the amazing aNinja isready to train himself to become professional Ninja. Youare thetrainer to train him to become a Master ninja .Collectablecapsules are waiting to be get picked by You. then whyare youwaiting. Disguise yourself as a Ninja with yourfingertips... Skipthe obstacles like falling drones. CC Cameras..Moving Turrets.collect the energy capsules.. Go endless.. Be theleader of thescore and challenge your friends.. Go endless.. Saythat “heyboring I am timeless” and say hello every time topleasure. .Click on download. Tap on playDASH as fast as you can!DODGE the oncoming trains!Help Ninja, To escape from the Obstacle and Catch PowerUps★ Desroy Obstacles with Powers★ Colorful and vivid HD graphics!★ Sideways Jumping★ Powered jetpack!★ Lightning fast Tap acrobatics!★Intelligent Robot Eemies!★ Challenge and help your friends!Join the most daring chase!By Ace Games